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  1. Post on New Player in New Adventurers

    By Azrim521, posted
    Just downloaded the trial  hope to have fun with everyone. Ive been waiting for an awesome MMO like this one to grab my attention. Would be nice to alos gain some friends in game   
  2. I along with many players want a better person to person trade system. I have a few thoughts i would like to share with you and get your options. With my Trade system players will be able to trade all gear and items. Weapons, armor, rings, food, fishing rods anything and everything! Now i know that hardest part of player to player trades is how do we make this a fair system. I have a pretty good answer to this (if you ask me  )
    We will use the Market Min Max system in trades. For example Player 1 uses World chat to say he is selling a Pri Ring of The Crescent Guardian. (Current market value NA Min:103,671,432 Max:126,709,528) Player 2 Says he will pay Max for the item. The two players set up a meeting place, and meet up in game. They open the trade window. Player 1 adds the Ring to the trade window. Players 2  trade button at the bottom becomes gray and unable to be clicked. Player 2 adds 1 1000g bar and 3 100g bars =130M. The Min price was met and the grayed trade button is now clickable for the trade to be completed! Both players are happy (no market RNG no pre-order buyouts!) Now i know the trend atm is offing pearls to make players want to trade items.
    So lets make pearls have a bigger role in BDO! Pearls will now have the ability to be traded!  Instead of (or with) silver and Gold bars! For Example 1000k pearls will be worth 100M (silver) player 1 wants to sell and Dandi Box. player 2 offers 3k pearls. They meet and trade. The pearls value is greater then the min price of a +0 dandi for his class. The trade is successful and both player and happy and no player was worried about getting scammed. Now BEFORE YOU ATTACK ME! Lets talk pearls and why. Many players and asking for pearls before a item is listed on the Market Place. I do not see that changing with the Silver Gold system i mentioned. Allowing players to trade pearls in place or with currency makes the players who want cash shop items for personal use happy and players who have spear pearls able to use them. WAIT HOLD YOUR FLAME P2W CRAP. Yes this makes and issue very apparent. People could pay 200-300$ and get full Tet gear. We could make pearls hold a value = to EST price per real currency I.G 2900 pearl outfit= 29$ therefor 100 pears =1$ (1000=10$) meaning 1K pearls = 10M and the rest be covered in gold bars or silver. Making player 2 come up with a majority of the cost to buy the item. OR pearls hold no value but can be trade in player to player. (I'm fine with any of these options)
    OR we could rid BDO of gifting entirely and make it so items can only be traded for silver and gold. Pearls can not effect value or trade. This would also open Market place pre-orders to not be so high on value items. Give me your thoughts and ideas lets come up with a system that is fair and makes players happy know that can 100% get that item they have been looking for and not with Bidding Pre-Order RNG.
  3. Hey guys I'm new to the game and none of my mates own a PC so I'm looking for some new people or even veterans  who can come chill teach me or learn together and have some fun.
    My Steam Name is joelio750 send me a pm and I will get back to you asap I play a lot so you will get it sooner then later. Cheers
  4. Post on Social in Suggestions

    By Hobz, posted
    I am new to this game and leveled up into the mid 50's and i was very excited to play! but it quickly came to my attention the HEAVY lack of social play in the game. I will list a few examples:
    1) Besides grinding there is almost NOTHING to do with a friend in the game besides just sitting around and talking.
    2) even when grinding, unless vs very strong mobs its faster to farm separately for speed. and even vs bosses its just a group of people slashing away at a strong guy. almost no team play required.
    3) I got on to play with a friend who started a month before me. to each of our disappointment, there is almost nothing he could do to help me besides give advice and a few potions. i appreciate limiting trade to prevent gold corruption in the game, but if you are gonna build a game so heavily into the economy (with the many many many life skills that require much time to develop) it almost leads to no point. Me being a wealthy or strong player has absolutely no benefit to my friends. The game at the moment is almost a single player RPG where you can see other people playing at the same time. on the positive side of this, I do like the effort for team play in things like Node wards and things. (even though again it is just a bunch of people slashing away at one another. How i suggest maybe a minor fix would be to allow player to player trading of items or money after a time frame, ie. I start playing, add my friend. after 2 days of waiting (to ward off some appeal to "BUY GOLD NOW" schemes) then my friend can assist me in buying resources, gear, ect.
    4) As I said before, there is almost no reason anyone needs to play with anyone else. so that being the case, maybe add a marriage system where players can share housing or business development possibly? also maybe adding guild houses or player shops where they have more control over prices than the market place (the min/max caps are too narrow IMO and leads to again a pointless system when you build a game so heavily around life skills. maybe by adding some way were people can assist one another in playing the game, relationship, business partners, ect. then people can play together rather than just watching one another play their own game. 
    5) develop a better battleground system, right now its completely unplayable unless you are at the near caps of each area. i went into a 200 cap red battleground area (alone as usual) with 150 dp and got 1-3 shot by every person over and over till i just left. I would suggest at least adding some objectives besides death-match so that lower level people can still contribute to the fight by possibly holding a point, gathering supplies to fuel a buff, ect. but again, its currently 2 team slashing away in a never ending cycle of death. no strategy at all. 
    All-in-all my point is to come up with a way were people can interact more than they do, because from levels 1-53 I have not needed one persons help to do anything. and I have been unable to play with my higher level friends though most of the game. and now that we are both higher, there is nothing we can do together besides grind... so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more social play before people get bored of sitting around grinding all day!!!!
    Thank you and sorry for the winded letter

    We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +3 AP Guild Perk +1 Fishing +1 Gathering And we're working on our guild galley at the moment.
    PvP and Lifeskilling Training.
    What we don't offer but still happens. 
    Group farming .
    Group leveling.
    Power leveling.
    Friends and Frenemies.
    Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. 
    We're currently looking for maturity.
    Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.
    Being active within the guild.
    Discord However is mandatory.
    And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated.
    Now if this has peeked you curiosity. 
    Get in contact with us.
    Send a Message to me here.
    Private Message me on the Forums.
    Message MoarAxes, Stella_Black, Cheshire_Tiger, or Remerix in game.
    Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.
    Swagger, You know what it is. 
    Strut your stuff and join Now.

    Good day everyone,
    The name's PoliteGuardian. I'm a new player on the NA server and I'm looking for friends to have adventures with. Out in the real world, I'm a busy 20 something year old with a full time job.  I recently found this game and have fallen in love with its living world. I've never played a game like it and it's something I wanna truly play during my down time. Anyway, I'm looking for friends in game to really make the most of what it has to offer. I wanna explore everything and have a random adventure or two. I'm looking for people with personally, who can be themselves, and don't mind using Discord to communicate. Reply back if you'd like to meet up in game
  7. HEY, I have been super hype for BDO release but I was slow to get playing. I a really liking everything so far but this is like one of my first MMO's since like RO 2D and I need some help getting into the community. So if you have room for a nerd like me looking for some gaming partners and hopeful to make some online friends PM and we can Party UP!! #squadgoals
  8. Post on Sharing house in Suggestions

    By Liathy, posted
    It's just a suggestion for in-game. Have you ever thought of include a sharing house for couples? As you might know, couples join this game and I would like to share house with my boyfriend. Valentine's Day is coming and it wouldn't be a bad idea to include this to the game
    Hope there's people who is also agree. I would really appreciate that. Thank you.
  9. Post on ΩOLYMPUSΩ in US Guild

    By HeroUnknown, posted
    *Disclaimer* I created a new thread because I've changed the name of the guild and some of the rules and wasn't sure how to close the other posting. Old post can be found here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/121729-onus-newly-formed-guild-on-na-server/ *End Disclaimer*

    Hello everyone, OLYMPUS (formerly Onus) is currently recruiting and searching for new gods. We offer ambrosia for all qualifying mortals (=P) 

    Seriously though, we are currently growing, only being a few months old and experiencing those growing pains but all in all we are moving forward together. 
    Currently, we have the following guild skills: +5AP. +5Acc, +5 Dam Reduc +1 Fishing
    Acceptance to the guild is based on quality and desire to progress. No, we have no gear or level reqs atm, as those things can always be worked on, personality, however, is usually pretty set, so thats the most important trait. Any and all members incoming are screened and interviewed, most times this process works to ensure we're getting quality people. We are PvX with plans to compete for nodes and are moving faster towards this direction. GvG’s, pvp,  Boss scrolls, grind groups etc are all things we take part in. We teach, share/adventure with and take care of each other and have a wealth of knowledge to offer about the game. 
    The environment of the guild and the discord is one where any one can feel comfortable to be whoever it is they are (so long as you're not harming/negatively influencing anyone else). 
    The guild is structured, we have a calendar of events and a schedule and we do expect members to be active (no that doesn't mean you have you play every single day, just that I shouldn't ever get to the point to where I'm like "wait, who is that again"). If you'd like to know more, please visit us in Discord @ https://discord.gg/qv2wSf4
    Update 2/10/17: New Forum posting with current name. Still working towards guild skills, focusing on +HP next. Having first "practice" node war today to familiarize newer members on node war mechanics etc. Also, considering new guild emblem and revising guild documents.

  10. Post on Servers? in New Adventurers

    By BornoftheSky, posted
    So I just bought the game because a few of my friends play and i wanted to join their guild, as well as play with them. When I booted up the game it asked my to select a server so I did some research on what effect the servers had on me playing with them. As I understand everyone plays on a combined servers for you region now, like NA, but that guilds can only be joined by people who share the same home server that the guild was created on. Am I right or not, let me know if I am or how it actually works please, and then let me know anything else that might be useful that pertains to the issue.
  11. So a buddy of mine and I play this every so often but I've found it frustrating that me and him can't party up and do the quest together. Perhaps I missed that option, can you do it? How do you do it?
  12. Downloading as we speak, does anyone have suggestions or tips to prepare myself?
  13. Dear explorers, farmers, cucks and/or weebs!
    Look no further, you have arrived to your future home!
    MoreThanFriends is now recruiting new members! We have a strong community which has been going on for over 2 and a half years! Like any other guild we are going to focus on Node Wars and GvG, however that does not mean that we require you to have 600 gearscore and be able to play 24/7, our main requirement is that YOU fit in with US. Therefore if you are interested please come and have a chat in our discord and we will take it from there, our aim is to recruit players that will stay and play with us for a long time rather than being dirty guild jumpers.
    Node Wars (2 times a week)GvGLots of guild Miss... nah, none of that bsWish you had friends? We could be your friends!Fear not, even if we have had a long history playing together it is easy to enter our small community, however we have a decent amount of Australians in the guild so you have to be able to take an emotional punch and throw one back sometimes!
    Cheers! Come and join us on discord for some more fun or contact Itheril in game!
    DISCORD = https://discord.gg/v5pderu
  14. Since there's now an in-game market for trading costumes and pets, why not reintroduce Gift Purchasing for the cash shop so friends can send friends a freebie or something if they want to?

    I know a couple of people besides myself who find it odd that there's no way for a friend to gift a friend a weight limit coupon or value pack, but it's possible to make ten million silver per Value Pack on market, and no infrastructure in place to buy weight limit or inventory slot coupons on market.

    Just a thought that crossed my mind this afternoon, but it's interesting to say the least.
  15. Post on Linking Accounts in Suggestions

    By Reatta, posted
    My friend and I have been playing games together forever and we always like to surprise each other with gifts, I think there should be a way to link accounts so you can send pearl shop items to specific people that you are linked to, I know this would be a process that wouldn't happen immediately to stop gold sellers from just linking with accounts.  Even something like getting married, which in real life you have to wait 72 hrs in most places, have certain questions that each person must answer identically before they can get "married"/link accounts.
  16. Could we get additional 7 day passes to invite people?
    I have been here since March 9th and gave away mine as well others I have found via online give aways.
    if we could get a reward in game to get added passes to help the game grow.
  17. Hi There Exia7Swords (Faimily name Saigo) here,
    I have been soloing this game for a while  since pretty much release and Ive come to the decision Id like to get closer to the community. My Girlfriend and I play but we always like meeting new people and making bonds. I dont have a flashy website and our clan thus far is just mainly us two but Im looking for people to join us. Tired of being by yourself in the game(like I was)? Want to engage with more people but honestly dont know where to start? Just starting the game  and wanna start hanging with a  group that has consistency? We would love to have you . If your looking for a guild to call home , it may be small but we welcome you with open arms. You dont have to know all the  terms and tricks to the game or be good or whatever. We will learn the game together and hopefully the clan will grow. As far as role playing goes Ive always been interested in it but the people I come in contact with  dare already part of guilds or just partying for the time being lol. Discord will be made once we have multiple replies on this forum. Our goal is to build a clan/guild together with pve ,bonding with good people out there who just want to enjoy the world that BDO has to offer. Yes we do plan on doing pvp but once we all build together as a team and everyone feels comfortable with either their stats or the people around them. Plz either reply here or add me in game. The end is what you make it, so give us the honor of creating it with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all soon,
    Exia7Swords(in game name and main character :Saigo Mutsue)
  18. Hi everyone, name's KarateKid, or KK for short. I want to ask a few questions, as a new player.
    Ironic to my name, I actually like magic based classes, so I am really interested in the wizard class. Here goes nothing:

    1. Group play? Encouraged? I really like playing with others and forming new friendships. Without a solid group play experience, I grow tired of MMOs very quickly. This will probably be the #1 deciding factor on whether to stay or move on.
    2. Customization Options? Is there a lot of ways in which I can tailor my character to make him representative of my ideas on how I want him to be looked at and understood, from a role-playing perspective?
    3. Is there an abundance of different options in terms of picking what kind of gear I want to wear or am I restricted? If I am restricted though in what kinds of gear I can wear, do I have the ability to customize that gear? Build or craft it with certain attributes in mind, etc...?
    Thank you, and if you are looking for a new friend, please don't be shy to msg me.
    Edited: Download close to complete!
  19. Hiya everyone! I'm a brand new playing to BDO and I'm looking for some cool people to game with and chill with! I am trying to get into role playing so if your into that, let me know(but beware, I am new at it lol) I am willing to make a character on any server so just let me know where your character/guild is located! 
  20. I've read a few other topics similar to this one, and I'm hoping to discuss this a bit more.
    Personal Transactions...or, in every other MMO, player trading.
    I ALWAYS play with my brother, and we have, since we started playing MMO's, always done our best to offset one another. I'll blacksmith, he tailors, I'll mine, he farms, I'll tank, he heals. That's what we enjoy most, being able to interact with each other..and I feel like BDO kind of botched that.
    Am I correct that I CANNOT give him weapons or armor, I cannot give him crafting materials that I won't use, I cannot give him items I've crafted (furniture, etc...).  
    Why?! This is a terrible way to go about preventing gold sellers...I don't want to play if I can't co-op with my brother..We don't have dungeons, we can't craft for one another, we can't give useless gear we loot to one another..I looted a Musa sword on my Valkyrie and I am just supposed to sell it if I can't use it? That's ludicrous, beyond crazy!
    is this going to be changing anytime soon that we know of? No amount of beautiful graphics, immersive character creation, and smooth combat can make me want to play if I can't play with a friend..
  21. selling point! So I've thought, the reason you want to keep from trading is because you want to keep economic balance right? there is probably a couple more reasons but I know that is one of them. So WHAT if I proposed that instead of trading you add a feature like selling to your guild mates or along those line where the guild or person has an item they set up to sell but only the people they designate to see it listed will. THAN they can buy it from their buddy for the full price! That way people who don't have the best luck can just farm up the money to buy it. This will keep major players playing for the sake of helping out their guild members! because this game has a lot of social aspects! Just an idea throwing it out there

  22. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large.
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 3 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that. 
    If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  

  23. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large. We are a small community of roleplayers hoping to grow together. We have extensive forums,an Inter-region forum that combines our NA & EU communities to discuss game topics, weave stories, and make introductions! We also have respective NA & EU forum sections so that each region can post their own character profiles, events, and associations or player networks and businesses. We are building a Lore Wiki, it will serve as a comprehensive cited guide for BDO lore that everyone is welcome to use and volunteer information. 
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 2 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that.If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  
  24. Post on Delete in Roleplay

    By The_Elusive, posted
    Please delete