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  1. Hallo Liebe Community,
    ich bin nun Stufe 56 und suche den besten Levelingspot für meine Werte:
    Ap:130 DP:211
    Ih bin Bersi und will so schnell es geht 57+erreichen.
    Habe mehrere ausprobiert, aber was empfehlt ihr? 
    Bashims? wüstennagas, wüstenfogans... etc.?
  2. EDIT:
    Beim verfassen des Beitrags hat sich meine Frage vermutlich schon beantwortet.. dachte ich poste es trotzdem mal falls sich jmd schon das gleiche gefragt hat.
    Bei der auflistung der Klassen welche eine Jarette-Rüstung haben und welche nicht, fällt ziemlich schnell auf dass es alles weiliche Charakter sind die eine haben. Schaut man dann noch in die Herstellung und sieht den einen Bestandsteil "Hochwertige Freizeitkleidung für Frauen"(http://bddatabase.net/de/item/42433/) kann man sich recht sicher sein dass es damit zu tun haben könnte.
    Neue Frage: gibts ne gleichwertige Alternative für die anderen Klassen?
    Wie der Titel schon sagt geht es um die Jarette-Rüstung,
    kurz vorab was genau ist die Jarette-Rüstung? - Die Jarette-Rüstung ist eine ingame herstellbare Rüstung, welche mit einem Kostümtauschschein in ein Kostümteil umgewandelt werden kann.
    Bändiger Jarette Rüstung (http://bddatabase.net/de/item/14848/)
    – Gegenstandseffekte: Angriffs-/Wirktempo +1
    Kostümtauschschein (Perlshop Item, 1500 Perlen) (http://bddatabase.net/de/item/17611/)
    -> Wandelt die Rüstung in ein Kostümteil um (kann in den Kostümslots getragen werden. Gegenstandseffekt bleibt erhalten)
    Bändiger Jarette-Rüstungskostüm (http://bddatabase.net/de/item/14968/)
    Hintergrund der ganzen Sache ist, dass man mit den 3 Angriffstempo einer Kzarka, den +1 Angrifftempo/+1 Wirktempo von 4 Teiligem Bossset und den dem Gegenstandseffekt der Jaretts-Rüstung auf 5 Angriffstempo kommt ohne diese in Kristallen zu sockeln oder Bufffood zu benutzen.  Soweit so gut..
    Nun endlich zu meinem Anliegen
    Warum gibts es keine-Jarette Rüstung für den Risen/Giant/Berserker? Selbst der DK hat die Möglichkeit und der wurde ja deutlich später released^^
    Bin die Liste der Rüstungen die produziert werden können mehrfach durch gegangen -> kein Riese
    SchwarzmagierinBändigerinWaldläuferinWalküreMaehwaMagierinKunoichiDunkelklingeRieseMagierKrieger...Ich habs versucht zu Googlen (daher auch die beiläufigen Informationen)
    Ich hab ingame im Marktplatz geschaut (wurde nie eine Rüstung für den Giant verkauft)
    und auch auf bddatabase fand ich keine Riesen Jarette-Rüstung
    Ich mein vllt hab ich was übersehen oder Tippfehler drin gehabt, belehrt mich gern eines besseren aber zum jetzigen stand habe ich nichts gefunden und wollt mal fragen warum gibts keine Giant Rüstung. (nein er ist nicht zu Groß andere Rüstungen kann man für den Giant herstellen ;))
    Um fragen vorzubeugen:
    Es ist ein Kostümteil nimmt aber alle 4 Slots ein (vergleichsweise Handwerkerkleidung oder Kochkleidung in den Rüstungsslots)
    Kann nicht gefärbt werden, sofern nicht geändert (reddit Beitrag von vor 7 Monaten)
    Wie man die Rüstung genau herstellt und was für Materialien benötigt werden findet man recht einfach auf bddatabase.net.
    Zudem brauch man noch einen Arbeiter, ein Produktionsgebäude (Kostümschneiderei Stufe 2)
    ermöglicht neue Kombinationen von Kristallen
    Kann nicht mit Perlkostümen kombiniert werden (zumin nicht für Set-Boni wie 10% -Kampf-Exp) oder dem Tarneffekt des Treanttarnungssets
  3. Post on 2 Things in Suggestions

    By Rentago, posted
    For starters, I noticed the berserker has missing textures behind one of his ears, basically allowing you to see through him, and that is also a problem with a lot of his cosmetics where his neck doesn't have skin down to the clothing, but rather a void you can see through his body. Always bothered me about him.
    However the main thing was that I wish wagons allowed 1 other to ride on it with you, so that you can do trade runs with someone riding shotgun. If not simply make a wagon with the sole purpose of allowing multiple people to ride in it as a form of group transportation rather than trade.
  4. Just wondering what everyone is doing to get reading for our awakenings.
    What level should we be at minimum? Seems classes are different at when they can mainly use their awakening weap.
    How many total SP do we need? Since zerkers mainly switch to their awakening weapons do we need a ton left over in our axe tree?
    Any other misc things that should be taken care of?
    I could not find a common theme with the video Berserkers (Giants), so it created a separate.
    There is a video on my channel will be glad if someone like 
    My previous video with more calpheone content.
  6. Hii everyone, few days ago I saw a image of a berserker that was awesome. I tried to make it but I just cant. So Can someone make it and send me the file plss ?!?! I want to main it >.<. Thanks.

  7. So we got a guild boss summon scroll for giant mudster. summoned tried to kill it and we ended up all dying. After returning to the node and running back the boss was gone. The scroll says the boss will take 2 minutes to reset but we got back there in less then 30 secs. Has this happen to anyone else? Also would submit a ticket but I have no idea how.
  8. Hello fellow Adventurers!
    (English is not my first language so please do not hate me for my spelling or grammar mistakes  )
    I know it is already too late for a thread like this BUT I just wanted to make a suggestion that could balance the ods in PVP for all classes. We all know awekenings for each of the classes now, however if the awekenings would be changed they could be a great way to balance pvp, both in small and big scale PVP. Below I will explain how small/big scale pvp is at this moment and my suggestion on how it could be fixed:

    So many people hate that, for example, in Red Battlefield after more than 30 ppl participate it is a range AoE fest. Usually it seems like two sets of groups standing and AoEing each other to death form afar (that's why melee clases are a bit shit in big scale pvp - that's because they die before they can reach group of their enemies). 

    So the question is: 'How to make melee classes able to fight in large scale pvp?' or 'How to make a range class able to defend itself properly when focus in melee range?' The solution would be simple:
    GIVE ranged classes melee awekenings - GIVE melee classes range awekenings.
    Perfect Example would be classes like: Giant, Sorc, Ranger.
    1. Giant (melee class) got a cannon which he can use in large scale pvp without closing to the enemy - BRILLIANT!
    2. Sorc (mid-range) - A Scythe <3 I think everybody loves it :3
    3. Ranger (Range) - Rapier (sword or wahtever) - GREAT good range skills with your bow while having that sword you can always change to just to CC - slow or defend yourself against melee. 

    So why Musa shouldn't get a range awekening? Or Warrior? Ninja? etc. I love all the classes in Black desert (I hate the gender lock while I would love to play with male ranger "hunter" class) but some of them are just underpowered because of the weapons they use. 
    For example I love Ninja awekening, but 5-6 swords and heavy-armor (refering to new costumes added in the KR version :P) is not much silent killer style as ninja class was supposed to be, ninja awekening would suit blader a bit more  Secondly why not give ninja long range weapon like a "kusarigama" (knife on a chain). 

    Same thing for Warriors (Tamers,Musas,Maehwa, etc.), I love the greatsword, but it doesn't change the way you play so much, as range awekening would. You guys could make entirely different and new class weilding a greatsword for its main weapon.
    If all classes would be able to range attack and fight in melee range at the same time then it would fix the problem where Wizards and Rangers exceed so much in large scale pvp. Everytime you see someone with a high number above their head in Red Battlefield 90% its Wizards, rangers or sorcs. 

    There is much ramble in this but I had a lot of things I wanted to talk about and I didn't list them all yet. Probably gona add more later on. 

  9. Hi , 
    So i know we are kind of a minority out there , but i was sad to see that two days after the release on kr server of the plum awakening weapon , there was a topic detailing all of her skills with polearm ... So i've seen a lot of awakened giant videos , and somewhere on the internet also found a screenshot of it's skill tree , but no real info on the skills ( like effects/buffs nor Damage% ) 
    I guess my question is : Anyone playing giant on KR willing to share ? I can't be the only one excited about this who wants to know more !
    Have a nice day fellow Giants !
  10. Post on How does it look? in Art & Media

    By Rohunt, posted
    Been testing a few facial hair options. Tell me what you think.
     Dashing Rogue(?)
    That's about all I can come up with at the moment. But, tell me what you all think! 
    be gentle. 
  11. So I was just wondering how the heck we end up with arm cannons instead of some sort of huge mace or some huge ass weapon. Yet we are stuck with a mega man cannon And a boxing like move set that reminds me of my waifu Yang..
    I am not complaining this is amazing who ever come up with this idea should be awarded!
    Anywho when our awakening gets out. Anybody know any good pvp builds for our cannon? 
  12. Post on Lava Piercer in Berserker

    By Kizmet, posted
    I know that there are a lot of bugs atm with Zerkers, maybe its just me but I would personally like to see Lava Piercer become smoother, with pretty much every class being able to out run or get away from us and the Desync with Grabs the least they can do is fix our engage/chase. Don't get me wrong I love my zerker I deal with the Desyncs because in group fights when i grab someone and pile drive them backwards into My Guild Leaders Wizard Alt for GG its a great feeling But when we are winning and I break out to chase someone down or engage, cast lava piercer and get stuck on a rock smaller then my big toe or just let the hair on my shoulder graze a tree or a mob to get stuck in position is really annoying. This is a great skill all in all but it could be fixed so it can work a lot smoother then it does ! Just some thoughts !
  13. @CM_Jouska  (Not sure whom to address this to or if put the thread in the right place, but hopefully that's the correct person sees this.)
         This isn't really a game breaking, but I thought I should point it out. After we got buffed and the commands for Predatory hunt was changed a bit, it seems like our jumps get cut off at times. On top of that, if you happen to press space at the right time during a regular stomp, it'll activate Predatory hunt though it's on cooldown. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't! (Perhaps that's a secret combo? I don't know ) 
    I'll post a few Gifs showing what I mean.
    Here is an example of Predatory hunt activating on cooldown: Successfully going through the animation.

    Here's an example of the animation cutting off mid-jump/glitching(?)

    Also, I did a little bit of button mashing and noticed that we're not able to use all four hops of Predatory hunt in one spot, even though the instructional Skill Video shows us how to.
    Here are just two GIFs comparing the original and ours.

    (Current)- Also, yes my predatory hunt is maxed out.

    Anyway, that's really all I have to show. I don't know why this is happening or if it's something that can even be fixed. As I said, it's more of just a slight inconvenience and a weird occurrence. What do you all think?
  14. Post on Berseker PVP - The proof in PVP

    By Misaaka, posted
     Watch it please. Expecially at 3:20   --- This is not my video. I use it just as proof about the problem
  15. Post on Need Berserker Build... in Berserker

    By Guwop, posted
    Hey Guys!
    So I already searched for some good builds for my berserker level 38, but i wasnt able to find some... my friends are playing the sorceress and the warrior class but it seems like the have better skills. They 1-shot enemies for who i need a few seconds (like 20sec) to kill them.
    Does anyone have a helpful homepage or a build guide?
    Thanks in advance!
  16. AHA! The bait worked! Since you're here... Do these wings make me look fat?
    (also how does my giant look? he look okay, guys? i reworked his chin a bit.)

    and im sorry about the bait pls don't hate me
  18. Post on MrBison.Gif in Berserker

    By Rohunt, posted

  19. Post on Giant feautres in Suggestions

    By Bjarngrim, posted
    A few ideas for features that could be a lot of fun on the Berserker and provide some incentive to try out and enjoy the weaker class

    A carry feature! Allow a prompt to be issued to another player where you request to pick them up. Upon their allowance of the action your toon picks them up! Make it unable to be used while carrying a trade pack or when over encumbered to eliminate the ability to cheat but still give a neat feature to let people run around with one of the smaller races over/on their shoulders!

    Also a toggle to the sit? While I love the crouch animation i'd love to be able to sit my butt on the floor and not look like I am trying to hunt someone.
  20. If they call the berserk like a Giant race they should at least make them that way because the don't feel like giant their footsteps is too less they must be louder and the their footprints deeper with screen shaking with object shaking when the pass over them, and the must be bigger like a Giant for example Cyclops size will be good^^
  21. So, I walked into Berserker class /KNOWING/ that I would be the underdog. I'm not here to ----- about it, but just ask you guys about some suggestions that might make it better.
    Anyway, as it stands in Korean Black Desert; Almost every class has some sort of on demand block and/or damage mitigation skill. Every class, but berserkers. (Rangers, tamers and sorcs have the option to block with their new weapons. Can you believe that? )
    Traditionally, it would be weird for a "GGRR SMASH EVERYTHING" berserker type to block. But, I think we should AT LEAST have a 'rage' or 'unstoppable fury' passive that allows us to absorb damage for a short set time when we're put in low HP (And yes the passive should have a long cooldown). Kind of like "Endure Pain" from Guild Wars 2.
    Maybe a skill that allows us to USE some of our HP to lower damage taken for set amount of time also, with a debuff that keeps us from using potions or gaining HP from regen effects. I don't know! Just some thoughts
    I know "Emergency response" is always an option, but I feel like we should have a little 'something' to take the heat off of us so we can disengage OR perhaps get ready to heal up for another frontal attack,
    Personally, I enjoy playing Berserker how it is (IN PVE). I put camera shake to 100 percent and get a headache while grinding.
    What do you guys think?  
  22. Hey fellow BDO community,

    I have recently been playing BDO and just got lvl 50!!! Now I plan on letting the fishing begin! Check out my stream to come hangout and ask questions! My knowledge is your knowledge I shall help you lvl as I FISH! I am also playing with a group of close friends who will constantly providing discussions on the game and above all else the most important part the music!
    P.S I am also trying youtube gaming... So come check it out!


    Much love. Game On!

  23. Hey fellow BDO community,

    I have recently been playing BDO and just got lvl 50!!! Now I plan on letting the fishing begin! Check out my stream to come hangout and ask questions! My knowledge is your knowledge I shall help you lvl as I FISH! I am also playing with a group of close friends who will constantly providing discussions on the game and above all else the most important part the music!
    P.S I am also trying youtube gaming... So come check it out!


    Much love. Game On!
  24. Hey fellow BDO community,

    I have recently been playing BDO and just got lvl 50!!! Now I plan on letting the fishing begin! Check out my stream to come hangout and ask questions! My knowledge is your knowledge I shall help you lvl as I FISH! I am also playing with a group of close friends who will constantly providing discussions on the game and above all else the most important part the music!
    P.S I am also trying youtube gaming... So come check it out!


    Much love. Game On!
  25. Post on Giant a good class? in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Is Giant a fun class to play?
    Can they farm good?
    Is it good in pve?
    Can you solo stuff good?
    Thx for the answers