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  1. Hello, i just hit 39 and im looking for a gift pass code, pm me if you have one, thanks :V

  2. Leave a comment below if you want a guest pass. I have a few to give away. If you can reach level 40, awesome!!!
  3. Post on Starters package gift in General

    By Lphie, posted
    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to gift the starters package to me. I started playing recently and I've really enjoyed the free trial and I'd love to be able to continue playing. I've reached over level 30 so if you're a vet I think you'll be able to receive a polar bear pet for gifting. http://imgur.com/a/c6Tf
    I'd be very appreciative if anyone would be willing to help. Thank you.
  4. Hi anyone willing to gift me the game for the polarbear pet :D? thanks, am level 51 and really enjoyin the game, message me
  5. Hey! Anyone got full free game for me? I'm level 50 so you will get all the bonuses from it  pm me!
  6. Hey! I'm level 50 at my character, pm me if you have free gift package! Would love it thx
  7. Post on Guest passes in Off-Topic

    By JDdawide, posted
    If someone wants some free guest passes, here are they:
    2B2P80R-LCAKLUI-NUG7R4H-4FB22 Claimed
    Q37I78R-UFFL0EI-QMBPGQV-1OLBQ Unused  
    IKLR276-T1QOOQ1-SKTTTER-5M800 Unused  
    O9SP4T4-85DH526-K48HH45-CV8AK Unused  
    2C9GBKA-ADRAB3D-S6D6930-NE5OF Unused  
    NH01N54-7PSB2R0-9I8A8RJ-9KC48 Claimed 
    O2FFHBR-62CT3QH-5PFH49M-4SF18 Claimed 
    Q9IFR9A-E1M44QJ-9SM2MAM-VNTNF Unused
    and if you would like to help me with my little youtube channel, here is the link to the Video where I wanted to share my passes too
  8. I have few gift pass keys i would like to spare to people who loves mmorpg and like to play BDO. I have benefit from the gift pass if player reach level 40, so this is only condition.
    languages: polish/english
    The gifts are full game not just 7 day passes
    Have a good day
    ----------------------------------------------------------------TOPIC CLOSED----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I have few gift pass keys i would like to spare to people who loves mmorpg and like to play BDO. I have benefit from the gift pass if player reach level 40, so this is only condition.
    languages: polish/english
    The gifts are full game not just 7 day passes
    Have a good day
  10. Post on Free gift passes in New Adventurers

    By Cukio, posted
    All taken, thanks you.
  11. As some of you are coming about, that time of year, I was curious about what we get for a reward.
    My Guild was created 03/16/2016 we are not the first however we are an Original Launch Guild
    I am wondering dear ol' staff what the game has in store as a reward for us 
    we get rewards for days online but the guild? 
    I suggest a skill reset for the Guild
    Please let me know as I know others I have asked are asking the same question
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM_Axion  @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  12. hello people if you want to play black desert online check this giveaway : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkEcFqI5Y2Y
  13. So, Kakao very generously gave us all a free costume for the quest resets. Compare the looks of it on my Ninja and the Dark Knight class. Wtf...

  14. Ok so I've seen many complain about the lack of visual variety in bdo when it comes to armors and costumes and I gotta say, I'm one of those people. I put a lot value on visual diversity in games, because part of the fun is to visually see your character becoming more badass not just badass by stats. Since I had few ideas how I wish bdo would improve their warbore, I wanted to list them here and also ask others to list their suggestions too. 
    - First a dyeing system like in gw2, this has been suggested by many and I find myself agreeing. It would bring great improvement to the visual aspect of the game and also make it more fun. Basically making dyes account bound and once you obtain the dye, you get unlimited use to it. They could be player crafted and sold in trademarket.
    - be able to put armors on costumes slots, because best armor ain't always the best looking and we all need some variety at one point. 
    - create actual armor skins/costumwa that can be obtained in game kinda like in blade and soul. I know there's a pearl shop and that pearl shop costumes can now be bought with in game silves but there's couple of reasons why I want in game costumes that are not pearl shop items and money isn't one of them. First while pearl shop costumes are nice looking, they seem a bit too flashy, not something that really fits into the game world. I believe pearl shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want decent looking armor, it's ok for some to be more flashy than others but if they're way too over the top it's not too attractive either (at least for my taste). Second reason being that while buying costumes may be nice, I don't think anyone can deny the satisfaction you get when you complete a quest or get a loot drop from a mob and it turns put to be a new cool armor you don't yet have. There are things that money just cannot buy and achievement is one of them.
    Now the usual "counter arguments" people give is that armors aren't lvl based and therefore take more time to create or that making armor skins takes money and that's why there's not a lot.  The ingame costume option would solve the first problem, because they aren't armors but costumes and second while rendering an outfit may take time and recourses, there's tons of free to play mmo's out there with way larger armor variety than bdo has and this game is buy to play. While there are also few craftable costumes in bdo I don't really think they can be counted as type of clothes you would traver with yet alone battle in. They seem more like roleplay costumes than used in actual questing. 
    I really want bdo to get the visual variety aspect down, because unlike what some may think, it's actually really big part of the gaming experience and probably even one pf the reasons why love the mmorpg genre. Bringing more free visual variety options to the game would also give people new goals and for crafting and collecting, because money milking is never a good business model plus it's not rewarding at all.
    Anyway let me hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter!
    (Ps, sry for possible typos, I cannot see very well atm : D )
  15. As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
  16. So I stated playing black desert online when it first came out and was really hyped for it, though I stopped playing only after a month or so. Now call me petty but the reason I actually stopped playing was because lack of variety when it came to character visuals in game, armors looking like trash with no variation and dye system was just horrible, especially, since all the trailers made it seem like the cash shop costumes were actually obtainable in game, I felt kinda lied to when I learned it wasn't so. Everyone has their own reasons to play the game and everyone had a different tastes but sadly for me, being able to look cool and have a different look once in a while is actually really big part of the enjoyable game experience for me. Now some may say that I should just buy cash shop costumes but if I'm not even willing to pay 30$ for a shirt in real life, so there's no way I'd spent the same money on virtual shirt either. Don't get me wrong, I'm no where against cash shop items but I think cash shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want to look decent yet still fit within the setting of the game. I was especially disappointed, because this game was buy to play which was actually something I was really happy about, because I though that it would guarantee some quality over it's free to play model but it turned out to be basically the exact same type of cash milking game like it's free to play counterpart. 

    The game apparently went downhill in many other aspects as well after I stopped playing but I head that it has started to pick itself up again, making others who left the game, starting to come back. I've also been thinking of starting to play this game again, because I still think it's a fantastic and unique game that I found myself to really enjoy. I really hate the part of myself that puts the visual variety of the game on so high pedestal that it can actually make or break the whole game for me, but I just cannot help it. Maybe it's the artist in me who enjoys the visuals, who knows. 

    So what I would like to know is that if the situation on these aspects has gotten any better? Is the dyeing system as trash as before or is it easier to access now? What about armor or costume variety in the game? I must say but I am still not willing to pay real money on dyes or costumes, because I expect those things to be part of basic gaming experience that should be available to everyone, whatever you are ready to spend money or not. If there's a way to purchase dyes or costumes with ingame money, through action for example, even that would be a big improvement in my eyes. 
  17. FAU3MI1-A4422ME-JUCJO94-UVKSR       
  18. Post on Free Gift code in General

    By Aiducan, posted
    Free Code to a good home, please don't use it if you don't need it and hurry to level 30 daddy needs a polar bear
  19. Hiya! If anyone would like to earn a polar bear by purchasing my boyfriend the full game, we'd be forever thankful. I can guarantee he'll quickly reach level 40 as he tried the trial and is now dying to actually PLAY the game. We're on NA servers!
  20. Redeem code here:   https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code
    ERQ1F97-TEHN7N2-H31D923-DUAGF     Claimed 
    PF7GDIO-FJIU9M8-T8NCGUT-OC088      Claimed 
    69R84FU-CDE46ET-2JM52KP-9JN1O      Claimed 
    LG4U4H3-GF8VVNL-QIMH4ES-OSNJ2    Claimed       
    3CJ57Q7-ASTMB0J-RV2AV2I-UJ17E        Claimed
    SD26V9F-LJNSU78-7VV23KD-K72RD      Claimed          
    PLCK2NH-4HK6LB9-8IG7O60-95RTL       Claimed          
    KCHMTUL-2A1S2SJ-CS45QRC-P1HGH   Claimed          
    COACHEP-E9QHK5J-779LQ3P-49KGV    Claimed       
    DVB1EA0-9TT48GO-LGUKS7U-RT3BT    Claimed      
    As you can see all of them are already claimed!
    Scroll down a bit and you'll find more posted by @Merr or you can follow this link and get one out of the "Megathread": http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/32751-guest-passes-main-topic-all-post-here/
    Or you can just get the free 7 day trial! https://www.blackdesertonline.com/tryforfree
  21. Hello Everyone, 
    Attached are a couple unused codes - however I will not be updating the list, meaning I won't be in here checking which ones were already used, just copy and paste a code and redeem it - and you'll be given some game time to try out the game before you choose to upgrade! - Have Fun!

    SQQJEGH-MA8G66J-00E6FDQ-MPRO1    Unused    
    D541GH8-0U2EMTD-COCI5KK-E789I        Unused    
    L3UDTFB-5GFSHM7-2T5HG0D-1D9TP     Unused    
    CCN85GF-QU9B8BT-DDCP8IG-SS20U      Unused    
    SG0U9P7-UJSFJ91-61HQMEC-F70MN      Unused    
    N4MKGVO-6IOKLO3-E5S9S7C-CPH9L      Unused    
    9465IN4-4CHREC3-J14AAFL-PBC1G         Unused    
    GL8QB6D-VDFGTBL-FIEUES6-4OENB      Unused    
    I4N37PR-FCTGUTI-VA4J50F-5AR4C         Unused    
    D66UFTB-HRJHD9L-NKI5M17-KOP40       Unused
    https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code you can redeem your code here.
  22. I just bought the Traveller's package, and none of my friends are interested in the game, so I'm looking to give away the 10 guest passes I got. If you want one, send me a message asking for one. Completely free!
    P.S I don't know if this is even allowed, but it didn't mention anything about this in the rules, so I assume it's okay to do.
  23. Post on Guest Pass in General

    By Xyler, posted
    Heres some guest passes, if you start on NA server whisper 'Xyler' and I'll help you out with your first steps in the game!
    Code 1 : 559F-9810-8501-480D-A765
    Code 2 : 3B92-A492-F05F-4AA8-8286
    Code 3 : DD8B-7C5D-1DBB-426E-85E5
    Code 4 : 73DE-87E9-1517-4A43-82BB
    Code 5 : EFDE-5C7C-6BC4-49E3-8B65
    Code 6 : 3C75-6BEB-1569-4953-A521
  24. Post on Free GuestPasses in Off-Topic

    By aLazyOnion, posted
    these are all my unused guest pass codes. i hope it helps for anyone that likes to try the game 
  25. Post on Guest Pass in Off-Topic

    By SoulLeZzz, posted
    Have Fun