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  1. In a live twitch broadcast a few days ago, it was stated (some one within either kakao or pearl abyss), that class balance changes were incoming.
    While I'm in agreeance that some things need to be changed, it would be a good idea if the developers & people figuring out the "right way" to go about balancing were to take a look at how a few other games have handled this in order to take away some "lessons learned".
    "My 2 cents is that in any game, in order to achieve balance there must be some starting point of similarity that can act as a baseline."
    Example: "All classes may have a grab, however, only the giant/berzerker has a multitude of grabs to choose from & they have the "best" grabs." 
  2. I feel this game needs some major problems fixed. Yeah so, I'm trying to be as mellow as possible here. I've been wanting to play this game for a while, even more now that dark knight is released. Then signed up for the 7 day free trial, after waiting for half a day for the downloader to quit having errors and forcing me to restart the download. Finally, downloaded at started to try and play, defaulted rez to lower than my monitor right from the get go. So I bumped it up to 1920 x 1080. Loads at 33 fps, wtf? Then after setting at the load screen for about 10 minutes and noting it was still black I could hear the sfx of the cursor moving over buttons, but clicking them did nothing. Now i know it's not my PC, I built my PC and it has no problem running any other games, even newer games run at 60+fps. Probably due to the fact that I built this computer with a NVIDIA GTX 900 series (970 to be exact) GPU. Then figure" Ok well I've been wanting to play this for a while and the base edition is only $9.99, I'll pick up a copy." NOPE! Whatever company you have contracted to accept the currencies from your international customers is horrible at their job. They decline people cards without a reason, require identification (which smart people don't give out to random strangers all willie-nillie), and accuse customers of fraud. In my area, the only to payment options are to use PayPal or a debit/credit, and only one of those might work. This is ridiculous, this game has been hyped internationally and I'm sure it works fine in the UK and other parts of EU. But if you are going to release a game to be played internationally, then it should be playable internationally. If you are going to charge for a game, then make sure that all your major problems are fixed before requiring people to play. I may feel inclined to pay for this game as soon as I figure out a way to get it to work right if I can do so before the trial runs out, and maybe not even then if it has this many problems in-game. I like to help people develop games before they release them, if I didn't I would be an experienced game tester. Sorry for the rant and if it seemed like I was harsh, but I'm severely disappointed. This game looked like it could and probably would be alot of fun. I'm going to try and continue messing around with the graphical settings to try and get the game to work.
  3. Maybe because I have been very sick and using games to take my mind off it, but I seem to have little patience for the game any more, I am hoping my comments will be noticed and the game fixed so I can return for I invested way too much money in the game.
    1. Started out trainng horses and spent weeks leveling until I have several t7 horses 4 male and 2 female. Breeding them gave me another t7 or t6, never a t8 and when I got a t6 from two t7, one of which I paid to breed again,I gave up.
    2. Spent the next few weeks leveling and doing quests. Until I was level 60. I was very disappointed to see I had to kill several just to get + .001. And then when they combined severs it made it harder to get a good leveling spot and keep it. Its hard to keep ones cool when you change severs to get a good spot and after being there a while to make sure no one just left to repair, you use your once a day exp plus only to have someone pop in kill you, race to kill your mobs until you waste your exp token.
    3. Ok just fish, make enough money to better the tri armor you have only to realize you can not afk fish because the servers kick you off after a while. And worse sometime they kick back in so you think your still fishing but a few hours later you realized you caught no fish and ever esc does not bring up its menu. You find yourself ctrl/delete the game and start over which after a fe days of this you know it is time to quit.
    4. When I sent in a ticket about the days wasted catching no fish, I also admitted I had begun t hate the game. The GM that answered my cry for help very polite me said I played a lot for someone who hated the game and he could do nothing to help me...Well I did play 24/7 I am sick and at home spending time and money on games, movies what ever will take my mind off being sick...But his unsympathetic candor made me realize he was correct it was time to stop looking for things to do in game when upset with another aspect of the game... I guess I keep hoping things would be fixed to make it more player friendly and still had a few friends that played. I tried to join some that went back to SWTOR but realized I still hated the combat. You know, hit a skill ,..nothing unless you tabbed first etc. So I guess I will join the ones that are raising Dinos in ARK again. They have dragons as well now.
    5. I will check the forums to see if this game is player friendly, off and on. If the friends still playing last. But I do not see it happening. I am just glad I was not like the poor guy that spent a fortune trying to get a pet that had combat when the game started. Spending hundreds of real dollars to get the correct pet seemed too much like gambling to me and I can find more enjoyable games if I want to gamble. I did fall for the spend real money to get another breeding from a horse but when the T7 gave me a T6 I knew they had gone too far to kick us while we the players were down.
    6 If Afk ever works I may try fishing aging on an older pc while I invest in a player friendly game. Then if it looks like I can upgrade my armor that way I may try again. But who am I kidding, there will be new games and if a game starts out player unfriendly it is hard to recoup and after that GM was so mean I kind of wish they wait too late to fix things. The cool thing there was enough cool things to try in this game to keep you hanging in there, which gave them plenty of time to listen to unhappy players.
  4. Post on Is fishing bugged? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    It seems I can catch a couple fish and then after that I'll get a catch, type in the letters and no box with fish or trash shows up. Then when I cast again I get a catch right away still no box. If I log out and back in can get a couple catches and it does it again. Same with digging can dig about 10 times then the auto dig stops and I can only manually dig.
    I ran video tests on my card no errors. Did a repair on the game no go. Deleted the game and all the game folders, fresh install same deal.
    Windows 10, gtx770
  5. Hello,
    So I started playing recently and I was asking my friend if there was any social games you could play with friends when you're just hanging in your house or at the tavern, but surprisingly (or not?) they said there isn't!
    So after looking on the forums a little I found that this was suggested before, but I thought I could add on the subject by adding more specific ideas and also I didn't want to necessarily revive old threads. Here are some references if you are interrested in looking at them:
    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/6865-make-taverns-more-live-like-drinking-card-games/ http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/7325-mini-games-in-bdo/ The idea
    Basically the idea would be to have mini game content that could be played socially, either in a tavern or in your home or even on the go for certain games.
    Examples of games that could be added
    Poker;Dices;Darts;Chess;Trading cards game based on the BDO universe.
    This could be simple or complex even as to have collectible cards that can be bought around the world or crafted by artists.Other game ideas
    Checkers;The philosophers game;Knucklebones ;Backgammon ;Nine Men's Morris;Craps;Monopoly kind of game based on the BDO universe.Implementation
    The games could be added to taverns and played for free there, but could also be bought or crafted (cash shop or in-game?) by players to be played in their homes.
    Optional features
    New gamer skill could be added;New related titles;New related crafting;In-game tournaments and leaderboards to play the game competitively;Gambler option, if enabled, the game is played with in-game money instead of fake money;Extensive BDO trading cards game;Portable game options.Reasons why this should be implemented
    This will give players more incentive to use the taverns;Will give the players more incentive to own a house, use it and furnish it;Will give the players more activities to do in the game;Would create opportunities for roleplay;Would stimulate social interactions between players;Could generate revenue through the cash shop depending how the games are implemented.Reasons why this should not be added:
    Could be time consuming to implement;Might not be popular enough;Might not fit with the BDO vision;Might encourage gambling addictions. 
    Thanks and I hope you like my idea!
    Sorry I'm not so good with the reasons why it shouldn't be added, as I like my own idea (duh), but I'm sure other people can find reasons if they want to. Of course I would prefer that everyone likes the idea and that it gets implemented.
    Either way thank you for reading this far!
  6. First off I have to say I have really enjoyed my time in BDO thus far and plan to be around for a while. This is not a gloom and doom thread. This thread is about economics, market psychology, and why Daum has basically set this game up to have no future.
    The core of the problem revolves around forced PVP.
    MMO markets are built around a sense of progression. Especially in a cash shop model, a game MUST give players a sense of constant progression so that they can rationalize "investing" in their characters. BDO doesn't have this for the majority of players, as evidenced by all the threads talking about mass suicide grinding to avoid the ridiculous forced PVP cap at 45.
    In every other region you could simply not do the PVP unlock quest at 50 and avoid being fodder for the PVP "end game." For some reason Daum has decided that Americans would like it better if they took a beautiful PVE game and forced everyone to play a way they don't have any interest in once they hit 45, with no quest to unlock. This is the one decision that will cause this game to fail and I honestly can't understand the logic here.
    I have spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars on other games. But, I won't be spending more than the initial investment and maybe a horse training suit here. Why? Because there is no sense of progression.
    I am stuck with having to face either not getting to continue progressing my character, or being forced to participate in a play style I consider toxic and totally un-enjoyable.
    That is a TERRIBLE design.
    It is sad, because I would have liked this game to have been more than just another flash in the pan PVP experiments.
    When will publishers accept that statistics don't lie? 60-80% of MMO gamers have no interest in PVP. If you want to have a PVP system in your game great, make it purely optional and not needed to progress your character.
    But if you force it on a cash shop model be prepared to lose your investments, because your game will fail mark my words.
  7. Another theme park game experience has been witnessed.  This game is so boring  and simple that I knew after 5minutes what we are dealing here. I had to read the game  features again  from the main site and boy, they make it sure sound cool. but the reality is something totally different.  That is hidden deep in the games pearl store.  Game where respec cost real money and its fan base call it a sandbox. Some players even claim it to be as good looking as Witcher 3. Im not a big fan of Witcher 3 but that felt even offensive to me. BDO in more closer to Farmville.  When an MMO fails to be a Theme park its bad. Especially when it tries to be more. There is nothing NextGEN here, only a crappy World of Warcraft clone with bot features installed in-game.
  8. Post on Desktop Error in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    turn my computer on, clicked the desktop icon to play, said shit was changed and asked me to delete the path...okay, went to the bdo file bin 64, tried clicking that, got a commandlineparam error....thats it....so im downloading the game for the third time, any fix for the known future is appreciated. was hoping to play a bit tonight. oh well. just a bit peeved is all, i dont know if my windows update did it or what, i had to also install a graphic driver for my 970gtx. we'll see if the redownload works.... >_>
  9. As was mentioned in another thread today, some of us aren't able to enjoy any other games at the moment.
    So, if you are playing something, please let us know what it is. It might inspire others.
  10. Listen up working staff for Black Desert Online because if you don't, you're going to lose your player base.  I along with many others are fine with a cash shop that doesn't offer any p2w style advantages.  The problem is there are some prices you need to adjust for a p2p game.  If we are already paying 30 dollars for the game, then we need to have lower prices.  Yes I know there are 100 posts on this, but unless we get some sort of message stating you guys are looking at better prices, then they won't stop.  I'm not going to go on and on about what needs to be changed specifically but I will list the major 2.  Make 4.5s pickup speed pets 350 pearls and 4s pickup speed pets 500 pearls.  Then make costume sets with a weapon skin 2000 pearls and a costume set without a weapon 1500 pearls.  I'm telling you right now if all the costumes were around this price, I would buy every costume set in the game.  I understand earning money is the point of a company to a certain extent, but you guys have been good with the community so far, at least make the prices I listed happen.  You guys really make it feel like you read every post so please read mine and listen.  With the current prices on pets, to get 3  tier 3 pets, which is what most veterans of the game will do, it could cost upwards to 20000 pearls... Please make that a more reasonable price BDO.  You can argue pets are for convenience, but lets be real in a hack and slash sandbox mmo, having something to pick up all your items and not accidentally miss one is a bigger deal than you let on.  I'm sorry for my grammar and I know i might be rambling on, but im doing my best to get my point across.  Please listen.
  11. Hey All,
    There is a lot of info out there regarding BDO, but as is par for the Internet the quality and relevance vary dramatically.
    I am looking to educate myself prior to launch about all aspects of the game. 
    So if there is a video or guide pertinent to the NA release that you find of special value, would you mind linking to it?

    Thank you very much.

    I've found this gentleman on Youtube, 'Pvt. Wiggles', valuable: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYdoiAO7ax1p0ZbHovrY4Tg

    Cash Shop Image:


    Character Templates (courtesy @Yirosu ):
    General Info:
    blackdesertfoundry.com (courtesy @ITPalg )

    Youtube Channels:

    Pvt. Wiggles: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYdoiAO7ax1p0ZbHovrY4Tg

    Hakurai (courtesy @Cmatex )https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHb8_QfMPrs_zKfVooSzJNw
  12. Post on Trading Card Game in Suggestions

    By Chet, posted
    Should make a trading card game to play in game with people. Could come up with all sorts of stuff to make them play into things through the game. Make them collectible and trade-able and we'd have a ton of fun with it. At least I would
  13. HI Everyone <3
    Here I want to share some templates based on Disney, Anime and Video game characters that I've made in my spare time. If your interested on using them go ahead and let me know.
    I will be making more here and there or so often.
    Final Fantasy XIII2 - Yeul (Witch)  WitchYeul

    Kingdom Hearts - Aqua (Valkyrie)  AquaValk                                                               Kairi (Valkyrie)  ValkyrieKairi
    Xion (Valkyrie)  XionValkyrie

    Little Mermaid - Ursula (Sorceress)  UrsulaSorce.                                                      Hunchback of Notre Dame - Esmeralda (Sorceress)  DisneyEsmeralda
    Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet (Valkyrie)  ErzaScarletValkyrie

    Naruto Shippuden - Gaara (Warrior)  GaaraWar

    Code Geass - Lelouch (Warrior)  LelouchWarrior

    Fate/Stay Night - Shirou Emiya (Warrior)  ShirouEmiyaWar

    Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki (Warrior)  KanekiWar   

    Makai ouji devils and realist - Astaroth (sorceress)  AstarothSorce

    Sword Art Online - Asuna (Ranger)  AsunaRanger                                                  Asuna Blue Elf (Ranger)  AsunaBlueRanger
    Asuna (Valkyrie)  AsunaValkyrie

    Shugo Chara! - Hinamori, Amu (Tamer)  HinamoriAmuTAMER

  14. Hi guys. Not very good with this character creator software so I was wondering if any of the more skilled individuals wouldn't mind helping me out and creating a Natalie Dormer Tamer for me. Attached some reference pictures. If anyone is able to make a Tamer look like any of these pictures, I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Playing Some The Division BETA Multiplayer.
    Please share if you have the time and would like to support me!
    And stay tuned to my channel for more awesome content like this!

    Manhunt Dominating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7FGAhN5HxI
    Ps. Will make BDO Montage/Cinematic/Gameplays When the game comes out!
  16. Thank you Daum Games! It will actually be of use to me as a light and fancy sports bag rather than using my old junky big camo backpack.
    It arrived today and I really appreciated the handwritten signature on the enveloppe!

    Note : The little reaper doll is mine. He appreciates the comfort of his new home in that bag too!
  17. Post on Single/Multiplayer games in Off-Topic

    By Enzo, posted
    There's a lot of time before official release of Black Desert, right now I'm downloading GTA V (yeah I bought it today dunno why so late). In the last time I was playing Splinter Cell Blacklist, MGS V Phantom Pain, Battlefield 4 (totally dissapointed, game finished in one night, lol).
    I'm lucky that I didn't play GTA V, gonna play and finish story first and later multiplayer, I'm sure it will take a lot of my time so I won't be bored until official release of BDO.
    The most weird thing is I like to watch people playing survival games like SOMA, Outlast but I don't like play it myself, maybe because of scary jumps and fact I couldn't focus on story. Okay, let's be honest no ballz.
  18. Ahoi ^^ würd gern mal wissen wie ihr euch so die Zeit vertreibt bis BDO erscheint  was ihr spielt z.B.
    Ich für meinen Teil spiele zur Zeit bzw. eigl. städig (wenn ich nicht arbeiten bin) CS:GO oder ansonsten Fallout 4, Divinity - Original Sin mit Freundin und ab 1. Dez. teste ich mal Rainbow Six: Siege an.
    Nun zu euch, was geht da so ?  
  19. Post on andere spiele in Off-Topic

    By Hero of Pain, posted
    Was zockt ihr während ihr auf black desert wartet oder was habt ihr sonst schon gespielt?
    bei mir warens:
    Bounty Bay Online
    Guildwars 2
    und nebenbei paar shooter oder strategie games
    natürlich auch bisschen WoW oder LoL aber nir wirklich lange