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  1. Hey fellas, I'm currently a Lv. 52 Musa player. I've been farming on Manshas for a while but now i've decided to move to skeletons. So i have this item called Mansha Goblin Mask, 5 of them. I've heard that if you have 5 of these pieces, you can somehow craft a 1-week scroll, maybe that was a troll comment but i have no idea how to make this item work anyway.
    So, is this just a trash item or can i actually do something with it?
  2. Post on Goblins in Trent in In-Game Bugs

    By Swerdna, posted
    Has anyone reported that the three Goblins in Trent are no longer giving out their 22 hour daily?  It's been several days now and I can't get them anymore.  Or were they patched out and I missed it?
  3. I was exploring this goblin cave, when I walked behind this fence, and tried to jump over a rock to get past it, and then I fell into invisible water..
    You can easily climb out of the 'water' and jump back in, but you cannot swim anywhere, as there is nowhere to swim, so at least we know the walls work!
    While further investigating, I learned that I can use this invisible water to swim a distance up the wall.
    Video of my finding and swimming in said invisible water.

  4. Post on Goblin Scroll in PVE

    By Greatro, posted
    Hello I have a little problem.
    I am lvl 50. I used to have few quests that gave me goblin summoning scroll. But right now I dont receive goblin scroll quest anymore. I dont remember where I got him but now I dont have the quest anymore.
    I have dailies for Imp champion and another one for one seal (kill giants) but what about goblin? what am i missing?
  5. Hallo Leute,
    wieso kann ich da nicht auf befördenr klicken? es hatte bei 2 anderen Arbeitern ab Stufe 10 einwandfrei geklappt und nun gehts nicht
    auch mit 8/8 Ausdauer ging es nicht, also hatte ich Ihn wieder arbeiten geschickt.