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  1.  [Broken Boundaries] Edan-Balenos E2!   "Grind harder, grind longer, grind every day, grind is life, life is grind"
         •Is recruiting players interested in
          •Node Wars/GvG
         • Joining a community of over 90 gamers over three games established two years ago
         • Being a part of a successful PvP guild
         •  Several Weekly scroll groups to maximize Blackstones!
         • Daily Guild quests
         • Joining our core team!
         • Lv. 30+ with the goal of hitting 50+ in 14 days
         • Willingness to demonstrate basic knowledge and execution of your class (app+ TS/in game interview) Don't be intimidated we just want to know you wont make a fool of yourself in world PvP especially when others may be depending on your competence
         • Age 18+
    •Guild Buffs
         • +4 AP
         • +1 Fishing
    • What we are looking for in applicants
         • Confidence
         • Good communication skills
         • Callousness to silly jokes not meant to harm anyone but for entertainment
         • Team players ( We want more members who are offering constructive advice and aimed at helpin the guild as a solitary unit by helping the individual players who are still learning BDO. This is a new platform for a lot of players and we want to make sure we all get a good grasp on it before the next content patch)
    •Additional Information
         • Please apply on this thread with any information you find relevant. I will message you within 24  hours if you are a viable candidate
         • Once you join you will be signed for 14 days at 30k/day guild pay. In no way will you be limited to guild events but we want to make sure you're a fit before we grant you full membership
        • We use TS3 not Discord
         If you feel like you're a fit drop an app I consider all apps and will contact you via in game, you can also message Oppahunta in game on Edan server for any questions you may have
    I hope to see you in game!
         You may also submit apps to wolf_tutoring@yahoo.com for review. We are still recruiting up to 10 players!