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  1. Heute gibt es nach langer Zeit endlich mal wieder ein Tutorial, dieses mal zum Thema Abrichter-Kleidung und wie ihr damit Silber verdienen könnt.
    Also, viel Spaß beim Nachmachen 
    Hier geht´s zum Video :)

  2. Out of 15 supposedly known chest locations * 36 channels, I have only located and successfully opened 1 gold chest, which I am sure is luckier than most. This was a very cool idea the first day of release that you could spend some time in game to hunt for treasure that had a high potential for players to gain silver, and I'm sure it does, but for most it has become a waste of time and money while for some it has probably earned for them hundreds of millions.  (Not knocking the work that one would have to apply in order to camp those chest and earn those millions but still.)
    What's known is that once these chest are opened they disappear. So being told a location or even searching for them is pointless because you can't say for certain after searching an area that it doesn't have a chest.  
    What's unknown but is thought by some to be true is that each chest has a 12 hr respawn time which would make it very easy to be camped by few people who can simply write down the time they opened it and calculate the next time it will respawn. And since no one else can truly know that the chest does spawn there and if they did will probably never get to open it they sell their silver keys on the market. (Which 100 silver keys = 2.7-3 mil which, based on the spreadsheet attached using the items listed from bddatabse, can potentially earn those few people a ton of silver)
    I don't know the best thing to be done with 'Golden Treasure Chest'. 
    Some of my ideas are for each chest there could be several possible spawn locations (in medium player traffic areas) and after a chest is found and opened it respawns in one of these locations at random. 
    An opened chest leaves an 'Opened Gold Chest' item in its place.
    And lastly that chest respawn times are randomly set to respawn between 8-12 hrs instead of , like mobs, a perfect set time.
    *** I think the best way to get one of these chest now is to log on right after game maintenance at a chest location and see if the respawn happened during the maintenance.*** 

  3. Post on Scarlett Gaurd in US Guild

    By Kegger, posted
    - Scarlett Gaurd -
    Accepting recruits of all level, classes, and play style. PvE, PvP. Anybody looking for a casual environment fun filled helpful guild mates. Casual, New, Hardcore or Veteran player. All are welcome to join the ranks. We are a new guild with a handful of members right now looking to build our guild up and help everyone with high paying guild contracts and guild missions to keep us active and social with each other. Down the line we plan to do some GvG but that's when we build and become a bigger guild.

    Only thing we ask of you is to be friendly and be social with the guild, we are very laid back, Joke around but we respect one another and help each out if need be. If interested you can contact me in the comments letting me know your interested or even creep into my DM's. Will leave in game name below if you want to add me and whisper me there. We also have a discord if you wanna come talk with us get a feel for the people in the guild before joining. Will give you link if that is something that would interest you. 

    Hope to hear from you.


    Discord: Keg#5525
    In Game: Kaliksia
    Family Name: CeuliUmbra
  4. Guten Tag Leser und Guten Tag Leserinnen Meteorlogikus wieder hier (:
    In diesem kleinem Guide möchte ich euch eine weitere Silbereinnahmequelle beschreiben.
    ITEM: Goldene Angelrute (Werkstatt Lvl.3)
    Häuser: 1.Stock, Nr.7-4 (Heidel)
    Nr.5-3 (Heidel)
    Nr.8-4 (Heidel)
    EG,Nr.1-4 (Calpheon-Werkstättenbezirk)
    EG,Nr.3-5 (Calpheon-Kapelle)
    1x Eschenholz
    Posten: Goblinhöhle (Südöstlich von Velia),
    Balenos Wald (Südöstlich von Velia),
    Wolfshügel (Südöstlich von Olvia),
    Ehwazhügel (Nordöstlich von Velia)
    2x Stahl
    Stahl wird hergestellt indem man 5 geschmolzene Eisensplitter (Eisenerz erhitzen) und 5 mal Kohle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) erhitzt
    Posten für Eisenerz: Verlassene Eisenmine (Südwestlich von Altinova),
    Pilgerheiligtum (Nordöstlich von Sandkornbasar),
    Halbmondgebirge (Südöstlich von Sandkornbasar),
    Posten für Kohle: Keplansteinbruch (nördlich von Keplan),
    Omar-Lavahöhle (Nordwestlich von Altinova)
    2x Goldbarren
    Dieses Item ist wohl das aufwendigste in der ganzen Liste, jedoch gibt es einige Spots und Methoden um diese Goldbarren gut zu bekommen!
    Ihr kauft euch beim Materialienhändler des Vertrauens "Leere Flaschen".
    Dann sammelt ihr Wasser mit den Flaschen. Diese Flaschen werden dann durch "Sieben" zu gesäubertem Wasser. Als Nebenprodukt kann hier Schwemmgold gewonnen werden. Dieses Schwemmgold wird dann durch Erhitzen zu Goldsplittern und diese ebenfalls durch Erhitzen zu Goldbarren. Umso mehr Charaktere, mit vielen Energieoptionen, desto mehr Flaschen --> mehr Goldbarren. Ich bevorzuge ebenfalls eine Silberbestickte Handwerkerkleidung.
    Die zweite Methode ist es Golderz direkt zu farmen. Hier gibt es einen sehr angenehmen Spot um Golderz, Grobe Steine und andere diverse Erze zu farmen. Beim Posten Pilgerheiligtum in der Wüste, nordöstlich vom Sandkornbasar. Hier kann man, wenn man ein wenig Routine gewonnen hat, seine ganzen Energiepunkte auf den Kopf hauen und nebenbei andere Rohstoffe von Wert bekommen. Da dieser Spot in der Wüste ist, wird Gesäubertes Wasser (Tag) und/oder Sternanistee (Nacht) gebraucht. Spielern mit wenig LT empfehle ich hier einen kleinen Elefanten oder ein Kamel als Lasttier.
    5x Schwarzsteinpulver
    Das Schwarzsteinpulver kann hergestellt werden, indem man Magiekristalle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) mahlt.
    Magiekristalle können erfarmt, oder im Auktionshaus gekauft werden
    Schwarzsteinpulver kann ebenfalls in der Raffinerie durch Grobe steine hergestellt werden. Hierbei ist die 2.Methode für die Goldbarren von Vorteil.
    Der Gewinn beläuft sich momentan, mit Vorteilspaket, bei etwa 400.000 Silber.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  5. I found this icon with the wagon but when I arrive to this place I didn't find anything,,,

      this gold ingots

    As always, I click on NPC's to gain the thousands of knowledge, accept quests, and there was this NPC really far away from everything, which I clicked it twice, and it purchased this Villa Invitation which expires in 1 week, so my questions are.
    Is this already implemented? Is this usable? How do I use it? What is it for?..... 5 million (5 gold lingots) wasted in this.
  7. I know it's something that only the Pearl Abyss can do.. but.. Come on! Selling cash itens inside the marketplaces isn't the best system, MMOs like Guild Wars 2 and Blade and Soul, already proved the best way to implement this kind of system is selling/trading the CASH/Pearl directly to the players and this inside the Black Desert is EASY to do.

    Just let the players sell the pearl boxes inside the game, using the same controlling method for the NA B2P version, were you can sell 5 boxes peer week and maintain the same prices. 

    a 3.000+200 pearl box will be around 25.000 silver. 

    Would make the system a lot better, instead the actual system were is impossible to you buy exacly what you want because minor cash itens like glasses, aren't viable to sell because the profit


    Thank you. <3
  8. Hallo,
    wohin ist das ganze Geld verschwunden, welches ich dem Lagerverwalter in z. B. Olivia gegeben habe?
    Dort habe ich nur ein Häuschen und keine Arbeiter eingestellt.
    Auch in Velia schmälert sich mein Geld, welches dem Lagerverwalter gegeben worden ist.
  9. Hey guys, 
    I was grinding my kuno today and, just like when grinding new characters, weight became an issue when trying to exchange even small amounts of items (<500) and loot. And then it dawned on me: most exchange turn ins are 100k or greater, so why not allow the NPCs to give us a 10g ingot + change in silver instead of everything in silver? Or, if we had multiple exchanges that added up to, say 1 million silver, than we get a 100g ingot instead. 
    This would definitely make farming/grinding slightly more convenient, but not so much so that we never have to run back to storage because the weight from ingots adds up as well.
    What do you guys think?
  10. Post on GOLD!!!! Vein Locations in PVE

    By ACEoneBAD, posted
    Thought I should share some of these locations i found of the Gold Veins also found some others as well enjoy!!!!

  11. Hello and thanks for reading this post. I currently play this game as a Valkyrie on Edan server  This thread is here for me to suggest the New Trading system that i'm pushing for and to comment on the current horrible marketplace system.
    To get through the marketplace system needs a major overhaul. 35% tax on everything and forcing EVERYTHING to go through it has made many of us players want to pull our hair out on multiple occasions when we fail to get the item we need (be it to super-fast players or bots sniping it first). This marketplace system has also killed the entirety of the concept "Vendor Players / Material Wholesalers" As the 35% tax has made it really unsuitable to do many things.

    I understand that they want to avoid "Gold Buyers/Sellers" but this is not the way to go. 
    As mentioned by Ecchiporo in : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/80422-allow-trading-or-sale-to-guild-members/
    "how about you make this but make the other member pay for the armor? So if you want to give the armor to them the have to pay a sum to you so gold sellers wont find a way to make money trough this system. Lets say player A trades with player B and players A items are worth 5mil then player B has to pay tax or has to pay player A a sum of money. I dont know how this should be done but it doesnt promote gold sellers to make money using this method"
    This i totally agree. The marketplace already tracks the approximate valuation of items making it hard for people to earn anything through reselling. This could be improved/implemented too in multiple ways i'd like to add.
    Marketplace Botting/Scripting is ruining the current marketplace furthur!
    With the reason as can be seen & proven in the spoiler above, the urgency for changes to the marketplace increases as they can help other players that don't script/bot to get what they need (at a reasonable price). If not, eventually everyone might as well get a script/bot and play the game of: Who has the fastest computer / internet speed.
    1: Personal trade window
    By opening the window, the 2 players can engage in a private discussion about how much they would like that item for, but it must be within the current market price (min - max). Here is an example:

    Player A is selling a Liverto Weapon. The current min-max price on the marketplace is 9mil - 11mil. 
    Player B wants to buy it, but Player A immediately states 11mil in the chat window. Player B tries to haggle, and player A concedes for 10.5mil, which is still within the price range of the marketplace. However, player B doesn't have 10.5mil in liquid silver at the moment, and only aprrox 9mil. Player A is of course unwilling to sell at base price, so player B throws in an item worth 2mil - 3mil on the marketplace, and makes up for the rest in silver. Player A doesn't need the item, so player B is forced to valuate the item at the minimum: 2mil. So the total transaction is:
    Liverto Weapon <===> Item@2mil + 8.5mil silver.

    This way its still within the boundaries of fair-trade, and they are blocked from trading each other for a period of time (lets say 0.5-2hours) to prevent gold sellers from passing large amounts of money through this min-max exploit in short period of time, and the "Gold buyers" would be unwilling to wait so long anyway for a small trickle of maybe 1mil -2mil each time.
    2: Player Market
    This would allow the concept of the "Player Market", maybe a building where players can meet up for the transaction, and can only do the transactions here. Of course as since you already dumped a 35% fee on the marketplace you'll be unwilling to let players trade freely, so you can make both buyer and seller pay 5-10% of the total valuation of the traded items (like in the previous example, where the toal valuation is probably 10.5mil x2 = 21mil. As its a transaction over 10mil you can make them pay the minimum amount of "Tax", which i would suggest 5% each, which would be automatically deducted from their designated "Home" City.
    3: Home City
    As for the term "Home City" I use, It would make transactions easier if assuming each city has a "Player Market". The "Home City" of each player would probably contain most of their finances, and can be used to transfer into the other player's account in that city. This "Home City" concept can also be used to pay for auctions on the marketplace while the player is in another city (Like paying for the Item using Calpheon's stored gold while the player is in Mediah's Marketplace). This concept would be like the Cheque we have have in real life.
    4: Soulbound Food/Elixir stand in all this
    I have a small comment on the current system for the food/elixir trading making them soulbound, but this trading which ofc can take place anywhere, should not be allowed in the "Player Market", for instance. If say a Officer of a guild wholesale buys from another player 30 Knight combat rations to give his guild for GvG, but finds it unable to trade, that would suck wouldn't it? (Ofc as mentioned above, trading rules are to apply!)
    5: Auction House - For Marketplace?
    Another idea i just thought of, as i have seen more and more players getting angry over being unable to put buy-orders and want it to happen. First i'd mention: This might not happen. The reasons is that if they put a max price for a heavily sought-after item, like pretty much any Kzarka / Liverto Weapon at the moment. Every single pre-purchase orders would be at max price, or at least a large majority. When that happens, you're not going to be like roll a dice and decide randomly who gets it? Not happening. Might as well introduce the "Auction" system!
    Much like the Auction System name suggests, it is to add an "Auction" selection for the marketplace. You can keep the tax rate on it, and maybe have a really hefty registering price. For an example of how this system will work, i'll now elaborate.
    5.1: Listing an Item & Listing price
    Player A wants to list a Liverto blade under auction. The system checks that the current marketplace value of this item (or total value of the stack of item) is above the required value (maybe 1mil?). Since his registering item is above the required value, he is eligible to list it for auction.
    Player B wants to list an ancient magic crystal, but its value is borderline 1mil. He sees the listing price (lets say 100k), and decides "Nah not worth" and just dumps it into the marketplace normally.
    And other auctions other than player's A goes up. Now what happens next has a few scenarios that could happen
    1: The auction starts for that item a set-time later after listing
    2: It joins the queue for "to-be-auctioned" items, and the auction happens at an interval (lets say every 4 hours?)
    In either case, when the auction period begins, players access the "Auction" tab of the marketplace. Items on auction can be up for as long as the player (or system) set. For example, In case of system set it could be
    1: All items regardless of value is up for auction for only this period of time
    2: The period of time is determined by the value of the item (like per-million)
    And in case of player set, it could be as long as the player wants the auction to last (you could charge them for a listing fee on the time)
    5.2: Minimum Increment
    Anyway, on to the main part. The item displayed can be bid on by players for the period. For examples sake again, Player's A liverto will be used.
    Liverto Blade: Base price: 10 Million Silver.
    Every Increment must be at least 100k.
    The increment is to prevent @sshat players from only upping the bid price by a small marginal amount and winning with that, like who likes to lose a bid the last second before it closes by 1 silver? This value once again can be preset by system based on item value / set by player
    So players see the blade on auction. And player C who wants it immediately bids: 10.1mil. Wow its expected that he'll raise it by the minimum amount.
    Player D next sees the bid and goes "pfftt lol ITS MINE". And he bids: 15mil. Suddenly theres a 4.9mil increase. Few people want to contest that instant 50% increase in price.
    Player E sees that bid and wants it: However, he waited till the last minute before auction ends to bid: 15.1mil. Wow what an @sshole right?
    5.3: Minimum Auction Time
    Now to prevent stuff that Player E would be doing, i'd suggest another implementation to this auction system: Minimum auction time: If a bid is made in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the time is reset again to 5 minutes before auction ends, giving others a chance to react by that notification
    5.4: Failed to auction & Deposit
    Of course, to prevent players from listing items that would just mess up the auction-list page or nonsensical crap that people don't need. There must be a penalty if no one needs it! It cold be something like: "Your item failed to auction, your deposit of 100k has been confiscated". For something like this, maybe the player auctioning an item must deposit 200k when making an auction. When the auction is finished, and in the event it is purchased, they receive back 100k, and the other 100k is used as listing price. However, when the item fails to auction, the 100k is confiscated.
    Edit: 6: Removing the Min-Max Price Setting
    As mentioned in the comments below by Gadicus, I in truth really want the Min-Max price setting to change. But of course i doubt that would happen as that would invite Gold Sellers yes? However, that has in turn resulted in STUPID prices on the marketplace. EG: Green Rarity Steel Taritas being over in value compared to Blue Rarity Steel Taritas?! Also I saw Yellow Rarity Ham Sandwich being cheaper than Blue Rarity Ham Sandwich. The system is not working. The demand/supply is destroying the market and of course there's differences: Eg: EVERYONE needs these 3 gems: Magic Crystal of Infinity: Assault, Magic Crystal of Infinity: Memory, Magic Crystal of Infinity: Swiftness. However, even with a medium sized supply, there's never enough of them! They buy out instantly always at 300k PP. But you wonder: Why even with such a high demand, the price isn't increasing?! That shows the flaw in the current system. There's an over-demand for this gem yet the max price set by the system ensures that people always have money for it, and the suppliers decide "I might as well keep it for myself, i don't make any real money selling it anyway". So the supply of these gems have been dropping. 
    Also, Ever wonder why +15 Armor/Livertos always disappear instantly and people need bots to snipe it? It's simply because MAJORITY can afford it. The maximum price IS TOO LOW. Frankly, should there even be a cap to the maximum price?!? As mentioned in the comments below, You can catch the gold sellers if they seemingly buy an item thats like say: 50000% the price of what it should have been. Well while being only able to purchase the cheapest item still works to prevent this from happening, what if its on a constantly missing item: EG: Rough Black Crystal. Not so hard to obtain but the low price ensures its ALWAYS sold out. Well maybe not always, but when was the last time you saw it stay up for longer than 2 minutes?
    Frankly. If you want to catch them that much, hire a group of moderators to check the suspicious sales. That is how you find the Gold Seller & Buyer, 2 birds one stone. It shouldn't be hard to filter out the sales that are conspicuously wrong. In conclusion, this suggestion is for the abolishing of the Min-Max Setting for all the reasons stated.
    Edit: 6.5: Changing the Min-Max System instead
    If you're that reluctant to remove it; Change the Minimum-Maximum from always being set @ that current price, to be gradually increasing / decreasing every week based on Demand & Supply: Eg: If that item has Items that stayed up at that price maximum price (Lets say 120k for a pure iron crystal) for over 1 week. The Minimum/Maximum system will read that people are not wiling to pay that much for the iron crystal and it is an unreasonable price. Thus the Minimum/Max Price Drops a % (Maybe 10% - 20%). Now on the other hand, If there is an item that is constantly sold out, the Price is to increase by the same amount as it would have dropped if not sold (once again, 10% - 20% suggested). Now what about items that have items expiring / constantly being supplied / constantly being sold. Now these items  don't really need much change. If the supply is over exceeding demand, Instead of categorizing it as an unpopular price for that item, consider decreasing the maximum and increasing the minimum. That would set the price for that item to be less varied. And finally in the case that the disparity of the Min-Max is not huge (Eg: Birch Logs going for 140 - 150 silver each), I have another suggestion for that

    Edit 6.6: The Price-fixed Marketplace
    Now in the case of the Birch timber just mentioned, I would suggest totally removing it from the marketplace for a month or so. Instead, changing it into an npc good that is sold/bought at that exact price: Now using the birch timber as a continued example: Currently if you sell it to an NPC, its 80silver PP. And if assuming the marketplace price cap is (140-150) as mentioned, It will now sell to NPCs for a higher price then 80Silver (Eg: If you still want to implement that TAX, like 35%, it would now be 140 x 65% for 91. And players would have to purchase it at 150 silver from that vendor.) This removes clutter from the marketplace too. With this additional system, Players that have too much of an item forever being unable to sell it on the marketplace would be able to sell it to the NPC without making too much of a loss as to compared when they sold it on the marketplace @ Whatever price listed
    Edit: 7: Gold Sellers still around anyway
    Now Daum would argue: If there isn't a cap to the max price: Gold sellers would come! They'll come in droves and destroy our money! Now listen: YOU'RE WRONG. These past few days i've already spotted gold sellers in channel/server chat already. Even with ALL your effort, they have found a way. Here is the rough representation of how they're offering to sell their services: They party you, and you just afk. They go round killing everything and items go the marketplace. This is where another flaw comes in: You don't have to be in the area to be counted as one of the party members set to get money from auctions off marketplace. So the buyer could afk in calpheon fishing while the sellers are @ pirate island / somewhere grinding the shit out and sales profits are sent to the guy afking in Calpheon too, letting him get money. Also, they offer LEVELING services, where you afk in a safe-spot close to where they're grinding and they just plevel you at the same time, of course charging them for that. Your call Daum. Gold sellers have found a way to abuse your system itself.
    Anyway, just accept the fact that gold sellers cant be stopped unless you go all out to monitor everything and EVERYTHING. Because hey, you'd go this far to protect your profit, but you could just adopt an idea or two from this thread and make the current player base more happy to stay in your game and spend money.

    In conclusion, this is a way to make the idea of a separate marketplace that is hopefully tax free / lower tax rate that would still deter gold sellers/buyers, while recreating the popular scenes we have in every MMORPG except Black Desert. Please help to make this post known to the game masters so it can be implemented if you agree! Bumping this post would be most helpful too.
    Also, if you have an idea related to this trading system, leave it in the comments and I may include it in here if it looks feasible for the GMs to look at!
  12. So I thought no trading between players basically eliminated gold selling. And that you can no longer gift players shouldn't that have solved the issue? I just don't understand how this is being gotten around. The character leveling I can see, that's basically impossible to stop but whats the point of preventing trade if gold sellers are still able to do their thing? I just don't really understand this at all.
    The only thing I do understand is that it has now affected me, I can no longer use my credit card to make purchases. Its annoying. Paypal works just fine but personally I prefer to pay the company I'm purchasing services from directly.
    Anyhooser that's meh rant.
  13. Hi, so I am wondering if there are some good and nodes that are worth putting points into? Should I move my costume miller from heidel to calpheon? Should I make calpheon my main city for crafting?
  14. So I am lvl 33 and just arrived calpheon. I have explored the area around the city and wondering what I should spend my CP on? I have nodes invested back in velia and heidel for workers. Should I take them back and invest in calpheon area? or connect all 3 city for my trade route? What is good nodes to invest in?
  15. I've been stuck on this quest for 3 days not i cant quite it when i do it says, cannot find the quest data, and when looking for the guy i can not find him anywhere and yes i have even looked up a guide so i don't know what to do i cant quite it i cant complete it please help
  16. Thanks to <something_fishy> we have our first gold hotspot!  I can't thank them enough for allowing us to be the only official link to the new hot spot.  They deserve all the credit I'm merely the deliverer!

    please check out http://maomaoprince.com/?share=ALTI-1 for more details.  
  17. Why don't you just insta-disconnect anyone who uses key phrases before the post hits the server? Make it so giving the URL to their website address obscures it so much that no one can figure it out. When someone reports a gold bot, add the way they spell their website to your list of ban-phrases. Only the whole phrase though, you don't want to DC people having casual conversation.

    Example: bikinipanda.com = ban
    biki nipanda.com = ban
    b i k inipanda.com = ban
    b | K | /\/ | PA /\/ D A (dot) ( 0 M = ban
  18.  Hello...
    i decided to create this suggestion since i was very dissapointed with the recent patch notes.
    (Pro Tip: Your system doesn't work)
    So you decided to create even more restrictions to the chat system instead of fighting the issue at its roots. You guys can't be serious..
    I suggest adding a system that automatically flags players if they spam certain keywords. A account should be flagged as spammer if he writes a chat message with a keyword in it (for example) 3 times per hour. When using a auto-flagging-system you will have false flags so you might need a person that filters out the honest players from the goldspammers.
    I would suggest keywords like: Goldceo, Goldah, mmocpu, 4bdgold, daum, pearl, shop, $, cash, .com, www.  (The names of the domains are probably the most important ones) .
    Let me give you another advice: Goldselling is nothing but a business. If they spend more money on spamaccounts than they earn because of it they will stop spamming. Make guest-pass accounts unable to talk in channel and megaphone chat and keep on banning their accounts instead of creating restrictions for every player. At some point they will stop if the banrate is too high.
    Thanks for reading, im not a native speaker so forgive me some mistakes.
  19. Hello,
    I'm not just a BDO player who loves the game, I'm also a software engineer since over 30 years in "real" life. And the gold seller spam, specially the nasty one with a wall of text and special symbols, is really starting to annoy me seriously. It's often hard to read what the other legit players have to say.
    I was wondering why you weren't using a simple function server side to at least filter the most annoying gold spam before it's even displayed in the chat.
    I mean, I could write such an algorithm in like 15 minutes max. It's not hard to detect the walls of text with repetitive patterns like website addresses, special symbols and site names those guys are using. You could filter those out before they even arrive in chat and annoy us, the legit players. And server side, it wouldn't take much resources, chat is not that active either. It would actually save outgoing bandwidth by not sending those walls of text every few seconds.
    Or just add it client side and add a toggle in the options if you want to provide players a safeguard in case the system filters unwanted stuff.
    Just for info, Blizzard have a similar system in World of Warcraft, with a toggle in the options to turn it on or off. It works VERY well.
    Thanks for reading me.
  20. Post on Lower store prices in Suggestions

    By CatCity, posted
    I'm sure I am not alone when I say that the prices in the store, or the price of Daum cash, needs to be lowered.  The prices, outfits especially, need about a 30% reduction.  I guarantee profits from the store would significantly increase if the prices in the store were lowered.  I have plenty of money to spend, but I simply cannot justify spending $29 on an outfit for my character.  However, if the outfit were $19, I would probably buy all 3 that are available.  Instead, the high prices force me to commit to a single item, and my ambivalence doesn't allow me to choose that item.
    This situation is similar to one I had in fall of 2015, when I went to the store to buy a  Seahawks Jersey.  I was torn between Wilson and Lockette... but then again, there is always Lynch, and who doesn't love Sherman?  Anyway, the jerseys run around $100, and my ambivalence wouldn't let me commit to any one player, because everyone has Wilson's jersey, Lockette is a rookie so who knows what his future is, Sherman's mouth may get him banned or traded one day, and Lynch flirts with retirement every other game (and now he is retired).  In actuality, if the jerseys would have been $60, I would have bought all 4.  However, since they were $100, I bought 0.  The same is true with the cash shop in Black Desert, I'm likely to spend $100 on the day the prices are lowered, but I'm unlikely to spend anything at their current prices.  
  21. Post on Richest Sorcerer in NA in General

    By dogbirds, posted

  22. Hi, My name is Zeckcell. I have been following BDO for more than 1 year ago cuz im a MMORPG player and i like this game, but now that i can play it, ive seen some things that are pretty bad, maybe they are small things, but many little things can be a problem, so im gonna put my two cents here, and pray for those things to change in the near future.

    There was a Reddit post some days back that explained some issues about the BDO interface and what not in the "link here". But there are more issues that need to be addressed that are commonly issued and i want to list them all, or mostly.

    First of all, The Pearl Shop. I know that the game is not very expensive and doesnt require a mensuality to play it, but if you want, for example, something like the set bonus of 10% exp you need to spend 30€ aprox, and thats the price of the game ... its just wrong. And thats not all ... maybe the appearance its not of  your liking, so you are buying something that you dont like at all. And if you want to change the colours to see it diferent like the others you need to buy the dyes too, so now it isnt only the 30€, now it is 30€ and another 10€, 20€, or 30€ just to get  the colours you want. ITS WEIRD !!!

    The dye system is just a mess, you have to pay for a ramdom dye that is consumable and you have to pray to get the dye you want several times. And i think that GW2 its better on that, you can obtain the dyes via drops and buying it on the auction house, (the dyes on GW2 are not consumables, are just a item that unlock the option to use that dye, so u can use that dye all the times u want it), so you can be different by just playing and not paying, (maybe u can pay to get the dyes easily and faster). You can also farm diferent set apearance doing PVE dungeons, crafting and doing PVP, not just with a shop system with expensive prices like BDO.

    Two, Im very sure that many people like me thought the next thing: "That this game wasnt going to have; gold sellers, power lvls, etc, in the game chat like another games, because thats a korean game and the energy system is prepared so that wont happen. WRONG!, the energy system allows that they can put a message with more than 255 characteres, (more characteres than you can use in a simple whisper), for 1 energy point and if you report the spamer, it costs you 30 energy points (now 15 changed to 15). WTF IS THIS! They can spam you all the time and you can only block it, (and they have started whispering people). And blocking a person its not a solution, because i dont know how they do it, but they create more characters and spam another, and another, and another time, so you block one, but in less than a half hour you have another character spaming, you block it and the situation repeats all the time.

    Three, I love that when i have to go afk, (cuz i need to go to the market, or i need to cook, go to work, (all the stuff on real life)), i can put my character to do stuff too, and thats probably one of the best things of the game, that you can play while you are not playing. But here is a problem too, because maybe you are not going AFK,maybe you just want to fish and you cant see the pearl shop or the map at the same time, but you can change  your character's appearance WHY!?!?, it doesnt make sense. You can run or ride the horse while you see the map, but another things you cant, i ask why because thats silly, and i think thats another little bad thing of the game.

    Four, Another thing i think its bad is that if you buy something on the pearl shop you just cant use it with another character, (except the pets). Do you think that all the people are gonna waste more than 30€ in all of their characters?, (I understand about the class specific sets). The people doesnt want to spend so much money on a game, just the basics or a little bit, like the League of Legends, and thats a F2P game, meanwhile BDO its a B2P game with F2P aspects with cosmetics that are not just cosmetics, they give you very useful buffs. 

    Five, Ghillie suit is too expensive and too powerful for PvP. (They say its gonna be nerfed).

    Six, In PvP  you  can activate and deactivate PvP mode too fast, unflag timer is too short. 

    Seven, Some, (like the inventory space item), loyalty shop items are a bit too expensive, (they can maybe also add the outfits and costumes to the loyalty shop).

    Eight, The pets are way too useful for them to only be acquired via the cash shop, (i know you can get a pet with 5 thousand hours played, but im not holding my breath for that).

    Nine, The armor looks progression is basically non existant. You have to buy something from the store to look good and thats all.

    Ten, That if i leave my character sleeping in bed and i turn off my pc my character the next morning has barely regerated any energy. That workers stop working when i turn it off too, (when the cat is out of the house the mice come out to play?), i understand that i have to leave my pc on when my character is fishing, running or trading, but not on the other cases.

    Eleven, We barely know if the Game Masters are reading the forums since they never reply.

    Twelve, It's rather frustrating that you have to wait, I don't know, lets say 3 months minimum for something that is already in the game in KR/RU, why? You have the code, just translate it, even RU is limited in terms of content and its F2P. So we paid money for something that is not complete in our region but it is on the other region? I mean camon you serious? If it was everyone on the same page I'd understand but you have the code in KR, translate it, done, everyone is happy.

    This post may seem like just another complain post, but i made it because i really enjoy the game and want it to succeed even more, so if you know any more issues feel free to reply.

    A funny thing that i read about Koreans is that they really don't complain at all. It's mostly a mixture of shyness and respect. If a Korean player finds an annoyance he'll do everything to do a workaround, but i guess we western people are different since we complain a lot so the game can be better.

    Thanks for reading, and thats all for the moment.
  23. So I log in today and find out I've been chat banned for 10K days...reason? Gold seller spam. Apparently someone misclicked my name for a gold seller's name and reported me. Daum would have been able to see I wasn't a gold farmer, IF they had checked chat logs. Now I have to wait a day or so for them to get to my ticket and unchat ban me. I'm making this thread so others can be aware of this, so Daum can be aware of them, and for people who ARE reporting the spammers, thank you but please PLEASE be careful not to report real players.
  24. Hi I am fairly new to the game and I am trying to get a grasp on how to upgrade your armor/weapon, I was going through the forums but couldn't find a good explanation/guide on how to actually go through the process and the requirements your character needs to have. So I am making this post hopefully, so it can help anybody else like me that wants a detailed explanation on how to actually go through the process. Maybe somebody can show us a link to a video or guide.
    So far what I know is to upgrade your weapon rank you need to first upgrade your armor or weapon with blackstones to save you the trouble of having to repair your items durability becuase it keeps your blackstones on the upgrade. Once you have your gear set to whatever level you would like you go ahead and forge it to the next rank. To do this you need to go buy a house that allows you to craft the materials required to upgrade said weapon or armor.
    Lets take this armor for example if you wanted to craft it you would need to get one of the houses down at the bottom of the page. 

    Now I can't seem to find a page where you can get a list for the houses for blue armors. Ex. I assume the mats next to it would be the mats needed to make the blue tier but how come it doesn't have the Grade 2 Armor Reform stone; I assume it needs one.
    How do you know what houses crafts what armor?

    What are these for? I assume those rank ones let you upgrade from a common item to a green.
    Do you need a certain rank of processing or alchemy [or something] to make a blue tier weapon or armor?
    If I missed any step or got anything wrong please feel free to correct it; links would be best. Just trying to help the community of noobs like me.