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  1. Post on MMO Gathering in Suggestions

    By Foghen, posted
    Hi there!
    So I have this idea where gathering becomes a multiplayer option, where you team up with your mates and go gather some wood, timber, logs og what ever name you want to call it.
    Starting with the concept: 2 player lumbering saw
    What this will do is party leader will be wearing the saw in lef tool slot and use it on a tree then 2nd player in party will interact with the saw and there will be lumbering.
    The saw will have a higher yield than axe and a faster gathering rate since 2 players work together
    The saw will come in low durability white up to high durability yellow
    The will be craftable:
    White Rarity 5 Ash Timber and 15 Copper Ingot,
    Green Rarity 10 Ash Timber, 15 Bronze Ingot and 10 Black Stone Powder,
    Blue Rarity 5 Maple Timber, 15 Steel and 20 Black Stone Powder,
    Yellow Rarity 10 Maple Logs, 20 steel, 5 Pure Iron Crystal and 40 Black Stone Powder
    Which will make it rather expensive and ofcourse you will need someone to work with
    It will have twice the durability of a lumbering axe of the same rarity so white = 60 durability, Green = 120 durability, Blue = 260 durability and Yellow = 500 durability
    I also see this possible with a fishing net but they would have combined effects of rods so there would be a net with combined effects of Balenos and Epheria rod so it had auto-fishing time and increased durability OR Mediah and Calpheon with higher chance of rare and big fish
  2. When trying to gather with sword drawn and attempting to gather there is like a 1-2 second delay. Other classes I've played don't have this issue(I have all 13 class types in the 51-58 lvl range). There seems to be an animation problem connecting from standing with sword drawn to the point where gathering begins that causes a delay....which wouldn't be a problem really If I didn't need to chop like 20000 trees a month.
    Please look into this floating stance and movement. Cuz it's annoying and affects gathering speeds and needs to be fixed.
    Just tapping the movement key while the sword is drawn as a dk forces the dk to do a full movement animation in that direction rather than simply inching forward by tapping like every other class I've played. I'm not sure if this is intended. I would hope not cuz it really destroys alot of precision movement during gameplay.
    Edited: it doesn't happen 100% of time. Sometimes I can tap to manuever and it works just fine. But I'd say it's like 50/50
  3. Sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the Palm trees.... But I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a Palm tree looks like. 
    I decided to take pictures of every tree because a lot of my guildies were having troubles spotting different trees for the gathering guild quests. Some trees look very different but they are technically the same tree. I'm going to post them with spoilers. You can add on if you see any different trees that I may have missed. ^-^
    Ash Tree
    Birch Tree
    White Cedar
  4. Since we have a costume for horse riding and cooking, it would be nice to have a costume for gathering specific things. Yes I am aware that we have the treant ghillie suit thing, but I dont want to run around like a grass beetle seeming ready to pvp hidden away in the bushes while I am actually just gathering some logs or something.
    So I had the idea of having a Lumberjack Costume, Miner's Costume, Herbalist Costume.. A costume for every sort of gathering.
    The sort of stats I would imagine this would have could be something along the lines of:
    +10% gathering exp
    +25% chance of gaining extra logs / rough stone / whatever (I dont gather herbs n mushrooms)
    +25% chance of not using durability on your tool specific to the costume
    The reason why I want these costumes to have more gains in logs/rough stones is because it's not a worker gathered item. Since you spend your own time working hard on these (For let's say the Sailboat) it would be nice if there was an item to make this a little faster.
    It might seem a slight P2W thing, but c'mon! every outfit gives some premium stats that you wouldn't have otherwise.  
  5. Post on Delete/Re-roll in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So the theory is toons created later in time have a higher chance of obtaining good stuff from various sources including world bosses and gathering than toons created earlier. This is a weird catch-up mechanic employed by Black Desert to help new players.
    I don't have proof of this. I noticed that my original toons consistently have way worse "luck" than my newly created alts. After some in-game conversations we will be monitoring the situation with friends and report the result. However, if you've had a similar experience that would corroborate our suspicions, now is the time to say so.
  6. So i get hit while gathering and attack the guy, almost killing his horse. The guy runs away so i call him a -----. How does this warrants ME getting banned while he goes free messing with more gatherers? cmon gms do your job... I agree that saying i want to slice your horse isnt that cool but have you read ERP? This is unwarranted. maybe fix the boat issue idk instead of banning un-needingly. 
  7. Greed!!! Elders scrolls online in the worst way. micro managing to make everything in this game a mini transaction. at 15$ a month that would be 130$ a year. this game you have to spend at least that in the first month to just get space, and weight, loot pets. these are not luxury items ,,, these are necessary in the game. if you do a quest that give you inventory space ... well you get 1 not a row like tera online , ONE (1) this game could be a great hit if GREED was not involved. as I leveled to 55 i have gotten maybe 10x(1) inventory space...o and if you spend inventory space in one character ,,,is not for your account ,,its just that character... you share bank space with all your toons but you do not share real cash shop inventory upgrade.,,,,humm. NOpe... no NPC sells you inventory space for game silver NOPE!! so if you like to grind for hours to make silver, so you can spend it on your inventory like TERA online, you are shit out of luck (SOL). OOOH wait that is not all,,,, Lets talk WEIGHTS! yes you can leave your toon running or walking all night to get better on carrying items to level your ability to hold more weight. they are alot of stuff in the game that give you upgrade to weight but not enough to make a dent. the only one would be cash shop upgrade that give you up to 200 per character not account and you will need at leas 2 per character to start and 2 space of 16 that is a total of 60$ and your 6 pets to pic up everything so can skin or butcher or mine (gather) =10 to 15$ a pet =60 to 90$..you can buy those from the market .. but good luck with that. GAthering , well you need energy. to gather.. but you need energy for everything else... there is no reason to doubt that the pearl shop will soon have an increase of energy option to buy.  MICRO TRANSACTION WILL KILL this game! or maybe that lack of CONTENT.. at the end ...and for god sake crafting only by npc sucks ass... I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT MY OWN SHIT and craft as need them. I WILL GLADLY PAY a MONTHLY FEED TO PLAY and have all these micro crap removed and implemented in the game. or just sell the game as single player with the option to play online with others. love that too.. actually get a game i pay for.
    consider it or not .
  8. Based on 1000 energy spent (around 3000 picks) I get half as many shards as before the event. The difference is 90% of the shards are now sharp, whereas before it was the other way around. But in total it's still half the shards!
  9. Post on A Material tab in Suggestions

    By gudd, posted
    Ok, I am a gatherer! Love to do it, enjoy it. If a game does not have it .. i dont play it. I also detest not having room for my mats. I dont sell my mats, it turns my stomach to sell them, because i have put alot of time to gathering. So I suggest a MATERIAL TAB  , all material gathered goes there across all your toons. it will be visable similar to the pear shop tab. also in your storagehouse. we will be able to remove into regular inventory to sell or produce. able to craft right out of it. as we convert our potatoes into flour or flour and water into dough, it would indeed be place in that tab. UNLIMITED, SPACE FOR MATERIALS. with no weight restrictions, well unless you take out of the tab then you will have the weight on you.
  10. When gathering, why do we need 2 slots open?
    Please just do the following:
    1) Gather action
    2) When gather action is done, the loot appears.
    3) When loot appears, player loose 1 energy.
    (The game shouldn't care if the player's bag is full or not, that's up to the player to deal with it).
  11. So recently I'm having problems to spend all my energy, I have like 7 or 8 alts and, I'm currently using all the energy (even from my main) on node investment, but I have the feeling that using it on somethin elese would be better. The problem is that nothing out of gathering spends energy, and I'm not seeing myself spending all my time on doing gathering with all my characters.
    So were do u sped ur energy guys? Any recomendation?
  12. Post on Fig Pie in General

    By Coeprandua, posted
    So now I've been gathering long enough to say that I've found around 100 shards so far. In my experience, you get a shard after every 100 energy spent, which means a drop chance of 1%. This doesn't mean that you will literally get a shard for every 100 energy spent, but rather you'll get 100-ish shards for 10.000 energy spent, since your luck will vary throughout the course of gathering.
    Anyways, my question is: I have just discovered Fig Pie, which is supposed to increse drops by 3%. So does this mean you get a 4% drop chance or does it mean you get a 1,03% drop chance? If someone has any experience with this. 
  13. One Kind Guild Recruitment
    We are a community of gamers that love to play an assortment of games and just mess around on a daily basis. We are relatively new to BDO (as in we just started seriously playing a week ago) and are looking for people to join us in figuring this massive world out together; though this is not our first MMORPG so we do know some regular ins and out.
    One Kind Gaming is a place to joke around and have a good time while grinding away til our eyes bleed. Our main focus in this game is to get to know and master its entirety, from the simple gathering to the 100 vs 100 guild wars over a corn node. We are a hardworking community that plays to win in every aspect, though we may not be the best or the most capable but we will play our hearts out. Whether you are in to grind through mobs, trade crates, gather til your fingers bleed, or pvp until the rage kicks in; we as a community of gamers will gladly play beside you
    There in no age, level, political party, IQ, sobriety, fetish, maturity, sexual preference, gender, race, ethnicity, accent, language, or pineapple on pizza lovers restriction. Just be willing to be offended and be offensive back.
    To be gladly received either reply your family name or character name in post, or you can drop by our lovely teamspeak(during normal people awake time): onekind.ts3.mejorserver.com and look for me Joker or our main admin Jumanji in the BDO channel or in our other channels.
    Insert awesome Banner here-->
    And thought out icon here -->
    Also super cool website here -->
    We have been mostly level grinding, so feel free to come by and join us
  14. Howdy again,

       Another idea I wanted to toss out (as I don't believe it's in game), is a scuba-suit.  I know there's the shark-suit and even own one... but have noticed with so much water in the game and how beautiful it is underwater, it's a shame to not be able to utilize it more.  So my idea is to have something we can craft and install into a fishing boat and an Epheria Sailboat.  One of those large-rig scuba-suits that have a hose that anchors to the boat/ship limiting the range a person can go before having to move the boat.  Could start placing special gathering/mineral/salvage nodes under the water, have quests, even have exploration and sunken treasure-chests, etc.  Could open up a whole new avenue in approaching the game.

    Could even add more options for underwater spear-fishing!
  15. I suggest to separate fishing and gathering from the guild missions, We should be able to do just gathering when we select a gather mission and not get surprised by these frustrating fishing missions all the time, Every time we get a fishing mission i have to forfeit it because everyone refuses to do them and i do not blame them.
  16. Its bad enough being on a short timer to gather resources but you also have to deal with the bad resource detection. I shouldn't have to swim around coral, clams, shells, and giant oysters to see where I can start gathering from. The detection range on the resources needs to be increased. Anyone else having this problem?
  17. Hallo,
    ich würde mir wie in WoW eine Funktion wünschen mit der ich sammelbares auf der Minimap anzeigen lassen kannk, dies gefiltert nach den Arten, also hacken(spitzhacke) & sammeln (handhacke)
    Vor allem für Erze wäre das Praktisch.
    Für WoW gibt es das tolle Addon Gathermate 2:

    Da konnte man es sogar nach den Erzen sortieren und auch auf der Weltkarte anzeigen lassen.

    (Ja das Bild endet unten plötzlich)
    Würde ich gut finden.
  18. When you manage to gather a sharp or hard shard with a lancia equipped the lancia skin changes to a golden version.

  19. Greetings!
    Trough i have a few 56 characters, and i aim to main the new Dark Knight class, i started to enjoy my Valkyrie and got most of my stuff to skilled 3-4....it wont hurt to have an alt to process and gather with that extra energy afterall.
    But then again, what are the things that are actually worth to gather manually?
    Aside from things you can not gather with workers (or just painfully slow) what exacly? A guild mate told me to skin pigs near Calpeon, so i did it, and i think i do remember that hard leather is in high demans since you need a tonn of it to make fine hard leather, and its painfully slow to gather a lot , but i was more like "meh ok i dump my energy on it" . 
    So anyone got some insight? Or personal experiance?
  20. Uhhhhhh
    Salut le monde!
    Connexion ce matin de retour de vacances.... hop il est temps de récolter mes champs.... tout va bien, puis je change de toon pour aller pécher et paf! plus de champs, disparus! et ils ne sont même pas dans l'inventaire, les points de contrib sont toujours décomptés.
    C'est arrivé à qqun déjà?
    PI: j'ai 5 champs 10 cases autour de la cabine de Holio à l'ouest d'heidel (enfin, j'avais.....)
  21. Ok just getting into he guild thing and have run into an issue which is throwing up a major red flag for me.
    Looking at some of the gathering quests and there are no details. The only things mentioned are vague on-specific terms such as "this village" and "enough supplies"?
    Enough supplies? What is that? 10,000 logs and that's it? or something impossible such as 5,000,000 logs, 30,000,000 stone, 800,000 lead ingots, 890,000 iron ingots? Maybe enough supplies is 500,000 wool shirts? Or how about 900,000 diamonds and 300,000 logs?
    And must gather "enough supplies" in 2 hours?
    "Enough Supplies" is a rather subjective and very broad ranging term for a quest. No quest should ever use such non-specific terms in its completion requirements. That's easily a setup for guaranteed failure through hidden requirements that are impossible to accomplish.
    Which brings up the question of what happens to the 30k deposit for the quest? Do we loose it if we fail? Another red flag for impossible requirements. A quest we can not complete no matter how big we are with a guaranteed loss of funds.
    Guild Supply mission with an objective to have a certain amount of resources in the town warehouse to complete, BUT no idea what resources are needed or in what quantity.
    Am I missing something?
  22. almost every Fir tree east of Western Guard Camp cannot be chopped, and this is one of the highest concentrations of fir trees in game.  Please fix them!

  23. Hey guys! I'm lv50 now and i wanted to create a new guild by myself. everyone is welcome.
    The guild is going to be for gathering and fishing almost.
    Hope someone join me soon!
    Thank you.
    For more info, whisper me in bdo, Arcama!
  24. Hi guys
    I'm an oldskool mmorpg player and I really enjoy BDO. I spend a lot of my time on it, so lately I was thinking maybe I could do some guides and how to's and stuff. So I made a video guide on how to craft grunil gear for people that may find it somewhat confusing. Even my video may be confusing cause I choke up a lot like I'm in a rap battle or something. This is like my third commentary video ever so I get really nervous when i start speaking, go easy on me T_T. I'm trying hard to improve my speech.

    I'd like for you guys to at least watch my video partially, so you can give me some hints and critique so I can work on making my videos better.
    Thanks for taking your time to watch. 
  25. Post on Gather Coconut? in General

    By Chantelise, posted
    I searched and couldn't find this question, can you gather coconuts manually say from a tree or bush or can it only be acquired through worker node investment?  Thanks!