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  1. Hello everyone I am here today looking to create or to join a whale and a khalk hunting group. I want to join a group that does it consistently and has a schedule. If you are interested in helping me create a group that does just that please leave a comment below or just add me on discord and shoot me a message. My discord tag is Quin#7174.

    Forgot to mention I'm in the [NA] - Servers
  2. I have a few questions about grouping in this game. I was at Sausans and a few people invited me. Now the thing is my weight limit sucks so I have to go back to Tariff a lot. What's the polite way to go about this? Leave group or stay?
    More specifically, will it reduce people's XP if I stay in the group? Will I look like a freeloader? I just literally don't know nothing about how groups work in this game.
  3. So after playing a few classes and even getting 2 alt's up to 50-51, I have decided to play the Sorc. Today I am looking to make a plan in regards to gearing, skill distribution, and even character growth. However given the differences and sheer amount of things you can do in this game, I am getting slightly overwhelmed. I have a good grasp of the basics of what to do, but I was hoping to maybe get some tips and suggestions on where to go from here. I will be posting my gear and such, currently I make most of my money (about 5-12 mil a day) from mob drops and cook/alch crafts I make. I know this is pretty low compared to popular set ups, but im just starting to level my CP, and life skills. 

  4. Post on Timestamps in Suggestions

    By Aintbegone, posted
    Why aren't timestamps already a thing?

    Just one way to make these work, the different chat types are already colour coded,
    so adding a bracket which tells the player again isn't really necessary.
  5. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  6. Post on Share Quests in Vorschläge

    By Eidolon, posted
    da ich BDO sehr viel mit Freunden zusammen spiele und das gemeinsame Questen in Spielen gegenüber purem Mob Grinding bevorzuge, wäre es mehr als klasse, wenn sich die Entwickler eine oder mehr Möglichkeiten einfallen lassen würden, dahingehend das Gruppenspiel zu unterstützen. Wo BDO ja leider schlichtweg ein Solo Game ist, was das Questen angeht und das gemeinsame Questen in der Gruppe sehr viel mehr Stress ist, als solo, weil man immer versuchen muss, auf demselben Stand zu bleiben.
    Wär cool, wenn man per Klick auf den Namen eines Gruppenmitglieds in der Gruppenanzeige dessen Questlog einsehen könnte oder neben einer Quest im eigenen Questlog der Name der Mitglieder steht, die ebenfalls diese Quest haben. Ich weiß, dass das Questsystem sehr chaotisch ist und die ganzen Filter die es da gibt, so wahrscheinlich schon komplex programmiert sind. Deswegen ist so ein System wahrscheinlich eher nicht realisierbar.
    Was man aber zum Beispiel machen könnte, dass man die Questmobs für eine Quest, die man nicht selbst, aber ein Gruppenmitglied hat, mit ner Farbe signalisieren könnte. So wie die eigenen Questmobs jetzt blau leuchten und nen Quest Object Marker überm Namen haben. Dass die Questmobs von Gruppenmitgliedern meinetwegen nen grünen Marker haben und grün leuchten oder pink oder sonstewas.
    Mehr Gruppencontent/-questen wär also traumhaft. Ist, wie ich finde, nicht damit getan, Kamasilvia mit ultra LP Mobs (und womöglich im Gegensatz zu Pirates/Sausan unlukrativem Loot) rauszuhauen und das dann als Gruppencontent dahinzustellen. So hört man das zumindest bisher raus. BDO ist der Hammer, aber das ist in meinen Augen recht miserables Design.
    Bitte sperrt mich nicht dafür, Kakao, ich kauf auch fleißig weiter im Pearl Shop ein. #premium
  7. As this is my first post (at least on this account) I would like to say hello to you all! 
    And now to the topic.
    So as the title says, I'm a pretty much noob in the Black Desert word, but I played a lot of MMO's before and about one I'm very sure: playing together does a lot more fun!
    I enjoy role playing a lot. I don't fear of challenges and like to play competitively. My Musa Character named Sansori is for now only lvl 20 and goes very slowly up. Slowly, mostly because I don't like to play alone, so I tended to jump to other games instead of leveling my char fast. I don't know the game too good jet, so I can't offer much of activities to do together, but I guess it shouldn't be a problem. - I'm up for everything!
    The language shouldn't be a problem. I live in Germany, so of coarse I can speak German. My English isn't also too bad, I think. I was born in Poland, so my polish orography may be a little bit rusted, but I still speak with polish accent. And I understand a bit of Spanish. 
    So are we going to kick some monster a**es? Tips for noobs are also welcome. 
    Cya around!
  8. Post on entertainers? in Suggestions

    By Darkfool, posted
    so why no entertainer class
    i would very much like to see an entertainer class like a i dunno sideshow freak / mime / clown etc just a class to play with and have fun maybe the joker or jester?
    i am not sure but ether way would be interesting don't you think?

  9. Hey! Before come with all your love for the "open world" thing, please read. o__o

    Instances in this game don't need to be that kind of "easy grind" type of instance, like we can get in a lot of another korean MMORPGs.

    First of All! Some global restrictions for the instances.

    1. A full party.
    2. One Key (I'll explain below)
    3. Min AP/DP. (Optional)
    4. Cooldown per account/family (same way of the World Bosses and the account restriction is optional, can be per character.)
    5. Instance boss boxes can be bound to the accounts. (optional)

    Key System.

    Each instance has a "entrance key" the item that you need to open the instance on it's door, without the key, U'll receive a message "You need "X" Key to enter inside this intance". 
    The key can be drop by parts. 5 parts of the same key creates the Key. (exactly the same system used on the relic shards).  The Key parts can be sold on the marketplace. And need only one key per group. Or you can drop the complete key instead a part, and everyone need to have their key.

    So, let's go to the examples.

    Liverto Dungeon! (Balenos Region)

    Entrance Restriction: 
    130 AP
    190 DP
    Liverto Key
    Full group.
    Battle: Need to be a HARD instance for the 130 AP / 190 DP Group but possible. Monsters with chance to drop rare itens (black stones, steel taritas, relic shards, etc)  and the final boss a Liverto box. 
    Boss Battle: PLS! A decent boss battle with at least 2 phases and 2 group mechanics per phase.
    Cooldown: 12hours

    Boss Armor Dungeon! (Mediah Region)

    Entrance Restriction: 
    150 AP
    200 DP
    Boss Armor Key
    Full group.
    Battle: Need to be a HARD instance for the 150 AP / 200 DP Group but possible. Monsters with rare chance to drop Grunil, Forbidden Book, black stones, etc. One "sub-boss" with a CHANCE to drop a Liverto Bundle and concentrated black stone or Ultimate reform stone and a RANDOM (I know that you all love RNG) Final Boss (Red Nose, Tree Spirit, Bheg, Giath, Muskan) dropping it's respective box.
    Boss Battle: PLS! A decent boss battle with at least 3 phases and 3 group mechanics on the first phase, 2 group mechanics on the second phase and a final phase with all 5 mechanics .
    Cooldown: 24hours

    And Also! Following this model.

    Kzarka Instance with 30 hours Cooldown (this fight can be a "players vs boss" style, like the Bahamut fight on the Final Fantasy XIV.)

    This fight need to have 4 or 5 phases for experienced groups, with some concentraded black stones, one ultimate reform stone and one liverto box and a CHANCE for kzarka box.

    And same way of the Kzarka for Nouver and Kutum and Harpia.

    Remember this is the content for ORGANIZED GROUPS or "static groups". This kind of content improve the community, create more ways to the players can create content of the game for youtube, livestreams, guides, etc.

    Please give your feedback based o what's better for the game and not your own taste. 

    thank you. =D


  10. SCROLL PARTY 8:15p EST tonight!
    (4 hours from this was posted)*
    Bring your scrolls and check out the Recruitment thread here  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/112320-templarius-orwen-pvppve-small-community/ 
    Our website is http://blackdesertguild.clanwebsite.com/ Click there to see if you want to join! If not just message me in game around the start time and we can kick this off!
  11. Just having trouble with doing it solo figured there has to be someone out there on UNO server suffering the same problem, huge cont. point bonus. Free loot. very quick and easy
  12. Is there any way/ bug/ trick, to use the group special deals as a solo player? A friend told me that it's possible, dont know how^^
    Would be very usefull while farming at spots like Rhutum. The yuria drop will be very heavy after time ( I know I can use things like a wagon to increase my LT)
    If you heard about a possibility, please let me know.
  13. Habe von einem Freund gehört,  dass es irgendwie möglich ist die Gruppenfunktion, wo Item Drops direkt ins AH getan werden, auch als Solo player, also quasi allein in der Gruppe zu nutzen.
    Das wäre besonders bei Gebieten wie Rhutum sehr nützlich, da die ganzen Yuria Drops mit der Zeit echt hart auf die Last gehen^^(der Möglichkeit einen Karren zu kaufen bin ich mir durch aus bewusst :D)
    Kann mir das aber eigentlich nicht vorstellen,dass es funktioniert und wenn ja dann müsste das auf jeden Fall ungewollt sein.
    Wenn mir da trotzdem jemand weiterhelfen könnte, würde ich mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen. Lg
  14. So, firstly I think Black Desert is great. It gives you a ton of things to do and a very long progression scale to give you something to work towards for a long time. But if there is one thing that the game lacks, and really should have more of, is cooperative activities.
    Currently we have grinding mobs (which for most is only fun in short bursts), boss scrolls (which again is not something you would want to keep repeating for hours on end), hunting and field bosses (which only spawn on very long cooldowns). There are no cooperative life skill activities, no cooperative questing (you can help each other kill mobs, but that is about it), no teamwork activities, no helping players to gather materals or any other way to assist your friends in their progress.
    With the abundance of different activities available it would seem an ideal game to have plenty of team based activities, but for the most part it seems like a single player game with other players running around that you cannot interact with other than to chat, attack or... well, that's it really. So what I would really like to see added to this game, is for parties and friends to be able to join each other and do group based PvE activities together (both combat and life skill stuff).
    Maybe add a group horse taming activity where they can round up a group of horses and tame them as a group. Or group fishing using a boat and a net, where they can work together to bring in a big haul, or special daily group quests that require teamwork in some way (either combat or life skill based).
    At the moment I am leveling up my two mains and helping my friends level their characters, so mainly we just grind in the same areas doing the quests we each individually have, so we have a reason to do stuff together. But once we get to the high level stuff, where it mainly comes down to mindlessly grinding mobs for xp and silver, it would be nice if there were other things we could do together to break things up a bit.
    I read a while back that there may be more kinds of open world PvE activities added at some point, does anyone have any more information on that? Anyway, I hope PA can make the game more party friendly (beyond group PvP stuff), because it seems like wasted potential to me. The game is great in almost every other respect, so it seems a shame it lacks in a field it really should shine in.
  15. Post on [Jordine] <SHINE> in European Guild

    By Raise, posted
    We are looking for 56/57+ members with 325+ Gear and a hardcore mentality to play under the same name who no longer wish to be in a big guild. Let me clarify, that this is not your average "guild". Within SHINE everyone is a stranger, there is no family type bullshit. Personal gains are to be prioritized over everything else. The only time we are known as a group/team is when working together to achieve the same objective or fighting the same enemy, other than that; we are just a bunch of strangers who are working towards their own personal gains. However, there is a discord for those who want to keep in contact or be in the know.
    I am looking for around 20-30 members max, who can all make a name for themselves individually rather than rely on using the guilds name, whatever reputation SHINE achieves will be formed by the individuals that play within it, SHINE will never be known and considered as a strong guild; it will be the members withing SHINE that will be known as the strong ones. SHINE is just the name we work under. I am looking to specifically gather a group of 'elite' like players who are able to take on multiple people alone but achieve even greater goods when working together. However, ALWAYS prioritizing their own goals and benefits before everything else. Let me make this clear; I want the people within this guild to act like a nobody, not boast about themselves using the guild name or gear. Your actions and strength will show who you are not your talk.
    In SHINE there are no rules, you can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't stop others from achieving their own goals. We do not look into your past or care about your previous history/achievements. I don't care if you are a salty mother-----er, you rage, whatever; those personalities will only add to your own character.
    If you match this description and wish to join or enquire for more details you can contact Miyuo in-game or hit me up on the forums.
  16. Greetings all! I have scoured the interwebs, and have not been able to find anything related to my question. This does not necessarily mean the answer isn't there, just that my google-fu wasn't strong enough to divine the answer. So here goes:
    Fact 1. When you are grouped, the game uses only the Party Leader's Area Level. ex: Leader has Susans at 10, everyone else doesn't. Everyone in group receives the benefit of Level 10. This is common knowledge and has been proven. From my own guild's testing, this can work at any distance. We had a party member benefiting from another's Level 8 Helms Post while the party Leader was in the Mansha Forest.
    Fact 2. The Group Loot systems can alter who loots what, disregarding who did the most damage to get the Kill Credit. All Group Loot settings have a max range of effect.
    Fact 3. S-Grade mob knowledge increases both the Loot Drop rates of that Mob and the Exp it gives.
    This raised a question to me: In groups, how does the game decide which group member's Monster Knowledge Rank to use when it comes to loot?
    There are a few Scenarios I can think of:
    It uses the Rank of whomever is credited the kill.It uses the Rank of a Party Member either randomly or in some set order.It uses the Highest Rank in the group (this would be obscenely generous, which is decidedly not something the game is known for).It uses an averaged Rank from the group (probably worst case scenario).It uses the Leader's Rank, much like it uses the Leader's Area Level.It uses the Rank of whoever FIRST loots the Mob. Assumes that Loot is Not rolled until the Mob is Looted, effectively treating every mob corpse as a mini chest-style RNG roll.Accurate Testing of which it is could be incredibly difficult, but I have a possible test idea:
    The EXP Test
    Rules for Test to function: 
    Loot is determined upon the mob's Death, not upon first Loot as in Scenario 6.Both EXP and Loot are under the same rule set scenario and are tied together. Ex: if Scenario 5 is true, then if the Party Leader has S-Grade, then every party member would be gaining S-Grade Experience as well as Loot Grade instead of whatever they have.Subjects: 4 Players, Subjects S1, S2, C1, and C2. They must have same Level, EXP modifiers, and Area Rank, but Subject S1 and S2 Must have S-Grade on the Test Mob (TM). Subjects C1 and C2 Must Not have S-Grade on the TM.
    Have C1 and C2 group with Loot set to FFA. Kill TM. Mark down the EXP gained as E1.Have S1 and C1 group, with S1 as Party Leader and Loot set to FFA. Kill TM multiple times, alternating who gets the Kill Credit. Mark down C1's EXP gain and average it as E2. If E1 < E2 then some form of Scenarios 1-5 are in effect for at least EXP gain. If E1 = E2 then Rule 2 is False and Test is Inconclusive, End Test.Exactly Repeat Step 2, and mark down average EXP as E3.Have S1 and S2 group with Loot set to FFA. Kill TM. Mark down the EXP gained as E4.Have S1 and C1 group, with C1 as Party Leader and Loot set to FFA. Kill TM multiple times, alternating who gets the Kill Credit. Mark down C1's EXP gain and average it as E5.Have S1 and C1 group, with S1 as Party Leader and Loot set to FFA. Kill TM multiple times, having C1 get all the Kill Credit. Mark down C1's EXP gain and average it as E6.Have S1 and C1 group, with S1 as Party Leader and Loot set to FFA. Kill TM multiple times, having S1 get all the Kill Credit. Mark down C1's EXP gain and average it as E7.A lot can be inferred from E1-E7, and can narrow down which of Scenarios 1-5 are possible.
    Will anyone do that test? Probably not. It has too much setup and too high a chance of not paying off... but it's all I can currently think of as a viable test right now.
    I sincerely hope someone knows the actual answer already!
  17. Hello, My name is Michael and just recently I've purchased BDO after enjoying my "7 day free trial" and I'm having a blast! I mostly play any mmo solo just because I find it easier that way not having to wait for anyone and just rush thought quests to max level but my traditional methods won't work so well in BDO. This is why I'm looking for a small group of people which we can talk via TeamSpeak or Discord.I doesn't matter about age b/c I'm only 18 but we are all here to play Black Desert so age is not a factor. If you are looking for a party just contact me or we can meet in game My current main character is a lvl 37 sorceress on UNO named SnowyRose. The IGN was my grandma's most used username so I decided to use it for all my female characters if you where wondering!! Also I'm a noob so I would not recommend joining my party if you know what you are doing!!
    * TeamSpeak or Discord 
    * Around lvl 30
    * lvl 31-41
    * decent microphone
  18. After having played hundreds of hours of Black Desert I've come to the conclusion that the game is functionally a single player game. I could literally play the game in its entirety alone as a single player game and there would be no significant difference between that experience and the current state of BDO.
    Many MMO's have gone this route, using the game as a large chat room to host players for the very small percentage of content that actually requires more than one player. Which is probably a big reason for the failure of so many MMO's. They're almost all Massively Single Player games.
    BDO takes this trend to a whole new level. Not only are other players unnecessary, it actually hinders your progression if you interact with them at all. While most games treat players as a nice backdrop for their single player game design, in BDO other players are an actual nuisance and hindrance to much of the gameplay. Not only are you not rewarded for playing multiplayer, the game's structured to penalize you for doing so.
    But BDO isn't the only game to do this sort of thing. In fact the last time I played an MMO where other players weren't just wanted, but dare I say required, was Guild Wars One. Unlike current MMO's where the whole game is balanced for a single player to gear up and complete everything alone, then join a group once they acquire the best gear and reach the highest level, it was the exact opposite. None of the game could be solo'd until you beat the game an owned the most powerful gear.
    Groups were what the game was about. Even with a full party if 8 AI controlled henchmen missions could be impossibly difficult to complete unless you were a serious pro. Players with great gear or significant ability were in high demand everywhere. Every accomplishment was an experience that many players would congratulate you for because it required teamwork, strategy, and skill to complete. Your abilities truly mattered. I haven't played another game with that same sort of multiplayer cohesion and intrinsic group dynamic since I stopped playing GW1.
    I'd like to hear what other players feel was their best group/multiplayer experience in an MMO. I'd also like people to post their ideas for what elements could be brought into BDO to turn this single player game into an actual MMO.
  19. Game desperately needs one for scammers and all around terrible people. Attempting to add them to your friends list and moving them into said group can be a difficult process if they don't accept. Block isn't 100% either.
    That's all.
  20. Hi guys !

    After playing this game for a while I noticed some interesting things around here. 
    I was farming with a group at Sausan's Outpost and due to some RL issues i had to stop playing for some moments.
    I was shocked to find out that it took 6 whole minutes for the other 4 guys to kill a small group of 7 mobs, while i was playing, a full spot rotation would take 8-10mins tops.
    So, now, I am asking if there is any possibility to view the dps from your team mates or group mates in Guild bosses/World bosses. 
    Some of u are used to such things, and remember the DPS chart from WoW. 
    With the help of my mad paint skills i made a mock-up on how team DPS counter could look in this game.

    To be honest, i will make a test and grind all my way up to 55 with +0 set armor, just from leeching exp from group, since nobody knows the enchanting level of my gear nor the overall AP that my character has.

    All character options are listed bellow:

    What do you guys think about this feature? It will be interesting? It would help us to avoid leeches or low DPS guys? It would be a disruptive feature to the game?

    Thanks !
  21. Hey there, My guild closed and i am short on people to do weekly/daily bossscrolls with. I am looking for some people that i can do the scrolls with once a week. If interested, simply message me 
  22. Hello, MazeAngel here. I'm still getting all the ropes down and waiting for the download to complete on my computer. Looking forward to playing this game but first while I waited I wanted to hear back about some of the active rping groups out there!
  23. Hey guys so I have two suggestions to make the game a bit more social friendly. 
    1. <Channel/Friends List> It would be nice to see what channel people on my friend list are playing and also showing what character their on when your not on their channel would be a good addition. Like if most of the players on my friend list are on one channel its good to just go to that channel and be able to see them in the game world, it brings to the atmosphere of the game. 
    2. <Grouping> Would it be possible to make the players in your group all have a different color name, mini map marker and map marker instead of the plain green one for the map and blue for the mini map arrow. It will help when in a group and we are following someone to follow the color rather then looking to read a name or guessing who is who. It will also be nice to just press M and see where a player is rather then mousing over to see who it actually is, when their color coded we wouldn't have to mouse over and just see from a glance. 
    Well that's my 5 cents on something that would be nice to have in the future
  24. Bonjours tous le monde,
    Voila ma question, lorsque l'on est en groupe (2,3,4,5 personne), les titre pour le bash de mob, le compteur est  individuel ou c'est le nombre de mobs tuer par le groupe.
    Exemple: nous somme 2 et pour avoir le titre il faut tuer 100 mobs. Mon amie et moi tuons chacun 50 mobs, on obtiens le titre ?
    Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  25. Post on Guild Alliences in Suggestions

    By SilenT, posted
    As you know the only way of having ally guilds is to just agree to it without anything official. My suggestion is to make an alliance system. In this system guilds can form an alliance and these alliances can have it's own ally chat channel and name. The best ally system I've seen is in Lineage 2. This part is for the devs to decide, but when nodes/siege wars come out, make it so there can be settings on if the alliance owns it or can help gain a city. After a city/town is taken the alliance can decide how much of the tax the guilds get