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  1. Hello everyone! Today I come to the General section of the forums to show tell you about and show you guys my problem and get your opinions on it.(I'll move it if this isn't the correct place)
    So here's the wall of text:
    I've played around ~60-70 hours of BDO so far, and have not given much attention to the area around me as I'm riding around on whatever mount I'm on up until now. After watching some youtube videos related to the game that were in very high quality and seemed to run smoothly, I've begun to notice this odd rendering in which stuff(especially foliage and rocks) that's relatively close loads what looks to be multiple models in a very short time, which looks somewhat chunky. In the video provided through the link(which is recorded at 1080p 60 fps) at 00:50-01:00 and 1:36-1:48 there is shown a specific rock which I feel shows this weird rendering the best, along with the rest of the video showing stuff in the distance. Slowing down the video helps to show these problems alot better too!    I wondered if having the screenshot mode(Ctrl+U ingame) had an effect on this and included both a version of that mode and the normal mode with all UI I normally have enabled in the video, since most of the other videos I'd watched had this mode on most of the time. I'll include timestamps in the description to make the video easier to navigate. I don't think this is a hardware issue, as you'll see below in my specs(I also have all recently released drivers). I've also included on this post an amalgamated image showing what my current video options are.
    Link to Example Video: Here
    Here are the basic specs for my computer itself:
    Processor - Intel i7-7700k @ 4.2 GHz
    Graphics Card - GTX 1070
    RAM - 24 GB DDR4 @ 3000 MHz
    OS - Windows 10 64-bit
    Got any ideas on why such a thing is happening, friends?

  2. Previously I could, at any time, click the settings button at the bottom right and then swap to windowed mode so i can minimize.  With the latest patch, two things have happened.  First, changing graphics settings is now sometimes restricted.  It doesn't work while I'm, say, autopathing on my horse.  This is annoying but understandable.  What's not understandable is that now if I switch from full screen windowed 1920x1200 the game seems to misinterpret every mouse click as lower by about the width of the title bar.  That is, even though the screen reshaped itself to fit the new available size the game seems to want me to click the buttons at the same number of pixels from the top of the screen as before.  If I reduce the resolution the problem gets more pronounced.  This is a major problem for me because sometimes I like to set BDO up in a reduced size window on my second monitor while I do something else on my main monitor, but still would want to be able to interact with the game properly.
    This is a major bug that was introduced with the latest patch, and needs to be resolved ASAP.
    Update: restarting the game cleared the offset issue.
  3. I love the game, in my opinion it's the best mmo out there at the moment, but one thing that really hinders the fun more often than not, is the popping issue. Everything just magically pops in, trees, nps's horses, flowers and plants (most annoying are trees, bushes and npc's), wether you have the highest settings or the lowest settings. Also it doesn't just pop in in the distance, it also changes shape, color and directions when you alre close-by, just walking around. In towns this is completely game-breaking, since everything is emty, and all over a sudden a hundred people and items just magically appear, which completely breaks the immersion. If this gets fixed, I wouldn't have anything else to complain about, so will it ever be fixed? Was there a statement to this from the devs already and are they even aware it is such a big thing for so many people?
  4. Hello,

    I installed the game on my computer, and when i launch, i can't see anything except a black screen in character creation / in game.
    All my drivers are up-to-date.
    Can you help me please ?
    (Game worked perfectly before)
    (Tried repair, reinstalled my AMD drivers)

  5. Changing channels did not resolve the bug, could be a wrong texture seeing as there are 2 rocks nearby and no dirt mounds.C
  6. Hey this is a techie / graphic settings with stuff like Nvidia Profile Inspector`s more adanced settings, I recently tested out Steep and tried to add Hbao+ instead of it`s Fxaa+, however I had so much lag with an overclocked asus-rog-1080-gtx-strix-8gb-gaming and I went back to Fxaa+. Actually I have never heard of Fxaa+ just the normal Fxaa, and still curious what level Fxaa+ is at compared to vxao and hbao+. Anyway at certain times of the day or night I see some big graphical changes in Black Desert Online but at a later time it disappears. How is BDO optimized with Hbao+? I heard somewhere that high end mode + ssao was actually hbao+, but I cannot confirm that. Ambient occlusion is so well done in some games, but a standard ssao is simply a waste of resources on computers in my opinion. Please share your settings inc. Inspector ones if you use it. I would like this to be a share and learn, and squeezing out extra FPS with even better graphic fidelity, with better user customization! ^^
  7. Moin!
    Ich habe ein generelles Darstellungsproblem bei BDO. Und zwar stelle ich kaum bis kein Anti-Aliasing fest und habe starkes Texturflimmern. Sehr gut sehen kann man mein Problem in diesem Video (Texturflimmern, kein AA). Die 3D Kantenglättung findet im Video kaum bis gar nicht statt. Die Metallteile zeigen das Texturflimmern deutlich. Mein Spiel sieht exakt so aus wie das im Video gezeigte. D.h. mein Fehler ist wohl nicht unüblich. Ein Beispielbild habe angehängt. Live im Spiel ist das Grafikphänomen deutlich sichtbar; auf dem Bild eher weniger.
    Wie das Spiel aussehen kann sieht man hier in diesem Video (High-End Grafik). Die Texturen sind weich und Kanten werden extrem geglättet.
    Mir drängt sich die Frage auf, womit der Pixellook zu tun haben könnte. Oder im Umkehrschluss die, ob im Video mit guter Grafik ein Post-Process (wie z.B. SweetFX) verwendet wird.
    Im Spiel selbst habe ich Crop und Upscale jeweils deaktivert. Außerdem verwende ich kein DSR, d.h. das Spiel wird auf 1920 x 1080 (1:1 Display Dimension) aufgelöst.
    Meine Systeminformationen:
    GPU - NVidia GTX1080, 8GB VRamNvidia Treiber installiert (clean) ohne GeForce Experience, Version 378.66CPU - intel i7 6800K, (6x) 3,4GhzRam - 16GBInstalliert auf der selben Platte (Samsung SSD, 250GB) wie das OS (Win10)Display - Full HD Monitor, angeschlossen per Display-Port KabelMeine NVidia Konfiguration habe ich angehängt. Ich habe trotz Setup den (vielleicht subjektiven) Eindruck, dass BDO diese ignoriert.
    Einen Hinweis zum Thema XBOX-App und Win10 konnte ich hier finden. Dort sagt CurlyFrog, man kann das Game DVR deaktivieren. Könnte das helfen?
    Ich wäre für Rat sehr dankbar. Immerhin war das PC Upgrade nicht billig. Auf dem alten System sah das Spiel leider deutlich besser aus.


  8. Post on Anyone help me? in Off-Topic

    By Hazed, posted
    Whats good just joined the forums been waiting all day for the game to download, just wonderin what the game is going to run like on an AMD Radeon r7 its out dated i know but just wondering what am i expecting
  9. MSI R9 390 8Gb
    i5 6600k
    16Gb Ram

    Fully updated drivers, fresh install. 
    Only work around I can find is to lower my setting to absolute minimum and then once I load in switch it back to normal.
    So I assume it's maybe one setting that is messing up the game.
    Hey guys, I really want to return to playing this game but these bugs I've been experiencing are extremely annoying.

    The first bug I encounter while starting the game is the black character screen with a red processing box in the center, but I'm able to pick characters.

    The next bug I get is if I proceed to enter the game.

  10. ** UPDATED: Found way to boost performance and unlock FPS by a shocking amount in FULLSCREEN mode. Credit goes to Jackal Hawk on youtube ** Scroll to the bottom. 
    I have seen a few posts about this from back in January - we asked for reponses and haven't heard anything back. My guildies are talking about it, my friends are talking about it, it's affecting a large amount of the player base if not all (knowingly or not).
    ** if you're going to get stuck argueing about what the eye can see and not see, please feel free to not **
    My specs:
    i5-6600k @ 4.5 ghz, unparked (yes you can still do it, let's just move on from this)
    GTX 970 Strix @ 1400 mhz
    16 gb ram / game installed on SSD 
    Nvidia control panel - BDO V-Sync forced off
    I'm currently running game on Medium, Nvidia control panel V-Sync forced off. 
    I came back to BDO a few weeks ago after a long hiatus and since as far as I can remember, my FPS has been locked to 64. Today I went to an open field to get some screen shots, cranked my settings to high end mode on high, FPS dropped as expected. After taking the screenshots, I went back to Medium settings - for some reason... my fps was uncapped, @70~90 This was the FIRST time I've ever seen my Nvidia forced V-Sync off work. I have no idea why switching it to high end on high and then back to medium unlocked my FPS. So I went back to town, FPS still unlocked, was also getting higher than my usual numbers. Then I hit Tarif, FPS still high as hell, no lock - until I talked to the skill instructor. After going through his dialogue and exiting the quest interface, my FPS was locked again. Instantly it sat at 45 in the town, and when I left town I was back to 64. In the exact same area, before I talked to the quest vendor, I was at 90. I tried to duplicate the effect, couldn't do it no matter what. 
    And what does all that mean?
    Well you already knew the game was optimized like a potato, but why hasn't it been dealt with? Having consistent performance on BDO directly relates to your enjoyment of the game - if you've paid money, shouldn't you get the best the product can be? We need a response if this is in the works. 
    So why should you care?
    Well if you have a good PC, and a good GPU, you should be enjoying the game at a consistently high performance level - hell you paid a crap ton of money for that build didn't you?
    If you have a low end PC, you're getting screwed because the game is extremely poorly optimized, and you're probably looking at what looks like Lineage II when you could be running it at a higher setting with the same FPS.
    This game could play so much better if the performance was consistent. This is just one example of all the crazy inconsistencies I've seen in the last few weeks. GM_Huego, give us something!
    TL:DR - FPS lock went away after cranking settings and turning them back down. FPS lock came back when I spoke with a quest giver. Inconsistent performance across the line - optimization of a potato. Lots of posts about this from other players - no formal response from Kakao. This affects our enjoyment of the game, please answer us.
    FPS magically went to 79 after switching to high / high-end and back to medium.

    *** Temporary Fix until Kakao does something ***
    Things you need to do to gain the most performance:
    1) Override game graphics settings by going into Nvidia Control Panel, create a profile for BDO, force off V-sync / Tinker with Anti-Aliasing, Max Pre-Rendered Frames. You can find endless guides on this, I won't go into it.
    2) CPU Unpark - Google it, download it, run it, unpark CPU. 
    3) Whenever you run BDO (the game, not the launcher), go into your Task Manager, find BDO, right click and hit show details, right click the .exe, set priority to High. You need to do this everytime, there's no way to set a launch option for it unfortunately. This has boosted my CPU usage quite a bit (good for performance).
    4) READ THIS IF YOU'VE DONE 1, 2 and 3.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLwBOCsobWo - Jackal Hawk on youtube, watch his video if you don't want to read.
    Go to the youtube link either way, go into his description, download the Gaming Performance Booster. Do not try to google it and download it because you might end up downloading something that's not meant for this purpose - there's lots of timing tools out there. As always, when tinkering with CPU stuff, do it at your own risk - this is by no means a dangerous method of obtaining performance, and will work for every game, not just BDO. 
    After you download the gaming booster (timing tool), open it up, set timing to 0.5ms, and you're good to go.
    If you've done the above, you should be getting quite a bit of boost in performance. On top of that, you will have broken through the FPS cap.
    My frames went from a locked 64 max, to 100~150 depending on the area. My city performance went from 30~37 to 37~45. I now run the game on slightly high, with high textures - where as before I ran it on medium settings and medium textures. I went up in quality and in performance with this solution.
    Edit: added screenshot of new performance

  11. Like most people, my performance drops horrendously when in Heidel or any other populate area. However when out in the world farming mobs or exploring i get around 40 - 60 frames. I run my res @ 1920 x 1080 with texture and graphic quality both on high and i have everything else turned on besides Anti-Aliasing, SSAO, Improved distance and High-End mode, of course.
    I would like some honest advice on what i should try and upgrade as to be able to run this game comfortably on high with everything turned on ( besides High-End mode ).

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit
    Video Card: GTX 670 SLI

    Now i realize that the GTX 670 is outdated but i am running SLI and i do just fine on most other games on high or almost maxed settings. I'm just looking for some advice or hopefully to get pointed in the right direction, thank you.
  12. I have GTX 970 ,16 gb RAM and i7 4790K and my game looks like this with everything on high.
  13. After the recent update we got i keep getting the pearl abyss black screen after i select with which character to log in and even when i try to summon the black spirit.
    Also most of the times my graphics are distorted, like negative colors and i have to exit the game and relaunch it for the graphics to fix.
    Anyone else getting that?
  14. I know it was posted plenty in the past but I have not seen a legitimate reply or fix to any post and I haven't seen one recently. When in a party, if another player critically strikes your screen flashes black for an instant regardless of where you are looking. This is extremely annoying and no options in the game have seemed to have any effect on it. Does anyone know how to stop this or has there been an official response?
  15. Hello i have problem with my graphic. The game looks like wooden crappy no aa mario game from 90'
    I play in beta and game looks <first photo>
    and i want to start play now and it looks <wtf is that, second photo>
    What i can do? Every setting high, anyway i cant reach something looks like first photo. Grass looks green as shrek, and antyalsing <yes it's on on second photo, dont ask how it look off>
    HELP I WANT my eyes shot a rainbow again

  16. Post on The amount of Pop in in Suggestions

    By Booty, posted
    So first off let me just say i think this is the coolest mmo i ever played. The amount and quality of the content in this game is astounding and the fact that its not a Subscription based game is unbelievable. Of course, the combat as well is absolutely amazing for an mmo. However there is one problem that i just cant ignore and i don't know why i don't see this topic in the forum. i Guess i'm in the very small minority when it comes to this issue but the graphics as good as they are have one problem. The amount of things that pop in from out of no where while your walking around the world is a problem. Now, I think this game is absolutely beautiful, but only while your standing still. As soon as you move forward, more of the world and its many npc's pop in, while the things behind you disappear. I do also understand that to make this game run smoothly that it probably has to be this way. But does it really? Is there no other way to solve this problem or at least decrease the amount of pop in. 
    Just to be clear, i really like this game and will continue to play even if this issue remains because this game is just to good
    But watching the world pop in and out around me after every step i take really bothers my eyes. and i'm just hoping that the devs will either address the issue and try to fix it in anyway or just come straight out and say sorry but theres nothing we can do about this. Either way ill be happy and continue to play. 
    Sorry for making this so long
  17. Good evening.
    I recently noticed some strange things in the texture of the game. One of them only in 1 place, and I would like to know if it can be from the same game, or should I investigate problems on my computer. Thank you !
  18. Hello,
    There is no doubt that Black Desert's graphics are amazing. Animations, textures, models--everything looks good. The sea update a while back made even that high quality and added a lot of life and immersion to the game.
    However, one aspect that seems to have been neglected is the skybox. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the sky. The lower quality stands out all the more when you're constantly surrounded by high-quality graphics on the ground. But when you look up, all you usually see is a lifeless gradient. 
    To illustrate my point, I've taken a few screenshots:
    The night sky:
    A snowy sunset in Velia: 
    My character standing in the snow with a dusky sky in the background:
    Now compare it to some of the skyboxes in other games such as World of Warcraft which is over a decade older than BDO:
    Or a more modern game, the Witcher 3:
    In my opinion, the BDO skybox could do with a little bit of attention so it can be in line with the graphics of the rest of the game. Thank you for reading and considering.
    P.S. Random thought. Daum changed to Kakao Games, yet we still buy Daum Cash. Consider Kash, Kakash, or Kashao instead. That is all.
  19. Post on Hair looking awful in In-Game Bugs

    By bummer6, posted
    So I've been seeing this since the launch of the game, but no-one else seems to even acknowledge that this bug exists. For those of you who know some terms used in 3D modelling, it looks like the normals on the hair mesh are flipped... For those of you less familiar with that kind of language, it looks like the hair is transparent. This seems to be especially apparent on males, and especially on the Wizard. Lighter hair colors look the worst.
    I'm attaching a picture which shows what I mean. You can clearly see the shape of the character's head underneath the hair, almost as if the shading on the head is being rendered ABOVE the hair, which obviously shouldn't happen. Again, this bug has been around since the launch of the game, and I am sick and tired of this issue not being acknowledged. It looks like absolute ass.

  20. Here is a little video I made
  21. Post on Awful FPS ! in Technical Issues

    By Kippller, posted
    Hello, I am getting awful FPS ! like terrible, No matter what settings I use I still get less than 30FPS even in optimisation mode 
    My Specs : 
    GTX 1070 FTW 
    12gb Hyper X fury
    1tb hdd 
    128gb ssd (Bdo installed on this) 
    AMD fx 8350 @4.8ghz 
    What is the problem, Even lowest settings and I get awful FPS 
  22. Post on [Issue] FPS Drop in Technical Issues

    By Kauni, posted
    since the ranger awakening patch I got huge fps drops...I usually played at med/slightly high and removed other players effects/ lanterns.. I had 25+ before ranger awakening patch in boss fights.
    Now about same amount of people with same settings i am at 1-5 FPS... turning setting at low/optimization mode i am at 8-19 FPS... 
    I didn't change soft- or hardware. I am NOT using the latest graphics card driver because with the latest one i got 1-5 FPS at low/optimization mode...
    So what happened? Do I need a new toaster for the game which worked fine for me before?
  23. Post on Graphics in General

    By |arco|, posted
    Hello there
    I have tried to play this game lots of times but my eyes can't even focus on it because its really hard to try to define things in the game. I always thought that was how the game was but I have seen recently some images that made me think maybe my PC is not running it good.
    Does the game looks like this or I'm the only one?

    I have a really hard time trying to see at the horizon, or even middle ground. It's really annoying, can't play more than 20 minutes because my eyes feel like I cant focus on anything.
    I'm using the highest settings.
    Forgot to say, the images are one version with screen filter on and another one with the option off.
  24. Coming from a programming background, this is very strange to say the least. I have tested numerous times on Velia E1 vs. E2; Calpheon E1 vs. E2, and every single time, 1 channel simply gives me 30 more FPS than the 2 channel. Let me also assure you that I have removed the initial effect of a new channel switch; this effect I'm talking about it visible whether you're new on the channel or whether you've been there for 30 minutes.
    I can also say that the culprit is the CPU, not the GPU. I have a very very strong machine and at best my GPU sits at 50% utilization (I'm CPU bottlenecked). On 2 channels, this drops to 30%, meaning the CPU can't get stuff fast enough into the GPU for rendering.
    My CPU: Intel 5820K - 6 core, overclocked at 3.8Ghz
    My GPU: TitanX 12GB
    Normally, we would expect the graphical frame rate to be completely independent of the server, the network conditions, etc. Ultimatley, it's all client-side rendered and it is very strange for the server selection to affect it. I have a few theories on why this can be:
    There is some kind of bug where on 2 channels, our CPUs are forced to work harder, perhaps wasting cycles. 1 channels are specifically tuned to reduce the amount of stuff our CPUs do; less NPC movement, less environment, etc. It's hard to pinpoint exactly.(Very unlikely) The game has some bad main loop where the "tick rate" of network connection is awaited on before rendering. 1 channels are on beefier machines that are set at a higher network refresh rate, so frame rates go up there.Anyway, I wanted to bring this to DAUM's attention.
    Example: Heidel on Velia 2 was delivering 25 fps. I had only been on the channel for 20 minutes. Switched to Calpheon E1, waited 10 minutes. Now seeing 55 fps. GPU utilization went from 25 to 43%, meaning CPU was able to pump more stuff into it.
    Summary: 1 channels result in significantly (30+) higher frame rates than their channel 2 counterparts. This is visible in Heidel, out in the desert, while grinding mobs in sausans, whatever.
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Jouska
  25. Such a wonderfully complex and beautiful game. But there are two things that are truly ruining the experience for me. Some may consider these small and irrelevant things, but to others it makes a "world" of difference (pun intended). I'll explain why.
    1. Jog/Walk speed.
    BDO has such a BEAUTIFUL environment. It is clear that time and effort was put into it by artists and graphic designers and other developers. But for some reason at some point the decision to increase the default movement speed was made. We simply blaze by everything onto our next crafting deadline or resource and fail to take in the beauty and small details that make BDO great. Now I know this game really appeals to the min/maxers out there, and I know it appeals to the people who are more concerned about being efficient/effective, but there are some players who also like to enjoy the world that has been created for us. After all there is a reason why the online store sells clothing/furniture/cosmetic items. There is also a reason they allow players to buy and decorate houses etc. But this effort into making the game feel alive is wasted without allowing us to slow down to a pace that allows us to comfortably experience it in our travels. The jog speed in this game is comparatively faster than other MMO's. I know it's a big world, but this is what makes appreciating having a horse all the better! Furthermore, on the flip side, the walk speed is waaaaaaaaay too slow and totally unpractical. I am guessing these decisions were made due to animation issues, but I truly hope this is looked at and changed in the future. (Also if you haven't noticed, I think the 100% encumbered speed is just about right)
    2. Graphical pop-in. Between this and number 1 above, I am having an extremely difficult time enjoying the world. There have been threads on this topic as well as articles and reviews. The last thing I read said the developers were aware of the issue and working on it. While I hope that's true, I haven't seen any further word on it. Flying by everything at the speed of light while things are popping all over the place makes for a very erratic, unpleasant, and immersive breaking experience.