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  1. Thank you for your interest in joining Arcane_Synergy on Black Desert Online.
    Arcane_Synergy is currently located on Olvia 1 (as it is a brand new guild composed of new players). We eventually intend to move to a different server and have a focus on pvx content (which the move to a different server will be done on a future date and the post updated then). As a new guild, we are looking to recruit social, mature players with a goal to see this guild suceed.
    By joining us you'll join a multi gaming community that expands across multiple games (our sister guilds Not Forgotten in Guild Wars 2, Aequitas Vox in Star Wars: The Old Republic and much more) and has a rich history along the way. We believe that making friendships in our community is integral to our continued success in gaming.
    If you're a new player that would like to join us along the way or a veteran player that would like to help out and offer assistance along the way, we would be happy to chat and see if you are a good fit for us.
    Contact Information
    PM me on the forums Or send me a mail in game (i check often)
    Family Name: Falksheime
    Characters Name: Kamilyyn
  2. Post on Guild (ended) in Guild Recruitment

    By Kurumi, posted
    ty ppl for the support i found my guild hope fully i will be there for a long time
    Gr Kurumi
  3. [NA] <Eviscerate> Now has open recruiting! We are a newer guild putting our efforts into helping our members become gods. We focus a lot on PvP but have many who excel at other aspects of the game. We believe that knowledge is power and support our community through the gathering of knowledge to improve your play. For those who wish to join us an aura of fun loving self improvement is required. We actively grind, duel, and occasionally life skill in the attempt to be the best non try hard guild BDO has to offer. All of that being said, there are no iLvl requirements for joining, there are no level requirements, and we will never force you to play the game in a way that isn't fun for you. We do however, require one thing, and that is that you put forth your best in an effort to become better as a player. We have weekly Node Wars that you aren't required to come to but it is encouraged, we are a newer guild currently at 40 members. We do daily guild missions and grind parties we have a lot of knowledge on the game but could use more so come and lets become better together.You wont regret it!
    Useful Information:
    We currently own 1 tier-1 node.
    Requirements: Aim to become better, the will to become more knowledgeable and progress yourself and have guild activity!
    Goal: We aim to better ourselves and hold 2 nodes a week, and compete in high-end PvP, we hope to help players grow and achieve good gear, a high level, and class knowledge.
    Most active time for players in the guild: 5pm-12am EST, we have normally always have people on but that is the most active time to find people.
    PvX: focus on PvP slightly more but we grind a lot and do life skilling.
    Communication: Discord is the main use of communication for the guild, a lot of information posted there and good laughs.
    Officers you can whisper: Kagemand, Jimmychoo, Ninja_Gyn - Add us in-game and send a whisper.
    Contact me in-game for information or the other officers.

  4. Hello everyone,
    I'm Musawu and I just recently formed a new guild. This is literally a newly formed guild with only 2 members so far. If you are looking for that experience of climbing from the bottom up. Message me in game [Family name: Vendicare] for invite on Valencia 4. Any player is welcomed. Thanks.
  5.  Code is currently RECRUITING active lvl 50+ players! We are a small guild trying to reform and add more numbers to our ranks, we are willing to teach and grow with our players so we can become a possible node war contender. Pretty much accepting anyone. Discord required, mic optional.
    If you are interested or have any questions whisper Hikosi (Myumin) or Comics (Phooh).
  6. DesertRats, a friendly and active guild is reqruiting memebers!
    We are a not too long ago formed guild with 8 members in as write this post.
    We want to do the following stuff with our members!
    - Grinding: (Pirates mostly, sometimes some go Sausan and valencia when more people want to)
    - Guild quests: In order to pay our members and afford stuff for our guild we need funds! 
    - PvP/Node wars: We would like to get into this as soon as we have enough good people so we make a good chance at winning!
    As Long as you are progressing and willing to gear up/grind. You are welcome to join regardless of your current gear/level. You will get there eventually (which can be really soon).
    We would really like you to join our guild and hope you'll choose us to be your companions. Please leave a reply if you want to join us or whisper Ichiiko or TheBeardedGuy.
  7. {DeWm} NEWLY founded  pvx guild looking for fun and active ppl to fill our ranks, we are a newly founded guild of new and returning players who are aiming for the top. Discord is required if you are interested in joining please pm me on discord for more info (mlovejoy12#0261)

  8. Hello Everyone
    I am creating this topic to talk to you about my new guild called 'Flare'.
    We are welcoming all players, these being newcomers and oldschoolers, We are currently just a casual couple of players looking to build up a nice group of friends.
    Currently we have no level requirement, We just hope people would participate in guild missions and be active we tend to do scrolls every week but we would like to try and do more content as a team once we have built up more members.
    We are active almost every day so if you would like to join the guild either message me on here or PM me on Balenos 2: Family name: Elandroe, Mainly played character: Kaharuu
    Our Current Perks are : +4 AP
    To Note:
    we are not a big guildwe currently do not participate in sieges, node wars due to members. We are currently very casualWe do scrolls every week generally on the weekend.We are always on teamspeak and generally a must
  9. I feel this game needs some major problems fixed. Yeah so, I'm trying to be as mellow as possible here. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, even more now that dark knight is released. Then signed up for the 7 day free trial, after waiting for half a day for the downloader to quit having errors and forcing me to restart the download. Finally, downloaded at started to try and play, defaulted rez to lower than my monitor right from the get go. So I bumped it up to 1920 x 1080. Loads at 33 fps, wtf? Then after setting at the load screen for about 10 minutes and noting it was still black I could hear the sfx of the cursor moving over buttons, but clicking them did nothing. Now i know it's not my PC, I built my PC and it has no problem running any other games, even newer games run at 60+fps. Probably due to the fact that I built this computer with a NVIDIA GTX 900 series (970 to be exact) GPU. Then figure" Ok well I've been wanting to play this for a while and the base edition is only $9.99, I'll pick up a copy." NOPE! Whatever company you have contracted to accept the currencies from your international customers is horrible at their job. They decline people cards without a reason, require identification (which smart people don't give out to random strangers all willie-nillie), and accuse customers of fraud. In my area, the only to payment options are to use PayPal or a debit/credit, and only one of those might work. This is ridiculous, this game has been hyped internationally and I'm sure it works fine in the UK and other parts of EU. But if you are going to release a game to be played internationally, then it should be playable internationally. If you are going to charge for a game, then make sure that all your major problems are fixed before requiring people to play. I may feel inclined to pay for this game as soon as I figure out a way to get it to work right if I can do so before the trial runs out, and maybe not even then if it has this many problems in-game. I like to help people develop games before they release them, if I didn't I would be an experienced game tester. Sorry for the rant and if it seemed like I was harsh, but I'm severely disappointed. This game looked like it could and probably would be alot of fun. I'm going to try and continue messing around with the graphical settings to try and get the game to work.
  10. Hi guys ! My friend an I made a guild name RedFrizz .   We are currently only 2 but i hope we could find people to play with : precisely we want to do Guild missions  .  
    Hope to see you IG with us !!!   RedFrizz
    Good day everyone,
    The name's PoliteGuardian. I'm a new player on the NA server and I'm looking for friends to have adventures with. Out in the real world, I'm a busy 20 something year old with a full time job.  I recently found this game and have fallen in love with its living world. I've never played a game like it and it's something I wanna truly play during my down time. Anyway, I'm looking for friends in game to really make the most of what it has to offer. I wanna explore everything and have a random adventure or two. I'm looking for people with personally, who can be themselves, and don't mind using Discord to communicate. Reply back if you'd like to meet up in game

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺

    <Swift> is a relaxed and friendly PvE guild on the EU server. We aim to create a fun, mature environment where members can enjoy the game at their own pace. We do daily missions and currently have Fishing +3, Gathering +3, Accuracy +5, AP +5 and Hp +40, Damage Reduction +1. We also do weekly scroll runs, awakening and regular. We're a PvE focused guild looking for people who enjoy this side of the game. We don't take part in node wars or any PvP activities so if that's something that interests you we may not be the right fit for you
    Whether you're into life skills or love to grind, or both, it's all good by us, everyone is welcome.
    Age requirement is 25+, we welcome players of all levels, a lot of us have played BDO since launch so have experience/knowledge of the game and are more than happy to help newer players out. Having active members is really important to us, that being said we don't expect you to be online 24/7, we understand that RL comes first!
    So if you're up for a bit of friendly banter and don't take yourself or the game too seriously, why not give us a shout? Feel free to pm me or one of our officers anytime and we can give you all the information you need, you'll usually find us hanging about on Balenos 6. Alternatively you can go to our website at www.swiftguild.shivtr.com and fill out the application there..oh, and we have discord too
    Here's your go-to people if you want to get in touch:
    GM - Lapowinsa
    Officers - Tilia_Cordata, Pajia, Promethius
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  14. Greetings! 

    ZenMode is now seeking active social players within EU that are 56 or higher.
    Our goal with this guild is to create a nice, friendly and tight-knit community with a good environment for people who wants to play the game at their own pace, with their own goals but still enjoy the company and content of a guild doing group based activities with others.
    While I still want it to be a casual guild, I'd still like it to maintain and recruit players with experience and who knows what they're doing, that usually results in players being active for once, and that leads to things like being able to do the same content with the guild members and help eachother out. 

    I'd like to establish a team of social/funny, down to earth individuals that you get to learn more of and get to know on a more personal level, I will not set out or aim towards any competitive or hardcore aspects with the guild, Although I'd still like us to atleast remain and stay viable but not to a hardcore standpoint that is.


    Hit me up here or ingame, you may reach me on either "Timpan" or "Invoken" or "Sparrouw" (Duria) family name, or hit up "Calissa" or "Roannon" in-game.

    Hope to see you ingame!

    We are using Discord as our Voice and Offline chat!


  15. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  16. About Me
    Gaming: Started with playing Minecraft at age of 10, than Runescape for a couple years. Now 17 and heavily invested in Black Desert, averaging around 15-40 hours a week and afk fishing/processing every night. I also commonly play Dirty Bomb, and the Sims 4.
    The Person: 17 years old, Canadian, single, male, in Grade 11.
    Interests: Mostly involved in fishing, farming, cooking and all things generally involving gathering.
    Guild Wish List
    • North American
    • Ages preferably under 20 but older than 15 , with the understanding that real life comes first
    • Primary focus is gathering and fishing
    • Play times for most members between 4:00pm and 9:30pm PST, on weekend I am free typically anytime
    • New player friendly (no level or AP requirement)
    • Discord
    • Minimal swearing, no crude humor, family friendly
    • Medium sized guild with about 20+ people on at a time.
    Family Name: Itsbriceidk
    Primary Character: DiamondxHeart
    Please let me know if I'd be a good fit for your guild
  17. Post on ΩOLYMPUSΩ in US Guild

    By HeroUnknown, posted
    *Disclaimer* I created a new thread because I've changed the name of the guild and some of the rules and wasn't sure how to close the other posting. Old post can be found here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/121729-onus-newly-formed-guild-on-na-server/ *End Disclaimer*

    Hello everyone, OLYMPUS (formerly Onus) is currently recruiting and searching for new gods. We offer ambrosia for all qualifying mortals (=P) 

    Seriously though, we are currently growing, only being a few months old and experiencing those growing pains but all in all we are moving forward together. 
    Currently, we have the following guild skills: +5AP. +5Acc, +5 Dam Reduc +1 Fishing
    Acceptance to the guild is based on quality and desire to progress. No, we have no gear or level reqs atm, as those things can always be worked on, personality, however, is usually pretty set, so thats the most important trait. Any and all members incoming are screened and interviewed, most times this process works to ensure we're getting quality people. We are PvX with plans to compete for nodes and are moving faster towards this direction. GvG’s, pvp,  Boss scrolls, grind groups etc are all things we take part in. We teach, share/adventure with and take care of each other and have a wealth of knowledge to offer about the game. 
    The environment of the guild and the discord is one where any one can feel comfortable to be whoever it is they are (so long as you're not harming/negatively influencing anyone else). 
    The guild is structured, we have a calendar of events and a schedule and we do expect members to be active (no that doesn't mean you have you play every single day, just that I shouldn't ever get to the point to where I'm like "wait, who is that again"). If you'd like to know more, please visit us in Discord @ https://discord.gg/qv2wSf4
    Update 2/10/17: New Forum posting with current name. Still working towards guild skills, focusing on +HP next. Having first "practice" node war today to familiarize newer members on node war mechanics etc. Also, considering new guild emblem and revising guild documents.

  18. Guild Status: Seeking New Members
    We are a currently seeking members; also Officers and Quart Masters.
    About us:
    So far we are a pair of brothers (Whitecurse & Whitecurses) in search of members to join our small Family and find the hidden secrets of Black Desert Online. We are a PVX guild that mainly focuses on Gathering and Trading, so we could slowly bring ourselves to enter into the PVP Node wars. Profit to the guild always works wonders, especially for the node wars. We welcome any new players and veteran players to our small Family, and always willing to learn more about the game. To the new players we are always there to help our with small tips an advice about Black Desert online. My brother and I has had our Whitecurse Shadows Clan / Guild  for about 4 years and continuing on. We used to have plenty of more members, but as an understanding they had to leave our small family to carry on to their IRL responsibilities.
    Guild Requirements
    There is no level requirement, we are always welcoming every level to our Guild.Be active, if you cannot be active within our guild please let us know within our guild information comments. So we don't end up giving you the boot by accident.Must speak English. Since we are in the North American server, but my brother and I do speak Romanian as well.Good Vibes! No drama is permitted within our tranquil guild. I do not like using the Ban Hamma 
    If you are interested in joining our fun little family, you can contact me through forums, Post a comment , and contact any one of our characters in game.
    Contact information
    Whitecurse - Maiingan
    Whitecurses - Muzumi
    We are usually online the NA_Mediah 6 server, but are always active. Feel free to add any one of us as well. Hope to see you in game.
  19. About us:
    We are a guild that was initially created just before the start of 2017, and since that time we've done a lot of playing and learning.We have a total of 8 members so far, 3 or 4 of which are active at least once a week. Each member is interested in different aspects of the game, so you won't often find us together in one place. However, you can always expect backup for a quest or advice for an obscure game mechanic if you ask!Our short term goals:
    Gaining more active members, in order to create a proper community and be able to accept guild missions without feeling a sense of dread.Our long term goals:
    Experience the game! It's as simple as that, really. We just want to have fun. Eventually we might build up to the point where we can take on world bosses or try our hand at conquest (if we ever get big enough), but there's no rush.Also, doing research into the endgame of BDO leads me to believe it involves a lot of stress. F*ck stress!What you can expect from us:
    We have a functioning discord serverWe're quite open and friendly companyWe have at least 3 players with a level 50+ character at the time of this postMost of us have had experience with other MMORPGs, and we're not complete noobsI currently only renew the contract to make sure our members' efforts count for something, but will start paying everyone properly if we can complete guild missions frequently enoughFollowing up from the previous point, we will become more organised in general once a larger member number demands itWhat we will expect from you:
    If multiple members are online, be ready to assist your guildmates if you aren't doing something important (use your judgement per situation, we're not asking you to drop a 100-mob killquest halfway through)Be nice! Some teasing and banter can be okay in the right situation, but don't be a c**t to someoneBe enthusiastic about experiencing all the game has to offer!TL;DR:
    Friendly membersWill give wages once we're capable of completing guild missionsOur main focus is enjoying any aspect of the game we're interested inHow to contact: PM or comment if you're interested (with the reasons for your interest) and I'll send my Discord tag. We can work things out from there.
  20. Desert Pirates
    International PvP focused guild
    Who are ''Desert Pirates''?
    We are an international PvP focused guild with a past of 2 years in another MMORPG.  The guild is planning to build up in BDO now and start a new guild in the game.
    Our guild is very interested into the PvP aspect of the game (as example Nodewars, Sieges, GvG or the new Naval GvG's). But we are also interested in the other content too as example professions or guild bosses. Currently we just started with the recruitment, wich is the reason that we can't do our current goals yet, but were planning to start with trainings in the guild as preperation till we can afford the strenght to join them.
    Wich are the main goals of our guild?
    As already mentioned above, we are planning to do all espects of the PvP content but we aren't interested in ending up as a mass guild. We are more interested in knowing eachother, having fun together and trying to improve without zerging our enemys by pure numbers.
    Another important goal of us is, that our guild members are interested to play together with the guild (grindgroups, scrollgroups for an example) instead of doing everything with random peoples. For us a great guild is the main goal wich is respecting every part in it, dramas aren't welcome!
    Why should i join the guild?
    1: If you are interested in a friendly guild wich is active and motivated to play together as often as possible, it might fit you.
    2: We're doing all we can to respect every member in the guild no matter about its orientations, religions and so on.
    3: The guild isn't a hardcore guild, wich is forcing you to play all day for hours. We want active players, but aren't forcing you to play every day a tons of hours, neither getting better geared in a unrealistic ammount of time.
    4: Our guild own Discord, an own forum and a Teamspeak for a better communication between it's members ingame and outside of their play time (of course you don't need to contact us when you arent ingame, its only for the peoples wich are interested to chat with us outside the game!).
    5: As mentioned above we just started the recruitment, means even some new players can join as long they agree with our rules and got a minimum level of 50 (if your below we still could make a deal)
    How to join the guild?
    1: You need to be friendly, motivated beeing with us and play active.
    2: Respecting our rules on the own forum and register afterwards on it with the family name: http://desertpirates.shivtr.com/ As soon you made an account our leaders will trying to contact you as soon as possible, please make sure you can be contacted trough the name you registered as!
    3: Or contact SkygirlGaming (Family name) / Skygirl (Main Name)  ingame or respond on this post till you got a reply! 
    I hope we will see us soon in the guild! 
    Greetings Sky 
    We are already 12 players in the guild and will soon improve the difficult to join the guild. We already play active together at grindspots, guild missions.
    Here is a video of our guild killing a small guild boss 
  21. Desert Pirates
    International PvP focused guild
    Who are ''Desert Pirates''?
    We are an international, PvP focused guild with a past of 2 years in another MMORPG.  We are building up in BDO and are looking into another long term development.
    Our guild is very interested in the PvP aspect of the game (for example: Nodewars, Sieges, GvG or the new Naval GvG's). We engage in various guild activities such as guild bosses, guild missions and of course EXP grinding with a party. Currently, we are still within the stage of growing into a [medium guild], thus we would like to see some new members that would help us grow and improve.
    What are the main goals of our guild?
    As already mentioned above, we are planning to be involved within all aspects of the PvP content, however we are not planning on becoming a massive guild that doesn't have any order. We are more interested in knowing each other individually, having fun together and trying to improve without zerging our enemies by pure numbers.
    Another important goal for us, is that our members should strive to play together with the guild (grindgroups, scrollgroups for an example) instead of doing everything with random people or alone. For us a great guild is the main goal which is respecting every part of it, drama queens aren't welcome!
    Why should I join the guild?
    1: If you are interested in a friendly guild which is active and motivated to play together as often as possible, it might fit you.
    2: The guild is not a hardcore guild,  which would ask you to play all-day-every-day. We want active players, but aren't forcing you to play every day for an extremely long time or asking you to get better gear in an unrealistic amount of time.
    3: We have our own Discord channel for communication between it's members in-game and outside of their play time (of course you don't need to contact us when you're not online, it is only for the people that are interested to chat with us outside the game!).
    4: As mentioned above, we are still at the stage of growing into a [medium guild] which means relatively new players can join as long they agree with our guild rules and have a minimum level of 55 (if you're below we can negotiate further).
    How to join the guild?
    1: First things first, you need to be friendly, motivated and be active.
    2: Have a quick read at our rules on the forum and afterwards register on it with the family name: http://desertpirates.shivtr.com/ As soon you made an account our leaders will try to contact you as soon as possible, please make sure you can be contacted trough the name you registered as!
    3: Or contact SkygirlGaming (Family name) / Skygirl (Main Name)  in-game or respond on this post till you get a reply! 
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Greetings Sky 
    There are currently 19 players in the guild and we will soon adjust the criteria needed to join us. We already actively play together at grindspots and guild missions.
    On a side not, here is a video of our guild killing a small guild boss 

    Glad you stepped by to learn more about us or just to kill your curiousity of who we are. 
    Easely said, we are a bunch of people who found eachother and share the same thoughts of the game. That a game has to be fun, no drama or rushing or nagging that your way of gaming isnt the "twue way" and that you should learn it the "right way", ofc. We are playing our game, each does it differently and its totally fine to do so. Also, our general age is a little higher then with other Guilds maybe, but thats only good. For we know there is an life also outside the game and that one, does not turn off!
    <Hooters> is a Extra large Guild, we go more after quality rather then quantity. Not saying that more members is bad, but for us its nice to have time to get to know eachother. It makes playing the game much more fun, for all of us. We are always recruiting, but you wont see us spamming the channels for members. Our method is more of an ninja-way. More smoother and not so, "out there". Sure we do advertise too, but as said, not as much as others do. The members of <Hooters> are coming from several places, England, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and so on. I am sure I missed someone, they might force me to add their country later on, so come back again if you want to know more about heritage 
    As Guild we try to do as much as possible together. 
    Scrolls and bosses. Grinding together and exploring together, Guild Missions... The exchange of knowledge within the Guild is sometimes awesomely overwhelming, plus everyone is really friendly and helpful to anyone else. Several times we had newbies to the game joining and they were amazed by the helpfullness and friendlyness by the others. But, well, what can I say .. Thats how we roll ..
    We use Discord, but not frequently. some of us still havent even log onto it yet. As said before, everyone is entitled and accepted by playing their game. We do not force anyone to play it differently, only because we want it that way. Nice having all to talk to, but its also fine to use the channel if you want. Also, despite our old Thread in this forum, we do not only looking for female avatars wit the biggest breasts. It was an joke that was funny in the beginning, but now is long obsolete. Unfortunally our old Leader is no more part of the game, so it cannot be undone. So forgive us for that and turn to this one instead. hopefully this does mirror more who we are and what we are going for.
    Anyone is welcome, no matter gender, weight, color or level. no one cares if you are newbie in the game or already know what to do at all times. Sure, we would like to have more lvl55, but then again, every lower level is actually leveling towards it, so all is fine. What we also do not care about is what character/class you play. Or how many, everyone is always welcome. And as Guild we are quite Laid back and easygoing. Our humor can be, concerning sometimes, but thats part of being a <Hooters>. You are a wierd bird then ..
    So, if you got to here, then you must have an interest in us or you just have no life and its maintainance day and the game is down .....
    Would you want to know more, come talk to us or check also our our Website. or Hooters Discord Channel
    If it all sounds interesting, let us know here or contact one of us InGame!
    Officers to get in contact with:
    Grindie Grindtegel              Calithileth Cuethiel               Charran Gogos               Meatgrinder Wormridden               Ginya Nipshu          Ksa666 Ksa666
    Usedname Grindtegel        Zinna Cuethiel                     Chawit Gogos                  Boltthrower Wormridden
    Channel that is our home and you have most chance to get in contact in game...
    Hooters Discord Channel
  23. Post on Born of Virtue in US Guild

    By Kenjerich, posted
    "Are you friendly, slightly crazy but in a good way, an altoholic, looking for a Black Desert experience beyond the grind, that doesn’t take itself too seriously?  Join <Born of Virtue>  and find your perfect fit! We look for every opportunity to be a Hero and like doing things with each other and just having fun. LGBT friendly Guild is PvX and we are inclusive to all play styles. Now with Discord Server!!
    Contact me Magiken, Family name Fulgara for more information!! See you in Black Desert!!
  24. Hey guys! I'm lv50 now and i wanted to create a new guild by myself. everyone is welcome.
    The guild is going to be for gathering and fishing almost.
    Hope someone join me soon!
    Thank you.
    For more info, whisper me in bdo, Arcama!
    Hello Everyone,
    After being in two other guilds (an officer in each) and watching them become something I no longer wanted to be a part of or failing to become anything at all, I’ve decided to create my own, one that I can nurture from its birth. Though its already quite late in the game and the strongest guilds have long been formed, I believe there’s still room for something new and great.
    Firstly, let me be clear in my understanding that this is a game that lives in the virtual space we call “The Internet”. With that being said, I don’t feel, nor have I ever agreed with the notion that being online gives you immunity from humanity. I believe that all people should be treated like people, with mutual respect and that you shouldn’t act any differently because you’re behind a computer screen than you would if you were staring someone straight in the eyes.
    I am creating an environment that is fun, respectful and inclusive of everyone (gay, straight, black, white, Asian, German, Christian, Atheist etc..) there being one caveat, you have to be serious about playing this game and wanting to advance. This is not a life skill guild but it won’t be pompous and elitist either. I believe this game, like most things in life, is about balance. While I am an artisan in several life skills (Alchemy, Gathering, Processing) I also have a GS (Gear score) of over 400. I play this game to enjoy it in its fullness. So if you like to farm, and fish and train horses, that’s fine but when it’s time to pick up a sword or staff or Kunai and fight, be able and willing to do that as well. Expect node wars and PvP because that is a great deal of what this game is about and part of the enjoyment.
    I will hold anyone who joins accountable for their actions and their words and expect that the same be done with me. Light trolling and sarcasm are welcome, (because let’s face it, what’s life without those things?) but so is maturity, respect, honesty and friendship. This will be a structured guild, with planned events and set days for activities. I understand we all have real lives going on. I myself work a full time job, go to the gym twice daily, travel and will be entering into my Masters degree etc. With that said, time management is important and I am more than able to play this game efficiently and live my life as well. This will truly be a “from the ground up” endeavor as I’ve just created the guild and am currently its only member. I know the task can seem daunting but I’m willing to take it on. If any of this sounds interesting to you and you feel you’d be a good fit or want to be a part of creating something good, please let me know.
    I know that I currently have no one but I will not make the mistake of accepting any and everyone just for numbers sake. Acceptance will be based on character, ability and will through a process that I will call “Onus Probandi” (Latin: Burden of Proof).
    Revised: There will be a zero tolerance policy for blatant disrespect. What this means is, if something you are saying makes someone feel disrespected and you are told this or confronted, you are expected to be considerate and adjust, the same courtesy is extended to all members.  
    Sexual preferences will not be attacked and the personal choices that people have made will be respected at all times by all members. There is no need to state “this is a LGBTQYWXZ friendly” guild because we will be friendly to all, regardless. 
    Respect is extremely important. Treat all guild members NOT as you want to be treated but as they have requested to be treated and treat others throughout the game with the same respect and courtesy you would hope to receive. This isn’t to say be a push over but don’t be a douche, there’s enough douchery in the world, choose to be something better. If and when it comes to blows, fight honorably.Discord is the current medium for general communication and though you don't have to speak, using it to receive instruction is a must. The use of Mumble will become mandatory during large scale PvP/GvG, Node Wars, Sieges (training will and can be provided on the use of those programs).Lastly, have fun and take note that your definition of "fun" may differ from that of others. *Warnings may be offered on a one-time basis given the fact that we are all humans and make mistakes*
    I just want to create a space where a group of people can come together, harmoniously, and have drama free fun, enjoy the world of BDO and the company of others while also being successfully competitive within the game. I will be taking the next few days to flesh out further details of the guild and I will post those in a section of our discord: https://discord.gg/qv2wSf4
    I will come back and edit this post as needed or add to the thread. Thank you for reading. 
    Update 12/2/16: Two new members have joined the guild. They are new to the game, have a ways to go but seem as though they'll be a good fit. I'm excited. Also, our new emblem:
    Update 12/8/16: Guild is now a week old. Currently up to 9 members all have advanced pretty quickly, going from level 10 to level 56 in a week. (with the exception of one member who is currently on vacay in Japan). PvP training and grind groups have been the focus as well as getting members up to par with game knowledge and how-to's. Focusing them on enhancing their gear. Most have at least Livertos and are enhancing them. Running Gmissions daily to increase Guild exp. Currently working on obtaining all accuracy bonuses (only one more point away from finishing that off), and will then be moving towards AP bonuses. Guild funds are increasing (slowly for now). First Guild meeting held with standards and expectations clearly defined. On track and on target! 
    Update 12/13/16: Accuracy maxed (+5). AP +2 and counting. Refined guild standards and expectations. In the process of creating a formal calendar so all members know at all times whats going on with the guild. Will have second guild meeting on 12/16/16
    Update 12/27/16: AP maxed (+5). Was up to 15 members but have removed 4. First bit of unneeded drama today because one of my members decided to scam another player out of a pearl shop item. Said member has since been removed and banned from our discord as well as guild and I have personally repaid the individual who was scammed. Reiterated what this guild is about and what its not. Moving forward. Next guild skill to acquire will be Damage Reduction.
    Update 1/1/17: Current guild status - 15 members total, expanded guild slots from 15 to 20 to allow for more growth. Current skills, Accuracy +5 , AP +5, Damage Reduction +1. Continuing the guild mission train to acquire the points needed for necessary guild skills. Will begin gambling on nodes soon for extra profits. Preparing for Guild Elephant. Next guild meeting on 1/6/17 to get back on track after the holiday break and reaffirm outlook and direction of the guild on a whole. Happy New Year.
    Update 1/20/17: Decided to change the Guild name from Onus to OLYMPUS. For the simple fact that I wanted a cooler name for the guild and something that didn't need explaining. Most people can easily surmise that Olympus is home to the Gods...I have also revised certain rules because I realize that I might have been too strict on certain issues in my attempt to create a space where all feel welcome, so those standards have been adjusted. Guild requirements are also being looked at and revised. Though not straying too far from the core of what this guild is, there has been room for improvement. Moving forward