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  1. I would like to have a setting to adjust only the shadow. something like Very high, High, Medium, Low, and especially NONE.
    My reason for wanting that, because, in all games, removing the shadow will likely remove most lag without sacrificing major graphic or resolution.
    Thank you
  2. Hey. I just want to say, that while i do not move this game looks amazing. But when start moving all is changing and looks terrible. Textures pop-in all the time, and the old one change theirs looks. the same happens with shadows. I can't even focus on game, because of this. all the time many stuff moving on the screen. It is very painfull for my eyes and break game climat.
    I know, that BOO is a new game with own graphic engine, but this issue do not let me play this game. Of course it is playable, but not for long time if i am not sure they, gonna fix it soon or never.
    PS. Maybe any one know how to increase texture range. They looks nice just very very close to me, that's why changing all time. If i could change this limit maybe this problem disappear.
  3. Hello i have problem with my graphic. The game looks like wooden crappy no aa mario game from 90'
    I play in beta and game looks <first photo>
    and i want to start play now and it looks <wtf is that, second photo>
    What i can do? Every setting high, anyway i cant reach something looks like first photo. Grass looks green as shrek, and antyalsing <yes it's on on second photo, dont ask how it look off>
    HELP I WANT my eyes shot a rainbow again

  4. since the server merge and patch my fisher boat is sinking. On the water during manual "driving" the boat is going below the the surface of the sea, this goes so far that the boat gets stuck between surface and water, resulting in a flickering screen. The boat is slower as is was before and traveling by hand is not possible after while. It seems like the boat is trying to dive.
    This happens to other other players to, i allready saw several complains at the channel chat.
    If I am in a party my party members do not see the changing level of the boat (individual graphic bug?)
  5. Hello Everyone, 
    Here is my situation, recently(For me, started back up after some 130 days off) the game has implemented fishing hot spots that are visible from distance from jumping fish and seagulls.
    The problem is, my friend whom is a higher level fisher keeps pointing out all of these hot spots while boating around, in party or separate, however...I don't see any hot spots or signs of whatsoever. Even if I fish directly over the spot my friend sees as a hot spot I don't get the benefit. 
    For reference I am apprentice level 6 fishing at this time.  
    Is some form of quest/pre-requisite required to view & find these fishing hot spots....or is something just messed up on my end? 
    Thanks in advance, 
  6. Well first off, thanks for taking the time! Here's my specs. Intel Core i7-2600 Sandybridge @ 3.4 GHz, 16 GB 1600mhz DDR3, 1 TB WD-Black 7200, NVIDIA GTX 770 4GB GDDR5, EVGA 850W PSU, Windows 10 Pro x64. Computer is spic and span internally. Clean of bugs.
    First off, this has been an ongoing issue for me for about 2.5 weeks. About 50% of the time that I play this game, it runs butter-smooth. I get great frames, no 'jolty' stuttering etc. The issue seems to start happening 'all of a sudden!' Game gets a tad choppy, not anything off-the-chart and frames stay high around 55-60 ( with vsync ) But it gets much worse when in combat. Even stranger yet, if I pick up loot, the game will ALWAYS stutter for a moment right as I press 'R' (to pick up loot) Also, (being a warrior) when I use Scars of Dusk skill, it almost always stutters. Mind you, these issues are only happening when my computer/game or whatever decides it's going to have a moment... which usually last for hours or longer. The rest of the time, the game runs like silk... whaaaa!? Here's what I've tried, to no avail.
    Rolling back drivers all the way to 350.12 (Win7/8 drivers) Seemed to make the game run better, but then the game crashed, displaying a message something about wrong resolution or something... Also tried 361.9 and 664.72 (latest drivers) , same issues. Furthermore, I removed GeForce experience as well just to see.
    Tried swapping RAM with a completely different set.Tested all of my temps, all check out perfectly.Tried literally EVERY graphic setting in the game, even on lowest setting and with photo filter off etc, the problem persists.Disabled virus protection. (Avast and SUPERAntiSpyware) as well as EVGA Precision X,Ran in 'Admin' Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode.
  7. I'm uncertain if you're aware of this issue but it's quite embarrassing. Trina fort has some severe optimization issues regarding the GPU. WHether I'm using my r9 270x or my GTX 980 the gpu utilization tanks completely when I'm in Trina Fort. I'll go from stable 60 fps to 10-15 fps and the GPU utilization goes from 60-85% to just 5-10%. Gpu clocks are not being underclocked when this happens and the issue is caused only by the GPU not being utilized properly. My CPU is usually the culprit when I get lag/stutter in largely populated areas but it doensn't even hit 70% utilization in Trina Fort.
    It's a pretty bad flaw which makes you look incompetent and I would advice that you do something to fix it.
    All in all I enjoy the game but this kind of stuff just doesn't make it or you, the developers look good.
    I randomly stumbled upon a spot in Trina Fort which fixes the issue (if you stay at this spot). Right next to a ballista as shown in the screenshots I provided below. If you however move just a couple meters away from that spot the GPU utilization tanks again. I'm 100% certain you can reproduce the issue yourselves as I know other people experience this as well.
    Edit 2:

    You can actually move away from this spot without the GPU tanking again but only the area below this spot (the first image). There are possibly other spots introducing this behaviour but I'm getting bored with this now. Fix fix

  8. Hello, few days ago  i start play  this game.
    I have got 2 card inside my Laptop.

    One is Intel HD  - Black Desert run with this card.
    And secend one is AMD Raden R7 M256.
    I cant chose AMD radeon as a deflout card to run with Black desert. I even try  set up software AMD special for BD.  Dosnt Work.

    Right now i have to use Lowest settings, becuse my card is Intel HD not amd.

    Any ideas ?

    I update all of my drivers.
  9. Post on Something strange.. in General

    By Alexia, posted
    I got black desert online , but something is strange with my graphic
    All photo filter off , screen filter off , upscaling off
    I change from low to high and it still looks very low detail , trees are very pointy / spiky , looks grainy

    I see no graphic improvement , even with all at maximum settings (Except beta ultra setting) , what can I do?
    Gtx 760 windforce 2GB OC'd
    Intel i7 870 2.93 ghz
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    500GB SSD
    Also notice my GPU is running hot when at max , more than usual , hitting 80 celsius
    CPU hitting 60 celsius (Dark rock pro 3 cooler + Arctic silver 5)
    What do I do?
    What should I upgrade to fix this? Anything I can do in current state?
    I very much love this game and want to play and experience it at full beauty!
  10. Hello, i have some graphical issues and only when playing this game, it looks like there is an watermark on screen and it can be see when i'm moving, looks like there some strange lines , it can be seen over the grass easily when running or horse moving.
    I modified everything  at game options and i'm always seeing them, (Low and High config, Full and Windowed, etc)
    My computer: Windows 10, AMD FX 8350, GeForce GTX 970 G1, no overcloking. I'm playing on 32" TV.
    I asked some people and they also having this problem, maybe someone know how to fix this? Thanks
  11. Hey,
    First off, i love this game very much, but yesterday i saw a weird glitch(?) when i was playing in a party. When one of my teammates were attacking, my screen was flipping to other colors for only a second or so. I dont seem to have this problem when I am playing alone. It is a minor annoyance, but i would like to find an explanation for this bug.
     I hope you guys can help me out.
    some info about my specs:
    AMD Radeon HD 7800
    8GB RAM
    intel core i7-3370 cpu 3.4 ghz
  12. So, I've been interested in BlackDesert for a while now and have finally gotten it,
    but I don't get the same graphic quality as I've seen elsewhere and I don't know why that it is.
    For me, it looks worse the more I zoom out. Especially the character looks really blurry.
    Here are my specs

    Help me please :<
    and h
  13. Hello everyone, I am here to bring attention to an issue that is affecting, pretty much the whole Black Desert Online community.
    When I play BDO (which I do on medium settings) I have continuous pop-ins of graphical items (like grass, trees, etc.). It's like the game hasn't rendered fully, constantly. I think it might be because the render distance is not far not out in the default settings of the game, because I am not the only person who has experienced this issue. My friend, who just bought the game, is experiencing this same issue. Furthermore, in every YouTube video I watch, I see the same thing, no matter what their settings are set to (even high-end mode).
    Obviously you get used to it in the long run, but if there was any possibility of increasing the render distance or fix the issue, I think it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I am a small collector of in game graphical bugs in many games. I am not here to whine about them I just want to show that they exist! They are all captured in the highest graphic setting without high end mode. All current version

    These following 4 pictures are all taken in our right outside of Heidel.
    1. Walls and floors disappearing in certain angles
    2. Disappearing LOD making trees fly
    3. Heilang seems to be a sheep in that dark light??
    4. Rain creating weird facial shadows

    Pictures collected a bit all over Balenos.
    1. Dog floating in the air in Veila (probably a side effect from the lagging constant meowing cats lol)
    3. I can understand some animals doing this like goats but this sure is a Olvia's best spiderman impression done by a wolf
    4. Camera angles near the water surface may cause everything to get the under water filter applied to the screen. Veila.
    4. Do I need to explain what is happening here in the guard camp?
    This photo should have been in the top category since its outside Heidel and still the same issue as mentioned in picture 2. I didn't notice the LOD going missing until I checked the pictures

    This post might get updated with more content. If you spotted a graphical bug in your playthrough, feel free to post them here down below in this thread
  15. Please allow us to lower the graphics of her beast a bit. I run the game smooth when i do not have it summoned. Since i play with my camera decently close to my character the beast is closer to my screen which causes my frames to lower tremendously. Even with my game on Very Low i only get about 20 fps when my camera is close to my beast.
    I am playing on an Intel I5 4690k
    Nvidia Evga Gtx 760
    The pictures down below compares my Fps on the graphic setting of Very Low and on Slightly High, with the best close to me and without the beast.

  16. Please allow us to lower the graphics of her beast a bit. I run the game smooth when i do not have it summoned. Since i play with my camera decently close to my character the beast is closer to my screen which causes my frames to lower tremendously. Even with my game on Very Low i only get about 20 fps when my camera is close to my beast.
    I am playing on an Intel I5 4690k
    Nvidia Evga Gtx 760
    The pictures down below compares my Fps on the graphic setting of Very Low and on Slightly High, with the best close to me and without the beast.

  17. Please allow us to lower the graphics of her beast a bit. I run the game smooth when i do not have it summoned. Since i play with my camera decently close to my character the beast is closer to my screen which causes my frames to lower tremendously. Even with my game on Very Low i only get about 20 fps when my camera is close to my beast.
    I am playing on an Intel I5 4690k
    Nvidia Evga Gtx 760
    The pictures down below compares my Fps on the graphic setting of Very Low and on Slightly High, with the best close to me and without the beast.

  18. Hello Everyone I am new to the game but I have something wrong. The FPS of the graphics are hicuping the start at 60 FPS and drop and freeze at 13 or so lower than I get and then jump back up to 60 FPS. Any Ideas why this is happening
  19. Ok LONG STORY short:)
    I am playing this Game on 4k since this is the only resolution I can use without screewing up Windows 10 and the Desktop resolution.
    I only have 1 BIG Problem:
    The Chat window is barely readable
    As you can see in that picture I took 2 days ago the chat is just a Pain in the ass, Not speaking about making the Transparency too 100% did litteraly do nothing.. only added a small black BG. 
    The Text is just to damn small.
    I can set the resolution to HD but then I can see Pixel and stuff like that, graphic gets jigger etc.. Saddly I can only play in 4k. And I am dying because of this.. need to bow down to my monitor to read anything.
    if someone has an adives. Please tell so.
    Good Night it is like 1 Am in germany... so late and dark so tired....
  20. Whenever my valk is in dark places, the hair and lighter parts of the clothing start to glow, or maybe it's reflecting heavily over existing light sources. It makes my valk looks silly and out of place,and make the awesome graphic and environment less enjoyable to view, plus I really suspect this light bulb-like effect would make my character easier to spot during pvp.
    I've asked some of my friend and it appears I am the only one who has this issue. Does it have to do with my spec? Or is there some graphic options that I somehow messed up unintentionally?

    as you can see, my valk literally becomes a light-bulb during night time:<
    this is my current setting

    ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-5700HQ CPU @ 2.70GHzVideo CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970MMemory8.0 GBOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 (build 10586), 64-bit
  21. Just wanted to post some ofmy screenshots i took yesterday. The environment in this game is amazing!

  22. Hoping to run the game most of the time in high settings but can see on Youtube videos that there are many situations where the framerate can drop from 60 to 5/0.
    Is it possible to setup a secondary/multiple graphics customization so one can press a hotkey and change to their secondary settings?
    I've seen many times so far where one in the middle of a battle and they're struggling with the settings/graphics to allow them to continue playing.
    If there's such an option already or another post, sorry bout that.
  23. The earliest memory I still possess was with my family in Rune. I can remember it as clearly as I see you now, Warm sunshine and Blue sky cast down on murder and suffering few will ever come to know. Again and again the man that held me by my nine year old head slammed me into the wall. Pleas to stop dripped from my mouth from the moment I saw him bury his blade in my father's eye. These were not men who feared any god nor cared to hear any desire of the people. They seemed only to crave blood and death and suffering; The sweet smell of my mother's fresh bread mingled on my tongue with iron, with the warm thick red that now all but blinded me as it raced to find my open and broken jaw.

    I remember the feeling as the blade parted flesh and muscle as he pressed it into my back, It would be perhaps a better story to tell you that I struggled on and refused to be defeated but that was the very nature of my soul. My eyesight was clouded with drying blood, my ears were filled with sand. I would describe the man who killed my family... That killed me that day but when he took my by the throat my will for anything had already passed away. My consciousness faded from me and when I woke pain surged through me only long enough to be blanketed with fear; Fear of the rotting corpses that pressed against me and buried me among the dead. I tried to push my way out, to crawl from beneath them but one arm refused to respond; For hours that felt like years I struggled beneath the bodies, constantly pressed back down as the corpses above shifted for my having moved and all without my eyes. My hand finally grasped at something other than faces and limbs, fingers sank into grass and dirt rather than holes filled with squirming things and caked blood. I should of felt relief I should of felt fear or desperation, I should of felt something but I lay upon the grass in silence, equally mute of emotion.
    (( I have most of this written on paper but let me know with some likes if you guys enjoy what I've written so far :3 Will update with more very soon. ))
  24. Hello guys,
    I dont really know if is it the right place to post this topic but yeah. I opened this one to share our Video content and graphic content (artwork and more) about Black Desert Online. Let's see how good is our community to create beautiful things about Black Desert.
    I will start this topic with my recent video called "The beauty of Black Desert Online". Feel free to comment my video if you want
    Have a good day and hope to see new content on this topic soon