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  1. Ever since the new patch dropped on 3/29/2017 there has been this invisible wall on Kuit island (Pirate island) that whenever you walk through, causes my game to lose all FPS momentarily without hesitation. It is in the same exact spot every time I walk through it and every single time I walk through it I lose all my FPS. Before you ask if its just lag or my pc performance, it's not. Granted I don't have the best rig to play on by any means, this was not an issues prior to the patch, and there is no randomness to it, it's spot on every time and for some reason only happens when walking through it from south to north.
    I walked along the line seeing how far it went and this is what I came up with. The line started just to the left of "main" along a pathway and ended toward the back right of "mountain" on the ramp to the top pull. In every single spot along this line, if I crossed it heading north I would get about a second or two of gameplay with 0 FPS then everything would go back to normal. I would cross back to the south, and nothing.

    I have tried restarting my computer, repairing the client and even reinstalling but nothing did the trick.
    Please, if anyone else is experiencing this or has the time to test it for themselves if you're going to be in the area, let me know. Or if you have a solution for it already, I am ears open.
    Figured it out. Can't keep my Epheria sailboat out because if I get too far away it makes my game skip. If I check it in at the wharf everything is fine.
  2. Hey bdo team,
    So i was play pretty well since before the new event came, and after the new Cherry Blossom event came my game for some reason started to have random freezes.
    I start the game all good and play a little and then it freezes the sound still plays but the image just stops :V and the only thing i can do is force close the game.
    My log files from the game are attached here, don't know if it will be of any use  put i would really like to be able to play without have to close and reopen the game every little time
  3. Hello, i would like to ask if anyone else is having the same issue as i am, after the patch today i had random freezing or stutters, i didnt had this problem before just today after the patch, its like a 1 sec freeze, very dangerous specially if you are grinding, its not jst once its 2 consecutive random freeze.
    things i did to atleast tried to fix the prob:
    1. Update all gpu drivers - DONE
    2. run Repair button on BDO launcher - DONE
    3. restart pc(multiple times) - DONE
    4. unpark all CPU - DONE
    i didnt change any settings before the patch so i dont think my pc is the problem
    Anyone has a solution?
  4. Hey guys. I've been trying to get into BDO for awhile but I'm experiencing a strange stutter issue. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing something like this, and if so, if you have any solutions.
    My issue is that my game will run at 60 FPS, but about once every 1-3 minutes the FPS counter in-game will momentarily drop to 53-55 FPS.
    While it's only a 5-7 FPS loss, the way this affects gameplay is a momentary stutter/freeze. It really ruins the smooth flow of combat and honestly completely ruins my immersion. It's like all I can notice is this stutter.
    Even if I'm in a field with no monsters or players with the camera faced towards the ground, I experience the stutter every 1-3 minutes. I've tried every combination of in-game settings / nvidia cpanel settings and I just can't seem to ever remove this.
    Is this just something that people who are playing live with? I've noticed on streams and videos that other people seem to experience the same thing. I just want a smooth experience so I can get immersed in the game and truly enjoy it. Any solutions would be extremely appreciated. I'm very curious if this happens to other players as well, you may not have noticed it but I have a feeling it is.
    Things I have tried:
    Full screen / full-screen windowed modeAll in-game options unchecked / lowest setting seems to make NO difference, the stutter is always there.Vsync on/off & Gsync on/offMy specs:
    980ti / 3930k CPU / 16 Gigs Ramgame installed on SSD (I've tried multiple SSD/HDD even and it still has this stutter).
  5. So I got this game yesterday and now whenever I launch the game and select a server the game just freezes (tried it on 2 different PC's) and even after 30+ minutes wont stop. I've already tried repairing the game files.. Any suggestions for a fix? I can still hear music but everything else just stops working.
    R9 270X
    i5 6500
    16GB DDR4
    Nobody with an idea on how to fix this? Windowed, Fullscreen and changing other settings doesn't help
  6. After I hit play on the BDO launcher I get stuck at the kakao or pearl abyss splash screens. They then either crash or freeze. 
    Ive deleted the version.dat file a couple of times and done some other things that I found online. These may work occasionally but I always come back to this issue. 
    Ive also reinstalled a couple times with no effect. 
  7. Hallo Zusammen,
    mein Problem ist folgendes, dass sobald ich auf den Desktop oder ein anderes Programm über "Alt+Tab" wechsel, BDO sich beim erneuten wechseln zurück ins Spiel aufhängt, ca. 2 Minuten läd und dann entweder willkürlich ohne Fehler abstürzt, oder sich wieder fängt.
    Das selbe wenn ich es über das Menü abends in den Tray ablege und morgens wieder aufrufe.
    Vielleicht haben andere Leute ja das selbe Problem und haben schon eine abhilfe dafür.
    Zu meiner Hardware:
    MSI Z170 PRO CARBON GAMINGIntel i7-6700k @ 4GHz16GB DDR4-3200 (2 Riegel DUAL-Channel)ASUS Radeon RX480 STRIX OC 8GB (Aktuelle Treiber)  ---  2 Monitore angeschlossen 
    Grafikkarten Treiber Crimson 16.2.2 funktioniert. Ursache war der neue Treiber 17.1.1
  8. Hallo,
    ein Freund von mir hat sich das Spiel runtergeladen und kommt nachdem er den Charakter ausgewählt hat und sich mit dem Server verbinden will nicht ins Spiel, weil der client im Ladebildschirm einfriert (Keine Rückmeldung). Das Männchen rennt planmäßig von links nach rechts, dann friert es aber komplett ein.
    Er hat bereits den Cashe gelöscht - leider erfolglos.
    Hat jemand von euch ein ähnliches Problem? Oder eine Idee wie man das fixen könnte?
    1000 Dank schonmal für ein paar Tipps
  9. So here's the issue:
    Some users are having an issue that causes SEVERE lag and freezing intermittently while they play. The game becomes unresponsive and locks up, but will resume after 2-3 minutes. This may happen once every 5-10 minutes causing BDO to be unplayable for some. 
    Here is the solution:
    So here's the solution, at some point in time, the cache for my character, the world, my user, SOMETHING had been written poorly. What you'll want to do is locate the Black Desert Online file, and safely remove your "Cache" folder.
    My recommendation, DON'T DELETE THIS FOLDER YET. First, just drag/drop the folder to your desktop, relaunch the game, see if the issue persists. If the problem goes away, trash your cache folder, and move on, if the problem DOESN'T go away, I recommend replacing that cache folder for now. Just to be safe.
    Step 1. Close the game AND the launcher.
    Step 2. Locate Black Dessert Online in your file explorer (C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online
    Step 3. Within the Black Desert Online file, locate the "Cache" folder and drag it to your desktop (DO NOT CREATE A COPY, just totally remove it out of the Black Desert Online Folder for now).
    Step 4. Relaunch BDO, once your game launches, and you log into your character for the first time, it will rebuild the cache folder from the ground up, and if your issue was a poorly written cache, then your freezing and crashing will be gone for good!
    Step 5. Delete the "Cache" folder from your desktop
    Step 6. I recommend putting that folder back and trying something else..OR a complete and uninterrupted reinstall of the game. 
  10. Hello there, I hope anyone had similar experiences and maybe someone can help me out here.
    I played the game in beta and at launch until late March. Back then everything went perfectly fine and I had no issues with the game (even at launch when everyone was at the same area near Olvia trying to kill the damn trolls). A few days ago I decided to jump back in but the game simply runs like shit. My computer hasn't changed much, so I really don't know what the problem here is. Even with the lowest graphic settings the game simply freezes every few minutes for quite a while and the game window says it's "not responding". It's not just simple lagging but a complete freeze for at least 30 second to 2 minutes. I tried to search for fixes online, but couldn't find much. I disabled my Firewall and tried this and that, but it just won't stop the game from freezing every few minutes. 
    I am not a very computer savvy person, so I can't say if the problem lies on my end, but seeing that I don't have these problems on other games (for example I play Overwatch), I run out of ideas what the probleme here might be. The game world got much bigger since March, but could this be the sole reason? This btw also happens when basically zero players are around, not in big cities etc.

    Did anyone experience similar issues and find a solution? I would be happy for any help or guidance. 
  11. Since we got the Christmas patch I can't hang in a city more than 10-15 mins before my game freezes and windows tells me that BDO isn't responding.
    I've read somewhere that it might be the snow, but it isnt. I can be in places like Fogans, Crescents, Mediah, etc while it's snowing and everything works just fine. The problem comes when I'm in a City (Velia, Calpheon, Heidel, Altinova, Valencia), so I'm sure that the freeze/crash problem is generated because of the -----ing Santa flying over those cities...
    Just hearing his bells is a grim reminder that my game is about to crash, and I'll have to sit there like 5 mins going through the absurdly long "Pearl Abyss" logo.
    Some people states firmly that this is a Hardware issue, and yes, perhaps it is. But I also think that if this event is something for us players to enjoy, they did it completely wrong. I haven't problems with the game as it normally is, but with this crap event I'm freezing and crashing every 5-10 mins, I can't even play in the Arena with my guildies. This is awful and I'd like to have some kind of menu to remove the event from my client, because this isnt fun in any way...
  12. Sirs,
    For the last two days I've been experiencing issues with the game totally freezing and getting a "not responding' message about every 5 to 10 minutes of play time...and sometimes less.  At first it seemed to be in areas where there was snow; but now it's anywhere and at any time.  If my character happens to turn around too quickly it can freeze up and I get the game not responding message.  This is especially frustrating when one has to be logged in for an hour of play time in order to receive a reward, yet I can't stay logged in for more than a few minutes without having to end the game and relog---something I've had to do several times in the last hour.
    Is this a customer side problem (my graphics card), or is it on your side?  I'd gladly purchase a new graphics card, but I'd like to know that would truly fix the issue before spending that kind of money.  If there is some other solution to try first please advise.
    Thank you!
  13. Bonjour!
    ça me fais mal de l'écrire, le jeu crash régulièrement sous les 10 premières minutes d'utilisation depuis la mise à jour. J'ai naturellement tout testé, la réparation de fichiers, vider le cache, réinstaller totalement le jeu, rien n'y fait. Avant la mise à jour de Noël, tout allait bien pourtant, même en très grosse résolution alors qu'en ce moment même où je vous écris ce texte, étant au minimal question graphisme, le jeu crash.
    Quel type de crash Est-ce? le jeu plante littéralement n'importe quand, n'importe où et "freeze" totalement, ne répondant plus mais la musique du jeu fonctionne encore bizarrement. Le seul moyen de l'arrêter, c'est d'arrêter son processus dans le gestionnaire des tâches.
    Il faut savoir que je teste ce jeu avec un code de 7 jours gentiment donné par un ami. J'espère avoir été complet sur ce problème, merci d'avoir porté votre attention à ce sujet!
  14. Hi all,
    First, my specs:
    Windows 10 x64 (Anniversary update)
    Intel i 4790k
    12GB Ram
    nVidia 980ti 6GB Gaming w/ driver version 372.70
    This is a fresh install of Windows 10 with all drivers up to date. In the last 2 days I've had a couple of instances where BDO freezes/becomes Not Responding and, even if I wait a while, it never recovers and eventually I need to force close it. I have checked Event Viewer and, while I can't be certain, it seems the crashes coincide with the following entry:
    The xhunter1 service failed to start due to the following error: 
    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source.
    At first I had no idea what xhunter1 was but a quick google suggested it was to do with the Xigncode software used by BDO. The strange thing is; I can't find xhunter1.sys anywhere on my machine. Should it be there?
    Edit: ok, I just had an idea to check the installation on my laptop and the xhunter1.sys file is in my windows directory. Not sure why it has gone missing on my desktop!
    Edit2: I've repaired my desktop BDO installation but the xhunter1.sys file still hasn't appeared. Is there a separate installer for the xigncode stuff?
    [Window Title]
    Program Compatibility Assistant
    [Main Instruction]
    A digitally signed driver is required
    I get the above error even though I've instaleld BDO with windows in non-driver signing mode.
  15. So recently (a few days ago) I started to have this weird problem; when I either change characters or just simply hop onto another channel, after the loading screen, my character turns into the dafault look, and I can't interact with anything for like 15-20 seconds. Then all of a sudden, every character loads in including mine, like a huge lagspike, and I start warping around for a bit, then it's fine. It's annyoing especially when you are trying to do field/worldbosses. This never happened before, and I already tried clearing out the cache, also repairing the game files, none of those have worked. Anyone else also has this problem, or knows a fix for this? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi there,
    So I just got a friend into the game, and they purchased it and installed it with no problems. I'm helping them level today, but with some frustration. See, every 5-10 minutes, the game no longer registers their attacks. They can throw arrows at a weasel until  nightfall - nothing. No damage inflicted. We were trying to discern whether its based on the number of kills, or the time between this error. It doesn't seem to be the # kills. Its only resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting. That's insanely irritating every 10 minutes. Just to count kills.
    They're not using wifi,its a direct line.
  17. I'm getting frequent freezes while in game, generally while I'm in town. No error messages. Usually while processing, fishing, or cooking in Heidel. I don't think it's happened to me yet while outside a city.
    First, I tried playing the game without any browser windows open. That seemed to help at first, but it no longer helps.
    I ran a windows memory check, my memory is fine.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled my GPU drivers. Didn't help.
    Deleted version.dat from the Black Desert folder, to force a file check. Still Freezing.
    I'm on Windows 10 64-bit, and here's my current build: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/3yDbQ7
    I'm running an overclock on that older CPU, but it doesn't seem to cause issues in other games.
    Next, I might try uninstalling and re-installing the game.
    I've looked over quite a few freeze threads on these forums, haven't really found a fix that works. Can anyone help? Let me know if I can provide more details.
    @GM_Huego can you help?
  18. Bonjour, après une longue pause je décide de reprendre le jeu et je tombe sur un bug HORRIBLE. J'ai cherché sur le forum EN/FR et je n'ai trouvé aucun topic relatant mon bug.
    Il se trouve que passer l'écran de choix de serveur, dans un espace de 10 à 30 sec aléatoirement le logo ''Pearlabyss'' ou ''DAUM GAMES'' passe mon jeu en pleine écran, puis en fenêtré et reste bloqué sur le logo pendant 5 seconde. Et je subis ça en boucle, ce qui rend le jeu injouable. C'est très frustrant.
    J'ai déjà essayer les solutions suivante :
    -Mettre tous mes drivers à jours
    -Désactiver l'anti-virus et le pare-feu
    -Nettoyer mon PC grâce à Ccleaner ou Malwerbyte Anti Malware
    -Lancer le jeu en mode Admin
    Voici ma config : http://www.driverscloud.com/fr/configuration/fe25fbe216f24b19a7f8023d42c4cf13-1/resume
    Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  19. Bonjour, bonsoir à tous !
    Après un mois et plus d'inactivité sur BDO, me voilà de retour en espérant passer de bons moments et profiter des nouveautés.
    Mais... Première constatation au lancement du jeu après "Pearl Abyss" je me retrouve devant un écran noir pendant bien deux minutes. Ce qui n'était pas le cas auparavant. Cela durait peut-être 30 secondes, pas plus.
    En jeu, de gros freezes (de chargement de zone ? Données de joueurs ?) qui m'emmènent droit dans un précipice, un arbre. C'est injouable, surtout en combat. Cela se manifeste assez souvent. Pareil, ce n'était pas le cas avant, je ne comprend pas. Aussi lorsque je vais dans les options graphiques en jeu, il y a un gros freeze de trois secondes avant que la fenêtre s'ouvre.
    J'ai tenté tout ce qu'il me passait par la tête : redémarrer le PC, supprimer le fichier version.dat, réinstaller le jeu, défragmenter le disque dur, installé le patch (réglant le problème de l'antihack qui coupait le jeu)...
    Je n'ai plus beaucoup d'idées... A moins de vérifier ma connexion internet mais je doute que ce soit le cela.
    Si quelqu'un à une idée, ce serait super ! Merci d'avance 
  20. The game freezes on the "DAUM GAMES Europe" logo right on client bootup after the client. So far I've tried using all the compatibility modes available, reinstalling, deleting version.dat file, playing with the graphics settings in the launcher, updating the graphics driver, and turning off antivirus. (Might have missed a few that I've tried) Only one "worked," but it is actually more of a workaround. I can use the 32 bit version with no problems aside from the constant OOM errors. Currently, my system has GTX 780m, i7 4800QM, and running Windows 10 build 14352. I've only seen a couple people with the same freeze on startup problem as I did, but their fixes did not work.

  21. I know this has happened to a lot of people, but it's the first time for me.
    I'm getting all kinds of lags since yesterday :
    -  "pause" then "fast forward" (rubber banding)
    - freeze then disconnect (after minutes)
    - desyncs
    - disconnections while afk
    - unable to speak to npc but also unable to move until npc window opens up some minutes later
  22. I know this has happened to a lot of people, but it's the first time for me.
    I'm getting all kinds of lags since yesterday :
    -  "pause" then "fast forward" (rubber banding)
    - freeze then disconnect (after minutes)
    - desyncs
    - disconnections while afk
    - unable to speak to npc but also unable to move until npc window opens up some minutes later
  23. I've never had Black Desert Online freeze until today and I've been playing since the head start.  It's froze on me twice today.  I'm using Windows 10 with an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series.
  24. Hey,
    So, I think it's about time that I make a post about this. As this is getting silly.
    The game freezes not only the game, but also the computer it is running on.
    This is far beyond annoying. It really REALLY needs to be fixed.
    My guess is that BDO somehow manage to use up all of my computers memory and therefor the computer freezes at intervals. This should not be possible of course.
    I have even tried to lower my grafic settings to minimum, without any result what so ever.
    Please please have this as a priority as i know there are many other affected by this very same issue.
  25. I'm currently playing and grinding really hard but I noticed a few things which annoy me when it comes to lag or even worse...
    When I'm playing black desert the most hatefull thing which can happen when your grinding is dieing, normally it's a small matter and there is a penalty to it I can understand this part.
    The part I want to change and hate the most is the so called freezing or loading screen, for example:
    I'm grinding at sausan garisson and suddenly I start to lag or I move way to fast and get a loading screen... after the loading screen I appear to be not auto walking to my destination or death because I was grinding.
    It's alrdy bad when you freeze up and everyone suddenly start to teleporting everyone like crazy, when your lagging but the loading screen where you can't do anything and just staying still is an insta death.
    the highest amount loading screens I get is 5 times after eachother and I can gaurantee that my laptop is new and is considered an extreme gaming laptop (msi ghost).
    I want to suggest that if you get a loading screen or lag you will just stand still and be invunerable by any attack or cc.
    If your with me raise your hand or help me find a better solution to this awfull problem (because I'm fed up to buy millions of crystals for an unfair death)