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  1. I'd like to see options in video setting to limit framerate (30-60 fps) for these reasons:
    - prevent overheating
    - save power
    - lower fan noise
    - get a stable framerate
    Many MMO's have this option standard becuz in MMO's like this u don't fight enemy's all the time. There's a lot other things to do that don't require high framerate.
    Especially during character creation, afking, long horse travel, bulk lifeskill processing there is no need for max framerate and we should not have to minimize the game to get a quiet/cooler pc.
    A lot of people already requested a vsync option to turn off/on. Some games have double vsync or half vsync options that lowers the framerate to 30 fps. If the vsync option is added then i'd like to see the double/half setting in there too.
  2. Post on Check your frames in General

    By favi, posted
    I found out that my hard-drive was maxed out when it shouldn't be.  This is a Windows 8.1/10 glitch.  If you are experiencing lag or performance issues when  you shouldn't then check out this guide.
    Put your Hard-drive bandwidth where it should be: Black Desert!
  3. please add an option in the settings that looks like this:

    [  ] Hide all other player characters EXCEPT:

    [  ] Party members
    [  ] Guild Members
    [  ] Friends
    [ Enter family names that you do not want to hide ]

    *** Players that are Hostile and/or negative karma will not be hidden. This includes players flagged for pvp, and enemy guild members. ***

    This could optimize the open world boss fights and make it not a 6 fps slideshow, and from there we can give feedback on actual boss mechanics because we will be able to see what is actually happening inside the boss room. Also, please remove player collision from ALL *non hostile players*. keep collision present for flagged players, enemy guild. When this is done we can actually make progress! Perhaps. Yes?
  4. It's just me or it happens to everyone else?
    Everytime i click on the map and try to manage houses, jobs, etc my pc gets extremelly slow.
    Game runs very smooth with cool graphics and I don't have trouble running other games, but everything gets slow when I open the Map.
    I have a i7 Laptop with 8GB Ram and a 2 Gb Ram Nvidia graphic card, so it should run normal.
    Any fix for this?
  5. Hello I have a great problem with fps in the game for the past week i think. I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, 8gb ram, Amd a8-6600k 4x3,90 proc, gtx 660. Normaly I have like 25-30 fps and the game worked fine on medium but lastly fps dropped to like 7-11 all the time. I did not change a single thing but it simply dropped, game is not lagging much but the fps drop is visible painfully. I even reinstaled Nvidia GeForce Experiance. It helped for one day but the problem is back. Should i reinstall whole game? Would that even help?
    Sometimes fps are getting back to 25-30 and games works fine but it changes.
  6. Post on Low FPS in Technical Issues

    By christianfus, posted
    Hi guys, I'm playing BDO with:
    -GPU: GTX 950M (2GB GDDR5)
    -CPU: i7-5700HQ (2.7 GHz)
    -RAM: 8GB DDR3L
    without ssd.
    And I have to play with optimization mode because is the only way to reach 30-40 fps...
    I've seen a video on yt where a guy playing BDO with almost the same specs as my laptop gets 50 fps in high settings. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV4TWRJQtis)
    Any idea why is this happening??
    I have tried almost everything I could google (vsync off, changing setting from NVIDIA inspector, playing full screen...) But nothing changes.
    And isnt an issue from my GPU because i run games like GTA V on high setting with 50-60 fps.
    EDIT: Is it normal that i cant get more than 60 fps in the log screen even with Vsync off??
  7. Ah this is so incredibly frustrating...  Cleared my whole Saturday for Black Desert and this happens... 
    My crossfire is COMPLETELY broken for this game, it used to work fine on latest AMD driver.  I updated nothing, changed nothing, and my crossfire wouldn't work when I logged on today.  It works for every other game, I have it to where it shows logo at the top.  Yes, my settings are correct.  Yes, I am in fullscreen.
    I have tried using DDU and going to 15.12 (which used to work as well), and then to 15.11 AND NO LUCK WHATSOEVER.  And like I mentioned above, crossfire works fine for every other program. 
    Also, my girlfriends SLI does not seem to be working....  She is using a gtx 690, and used to sit at 60 fps, now has a hard time getting past 35 fps...
    Anyone else having this issue or have any clue why?  Hopefully its something that they broke and are aware of and will be fixed shortly...  I probably invested $1500 in hardware across both PCS just for this game...
    My specs:
    EVGA 1000W platinum rated
    2x r9 390 (sapphire)
    fx 8350 ocd 4.8 ghz
    16gb 2000 MHz ram
    sabertooth 990fx r2.0
    So, I went to sleep after not being able to fix it, tried everything from adjusting voltage to drivers as mentioned.
    Woke up, started black desert, crossfire worked on 15.11 drivers but only gave about an extra 10 fps instead of double.
    Updated to 16.xx (whatever latest it) and crossfire didn't work on default settings.  I tried on optimize 1x1 and AFR Friendly, both worked but fps was still terrible and shadows flickered.
    Went back to 15.12, what it used to work fine on, and its working pretty well again, back to 60fps.
    So, it seems like they broke crossfire and sli earlier today, b/c my girlfriends is back to normal.  And if anyone is on AMD having issues, try 15.12.
    I would really like to see AMD add a crossfire profile for this game...  Make it happen DAUM!  Pressure those basterds!
  8. From what I can tell I get about 35-50 fps when im playing outside of towns, whenever I go into settings without changing anything my fps drops to 15-25fps and stays that way till I restart the game or change the resolution in the settings then back to the resolution i play at, I also notice the fps tends to degrade over long periods of play time. I play at 1920x1080 and I've tried playing even on the lowest resolution and very low settings and get the same issues that I have stated above. sad panda
    Win10 64bit
    Processor - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.1GHz 
    Graphics - EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW Signature2 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 
    Memory - Crucial Ballistix Sport 12GB Kit (4GBx3) DDR3 1600 MT/s 
  9. Just wanted to start off by saying I've checked all over the other forum posts and am aware of the fact the "windowed" and "borderless window" modes come with a 60 FPS lock. I am also aware that you need to turn off V-Sync in the NVIDIA control panel. This is a problem that has risen from the latest Mediah patch.
    It appears that the "Full Screen" mode no longer acts as a full screen game, but simply as a borderless windowed mode with the caveat of locked in cursor. I know there were prior issues with the refresh rate of monitors being set to 24hz, which I occasionally experienced.. But now it does not even appear to be entering full screen at all (which would be a simple but lazy fix to the prior problem, which only occurred in true full screen mode).
    If anyone has figured out a fix, or if maybe I'm missing some config available, please let me know. Thanks!
    EDIT: My relevant specs are as follows:
    - 980Ti x2 SLI @ 1430MHz 
    - ROG Swift G-SYNC monitor, 1440p@144Hz
    - 6700K @ 4.40GHz
    - 16GB RAM
    To reiterate, I've only experienced this problem as of today. Prior to the patch I was able to run at full high quality settings @ 1440p and floated around 80-130 FPS (depending how much was going on in the scene)
    EDIT 2: I suppose this was a quickly fixed issue, but hopefully this is able to help someone else eventually. It appears some kind of setting was not being refreshed correctly from the config menu. The two following edits have fixed the issue of "Full Screen" actually entering the proper "Full Screen." View the top of the window for the location of both files. Prior to editing these files, the values windowed=1 in GameOption.txt and WindowMode Value="FullScreenWindowed" were used, despite having "Full Screen" mode selected and confirmed, and the game properly exited.

  10. Post on FPS Drop in Technical Issues

    By Kcina, posted
    Ok guys here is my problem with the game Black Desert Online and was wondering what to do to fix this.I run the game at 60FPS for 20-30 mins then bang a drop hits and it goes down to 20-25fps i have monitored before the drop and after the drop and i had 

    GPU:48*C,52% and after the drop: GPU:57*C,99%













    im running a AMD FX8350 with 16G RAM and a Geforce GTX 770 2g

    Please im really a noob when it comes to this if anyone can help my situation i would be so grateful
    Tried updating all drivers,Also tried playing around with Bios and in game settings. Still have same problem
  11. Hello i am having horrible FPS issues (around 20-25 tops and drooping to 17 at its lowest) and am hoping for a fix if anyone is able to help me i will greatly appreciate it my Specs are
    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
    Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz  3.60GHz
    12.0 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  12. Running a 980ti at all max settings and usually get 50+ fps. today logging in, I am getting between 13-20 fps. Whats going on? were any updates hit overnight? None of the drivers changed so i'm at a loss. Please, any information will be helpful
  13. Hey
    Some places in the world my FPS seems caped at 30fps in full screen, if I go to the edge of a "30 FPS area", and find the right spot, I can move like 1 meter ingame and go back and forth 30/60 FPS, even when looking down into the ground. It only happen when running the game in fullscreen (which is needed for Crossfire)
    If I disable crossfire, I still get the 30fps cap, but not able to get to 60 fps with a single card in 4K.
    When running in 4K it a 60/30 fps, in 1440p 60/40 fps and in 1080p 60/50fps.
    I have attached 2 screenshots, where I'm stranding on the edge of a "30 fps area" looking in the ground, one inside with 30FPS and one outside with 60FPS.
    2x Radeon Fury X.
    Driver 16.3.1, Tested with 16.3 and 16.2.1 and some issue, don't think its driver related.
    4K Freesync monitor.

  14. Post on Help me in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    First specs,
    CPU: A8-7600
    GPU: GTX 970 4GB
    RAM: 4GB
    mobo: ASUS A88XM-A
    I just installed my GTX 970 4GB and when i wanted to play it gets on 40-58 FPS on slightly high. i have the driver for the card on 364.51. Screen gets very stuttery at villages and cities, What do i do now? 
    Change some settings, buy a new CPU or add more ram? or even something else?
    Please help me and thank you for reading!
  15. I am running a GTX670 and generally I get 40-50fps in game. I recently followed the advice to disable anti-aliasing in game and instead enable in in the NVidia 3d settings, which indeed boosted my overall framerate by about 10. But for quite some time now I experienced freqent framerate drops to about 9-11 and the fps stays at that rate no matter what. It seems to happen most often when leaving an NPC conversation, but I also saw it happening when simply opening the settings to look at the framerate. Initially I had to relog to fix the issue, resetting graphic options didn't do it. Now I have found that I can reset the issue by opening the settings dialog, and with that open go to map view. When I then close the map again, fps tends to be back to normal...for a little while, until the next drop happens.
    Very annoying bug!
  16. My issue is more or less the topic title. During CBT2 and a couple weeks after launch my map was fine but nowadays when I open it there is a huge lag and my frames drop to something ridiculous like 4. My graphics settings are already pretty low, but its a decently strong laptop I'm on. Like I said previously there was never an issue with this before and my CBT2 map was VERY lit up so I'm not inclined to think its just my map being full at this point. Hiding NPC/node/bandit etc information does nothing to help.
    While I can still use the map it can sometimes take me forever even just to ping a certain location to a guildie all because none of my clicks register, lets not even get started on trying to manage all my workers, that is hell and a half.  This is not a game-breaking issue but its definitely making some aspects not so fun.
    Anyways I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar issue or maybe some tips on how I can right this?
    EDIT: I forgot to mention- I hold a steady 20-30 in game on medium. The whole map thing befuddles me
  17. What is the normal framerate for BDO ?
    My installment is currently running at 24fps max, while most games usually achieve twice that. This means that the picture seems just a tad sluggish, and aliasing effects appear very intensely, around edges of npcs and pc. Reducing gfx settings had no effect to the event of improving the situation. What is the normal framerate ?
  18. If I didn't get +57 Fail Stacks before I went from +13 to +14, if I wasn't completely frustrated at the Achievement Combat Skill Points, and if I wasn't having FPS issues for no apparent reason... I would have already spent another $60 on BDO...
    I wanted to buy 3 pets (One of each type), Glasses (Faster Knowledge), Headpiece (Higher Quality Knowledge), Full Skill Reset, and Weight Limit Increase (+150wt). Comes out to $60 USD, but I couldn't convince myself to spend that money on a game that frustrates me more than I find enjoyment out of it.

    Achievement Combat Skill Point post I made previously...

    FPS issue post I made previously...

  19. Vsync function is ruining peoples FPS.
    I can force it off in my Control Panel, but this only effects Fullscreen Mode. It DOES NOT effect Windowed or Windowed Fullscreen Mode.
    For some reason Windowed & Fullscreen Windowed are forced to run with Vsync. This is causing MAJOR FPS issues.
    If a rig can only run the game at ~45 FPS, the Vsync will jump your FPS from ~45 to 30 over and over again. Causing slowdowns and stuttering.
    The GPU can run the game at ~45 FPS, but because the Vsync is trying to give you "smooth" gameplay it's forcing it to go down to 30 FPS. Whenever the Vsync is fighting with the GPU's capabilities this is causing all of the stuttering and slowdowns for MANY peoples rigs.
    If we could FORCE OFF Vsync, then the issue would be solved.
  20. I want to preface this by saying that I'm going to be recommending you do some pretty extreme stuff. This is for the people who really want those frames, and I'm going to be asking you to do things like Overclock your GPU, go into your BIOS, install drivers. If you don't know what you're doing then don't follow the stuff later on in this post. Some stuff I post might be hearsay and will require tinkering to get working. 
    You might also be wondering why I need over 60FPS. Well, dear reader, I have a 144hz moniter because I'm a neet and this is where your tax-payer money goes, you filthy wagecuck. I need at least 110+ frames to get a smooth experience and I want over 144fps to reduce input lag for that dank PvP. Now, on to the show.
    Despite what logic and experience might tell you, the answer to getting better performance in BDO is not, in fact, to update your drivers. In fact if you just updated you'll want to roll them back because the latest drivers cause bugs. Use 362.xx instead of 364.xx, as the 362 drivers give the best performance. Do I know why these cause an issue? No clue. How do you get these drivers? Try to google it.
    Clean your PC you slob.
    Temperature is an issue that directly effects your performance. If things heat up too much, it can cause your GPU to throttle. Look up a guide online on how to clean your PC, and how to clean your GPU. You shouldn't be hitting anything like 80c. I don't even hit that when overclocking. Seriously, clean your GPU. It can get dust in its fans.
    Overclock with your ----- out.
    Grab MSI afterburner. We're going to overclock, bbcakes famalam desu ne. Now. I have to warn you that THIS STUFF CAN RUIN YOUR GPU, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    I'm not going to teach anyone how to overclock. Instead I'm going to leave guides on how to do it. You'll get quite a few extra frames out of this. If you do it right, nothing bad will happen. Probably.
    Random tweaks.
    First off, I want you to go to your Nvidia control panel. Go over to Adjust Desktop Size and Position. Change it to No Scaling on Display/GPU. I believe Display gives less input lag. Then go to manage 3D settings. Make sure power management is set to maximum power.
    Then go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options, and set it to High Performance. 

    Last but not least, go to control panel when you have BDO running and set the priority to High.
    http://www.tweaktown.com/guides/411/system_optimization_guide_for_gamers/index.html <--A worthwhile read.
    I know some of this stuff is obvious information or maybe not useful, but I like to think that this guide was useful to at least somebody. If you have any kind of tricks to get your FPS higher, please post it below so we can try it out. Thank you for reading and hopefully if you are having problems running the game, this helped you out somehow.
  21. I get random framerate drops while playing BDO. I'm usually running at 35+ fps. When my fps drops I used to log off then log back into the game. This was getting really annoying. I accidentally discovered while browsing the Pearl Shop that by opening the PS I can fix my framerate. I don't understand why, I'm not that computer savvy. I don't know what causes the drop in fps but I do know the pearl shop fixes my issue. Sounds crazy but if you're having framerate issues, open the Pearl Shop see what happens.
    Does this happen to anyone else? 
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) 
                     Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
          System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
                    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.8GHz
                       Memory: 16384MB RAM
          Available OS Memory: 16330MB RAM
                    Page File: 2728 MB used, 29985 MB available
              DirectX Version: 12
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
           Manufacturer: NVIDIA
              Chip type: GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
    Display Memory: 10153 MB
       Dedicated Memory: 1988 MB
          Shared Memory: 8164 MB
           Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)
  22. Hello guys,
    I am here to say that would be nice if you add more video graphics options for those who take a time to set up the best config for them. Options like lights, shadows and  many more of them that you probably already know.
    I am suggesting this cause it might makes a better game graphics experience and game performance experience as well.
    For example, on my PC the jump from medium to slightly high it means lose of 25-35 FPS even 40 depending where I am(I have a R9 290), something I really notice since I am playing on 144hz monitor and maybe adding some more graphics options it can makes this lost of fps a bit smaller and keeping some nice feature from high settings (Like the effect of the grass when you pass through, water effects in the path, ect) having medium settings. This also could works for other people who plays with low and wants have some medium graphics effects and probably with those who plays with slightly high and want features from very high.
    Nowadays a lot of people has a 144hz monitor and once you get used to it, you don't want go back to 60hz .
    Perhaps this is not a main necessity but would be nice if you keep it in mind for a future. Thank you for your time and keep doing this nice work.
  23. Currently running BDO on an Asus G751 laptop and noticed that no frame rate cap means overheating abound. Even with A/C on, 2 fans pointed at my laptop AND the 2 giant internal fans the pc itself has built in, the thing overheats. I noticed it only happened during moments where FPS was intense, and crashes became more common once i actually LOWERED the graphics settings. Please add a setting to easily cap framerate.
  24. Hi guys, 
    I just got a trail from my friend and over the night I installed the game. However after installing it my pc is running like crap, It literally run the game at 23 fps in any setting no matter what. I quit the game and its basically doing the same thing to my actual PC, I went to start up ark again to make sure it was not just some random thing and now it says I still get the same fps but its not, My mouse is stuttering, and it all round seems like its changed some config files. I have never faced an issue like this what so ever, I am using a gtx 960 with an i5 6300k and 8gb of ram. Can someone please help me with this? Its making me lose my mind.  
    Seriously my pc is running like its riddled with virus's or some crap... I cant do a single thing and now im getting internet connection errors with updating my anti virus... PLEASE someone help me with this... I cant believe this is happening in a 2016 game release....
  25. I've come across several threads with the same issue as my own but so far I've not encountered a single solution nor a response from the devs to aknowledge the problem.
    I'm aware my laptop is currently not the most excellent to be running a game at highest GFX with high FPS, and it's not what I'm looking to solve either. Nonetheless this exact same problem has been occuring with others who play on a much better rig than myself too. So I really would appreciate people to refrain from commenting "Get a better laptop" because I KNOW that is not the issue here.
    Before the patch last week I ran smoothly and could enjoy the game, granted I was running on 20 fps but it didn't stutter nor freeze ever. Then the patch came and despite all my efforts the game was on 7 fps and froze every 3-4 seconds down to 0-1 fps. Not only in crowded areas, but also in the middle of nowhere when I wasn't doing anything at all. So I'm sure you can imagine that combat and pretty much anything else has been impossible.
    Now, the things I've tried thusfar:
    - Played with the settings to see if anything increases fps - Nothing made any change, not everything on minimum, not going on medium, not even fullscreen/fullscreen windowed ended up making any difference. Not even an increase of 1 fps.
    - Checked my drivers, made sure they were up to date and even did a clean install on them.
    - Repaired the game client.
    - Went into Catalyst Control Center to ensure everything related to BDO was set to high performance (Note: My AMD GPU does NOT show in the options to select on the launcher either)
    - Played around with compatibility options, turned them on and off, swapped around
    - Turned Vsync on and off.
    - Pushed the game to accept the full 60hz on fullscreen.
    I have not done a clean install of the game itself, seeing that I could not find anyone who had done that with any result either.
    Now after today's patch I can't do anything anymore. Most of the time the game crashes the moment I try to log in on a character, and if it eventually DOES it instantly staggers down to no FPS and makes it all the more impossible to do anything. I was on a guestpass for a week to test the game before perhaps buying it, my time has now ran out and I can only check if ay fix I try has any result by logging the SO's guestaccount. Once that runs out there will be no way for me to see if I can play the game, meaning that I'm not very inclined to throw money at it without knowing for certain that I can even play tolerably.
    I'd attach a Dxdiag screen for more information but it doesn't show my dedicated GPU on there anyway. I've got a laptop with an integrated Intel HD 4000 and a dedicated AMD Radeon 7600M, the laptop is 2 years old and has had its issues over its time but this is getting ridiculous. I keep my machine clean and make sure to not clutter it with nonsense. Regular scans and cleanups as well as a system restore every few months to wipe all programs off and install everything fresh.
    Either way, I KNOW the laptop is not the problem considering that I played the game without any of these problems untill the patch. Many of you may not find 20 fps acceptable but I was surprised how smooth it actually was in BDO, it didn't cause me any gameplay issues and I was thoroughly having a blast, I really want to be able to play like that again because aside from these incredibly frustrating problems that I've been trying to fic for hours every day, the game is amazing. And I would LOVE to be a part of it for more than just the week I had.
    If anyone knows a way to help me, I'd be forever grateful. Or if the devs could finally show their heads and aknowledge the problem many are currently having to at least give information as to how/when/if it'll be solved to allow me to atleast show they're doing something, that'd be great.
    I apologise for the massive wall of text but this is frustrating me to no end.
    Since I got desperate I've done a clean install of windows. (The one where you keep your files) and the game is back to running as it used to. I don't know what happened after that patch or what caused it but atleast I've found a solution, drastic as it may be. I suppose for people out there who experience the same problem it may be worth trying if you've got the patience to sit through installing everything on your PC again.