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  1. So i was thinking about something i have seen in games now and then here and there, sometimes there are events where people can hunt and kill GM's, Devs etc.. Could we expect this in the future as a nice and fun event ?
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Kabz @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura
  2. Hello everyone! My guild's 1 year anniversary is upon us and we have decided to celebrate by war dec'ing the BDO GMs' guild. If anyone could please let me know their guilds name so when the time comes we send a war dec and have a celebratory battle. 
  3. I tried to act as a buffer, but witchs are pretty small. Thank you guys for coming out to visit with your RP community for a little while! ♥ You honestly cannot even begin to understand what it means to us as a community. 

  4. Post on In game help in In-Game Bugs

    By Kalli44, posted
    I need help my boat is stuck... Please get me out of the pirates area.   I press escape go back to pirate island recover boat and stuck again.... Did again stuck again for 3rd time....... Please get me and my boat away from pirate island.   
  5. Hello all.
    I submitted a support ticket on the website for an in-game problem and besides the automated response I have not heard anything, and it has already been 5 days. I'm wondering if the support team review the tickets at all, and if so how long it takes them to do so?
    I could understand this kind of delay in a free to play game, but having invested a fair amount of money, this lack of response has left me very disappointed. I had really hoped for better, as I believe BDO is a great game.
    Have you submitted your own tickets before? How long did it take for you to receive help? Or even some acknowledgement that the problem would be looked into besides an automated email.
    Thanks for your input.
  6. Hi guys today when i was switching my characters, cause system lag, when i was threwing fish on inventory, for an error i threw my dim tree spirit armor PRI
  7. Hey all.
    I came from a game that care for details even small one .
    So i would like to start in BDO and i really would like to see if i can calc DPS EVASION ACCURASY etc . If i can do that without getting banned i will try to create a method of calc .
    Sry for bad spell just i am in a hurry  
  8. Hello!

    I like that you showed up and all its cozy.
    But id like to actually fight or arange an fight with you guys, i can bring my guild and we do a GvG. You bring OP gear or what you feel like.
    I'd also be very happy to skip all that just to get @GM_Vheena-chan to ride on my horse on the beaches of Balenos during the sunset.
    @GM_Dranzerkai, i like you. But you aren't Vheena-chan </3.
    But i'll always remember our romantic nights on the beach near Heidel, Zerkai-kun <3

    I liked the event, more pls
  9. Post on Starter pack UPGRADE? in General

    By Mormy, posted
    I have a question. i bought a starter pack for a friend 10$ but he wants to upgrade to explorer pack. does he have to buy it office to upgrade his account ?
  10. As some of you are coming about, that time of year, I was curious about what we get for a reward.
    My Guild was created 03/16/2016 we are not the first however we are an Original Launch Guild
    I am wondering dear ol' staff what the game has in store as a reward for us 
    we get rewards for days online but the guild? 
    I suggest a skill reset for the Guild
    Please let me know as I know others I have asked are asking the same question
    @GM Felaxus
    @GM_Axion  @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura

  11. Hey there, I have been a black desert player since it's arrival in NA and I would love to say something.
    I am very great-full to the @GM Creat0r, @GM Creator, @GM Felaxus, @GM Kaiji, @GM Moose, @GM MWallace, @GM Neevachu, @GM_Axion, @GM_BBrilliant, @GM_Bytesize and all the other GM's( i apologies i don't know the gms personally so i dont know all of the names!) for their work.
    You guys rocking and doing good job. Please ignore all the whiners that always complain left and right unreasonably.
    PS. I am a Ninja!
    #1 EDIT : @GM_Jouska added to the list just found him >.<
  12. Hi GMs,
    You -----ed up. Please make the boss spawn now like the notification said it would or put out another one in game (NA). TY.
  13. Hey i got a question about the "Ultimate Secondary weapon box". Can i get a reset on mine? I literally didnt even know what it was until i opened it, looked at it threw it away (because i had it all on one character) and saw it on bddatabase. example: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/10143/#7
    I didnt even knew about this item, and i didnt had any information in the mail about how this item worked, or that i did gain directly a weapon (partly my fault [sleep deprivation]).
    So is there any chance of getting it now or was it just a temporary thing that you gave through mail?
    looking forward to an response
  14. If a leader becomes inactive is there a way to become the leader of the guild after a certain amount of time? Do you have to be an officer? and what is there isn't any officers? Thanks!
  15. @GM_Llyrad
    Post your dankest meme :^)

  16. This event was a lot of fun! (Veila 3)

    Excuse the quality if it isn't too good, I don't really know how to change the image to look good on here
  17. Hello!
    Just wanted to say that i loved the GM Event that brought us to Margoria. Here is an awesome pic of me and GM_Dranzerkai <3 and GM_Felaxus. Thanks for an awesome evening, i had lots of fun. Please do more of this in the future! <3
    BtW Vheena-chan, i still like you

    http://imgur.com/a/BRKSc (file to big to upload to the forum)
  18. first off, I know I've done these quests on this character already, I've had countless bugs pop up after deleting toons.. I've opened a GM ticket and it seems most of them don't have the brain power to read the post before replying. If anybody has had this problem and actually fixed it let me know what you did, thank you!
    p.s I've already tried deleting my cache which allowed me to move my characters that weren't able to be moved after I deleted a few toons to free up spaces.
    p.s.s Black spirit does NOT have any quests to be picked up, I can't navigate to these 2 quest locations and when I click to pick them up black spirit comes up with no quests.

    @GM Creat0r @GM Creator @GM Kaiji @GM Moose @GM MWallace @GM Neevachu @GM_Anon @GM_Axion @GM_BBrilliant @GM_Bytesize
  19. Heyho Junkies,
    Ich habe heute ein paar scheue GM's vor die Linse bekommen und hübsche Fotos für euch gemacht
    Und ich war der Deppel der als erster auf See Starb, weil ich PvP anmachte Wollte die Piraten Gm's töten^^. Von denen habe ich leider keine Screenshots gemacht, sorry mir leid!
    Mein Favorit vom Stil:

  20. i was going through my emote list and i stumbled upon 2 greyed out emoticons which seem to required a special title issued by Game Administrators. So my question lies if any GM at all has EVER handed out such titles? I been playing since march and never heard of such. 
    @GM Creat0r @GM_Axio @PM_Belsazar @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Serenity @CM_Tytyes @CM_Yukimura

  21. Ever since I crashed on my main pc (which I now cannot use anymore) I have been unable to select a channel in the login screen. when I do I get the message "you cannot change channel due to restrictions".
    I'm pretty sure I was reading on my alt character at the time of the crash.
    Redownloaded and installed the game (on 3 different PC's)
    Changed the config file name so that it repairs the game installation (as said by a GM in a previous forum post about this issue)
    Now i'm out of options, can I please get a GM to help? I'd much prefer not waiting 3-4 days for a Ticket for Support (Ala's I put one in regardless)
    issue was still not resolved, as I could not select a channel to GET to the character select screen to switch characters.
  22. Maybe because I have been very sick and using games to take my mind off it, but I seem to have little patience for the game any more, I am hoping my comments will be noticed and the game fixed so I can return for I invested way too much money in the game.
    1. Started out trainng horses and spent weeks leveling until I have several t7 horses 4 male and 2 female. Breeding them gave me another t7 or t6, never a t8 and when I got a t6 from two t7, one of which I paid to breed again,I gave up.
    2. Spent the next few weeks leveling and doing quests. Until I was level 60. I was very disappointed to see I had to kill several just to get + .001. And then when they combined severs it made it harder to get a good leveling spot and keep it. Its hard to keep ones cool when you change severs to get a good spot and after being there a while to make sure no one just left to repair, you use your once a day exp plus only to have someone pop in kill you, race to kill your mobs until you waste your exp token.
    3. Ok just fish, make enough money to better the tri armor you have only to realize you can not afk fish because the servers kick you off after a while. And worse sometime they kick back in so you think your still fishing but a few hours later you realized you caught no fish and ever esc does not bring up its menu. You find yourself ctrl/delete the game and start over which after a fe days of this you know it is time to quit.
    4. When I sent in a ticket about the days wasted catching no fish, I also admitted I had begun t hate the game. The GM that answered my cry for help very polite me said I played a lot for someone who hated the game and he could do nothing to help me...Well I did play 24/7 I am sick and at home spending time and money on games, movies what ever will take my mind off being sick...But his unsympathetic candor made me realize he was correct it was time to stop looking for things to do in game when upset with another aspect of the game... I guess I keep hoping things would be fixed to make it more player friendly and still had a few friends that played. I tried to join some that went back to SWTOR but realized I still hated the combat. You know, hit a skill ,..nothing unless you tabbed first etc. So I guess I will join the ones that are raising Dinos in ARK again. They have dragons as well now.
    5. I will check the forums to see if this game is player friendly, off and on. If the friends still playing last. But I do not see it happening. I am just glad I was not like the poor guy that spent a fortune trying to get a pet that had combat when the game started. Spending hundreds of real dollars to get the correct pet seemed too much like gambling to me and I can find more enjoyable games if I want to gamble. I did fall for the spend real money to get another breeding from a horse but when the T7 gave me a T6 I knew they had gone too far to kick us while we the players were down.
    6 If Afk ever works I may try fishing aging on an older pc while I invest in a player friendly game. Then if it looks like I can upgrade my armor that way I may try again. But who am I kidding, there will be new games and if a game starts out player unfriendly it is hard to recoup and after that GM was so mean I kind of wish they wait too late to fix things. The cool thing there was enough cool things to try in this game to keep you hanging in there, which gave them plenty of time to listen to unhappy players.
  23. I would like to know why we just cant trade our Founder outfits in for Musa/Maehwa and Ninja/Kunoichi?
    Share your suggestions
  24. Dear BlackDesert Devs,
    (Sorry for tagging u guys, but it menth allot to me & fellow players if this would be read, dont take the funny words too serieusly).
    (like i said not trying to offend anyone). (thankyou for reading  ).
    First of all sorry for my bad english. im dutch but il give it my best to explain it as good as i can in english. i dont know if u guys can do anything becaose something in my mind is telling me all u guys here in europe get are the patches from korean and just patch that shit and role there crap out. anyway here are my idea's and what i really dislike & a ton of other players agree with, if u dont beleave it start a poll and be surprised.
    1. We cant trade anything with someone really litterely nothing. you are so damn restricted that the entire trade system is just a flaw. (sorry but its true).
    2. This game is soooo freaking beautiful. YET YOU LEVEL from 1-55 Withoud even getting different kinds of outfits?? LIKE T -----.... sorry but this is a really bad thing. 
    (oh p.s i already bouth new clothes from the store but i still think there is room for moreeeeeeeeeeeee <-- Really more). 
    3. The Guild system is pretty restricted aswell ive never meth an mmo where i couldnt put money into the guild bank but hello here is black desert. (spits you right in the face when u beleave u have a free will). 
    4. I Really Like RolePlay and i have nothing against German people but... sad but true, they use the RolePlay chat like its a German Flag chat. & i can understand german language and they only troll people inside it... (wish on daily basis people from all arround the corner get really pissed on that part & gets some chat fights on.... wish is funny at first but when u come from mmo's like -> Blade & Soul -> World of Warcraft -> Aion -> Star wars the old republic its a pain to see how roleplay is done inside such a beautiful mmo like black desert).
    5. I understand this game is PvP based and thats how it should be. but U guys could make more caves deeper story lines etc. (im not pointing out that this is a reason id leave but, im pointing at this is something i as a person really love in a mmorgh story line with dungeons & raids similar to Blade&soul & World of warcraft). 
    6. This Devs from BlackDesert really seem careless. (no offense). but i have read allot of complains & questions and dont get me wrong, i know u guys are bussy. but how can u call this a community when there is noOne Explaining they listened or they are listening or they are working on something. or almost never responding to anything. idk maybe its just me but.. 
    7. Today i wanted to login and it said maintence, Wish is fine i mean it was fortold and is great. but i have never seen a prepd patch wish diddent say whats coming. almost looks like hey guys where patching but we gotta see whats inside first before u guys can see it...  sorry but thats the feel kappa..
    8. Again i wanna point out to different kinds of armor - clothing - Weapons etc. id rather have u guys look into making new weapons armor outfits and that shit then making new hair styles... Coase this big cannon game called black desert has so many features other mmorpg havent yet. the simplest things other mmo have.. this game hassent. 
    Lets talk about Player interaction. The world of black desert really is amazing, yet i have a feeling and not only me ive spoken to allot of players and asked arround even watched youtube vids about the streamers touths & idea's. and yet all of them said the same thing over and over. this game feels like a single player game. so lets call it Black Desert instead of "Black Desert - Online". Coase.. Online in the past was a meaning where Online stood for Connected with friends  -> yet i feel like im only connected to the world here.. i love the world and the mobs i really do. but somethimes i wanna talk to someone. or have fun with them. and the only interaction im getting is the Roleplay chat with the German flag Waving arround (joke). but its like that. but lets focus on this. sure it would be hard to change gamestyle playment but thats not what im pointing at. what im pointing at is the interaction between players. a way to get players more together. to make sure players interacht with eachother.. u know what i mean right..  Somebody asked me hey can u share that quest... from the things ive seen in this game i dont even know even on this moment i dont now if this is possible. but i am assuming it just issent possible.
    Good points about black desert
    1. Beautiful graphics
    2. Awesome Combat
    3. Interaction with The world -> (NOT WITH PLAYERS). <- i mean WORLD
    Bad points about black desert.
    Well check out the list up above. gave plenty.
    Kind regards,
  25. A friend of mine is trying to update their BDO game so they can come back and play after a short period of non play. He has plenty of space on his hard drive and has tried all the fixes that has been posted on the forum and by Kakao. But nothing works. He keeps getting a BDO Not Responding or it freezes on the patch update. He has gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Nothing has worked! anyone know what happened? He was able to play the game before and now it just wont work at all.