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    <Knights of the Blood Oath> is now recruiting! 
    Hello, and welcome to the Knights of the Blood Oath.  This is a clan of future elite players without the elitist attitude. Whether you are new, or veteran, we shall all work together in order to overcome any foe. All I ask of you are a few small matters. Firstly, everyone entrusted with the title of Knight of the Blood Oath must respect each other. If someone is a noob, don't harass them about it, try and help them improve. If someone is a veteran, respect them for who they are, elite players. Try no to provoke each other and I'm sure that everyone will get along well. Secondly, I ask that members of the Knights of the Blood Oath are active. Clans are of no use if their members never show up for the job. Other than those two rules,  I have no other qualms. Hard work will reward you with greater respect and trust from mine self, and a larger paycheck to boot!  Members who reach Level 40 will get a pay boost, additionally, members who reach 10000 contribution points will also receive a raise.  We are currently at 43 members, ranked 65th highest ranked guild in Uno server! We are looking for active contributors to our guild. Players that will be active in participating in guild quests and wars to come! We are very laid back and are not going to tell you that you have to do something specific or get out. We understand the needs of family and education over gaming and accommodate well for such. 
    Guild Motto:
    Through blood, our oath holds. We rise as our foes burn in the wrath of a dragon's inferno.
    Guild Communication:
    We currently have an active discord that we use as well with multiple channels  for parties and AFK players to keep track of who is online.
    Don 't have it yet or want to know what it is, check ou this link here : https://discordapp.com
    We primarily roam in Balenos U2 .
    Who to contact:
    Message BloodRaine to ask about an invite!
    Now, who would like to take the oath, join the blood, and find our Destiny! Regaurds,
    KnightStalker, Guild Master of KBO

  2. Sooo am I at the right spot too fish lol?

    Also sorry for the bad graphic but AFK fishing goes best with Tom Clancys the Division
  3. <Knights of the Blood Oath> is now recruiting!

    Hello, and welcome to the Knights of the Blood Oath.  This is a clan of future elite players. Whether you are new, or veteran, we shall all work together in order to overcome any foe. All I ask of you are a few small matters. Firstly, everyone entrusted with the title of Knight of the Blood Oath must respect each other. If someone is a noob, don't harass them about it, try and help them improve. If someone is a veteran, respect them for who they are, elite players. Try no to provoke each other and I'm sure that everyone will get along well. Secondly, I ask that members of the Knights of the Blood Oath are active. Clans are of no use if their members never show up for the job. Other than those two rules,  I have no other qualms. Hard work will reward you with greater respect and trust from mine self, and a larger paycheck to boot!  Members who reach Level 40 will get a pay boost, additionally, members who reach 10000 contribution points will also receive a raise.  We are currently at 43 members, ranked 65th highest ranked guild in Uno server! We are looking for active contributors to our guild. Players that will be active in participating in guild quests and wars to come! We are very laid back and are not going to tell you that you have to do something specific or get out. We understand the needs of family and education over gaming and accommodate well for such. 
    Guild Motto:
    Through blood, our oath holds. We rise as our foes burn in the wrath of a dragon's inferno.
    Guild Communication:
    We currently have an active discord that we use as well with multiple channels  for parties and AFK players to keep track of who is online.
    Don 't have it yet or want to know what it is, check ou this link here : https://discordapp.com
    We primarily roam in Balenos U2 .
    Now, who would like to take the oath, join the blood, and find our Destiny!  Regaurds,
    KnightStalker, Guild Master of KBO

  4. Dear reader/potential guildie,
    We're a guild playing on Croxus and we're looking to expand! We primary play during evening hours and we have fun while doing it. Most of our members are currently in the higher lvl regions slowly getting to 50's. If you're looking for a fun group to do guild quests, grinding, crafting or maybe simply chatting, then look no further. Feel free to msg me in-game under the name of Colle.
    See you in-game,
  5. Good Evening all
    I'm currently recruiting for the small guild Mastodon, we are hoping to become a semi-hardcore focusing on GvG sieges and map control, we also want to have fun along the way. As it stands we are only four members strong. We are looking for like minded individuals.
    18+ only
    What we have to offer:
    DiscordForumAdviceFunIf you are interested register to the forum HERE and get in contact over the forum. We'd be happy to hear from you.
  6. **WARNING NEW FRIENDSHIPS WILL BE MADE!**.The Death Dealer Mercenaries <DeathDealerMercs>, a Co-Ed family friendly multi game guild Founded in 1997 recruiting players who are looking for a fun mix of casual & hardcore gamers, All lvls welcome, Jump on our T3 server ddmcomms.typefrag.com:8360 and say "hi" and get to know us or just ask any <DeathDealerMercs>" to join. Stop by the website www.deathdealermercenaries.com Team Speak 3 is required to run group content. Code of conduct is enforced. See Below.
    Code Of Conduct
    1. Respect Other Members of the Team
    •Respect your fellow Death Dealers at all times. There is to be no bickering or name-calling among unit members. If you have a problem with someone on the team that you can't work out amicably between you, please bring it to the attention of a member of OCL. All Death Dealers should be treated as your brothers and sisters, regardless of whether or not you play the same game(s).
    •Show respect for our member's ranks. Our ranks are awarded based on length of active service and overall input to the unit, across the various games we play. Please give your teammates the respect they have earned through their years of dedicated service.
    •Do not abuse your rank or position. These are games we're playing, let’s not make it unpleasant for our lower ranking members. With higher rank comes a responsibility to make sure these newer guys are having fun and getting along well in the game, as well as in the team. Keep in mind that we are active in several different games. Players from each of these games will be shown equal respect. No member is any more important than another based on which game or games they play as a Death Dealer. We are all in this together.
    2. Respect Your Opponents
    •Do not ever openly accuse anyone of cheating. If you believe your opponents are hacking, or intentionally breaking specifically stated rules, finish the game and simply don’t play them again. Bring the issue to a member of OCL and we will have a system in place for reporting possible cheaters.
    •Do not use excessive profanity or verbally attack our opponents or other league or alliance members at any time. This includes in-game chat and mail as well as public, league or other unit's forums. Discussions about our opponents should be limited to secure areas of coms and our own forums.
    •Do not give anyone a reason to talk bad about us as a unit. We hold our members responsible for their conduct both in and out of organized play. You are our representative any time you are playing or posting on a forum as a member of this team. We expect you to put a positive face forward for DDM at all times.

    3. Fight The Good Fight
    •Do Not cheat.
    •Always follow extra battle rules that are set before a match. These are as important as class or weapon restrictions once they have been agreed upon.
    •If you do not like any additional rules or settings the other team is requesting, and they won't compromise, bow out of the battle before it starts. We should never drop from a league match over a dispute with the other team after the game has started.
    •Show your opponents the same respect they have shown you. If they let you get up after a fall, you might do the same for them. We will never make any rule against legging or shooting a downed opponent, these are perfectly valid tactics. We believe anything a game allows you to do under normal circumstances is fair play, as long as it isn't against any stated rules or specific match settings. Just use your best judgment on this... Golden Rule applies.

    4. Communication is Paramount
    All active members must stay in contact with the team. These forums and our Team Speak server are our most important organizational tools. Even if you can't find time to play, you can take two minutes and post on the forum and let use know how you are doing. New recruits must register for the forum with DDM tags and post in a welcome or introduction thread before being activated for organized play or added to a DDM guild roster. Each member is responsible for making sure this process is complete for their own recruits. You need to also make sure your new recruits are familiar with the team's structure and command, as well as this Code of Conduct.
    5. Have Fun
    These are just video games we play together. They are meant to be fun and we need to keep them that way. We are simply taking it one step further by participating in organized play. This should never be something that makes the game less fun for us. Being a member of this team shouldn't feel like an obligation or a job. Just get out there and have fun. Kick as much ass as possible with your brothers and sisters and have a few laughs while you're at it. When we are playing well as a team, success will be a happy side effect.
    "ITS Not A Guild, Its A Family"
    Welcome to the Family Mimosa.
    We are proud to add you to the ranks Sister.

  7. Greetings,
    If you like both PvE and PvP, emphasize on fun and like golden sets, you should join Golden Legion! 

    What we are:
    We are a 5 years old community moving over from a game called Vindictus. In our prime, we were composed of about 90 unique members, all wearing golden themed sets. With the arrival of BDO, the core members of GoldenLegion regrouped and started a new branch! We are currently 70 members! Our goal is to provide a friendly and fun environment to our members while looking badass and unified doing it . We already recruited a good amount of new members fresh from BDO and they are having a blast! Our members wear golden themed sets. We are aware that following an armor color theme using only Loyalty Points Unknown Dyes might be a bit difficult for those who doesn't wish to buy from the cash shop, which is why the golden set is viewed as a long term goal. In other words, any player that likes the idea of a golden set and that will strive to one day get his own golden colors is welcome! We have a guild discord channel for guild coordination. While we highly recommend joining it, we do not impose it. Some of us played on the foreign versions of BDO while others are learning the ropes.

    What we do:
    At the moment., we do a bit of everything with no particular schedule. We can be classified as a PvX guild since we enjoy every aspect of the game and are planning to take part in all the content that is offered to us, from grinding to GvG to simply goofing around. We also have scroll nights based on demand.

    Only 2 requirements: being friendly and having / willing to have your armor golden!
    Why a golden set requirement? It gives a feeling of unity during guild runs and having a visual brand makes us easily recognizable at a distance. A great thing about gold is that it goes well with pretty much anything, so everyone can be golden while sporting their favorite color!

    Whether you are a casual, hardcore, new or veteran player, you are welcome to join us!
    Activity Policy:
    There is no activity quota imposed to our members, but after 100+ days of inactivity, it is possible you will be booted to make place for players interested to join us. If that happens and you come back to BDO, simply contact us and we will re-invite you to the guild.

    How to Apply:
    To apply, reply to this thread with your ingame family name and we will contact you through a forum reply containing a link to our discord recruiting channel. On there, we will have a quick chat to make sure if we are good fits for each other. You can try to whisper us ingame as well, but I wouldn't recommend as many of us afk during workdays and night to train life skills. The whisper will simply be lost in the logs.

    More information about our Golden Set Theme:
    Only the metal parts of your main armor set (the one you wear most of the time) and main horse armor set need to be golden. This means that other types of materials like leather, fur or cloth can be any color to allow diversity! In the event that your set has too few metal pieces (all cloth for instance) the weapons, accessories and shields(if applicable) then have to be golden to compensate. Another option is to use golden dye types with a metallic reflection (such as Valencian or Keplanian) on cloth or leather parts to give that metal look.
    Here are a few examples of what we are going for:

    Here, the red and black could be replaced to any color of your liking coupled with a shade of gold you think matches best.


    **As we accept many shades of gold, we do not consider orange, bronze or reflection-less plastic yellow as gold. If unsure about a certain shade, ask me or an officer to see if it's accepted.**
    See you in game!

  8. Post on Do you dwarf fort? in Off-Topic

    By srifenbyxp, posted
    Who here plays dwarf fortress, hows your fort coming along and or your adventurer? Is it 'terrifying'?
  9. Are you looking to get away from the tea-bagging, basement dwelling, no-lifers whose vocabulary purely consists of played out internet memes and troll responses, such as general chat?(No offense, you're all very lovely people...)
    How about a friendly and helpful guild where you can play at your leisure without some neck beard riding your ass about what you should and shouldn't be doing? (Again, no offense. Your beards are all very nice and I'm sure you spent plenty of hours sitting in front of your computers growing them)
    All joking aside, if you're interested in joining a fun, semi-casual guild with friendly and helpful people where you can play at your own pace and group up for stuff here and there, you've found the right place! (probably...maybe?...I don't know...I don't know your life!...)
    Anyways....check out ApeX. We've played tons of games including Aion, SWTOR, GW2, Rift, FFXIV, Archeage, and other stuff.
    HERE'S OUR SITE! RIGHT HERE! CLICK IT!...p....please...
    A bit of background on ApeX and what we've always been about
    ApeX has been around since 2008 when Aion released. It was the first major MMO we've played seriously, and since have played just about every other major MMO release since (and some non major games). We've always been a smaller guild as we prefer quality over quantity and we like to form close knit communities in the games we play.
    I'm looking to carry that standard over to BDO and form a small, close knit community of people who want to play the game while not feeling rushed to max level to be "competitive", but who also want to group with guild members occasionally to do some of the group content this game has to offer. That being said, even if you want a group of people to just chat with and not necessarily group up, if you seem like a cool person then we might have a place for you as well.
  10. Also there is no afros, I am sadden by this. Is it really that high poly to not include it into the game?
  11. Ello guys! My name is Ven (Odviously!), and I like to do art from time to time, so I came up with a neeto idea. 
    Make friends using art! 
    So this is really simple just fill out this little form to make my ditsy life easier, and I might do your character.
    For the side not section this is where you will add like color scheme or whatever else you want. Wanna add a pet? Put it here. She needs new clothes? Put the link here. Or have a cool pose you wanna see? Yup goes there as well. Be creative guys!
    I can do whatever you see on my deviantart, but here are some examples. I'm trying to slowly improve my art so drawing characters would also help out my own skills.
    DeviantArt Link
    Background Example

    Base Character Example

    Or I can do something cutesy like this. #cutesy
    Anyways for my to want to do this type you would really have to interest me. Also would have to be my friend and answer my confusing questions that I seem to get a lot of when I play Black Desert... 

    So I am completely excited to meet you guys! Have fun and game hard okay?
  12. Just because we can 
    A 20 pence coin $$$
    I bet you have not got anything more exiting than that! 

    We are some good friends who played other games before and liked BDO a lot and most of us played CBT1 and CBT2. We are zp to everyone and every class. We are a people with a real life from monday to friday noon but if we hit the WEEKEND we are getting nolife and BDO only (casual in the week - nolife in the weekend thats who we are). But you dont need to be nolife, just play. Reallife is always first before game. We try to make a guild quest every day, but i think that will be hard because of our low number of members. But that will be no problem with enough members.
    - PvP (such as siege's and nodes)
    - GvG
    - PvE (world bosses and future content)
    - having fun 
    We are aiming for PvE at the moment.
    But as soon as we all get on a higher level in level and gamaplay and farming (depending on what you want to get money from in the endgame* )
    I as a gamemaster am aiming for high standards, and want to make the guild a sellf running system, with good officers.
    - support where we can
    - s friendly and open minded guild
    - a sweet atmosphere in which you can enjoy your time ingame
    - s well run guild, run by people who understand its a game and that real life takes priority.
    - voice communications (via Teamspeak)**
    - participate and contribution to the guild (via guild missions)
    - Some knowledge about the game
    - Don't bring Drama into the guild
    - Treat others as you want to be treated
    You can whisper me ingame: Baba or Bachenbenno Family: Pajne
    My beloved Officer: Nikolaus Family: Schtark
    *Endgame is Permagame
    **Teamspeak is not required
  14. Hello! Bread here. Bread and friends would like to invite all of you on the Edan server to a world boss fight full of fun and death. There will be prizes and food for everyone who shows. (Not really)
    Huge Mutant Troll Boss
    WHEN  - SATURDAY, MARCH 12th, 7:00pm EST.
    WHERE - EDAN SERVER - CHANNEL VELIA E1 (may chance due to spawning issues, will keep updated)
    WHY - BECAUSE WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE WILL MEET UP AT THE NORTH CALPHEON STABLE MASTER AT 6:30pm EST! That gives people time to show up and organize. 
    for more details please leave a comment or whisper Keleseth in game. Edan Server, mostly Velia E1.
    Looking forward to seeing you there.

    He drops the Ogre Ring!
    La Communauté Multigaming HYDRIUM recrute!
    Présents depuis les Beta (Europe et Russe pour certains) sur Black Desert Online, nous avons décidé de nous y implanter durablement considérant le potentiel important de ce jeu pour le long terme. Notre Communauté va donc compter 3 MMORPG à son actif en simultané, les deux autres étant TESO (sous le nom de Vindicte sur PC) et FF14 (Hydrium), ainsi qu'une Section FPS variée.
    Nos objectifs ne diffèrent pas selon les jeux et sont donc toujours les suivants:S'amuser, s'entraider, profiter du contenu de jeu dans sa totalité en se respectant les uns et les autres tout en conservant une bonne ambiance détendue. Forts déjà de plus d'une Dizaine de Joueurs Actifs, nous sommes désireux de recruter de nouveaux camarades ayant la même mentalité que nous.
     Nous acceptons donc tous les types de joueurs, que vous débutiez ou que vous soyez un vétéran du MMO, que vous ayez clean du contenu ou que vous commencez juste à l'aborder, tout le monde a sa place chez nous sous la condition que ce ne soit pas un profiteur, un escroc, un PGM Hardcore, un stressé stressant, un hypocrite ou un assisté (on aime aider mais on est pas des buses non plus). Notre système de recrutement fonctionne de la manière suivante (plus long à lire qu'à subir):1- Un entretien Vocal avec deux membres de notre staff sur notre TS2- Si accepté par le Staff, vous devrez aller sur notre forum poster votre candidature (un formulaire est à utiliser, 12 questions, rien de méchant)3- Ensuite vous subirez une Période d'essai d'une à 2 semaines (selon votre temps de jeu, moins vous en avez, plus vous aurez de période d'essai) durant la/lesquelles les Membres jugeront votre comportement et votre personnalité, votre capacité à respecter notre Charte et les autres joueurs.4- A la fin de votre période d'essai, les Membres et les autres Recrues en période d'essai voteront pour ou contre votre admission définitive dans notre Communauté (ce qui implique que vous pourrez jouer à tout autres jeux dans la Communauté sans plus jamais avoir à refaire de candidature) Ce système de recrutement a fait ses preuves et nous permet de conserver notre ambiance, d'intégrer au mieux nos recrues et d'éviter les joueurs à problème. Prenez cela comme un gage de Sérieux de notre vieille structure existant depuis 2012. L'adresse de notre forum est la suivante : http://www.hydrium-m...gaming.fr/forumNotre Charte à lire obligatoirement : http://www.hydrium-m...unauté-hydrium/Notre Formulaire de Candidature : http://www.hydrium-multigaming.fr/forum/index.php?/topic/1331-formulaire-de-candidature/Notre Organigramme : http://www.hydrium-m...-la-communauté/Notre Histoire : http://www.hydrium-m...ui-sommes-nous/ Vous pouvez contacter Belaya Smert ou Henri de Owl en jeu pour plus d'information ou pour le recrutement.
  16. Hello, im rly causal noob player (I play arround 10 hour per week) and I heard, that sorcerrer is just for really good and experience players. Can I play this class and kill someone in PVP even when im bad in games? Or wich class is good for new player like me.
    BTW: I really enjoy sorc, but I see that his playstyle is rly quick and skillbased.
    PS: Have a nice day, sorry for my engish.
  17. Post on Is ranger fun? in Ranger

    By isux, posted
    Hello, Im rly causal and noob player and im looking for some easy and fun class. I like playstyle of warrior and ranger, and I dont know what to pick. I have both lvl 15 and I just cant decide. 
    Can you help me?
  18. So I thought since I spent about 12 hours playing the game yesterday, exploring, leveling, fishing, getting my first mount, doing just about everything I can without focusing too much on grinding levels....I would post this.
    First impression: Absolute LOVE this game.

    I haven't had this fun in an MMO in a long time. I'm a long time GW2 player, but in the past year or so I've wanted to try something more new and something with a little bit of a different pace. Skyforge was fun, but just didn't have the umph, Blade and Soul gave me nothing of interest, but 5 minutes into BDO and I want to do it all.
    Pros and Cons:
    AUTORUN (I like this feature is soooo awesome when I can rest my hands and wrists and just let my character get to where it needs to be)GAMEPAD (After spending so much time playing in the game, my hands hurt a bit, this is because I work all day as a web developer so spending another 12 hours after 8 hours on a keyboard gets a little tiresome on the hands. I plugged in my gamepad and felt refreshed to take a break and still enjoy the game)COMBAT: OMG SER MERCH FERN!!! Other games just bore me in terms of combat, GW2 has some of the better combat out there, but BDO takes it to another level. Combos, skill trees, chains, etc... so much fun I even made a small video of how much I enjoy combat even with only a few skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHjphOQ2cdwQUESTS: Quests are actually kinda fun, I like the kill these guys here, climb over there, find this and that. Feels very fluid and OG.TURNING OFF UI: Turning off the UI in this game takes you to a whole nother world, as a photographer I just wanna spend hours taking photos of the gorgeous land with my character in it. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION: Need I say more?AFK MODE: Wait, I can AFK while working at home and actually get stuff done in game....
    Cons: (Because there are some)
    CASH SHOP: (for me personally) Items are wayyy too expensive in the cash shop. That awesome new outfit in the store for the sorceress that everyone is running around with? Yea, it costs as much as I paid for the game itself.  Huge turn off.UI: Ui is editable which is nice, but super cluttered, and it isn't easy to find things in the options menu. Being able to scale the UI windows would be nice. 
    I'm having a crap ton of fun in this game, the game lends itself to a variety of MMO players and balances that very well so far. I didn't include the training as I felt it was OK but also not good enough to warrant a spot on the pros or cons. I ALSO didn't add anything about launch/pre-launch or bugs because It happens and we get over it.
    BDO you got my cash, but now you got my heart.

    P.S. I plan on doing an extensive video review a week from now...hoping I still feel the same haha.
  19. Greetings, Im Frexie and me and a friend of mine created the clan Ashen_Verdict merely to start talking to new people and have a small little community in the game! ^^ Mostly becus we dont know that many people who actually play the game and we want to get to know more people.
    We will probably do some events and stuff like that in the future but for starters we are mostly just for getting to know more people as well as helping eachother out!
    We are on [EU - Jordine]
    We have a discord server to use freely and.. well enjoy the game together!

    Also, throw me a comment down below, id like to know mostly who you are ^^ We dont accept everyone.
    Hope to hear from ya soon! ^^
  20. Carebear
    A hardcore casual guild. We take our casual play seriously.
    (Play song while reading for full affect.)
    Carebear is a hardcore casual guild. We don't mess around with our messing around, except when we do.
    We are a guild of all kinds, a guild of traders and a guild of farmers. A guild of fishers, and a guild of hunters. A guild of cooks, and a guild of alchemists. A guild of breeders and a guild of much, much more. However, that's not to say that Carebear is a guild that you'll never see PvPing. Our main focus is centered around fun, above all else. For some, the pursuit of fun pulls them to PvP, and that's fully supported in Carebear.
    If you're looking for a cool, fun, and relaxed group to join for your adventures in Black Desert, consider joining Carebear on the Orwen server.
    Contact Suzi Pratchett, Horace Altman, or Yoba FromStarWars for more information. Thanks 
    Fun for all, and all for Fun!

  21. Hi Der Players ~
    The Inner Sanctum Guild <ISG> is open to the recruitment of new players finding their way in Black Desert. This is your chance to get into the inner most circle of the Orwen server.Established in 2011, the ISG has roots stemming from both Vindictus and ArcheAge and preference is given to those coming back to the family. We use wisdom as our guide throughout the world of Black Desert, attaining as much knowledge as possible and growing from within. We specialize in secret covert operations which include and are not limited to - "things we cannot discuss" and dancing .   Please feel free to join us if you are interested in a PVE-focused, small group oriented guild you can have fun with.
    PVE | Exploration | Knowledge | Crafting | Production | Trade & Fishin' |Huntin' Bunnies and Crocodiles too
    Discord information is provided to new members and is required.
    To Apply
    Whisper: TrixiEE (as in TrixiEEEE the Trixologist there is only one), or an Admin in game.
    For more information: Trixologist.com/isg-bdo
    Have a fabulous day and ty for reading
    Disclaimer: Not affiliated with <Inasanctum>
  22. We've got a girl in the guild, but she's the only one! She cries every night, feeling lonely in a corner... :'( Please help us solve this problem by either joining and changing gender or by joining as a grill!  Honestly tho, we're currently recruiting. PM Klaess for more details or just post your questions down there!

  23. Guilde passée par le jeu ArcheAge (sous le nom Sanguinem Lilium) sur le serveur Aier et ensuite Anthalon, nous avons décidé de nous lancer sur Black Desert Online. 
    Nous sommes une petite guilde conviviale et respectueuse et nous ne voulons pas nous prendre la tête ça ne reste qu’un jeu … Mais alors, QUEL JEU !!! 
    Nous donnons la priorité à l’IRL parce que la vie reste bien plus importante a nos yeux.

    L'Objectif principal est de créer une guilde avec une très bonne ambiance, et quelle soit aussi chaleureuse que possible. 
    Nous voulons aussi toucher a tout ce que pourra proposer BDO autant PvE que PvP en passant pas le CRAFT le GvG et le Commerce. 
    Entre-Aide et participation collective sont de mise également.

    Vocal Disponible TeamSpeak (Toutes sorties de guilde et tous recrutements se fera directement sur TS)
    Toutes les classes sont admises.
    Pas de niveau Minimum requis.
    Vous devez avoir minimum 18 ans.
    Investissement de la personne OBLIGATOIRE.
    Nous sommes actuellement ouvert au recrutement, rejoignez-nous dans une ambiance décontractée, respectueuse et fun.

    Nom du serveur : Jordine
    Chef De Guilde :
    Syziel Arma
    Officier :
    Bryma Sholt
    Matchi Folker
    PS. Pour plus d'info contacter une des personnes citée au-dessus
  24. Post all your GIFs or Pics on how you feel in relation to what you feel about the game now! ANYTHING GOES! GLHF!

  25. Guten Morgen liebe Spieler,
    wer kennt es nicht? LAUNCHDAY, die Stimmung ist auf dem Höhepunkt. Man hat schon am Abend vorher seine Getränke bereit gelegt, seine Essensplanung gemacht und der Wecker steht auf 7:30 damit man sich um 8:00 Uhr auf dem TeamSpeak treffen kann um der Öffnung der Server gemeinsam entgegenzufiebern.

    Vorfreude ist ja bekanntlich die schönste Freude und besser als in diesen Minuten wird es nicht mehr. Wenn man aber schon so einige Releases mitgemacht hat, dann kennt man auch so typische "Spielertypen", welcher davon seid ihr? Oder seid ihr sogar etwas ganz anderes? Teilt es mit uns.


    Der Frühaufsteher
    Der Frühaufsteher ist als erstes da, egal wann DU da bist, er war schon da. Sein Grund: Sichergehen das alles gepatched ist und wer weiß, vielleicht fahren die Server ja früher höher?

    Der Vielklicker
    Meistens auch der Frühaufsteher, ist dieser Geselle der Ansicht, die Server fahren heimlich MINDESTENS 60 Minuten vorher hoch, also wird alle 30 Sekunden der Patcher angeklickt um zu schauen, meistens mit einem TS Kommentar a la "noch nicht"

    Der müde Joe
    Joe ist das alles zu früh und das hört man auch. Seine Begrüßung ist eher im bereich des "Gutenmorgenihralleesistscheissefrühichbrauchnenkaffee" anzusiedeln und auch sonst ist er eher still im TS, außer das man vielleicht ab und zu etwas schnarchen hört

    Der Last-Minute-Paniker
    Hab ich die falsche Klasse? Den falschen Namen? Wo geh ich als erstes hin? Der LMP hinterfragt nochmal alles und lässt es das ganze TS wissen - ständig und durchgehend - nur um am Ende alles so zu machen wie es die letzten 6 Wochen geplant war.

    Die fröhliche Waldfee
    Es ist Morgens Gottverdammt, aber es gibt immer einen von DIESEN Leuten die frisch wie die junge Waldfee und mit der Energie eines angebummsten Eichhörnchens ins TS gehüpft kommen um fröhlich trällernd alle wissen zu lassen wie schön der Tag ist. Meistens ernten diese Spieler vom müdn Joe nach wenigen Sekunden ein genervtes "Fresse, man!"

    Der Veteran
    Der Veteran hat zu viele Launches gesehen um zu glauben das AUSGERECHNET DIESER HIER klappen wird. Er teilt seine Erfahrung mit allen Anderen und lässt alle wissen  das "never play on Patch day" und "Die Server kacken eh ab"

    Der Ich-mach-was-anderes
    Meistens Veteranen die noch nicht ganz den Status "echter Veteran" erreicht haben, gehen diese Spieler auch davon aus, das es eh nicht klappen wird, reden aber nicht drüber sondern beschäftigen sich lieber anders - und teilen es allen mit. "Ich schau noch ne Folge Knight Rider" ist ein normaler Satz dieses Spielers

    Der Vorbereitete
    Dieser Spieler ist vorbereitet, also so vorbereitet wie Chuck Norris vorbereitet ist wenn die Zombieapokalypse ausbrechen wird. Er hat passende Getränke, passende Snacks, einen Essens-, Dusch, Pipi- und Schlafplan für die nächsten 14 Tage und natürlich die ersten 30 Stunden im Spiel schon vorgeplant - mindestens. Morgens um 7:30 scheint der richtige Moment das allen nochmal zu erklären.

    Der späte Fisch
    Der hier kommt dann so gegen 11 Uhr mit "Moin, hab verpennt, gehts schon los?" rein, wenn alle anderen schon spielen und wundert sich wieso der müde Joe die Waldfee nicht leiden kann und wer den Vorbereiteten gemutet hat.

    NA wer seid ihr?