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  1. I'm wondering what are some good spots to grind in mediah from 50 up to 55+. I'm currently at 51 and I'm more looking for spots to grind for money more than exp right now, I was told that Elric Shrine is a good spot to do that, but I'm wondering how contested it is most of the time and if there are alternatives to it should the spot get too hot that I cannot hold it or whatever.
    Also I've read that some mobs drop the grunil armour pieces, could anybody care to elaborate which mobs drop them? Would definitely save me on repair bills for my grunil armour when I smash blackstones into them.
    I'd appreciate if anybody could help me out and if possible just present the suggested grind spots similar to below (maybe in brackets indicate if the spot is better for exp or money, no brackets if it's good for both):
    Lvl 50 =Alternative Spot(s) =Lvl 51 =Alternative =Lvl 52 =Alternative =Lvl 53 =Alternative =Lvl 54 =Alternative =Lvl 55 =Alternative =etcEither way thanks for the help in advance!
  2. Suche 4 Leute zum zsmn Zocken:
    1-2x die Woche Boss Scrolls zsmn machen (7x dayly + 1 weekly + droped scrolls (ist besser da man immer loot bekommen kann ) )
    PVP Training usw )
    Lvln? (egal ob lvl 1+^^ hauptsache man kommt irwan dazu auch den high content ma als Grp zu machen ) )
    Grinden (Silber Eq usw farmen^^)

    Server: Croxus
    bei Interesse in Skype adden oder auf mein Discord Channel kommen :3
    Discord :3 dragonice.definit (Skype)
    Zu meiner Person:
    23J Alt M.
    Für jeden Quatsch zu haben für mehr infos anlabern
    Habe atm ein lvl 50er Tamer und eine 45er Hexe (Tamer mehr wegen der waffe die für ninja später mal gut sein wird )
    Sobald die Inis in EU rauskommen werden (in ca 6-?? Monaten?) werden die natürlich auch gemacht :3

    MFG LUX / Stefan

    sobald sich 5 leute finden schauen wir ob wir erstmal Classen hoch lvln oder direkt mit dem high shitt anfangen )
    Sollte ich es in nem falschen unter Forum gepostet haben dan sorry ^^
    fürs erste nur für rnd schwachsin und für pvp^^ und für die relik scrolls um bischen geld zu farmen bzw einfach fun zu habn^^
  3. Hello, I would like to comment on the ranger's pve playstyle right now (Mediah patch)!
    Even though my english does not suite the english community I would appreciate it ,if you read it all^^

    I would like to start by comparing my lvl 52 Sorc and my lvl 55 Ranger.
    Ranger: I had a lot of fun grinding through the endless grind until I hit lvl 55 and noticed how long it would take to hit lvl 56. Therefore I stopped at lvl 55 due to the chain-mana-potting and the missing ability to fight medium strong mobs 1v1 (waste of manapotions and I would have to carry more than 150 manapots )
    -> Yes , I am already using the "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Extraction"
    Sorc: !I dislike the ,in the future, upcoming awakening! but the easy grind with s+lmb made me continue playing Sorc. Her damage is insane, 2-3 shotting skeletons at Hexe Sanctuary and selfsustaining mana&hp-pool without using any potions at all! (The selfsustain works via Q while attacking with s+lmb(reduces casttime by 70%) and using bloodpool every 40 sec--
    This works so efficient that I usually only carry 50 potions for PvP!)
    My sorc stats: 123ap/158dp 5castspeed,5 Crit ,4 movespeed.
    My ranger stats #Edit#: 125 ap/158dp 5AS, 3Crit , 4 movespeed
    I honestly would love to play ranger but compared to Sorc it is way too weak in pve.
    I am requesting a buff for Ranger:
    **Make back the Umbrella nerf (I can't grind abandoned monastery with umbrella-shot anymore even though I became a lot stronger than before the nerf)
    **Lower the manacosts overall.. I only have 616 mana and shotgun needs about 150 mana per use (not useable for singletarget with this manacost)
    **Let the Ranger recover stamina while using Razor wind
  4. The exp curve past 50 for this version is ridiculous. It's painfully slow to level and it makes dying all the more worse (Try a FORTY FIVE MINUTE GRIND FOR ONE PERCENT?!)
    I'm at level 53 and it only gets worse. grinding Sausans (level 55 enemies) for hours will net me 10% WITH an exp boost scroll. On KR the grind isn't as painful at this level (this is more like the grind to 60 for KR) and I can't understand why people complained that it was "too easy to get to 50" in the CBT. Are you whiners that stupid? Level 1 - 50 IS THE TUTORIAL. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. It's also why PvP doesn't start till 50 on the other servers. POINT BEING. It should be easy to hit 50 because 50+ is the meta, NOT the endgame. Please revert the exp rates to KR's growth rates, Daum.
  5. At lvl 46 i cant do this anymore, im bored.
    I dont find it very entertaining to stay in one area for hours doing the same animations on the same mobs to level up. I get flashbacks to games early 2000, but the combat is more fun tho.
    I have been looking through the forums, and as many has stated, the game don't really start before hitting lvl 50. So why not let all those quest around the world give the players some XP on completion? Just enough XP so that the time it takes to grind mobs will be reduced some? Personally i like the stories and quests in game, that is what makes me want to come back.
    Im sure its is easier said than done, but that is what i would like to see. For now, im out. Also i really wish they would have had more group content in lower levels. Dungeons and such, but i guess the game is what it is now.
  6. Hello guys....I got a question here. Today I got my valk to lv40 and head to chimera, when I got there, another guy already at grinding spot, I ask if he want party up but he says no, and then ask me to leave. problem is:should I leave?  I don't kill mobs he pulled, just go to next group and kill those ones there, so I think I'm fine, but this guy think this grinding spot belongs to him. this is happens before lv45 so there is no PVP option. I think as a public area, a spot should share with others if someone don't wanna group up. I'm I wrong? 
  7. I am a tamer lvl 53, I am looking for a group to grind and level fast until 60.
    I can usually play since 6:00 PM CEST until 11:00 PM CEST weekdays. In the weekend I will enter in the morning/evening for as long as I can depending on other activities I have planned (I usually play more than weekdays).
    I do afk fishing the rest of the time when I am not actively playing.
    Family Name: Tennyo
    Character Name: Kurokami
    Please post here or PM me so we can get in touch in some way.
    Currently I am not part of any clan. The reason I need people to farm with is I need to be worthy of joining a good clan and improve myself and my equipment efficiently.
  8. Heya guys,
    Right off the bat I want to tell you guys this will be a short guide. A comprehensive guide would be a nice thing, but I want to hop into the game as soon as possible. So ill keep it short:
    The obvious Basics everyone knows but often forgets whil'st grinding:
    -Grind in a Group/Guild.
    -go grinding outside of the primetime. (Depending on your schedule you can grind in the morning, nolifers usually sleep that time.)
    -Don't "steal" mobs. (Secure Rule of thumb: Keep all the white player markers out of your radar before killing anything.)
    -Stay away from beehives consisting of players. (Don't even think going near that 4 playergroup, unless you feel lucky and want to try joining them.)
    -Stay away from hornetnests consiting of guildies. (Don't even try going near them, the spot is contested and "belongs" to them [in their minds atleast].
    -Don't play on the Jordine server. (Obviously you can't change this easily, but as far as I know Jordine has more PvP/PK'ers playing there)
    -Change Channel. (I don't really like this one as it can worsen your Situation... ohh you left because those 2 players? Well, Welcome to the official [Insert huge Guild's name which will ----- you in here] Grindspot.
    -Use your V "Escape" ability. (It's almost impossible to directly oneshot you. If you have somewhat average reflexes you can spam V and run the ----- away. Don't approach a grindingspot for 5min. afterwards.)
    Checking whats going on:
    When a spot is contested you should take a minute with caution and check what is going on:
    When you arrive at your favourite grindspot, check who is there and watch how they act. Are there any guilds? Only soloplayers? How is it populated (Is it worthwile grinding here, or do you have to wait an eternity for a group to spawn?) Depending on the Situation you got various options:
    -If there are lots of "solo-grinders (guildless)" either:
    A: try grouping up with them.
    B: Grind nearby, depending on their estimated Strenght(watch how fast they manage to kill the groups and compare it with yourself) you can grind more aggresively and "capture" the grindspot bit by bit.
    C: Move along to another location.
    -If there is a guild roaming around:
    A: Keep out of their path and grind other mobgroups. (They usually run the same circle over-and-over. It's rare for a guild to run "aimlessly" trough a grindingspot, as it isn't efficient.)
    B: Be part of a guild yourself and try contesting it. (This one is dangerous as it arms the conflict and can even spark a guildwar. Do this only if you believe in your mighty guild.)
    C: Move along to another location.
    Some little tricks:
    -Create your own guild and create a icon for 100k on monday. (Dunno, but I think being a guildleader makes others think twice before opening on you.[I often get pm's from officers or masters making questions and casually chat with them] <--- I'm a leader of a 30+ guild, so not sure if this affects your journey  .
    -Movement speed +4 (Run away, duh.)
    -Better be a "-----" instead of a dead lump of flesh. (Its ALWAYS your own fault for dying, don't blame other's for your mistakes)
    -check the guild, and PM a partymember from afar. ("I am watching you..." <- Don't do this pls  Ask them how long they will be there, depending on their answer you can further decide what you want to do. "I am wat-    No.)
    TL:DR  Just don't be stupid and don't mess with the wrong people.
    This is my first "guidish" Post and even I myself think it is somewhat lacking. I am still posting it since I already made the effort, I hope I can help someone with this little guide  
    Thanks for reading!
  9. I am a bit confused. So i decided to try and invest pools of energy into Helms post and grind there to see if any improvement. I did notice improvement in fodder gear drop rate like talis armor. Is this the only drop rate increase? They do not drop more of the materials like broken armor ornament (sells for 420 each npc) I thought i would get these drop a lot more. Before investing here i use to get 1-3 pieces of this npc item and after making the node level 4 i still only get the same.

    What does investing in the node do? What drop rates increase? Is there a better place to invest in and solo grind? (Sausans i get pk'd and elrics seem too hard)
  10. Right now a lot of people complains about gear differences, mainly in PvP. In my opinion right now that is not a huge problem because gear is not that hard to get and have safe enchant options. So everybody who spent at least decent amount of time on the game will make this +15 gear for sure.
    But, incoming +20 is not that fair. There is no safe enchant option, and there is a risk to lose enchant if fail. It means insane amount of money required to get +20 gear and create huge gap between top lucky ginders and rest of server community.
    That is the reason I think we should not get +20 patch, or on completely different rules for enchanting between +15 and +20.
    Question is, what NA/EU community think about +20 enchants, before it appear in our servers.
  11. I know you can't possibly find hours of chimera, catfishies, or any other mob grinding enjoyable.
    What do you do to help pass the time?
    For example, some listen to music.
    I listen to creepypastas.
    What about you?
  12. Post on Some PVE Help Please in Sorceress

    By Genadine, posted
    I am looking for advice from those that are more focused on PVE and would appreciate a skill build built around PVE.
    Could you also point out the more PVE centred Gear.
    There are very few decent new MMO's and none are entirely PVE this is imo the best of what is available if you want to TS, Farm, have fun.
    Many Thanks
  13. Post on Giant a good class? in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Is Giant a fun class to play?
    Can they farm good?
    Is it good in pve?
    Can you solo stuff good?
    Thx for the answers 
  14. Hello!
    Is Giant a fun class?  Can they solo quests easy? 
    Can they farm/grind easy? 
    What do you Giants say? 

  15. <Sakurai> is recruiting on Croxus EU. We are a PVX focussed guild looking for friendly and active players to join our ranks. We currently have 60+ members, doing PVP, Wars, guild quests, guild bosses and summon scrolls every day. If you're interested in joining a guild where you are noticed, valued and helped out, then you'll enjoy our guild's mentality.

    Requirements to join our guild are the following:
    - Level 50+
    - Be active
    - Be friendly
    - Use Discord
    - Participation in guild events
    - Interested in PVP/Wars and coming Nodewars

    Preferred but not required:
    At least 100 AP and 100 DP
    But as stated this is not an actual requirement

    What you get in return:

    - PVP / GVG / Node Wars
    - Guild Bosses
    - Friendly and awesome atmosphere
    - Help during PK's
    - Help during grinds
    - Shared knowledge
    - Daily Scrolls

    We are growing rapidly but hope to expand more to start making a name for ourselves in PvP and be a formidable opponent to other guilds when the node wars patch arrives.

    We only speak English in guild chat and swearing is allowed. We use Discord and have a laugh there every day. If you are interested please leave a reply here or message us ingame:(Family name, Ingame name) Katsuma Tsukimara, Hanakozu Kageneko or Townsen Uly. You'll find us mostly on Calpheon C2.
  16. I'm level 15. Should I continue doing story quests or should I just straight up start grinding to 50?
  17. Post on MP Regen on Sorceress in Sorceress

    By EcX, posted
    As in thread, what is your suggestions to imrove your MP Regen on this character. Tell me your combinations of gems, armor set etc. Maybe some secrets, also your thoughts about skills. I'd like to know possible ways to build up my Sorceress in MID-END game (lvls 30-50). I'm looking forward to your answers.
  18. Little something I caught during Harpooning thought I'd share!

  19. hello,
    iam playing since release and grinded quite alot the last three days. yet ive only made it to lvl35 so far.
    my gear is pretty okay for the level and iam playing a wizard. grinding itself is easy, but exp gain is really very low.
    ive read alot of guides and saw videos aswell where people made it to lvl 50 in like 10-20 hours, and i wonder how they did it.
    did exp gain nerfed or something? i cant believe its possible anymore to level to 50 in like 20 hours, but it would be cool if iam wrong
  20. Sup warrior mates!?

    So, yesterday I was stupidly lucky at my guild quest grinding this tree spirits and after 15min I got that fking tree spirit belt... (pls dont hate! :P)
    At the moment im at 84/104ish with mostly all armor (art/tari) at +7-9 and Yuria at +12 - bares earrings +1-2 - vang shield +9 
    +5 atkspd and +5 luck (cause the farm)
    Should I sell it and buy witches earring, mark of shadow and trying to +15 everything or just maxing everything by keeping the grind for witches earring and mark of shadow?  

  21. Hey i wanted to get a yuria weapon i dont want to buy it and i am way to bad for crafting.
    Does anyone knows a site where you see which items get droped where?
  22. i just got to lvl50 and am at ~270 combat skill points in total right now.
    since i don't want to waste time i'd like to know if anyone has a great method of grinding combat skill exp?
  23. Hi,
    How much time do I need to get lvl 50 without only grinding spots? With this I mean following the main quests and what they tell you to do.
  24. Post on Account pexing post in Off-Topic

    By Giordano, posted
    Where the real grind begin. 
  25. hi, 
    i'm looking for people to grind with at headstart.
    i'll start when servers go online and grind the whole day.
    server is alustin, class is ranger.
    got ts and a normal voice. 
    feel free to contact me via pm or leave a comment in this topic