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  1. Hey.

    How is it possible to sit on a stable 60 FPS and have no latency issues or stutters on one channel, then switch to another and immediately drop to 20-30 FPS, 0,3 second input delay and get game stutters every 10 seconds. I have deleted my cache, on suggestion from a fellow player, but to little avail. I, nor any of my guildies experience this on any other channel than Valencia C1 on Croxus, coincidentally also the channel I have spent most of my time on.

    I am writing here in hopes someone has an ingenious solution to my problem. As it stands currently the channel is borderline unplayable for me.
  2. Moin moin,
    Habe seit Anfang an starke fps Probleme. Ich schätze diese liegen Hardwareseitig. Auf Empfehlung habe ich meine 8800 gts gegen eine Andere Karte getauscht; hier meine Komponenten:
    Win7 Home Premium 64bit
    Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4.7 Ghz
    2x4gb DDR3 @ 1333mhz 
    KFA2 GtX 960 2gb 
    ASRock Z97M Anniversary
    Be Quiet 430w

    Habe auf niedrigsten Settings knappe 24 fps,, aber stark harkend, Alle paar Sekunden ein kurzes Standbild. Die stadt kann ich nicht betreten, dann fällt die fps auf unter 4 und bleibt dort auch.
    Ich spiele auf fullhd mit niedrigsten settings inkl. optimierungsmodus. Hat jemand tips, wie ich die fps erhöhen kann?
  3. Hello, 
    I'm experiencing really low FPS rates with BDO. My setup can be seen below, I pretty much run all settings off/lowest and still have about 45fps in the wild, not in the cities. Any ideas as to why or advice to improve would be greatly appreciated. 
    This is my setup:
    System Type    x64-based PC        
    Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)    
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM)    8.00 GB    
    Total Physical Memory    7.94 GB    
    Available Physical Memory    2.33 GB    
    Total Virtual Memory    14.2 GB    
    Available Virtual Memory    2.78 GB    
    Page File Space    6.25 GB    
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
    Many thanks.
    EDIT: This issue has been fixed and the topic can be deleted.
    I downgraded my driver to the earlier version 362.00, everything works perfectly now.
  4. With the upcoming server merge to increase population (Which Im excited for.) the towns and fields will be flooding with players.
    Although with this announcement comes another problem. Lag.
    No, not connection lag. FPS Drops, CPU Usage, Memory Usage specifically loading 50 separate characters and wagons onto my screen at once. My computer is extremely average and can only handle so much.
    I understand in PvP areas why I would need to see other players (So that I'm not being body slammed by thin air.) but when I' doing something like walking into Heidel I don't want to get sucker-punched in the face by my FPS drop.
    The Solution: An option to hide players and their mounts and pets. Maybe even make it customizable so that you can only see your Guild mates/Friends/Party members/Hostile players. A lot like the 'Hide names' setting.
    This is just a small Quality of Life change for those of us without mega-badass computers. 
  5. Post on FPS boost tips? in General

    By Hyaeyo, posted
    Hey guys, so i recently started playing black desert and i love it. I do have a low end pc and ive pretty much done everything i could do in game. (cropping, turn of this and that). I'm just wondering if theres anything i can do outside of bdo to boost my fps just a little. even if its just 5 or 10 id be happy with it. (I've gone in to power options select high performance already) I wont mind downloading something if it helps. Thank you very much. 
  6. Post on Boosters allowed? in General

    By Hyaeyo, posted
    Hey guys, i have a low end pc and im trying everything to make my game run alittle smoother so im wondering if im allowed to run a booster (Razer cortex)? I'm kinda noobie so i apologize if im being dumb right now but I just don't want to get banned. 
  7. I have tried what feels like everything. I've been playing this game since launch with the same settings, haven't touched a thing, but now I lag when I try to use a skill. When I first initiate Will of the Wind, for example, my character just slides across the ground or it doesnt animate, or I lag into the spot where I would end up. I simply don't understand why its doing this if I havent changed any settings in the game all of a sudden.
    I have a GTX970 i7-6700 8GB RAM 1TB hardrive so I know I can more than handle this game. Ive downloaded Geforce Experiance, no help. I've downloaded Razer Cortex, no help. I've updated my drivers in Geforce Experiance, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I don't know what else to do or what could be wrong. I even have Vsynch turned off.
  8. Post on AWFUL FPS in Off-Topic

    By Kippller, posted
    Hello, I am getting awful FPS ! like terrible, No matter what settings I use I still get less than 30FPS even in optimisation mode 
    My Specs : 
    GTX 1070 FTW 
    12gb Hyper X fury
    1tb hdd 
    128gb ssd (Bdo installed on this) 
    AMD fx 8350 @4.8ghz 
    What is the problem, Even lowest settings and I get awful FPS
  9. Post on Awful FPS ! in Technical Issues

    By Kippller, posted
    Hello, I am getting awful FPS ! like terrible, No matter what settings I use I still get less than 30FPS even in optimisation mode 
    My Specs : 
    GTX 1070 FTW 
    12gb Hyper X fury
    1tb hdd 
    128gb ssd (Bdo installed on this) 
    AMD fx 8350 @4.8ghz 
    What is the problem, Even lowest settings and I get awful FPS 
  10. Hello, 

    Vu le nombre de personnes qui se plaignent d'avoir de gros drops et un nombre insuffisant d'fps, je me suis dit que regrouper toutes les infos ici serais pas mal.

    n'espérez pas passer de 20 fps dans le désert à 45 fps en ville, il faut que votre matériel sois un minimum performant et que vos options soient en conséquence 

    Partie Hardware : 

    Déjà, on peut commencer par jeter un oeil les specs minimums : 

    Partie Software:

    -Config gpu:

    Vérifiez bien que votre carte graphique est en mode "performance" sur le jeu: 
     Une fois ceci fait, toujours dans les mêmes logiciels, vous pouvez passer la barre des 60 fps en désactivant la synchronisation verticale.
    Note: La vsync est là pour ne pas "hachurer" l'image lors de mouvements. Si vous avez ce type d'affichage et que ça vous gêne, remettez-le et/ou forcez-le.

    -Tweaks diverses:

    Downgrader la version du pilote nvidia : 
    Il y a plus de monde qui se plaint de drops d'fps chez nvidia que chez AMD, et cela pourrais provenir des drivers. 
    N'ayant pas testé ce pilote vu que je possède une 1070, je ne peut pas vous donner mon ressenti, à vos risques et périls.

    -Baisser le niveau d'utilisation de xincode sur votre cpu:

    En effet, Xincode est l'anti hack de BDO, seulement il peut arriver qu'il pose problème et utilise le cpu à 100%. pour le baisser, faite cette manipulation (il ne sera plus prioritaire sur le reste de votre système)

     -Réglages IG:

    Ici, c'est la partie qui donnera le plus de résultats. C'est à vous de moduler vos options selon votre envie (perf/qualité)

    Cpu à 100% avec Xincode 3 (Serveur coréen seulement)

    C'est tout ce que j'ai pu essayer, et à part le tweak des pilotes,tout fonctionne et apporte un gain plus ou moins elevé.

    Mon résultat (avant/après): 

    En dehors des villes :60/60 
    En ville : 20/40 (en étant statique)

    Voilà pour moi! n'hésitez pas à poster vos remarques, suggestions et vos astuces.
    Montrez-moi vos résultats avec vos specs, je voudrais bien voir ce que ça donne chez vous  .


  11. I have been dealing with a crippling FPS drop issue for a while now, and have finally isolated it. I have a decent cpu (i5-2500k) and older video card (560 ti), but it runs just fine at higher resolution / lower graphics settings). 
    How to reproduce:
    1) Open BDO / get in game. Make note of FPS, GPU clock speeds
    2) Alt-Tab out, launch Windows Media Player (, play a video (x264).
    3) FPS will be reduced, bad but not yet crippling. Make note of FPS, GPU clock speeds.
    4) Close Windows Media Player. GPU Clock and FPS both drastically reduced.
    This only happens with BDO open while opening / playing the video. I tried it before launching BDO and GPU clock speeds  / fps not affected. I have to reboot my system for things to get straight again.
    Attached are screenshots of FPS / Clock Speed.
    Before windows media player:

    After launching media player / starting video:

    After closing windows media player / video.

  12. Here's my setup:
    i5 4670k clocked at 4Ghz
    GTX 970
    27 inch 144Hz IPS with G-sync monitor
    I want to be able to play at 2k resolution but get good framerates.  I'm in the woods alone and I'm maxing at like 80 fps on some medium settings.  I want to break 100 fps if possible and crank up the settings.  Will a GTX 1070 accomplish this?  Does this game even support SLI if I have to go that route?
    What kind of performance are you guys getting with your rigs?
  13. Idk why it stutters like this now recently. Never experienced it before. It came after the Windows 10 Anniversary update. But now I have reinstalled windows to see if it fixed it. Apparently it has not. My computer:
    Intel High end cpu
    32 gb ram
    It has NEVER stuttered like this. You can see the fps dropping like every so often and the stutter is too noticeable. I tried changing channels, tried putting the computer in HIGH Performance mode and even put BDO to High in the Task Manager. 
    The only thing that has changed for me recently is that I went from 500 mbit to 100 mbit. But it did not stutter like this when I was on 2 mbit internet for 3 weeks. 
    Is there tips and tricks to fix this? I tried rolling back to a very old driver to see: 353.54 
    Maybe there is a better and more stable driver?
    I want to mention that I have a G-Sync monitor as well and the game runs on stable 80 fps (hence when recording) and the occasional stutter every 10 seconds.
    Please give me any tips or tricks.
    I have not noticed this when fishing or standing still. Only when moving on foot and horse. Can this be server related?
  14. Hello i'am running:
    -ASUS StriX Asus 970 4GB
    -I5 4690k
    -16GB Corsair Vengence Pro 2400Mhz DDR3
    I am getting ridiculous fps drops in citites around 30> and <20, this is insane for the type of rig i have and i can run any game on ultra at 100+ fps, outside cities its around 60+ but i feel like it should be a lot higher especially within cities it feels  unplayable any ideas?
  15. Post on Performance Patch in Vorschläge

    By FroF, posted

    Meiner Meinung nach sollte es mal endlich ein gescheites Performance Upgrade geben. Ich habe mich hier mal im Forum ein wenig umgeschaut es gibt manche Leute die ca. einen Mittel Gaming PC haben und die kommen in Black Desert Online nur bis auf 20-25 FPS. 
    Jetzt mal ehrlich man kauft sich das Spiel aber mit so wenig FPS macht es einfach kein Spaß. Andere Spiele schaffen es ja auch 60+ FPS zu bieten und es sind auch Spiele mit großen Servern wo viele Menschen drauf spielen und manchmal ist sogar die Grafik/Engine besser, also ist es möglich.         
    Mit diesem Vorschlag möchte ich Black Desert Online auf keinen Fall schlecht es ist einfach nur meine Ehrliche Meinung, es Zählt nebenbei auch zu meinen Lieblings spielen. 
    Hoffentlich wird dieser Vorschlag umgesetzt würde viele Spieler freuen.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 
    Tim / FroF
    @PM_Jouska , @GM_Gemu , @GM_Rhotaaz
  16. after coming back to the game about a week ago now. it seems in certain area's now im getting horrendous performance now. compared to when i was previously playing which was just a couple weeks before valencia hit.
    for example. trying to do certain world bosses now its just a pure nightmare. the FPS drops is insane, and for the likes of karanda which its really important to see where her AOE is going to be shown. its a right pain trying to do certain world bosses now.
    has anyone noticed a impact on performance or is it just me ?
    it seems im not the only one thats seen a noticeable inpact on performance. maybe this thread could be used as some awareness for kakao to start re-optimizing the game
    PSA: For Discord Users

  17. Hi,
    I've played black desert since it's launch and had stopped for 2-3 months. I started playing again and now i how super low fps compared to 2-3 months ago.
    my specs :
    fx-6300 4.5ghz
    r9 270
    8gb 1600mhz ram
    1080p 60hz screen
    win 8.1 64x
    I was playing the game back then on med-high settings and was getting a stable 60fps, now im getting ~35fps in fights , ~50fps in places where its empty like in the screenshot and in towns its the below 15fps and i have it on optimization mode . I removed my driver and installed a older one and still the same result. i had 16.8.1 and after downgrade 16.5.1 driver version.
    Does anyone know what i can do ? i've already reinstalled windows. If someone has the same GPU can you pls send me the driver version thanks.

  18. Coming from a programming background, this is very strange to say the least. I have tested numerous times on Velia E1 vs. E2; Calpheon E1 vs. E2, and every single time, 1 channel simply gives me 30 more FPS than the 2 channel. Let me also assure you that I have removed the initial effect of a new channel switch; this effect I'm talking about it visible whether you're new on the channel or whether you've been there for 30 minutes.
    I can also say that the culprit is the CPU, not the GPU. I have a very very strong machine and at best my GPU sits at 50% utilization (I'm CPU bottlenecked). On 2 channels, this drops to 30%, meaning the CPU can't get stuff fast enough into the GPU for rendering.
    My CPU: Intel 5820K - 6 core, overclocked at 3.8Ghz
    My GPU: TitanX 12GB
    Normally, we would expect the graphical frame rate to be completely independent of the server, the network conditions, etc. Ultimatley, it's all client-side rendered and it is very strange for the server selection to affect it. I have a few theories on why this can be:
    There is some kind of bug where on 2 channels, our CPUs are forced to work harder, perhaps wasting cycles. 1 channels are specifically tuned to reduce the amount of stuff our CPUs do; less NPC movement, less environment, etc. It's hard to pinpoint exactly.(Very unlikely) The game has some bad main loop where the "tick rate" of network connection is awaited on before rendering. 1 channels are on beefier machines that are set at a higher network refresh rate, so frame rates go up there.Anyway, I wanted to bring this to DAUM's attention.
    Example: Heidel on Velia 2 was delivering 25 fps. I had only been on the channel for 20 minutes. Switched to Calpheon E1, waited 10 minutes. Now seeing 55 fps. GPU utilization went from 25 to 43%, meaning CPU was able to pump more stuff into it.
    Summary: 1 channels result in significantly (30+) higher frame rates than their channel 2 counterparts. This is visible in Heidel, out in the desert, while grinding mobs in sausans, whatever.
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Jouska
  19. Hello! i really need some help here, im a fairly new player n BDO and i just bought my PC not even 6 months ago and it has fairly good hardware i spent a fair mount of money on it but when i play the game im lucky if i get 45 fps when I am not moving. I know there have been a few threads on this but no matter what i do nothing helps im pretty sure i should be getting higher fps than that regularly I understand towns will drop the fps so I am not surprised but when I am just out and about even on foot my fps is not what I believe it should be   I have turned off global Vsync running in full screen, turned off vibrant screen filter and to top it off im not even running the game on the highest setting I am only running it on High my Gf has a much older comp and she runs it on highest and still gets at least 57 fps I am not super smart when it comes to computers but i honestly feel like i should be getting more Fps someone please help!!! 
    I attached the sheet of all my comps parts someone please help me out.

  20. I logged onto my level 5 alt today and the guild had a quest up, every time a mob died and registered a kill on my screen, my game would stutter for that time, so if the guildies at the quest killed 10 mobs one after another my game would stutter through all 10, i'm also getting a message "You cannot navigate because the path was not found" i also noticed when i hover over the right hand sid where my quest pane is, i get the same message and my game stutters like crazy... does anyone know a fix? i've heard it's because i need to get past level 13
  21. Hallo Leute,
    ich bin ein ganz frischer BD-Spieler, dennoch habe ich massive FPS-Probleme!
    Ich habe alle unnötige Dienste ausgestellt, Hardware etc. aktualisiert und mein Pc auf voll Leistung eingestellt. Auch im Spiel bin ich mit niedrigster Qualität unterwegs und habe immernoch: 13-20 FPS. Nun im Spiel selber ist es nicht so schlimm, sondern eher wenn man sich einloggt. Da hängt einfach alles  und dauert ewig  Deshalb habe ich mir überlegt mein Pc aufzurüsten, auch wenn ich dachte, dass es reicht was ich habe, um auf mittlerer Grafik zu spielen
    Mein PC:
    System: Windows 7
    Grafikkarte: AMD RADEON HD 8370D
    Prozessor: AMD A4-6300 APU with RADEON(tm) HD Graphics 3.70 GHz
    RAM: 8GB
    Hoffentlich reichen diese Infos.., ich kenne mich nicht so gut damit aus, deshalb wollte ich selber noch nichts kaufen. Was ist eure Meinung dazu? Was soll ich aufrüsten? Habt ihr Empfehlungen?
    Danke im Voraus
  22. The ability Descending Current seems to ignore all the options that should turn it off/ignore the animation. Granted my PC could use an upgrade but I feel that being able to hide that skills animation would improve most peoples performance during larger scale pvp and pve. I'm aware that the issue of seeing it is most likely due to coding and is probably difficult to diagnose and fix but I feel it should be a priority. Thanks!
  23. Well, since I had some trouble with having a dual-display setup (I'm playing on a laptop and using an external display) - so I thought this might be useful for people still searching for a solution. This might be also of some use to people having huge frame drops during combat.
    See, when you run the game it usually goes windowed fullscreen. No matter what setting it says (IT LIES), the easiest way to test is just alt-tabbing. If your screen blinks and becomes black for a second after alt-tabbing out of the game, it was in fullscreen. If not - it was in windowed fullscreen.
    So - how to go true fullscreen? Pretty easy actually, the game checks which display you use only at start. You have to start the game only with 1 display active tho (go to windows display settings - multiple displays - check 'show desktop only on #')*
    1) Set fullscreen in launcher options
    2) Press play
    3) Watch the game window appearing
    4) Click once on the game window to make it active (while it's still black and loading) and then just wait till the game loads.
    After this you can freely alt-tab, activate your second monitor, close it to tray, etc. -  It won't bug out the fullscreen until you close the game.
    Results? 'Windowed fullscreen' has about half the performance of true fullscreen (at least on my Nvidia 960m videocard) and it's results are pretty frustrating in actual combat. For example - I can easily hold 60 fps in fullscreen while only having about 19 fps in windowed fullscreen (while the game setting still says I'm in fullscreen duh.)
  24. Is anyone else experiencing a significant fps drop after patch? I now have 10-20 less fps than before patch.
    Am I the only one experiencing this? I am trying to determine if it's the patch or if something is wrong with my pc. I didn't notice any fprs drop before the patch though. Did the game become more CPU intensive somehow perhaps?
  25. HI
    I have been experiencing sudden fps drops since the second last patch.
    These are my specs:
    3 gtx 980 Ti in sli
    i7 4790k
    32gb ram
    1000W power supply
    win 10
    27 inch benq monitor X 2