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  1. Hello, i just hit 39 and im looking for a gift pass code, pm me if you have one, thanks :V

  2. I just hit level 30 and am looking for a gift pass, I've included a screenshot for proof. Hit me up if you have one.

  3. Post on Starters package gift in General

    By Lphie, posted
    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to gift the starters package to me. I started playing recently and I've really enjoyed the free trial and I'd love to be able to continue playing. I've reached over level 30 so if you're a vet I think you'll be able to receive a polar bear pet for gifting. http://imgur.com/a/c6Tf
    I'd be very appreciative if anyone would be willing to help. Thank you.
  4. Hi anyone willing to gift me the game for the polarbear pet :D? thanks, am level 51 and really enjoyin the game, message me
  5. Hey! I'm level 50 at my character, pm me if you have free gift package! Would love it thx
  6. Hello! I've been watching videos and stream on this game so I tried out the 7 day trial. I am interested in the game and been lvling pretty fast. I'm level 24 right now and will be getting to level 30 later. I would be glad if anyone is willing to gift me. Thank you in advance!
  7.  Hello! I've been watching videos and stream on this game so I tried out the 7 day trial. I am interested in the game and been lvling pretty fast. I would be glad if anyone is willing to gift me. Thank you in advance!
  8. Post on Gift in New Adventurers

    By Vilhjalmr, posted
    Anybody feel like gifting me the game?
  9. Post on Gift in Off-Topic

    By Vilhjalmr, posted
    Anybody feel like gifting me the game?
  10. Post on Gift in General

    By Vilhjalmr, posted
    Anyone feel like gifting me the game?
  11. Post on Gift Package in New Adventurers

    By Zereis, posted
    I am a new player who recently started playing bdo on trial version and loved it, i just hit level 30 and wondered if there are any kind soul willing to give me code for the gift package. 
  12. Post on I sell horses... in General

    By Happynes, posted
    I want to sell my horses, I have tier 7 female & male and tier 6 female & male. For more information send me a private message.
  13. Hello I am currently on the trial and absolutely loving the game... however I am having issues purchasing the game. Was wondering if someone would have a code for the gift version. I already have a lv 20 DK I will most likely hit 30 tomorrow and you can get your reward
  14. I have few gift pass keys i would like to spare to people who loves mmorpg and like to play BDO. I have benefit from the gift pass if player reach level 40, so this is only condition.
    languages: polish/english
    The gifts are full game not just 7 day passes
    Have a good day
  15. Post on Free gift passes in New Adventurers

    By Cukio, posted
    All taken, thanks you.
  16. Als Rückkehrer ist mir aufgefallen das gewisse Items sich nur über "Pearl Gifts" ersteigern lassen oder besser gesagt man die Chance bekommt auf Item X-Y zu bieten. Ist dies ein klarer Regelbruch oder nicht? Da ich auf Reddit und hier im DE Forum nichts hilfreiches gefunden habe wäre es doch mal ganz interessant herauszufinden wie so etwas gehandhabt wird oder gar die Reaktionen sind.

    Gerade hatte ich eine doch Interessantes Gespräch innerhalb der Gilde wo sich folgende Fragen stellten

    Situation : 
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Ist das erlaubt bzw. ein Regelbruch welches sich auf RMT zurückführen lässt?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B gibt Perlen(Gift,Gegenstand)+Ingame Währung
    Spieler A erhält Perlen(Gift, Gegenstand) aber stellt Item nicht zum verkauf und zieht Spieler B die Perlen ab. 
    Kann Spieler B die Perlen einfach zurück erstatten vom Support sofern er sich im 48 Stunden fenster meldet weil er sich "vertan" hat?

    Situation :
    Spieler A hat Gegenstand X
    Spieler B möchte Gegenstand X für Perlen(Geschenk,Gift)+Ingame Währung kaufen
    Spieler A geht den Handel ein und bekommt Perlen(Gegenstand,Gift)+Ingame Währung.
    Spieler B bekommt seinen Gegenstand X und meldet im Support das er einen Refund möchte da er die Falsche Person "Beschenkt" hat. Auch hier im normalen 48h Meldefenster für Refunds.
    Kann Spieler A dies dann beim Support melden sofern es Legitim/nicht Legitim ist und wird er dafür entschädigt oder sogar beide gebannt?
  17. A trade has been completed. This offer is no longer on the table. Thanks for reading all.
    So, here's the deal. I don't have an active CC atm, and my current friend who i've been playing this game with did not own it prior to January 1st; so they cannot gift it to me. Which has ultimately forced me to ask here.
    I am a 12 year user of Steam.
    I play quite a lot of CSGO along side BDO atm, and am looking for a 1:1 trade. that is, 10 USD in Marketable Steam items, for a copy of BDO gifted to my account.
    I have done a bit of trading in the past for which you can see my "reputation" here : https://www.steamtrades.com/user/76561197974232769
    Here is also my Steam rep link to show that i have not been trade banned, reported, etc. : https://steamrep.com/search?q=http%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561197974232769%2F
     I already have one Character who is level 49. So, you will receive either the Polar bear pet, or the 1000 pearl offer from this trade as well.
    I will have to ask that it be a somewhat reputable member of this community, or have good reputation in trading which can be shown as i have done above.
    If you're interested please post here or feel free to add me on steam; however, if you just add me on steam I will probably still ask you to post here, that way i can take a peek at your forum account etc.
  18. Hi i am trying to get a hold of a copy of bdo for my cousin who just lost his job. I played the beta of this game but never had time to play it until this year so i finally bought it a couple of months back. For some crazy reason i cant select the gift package to be able to buy the game for my cousin without him knowing about it because i cant do it without asking for his login info. He created an account a few days ago and enjoys the game alot and he wont be able to buy it for a while but he really needs a release from his stress. Can one of the moderators help me out please. Thanks. 
  19. Post on Free Gift code in General

    By Aiducan, posted
    Free Code to a good home, please don't use it if you don't need it and hurry to level 30 daddy needs a polar bear
  20. Hiya! If anyone would like to earn a polar bear by purchasing my boyfriend the full game, we'd be forever thankful. I can guarantee he'll quickly reach level 40 as he tried the trial and is now dying to actually PLAY the game. We're on NA servers!
  21. I've just bought the Starter's Pack and it's suposed that I've bought the game and 10 gift codes, so, where are these codes?
    In my account information it says "empty" and I don't know where are the codes.

  22. I'm curious why this is! I'm only level 52, but I have some lower level friends I'd like to send some horse costumes and furniture to... 
    Was it always like this?
  23. Hello,
    I gifted my brother (robertwilder18@gmail.com) this game for 10 dollars then he used the code and now his game access section in his account info still says guest pass. I simply wanted to make sure that when his
    guest pass expires he will be able to access the game and there hasn't been any issues. I thought it was a bit concerning that his game access wasn't overlapped by having full access due to 
    gift, hence the forum post. Thanks!
    p.s. Do I choose my reward for gifting when he reaches level 40 or did I miss some part where I choose when I make the initial purchase? If I did mess up, can you point me in the right
    direction as to how I can make my reward 1000 pearls? Thanks
  24. Just reporting that the [Event] Santa Gift Box is glitching.
    The box will drop, when it is interacted with, it will say "Open the gift from Santa!", like usual.
    Except, the box will not give you anything and it does not disappear.

  25. I would like to buy my best friend the 49.99 package.  Is there a simple way to do it? I did World of Warcraft a few years ago for him.  This game is amazing.
    How do I go about and do this?
    Thanks all