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  1. Hey!
    I spent a bit of time playing the game for the first time last night and had a blast and thought it would fun/funny to compile my frustrations into a funny little montage. I hope you get a slightly sharpened exhale from the nostrils
    Have a good one!
  2. https://gyazo.com/92afeab61d343f906d43e52b546f828a

    LOL nuff said.
  3. Post on (Funny) DK Visual Glitch in General

    By Feonie, posted
    Time for your shots! ♥

  4. Post on All aboard for Neverland! in General

    By Tsion, posted
    I figured everyone might get a laugh out of a bug I encountered while using the guild galley.

    A few quick answers:
    Yes, I was on it when it happened.
    Yes, it's stuck up there and other people can see it.
    I went to character select to try and fix the bug only to log back in and begin my plummet to death.
    I will likely have to remote collect it and pay 10 million to repair the durability loss.
  5. Post on Bugged Autopaths in In-Game Bugs

    By Mariioo, posted
    I see more and more bugged autopaths in game..  It's so funny to see sometimes that i need to go straigth up into a mountain or just fly true the space..   I will post all funny paths in this post when i see something bugged.
    I hope admins will fix it soon.

  7. If for some reason you decide to play the flute in the desert, and some how manage to last long enough in the mini game to get the desert debuff, you will not be able to open your inventory or use hot keys. Essentially you will be unable to drink water and the only solution is to bring up task manager and forcefully close the game. Not a very important bug fix but funny. 
  8. Post on This type of RP.. in General

    By leatul, posted
    Heidel's RP at its finest

  9. Post on THATS NO MOON! in General

    By Amsel, posted
    So um, my moon is broken?
  10. Post on is there a new CM? in General

    By Eryola, posted
    Was kinda wondering where that guy would end up... now I know. ;)

  11. Post on "BDO IS P2W" My Argument. in General

    By Mtl, posted
    This daum game has been p2w since the first time i bought it. Cause I was losing before I bought it. I had no social life, living in my lonesome before I met a group of people on the internet that I talk to every day! I also learned how to deal with rude people in a social environment via channel chat, and I discovered my inner D&D larping through Roleplay chat. I also had fun gathering, skinning, sucking blood, oh it was so much fun, just to save a few silver with my boy Deve to buy some grunil pieces from a devilish blacksmith with a bad rep.
    So is this not winning? I could be losing by sitting at my desk job just to come home and play some garbage like league of legends, maybe have the bois over for some halo and a few beers, but man, those games aren't "exciting" at all! They don't send me to bed crying at the end of the night cause I just blew up a weeks worth of saving money in enchanting, oh you black spirit you! 
    Whats your reason this game is P2W?!
  12. Just our guild on a casual thursday

    also.. probably why EU was laggy today =p
  13. this.... I don't even know anymore
    working 100% as intended
  14. What you see:

    What i see:

    Some people work hard...

    Sometimes work is too hard you just give up.


    My character doesnt care tho.
    Warp speed boat.

  15. Post on Man Up - Saltkeepers in Art & Media

    By Lacari, posted
    enjoy your reward
  16. Post on Was this your idea?! in General

    By nakiami, posted
    Dont ask me how i noticed this..... I dont always look up skirts of mobs *cough... cough*
    Just found it realy funny , and thought it was worthy of sharing.
    these creature that have this amazing underwear taste are at the Elrics the tiny guys with the big hammers. (forgot name xD)

  17. Hey everybody,
    just wanted to show you what made my day. This forum is so hilarious.
    A topic about how cool a class just above one about how crappy the very same class is.  If you don't think that's funny just ignore the topic and sorry for spam.
    Best regards

  18. Show our community your funny pictures of BDO content. May it be your character or something completely different, it just has to be funny. 
    Even supervisors have to chill out at some time.

  19. Hello community,
    i found that bug randomly and after that i tried to redo it and it worked. It happens if you jump off the boat, btw havent tried the other boats.
  20. Warrior: "Sup Blader?"
    Blader: "Sup bro?"
    Warrior: "Heard you coming today. Just wanted to make sure you know I got all your stuff waiting for you in Velia... pretty much everything is there including everything I wear."
    Blader: "THANKS BRAHHHH!!"
    Warrior: "Don't worry about me at all. I'll be fine..."
    Blader: "ah... o...kayyyy"
    Warrior: "Got your back, brother.".
    Blader: "ammm... yup."
    Warrior: ?
    Blader: ?
    Warrior: *slowly walking away while crying*
  21. Hi I am NãoVaz, and my in game main name is "JaFostes" ( I am Portuguese feel free to add me in game ).
         I created this post so we all can share the joy of memes in Black Desert xd.
    !!Soooooooo let's begin!!

    Now its up to you guys to continue posting more Every time I will se one funny i am going to put it here!
    See you in game
  22. So I thought it could be interesting to start a thread where you post about funny moments and stuff that has occured to you in-game. (Black Desert)
    Perhaps glitches or a hilarious conversation with someone or your guild.

    So this happend with my wagon today.. Im used to it flipping and flopping all over the place but to actually remain up-side down once it stopped was rather derp.
    The very timing conversation of the passing by npc´s just made it even better.  

    Share your funny moments or pictures/screenshots!