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  1. Hello everyone

    I would be glad if it would be possible to shoulder harpoons and muskets on land, especially because you could surely use it for roleplay.
    If one falls into the water with one of these objects, this happens automatically, which makes me hope that it would not be a big effort to integrate this in the game.

    Once caught here, when my character goes out of the water:
  3. As a player since beta, I have noticed the surprising amount of d-sync and lag in basic combat and PvP. I am wondering what the Kakao team plans to do to fix this and if they currently are when can we expect to see this change? I see tons of content updates which is great, but I feel a large portion of the player base participates in node wars, guild wars and territory wars and are unhappy about the amount of connection issues. I also feel that specific classes are subject to d-sync therefor making them not preferred or viable and I feel that a game which boasts a unique experience for every player who joins BDO turns players away from specific classes therefor nullifying the experience. BDO has a large selection of character each unique in their own ways that allow players to create their OWN play style, however I feel a sort of META has formed with certain classes being rather strong and others being relatively weak. Such classes are Warriors and Wizards/Witches. These 2 classes are arguably "broken" and to strong. Weaker classes are essentially Tamers, Valkries some might say Rangers are weak until higher ap. The problem is, every class is REALLY good at higher level and higher AP/DP, however certain classes are to strong at higher and lower AP. A warrior gets a +20ap buff for 10 seconds on their block, when enhancing a Liverto from PRI to TRI you only gain 16ap. While using the Warrior class, you basically get a buff greater than that of a TRI Liverto, a weapon that isn't best in slot, but 2nd best in slot. I would like to bring up some possible solutions but I understand how game balance works and how it is often trickier than most people believe because if you balance one character, another one rises and takes its place, etc. I would personally like to see balances come out similar to MOBAs where there are characters who do become better than some due to nerfs and buffs, but the current state of the game has certain classes grasping for air to survive. I also will bring up my main point of certain characters being subject to d-sync again. Classes like the newly released DK and other classes that rely on any sort of knockdown for single target damage are scammed from their damage as the d-sync allows them to get it up sooner, etc.
    TLDR: BDO needs some balance changes and servers need to be improved to increase gameplay. 
  4. In this video I take a look at the new class in Black Desert called the Dark Knight, check it out here.
  5. Hallo zusammen,
    ich würde mich darüber freuen wenn es die Möglichkeit gäbe Harpunen und Musketen an Land zu schultern, insbesondere weil man es für Rollenspiel sicher gut nutzen könnte.
    Fällt man mit einem diese Gegenstände ins Wasser, passiert dies ja schon automatisch, was mich hoffen lässt das es keinen großen Aufwand darstellen würde dies einzubinden.
    Hier einmal eingefangen, als mein Char aus dem Wasser geht:
  6. Been a while since I played BDO I stopped playing when I got my sorc to lvl 51 but have been thinking about coming back and playing as a ninja class and I wanted to know is it even possible or me to catch up in terms of being able to PVP well or is everyone ridiculously geared out and you can't catch up because the PVP is what I enjoyed most about the game
    This is a trailer I made using dozens of clips from trailers they have released. 
    I created this in hopes of showing how great this game is.
    Feedback would greatly be appreciated.
  8. Ok so I recently came back to Black Desert, and rolled a new char.
    Anyways this time around I thought I give Life Skills a try and see if I could make some money with them.
    What I found is that mostly everything is ether better to sell the materials then it is to craft a item. (If it sells)
    Making money on processing will never get you anywhere.
    So I looked into Imperial Trading and it started out great, on Apprentice level its actually mildly profitable with alchemy.
    But looking into Master pack and so on you make 3x the amount on the Marketplace if they would sell that is.
    Furthermore the time you spend seems like a waste when you could do other more profitable/ fun things.
    Unless you spend all your time scheming the Market waiting for the right time to turn a profit I don`t see how.
    There is always a bottleneck a drawback, a expense that sets you back.
    Any advice for a green goblin?
  9. Have to ability to be able to see how many dye/color slots a gear or outfit/costume item has when hovering or previewing in PS and when previewing a PS item in market place.

  10. Hallo Leute!
    Ich bin noch recht neu in Black Desert Online, dennoch finde ich das Game Klasse! Es ist so umfangreich und hat eine unglaubliche tiefe *___*
    Daher hab ich gleich ein kleines Video dazu erstellt. Schaut es euch an und schreibt mir wie ihr es findet wie gesagt bin eben noch recht neu (3-4 Wochen)
    Liebe Grüße StevoMMO
  11. Post on Why Crescent Rings?? in Warrior

    By Murai, posted
    So I've seen tons if good geared people run Crescent Rings over the likes of Red Corals. Can anyone explain why Crescent Rings are extremely expensive in comparison to likes of Red Corals.
  12. Post on Close Menu on Hit in General

    By EndlessRage, posted
    Does anyone know how to disable menu being closed when hit?  When I'm in my menu either inventory or map its because its important.  I don't need the game closing it out for me when I'm hit.
  13. Post on Coop gameplay? in General

    By Endimyon, posted
    Greetings BDO community. 
    Recently i switched my pc, and bought Vr, and returned to BDO, that i had to leave due to lack of time and Pc problems. Now that i can run the game on high setting without any crash and stuff, i am really into it. 
    I read future content, and seen the awekenings, and i have to tell you, its becoming my n1 mmorpg after Lineage2,Gw1 and Tera real fast.
    The ONLY thing i REALLY dont like about the game, is the lack of the motivation to teamwork. I think, they DO need to adress this problem, or they will have an always growing community, that is not really happy about the game, due to this single reason. ( and i have to add, there are really really few games out there, that have only a single big problem, they should be happy about this...its actually can be solved in many ways even) And they should be...its an MMORPG afterall. In its most pure form. How they do this? Whell thats where the cummunity splinters, and due to lack of a singular good idea (or list) or solutions they give up on the hope for the game, and fixing of this problem.
    Personally i have many ideas, but what i am interested is : how would you people fix this issue, WITHOUT foricing a trinity based instancing!!!
    If we are at it, i do add my personal idea, that might not fix the problem but help in some way atleast, or would give atleast a few chances to give motivation to gamers to teamwork :
    Teammobs : Farming takes time, and in some games, you have these mobs you simply cant...or takes big effort to solo, but the time investment-reward is really good rate compared to solo play farming. This way a good team farming togather is getting a BIG edge in leveling. BUT this method does require the thing :that leveling is something really important in these games. And there are usually LOTS of levels. (like 100+) Or it takes a LOT of time to get a single level. Like Lineage where you had to farm daily for like a month for last few levels. 
    Second thing is: more classes with supportive skills. I am not talking about dedicated healer, but more like 1 or at best 2 skills (for already supportive classes) that do help a big deal in combat. Each class with a characteristic support skill would make them even more unique and give them more roles in combat, to make it even more fun. We dont truly need tanks, since some classes already have taunt and block, and its really good in my opinion. Anyone can keep bosses and mobs busy. Another thing we need is teamskills. Where players can chain skills togather, like in some anime (dont specifically remember any right now) you shield bash the enemy down, and the other do some specific skill based on condition. Or A valkyre can throw you up in air and you can perform special shuriken or chakram or bow skills.
    Another idea is : Defence points. These are small defendable points, purely made to be defended in a fun way. These points trigger invasions, where players can team up and have to defend the point (like a guard tower or a small garrison) from mobs coming in swarms. Teamwork is important here, because you have to split roles and use the terrain if you have ranged classes, and use the tank able classes in corridors or doorways. Or small scale attack on captured points. The important in this is : not to cluster the mobs or the players just aoe them down, i seen this many times, and kills the fun of the whole thing.
  14. So things I've found wrong that make me want to quit:
     DPS and World Boss drops, still the people with the most have the most dps/ap drops.Awakened weapons are going to the 2 classes with the highest dps and other classes litterally months ahead, as in 90 game play days.  This is causing a HUGE gap in game play, leading to the previous message I left about the absolute stupidity of this system.The Awakenings have gotten 0 balance changes, the dev say its for balance, but thats by evidence is a LIE.The Cap on manufactured goods that might make you silver is stupid, for example the horse plumage cap of 430k when the items can cost that much easy to make it.The inability to make any passive money to keep up with the awakened weapons and boss drop AP classes.The Inability to farm silver near as fast as the AP awakened classes.The sheer lack of new players on the game because of the above and the horrendous lack of ADs and decent twitch player incentives.The LACK of a level cap, means the ap/awakened classes are now all level 60, I did a region war last night and 3 guilds showed up with 10 61s and about 100 60's,  ALL of them were awakened and had 300dp classes.All Drops seem to go to those that kill the fastest in farming, go figure, no awakened/ap class fix for months if ever at this point.So your game is broken, your dev work at balances is a lie by evidence, your belief that this make the game fun means your so far removed from the people its like watching a hillary speech.
    You are losing the people with jobs that would pay for your micro pay crap, this is will be my last post unless something changes dramatic, which I see little reason to hope for at this point.  I've merged my 100 person guild into another recently, I got tired of burning all my loyalty and watching people STOP playing, 30-40 a month was attrition.
    So in closing, release all awakenings NOW, nerf the warrior and sorcs HARD, fix your damn lopsided boss drop system, cap the levels at 60 max, cap the armor/ap gear at a max.  Its 0 fun knowing your never going to have 20 hours to waste of your life in this game so you can't play.
  15. We all know how cool it is wandering BDO from lv0 ~ lv50, it's so diverse and the class awakenings are so cool! Funfact: it's nearly impossible too get them without grinding to death jus to level up and get them. BDO devs will bring new area's, no doubt. But instead of making them between lv0 - 50 they should aim for +50, +70 or even +100 area's and make it easier to reach higher levels. The player base doesn't need more noob area's, we need more challenging area's, maybe nearly impossible to solo. There is a lot to do before level 50 but after it, leveling is so slow and boring that getting an awakening is such a long comitment and not much players have the time or patience to get them. And yes there are things like world bosses and large scale battles and that's cool but some players want more PvE, lore, different questlines, raids,... IN SHORT: NEW AREA'S FOR HIGHER LEVELPLAYERS, MAKE IT EASIER TO GET HIGHER THAN LV 60, LOWER LEVEL REQUIREMENT FOR AWAKENINGS.  Give it a thougt and feel free to comment ~ Peace 
  16. Post on How to re-download?? in General

    By K00zyk, posted
    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while... like a few months... 
    I decided to go on to catch up a bit and rind some more, got the new patch on, and the game freezes at the start-up screen that's back and says "kakao games" 
    The game stops responding and I tried leaving it there, but it doesn't go anywhere. I want to go to the site and re-download the game but I can't figure it out, can someone put a link in where I can get the game again without having to buy it again?? 

  17. Field Bosses and world bosses currently lack challenge and engaging gameplay. This is mainly because how the Monsters spawn in the world. 
    As soon as a boss spawns, hundreds of players jump from channel to channel to Zerg attack these damage sponges.
    Because of the huge numbers of players involved, the boss is unable to respond to individual player's attacks and/or skills. 
    To remedy this situation I suggest a new boss ability/mechanic:
    Magical Barrier:
    Wherever a Boss spawns in the world, a magical barrier arises, forming an enclosed area. The radius of this area depends on the Boss monster.
    Any players caught inside the barrier are trapped inside until the boss monster is eliminated, or the player is killed.
    Barrier Mechanics:
    The area encircled by the magical barrier has certain rules.
    1. No more than x players are allowed inside the barrier at any given time.
    2. If a player dies inside the barrier, they respawn to a node outside the barrier (unless Elian's tears are used)
    3. Players outside the barrier can not cross it to enter unless the population in the barrier reaches X-1
    4. Once the population reaches X-1 the first player to get through the barrier is allowed in, the remainder are bounced back out. (An RNG stat "barrier crossing" could be used to govern which players can cross and when.
    5. The Barrier has weak points. Guilds can use cannons and elephants to break a hole in the barrier, allowing guild members to pass through the barrier. (Guild's entering the barrier this way do not count toward's the barrier's population limit.)
    Boss Monster Mechanics:
    This mob is able to detect any players inside the barrier. It will autopath to the nearest player and attack. It will also prioritize AFK players first as primary targets.
    Within the barrier will be Magical artifacts that grant the Boss monster special powers. One or more of those may spawn along with the boss and barrier.
    1. Shrine of ranged protection. This is a magical altar infused with the black energy. It is guarded by continuously spawning elite mobs. While the shrine is unmanaged, the Boss Monster can nit be harmed by ranged attacks.
    2. Shield Generator: While this artifact is active, the Boss monster can not be harmed by melee attacks.
    3. Magical Dampening Field: While this shrine is active, Magical attacks are resisted by the Boss monster.
    This system allows a number of gameplay enhancements to be created. Boss monsters can no longer be "zerged" to death. By only allowing a certain number of players in at a time, a more tightly crafted group/RAID experience can be programmed for. Parties will need to coordinate to take out shrines and altars as well as distract and kill the boss. 
    Fewer players in the mix will also ensure that skill makes a difference. Unskilled players will quickly die and be spawned outside the gate. 
    Guilds will have an advantage other players do not. They will be able to break down the barrier and allow their members to cross and overrun the Boss monster.
    This system allows for many more bosses to spawn all over the map. Multiple bosses can even spawn together, and maybe bosses can occasionally drop into the center of major cities.
  18. I need members to clan find me in heidel or calpheon and just ask me.
  19. I've always found swimming to be one the weakest feature in this game. I am suggesting the devs to add a quick and easy mini-game to make swimming a little more "challenging". 

    Mouse look = direction
    Left click = left arm
    Right click = right arm
    SPACE = legs "push"
    Very similar to the milking mini-game, in order to swim (and swim better/faster), you'll have to time the L-R clicks correctly. To that, SPACE could be used to have your legs pushing the swim (sort of temporary acceleration). 
    Mini-game could also be applied to underwater swimming.
  20. Hey im just wandering and i actually was thinking of these idea after i hit lvl 50 and started to do summon scroll "raids"  as fun as they are why cant we have raids in Black dessert online 
    i know the games is known for have like no loading screens but having a few raids that people can do solo or with teams would be amazing you can have weekly or daily raids or even monthly raids make them big and also make them long so it might take a day to finish it or a week with a few checkpoints.
    these is just what i think not 100% sure if you guys will like it but after few dozen times of killing the same summon scroll boss it gets pretty boring but with raids u can have like 10 or more raids and you can always add more witch will make them fun and entertaining also it would increase the economy since the raid boss items would more likely be rare or epic
    Ps. why cant we trade items why can we only trade potions it annoys me i want a full explanation if possible.  
  21. Hello everyone. I'm thinking about taking the plunge and buying BDO, especially since the combat looks so freaking awesome and unique. I'm not a typical MMO player, but have played a few in the past (Asheron's Call, WoW, GW2 and ESO). 

    My question is, is the combat/enemies challenging at all? I've been watching gameplay/combat videos on Youtube, and it appears that the enemies are not dangerous or threatening at all. To give a little info, I've played Dark Souls and sucked at it, but I play games like The Witcher 3 on hard and do well. I played GW2 for about 2 weeks until I became incredibly bored at monotonous gameplay and incredibly easy enemies. If a game isn't challenging, it's a waste of time to me. PvP is not my focus, I enjoy the journey of a good PvE experience.

    Thanks for the help.
  22. Post on Tipps für Maehwa? in Maehwa

    By Kaoru, posted
    Moin moin Leute!!
    Ich hab mal ne Frage, auch wenn das in verstreuten Threads schon gefragt wurde... Ich würde gerne mal ne klare Ansage von erfahrenen Spielern haben
    Ich spiele seit geraumer Zeit meine Maehwa mit der ich nun die Stufe 53 erreicht habe, ich habe ne Yuria-Klinge der Verderbnis (?) auf +13 und nen Weißhornbogen des bla bla auf +12 meine Equipment ist halb Grunil und halb Taritas (hab iwo gelesen wegen den Bonis die man mischen sollte) Ringe usw sind nicht unter +4AP nun wundere ich mich aber, warum ich nur 104AP und 102DP habe...alle Anderen haben so scheinbar starke Rüstung und Waffen und ich dümpel hier mit Peanuts rum, liegt das wirklich daran, dass meine Rüstung zur Zeit nur auf +10 ist oder weil ich noch keine Dinger auf "MON, DI, TRI" usw. hab...ich blick da nicht durch und könnt ihr mir eine gute Skillung empfehlen? PvP lastig, da ich später eher zum PvP tendieren werde..^^
    Danke für die kommende Hilfe!
  23. Maybe we could have the timers on boss scrolls and trade items like fish ect. suspend during maintenance....especially extended ones. Makes no sense to have perishable items ticking down and loosing value or outright loosing them due to this function.
  24. Post on Ranger Q cancel in Ranger

    By Roadman1991, posted
    Recently I figured out how to do F cancel and I want to learn Q animation cancel but can't find a text based guide on how to do it. How is it possible what are the requirements and button combination. Whats the use of q animation cancel? To use the shotgun?
  25. Y'a pas grand chose à ajouter... le système de grind est très bien et donne une réelle raison pour jouer selon ses objectifs

    La rng doit rester aux joueurs asiatiques qui l'adorent apparemment, nous on n'aime pas et on aimera pas ce système : / on a tous l'habitude de farmer pour devenir plus pouissant (mouahahaha !)
    Et vu que le jeu est principalement axé PvP (le pve est pourri de ce qu'on m'a dit) ça prendrait tout son sens...