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  1. Post on Need Performance in General

    By Anti FlashZ, posted
    Dear Black Desert Community,
    First of all i want to show my respect for the developer’s for the shitstorm they earn these days! I would beg you not to delete commentaries for this post except insults, harassment and so on. I just want to clarify that BDO needs more performance optimizations.
    I want to know why there is no optimization for the EU servers and the growing community here in BDO. I would enjoy it so much to do my PVP stuff without laggs and dsync’s.
    These issues are definitely not on my side of the chain between your servers and my PC.
    I’m using a GTX 1080 and  a  I7 4790k processor furthermore i have a 50k internet connection.
    I ask myself why korea has the new engine or maybe just a better one than EU has. They can do all the worldbosses easily with like 60 FPS, here in EU we struggle to have around 15 FPS. Within the last patches the performes of BDO dramatically decreased for almost every player!
    I would be very happy if we could play  BDO on a stable performance and this should be in your favor aswell!
    Thank you very much for your time and attention.
    Share this post with the community by using  #NEEDPERFORMANCEBDO so Kakao/Pearl Abyss mentions our desires!
  2. Hello, i just hit 39 and im looking for a gift pass code, pm me if you have one, thanks :V

  3. This game is a parasite? The game in which you spend a lot of time to get nothing. 
    The drop rate is incredibly small. People already offer real money for things at the auction. Things you need to play in Valencia, or further on just do not sell on the auction and do not drop from mobs and bosses.
    The deficit of everything you need just frightens. And for the crafters even worse. More than not enough black stone powder, a profession with every patch get Nerf. Silver embroidered Clothes improves worse than the accessories (no possibility to use cron stone).  At the auction from the beginning of the game only 1  +4 Silver embroidered Clothes was sold. Even the ogr ring +4 was sold 19 pieces.
     Raising the level after 56 is too boring and long. And there are no normal places to raise the level. 
    Improving weapons just infuriates. Every few days I want to delete the game. And no one will want to pay the game that he wants to delete.
    About the game store with inflated prices people have said many times. But really is there a benefit in 1 person buy a suit for 30 euros than the 100 people for 3 euros?  And valu pack If it cost 5 euros, everyone would buy it. The same applies to the functions and pets If the pet was worth the euro people would prefer to buy them all. And the function for alts is now rarely bought.
    It's feels that this is not a game but a job. The game should be to relax, relieve stress.  And not to cause hatred,desire to delete the game every night. The desire to smash the monitor by hitting the face of the black spirit. 
    In this game such a big interesting world. I want to enjoy THIS game and NOT wait in it until some interesting game is released.
  4. Hey! Anyone got full free game for me? I'm level 50 so you will get all the bonuses from it  pm me!
  5. Hey! I'm level 50 at my character, pm me if you have free gift package! Would love it thx
  6. Post on Game crashes in Technical Issues

    By RaVirr, posted
    Sooo anyone had issue with game stability during node wars? I had crash 4 times, many of my guild mates had crashes like 5-6 times. I saw many people from different guilds had same problem (they respawned in town). I also noticed many more lags, desyncs, ghost-people on map etc. (EU Region) Could you check this please?
  7. Welcome to Accurate's Forum Photo Gallery
    Characters: Captain_Rosalene
    Theme: Effects
    Addition: 3
    I produce 'Desktop Background Style' photo's for you to enjoy as you please. Please give me feedback via the poll or comments.
    Thank you! (Please note that clicking the photo will enlarge and increase quality)
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    Photo Gallery Collection
  8. Welcome to Accurate's Forum Photo Gallery
    Characters: Captain_Rosalene
    Theme: Night , Moon
    Addition: 2
    I produce 'Desktop Background Style' photo's for you to enjoy as you please. Please give me feedback via the poll or comments.
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    Photo Gallery Collection



    Photo Gallery Collection
  9. Welcome to Accurate's Forum Photo Gallery
    Characters: Captain_Rosalene , First Person
    Theme: Heidel
    Addition: 1
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    Photo Gallery Collection
  10. Hello guys,
    i just installed the game, successfully and the moment i press Play, nothing happens. i tried both Na and Eu servers still i cant play the game. help please

  11. Greetings lovely Community. 
    First one or two word. I'm kinda new to this Forum and this is my first post and those dreadful times summoned me here. But still, were're one Community! I'm sorry if I killed you in the node wars before or at pirats, but right now...Right now, we need to hold together! 
    Now you maybe wonder what this is all about. Well, let me tell you! Have you ever leveled up... peacefully in Elwynn Forest in WoW? Or killed some Raptors in Durotar and went to Ogrimmar or Stormwind encountering some massiv lags? To be honest, the only MMORPG I'm playing right now is BDO, but back in the past... No! I did not have such lags in ANY MMORPG! 
    Okay, to be fair, EVE, WoW, etc. demand ~13 bucks per month + the game license. We only pay 10€/$ for the game. Then... well then, everyone of us, who's in the Forum and played more than 100 hours of this game probably paid ~30-90 bucks for pets (t1-t3) + 30 bucks for a Costumes. Then there's a massiv amount of cash spend into a good horse and into one or four maiden and so on. 
    Sorry, I do not have any spreadsheets for our Community. But I personally paid about ~ 300€. Then I read about people who spent around ~3000€ and more. 
    What I'm going for is, that Kakao Games made approximately 100m+ last year... after they paid their employees. And they still provide us with shitty servers?! 
    My statement for the day is... not as I wanted a "group signature riot" (or so... sorry, english is not my first tongue), but...
    I won't play the game anymore, till they fix it! 
    We don't need patches for DK's javelins on freaking elephants...
  12. OK, in the begining it was kinda "WOW such company like feature we are getting right lads?" ... but it has been over a year BDO has been in EU.
    Most of the time we are struggling with contract renewal system as it's basically how system works. You know, bully the players.
    How about we finally set them indefinite as they are in any other MMORPG?
    Also That 30k silver/day is kind of funny at this point.
    Same goes to 90k when you kick guild member who's contract is still in effect but he never goes online. C'mon with Node wars we make hundreds of millions for guild these days.
    Simply enough, give us unlimited contract durations and also please delete 24 hours cool-down when someone gets kicked, leaves a guild, etc. ... because we can't recruit ppl leaving their dead guild simply due to this mental solution.
    Thanks in advance!
    PS: To random fellas answering to this basic post, ... rest of information is down below. Read a TOPIC before you answer to it, at least that's what ppl should do
  13. Post on No More Soloing in General

    By RNightShadowZ, posted
    Hello Hello my fellows friends... I´m kinda new here but I got bored of all mmo rpg around there like Blade and Souls, WoW, Runescape etc etc and i miss some one who has something diferent.... So I find BDO and I did the trial 7 days and 1 friend of mine had one last key and offer me to get more days but the problem is that I rly like the game and how he his... So I saw a lot of guys giving the game for a free pet and creating other acc to optain him and im kinda €€ broke right now I wonder if someone gift the game for the pet.... So if is someone interested write it down...
    Note: Sry for bad english, kinda hard to talk non fluent language
    Ps: I´m from Eu
  14. I feel this game needs some major problems fixed. Yeah so, I'm trying to be as mellow as possible here. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, even more now that dark knight is released. Then signed up for the 7 day free trial, after waiting for half a day for the downloader to quit having errors and forcing me to restart the download. Finally, downloaded at started to try and play, defaulted rez to lower than my monitor right from the get go. So I bumped it up to 1920 x 1080. Loads at 33 fps, wtf? Then after setting at the load screen for about 10 minutes and noting it was still black I could hear the sfx of the cursor moving over buttons, but clicking them did nothing. Now i know it's not my PC, I built my PC and it has no problem running any other games, even newer games run at 60+fps. Probably due to the fact that I built this computer with a NVIDIA GTX 900 series (970 to be exact) GPU. Then figure" Ok well I've been wanting to play this for a while and the base edition is only $9.99, I'll pick up a copy." NOPE! Whatever company you have contracted to accept the currencies from your international customers is horrible at their job. They decline people cards without a reason, require identification (which smart people don't give out to random strangers all willie-nillie), and accuse customers of fraud. In my area, the only to payment options are to use PayPal or a debit/credit, and only one of those might work. This is ridiculous, this game has been hyped internationally and I'm sure it works fine in the UK and other parts of EU. But if you are going to release a game to be played internationally, then it should be playable internationally. If you are going to charge for a game, then make sure that all your major problems are fixed before requiring people to play. I may feel inclined to pay for this game as soon as I figure out a way to get it to work right if I can do so before the trial runs out, and maybe not even then if it has this many problems in-game. I like to help people develop games before they release them, if I didn't I would be an experienced game tester. Sorry for the rant and if it seemed like I was harsh, but I'm severely disappointed. This game looked like it could and probably would be alot of fun. I'm going to try and continue messing around with the graphical settings to try and get the game to work.
  15. Post on Suggestions in Suggestions

    By crpyt, posted
    V Since DE or the GM will not look at this post It's pretty useless, because the most common bugs are the ones  that deterrent people away from this game.

    The black screen when launching has yet to be fixed, because it should not take 6mins just to see the main menu,                                                                       
    connecting to the server still needs to be fixed, because if my character can move around and if i can collect the daily login I'm pretty sure I'm connected to the server.
    Also make sure to up vote to make sure DE fixes this=+1 or a comment.

  16. Hi Community,
    ich möchte jetzt nicht rumpöbeln, aber mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich mit meinem ersten Account, spricht Main-Account gar nicht in den Channel von EU_Olivia1-4 beitreten kann weiß nicht warum. Mit meinem 2ten Account kann ich das allerdings tun und das problemlos, ob Voll oder Mittel das geht immer. Wovon kommt das, wisst ihr was darüber?
  17. In this video I take a look at the new class in Black Desert called the Dark Knight, check it out here.
  18. To prevent potential problems in running Black Desert Online and not only, here are a few tips to enjoy a smooth gameplay. Games use different kind of softwares, installments and frameworks connected to your hardware and operating system. Your video card is important, but also your processor or your RAM(memory). Select your apropiate operating system and have theese checked:
     Keep video card updated to the latest drivers(mostly thru updates a lot of fixes can be done): NVIDIA page : http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us, AMD  page: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download ;Direct x end user runtime installer,  most games use specific files from other Direct X builds, so is good to have them: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 ;Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 ;Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 :  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21 ; Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 ;NVIDIA PhysX System Software: even you  think you don’t need this because you don’t use nvidia hardware, is good to have this also checked: http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx-9.16.0318-driver.html. Have fun, enjoy your playtime.
    P.S. : Sorry if double post or inappropriate section, a moderator can have a look.
  19. Hello
    I`ve reinstalled BDO and after that when i summon black spirit i see something like this. YT LINK
    Game settings:
    -Full screen windowed,
    -Texture Quality: Medium, 
    -Graphic Quality: Slightly High
    Computer Setup:
    -Intel i5 4460 
    -Radeon R9 270x 2gb
    -8 GB RAM
    The same when talking with NPC
  20. Greed!!! Elders scrolls online in the worst way. micro managing to make everything in this game a mini transaction. at 15$ a month that would be 130$ a year. this game you have to spend at least that in the first month to just get space, and weight, loot pets. these are not luxury items ,,, these are necessary in the game. if you do a quest that give you inventory space ... well you get 1 not a row like tera online , ONE (1) this game could be a great hit if GREED was not involved. as I leveled to 55 i have gotten maybe 10x(1) inventory space...o and if you spend inventory space in one character ,,,is not for your account ,,its just that character... you share bank space with all your toons but you do not share real cash shop inventory upgrade.,,,,humm. NOpe... no NPC sells you inventory space for game silver NOPE!! so if you like to grind for hours to make silver, so you can spend it on your inventory like TERA online, you are shit out of luck (SOL). OOOH wait that is not all,,,, Lets talk WEIGHTS! yes you can leave your toon running or walking all night to get better on carrying items to level your ability to hold more weight. they are alot of stuff in the game that give you upgrade to weight but not enough to make a dent. the only one would be cash shop upgrade that give you up to 200 per character not account and you will need at leas 2 per character to start and 2 space of 16 that is a total of 60$ and your 6 pets to pic up everything so can skin or butcher or mine (gather) =10 to 15$ a pet =60 to 90$..you can buy those from the market .. but good luck with that. GAthering , well you need energy. to gather.. but you need energy for everything else... there is no reason to doubt that the pearl shop will soon have an increase of energy option to buy.  MICRO TRANSACTION WILL KILL this game! or maybe that lack of CONTENT.. at the end ...and for god sake crafting only by npc sucks ass... I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT MY OWN SHIT and craft as need them. I WILL GLADLY PAY a MONTHLY FEED TO PLAY and have all these micro crap removed and implemented in the game. or just sell the game as single player with the option to play online with others. love that too.. actually get a game i pay for.
    consider it or not .
  21. A fun little game for the forums!
    Tag your Valentine!

    How's it work:

    Simple, just tag the people you want to be your Valentine, that's it.

    @Reanbell BE MY VALENTINE! <3 @chromaticwyrm LEMME SMASH?

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  22. this game is so broken that i don't even know where to start..
    so to start, really this game looks like it was made by people that know how to make a game look good but have no idea how to make a game that play's well, an example of this would be the lock on prices for the marketplace, now i'm not saying the lock is a bad thing itself BUT some of the prices just make no sense at all, this is so bad to the point where some of the crafted items are never sold on the marketplace because the items either sell for a lot less than it costs to make OR you would make a lot more money just selling the materials to make it, an example of this as i found out recently was the fishing boat cargo item whits has a maximum sell price of only 560,000 and yet it costs over 1,000,000 to make... well who's stupid idea was that?
    the whole point of a marketplace is to sell something to others at a higher price than it would cost to make so that they don't need to make it but instead you have a system where people lose money for no reason if this happened in the real world civilization would just collapse  
    so if the devs insist on keeping the locked prices they should at least adjust the prices so that things like this don't happen because it is just so stupid
    Yeah, I had the unfortunate experience of playing that terrible game, I would not recommend it to anybody.
    tl;dr for the video. 
    -blatant p2w
    -uglier graphics
    -worthless endgame
    -pointless pvp/gvg system with literally NO rewards for winners
    -made by chinese developers

    The community over there is also pretty upset that I made this video, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. Hiya! If anyone would like to earn a polar bear by purchasing my boyfriend the full game, we'd be forever thankful. I can guarantee he'll quickly reach level 40 as he tried the trial and is now dying to actually PLAY the game. We're on NA servers!
  25. Hello Everyone, 
    Attached are a couple unused codes - however I will not be updating the list, meaning I won't be in here checking which ones were already used, just copy and paste a code and redeem it - and you'll be given some game time to try out the game before you choose to upgrade! - Have Fun!

    SQQJEGH-MA8G66J-00E6FDQ-MPRO1    Unused    
    D541GH8-0U2EMTD-COCI5KK-E789I        Unused    
    L3UDTFB-5GFSHM7-2T5HG0D-1D9TP     Unused    
    CCN85GF-QU9B8BT-DDCP8IG-SS20U      Unused    
    SG0U9P7-UJSFJ91-61HQMEC-F70MN      Unused    
    N4MKGVO-6IOKLO3-E5S9S7C-CPH9L      Unused    
    9465IN4-4CHREC3-J14AAFL-PBC1G         Unused    
    GL8QB6D-VDFGTBL-FIEUES6-4OENB      Unused    
    I4N37PR-FCTGUTI-VA4J50F-5AR4C         Unused    
    D66UFTB-HRJHD9L-NKI5M17-KOP40       Unused
    https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code you can redeem your code here.