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  1. Post on Fun Community in Off-Topic

    By BoostedBlue, posted
    We are a rapidly growing community, with a focus on gaming, chat and fun. We have support for several different games, are adding more regularly and will do our best to add requested games. Come join us, kick off your shoes and play awhile. Give us a chance, stay and grow with us. https://discordapp.com/invite/hbyFHq5

  2. Basic Info
    Main Channel: Serendia 3
    Timezone: EST +/- 3 hours
    Focus: Casual PvP and Guild PvE activities
    Discord: https://discord.gg/JSWe4P 
    Under the light of the moon, darkness rises, as the monsters and corrupted creatures crawl out the abyss and into our world another force lingers. Paid in the blood of the innocent and the weak these assassins devote their very existence to the suffering of humanity. Many warlords and dignitaries secretly pay for their protection in fear of retaliation if their contract is revoked. Their name is known from across the land for the gruesome rituals the cult-like guild partakes in. Once every half moon cycle this guild partakes in their night hunt, in packs of five just like wolves, they devour the night and all who dare to cross their path when the moon shines bright. Any experienced traveler knows, never tread under the light of the moon or risk the fate of your flesh ripped from your soul.
    Here at Midnight Massacre we focus on a chill and semi-competitive PvP environment. We also do weekly scrolls and have plans for GvG, nodes and Guild scrolls in the future. One special activity the background hinted on is our midnight hunts, as our name says we will do biweekly pvp hunts in select areas for fun and to bond as a guild together. We don't expect everyone to be great at PvP, but as they grow as a character, in turn their experience with how the characters mechanics work. Our atmosphere is to be a fun and friendly environment for our guild members, we don't expect everyone to like everything, so we don't force our members to partake in every event but we expect every member to be active and social.
    We aspect every member to be active and help when they can, stats and level requirements will change as our guild grows but having around 180 GS score (90 ap / 90dp) will allow you to do most of the basic activities other than PvP if you are a newer player to BDO. Discord will be necessary to join, to keep track of guild news and create a place for us to socialize outside of BDO. Mic is not necessary for all members but it is recommend if you plan to take part in any of the PvP elements we partake as a guild. We classify as a dark guild so dressing in darker clothing is recommend or pretty much anything that seems menacing or allows you to be hidden. Our policy for inactivity is simple, if your gone for more than 2-4 weeks without notice we will consider you inactive and remove you. If you plan on returning just message us and we can work something out on your return.
    How to Apply
    Sent a PM to Eleanor or Ingame @Tenebris Family with the following information:
    - IGN, Main Character, Focus in BDO (PvP, life skills, PvE, RP, etc), GS or AP & DP, LvL of Main and A little about yourself
    If you fit for the guild you will be asked to chat for a bit either on discord or in game depending on who is available at the time.
  3. Hi like in the title i heard that Kr got a special chan(have a specific channel(like olvia chan are for new player/come back) where you can PvP anyone without karma penalty at all.
    This would be great to have it here a big part of the player base would enjoy to be able to switch to this chan time to time to have a PvP session Open World(because RBF is clearly not enough) without any risk or penalty.
    Would also allow ppl which are confident enough to go farm there without being afraid of karma griefer since there is no karma penalty at all so you can t get kick by 1 guildless/"not ready to war" guild guy griefing stealing mob doing that 2-4h even untill you leave(happened me multiple time a pirate island to have some even if he wasnt  even getting more than 100-200bandanna/h(since mob was at respawn time in my run & i was faster than him)). 

    If you'd like to join a fun, friendly/family, guild then we have an entire guild waiting for you.

    Download Discord- https://discordapp.com/download

    Druden Application- http://tinyurl.com/Druden-Application 
    Whisper- AphyBerrie, HanabeChan or Naturnaya in game. (to private message- click on Red Names)

    Leave a Message- on our Guild Guestbook or Post in this thread (with both your family & char names).


  5. MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node Les Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord au moins une fois par moisDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Arènes, GVG, Pk Sauvage, Rp etc)Nos Pwny sont tous majeurs et vaccinésNos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 56Minimum 380 AP/PDÊtre actif in-gameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funLe respect entre membres est primordialSi vos amis veulent vous rejoindre une fois dans la guilde, nous les accepterons avec plaisir =) 
    Notre channel principal est Mediah 4 et Calpheon 1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Ainsi qu'un site web : http://mlpwnybdo.webnode.be/
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Aseldia(Clarquen), Overdoze(Keelah),Traitre (AlphaKiss), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*

  6. Hello tout le monde 
    MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node tous les Dimanches de 20h à 23hLes Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord chaque dernier samedi du mois à 15HDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Photos de guilde, Rp, Arènes..)Nos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 55Stuff minimum full +15Être actif ingameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funAimer les pwney 
    Notre channel principal est Velia j1 et Calpheon j1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Alsedia(Clarquen), Zeaque(Zeaque), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*
  7. Post on Looking for a guild in Roleplay

    By xIsaacx, posted
    Hello! My Musa's name is Hachiku, but you can just call me Isaac. ( or whatever u prefer between the two. ) I know only the very basics of BDO, but I'll try my best to put my time into learning more about it. I'm usually active on any day between 3:00pm-10:00pm ( central time ) I'm hoping to join a roleplay guild that could do pvp//pve, but if not it's okay. 
    Here's what my Musa looks like!

  8. Hello fellow gamers, i just started a gaming community called Therion Gaming Community, (international English speaking)

    My goal is to make a community where nobody has te game alone and can Always find someone in our fun group to play with, We dont play only one game and are open to other games we have never played, we currently have a discord server and are setting up a website and forum, we play pc based.
    the games we play the most at the moment are: Mediëval Engineers, space Engineers, Black Desert Online, Rift, Ark Survival Evolved and GTA 5.

    we are looking for people who behave as adults, people who want to make friends and want to belong in a tight community, People who speak english preferably with headset and mic.

    So, Are you looking for some fun people to play games with?
    Send me a message or leave something in this Thread, suggestions are also welcome!

    have a nice day,

  9. Introduction:
    Wake was formed on Orwen, North American. We are a small, self-motivated PvP guild, looking for interested individuals that have reached Lvl 58 and 420 GS, to join our small squad. While we are in a growing phase, we want joining members to understand that it is a long building process to find members that fit our criteria, for stats as well as personality. Our guild currently has a roster of 25 but are very active every day. Discord is our primary form of communication and we want new members to be more then comfortable joining our voice comms regularly!
    Our officer core was formed from a close group of like minded players originating from the guilds Sarcasm and Black. The need to create a group of players that were self-motivated and wanting to push themselves through progression, was highly sought. Based on each member's own desire to become stronger, we decided to break away from these guilds form the one described above. Since then, we have been slowly building a strong and dedicated core of members that are interested in BDO as much as we are.
    Leadership / Policy
    The guild is all inclusive. Each decision is made via a round table atmosphere, where everyone has an equal say about guild policy, and the direction the guild should take. In this environment we want everyone to feel like they are able to voice their own opinions about how the group plays. We aim to make Wake a welcoming environment that offers players a great opportunity to help mold this guild into something great. While we do have a Guild Master and Officers, the guild still runs on a democratic mindset; someone has to take care of the logistics no matter what. As players, we are all here for the same purpose, to play the game and have fun. If you're not having fun then it's no longer a game to be enjoyed.
    If you are interested in finding out more about the guild Wake leave a forum post or contact an officer in game:
    Officer Squad to Contact:
    Sheol, BrownWater, Azuredge, and Kymain
  10. <Byfrost>

    “The guild does not make the people, the people make the guild.” – Mr_blues 2016

    Who are we and what are our goals?
    - We try to be a guild where every member has something to say, we value opinions of members and try to make their wishes come true.
    - Compete competitively in the siege/node war scene!
    - Create a relaxed PvP progress orientated community with dedicated people who love to progress their gear / PvP skills!

    What do we offer?
    - Sieges on saturday, node wars during the week if we don't succeed in claiming a territority.
    - A solid community where everyone has the same mindset.
    - An active fun discord server used as forum + voice chat.
    - Currently 92 active players. ( We keep track of activity in terms of siege/node war, its not about showing up, its about letting the guild know if you will attend or not)

    - Arena test! This thing is back! The arena test is not; if you beat me, you get in the guild. We value quality above quantity, so we would like to see how you do it out there. Its also a nice step for new guildies to get to know some of our members!
    - As gearscore we require new recruits to have level 58 with 420 AP/DP minimum (Exceptions for Berserkers / Maewha / Tamers). This is below guild average.
    - Able to join voice communications, we use discord as forum / feedback / sign-up / voice chat. We switch to Teamspeak only for siege/node war!

    If you are interested in being part of ByFrost; Contact in-game: Mr_Blues, Koyo, Dofla, Noukeh, Arksteel, Accabadora, Loopicks, RaccoonCat, Karasurei, Ukaly, Kobatz, Perro

    Or reach out to us on discord, MrBlue#2483, Perro#5172, Dofla#3605 or Koyo#6578

  11. Post on LF grind guild in US Guild

    By Whitesila, posted
    All i want is to find a guild that isn't pvp or gvg centrick. just a guild that enjoys the casual grind. I will go to pvp way late into the game, but grinding for gear, lvl's,  and sk P are more important right now. Reply to me comments or msg me. 
    Family: Patapoff
    i just left  guild so ill accept something tommorow around 11 pm PST

    Bonjour à vous aventuriers de toutes horizon, je viens vers vous pour vous annoncé la création de notre guilde au seins du monde de Jordine. Nous sommes actuellement 4 aventuriers qui parcourent le monde à la recherche de connaissance et de puissance. Aujourd'hui nous cherchons a augmenter nos rang pour commencer a gagner en puissance et évoluer plus rapidement.
    Nous ne fixons pas d'objectifs précis vis a vis de notre groupe, le libre arbitre reste maitre, mais cela nous permet de jouer ensemble lors que nous avons envie, et de s'entraider quand cela est nécessaire.
    Nous comptons nous aventurer sur les lignes ennemis et leurs faire comprendre que nous ne somme pas uniquement des aventuriers mais aussi des guerriers, préparez vous a faire des guerres pour gagner des terrains et protéger les habitants qui y vivent.
    Nous aidons toutes personnes volontaire, quelque soit leurs niveaux, Nous recherchons uniquement des compagnons pour une meilleur ambiance et une entre-aide
    Nous vous invitons a vous faire une idée de qui nous somme en chassant ensemble
    Pour cela je vous donne rendez vous sur notre TS : team-sdg.com:9988 (rechercher : Dragondark (moi), Kuma)
    Vous pouvez aussi nous retrouver dans sur nos terres de Jordine, pour nous parlez, cherchez : Lonlindil, TheSky,
    Au plaisir de vous rencontrer et d'avoir la possibilité de jouer du fer cote a cote!
    Dragondark De Lonlindil
  13. In my own opinion, this game could have more interesting Accessories than simple stat modifiers like AP DP health and Mana/sp pool increase. Lets be frank that most of the accessories in this game are worth ignoring and only a handful are even worth considering, those of which are exclusively AP heavy. I personally think that it could be reduced to Weapons give AP and Armor gives DP. Instead of accessories giving AP or DP, give them modifiers and status effects. Here are some ideas of mine that don't come down to simple stat or resistance modifiers. you can apply these stats to any and all accessories, i just want them to be in the game. The goal is to create a system of accessories that encourage players to develop their own play-style of ether being a tank or trying to avoid getting hit more. By building their accessories correctly they can develop all new ways of play-style that might include unused skills that are left for better higher damage pvp skills.
    Speed modifier: Every second you aren't hit, this accessory will give you an extra 1% move speed up to so much move speed. (Great for classes that dodge and for low level grind spots where you don't get hit that often.)AP modifier: Every second you don't get hit up to lets say for the sake of it 10-20 seconds gives you an extra AP that will disapear on getting hit. 5 second cool down before the stat kicks in again. (Good for rangers once again and encourages a play-style of not getting hit cause it will boost ap.Simple reduction of all status effect timers. Just get rid of bleed much faster than normal, not talking cc effects just bleed and such.Simple increase of the effects of potions a player takes. Just make potions heal them more while this accessory is equipped. Hell double the health the potion gives em but increase the cool down even. Just remember to not increase the cool down timer to much, i know you want balance but also remember they would be equipping this to forgo other accessoriesElixertizer(like this name) Adds buffs to elixirs such as longer use and lower cool down timer as well as maybe an AP buff for the amount of exlier buffs you have active. turn five min cool downs in to 2 min cool downs and raise the base 5 min elixir into 10 minutes, we can already do so with party pots anyway. Also add like a 2 ap buff for every active potion maybe, or a 3 dp buff.Regen necklace: I know there is already a bunch of accessories that do this, but guess what, they don't heal enough to make em remotely worth using. Make them have like a 25-45 health per second buff but then double the cool down time of potions and other healing items. (Great for players who wish to farm.) if they equip more than one the benefit of having 2 is reduced 2 25 health per sec accessories means 40 health per second 3 and you get 50 health 4 and you get 55, 6 and you get 65 and then potions are perm disabled. OR since there are such things as low health beginning players that would make this accessory OP just have it be 25 health per second and up to .75% of health per second.Glass shield: Applies a single stack of +20 - +50 at pen every 6-10  seconds up to 3-10 times. Every hit you take reduces the stacks you have saved up.(bad for tanks,GREAT FOR DODGE CLASSES)Second breathe: This one i want cause of kutum in the U.S. Stops a hit that would normally kill you and keep you at one health and give you 3 seconds invincibility. This would take   time to reset so its not spam able you know 90-180 seconds, maybe make it pve only or whatnot.Assault: Every time you hit someone within 15 seconds you would gain one ap per consecutive hit up to 15 or so. Anything that is fast and made to hit allot whiten a few seconds would beneficent.Rage bringer: Guarding and blocking will build more rage for the black spirit.Armor brace: Forces a players AP down and increases DP at low health. Making the player less of a threat but harder to kill.Trigger finger: double cast speed and more damage on a single ability if player hasn't used an ability in the last 7-10 seconds. Players can opt out of attacking for a few seconds in order to try a quicker first attack with this accessory.Turtle shell, Reduces the amount of damage received from back attacks by a percentage.Weakening braces: This accessory is going to make it to where you will never hit harder than your opponent's ap and never use more dp than your opponent has when you are hit. disables potions and places an icon above your head. Basically you where this accessory so that you can duel players on more equal footing in duels.Want to add more in the future. these are of course untested ideas for accessories and likely half of them would break the game or be just as worthless as the ones we have now but i would love just variety in the future for this game. BTW my dream is to become a video game programmer so this is what i think about a lot.
  14.                                                                                                                        Divinity
                                                     Divinity este o guilda formata exclusiv din romani.Ne aflam pe serverul Jordine
    Divinity este o guilda infiintata relativ recent dar cu toate acestea nucleul guildei este formata din membri 
    cu experienta.Ne axam pe toate aspectele jocului.Aspiram sa ajungem o guilda competitiva , dar cu toate aceastea suntem
    casual si ne intereseaza foarte mult ambientul din guild si starea de spirit a membrilor nostri.
    -O comunitate de prieteni         
    -Cunostinte despre joc
    -Ajutor pentru pvp/ quest/scrols  etc
    Avem urmatoarele cerinte:
    -Trateaza pe ceilalti cum ai vrea si tu sa fi tratat
    -Nu acceptam drama
    -Sa ajuti daca e posibil la questuri de guild.
    -Sa Participi la node war.
    Pentru a intra in guild poti lasa un mesaj pe forum sau Whisper:
  15. Salut !!
    Je vous présente un petit format de vidéo qu'on fait avec des potes sur Black Desert. Ca s'appelle BDO Adventures et c'est un mélange de fun, d'un peu de roleplay et de contenu tout simplement qui montre notre progression en tant que joueurs casus, mais passionnés !!  En voici le premier épisode, vos avis sont les bienvenus !

  16. SCROLL PARTY 8:15p EST tonight!
    (4 hours from this was posted)*
    Bring your scrolls and check out the Recruitment thread here  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112320-templarius-orwen-pvppve-small-community/ 
    Our website is http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/ Click there to see if you want to join! If not just message me in game around the start time and we can kick this off!
  17. I wanted to share this video we made a s clip to congratulate 2 members of our Guild DrunkenBDO, you see they met on GW and are a couple who play together as many of us do.
    I had some friends from other guilds show up and we made this, I will stress ahead of time that well Fogle if you don't know him is a fun and wackjob, but a decent guy, he gave a speech that was different but all in all was fun. Be advised strong Language lol 
    Thanks to all who showed up
    Congrats to Rachel and Pat! 

    Click link for discord https://discord.gg/kReRpdU
    (Currently being used in the NA SERVER)
    What we are about: Templarius Is a balanced PvE/PvP guild on Orwens server in Black Desert Online. We are currently a small guild. My goal is to have 10 members by the end of this month and hopefully 50 before all the awakenings are released. I have an urge to do more with node wars so if that is your thing then you can come aboard and help us all get up to speed. Who we are looking for: People that have just started playing to people that bought the conqueror package on day 1! We are pleased to have the people that enjoy the game and can get a long with another gamer. Voice chat is enabled through discord.Rules: The number one rule is NO DRAMATIZATION If you have a problem with a person settle it in a PM or email or whatever. After the issue is resolved you both will feel better. If this issue cant be resolved then one of the leaders can help. If you are into pvp and want to do that as a play style then that is fine! Please be courteous to the requests of other guild mates and their requests.Ranks: We are currently looking for officers! This is one huge plus of joining our guild today!Requirements:  Do you enjoy Black Desert Online? Do you have a will to play at least one day a week? Do you enjoy talking with people in game?(If you answered yes to all three then you can join now!)
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    SERVER: North America
    FAMILY: Woodstock
    MAIN: Duarte
    Website: http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackdesertonlineguild

    THIS IS A RECRUITMENT! I am hosting a scroll party for people in or not in a guild! Bring your scrolls and lets meet and greet! I am hosting it at 8pm EST on ORWEN and channel will be Velia1. The event details are at this location http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/
    A little about what is going on here: I just started a new guild in the North America Orwen Server. This is a very fresh guild and I am the only one in it. A plus is that anyone who joins today will be a ranked member and will have more control over the fun with creating an awesome guild. The website is new too but here it is http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/ CHECK IT OUT! leave a comment in the forum so I can get back with you. Thanks!


  20.  ABOUT US:
    Looking for a fun, laid-back PVX guild? Look no further! The “Pestilence Party” Guild focuses on a casual gaming experience while working together to accomplish the goals laid out in Black Desert Online. We are striving to create a fun experience for all members and enjoy helping each other better understand this intricate and sometimes confusing game. “Pestilence Party” focuses on daily Guild missions to further or skills and assets.

    The “Pestilence Party” Guild is growing and we hope that you will be a part of this experience with us! Our vision is for all in the Guild to have a fun and to not stress over the best PVP or PVE gear, as this should be the end-goal for anyone who enjoys the game, it is not a requirement in this Guild. Our end vision is to one day soon be able to participate in Node Wars and collect the tax benefits! 

    The focus of the “Pestilence Party” is to meet individuals and to grow as a Guild. Black Desert has much to offer and we hope you would join us in the experience. Currently, the Guild is focusing on the daily Guild missions, weekly scroll sharing, and assisting our newer members. 

    The “Pestilence Party” is still growing and at the moment is a small Guild. In order to join the only requirement that we ask is that you are level 30 or above. Furthermore, there is no AP/DP requirements in order to join. In order to keep the guild active we have a 30-day inactive kick rule. If you are interested in joining please send our Guild Master or any of our Officers a whisper in game or feel free to respond below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 
    Guild Master: (Family/Character)  
        The_Worldslayer / Moonknight_Is
    Officers: (Family/Character)
        Dark_TormenT / Chimo_Shirin    Dumbledaze / WayneWolf
    Présentation de la guilde
    Nous sommes une guilde francophone sans prise de tête où bonne ambiance (Grosse ambiance même j'ai envie de dire!) est le maître mot. Nous souhaitons rester une guilde active avec des membres bien soudés entre eux et non chacun dans son coin. Nous ne regardons pas vos stats, mais plutôt votre personnalité et votre comportement à jouer dans notre communauté. Nous préférons avoir des membres de qualités avec qui on peut se lier d'amitié et s'entraider pour pouvoir ensuite jouer tous ensemble dans la bonne humeur.
    Vous ne serez pas déçu chez nous si vous aimez être dans une Guilde qui sait ce qu'elle fait tout en ne se prenant pas la tête et en profitant du jeu.
    Chez nous, pas de groupe pré-définis et pas de membre mis à l'écart pour tel ou tel activité parce que jugé trop faible.
    - Nous ne recrutons désormais que les joueurs possédant au moins un level 45+
    - Nous ne demandons pas une présence en jeu h24 7j/7 mais un minimum quand même, et si vous êtes amené à vous absenter merci de prévenir ^^
    - Connexion sur Discord obligatoire ( lien du serveur: https://discord.gg/Cfdge4Y )
    - Le micro pour le vocal est fortement conseillé. Nous sommes une très grosse majorité en vocal donc si vous voulez profiter de l'ambiance ça passe forcement par là =)
    - Age requis 16+.
    ( Vous pouvez également jouer avec nous sur d'autres jeux, même si nous sommes principalement sur Black Desert Online ! )
    Nos orientations InGame
    PvE -----> Exp de groupe  /  Parchemins  /  Boss de guilde  /  World Boss  /  Bash de mobs
         Quêtes de guilde -----> Commerce  /  Récolte  /  Encore du bash de mobs
              Chasse  /  Exploration  /  Entraide        ...
                   PvP -----> Arène  /  Champ de bataille rouge  /  chasse aux PK
                       GvG -----> Guerres  /  Conquêtes de nodes
    Nous sommes + orientés "Casual" mais avec quelques membres "semi-hardcores". Nous avançons à notre rythme et d'ailleurs chacun son rythme, chacun est libre de jouer de la manière qu'il le souhaite à condition de ne pas rester seul dans son coin ^^.
    On organise régulièrement des soirées de quêtes de guilde pour pouvoir obtenir des compétences de guilde non négligeables.
    Durant les autres moments, on s'occupe avec les parchemins de boss, les sessions Exp, la chasse à la baleine, l'entrainement en arène ou encore l'exploration du monde (que c'est beau :'( ) fin bref, la liste des choses à faire est bien longue ^^.
    On respecte les autres Guildes et on ne vole pas des spots ou drop de monstre. Nous sommes contre ce genre de pratique. On veut jouer d'une façon honnête et respectable.
    Cependant on aime bien la castagne, donc si l'occasion se présente pour nous de faire face à un/des (méchants) joueurs ou une guilde, on sera présent =D.
    Enfin, nous participons régulièrement aux conquêtes de géo-points, des fois avec succès d'autres fois où l'on se fait poutrer et nous sommes alliés à plusieurs guildes pour pouvoir entre autres rendre réalisable ces conquêtes.
    Nous sommes actuellement 33 membres.
    (Notre nombre maximum évoluera petit à petit, donc il est "non déterminé".)
    Nous possédons une maison de guilde!
    Nous possédons un éléphant de guerre équipé lourd  
    Points de guilde = 66
    Divers compétences de guilde dont récolte et pêche +1 
    Vous voulez devenir membre des [Tantalas] ?
    Recrutement = Ouvert
          Nos règles :
    Avoir un bon état d'esprit ;Avoir un personnage level 45+ ;Venir sur le jeu régulièrement, l'heure de pointe chez nous c'est 19h-1h ;S'inscrire sur notre serveur vocal/textuel "Tantalas" https://discord.gg/Cfdge4Y (Concerne l'administratif, BDO aussi et nos autres jeux) ;Venir si possible "écouter" (sans micro) sur notre serveur vocal/textuel Discord lorsque vous vous connectez à BDO ;Toutes vos absences de plus de 9 jours doivent nous être signalées par écrit sur notre Discord "Tantalas", dans le salon textuel "# signalez_absences" ;Au bout de x jours d'une absence non signalée, vous cesserez d'être un Tantalas, mais vous pourrez re-postuler chez nous si cette fois ci vous respectez nos règles. (il n'y aura pas de 3ème chance) ;Respectez les membres des Tantalas mais aussi les autres joueurs ;Jouez en équipe de préférence ;      Si notre guilde vous intéresse, vous avez plusieurs moyens (au choix) pour nous rejoindre :
    Soit vous postez votre candidature ici-même à la suite de cet article ;Soit par MP dans le profil de Hasenko (sur ce forum officiel) ;Soit en nous contactant directement sur notre serveur vocal/textuel "Tantalas" : https://discord.gg/Cfdge4Y Vous pouvez toujours contacter un officier InGame avec /w Keroknesah, /w Arckangello ou /w Fuzoz !Avec une petite présentation :
    Votre nom de famille dans BDO et le nom de votre personnage principal, votre level et votre classe et depuis combien de temps vous jouez ;Pourquoi voulez-vous nous rejoindre ?Quelles sont vos disponibilités pour venir jouer ?Avez-vous un micro? Le vocal vous dérange t-il?Et si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas je ne fais pas payer trop chère =P      Infos pour les pinces, le contrat  :
    Les membres permanents ont un contrat de 15 jours (renouvelable) avec un salaire variable de 30 000 à 75 000 pièces d'argent par jour selon la taille de vos boobs votre tête votre activité au sein de la guilde.Le Maître de guilde et les Officiers sont les seuls à avoir un contrat de 30 jours (renouvelable) avec un salaire trop faible selon moi .Les nouveaux membres ont un contrat de 7 jours avec un salaire de 7 000 pièces d'argent qui sera renouvelé en contrat "membre permanent" si vous avez de gros boobs si vous êtes pas trop con si vous correspondez à notre guilde.Le niveau des salaires (sauf pour le contrat de 7j "nouveau membre") va augmenter ou diminuer en parallèle de la richesse de la guilde.
    Nom de famille et personnage principal des responsables de la guilde :
    Maître de guilde : DjidaneJex (Daeriss)
    Officier Diplomate et Recruteur : Hasenko (Keroknesah)
    Officier à la retraite : RoyGrifter (Mistrael)
    Officier Maître Du Jeu infiltré : Zozuf (Fuzoz)
    Officier Caméléon : Voltaica (Arckangello)
    Un grand merci à vous si vous avez lu ce pavé en entier, malheureusement vous ne serez pas payé pour ça 
    A PLOUSH IN GAME! <3  
    Dernière maj: 28/09/2016
  22. So there are two third-rail issues in the game right now- P2W and PvP. What if we simply combine them?
    Everyone who sells a Cash shop costume is flagged for PvP for a month per item sold. 
  23. When I started I read up on game and seen both KR and JP had no buy in and had cash shop items avail for marketplace
    Now when a game wants to step up shop here in North America, what they do not tell you is this, international tax and fees. 
    In a sort they are setting up shop to take virtual jobs, and are charged through the nose.
    Servers are not cheap for this type of usage 100.000 + users using data to run this game lol
    Also Currency from Yen to USD is a joke see image
    Edited to show both in case of either
    Now keep in mind I am going by my opinion of starting in March.
    At that time they said Not at launch, so I knew it was coming, and seeing the fact as kr gets updates we do later on so you have to be a fool not to think oh they get mediah we get mediah they have valencia we get valencia ..... Oh wait they have cash shop items in market........ 
    anyhow it takes alot to do this and well I respect it. 
    Please remain calm and stop acting like no one knew this....
    and in a couple days we shall see what happens,  

    I think the items in cash shop will be limited, like to have 25% avail to resell only to encourage more to spend, Like at costco where they offer a sample of tasty crack to get you in the door 

    IN online gaming you see cash shops. they help with paying the staff, now if you are unemployed or living at home think of this, "whoever" feeds you be it Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, the state or lotto. if they had been told today that they were no longer going to be paid that they were hoping to work for free. 
    you would not have anymore internet, food, or cheetos

    For me the Pearl shop is a form of tipping the server waitress etc "Jouska" 

    but if we paid to get in, and that income is going down, the fate of the server could close.
    if the game did go free to play you think it is bad now?
    we pay to get in and could pay, think of the leechers 

    Yes Black Friday, game goes free to play hordes of people rush in, card warriors and bots and rotten people
    You think it is bad, lol I played Lineage 2 when it started 20$ a month, it had bots and gold sellers but when it went free to play servers we're packed
    I think we all need to see how this plays out, and see if it can be made to work for us, as well we all love the game or you would not be here trolling 

    In life you will learn you can chose the devil you know vers the devil you don't

    IN any case this has been my time and thoughts.
    If you need an 

    Just leave, save some dignity and move on. 
    Stress will kill you
    Have a great day, if you agree may the RNG be with you so you find the booty

    and if you are that troll, may you find all the Bares crap and empty chests
  24. Im not taking any sides between p2w or no p2w here, im trying to be as constructive as i can.
    So i get it, Kakao needs to make money. No mmorpg is going to survive with a launching price for years. But instead of trying to find smart ways to milk people by treating them like kids, they should find ways to make the game more enjoyable and less problematic for players NOW, so players wouldn't give a shit about every single god damn minor thing that is written on the patch notes because they are afraid that it will destroy the dream game that they have built in their heads even after 5 months.
    Everyone is overreacting to any change that kakao makes to the cash shop or game in general, by saying "we got scammed" , "give me my 30$ back" etc.. This kind of overreacting usually comes from the "competitive" type of players who think that they will be out geared and one shotted even tho they spent so much time on the game. But asking for a refund,overreacting like this only means that you havent had any fun from the game so far and you have only been playing to get your gear ready for those glorious days that you have been waiting for which is getting your final badass awakening form and playing more immersive serious pvp with sieges and stuff.
    So Kakao there is your proof, your competitive or any other playerbase that wants to pvp arent enjoying the game enough now because you have been holding back so much content and messed up so hard on the releasing schedule by giving everyone a mass grind like mediah so early without even giving them a right taste of pvp.
    I get that you have to make money, but first assure that your players are enjoying the game and that its not a stress for them but a fun ride, then search for ways to make it as less p2w as possible because lets face it you can. There are tons of restrictions you can put on any of these things.
    Kind Regards.
  25. So I learned the value of running more than normal Guild Missions this week, we got a Guild House with 3.4million daily rent wow so been pushing missions. Since monday alone, I have made 61 Million so far. I did not get a chance to cash out the trash look of ruthams and manshas last night but based on the week so far say another 15-25 million.
    Yes 4 pets, and party is on Marketplace, so if you are ever farming and someone says doing a quild mission do you want party "take it
    as i have been sharing this all week.
    Bought a centaur belt this am 12 million off blackmarket seller.
    anyhow thats my week, please if you have learned or experienced something cool to share this week please do
    Thanks from Uno-NA