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  1. Ladies and gentlemen! I am introducing you today a brand new skill - the partnership skill or also known as friendship skill!
    But first let me tell you how I get this idea.
    It starter with the many feedback I had from PVP and PK focused player. They enjoy the danger, the unknown and the surprise and they get thrilled when they do not know if the player they were attacking are stronger, better or weaker. On the opposite the arguments of the PVE focused player who do not like to get PKed during questing came to my mind. Also the Valentine event, where a lot of player appeared as couple, friend or partner lead finally to this dramatic scenario in my imagination: 
    Two player, a female and a male (but can be also same gender) were farming together. While one player is moving away from the other but is still visible in the mini-map, suddenly another player appears and attacks the one in front of him. Now, while wondering why his most powerful attack did not killed the player the other player (lets call him "partner" or "friend") sneaks behind the attacker (let's call him "PKer") and starts to attack him. But now, let us go to next level, the PARTNERSHIP skills. While the PKer is being attacked from front and behind and realizes that both player were couples (or friends, partners who do levelled their PARTNERSHIP skills together) and also share their HP-lost (one of many partnership skill that can be achieved) when getting attacked (both must be on the visible area of the mini-map), the couple perform a partner-attack. Both player must press some keys in time and a powerful attack will be hit the PKer. The couple choose one of the powerful attacks: Fusion! Both character starts to melt into one big and powerful character who performs an attack. Before the PKer could react he gets wiped out (or he looses a lot of HP).
    Scenario 2 (drama): One of the partner / friend gets killed by the PKer. The other player can now perform a REVENGE attack to take revenge for his killed partner. The revenge attack can be very powerful (one hit destroyer - but depends a bit on RNG ). If he is lucky the PKer will die instantly or will loose a lot of HP.
    OK. A new skill (set of skills) need rules:
    1. To "activate" the partnership mode you need to invite another player (maybe your friend, partner, wife, husband, ...) to the partnership mode. The invited player has to accept the partnership mode. You can not invite more than one player. After the player has accepted the invitation he also can not invite another player (option will not be available). 
    2. From this time on only this character is your partner. Interchanging with other player is not possible.
    3. Both of you can end this partnership - you both will get divorced and all skill points and of course the partnership skills will get lost.
    4. Transferring the points and skills is not possible.  
    5. To levelling the skills / getting skill points, you both have to play together (grind, farm, quest together) and staying within the circle on the mini-map. 
    6. Special PARTNERSHIP-quest will be available to prove your "love" / "friendship" / "loyalty" / "trust" and of course how good you both can perform the complex partner-attacks.
    7. Partnership skills are only for defence! If one or both of you get negative karma the partnership skills will not be activated until the negative karma is gone!
    8. Partnership attacks will be only get activated if one or both player gets attacked.
    9. If one Player gets attacked and the other player is in range (is staying within the circle of the mini-map) he will get informed that his partner is being under attack.
    10. There are passive skills (heal partner, share HP lost, etc. ...) and active skills.
    11. The partnership skills are limited (cool down time, limited values, etc.  ...).
    12. In case of an attack selecting an active partnership skill / attack can be done by both player. Each player will see the selected skill / attack of his partner and must accept it. If both player have selected different  skills / attacks the first one which is accepted by the other player will be executed. 
    13. To perform a  partnership attack correctly both player need to cooperate and press certain combination in time. If one ore both player fail the attack will be not start or will be not that powerful as it really is.
    14. The type, appearance, power, animation and success of the partnership attack CAN be depend on the classes and maybe LUCK (RNG), character LEVEL, etc. ...
    15. ... T. b. c.
    Well, I hope I could inspire you. What are your opinions? Any constructive, suggestion, idea or comment is welcome.
  2. I would like to suggest a trading system enchantment since the current system is pretty stable but it's still lacking a peer to peer for stuff other then beer/foods/sadness I reckon if you where able to add a peral shop item around (100-200) each which would allow a player to trade with a friend/guildy without restrictions but only at the items currently auction house trading price (Horse trading may also be a thing but using a sepert item) since gold farmers may expoilt this system I think having a 3/W limit per family and only being able to trade with friends who you have had on your list for over 2 weeks and or guild's you have been in for over 1 month would you be able to use the item with. This would hopefully eliminate the trading for peral scams and allow players/guilds to trade with each other since many people would like to be able to sell a rare piece to a friend but it will most likely be sniped via bid 99% of the time depending on the item. I think this would be a great step foward allowing friends/guilds to help each other better and stoping scammers at the same time. Also while helping fund kakao games via peral transactions.
  3. I Just started Bdo about a week ago, its really lonely to play alone.. im willing to learn i wanted to join a guild but it be great if it is korean guild  
    i can speak Both korean and english and i am friendly! plz add me >.< 
  4. HELLO
  5. Hello Gamers world wide, I have a member of my group who recently suffered a stroke, he is trying to play mouse and keyboard 1 handed and still is a gamer
    I have seen these but is it mouse and keyboard? and would it work

    I have also seen this sadly not out yet

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    looking for mouse and keyboard combined solutions left handed
    I reached out to these guys and i hope to have a decent answer 
  6. as the title says i have 8 refer a friend codes im giving away let me know, first come first serve, Merry Christmas. 
  7. Downloading as we speak, does anyone have suggestions or tips to prepare myself?
  8. Hello
    I understand you stopped allowing 2 clients being run off 1 machine and I get it trying to stop farming bots etc.
    however many of us like myself maintain our spouses or kids accounts while playing.
    Her pc is across the room and well I am recovering from a surgery so its a bit hard to jump and run.
    also it would be good considering you do have the gift pass of 10$ game that many have got just for that second obsession.
    BDO has limited ways to trade or do anything so why limit our enjoyment, Game Masters can easily tell if someone is botting, 
    I hope you see this and open the door where we can, as I only went to try it to learn that as of this month it is no longer allowed.
    I have been here since March and would like to think you can gauge a person playing in their style vers others.
    anyhow please reconsider the 2 clients 1 machine for me would make my life easier for my wife's account.....
  9. Hellooooooooooo everyone interested
    Kitsune guild is a smaller guild of friends whose players enjoy playing casually or actively, PvP or PvE.
    What only matters is having fun playing  No gear requirement of course.
    With the recent changes to BDO a lot of emphasis is put on the working as a guild which is why we would like to expand so if you are interested in working together to create a strong BDO family feel free to join. I might even pitch in some online hugs.
    Also for those of you who like chatting we appreciate if you would join us on our Discord group.
    I wish a nice day to everyone reading this and see you in Kitsune hopefully soon
    Contact info: Basila
  10. So I was talking to my boyfriend today and I had a great idea for Daum to be able to re-enable player gifting from pearl shop.. 
    What if, players who were on each other's friends lists for say longer than 30 days were able to pearl gift each other items? So it's like a friendship loyalty system that would definitely still prevent gold seller scam since.. that wait is just too long ^_^!
    I hope that others think this is a good idea and that  maybe we could get player pearl gifting back in the game, since I would love to be able to gift stuff to my partner.
  11. Hello, 
    First of all i'm sorry if my english is poor i'm a french-user.
    I look for a playing partner after my own Quebec guild decided to let's me down(shame to thoses backstabbers).
    I play on Orwen, channel Velia 01 mostly. I'm open to play on any Orwen channel aswell. I'm a between casual
    and semi-hardcore player. I want to play in evening EST time(between 6 and 9-10 PM prolly). You must have 18+. 
    I'm 27 years old.
    My main character is a level 50 Warrior. If you don't have a level 50 character it's okay i can start a new
    one for only play with you and you can do same. I have a combined AP and DP of 208 and i'm geared in Taritas,
    my weapon is a Yuria Longsword and i have the Vangertz Shield. I still need a better belt, earrings and rings. 
    I'm often tired so you need to understand i might play less sometime and abruptly stop to get somes rests.
    As for vocal chat i can use a Discord because it's free. I can create it with no problem.  My goal is to
    PvP later. So we can go to the arena and practice. Loyalty is what i look for so be motivated to play!
    I look for a buddy for thoses aspects of the game: questing, levels grind and for having fun!
    I do not plan to create a guild but join one that i had already found. Anyway i think i get all details of
    what i'm looking for. My character name on Orwen server is "Cyan" if you want to contact me or you can 
    let's me know here aswell a PM.
    Hope to heard of you soon!
    Cyan Handel
  12. Hello BDO community
    \o/ How is everyone today?
    So im here looking for someone i can connect with maybe through discord or even just steam, gameplay or other means. Looking to try a 7-day guest pass.
    I had acquired a Beta key back when the last beta was launched but i had a situation in life that made me unavailable to try the game. So im here to ask someone from this community to let me come play on your server and learn the ropes. Im a big gamer and i have been for a long time. Played things from FFXIV and FFXI, Archeage, Tera, Lineage II, Trove, etc etc you get the point. 
    Above you can find my steam account, you can send a friend request there. You can even send me an email here DarkEetrius@yahoo.com
    Im looking for someone i can play with. And if at some point you quit or i quit there are no hard feelings. 
    Just feeling like this will be a good change of pace from the usual F2P MMO, even GuildWars2 was a lot of fun, played that till end game WvW was a blast with my guild but then they lacked the depth of the content. So lets connect if you feel at some point you are comfortable with me then send me a guest pass and lets have some fun.
    Thank you to anybody and everybody who reads this. If this is an illegal post and or i am not in the right section please let me know.
    *Edit : I am a NA Player just in case anyone was curious
    Just give this a bit of a bumpity bump
  13. I think Trading should be Open Between Friends and Guild members even Party members. It really irritating trying to buy an item that Vanishes the moment it pops up in the Market Board so you got a real bad bot Issue.
  14. Heyo! I'm just looking for someone to chill out with, I am experienced though I just started my new plum. Just casual and relaxed  Whisper me at Kyosaia on Orwen Valencia 02! Hope I meet some new people
  15. Hello BDO community,
    This is a suggestion to give options to players for trading items in lieu of an actual trade system. I understand the current limitations on the trade system are to combat things like RMT (real-money transactors or gold-sellers) and...well, mainly to combat RMT.
    Well, a system in which items can be lent rather than fully traded or purchased player-to-player would be a perfectly viable workaround, and I will outline in what way it could be set up and how/why it would work in the following post.
    A lending system would allow players to lend items to their friends. Things like boats and wagons, mainly, but also equipment.
    Lending System
    Lent items completely lock an inventory space for the duration. Lent items cannot be stored and are Character Bound to the lendee for the lend period. (Cannot destroy or trash an item that has been lent, to prevent lending without actual purpose or forethought and to prevent additional punishment, outside of the lend period, to the lender.)Only 6 items can be lent at a time. (To accommodate potential lends of a full set of armor, weapon and offhand but prevent full twinking thru accessories - open to ideas.)Consumables cannot be lent. (That means anything that potentially cannot be returned to the original player after the lending period.)Character and Family Bound items cannot be lent. (Obviously.)Gear over safety threshold cannot be lent. Accessories cannot be lent if already enhanced. (Weapons over +7 and Armor over +5 cannot be lent. Accessories cannot be lent if PRI/DUO/TRI.)Gear lent CAN, however, be enhanced by the lendee but each successful enhancement adds +2 days to the lend period but not past the maximum of 30 days, each failed enchant adds +.5 days. Accessories lent can be enhanced with additional penalties of +4 days for success and +2 days for failure. (Allows players to help one another at the cost of time and resources but prevents abuse of the lending system.)Lender accepts any loss of durability and consigns to the possibility that they may receive their item back in a different condition than when lent. (In regards to boats and wagons, lends for enhancements, etc.)Lending period would be a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days. (To prevent "indefinite" lending and as a countermeasure to "quick lends" - read below)A registration process would be required to take a Character (NOT A FAMILY - NOT ACCOUNT WIDE) and open up lending availability between players. (Have not fully thought out what this registration process would be like; in-game or thru the website. A lending registration request would require confirmation by both parties. [example: lender initiates, lendee accepts, lender validates, hold-period begins before activation, lending activation])The registration for lending would require a full 24 hours to complete. (Preventing quick lends.)A lending duration must be set and cannot be terminated early. Items cannot be return before the duration of the entire lending period. As mentioned, the minimum lend period would be 7 days and the maximum would be 30 days. (Combat against "quick lends". "Quick lending" is a term for potential lending abuse in which a player lends an item to be enhanced or modified by another player who has more resources only to return the item quickly to the original player for some type of service fee. "Quick lends" would be the main threat of abuse for such a lending system from RMT.)Once a lend period expires, the same players cannot perform another lend between characters for 24 hours. (RMT countermeasure.)After 60 days a lending bond between players expires and must be renewed thru the same registration process, or a lighter re-registration process. (RMT/abuse countermeasure.) 
    Just some brainstorming. Any input or thoughts is valued, I would love to see some type of system like this implemented in place of a full trade system since we will never get one.
    Definitely a real, serious suggestion.
  16. Post on Friend List in Suggestions

    By c3z, posted
    The Friend List system could use a few tweaks. I'm not really asking for the developers to add anything, just edit the properties that are already there, or that SHOULD be there. I did my best to explain my suggestions below:
    -INCREASE FRIEND LIMIT-  Please increase the friend limit. Current cap seems to be 40, Between my guildies, friends in other guilds, IRL friends, and Party Record, it maxed out after a few days. Party Record feature itself interferes with such a low friend list cap. (Seems I can still receive/accept friend requests, but I can't add anyone after 40. Not sure whats going on there.)
    -INCREASE GROUP LIMIT. 4 groups doesn't really cut it. (not including Other, and Party Record)  I like to group friends from other guilds under their own group with their guild name as the group name. Instead, I'm forced to stick everyone from every guild under the group name "Allied Guild" This problem can be solved by adding a feature that puts their guild name next to their family name, or just adding a bigger group limit so I can do it myself.
    -ALLOW US TO ADD NOTES - If you can't increase the group limit, then letting us add notes to friends list will serve as another means of organizing our friends.
    -ALLOW US TO DELETE GROUPS - Self explanitory! You can make groups but you can't delete them, only rename them. Seems like something that should've been there but someobody forgot to code in. 
    -ALLOW WHISPERING FROM FRIEND LIST - I understand this can be mistaken for laziness, but you already have a whisper feature via the chat box, why isn't it a feature in the Friend List? 
    -ALLOW GUILD INVITE FROM FRIEND LIST - Again, its a feature in the chat box but for some reason its not a feature in the friend list menu. 
    -FIX THE ADD FRIEND FEATURE. Add Friend system is backwards as hell. When it says "Family Name" with a check in the box it doesnt recognize family name, but recognizes character name. Either have 2 boxes and check 1, or get rid of the check boxes in general and swap Family Name option with Character Name option that when it says Family Name on the Add Friend menu, typing the Family name actually works. Should be an easy fix. 
    -PARTY RECORD - Good feature, but again, with such a low friend limit, it gets annoying.
    -1:1 CHAT - it would be great if 1:1 chat had some sort of memory (at least longer than a day), or even allowed for offline messages to be sent. Most messages go unheard b/c everyone is AFK and disconnect somewhere in between returning from AFK. If 1:1 message data could be stored for 24 hours or even longer it would be a greatly appreciated feature by everyone I've spoken to about it.
    -AUTO SORT ONLINE/OFFLINE FRIENDS - Kind of self explanitory, if the friends list sorted online friends to the top of their corresponding groups or even change the color of online vs. offline members it would be a huge plus.
  17. If anyone has an extra 7 day friend pass I could really use one!
    Been looking for a new game to play and wanted to try it out before dropping $30
    NA version please.
    Thank you !! :3
     - - djaken - -
  18. So my question is: Do i benefit from beeing friends with a trade Manager? 
    thy for the help
  19. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is any way to send an item or quest information through the chat (whisper to a friend for example).
    Do you know if it is possible ? If yes, how to do it ?
    Thank you !
  20. Hello everybody,

    First, I'd like to say I love this game for lots of things, really impressed by the features and I enjoy it a lot.

    There are some points I want to say to improve the game because I would like to share many things with my friends and guildmates but it's not possible and I'm really annoyed.
    > I wanted to decorate my friend's house but :
    it seems that we can only decorate friend's house with items from the CashShop, why ? I don't understand why we couldn't decorate with items we crafted or bought in the market.there are no way to trade, exchange or send by mail with friends. It's unbelievable for me and surely to other people, no sharing, everything is individual and it's really annoying for people who play always together.the windows can only be seen opened by the owner of the house and not for the others, what a pity.there's a bug when people sit on a chair that do see the others sitting in the air.> Other point for the mount, is it possible to pick someone in the wagon if I want to travel with my friends (one driver and some passengers) ?
    It's few things I have in mind that disappointed me and I would like to know if this can be improved in the future ?

    Thank you for reading and thank you for this awesome game !

  21. Hey, if anyone doesn't have any friends and you have a free friend code lying around, I'd really appreciate receiving it
    Thanks in advance.
    Would really like to try this game out before buying it if anyone still has a spare guest pass to share  
  22. Hey everyone, was hoping someone would be kind enough to give me a guess pass, would like to test the game before I pick it up to make sure it runs well. Thanks in advance =D
  23. Post on On the fence in General

    By Semi-Dank Meme, posted
    I'm on  the fence and would really like to try the game out. If anyone would be so If anyone would be so kind to donate me a 7-day pass I would be forever grateful!
  24. Post on Freundes Notiz in Vorschläge

    By Dracken, posted
    ich wünsche mir die Funktion bei Freunden eine Notiz einzufügen
    Dann kann ich z.B. den Vorname/Alter reinpacken oder anderes (Noob, Pro, Handwerker, Großmeister)