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  1. Post on Armor Glitch in In-Game Bugs

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I have this issue where, for whatever reason, my screen will go black for about 5-10sec and then afterward my skin clips thru my armor - and if I swap any gear after that, the dye will go back to its default color.  The only thing that I can do to reset it...is restart the game.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  2. when i am fully zoomed out, i get none see thru, complete blacked out sleeves, when i zoom in one time it still have super black cuffs, zoom in more and it becomes see thru as intended i believe, really annoying graphical glitch, i always have to play zoomed in when i wear this outfit,  so other ppl get this same issue also, btw playing on max settings, with a 1080ti, any way to fix this or is it a known bug that everyone else gets?

  3. I am having weird Maehwa face glitch. It's only for Maehwa, I even made a new one to see if it's only for my created one, but it's still there, but only for Maehwa. 
    It weirdly comes down from the face, it started happening today.
    P.S. I'm playing on RU server so ignore that.

  4. Since the last patch there has been a bug when I try to afk train my horses with a wagon. I set up my Auto Loop, watch a full cycle to make sure I am not getting stuck on anything and then go off to work. When I get back my character is just standing in the middle of the road quite a ways off from my wagon. This has happened every time I try to train with a wagon after the patch (dont know about a single horse). Here is a video from another bug report (but with bad English hardly understandable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDQkJBV32K4&feature=youtu.be
    Please fix this! I work 90 hours a week and have practically no time to actively play, so afk is the only way I can get anything done, and it is really frustrating when I make no progress for a week due to this bug. 
  5. Hello!
    Just reporting an odd graphical glitch with the Epheria Sailboat.
    A glowing phantom oar appears stuck to the bottom of the boat. It's there when I drop anchor and swim underneath. I'm not sure if it's intentional. 
    It is not always visible from the surface, but it peeks out when the waves change. 
    Thank you for your time and hard work!
    *Edited for spelling.

  6. My friend has been having trouble playing this game. As seen in the attached screenshot you can see the character creation menu overlapping some other menus. The character itself is also absent. If anyone out there knows what the problem may be, please help.
    Note: game has been installed 4 seperate times on his pc, but the bug stays.
    UPDATE:seems that some of the recent drivers cause this to happen.

  7. long story short i closed the game, came back later in the day and after selecting my character the background became red like in the image, when i clicked to play it was just a pure shit show.
    Please get me out of this mess, current fixes I've tried is uninstalling, checking drivers, updating drivers, running repair and fix from installer, restarting my computer, crying to sleep after a sad depressing anime binge.
    this is no joke please help my sorry ass.

  8. I am having a problem on my character select screen.  My Wizard is the third character in my list and the game won't let me change its position.  I have two characters above my Wizard and they can switch places,  I have two characters below my Wizard and they can switch places.  No matter what I try I can't get the Wizard to change its position in my list and I can't get my other characters to move passed the Wizard either.  The end result is a list of characters that I cannot adjust the way I want.  Please fix this issue or tell me how I can fix it from my end.  Thanks everyone!
  9. I found a wall that let me teleport.... but it's not a good teleport... it broke my game and I was stuck in purgatory for forever.
  10. I can no longer hear character voices. When the voice language options were still available, I had it set to Japanese, and could not hear anyone, but I left it set to that option. Now that the language options are unavailable, I can no longer change it back.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? I've contacted the help center, and they gave some suggestions, and I tried them and they didn't work.
  11. Alright, I've noticed this little thing that's a royal pain in the arse. I like my character to look at the camera for screenshot purposes, but with this I really can't.
    Anyone know how to fix it? I tried on other people's outfits to see if it was just mine, but theirs did it as well. The only time it fixes itself is when you restore to the default model.
    Here's what I'm getting when I try :')

  12. So im on my boat going from pirate island to lema island and the ocean is completely open, no rocks or anything, then my boat stops moving and appears to be sinking....thats not what boats do ffs why does this happen?
  13. I recently got a ribbon cat with the T5 skin, (it is T1) and noticed a bug when the cat rides on your horse with you. Whenever I get on my horse and the cat jumps up to ride, it disappears when it should be sitting on the horse. I've tried this with multiple horses, with and without horse gear visible (including pearl shop horse gear skins), and on multiple characters and the cat always disappears after jumping onto the horse. I've uploaded a picture of the T5 skin Ribbon Cat (still visible) jumping up to the horse after I mount; a picture after the cat has mounted my horse, and disappears; a picture of the cat dismounting as I dismount while visible again; and a picture of how a normal cat should look after mounting the horse and remaining visible. I haven't seen this issue anywhere else in the forums, so I don't know if this is just an issue on my end. Hope this helps getting a resolution to this glitch.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is having the problem where your character drowns, floats back up to the surface and then is stuck?
    Because this keeps happening to me and I find it really annoying to have to use the escape button, and then swim all the way back to where my boat is.
    Nvm, it's seemed to have stopped.
  15. I have well over 100 days of gametime in BDO, and there are bugs that are so prevalent that I just can't see how they're still there. I'll keep updating this list as I think of more bugs.
    The "please wait 5 minutes after registering an item" lasts well over 5 minutes. Also, why is the cancel button ever "Cancel Queue" when it is utterly impossible to cancel during the queue phase?
    When holding F to use the instant accel horse skill, if the horse falls from a height and does the stumble animation, the horse immediately stops and uses the fore kick ability (given that it has it, I've never had one that doesn't have that)
    Every 5 minutes I see something grammatically incorrect. It ranges from missing spaces to illogical sentences that are complete lies. The first that comes to mind is the party invite notification.
    The UI scaling is not done how it should be done, and as a result UI icons and text look blurry if changed in the slightest.
    WTF is the rest button on horses for at all?
    When hovering over my horse icon in the upper left, it always says that I have a horse flute active, except that I don't (not on my main character anyway)
    As a kuno (possibly ninja too) if you use target chase and sprint continuously through the end of the skill and through your stamina, you're character is teleported back (possibly due to the change in movement speed not properly been communicated between server and client)
    Additionally, if you use target chase and ghost step while jumping from a height, a glitch-fest ensues along with the ever so lovely "ordinary movement is not possible in this state" which is incredibly vague.
    more to come when I get the time
    (Yay first time coming back)
    The photo gallery is completely broken except for being able to upload photos and look at other peoples photos. Aside from that, absolutely nothing about functions at all.
    Sitting is broken to other players (i.e. backing into a chair/sofa, the character floats above it to other players)
    If you walk into a house monopolizers house (as frequently happens when browsing other players homes), objects will progressively spawn in, trapping your character and you can never escape (without using escape, that is)
    I forgot the other ones I found, I'll do them later
  16. Post on Kzarka in PVE

    By Crickey, posted
    Killed Kzarka twicew now, no loot.
  17. Ich habe mir das Anfängerpaket vorgestern gekauft und frage mich nun wo ich es runterladen kann oder ob es als CD kommt
    oder so hab wirklich keinen Plan
  18. Hello, some of the wizards appearance gets reset when i click apply and go into game, for example, no matter how many time i lower his head to make his neck shorter when i click apply and go into game his neck is super long again, a part of his eye resets to, and his eye balls sick out of his eyelids. i have tried deleting user cache but no change. anyone know a fix for this?
  19. My girlfriend just recently got her witch's awakening. She is able to use all of her skills except for summoning her pet. After pressing F, or clicking on the icon on her bars, her character kinda spazzes out/turns around with no result. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue? Here's a GIF to perhaps better explain what her character ends up doing.

  20. I saw my character with this texture problem. How do I fix it? 

  21. Just reporting that the [Event] Santa Gift Box is glitching.
    The box will drop, when it is interacted with, it will say "Open the gift from Santa!", like usual.
    Except, the box will not give you anything and it does not disappear.

  22. Hello, for a very long time now, months even, I've noticed that artifacts appear on the skin of characters when the texture quality is set to High. Normally it's a mole, but I've seen weird artifacts like a random patch of skin unaligned happen instead. The artifacts appear in random places on the character's skin.

    The following is a sample screenshot:
    I'm not sure if I've seen it on other characters besides the Elf since I barely play my alts, but I think it happens as well.

    I don't think it's relevant at all, but my specs are 6700K / GTX 970 / 16GB / Up to date Windows 10.

    Edit: I just remembered, they only pop at close zooms, maybe something with filtering?
  23. Pretty sure after the ninja/kuno awakening I had 1,600 pearls in my inventory. I looked now and it's gone, not sure if something might have happened or maybe you could check my purchase history and maybe that adds up, I'm not sure.
  24. After December 14, 2016 patch I logged in to see my Sorceress had a square mark on her face. After going into beauty tab I discovered this was a visual bug caused by the 7th hairstyle.

    It is very ugly and I hope it is fixed soon
  25. Hello, i recently can into a node war with ChoNation guild and there tower was unkillable and i looked around i found even videos of them doing it.