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  1. Hello all! Now I want to make sure my dark knight's gear is good for PVP. Please help me if you can and don't be shy to say my gear is crap and I should change everything. 

  2. Hi! So i started playing a game some days ago, i got maehwa to lvl 50, and i'd like to know what gear i should get? Mostly for pvp. I guess i still need to get to 56 to get awakening and all that, and i think ill buy gear at market, but which one? Thanks
  3. Hallo alle zusammen
    Ich habe nach etwas ausprobieren mit den Klassen mich dazu entschieden eine Walküre als Main Charakter zu spielen. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage was für Ausrüstung ich mir für diese kaufen sollte... mein Ziel ist es irgendwann im PvP gut mitmachen zu können und generell auch im PvE mehr Dmg machen zu können sowie mehr auszuhalten.
    Meine jetzige Ausrüstung: +15 Hebe-Helm, +15 Hebe-Handschuhe, irgendwelche 0815 Schuhe, Rüstung der strahlenden Magie, Schild der versiegelten matten magischen Kraft   MON ultimative Yuria-Klinge, Serap-Halskette, Gürtel des Basilisken, zwei Tungrade-Ohrringe, ein Ring des Halbmondwächters sowie ein Jarettes Ring
    Geld hätte ich momentan 200 Millionen zur Verfügung, könnte dies aber durch diverse Verkäufe (Schwarzsteine usw.) aus mindestens 600 Millionen steigern.
    Es wäre sehr nett wenn sich jemand die Zeit nehmen würde mir Tipps zum Rüstungskauf zu geben und mir die Vor- und Nachteile von den unterschiedlichen Ausrüstungen erläutern könnte
    Vielen Dank im Voraus!
  4. Post on Help on Build in Dark Knight

    By Cyrillic, posted
    Does this build have enough accuracy and if not, would it have enough with a Kzarka or would I have to use Red Coral Earrings? http://www.bdoplanner.com/save/[[12],[11046,18,[-1,-1]],[11522,0,[-1,-1]],[11049,18,[-1,-1]],[11015,18,[15116,15116]],[[12007,2],[12007,2]],[[11816,2],[11816,2]],[12210,2],[11607,1],[11359,18,[15201,15605]],[14820,18],[10738,18,[-1,-1]],[-1],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]]
  5. Let's begin by stating that a controlled market only works for for high quantity, high demand resources. As most of us know some gear is often times High cost, Low demand. Lets take the DUO:Estique Shuriken for example, an item that has for a verrrry long time been minimum price and will never sell because it cannot go lower. This is the time when this controlled market concept fails, by not allowing the price to drop to mean the consumer price the items will eventually build up and still have no demand.
    Now the next issue i've often noticed in this game is, they make it difficult to sell for a loss for the sake of "Just getting rid of it" not having functions like this, (that other games have) makes it difficult to have a healthy supply and demand.
    My suggestion?
    Let the armor/accessory/weapons market run as a free market. Will things be chaotic for a while? Yes. Will many people make gigantic profit? Yes, will some of us make a giant loss? Yes. With a profession like trading in the game why can't I do a legitimate play of the market? Yes, you may think that the rich will keep getting richer and richer. However in all games if you play the market right, you'll be rich as well. Not only that but when players run the market, just about everyone wins. The players can control the buy and sell prices and things will have a true worth. Now I know some will say "This will make people sell less outfits since people will be making more" well guess what PA, you'll like this part because with your controlled market prices outfits will be jackshit cheap, value packs will be jackshit cheap (Unless you decide to scale their value through some complex algorithm.) But by doing that not only does PA make more money, we can make more money to get things in the game that matter more. Now some of you may ask. "What happens when people buy up everything in the controlled market?" Well that's what happens when a player based economy rolls in, there will be shortages which in turn drives prices up and down. Eventually the controlled market will need to go. But it should. It's better to have shortages and high prices than to have low prices and too much (especially in a controlled market where you can further drive down the cost to fix the issue)
    Lastly, if this is truly a controlled market it needs to be controlled more to remedy the issues we're seeing now, someone needs to check on the high quantity zero demand items (Red Nose Armors, Just about any Kuno/Ninja/Tamer gear, +15 armors) (which in turn helps new players get some better starter gear at a decent cost, and those who sell junk fail stack items get more purchases.) more often and drive the cost lower until people decide to buy them, then over time drive it back up to let us actually profit from the market.
    TL;DR I feel like that since this game was released towards a western market as well it should have more of our actual economic systems in place, or have the controlled market to have a bit more control in it to remedy the issues.
  6. Post on Need Help Gearing in General

    By ProjectPanda, posted
    I'm fairly new to the game but I was wondering how gear progression works. I am planning on buying the Grunil armor set but should I shell out the bit more to get the blue tier set? Eventually I want to upgrade it to gold tier so how does it work? Do I need to upgrade a blue set into a gold set or can I directly upgrade a green set into a gold?
    Also while i'm at it, what does it take to upgrade a item to the next tier?
  7. Right now I'm average, maybe below average gear. 188AP/249 DP. I can handle Valencia mobs just fine, with the exception of Cadry Elites and Pila Ku jail mobs. Valencia is pretty dead, most of the games population don't venture either A) because it's so far, B) want to avoid the debuff or C) just don't have the gear to grind.
    From what I have heard so far the Kamalsyvia region is even tougher. It took a long while for me to get the gear I have, in that same amount of time some others have had more luck and are already at 450-500 GS. I don't know what the number looks like but I'm sure it's less than half the population of the game.
    So basically my thought is will I even be able to experience Kamalsyvia with my current GS, and what about the 100s of others (or maybe thousands) that want to explore that are no where near my mediocre GS.
    P.S. I've also never been to Magoria because I get on for a few hours and if I did I'd probably only get one way to the island
  8. Saved up some money for awakening. Currently at level 55 tamer, reaching 56 today. Have the generic +7 blue awakening weapon.
    I heard that awakening damage is based off of primary weapon ap as well? So should i just invest in a TRI Kzarka primary or is it better to be more well rounded with accessory and awakening weapon upgrades? Looking to spend 500m and my enhancing RNG is complete ass. Please help, thank you!

  9. Well, here goes...
    I'm a lvl 51 Valkyrie and I've been soloing this game for a very long time. It'd be of great help if someone could tell me how to begin on getting better gear. I don't have any friends in game nor am I part of a guild, obviously. I have other characters I play on as well that could use the help, too: Dark Knight -50, Maewah - 41, and Kunoichi - 44. Thanks in advance.
    The requirements for said guild requires discord for the most part and I'm not too particularly a fan of one of the requirements being that I have to talk to people every day I'm in this guilld or end up being booted from the guild. So I haven't found a guild lust yet.
    Never mind, it seems that I thought the forums would be better than the people in-game. Nope, still the same ol' people.
    Thanks for nothing.
  10. Hi,
    So, i have a Ninja lvl 56,
    But no weapon, except the awakening weapon, i have 350M in bank and dont know what buy with it :
    My actual gear :
    Can you guys help me ?
    Or advise me on stone, what's better, what i have to focus after buying something ?
    Thank you !
    Have a Nice game !
  11. The game lacks any depth when it comes to gear. There are no real choices to be made by players in creating their characters/builds. Right now, everyone essentially works toward a single set of gear. The game should not be this linear on such a basic level.
    Add more items to the game, especially epics.Offer class specific items.Offer region specific items.Offer limited drop items.Add stat/perk randomization or chance for getting a unique stat/perk on items (epics only?) - this will offer a lot of replayability.In short, make the gear selection part of the game much much much much much more interesting than it is right now. There's so much that can be done here.
    Players should have A LOT of choices (along with commensurate trade offs) with gear in a world as large as BDO is. This is fundamental, especially for games in the fantasy genre. But right now, it's just vanilla - totally boring. You can do so much better, BDO!
  12. Post on High AP build in Ninja

    By Shuriyo, posted
    I was curious if anyone had any pvp experience running 230+ ap with double RCE, how much DP would your targets need to survive serpent ascension from behind? I am asking because I'm at a point where I need to seriously invest in accessories and one-shotting people from stealth seems like an effective strategy for siege/nodewar.
  13. Post on Gear Focus - Mainly PvE in Warrior

    By Truq, posted
    Hi all,
    I've read through a lot of warrior posts on this forum before deciding to write this, but would just like a bit of simple feedback before anyone dives into a massive tirade over DR vs EV. 
    The gear I currently have looks like this http://bdoplanner.com/save/[[5],[10961,17,[15624,15624]],[10962,17,[15602,15602]],[10964,17,[15111,15111]],[10963,17,[15630,15630]],[[12032,1],[12012,2]],[[11811,1],[11808,2]],[12220,1],[11613,2],[10010,13,[15201,15201]],[14705,18],[10109,17,[15626,-1]],[45238],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]]
    I'm level 57, and my main goal here is to grind PvE mobs to further level whilst making cash. However, I'd also like to be able to fend off the looming PK'ers whilst I do so (you know who you are). As you can see, i'm looking more towards EV and will be getting Rocaba Gloves/Helm over the next few weeks and look to get my armour all up to TRI.
    I know I'm a good 6 months or so away (with the amount of time I have to spend in game) from having boss gear or millions in the bank, but if anyone could steer me a bit more in the right direction for accessories that would be great, especially with my lack of understanding of the Accuracy/Damage Reduction/Evasion stats. I'd just like to know what to focus on.
    Thanks in advance all!
  14. Post on Berserker roll in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    Hi there,
    Im rolling from a witch to a Berserker but im not sure what accesories to get now, should i go TRI red corals and witch earrings or take something else?
    Wondering what to get D:
    You know what to get for a bers?
  15. Hi,
    I would like to know if my gear (as a Warrior) is good to reach the awakening and what i have to do ater that (what gear evolution)
    So... i have 5 luck with tittle, 5 Speed Attack, 5 Critical Hit, 4 Speed Moovement,=)
    If someone have advise ... ^^ 
    Ty and Have a nice day =D !
  16. So I play the game for 3 weeks and I started to think what is now the best gear in the game, Armor, helmet, ect. I searched on other sites and I found stuff that was from 2016 and I dont know if some of it outdated or something, I just want to know what the best gear is....
  17. So I wondered the Mark of shadow costs about 6kk and it gives 5ap without enchanting it but a blue coral ring give 5ap too with some 25/Mp/Sp/Wp can costs around 600k but which is better, the same thing with 2x Witch earings.
  18. Hey guys, Could you please share some high endgame gear, you guys think is best for ninja in pvp or share yours that you think is endgame. Thanks
  19. Post on Help with warrior Gear! in Warrior

    By Valkary, posted
    Looking for help on any information that other warriors have that can give me something to work towards!

    I have been trying to find the end game accessories that warriors will want for their builds, most people tell me to go pure AP for a warrior but others say Do AP/DP (Sicls, red coral, etc)

    The attached is my current gear, I Am working on getting Giath, Muskan, and tree armor ( I have bhegs ) and I am working towards Dandy. I just need assistance on accessories, thank you so much for any help!

  20. Hi!

    I'm currently half active, don't play too much unfortunately. But I still want to gear up
    My set is 2x Steel Taritas ultimate+15
                    2x Grunil Ultimate+15
                         Kzarka weapon+DUO
                         Kutumn Shield+12

    I got around 380million

    Should I buy Full Set grunil/heve+Tri?
    Or save and buy 1 boss armor part +Tri?
    Or should I buy 2-3x parts boss armor +15?

    Please help me out

    I've no plans of RNG/failstacking

    Best Regards
    Is Ful Grunil Ultimate set TRI

    Better than full boss set+15?
  21. Hello,
    I just returned to BDO and my Ranger (was 51 4 days ago).
    I hit 56 yesterday and did my Awakening Quest. ATM I am Saving Silver for a DUO Kzarka bow (should have it till Saturday if I can Grind Sausan like the last few days)
    My Stats are: 121 AP (bow) 71 AP (Awakening) 172 DP. I am Using Liverto +13 ATM becasue I planned to buy a DUO Kzarka. Awakening weapon is still +0 (just got it)
    I have 2 witches earrings (non enchanted) Wearing green +15 hebe set (I have the yellow Armor from Magical Exchange Armor Quest).
    My rings are the blue ones which drops in this Moutain Spot (cant remember name atm) also non enchanted.
    And my belt is the tree belt also non enchanted. Should I upgrade my Bow to Kzarka and then focus on something else?
    And on what should I focus after the bow? Or is it completly wrong and I should focus on other things first before I get a Kzarka bow. (I have heard Kzarka is a big big must have because of the high acc it will give)
  22. so, grinding for event candies and then died to gahaz when they started hitting really hard.  normally they dont hit hard at all unless it was the elite but i was in a location it doesnt spawn or will follow you too (to far away from its own spawn)  after checking to see if i had some kind of debuff i pressed I to find my gear broken but no notification that it was.  im glad i didnt lose any of my 10% exp helm crystals and i tear'd to keep from losing 1% at 59.  just letting others know if it hasnt been posted yet.

  23. hello BDO community! I am coming back after a few month hiatus. Now a year into the game and the super competitive grinders have left for the most part...
    What is everyone's gear score? (This means adding the AP/DP numbers together on your inventory screen. Do not add the awakened weapon. That is a seperate gear score)
    This is just to help me understand what the average player power level is in the game.
  24. Hello BDO Community,
    so since i reached level 50 with my dark knight i was wondering what would be the beast gear to look for ?
    Currently i have :
    Krea Kriegsmesser of Crimson Flame (+10/AP 49-51)Sayer Ornamental Knot (+9)Grunil Armor Set (+7)Bares EaringJarette EaringJarette RingTalis RingI have 64 AP and 104 DPI should add that i am fairly new to BDO and that dark knight is my first class to reach level 50.
    Thanks and best regards
  25. Which class is the least gear dependent and could handle themselves better 1v1 or small group pvp open world with less gear?