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  1. FAU3MI1-A4422ME-JUCJO94-UVKSR       
  2. Hello. This question DOES NOT REFFER TO GUEST PASSES.
    I noticed that the blackdesert site offers a FREE SEVEN DAY TRIAL on this url: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/tryforfree However, I submitted my user account creation and NOTHING HAPPENED, they didn't gave me any link to download the game or anything else like that, then, how the hell I can apply the desired 7 day trial for which I registered for?. Because I understand this is not talking about guest passes, they are literally OFFERING a 7 day trial for new users, so, where is my 7 day trial???. Or this is just another kind of misleading advertisement tactic of P2W games and they really will not give me any free trial???, really???, then why reason you put a FALSE trial offer in your website, blackdesert?.
    Please, a dev. or helper user, someone could explain me how do I really apply to my 7 day trial offer in case of the trial offer is real and not a commercial tactic?.
    If finally it is necessary to have a guest pass, then I don't have none, please send me one to csg1986@hotmail (otherwise maybe other users here could steal the code before I can see it).
    Thank you so much.
  3. Redeem code here:   https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code
    ERQ1F97-TEHN7N2-H31D923-DUAGF     Claimed 
    PF7GDIO-FJIU9M8-T8NCGUT-OC088      Claimed 
    69R84FU-CDE46ET-2JM52KP-9JN1O      Claimed 
    LG4U4H3-GF8VVNL-QIMH4ES-OSNJ2    Claimed       
    3CJ57Q7-ASTMB0J-RV2AV2I-UJ17E        Claimed
    SD26V9F-LJNSU78-7VV23KD-K72RD      Claimed          
    PLCK2NH-4HK6LB9-8IG7O60-95RTL       Claimed          
    KCHMTUL-2A1S2SJ-CS45QRC-P1HGH   Claimed          
    COACHEP-E9QHK5J-779LQ3P-49KGV    Claimed       
    DVB1EA0-9TT48GO-LGUKS7U-RT3BT    Claimed      
    As you can see all of them are already claimed!
    Scroll down a bit and you'll find more posted by @Merr or you can follow this link and get one out of the "Megathread": http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/32751-guest-passes-main-topic-all-post-here/
    Or you can just get the free 7 day trial! https://www.blackdesertonline.com/tryforfree
  4. Post on guest pass in New Adventurers

    By loliypoly, posted
    K20N0L6-O4CHHL2-V832M6U-NNOQC    Unused        

    TNQ82NT-BA8930H-IS5HPRC-N30B3    Unused     
    N8C7DRC-DPETRSF-CI78MDA-FIVUG    Unused     
    JCIBBR4-50AP1EV-I5UFMF3-KSTG1    Unused        

    SRFLPBR-GRSULL3-QNP4PVC-151NV    Unused        

    1IRIFR3-K0LD5SK-Q1GQ46G-CU1GE    Unused        

    5FEATLB-A6PNF5A-5P7G1N0-UVGDF    Unused        

    F0LIGJ1-2A8GCFS-B1MPQQR-F9CUK    Unused        

    UKOHI97-HNBDCR7-AV3GSUV-9I461    Unused        

    A7732VN-HA75PF5-G24LI6Q-LN8SR    Unused
  5. For Anyone who wants to try out Black Desert Here are my Guest Passes for 7 Days all unused as of Posting.
    1) ODA7MV0-F5U0OHG-AVSRIQU-3UGRP                   6)   V0471T1-EEHOVRQ-IF5O5JQ-J7QMP
    2)  VT7P4FG-77KFBD8-E609SGH-JBRLD                      7)   VKCN0TQ-QFUGBIC-05L9FP2-9G06I
    3)  TJCBGCU-8GQR65U-QVHM2UH-JN021                    8)  LO4NGV3-131CHNK-FMTIO9K-02FR
    4)  3FGPGBA-RBA5OFR-4PS5HUB-GOVES                   9)  8HG1RND-ILPCAEA-9093BMM-GVQQM
    5)  AQO8HBT-LSB1HME-2A4V76R-A0LO2                   10)  JJ1M96I-C974N2Q-BS8THDR-7F2E8
  6. Hello bdo comunity, my friend and I would like to test this game before buying it to see if its worth spending money on it. Could you please send me two guest passes through my private message for us to play please? We would be VERY gratefull! Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody!
    Could someone give me a guest pass please? I want to try the game before buying it to see if I really like it! It is most likely that I buy the game tho because of how cool and detailed it seems
    Thank you!
  8. Looking for a guest pass. I would like to test if my computer can play the game well. I suspect it will. There is a high likelihood that I will purchase this game. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to receive a guest pass in order to receive the game before playing it please . I'dd like to try the game out in order to have an avant gout of the game and see if I really like the concept (Because so far the only reviews I've seen are made by youtube gamers who mainly point out the flaws and it's not helping).
    I also can't buy the game on my own at the moment because in my country I am still to young to pay online unless I have a paypall (Altough I'm old enough to play the game, I'm 18.). 
  10. ENJOY <3 Hope you have fun









  11. Post on Free Guest Passes in New Adventurers

    By Pupz, posted
    I have 10 free guest passes, I'll keep this updated so you're not wasting your time here. 
    Send me a pm / inbox, or post here if you'd like one. 
    Also any questions about the game, please include that in your message, I'll help you out as much as I can.
    Many thanks :). 
    9 Guest passes left. 
  12. Details in the video 
  13. Hi could someone please pm me a guest key. I would love to try the game but I have no idea if It will work on my computer.
    Heaps of love to anyone that could help me!!
  14. Post on Guest Passes in General

    By Baepsae, posted
    First come first serve for some guest passes. feel free  I'm a long time player from Alpha, I got 5 keys. have fun guys!
    all taken can you delete the post thanks!
  15. Can we give someone a trail, and then a gift game if they like it? 
    and if so do we still get the rewards?
  16. So iam trying to complete this quest called "My First Little Pony". In this quest you need to make Lump of sugar and buy some rope to capture your first horse.. I have everything doen exept when i try to use rope it says "The condition for using this item has not been met".. I have level 2 beginner Training level, and this capturing rope requires to be lvl 5 beginner.. So how can i increase my training skill without a mount? Is there anyway to increase this Training level?
  17. Post on Guest Pass :) in General

    By Megid, posted
    Ive been waiting for a while for a game like this to come out and was wondering if anybody has a free guest pass they would be willing to lend? :). i have a friend i would like to play with but he gave his passes away already cause hes so nice!
    anybody pass on the love? :). PM thanks! i definitely would  buy this game, i just want to try it out first
  18. So, I got like 5 guest passes at a gaming convention and I used one and as far as I know I can only use one so my time is over... since I don't have money at the time I still need to wait till I can play again but I really don't know what to do with the ones I still have. I don't have other friends that want to play the game since the ones who do, already have passes from the same convention. Throwing them away would be a waste... Do I just give it to people on this forum? and how?(yeah, I'm not really smart with these things sorry)
  19. Post on 7 Day Guest Coupons in General

    By LumoriDesu, posted
    Is it possible for 1 person to use all 3 7 day guest coupons in a total of 21 days of free BDO gameplay? or is it limited to 1 account?
  20. Could we get additional 7 day passes to invite people?
    I have been here since March 9th and gave away mine as well others I have found via online give aways.
    if we could get a reward in game to get added passes to help the game grow.
  21. Hi guys, im really looking forward to play this game, the thing is that i would like to try it for a few days before i make sure that i rly like it and wanna pay a subscription.So im asking if someone has a spare Guest pass key and wants to help me.So if you wanna help me and you dont need your guest pass mail it to me.Thank you very much,im grateful.
  22. Hey
    Da ich gerne Black Desert streame und neu bin gefällt es mir mit Leuten das Spiel kennen zu lernen
    Ich habe mir das Spiel vor ca 1 Woche gekauft und biete nun einen Gastkey als Verlosung an.
    Ab 10 Zuschauern würde ich gerne per Zufall jemanden gewinnen lassen.
    Ich hoffe das ist erlaubt  
  23. Been looking at a lot of YouTube videos of the game, and would like to buy it but before spending the money i would love to actually try it first. So if anyone still has a guest pass that they arent using i would really appreciate it.  pls send me a message.
  24. Post on Guest Pass in New Adventurers

    By Jccoolcat, posted
    Looking to try out this game.  Love mmorpg.  Can't wait to try this one.
    Need a game guest pass please
  25. Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone had an extra guest pass that they could give me so I could try the game? I really want to try it out, but I don't want to spend money unless I know I like the game. 
    Thanks <3