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  1. Hey Guys my guild Work In Progress <WIP> is Recruiting! We are a Casual MultiGame Group of pretty friendly people focusing in BDO currently and looking to build up and expand within the game. We Are on NA/Edan & mainly hang out on Mediah E2 but move around occasionally.  We welcome any and all players that are interested in joining to talk to us, our main goal here is to have fun and do everything the game has to offer. We have Organized Boss/Scroll farms and Guild missions. We are also  getting some Guild Events and Meetings Going again like we have done in our other games, as well as do ALL Things PVE/PVP/Crafting (really excited for node wars here on NA). We are all happy to help out with anything IG you need and pay you guys pretty well ;D. We have a nice TS and a site (that’s currently being renovated) and are just eager to have some more fun active players.
    ALSO ! 
    Its almost Node War time so if there are any small or medium guilds looking to merge we have the points and the slots if need be to accommodate them!  Just shoot me a message &  I'll be happy to talk it out ! 
    So!  If you have any questions, need info or if you are interested in joining feel free to comment here, shoot me a message or find me in game. My name is Kasara_CH of the Orndeir Family and I am the guild leader. Happy To answer anything !  
  2. I tried to complete one black spirit's quest and this is the result, see chat.

  3. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large.
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 3 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that. 
    If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  

  4. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large. We are a small community of roleplayers hoping to grow together. We have extensive forums,an Inter-region forum that combines our NA & EU communities to discuss game topics, weave stories, and make introductions! We also have respective NA & EU forum sections so that each region can post their own character profiles, events, and associations or player networks and businesses. We are building a Lore Wiki, it will serve as a comprehensive cited guide for BDO lore that everyone is welcome to use and volunteer information. 
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 2 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that.If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  
  5. Post on Delete in Roleplay

    By The_Elusive, posted
    Please delete 
  6. We are DragonLore, a gaming community founded 10 years ago. For an overview of what we do please visit our website at dragonlore.eu or join our forum’s.
    In BDO we are an all aspect guild playing on Croxus and we offer an active community. We do weekly guild events and missions. We are looking for active players with no extra requirements. Teamspeak is recommended but not mandatory.
    If you’re interested you can find all the info you need on our website. Join our forums or join our Teamspeak now! You can also just reply on one of our frequent recruitment massages on Mediah C1 or whisper me in-game (Helyan)
  7. BlackXDesertXHos
    We are a international, social, active, casual, friendly, crazy, weird, funny, ball of awesomenessesesesessss (with added pirates for that rummy goodness). We are all vet mmorpg players but all are welcome and help is always given :). We use to run a 500 member guild in GW2 (Devilsreapers) before BDO release >.> .....<.< ....>.> so we know how to run and organise a guild and our main focus has always been fun as hey..... it is a game after all :). We don't believe in ranks, if you join us your family and it is your guild just as much as it ours. We only ask your respectful of others and enjoy yourself as much as possible. We have teamspeak and all the trimmings ...yada yada yada.... If your interested in joining us or wanna know more respond to this post or send me a message (Glychi Glitch/ Mentaru Glitch) in game we are normally bumming around calph a1. 
    So hope to see you in the matrix, if not happy gaming and toodles!!!

  8. Shadow Vanguard
    Status: Recruiting
    Server: Orwen
    Channel: Serendia 1
    Level Requirement: 40+
    Region: International
    Timezone: AEST, PST, EST.
    Member Style: Casual, Semi-hardcore, friendly
    Playstyle: PvX, Organized Events
    VOIP: Teamspeak - Discord is shit
    Forum: http://shadow-vanguard.shivtr.com/

    About us
    Shadow Vanguard is a newly formed guild started by experienced players. We are a very organized guild that strives to get end-game gear and participate in some node wars; however that is not to say we are a militaristic guild. Instead we are a friendly, community like guild that help each other via information, scroll groups, guild bosses and practice! We love to joke around and mess around in Discord. We certainly welcome active lower levels that are dedicated to progress in the game but would prefer those who are already level 40. Remember we are here to have fun and assist each other in gearing

    Why join us?  
    Fun and FriendlyNon toxic communityOceanic and North American basedGear and Character ProgressionA good time General Rules
    Don't be a shit -----
    participate in guild missions
    be respectful to other guild members
    PK is allow but only if absolutely necessary  
    Apply now!
    Family Name:
    Character Name:
    Current Level:
    Or Apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/oHQ3shV39D
  9. Hello I am PirateBeowolf, I have been online Gaming since 2000 I think lol. 
    Our little gaming community has been around for many games, if you played Lineage 2 [ DrunkenL2 ] or Diablo 3 [ <DD> DrunkenD3 ] you may have seen us around
    We have discord voicechat, a facebook group, and Scroll saturdays.
    it is not a huge guild since well BDO is newer however we are helpful and enjoy the game.
    we are more PVE however we are making allies for the higher pvp 
    Anyhow I am on Uno and can me mailed here or in game.
    Be well and have fun! 
  10. Webshrouds here! We are still recruiting for more members to join our continuously growing community! All levels are welcome. (Yes, that includes new players as well because we like helping people.) Since there are so many guilds out there and everybody is different, we at Webshrouds are willing to do Compatibility Runs (party up for about an hour to grind/do whatever you need help with) to see if we fit you, so give us a try if you don't wish to commit right off the bat. For more information, check us out at www.Webshrouds.com or email us your questions/concerns/greeting atWebshrouds@gmail.com.

  11. Bon'dour/Bon'doir à vous, vieux rouleaux de printemps.
    Je viens vers vous en ces heures sombres afin de vous annoncer une terrible nouvelle... des Nems ont rejoint les rangs des déserteurs. Liés par le soja (sang) et amoureux de sauce aigre-douce (pouvoir) ils souhaitent à tout prix s'imposer au sein de ce monde de pandas fous. Pour cela, les Nems ont besoin de vous afin de bâtir un Nem'pire digne de leur puissance. Cependant, ces derniers ne cherchent pas n'importe qui mais plutôt de jeunes Nems matures prêts à se battre en petites barquettes (pas de guilde usine) et qui ne frient pas trop rapidement (certain degré d'humour).
    En bref, au programme :
    maturité (respect, humour, entraide, sociable)tout niveau, mais vraiment.... tout!guilde familialesessions PvP / PvE (dont PK et GvG, du moins y mettre un peu le bazar)serveur Mumble à disposition (micro fortement recommandé donc) -> nemsfurieux.mumble.gg:13869et bien plus encore!!Je n'ai plus qu'une chose à vous dire... à vos baguettes!!!!
    Urkane / Niaxa.
    PS1 : Contactez-moi in-game sous le pseudo Urkane, canal Valencia J1 ou venez sur Mumble.
    PS2 : Il se peut qu'une description semblable soit trouvée sur d'autres forums, forcément, c'est ma guilde.
    PS3 : Je la lance tout juste donc forcément, je suis tout seul!
    PS4 : Il n'y a pas et il n'y aura certainement pas de forum, trop d'organisation pour un intérêt qui me semble très limité pour une petite guilde...
    PS5 : Elle n'est pas encore sortie.
  12. Greetings all!
    My name is Mike, family name is Alexandrose (after the female princess from FF9 lol). I am here seeking to partner up with any person or persons to create and found a brand new PvX (thats PvE and PvP) guild on the Orwen server thats family friendly and believes in contribution, being active and teamwork. I ran a guild before but had no partner(s) and when I went away for 3 days for the birth of my niece, came back to half the guild missing.... So yeah....
    Anyways, I have years of experience starting from Everquest to several other MMOs to BDO. I am very hardworking and 1000% guild oriented. The thought of having a awesome group of people to play with, a nice website, good voicechat and communication is my favorite thing in the world. About myself: I'm currently a computer network/cyber security student, 28 yrs old and engaged so yes I have a life lol.
    The Ideal Partner(s):
    Someone who understand what it means and takes to operate a good, cohesive guildDoesn't mind coming together to discuss different ways to engage with the membersHas ideas and isn't shyGood with communicationLoves Voicechat (because I do lol)Believes in setting rules, policy, structure and proper organizationNon-elitist and is fun loving, down to earthWouldn't mind us having a facebook or website for the guild* I list these things because this is what you'll get from me. I believe in a strong staff system. Good leaders and officers are what make guilds work. *
    I am available to meet and talk just about every day. We can meet and discuss ideas and workout the logistics. Im not looking to make the most hardcore guild, just a guild that is serious about getting things done and doing whats needed to achieve success without stress or drama.
    Interested? Got questions? Reply below, inbox me or locate me on the game @ Grezlore Alexandrose (Orwen server).
  13. MadTeaParty on Edan is now recruiting. We are a community of active casuals who like to do everything the game has to offer. We have a mixture of end gamers and new players. We have plenty of veteran players with knowledge to help you through your levels or with any life skill questions you may have. We are a group of unique individuals and we are looking for more like us. If you have more questions or would like to join, you can whisper Sakura_Kuro in game >;D

    We Are ALL Mad Here.

  14. Welcome to NVP
    Orwen - North America
    My name is Kyban and I am the guild leader of NVP (non-valuable players) of Orwen NA. We are a late night guild that becomes most active around 10:00pm PST. We are currently looking to increase our numbers of active members to 25 or 30! Currently we have an active roster of about 10. We are looking to fill our roster for guild bosses and more community fun as well as eventual siege wars! Don't be deterred by size as we make it up in heart!
    Who we are:
    NVP is a small guild that provides an atmosphere for players to hone their skills through small scale pvp, organized grind groups, and group dailies. We want to build a strong community that can be respected on Orwen NA. As this community grows we hope to become more active out in the world of Black Desert by adding guild bosses and siege! Our guild is built on a small core group. These members are happy to be around each other and people go out of the way to share knowledge, accept others, and have a great gaming experience. We are active in TS and welcome anyone that wants to come be a part of such a group! My experience as a guild leader stems from wow where I lead a top ten 10 man server group during Dragon Soul. I have always loved small guild mentality and want to continue that throughout my BDO experience with this guild.
    Prime Play Time:
    Weekdays - 9:00pm till 4:00am PST
    Weekends - All hours (someone is always active)
    Currently our guild part takes in daily gathering and kill mission as well as weekly boss scroll groups. A member is always willing to organize grind groups or help another individual level. Most of our members spend lots of time working on life skill professions. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get your own crafting empire off the ground. Be it dailies involving rhutum/manshas or out in Mediah someone will be interested or able to help out.
    In the future, drawings and prizes will be rewarded for guild events set up throughout the year to increase community involvement!
    Age: 18+
    Active member ( Active play 2/3 times a week )
    TeamSpeak 3 ( You do not have to talk but it is encouraged )
    Mature, Patient, Calm, Have a Filter
    Participation in Guild hosted events
    Thank you for taking the time to read about our guild and consider it in your own attempts to find a new home for yourself! Good luck with your search! If NVP resonates with you and are interested in applying please contact one of the individuals listed below:
    Contact Info:
    First Name: Kyban  Family Name: Koba  (Guild leader)
    First Name: Hyperiana  Family Name: Reinheit  (Officer)
    First Name: Aea  Family Name: Drakkon (Officer)
    Guild Event on 5/28/16
    "The road to Valencia!"
    Come be a part of NVP and do guild missions with us at 7:00pm PST! All members who are involved will have a chance to win 1 of 2 pets from raffle prize! Have to contribute to guild missions in order to sign up for raffle! (If gifting is back in game by this point / fingers crossed!)

    Guild Master
    Albardeiro (Creaturez)
    Aenomeus (Okoi)
    Crestmoor (Mabeli)
    Deceivedmonster (Stratella/Stratacast)
    WeaselPaw (Sonfa)
    Thorris (MagizZzian)
    About US
    The guild started out on the first day on head-start and it has been growing since. Our first aim was to create a guild where we all have fun and chill out while we enjoy this new adventure called Black Desert Online . Soon after we started growing and we are creating a community where people are having fun whilst making friends. Recently the guild took a big hit and quite some members left making me (Creaturez) the guild master. We don't plan on giving up just yet.We still have some dedicated members. We will rise again and be bigger than we once were!
    TeamSpeak is essential for day to day use and for guild event's, You don't have to be online constantly but checking in every now and then for a laugh will help you on making new friends easily. Also having a mic is optional aslong as your able to follow commands you shouldn't have any problems.Lvl 45+ and with a little bit of basic knowledge of the game. We are still ready to help you out on learning your class but we don't want people asking where to buy a Pickaxe. that should be common sense by now .Be active. As in online (not afk) and in the guildHelp in guild quests. If you do it will benefit you (guild bosses) and all the guildWebsite : Pgnubs.enjin.com : I highly suggest to sign up on the website once you join the guild as we have guide's and we discuss the guild's future.We do not have any age requirement but most of us are 18+ and the language/jokes in chat and TS do get a lil bit offensive for the light of heart people, if you have any problems with chat or your sensitive then I am afraid this isn't the guild for you.  
    What we offer 
    Lots of fun.Guild combat quests. (only combat at the moment since most people are not interested in any other) which leads to:Guild Bosses. Only doable if we complete enough guild combat quests.Guild vs Guild Wars. For the PvP enthusiastsDaily scroll runsRelic scroll partyWanna know more? come find out for yourself ^^ If you have any questions feel free to drop a message on the forums or /w me or any of the other officer's in-game  
    Please contact our GM/officers to be added or with questions.
    We are on Orwen Server, primarily Velia 01 channel. 
    GM: Aleksandar
    Officers: Oizys, Isj, Ranera, Moonie, Rev_jackson, Smokey. 
    Also check out our Website and feel free to apply there too. http://theronin.shivtr.com/
  17. Absolute Gaming


    What is Absolute Gaming?

    Absolute Gaming is a gaming community focused on providing every player with a unique, fun, safe, and secure gaming experience. There are many different types of gaming communities out there but what makes Absolute Gaming different than the rest is the community, how it's managed, and what we can offer you.

    Our community is comprised of gamers, students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. We truely care about each other and love hanging out together. It is managed by a group of 4 Admins who make decisions based on what is best for you and the Community as a whole. If you want us to start sponsoring a game, help you find a ranked team, give you a private channel where you and your team can practice all you have to do is ask! We really listen to you and want you to be as happy and content as you can here! If you need tutoring for school we have teachers on the server that will help you! You want coaching? We have that too! Anything we aren't offering or you would like to see all you have to do is ask!

    What type of gamer is AG good for?

    Casual? Serious? Very Serious? We have gamers of all types!

    What can we offer you?

    Private Rooms
    Private Team Rooms
    In-houses and fellowship
    Casual game nights (where we play Cards Against Humanity, Online Board Game, Town of Salem and more!)
    Streamers/Streaming Channels and Support on our website!
    and more!

    Requirements to become a member:

    Have Team-speak 3 and a working microphone (we are primarily a Team-speak community)
    Be a gamer
    Have fun and obey our server rules (which is basically be nice!)
    If any of the above interests you I urge you to give us a shot. Let us try to show you what we are all about! Come play games, meet people, make friends, and have fun with us.

    There is no application process and you do not have to register on any website.

    Just simply join the Teamspeak and have fun! New to Teamspeak? Read below!

    To connect to our teamspeak, you first must make sure you have the teamspeak application found here (http://www.teamspeak.com/). If you don't, it's a quick and easy download. Once you have teamspeak, in the upper left corner where it says "Connections" put in the address listed above and hit connect! It's as easy as that!

    Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to add me in game, Come on our server, or post here!

    -Absolute Gaming Staff
  18. Post on On the Fence? in New Adventurers

    By Javago, posted
    Hello Black Desert Community.
    I've been watching Youtube videos and Twitch Streams about BDO for about a week now and I'm still on the fence on purchasing the game. I've played a whole host of other MMORPGS (Runescape, World of Warcraft and Vindictus) to name only a few.  My question is, would you recommend someone to buy the game?  The price for this game is low, compared to other MMORPGs that are b2p, but if someone would have a Guest Pass I could have (US) I would love to try it out and see if it hits that addictive tone with me.
    Thanks for all the feedback and happy hunting,
  19. I bought the game the day it was announced, in hope that this game would be the one that I have been waiting on since eq ruined theirs with an expansion every 3 months. I was and am not dissapointed. This is, in my opinion, the best MMO since Ultima Online. The mini games are even entertaining and fantastic. This is finally the MMO that I have been waiting for since MMO's became mainstream cash grabs without any refining or limited playability. With so many people complaining that the game is not instantly giving them the best gear, easy fights and a button mashing victory, I felt ended to be said. Being that the majority of people that take the time to comment on forums or such are angry or some such thing. 
  20. Webshrouds here! Our numbers continue to grow and we're still recruiting! Why? Because we do everything and we need more people to help do much much more! If you're skeptical about joining the guild and want a test run to see if we fit your standards, shoot us an email at Webshrouds@gmail.com and ask for a Compatibility Run. Our GM and our Officers are more than willing to help you to the best of their abilities (for a limited time of course) If you want to learn more about us without even communicating with us, check us out at Webshrouds.com!
  21. I thought it would be a great idea if we were able to battle with our pets, it would give the training profession more usefulness and add in a mini game system to the game. People can sign up for a pet battle arena/tournament based on their pet battle level, which can only be gained from battling. The top performers in each bracket would be rewarded with, well, rewards. Just like horses, pets could gain various skills depending on their training skill and perhaps gear found out in the world. The battles would be turn based and players control the actions of their pets and pets would have stats. Simple idea that could make pets more than just vacuums for items. Daum could add in pet skill resets or whatever into the cash shop, so it could be a viable source of income for them and a source of fun for players.
  22. Heyo! I'm just looking for someone to chill out with, I am experienced though I just started my new plum. Just casual and relaxed  Whisper me at Kyosaia on Orwen Valencia 02! Hope I meet some new people
  23. We are a guild that focuses on various things. We have groups for many things across the board. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the following:
    PvP, GvGs, Horse Taming, Fishing, Guild Party Grinding, Guild Quests, Guild Bosses, World Boss Events, Pking, Pirating (hunting for them trade goods). 
    We are a MATURE 18+ guild and can be offensive with our banter. This guild is not for everyone but we are looking for those who fit. We are not dictators, but friends who play across various games. 
    Whisper me or any officer in game: Malpercio, Onvuu, Nekomancer, Adain, Failboat, Yorokaze or Naudly.
    Any questions feel free to ask in game or reply here!
  24. ~Relinquished is an NA, PvX, PST/EST guild on the Orwen server mainly occupying Calpheon O2 or Balenos O2 channels.~
    About Us: We are a small guild but we have very active members, quality over quantity. Our goal is to get to know all of our members and form a friendly gaming community that is mature and very easy going while exploring all that BDO has to offer. Relinquished is a mature guild so adult content is very much present, please keep this in mind when deciding on joining. 
    Member Activity: Most of our members work or attend college so we are most active after 5pm PST though we do have members that are active before that time.
    What We Do: We do PvE, PvP (mainly friendly duels in the arena area until we are large enough to do guild wars and node wars when they are released) and some of us Roleplay.
    Our Focus Right Now: We are recruiting active members that will help the guild grow to start to do large scale PvP. Currently we are doing groups for daily boss scrolls, subjugation and gathering guild missions. We help each other farm/level in groups and we offer exp drinks to our leveling members as well as beer. Our members are more than willing to answer any questions members might have about any aspect of the game, if we do not know then we research and get back to them. 
    Contracts: For new members we give a 7 day guild contract as a grace period and once that contract is up we will give a 30 day contract depending on guild activity in the logs as well as activity in TS. To keep a contract or to receive a raise in pay, members must complete 5 guild missions a week (7 days) and be present in the TS during guild missions. We like to get to know our members and encourage friendships for a fun and close gaming community.
    Requirements to Join: 
    Have and be active in TS3, a mic is not needed so long as you do not plan on participating in PvP otherwise a mic is REQUIRED for promoting communication and teamwork in PvP and we ask that all of our members be as active in TS as much as possible to get to know your fellow guild members. Members MUST join our website to stay updated on news, events and stay connected to fellow guild members, officers and the guild leader as well as have access to resources and helpful links. Members have to participate in 5 guild missions a week and be in the TS during any guild mission to continue to receive guild contracts and raises.  Who to Contact For Information or to Join: We are located on the Orwen server in the channels Calpheon O2 or Balenos O2. If we are AFK we will get back to you ASAP. Or contact us on our website http://relinquishedbdo.enjin.com/
     We all hope to meet new people and make some new friends!! Good luck and happy hunting everyone!
    *When emailing please include BDO RECRUITMENT in the subject line.*
    ~Guild Leader~
    Family Name: Krill Character Names: Hazel, BasiIEmail: relinquishedbdo@gmail.com~Officer~
    Family Name: BuglerCharacter Names: Legionknight, NobushiqeEmail: Michaelbugler@yahoo.com 
    Family Name: DarsyiCharacter Name: Daulen_DarsyiEmail: thekingster125@gmail.com 
    Family Name: Enigmas Character Names: Valyrin, NeilianEmail: jennifermw89@gmail.com We all hope to meet new people and make some new friends!! Good luck and happy hunting everyone!
  25. The purpose of this thread is to post screenshots of some of the weirdest (or even genius) things, events, and shenanigans you have seen in game. Preferably a picture of someone else but let's see what you've got. 
    Here is what I just saw. My vote is possible genius: