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  1. I was using a Nvidia GeForce 670.hdmi output on my 47" Vizio tv for my monitor.  Game ran great as all other games, but I finally opted to buy a GeForce 980 TI.
    After installing I was still getting 22-30 fps as with the old card. Finally a week later I was looking around in nvidia control panel settings and saw what the deal was.

    My refresh rate was set to 23mhz.  idk how or why that happened as I always used 60mhz.  Swapped it back to 60 and now im getting 59+ fps on the high texture and high graphic quality.
    I was worried it was due to my TV as a monitor as I had read that settings will be auto adjusted to match your monitor.  Was assuming I would need a 4K TV or Monitor to finally get higher fps until I found the above setting changed.  Yes I will get a 4k display to use this 4k card to the fullest one day :3
    Hope that info helps someone else-

  2. Hallo, ich habe konstante 50fps auserhalb von städten aber meine fps sinken blitzartig sobald rauch um mich ist also zum beispiel bei dem skill tosendes gebrüll.
    da jetzt auch noch mobs auf mich rauchbomben werfen ist es einfach nur noch unerträglich mit 10fps im kampf zu spielen, bei starken funken gehn sie auch runter allerdings nicht so stark.
    im Spiel ist alles auf ultra eingestellt, high end modus aus.
    geforce gtx 970
    windows 10 64bit
  3. Hey guys just a quick question. Unlike other games BDO doesn't have a very specific graphic option settings. Excluding the couple of checkboxes the game has only 1 slider for graphic quality. My pc is able to run the game with decent fps when the graphics are set to medium but if set to slightly high the fps drops hard. I'm fine with using medium but there is one effect I love in the slightly high option - the thing where grass moves where you walk. It's great for immersion and may seem like a small thing but I love it. Is there a way to enable that option without setting the game to the way too general "slightly high" that alters a ton of other things that tank my fps.

    To put it simply is there a way to maybe modify a game file to allow that grass effect while still keeping the general settings at medium?
  4. Turning off Photo Filter completely fixed my frame stuttering. It's like a new game. Solid 100fps out in the wild and 50-60 in smaller towns!!! Was 15-30 in towns with freezes.
    Rig: I7 3770k / 970gtx
  5. So since the patch alot of people have been complaining of massive FPS losses especially in towns , previously i had no problems at all with FPS spike losses or anything untill the patch and its not just me ive got a Nvidia GTX 970 and the people seem to be using nvidia cards also
  6. Post on FPS in General

    By Auclair, posted
    I've been looking around, almost every with a 980 TI has an average of 40-60 fps. Few days ago, I upgraded from a 760 to a 980 TI and power supply along with it.
    CPU: AMD 8350 (4.0 GHz)
    GPU: 980 TI
    Ram: 8 GB
    PSU: 750W Corsair HXi
    Even after upgrading, I still have a stuttering problem. In Calpheon, I've only got 30-40 with the stuttering; in the wild, without anyone around, I've 40-50 fps.
    Any ideas on what's causing the stuttering?
    Edit: Looking in MSI Afterburner, everything looks stable, except for pagefile, it's maxed out. Is it possible that it's bottlenecking everything else?
  7. Post on Fps frage ! in Off-Topic

    By pascale1231, posted
    Hallo. Ich will mir einen neuen pc zusammen bauen.
    Da mein geld eher knapp ist hab ich mir nun folgende komponenten herausgesucht und ich möchte gerne einfach nur wissen ob hier jemand mit der gleichen hardware spielt und was für fps er auf welchen einstellungen hat. (kein verbesserungs vorschläge für die hardware bitte)
    Wie folgt :
    Amd fx 6350 3.90GHz
    Geforce Gtx 960 4gb palit jetstream.
    8gb ram
    Würde mich über antworten freuen !
  8. How can I turn v-sync off? I'm running on low and still get fps issues. Was hoping turning this off would help out. Help plz.
  9. Hallo

    Ich habe in Städten Frameraten zwischen 10 und 20 Fps. Das Spiel ist so unspielbar. Ich habe bereits ein anderes Betriebssystem aufgespielt, verschiedene Tools zur Grafikeinstellung der Grafikkarte heruntergeladen und unzählige Einstellungen getestet, leider scheint nichts zu helfen. Auch scheinen unterschiedliche Einstellungen im Spiel kaum einen Effekt auf die Framerate zu haben. Meine Hardware ist folgende.:

    - Amd Quadcore 3 Ghz
    - 970 Nvidia Grafikkarte
    - 8 Gb Ram
    - 120 Gb SSD Festplatte

    Wenn jemand einen Tipp hat der zur Lösung des Problems führt würde ich mich sehr freuen endlich spielen zu können.
  10. Hello,
    I got myself a pretty decent computer configuration, I have :
    - i7 3770k
    -GeForce GTX970 from MSI,
    -8 Go RAM.
    Sufficient alimentation etc, it works really fine with plenty of new games. I can play almost every game with ultra setting in 1080p with 50-60 fps.
    So why do I have huge performance issues when I play BDO? I'm playing with low textures and poor graphics configuration and I still have to play with around 30FPS and many drops. Impossible to PvP as I get many mini-freezes during combat. Is there a way to diagnosis this? Or do you already know a way to improve this? I'd rather say my computer isn't the problem here, at least I hope so.
    Sometimes when I get to Calpheon City I have some trouble too to load the map, sometimes the game would just freeze there and I have to restart the game.
    Is there a way to diagnosis this problem? Do you already have ideas about how to fix this? I'd really appreciate some answers and some help, I really like this game and I'm ready to spent a huge amount of time on it, and I  invested a lot in my computer, I think I should get the profits of the graphical work of developpers!
    Thank you for taking your time answering me!
  11. Post on CPU and GPU usage in General

    By Ninety, posted

    Looking at GPU and CPU usage.. do they seem alittle low?
    This is at a low density area, using GTX 970. I should be getting 60 fps consistently. Instead, it may dip to 50 running around. Dips to 40-50 in combat, and 20-30 in dense cities.
    Vsync is off, and monitor refresh rate is at 60Hz.
  12. Thanks for having a look at this thread. Here is what is going on and why I could partly fix it:
    At first I'd like to introduce my setting:
    2 screens
    - bigger screen - 16:10 (1680x1050)
    - cheap, bad side screen - 16:9 (could do 1920x1080 but still smaller)
    - GTX 770 with 4GB
    - i5
    - 8GB RAM
    - Windows 7

    I am playing on the main screen on 1680x1050. I recognized that I had bad fps getting even worse from time to time, i could not surpass the 29 frames and in fights i sometimes even go down to 15 fps and worse. I even turned down the settings to medium or low settings and it wouldnt really help, even though its the best on low settings.
    What I tried and what helped (partly):
    I tried to use 1920x1080. What happened is, that I had full 60 fps on highest settings. Wow! Now, the UI is basically -----ed up on a 16:10 screen when using 1920x1080 on it, i have to hover the mouse about 10cm next to a button to be able to klick it and the writing is even worse and unreadable. 
    Note: Fullscreen or windowed fullscreen did not change anything.
    So I tried to put it into windowed mode, put it onto my crappy side screen and back to fullscreen. There are 2 problems now: 
    1. I hate that screen, it is basically only good for a side screen for skype and stuff, it is smaller and has some colour bugs
    2. Some of you might now that if you switch fullscreen and window, it goes back to the first screen and the fps gets worse when you change graphic settings until you restart your game. Some HZ bugg, I will try to fix that with an extra problem blocking different HZ settings for screens.

    What can I do about it? 16:10 seems to be unoptimized but I basically cant really play on a 16:9 resolution. It worked on lowlevel locations but since fighting is more intensive on high levels and fps counts a lot on pvp, it really annoys me. I am actually somehow poor and can't buy a better screen. 
    I managed to find a fix only once. Had to put it on the side screen and change to 1920x1080 and ultra settings. When i tabbed out accidently and the game opened up on the main screen it had 1680x1050 again BUT 60fps on high settings! Well anyway, when I tabbed out and in again, it was screwed...

    SO Do I really have to buy a 16:9 screen from non existing money, stop playing the game and wait for a fix, or is there a chance to make it work on a 16:10 resolution?
    (btw fix damn tamer, that nerf was waaaay to hard )
    Edit: Already wrote  a ticket about it but I assume they are damn busy having a loooot of tickets. Also couldnt find a thread about 16:10 resolution problems.
  13. Bonjour, j'en ai déjà parlé dans divers topics dans le forum de support international, mais je voulais savoir si d'autres francophones avaient le même problème que moi.
    Ma Config: Intel i7-6700k, GTX 980 Ti, 16Gb Ram, Windows 10 64 bits. 
    Depuis le lancement du jeu, je me retrouve avec des FPS qui varient, où que je sois dans le jeu, entre 10 et 20/25fps. J'ai vraiment tout tenté au niveau des paramètres graphiques, que ce soit au niveau du plein écran (ou pas) ou du reste. Jamais un gain ou une perte de performance que ce soit avec des paramètres High ou Low. J'ai également tenté en désactivant la Vsync dans le panneau de configuration Nvidia mais rien n'y fait.
    Des gens avec une config moins "bonne" que la mienne font tourner le jeu en full sans soucis, mais suis-je le seul dans ce cas? il y aurait un modo pour m'aiguiller ?
    Sur le graph' on peut voir que mon GPU en jeu ne dépasse jamais les 30-35% d'utilisation. Pareil pour mon CPU qui lui tourne aux alentours de 15% d'utilisation en jeu

  14. Hi Guys
    • ATI Radeon 7800
    • 8GB Ram
    • 3,50 GHz
    • AMD Six Core Processor
    • Windows 10
    I'm having some problems with this game Black Desert, I already have the last update graphic card, also, it runs 25-30 fps LOW-MAX settings, no sense.
    How can I fix it ? I can't play :'(
    UP !
  15. Hey!
    Am I the only one who is experiencing horrible framerate problems with this game?
    My FPS is jumping between 30-60fps on very high settings. High end mode is disabled atm.
    It really confuses me, since I don't have any problems with other games nor benchmarks.
    Any ideas or suggestions what should I do about it?

    My specs: I7-6700k/ R9 390x 8gb/ 16gb/ 256gb SSD(game is installed on it) + 3tb HDD.
  16. PC Specs :
    GPU : Nvidia gtx 650ti boosted
    CPU : i7 3770k
    RAM : 16gb 2400mhz ddr3
    Festplatte : 512gb SSD
    Ich hab keine Ahnung wieso ich das Spiel nichtmals auf Mittlerer Grafik mit normalen FPS spielen kann. Treiber sind alle aktuell.
    Hat irgendjemand ne Idee wie man das lösen kann?
  17. Post on Low fps in Off-Topic

    By FrozenFlo, posted
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon M265X
    Processor: Intel Core i7 4700 2.5 GHz
    RAM: 12 GB
    OS: Windows 10 64-Bit
    I can run the game but even on low Settings i get only 25 fps, but i Play games like Warframe on High Settings with 40 fps and i think warframe can be compared with Black desert.
    I only want to Play the game on medium with more than 30 fps, and I think my Laptop should can handle that.
    Please help me
  18. Something that's been erking me is walking in to town and there being more parked horses then actual people, I'm unable to move through a street without surfing a crowd of parked horses. Now this maybe due to the lack of slots available within the stable master and that towns are "safe" places so rather then releasing or selling your horse people just drop them on the side of the street.
    This for me causes some rather unimmersive experiences as many of these horses look similar if not identical as well as in something like a living world guards and villagers would be pissed about this and often some one would just walk up and ride off with more then half these stealing them from the ass who parked it there. I can also imagine for some with lower end pc's this might cause significant issues with fps due to areas being EXCESSIVELY over populated causing them issues when trying to enjoy themselves in a hub.
    As a fix for this the inclusion of possibly silver coins in exchange for more stable space or your horse being sold or released if left parking in a "safe" zone with a stable after logging out or after an extended period of time. or possibly just something like an option in the screen section to disable parked horses so that they only show client side for users with enabled. 
  19. Post on Config. matérielle in Hors sujet

    By Yueli, posted
    Oyé, oyé !
    J'ai acheté BDO en pensant que cela pouvait tourner comme GW2 au niveau performance. Mais rien !
    Les cinématiques ont des lags au possible ; sur la route, sans personne, ça passe à une vingtaine de FPS ; en ville, c'est juste atroce : ça tombe entre 1 et 4 au max. J'ai pourtant enlevé le v-sync. C'est jouable, mais c'est moche..
    Voici ma config : Intel Core i5-4570 3.20GHz / 8GO RAM DDR3 / Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX +
    Dois-je changer la carte graphique ? Je ne sais vraiment plus quoi faire  
    Merci beaucoup pour votre aide !
  20. Post on Low FPS in Off-Topic

    By Auclair, posted
    I'm getting really bad frame drops every few seconds, almost like a consistent stutter. The frames will be, on very rare occasion, 40 fps, but most of the time, it's around 15-20. I've tried tinkering with the settings to no avail. Graphics and textures on ultra yield ~20 fps, while decreasing everything to lowest yields only a 5 fps increasing, with the stuttering still present (and yes, I tinkered with the other graphical options too).
    My specs are:
    GPU: Nvidia 760 GTX, 3 GB VRAM
    RAM: 8 GB
    CPU: AMD 8350 (4.0 GHz)
    PSU: Corsair 600 watt
    SSD: 250 GB
    HDD: 500 GB (where BDO is installed), 1 TB
    Motherboard: (can't remember..)
    Fans: ~10 (checked in MSI Afterburner, temps are stable)
    I'm thinking the problem is my graphics card, but since ultra vs. lowest didn't yield much of an fps difference, could it be something else?
    If it is the graphics card, I'm considering 980 TI, would that be a good choice? I checked and 600 watt is the recommended for 980 TI, anyone with experience with this card can provide insight?
    Edit 1: running windows 10 x64
    Edit 2: 1920 x 1080 res
    Edit 3: would 2x 970s work better than a single 980 TI? I heard there's compatibility issues though, so I'm still leaning toward a 980 TI
  21. So we all have strange FPS during gameplay. In cities and camps the framerate goes down to 20/30fps regardless of settings and all and this is on a powerful PC. In my case its a i7 2600k heavily overclocked to 4.5 and a dual setup of AMD 7950s, also clocked. I post two screenshots. The game actually runs in crossfire and the GPUs are well loaded  - 80-90% on each one outside of cities, but inside they are unloaded - max 50%, which is a strange thing... So the game somehow unloads the dual setup on that part where you need most of the performance. With single setup the card stays loaded all the time around 95% which is actually great. Framerate is low but steady. CPU load on the other side is very low, it stays around 20% for the most part. All Cores are loaded but with no more than 20%. 
    Now we move to a crowded city and we see that here the GPUs are well loaded , again reaching 95%. CPU is around 45% and RAM usage is going UP from 4gb to 7gb. Running around give us a variation of load but this is normal. So there are some parts of the game where we have problems how the game manages the resources of the system. The small starting village is suffering from frame issues, but the more crowded and bigger Velia is running well (at least at full load). Looking on the temperatures of the GPUs normaly the second one in my setup is hotter, the first has a better cooling, i see that the temp is around 60 on full load but the fan does not spin too much, which means that the second one is not doing a very heavy calculation it is loaded but with lighter tasks.
    So as for Framerate the game is crazy demanding on the GPU and hardly on the CPU. I know where my vga card is compared to GF 970 and i don't see how you can play the game on 60FPS max setting with a single setup, maybe a TITAN ot a GF 980Ti will cope with it in FULL HD. On the other side a dual setup will be OK, but only for questing and not for hanging around populated / city areas. It will be a great think if the Developers can talk to Nvida and AMD and sort out the MultyGPU configuration. Which in my upinion is the only way to experince the game on max setings. 
    The game surely needs more optimization from the engine side too, but i doubt that this will happen, having in mind that the game was launched 2 years ago.

  22. Hey, I've been playing Black Desert for a few days now and the games framerate seems inconsistent and especially choppy in cities (like, no higher than 25 FPS) no matter what resolution or graphical setting I attempt to run the game at. Even optimization mode gives me no frame boost. This is on a i7 4790k, GTX 970 and 8gb Ram system. I've gone though all the fixes people have mentioned around the internet to no avail (Fullscreen windowed, V-Sync, Refresh rate, turning off high end mode ect). I didn't expect to be able to run the game perfectly on ultra ultra settings obviously, but not even the lowest early 2000 era setting won't improve the FPS.
    Now this is where the weird part comes in. I get bored and think to myself, why don't I test out the game on my much much weaker LAPTOP. This laptop is about a year or two old now running with an i7 4700mq, GT 755m SLI and 12GB of ram (so by all means nothing special and meant for light gaming) I install the game on the laptop and run BDO. Log into my character (I'm at the packed fishing area in Velia) and the game is running at medium settings 30+ fps. I lower the settings right down to optimization and boom 60+ fps wherever I take my character in game. Obviously when I further attempted to run the game at high settings the laptop crumbled, but somehow it was able to run the lower settings much much better than I was able to on my computer. Everything below slightly high just felt so much smoother than anything on the computer.
    So yeah, I am confused. My PC is in good health with any other game but something doesn't quite add up. If anyone could offer me any help it would be appreciated, this is just driving me crazy inside.
  23. Heyho lieber BDO Community^^
    Ich wollte mal fragen ob unter euch ein paar AMDler sind und ob ihr auch solche Performance Probleme habt wie ich? Ich spiele teilweise mit 30 fps und in Dörfern oder Städte nur noch mit 15-20:/
    Und wenns möglich wäre bitte noch paar Tipps wie ich der Performance verbessern könnte:D
    Danke schonmal:D
    Mein System:
    AMD FX 4350 4x4.20
    Radeon R9 270x
    8GB RAM
    Win 10 64-Bit
  24. Post on FPS drops in Technical Issues

    By Narcus, posted
    Hi, my problem is that when i start the game everything is fine and the fps are around 25-30 and its ok for me, but when some minutes have passed the fps drops down to 10 or less and the game its unplayable. Maybe has something to do with the CPU according to some thread from the forums but i dont know. I usually play the game at high grafic quality and texture but if i lower the settings, its the same.
    My pc specs are: 
    16GB ram 
    Nvidia GTX660 
    Intel core i-7 3370 3.40 Ghz
    In CBT-1 and CBT-2 everything was ok, i didnt have this problem and in other games everything is fine too. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  25. Hey, as the title says I get Massive FPS drops while playing, I can be sitting still looking at the ground in the middle of a field and go from 60-70fps down to 1-4. This seems to happen every 20-40 seconds and Ive tried every setting in game, turning off and on Gsync even trying out lowest settings it will happen.
    i7-5820k OC to 4ghz
    GTX980 boosts up to 1433mhz.
    high textures, high settings anti aliasing turned off. not on high end mode turned off.
    Windows 10
    Running game as windows 7 compatible and admin.