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  1. Post on Guest pass codes in General

    By Tomato_Ninja, posted
    Hello Community
    I tested the game with the free 7 days and i absolutley love it  Thats why i bought it today.
    2 of my Friends were interested in the game and both received a guest pass from me  
    Now i still have 8 left, which i want to share if someone is interested
    Here are 4 of them  After these 4 are claimed (which i think will take a few days), i will post the other 4 
    I would gladly appreciate that the ppl who claimed one of these also buy the game if they like it  because u will support me with that too
    Thank you!
    RFSDH8L-3J6VNHN-S47CAP4-6KT54  (Claimed)
    7R4B5OQ-THLKVH6-RBRJ76K-MVT2E (Claimed)
  2. Leave a comment below if you want a guest pass. I have a few to give away. If you can reach level 40, awesome!!!
  3. Post on Guest passes in Off-Topic

    By JDdawide, posted
    If someone wants some free guest passes, here are they:
    2B2P80R-LCAKLUI-NUG7R4H-4FB22 Claimed
    Q37I78R-UFFL0EI-QMBPGQV-1OLBQ Unused  
    IKLR276-T1QOOQ1-SKTTTER-5M800 Unused  
    O9SP4T4-85DH526-K48HH45-CV8AK Unused  
    2C9GBKA-ADRAB3D-S6D6930-NE5OF Unused  
    NH01N54-7PSB2R0-9I8A8RJ-9KC48 Claimed 
    O2FFHBR-62CT3QH-5PFH49M-4SF18 Claimed 
    Q9IFR9A-E1M44QJ-9SM2MAM-VNTNF Unused
    and if you would like to help me with my little youtube channel, here is the link to the Video where I wanted to share my passes too
  4. Not sure if its a bug or not,
    I invited a friend to play through the Guest Pass system and recommended they use the Olvia Channel to catch up to me.
    Is it possible for me to play with them in the Olvia channels? Or do they have to come to my channel?
    If they buy the game does that make any difference?
  5. Post on game accesss in Off-Topic

    By Drazeal, posted
    So i have an active guest pass but the launcher says that i dont have access when i hit the play button. i also tried a different guest pass (w8ing on paycheck to purchase the game) but when i apply the code it says that i already have an active guest pass.
    are the guest passes limited to 1 per account or smthing s wrong with my account and ill need to send a ticket?
  6. they have all been claimed.
  7. New ish guild recruiting active players make learning more fun find us at www.Gorgonites.com find me on discord send me a Pm me on discord link on Gorgonites site look forward to meeting new people 
  8. Post on Guest Pass in General

    By Xyler, posted
    Heres some guest passes, if you start on NA server whisper 'Xyler' and I'll help you out with your first steps in the game!
    Code 1 : 559F-9810-8501-480D-A765
    Code 2 : 3B92-A492-F05F-4AA8-8286
    Code 3 : DD8B-7C5D-1DBB-426E-85E5
    Code 4 : 73DE-87E9-1517-4A43-82BB
    Code 5 : EFDE-5C7C-6BC4-49E3-8B65
    Code 6 : 3C75-6BEB-1569-4953-A521
  9. Hi,
    I invited a friend to BDO with the 7-Day Guest Pass and watched him go all the way to level 52 in a couple of days. We've been playing every day for the last couple of days only to realise his Pass has ended 3 days ago.. He claims he hasn't purchased the game - I know I haven't done it for him either. How is it that he can still play?
    I know - I'm weird! I should have kept my mouth shut and let him enjoy the free ride but neither me nor him really mind paying for this game as we both enjoy playing it. Besides, I want my Loyalties and the last thing I need in the New Year is some sort of ban for being dishonest..
    Any ideas?
  10. Hello, I'm playing in NA server.
    JNC12FU-TOE1R99-QB2HKK4-LU22Uused  TGHJ1PF-3J9NN6D-6EKAB0P-E0KU6Unused  GJ6Q9SD-RG3N8T6-CRAHOTT-8P6NLUnused  5C136KO-O2VG6IE-419IR5D-8TUPJUnused  FQS8R34-GJR0UJM-IOJTVI7-A92R9Unused  GGBP8JN-4HEKQD9-N60PRHU-D6QJGUnused  G42HTGK-KBP115H-CGQ1MFN-GQUBFUnused  FEENLIE-SGLUI0Q-B60BQGP-9AHU9Unused  MR9BUOT-CD7DA7H-6MPSFPL-H6KJ5Unused  FH7UD2D-Q2UE9A1-B68D4B8-PAU8JUsedU can use that codes.  If some1 use code, I will change that
    and then any1 wanna exchange gift letter of repayment? I have all letters (1,2,3,4,5) if u want pm me and family name is Night_horror.
    I'm a newbie in DBO, so we can be friend 
  11. Heyyy guys ive got 9 guest passes here i recently bought my self the 24.99 pack for BDO, i honestly cant really think of anyone to give the guest pass codes too so i figured i give anyone a chance to use them. Also i dont know if you have to tag them to my account or something to give me the rewards i am due but if your able and if it asks just link it to me some how, redeem codes here as well. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code 

    the following codes have been redeemed  Also my character is a knight and my IGN is RuneBlight, feel free to play anytime all though im only new

  12. Post on Guest Passes in New Adventurers

    By Fyrelie, posted
  13. Hello there!
    Some of you may know me and some may not. I'm here to let you know guys that i'm giving away FREE (x10) 7 days Guest Pass.
    How to get one? 
    1. Follow Me
    2. Get your free Guest Pass at my Status Feed.
    Don't be greedy and just get one.
    Is that simple?
    I would recommend give the game a chance and play with your heart's content. 
    Reach level 40 at your own pace and i will get a little reward for it.
  14. Post on Guest Pass in Off-Topic

    By SoulLeZzz, posted
    Have Fun

  15. I will update daily
  16. Post on Guest Passes in New Adventurers

    By Oneilll, posted
    34R63TR-88DT9CU-GJP1NLM-VE5T     Unused        
    N7RI2ND-D8J0PC3-T08LAI2-0UE15     Unused        
    AAGGARL-RIK8L09-53OP7BP-TDL80     Unused        
    CGCE2UR-E9QCFLN-1MEC9FC-LAK0S     Unused        
    D0BG6S3-DRD7I2I-OK38E14-GRVPR     Unused        
  17. Enjoy
            S8I1GKC-FB58Q18-JN4POBB-J49ETUnused  Q5A2QJK-7M2A2EA-2JCFUOU-OTO5NUnused  9FUTDL2-NK0FC2H-E75HDR5-I2SLRUnused            
  18. Hey i have 10 guest pass codes (7days) so if i give my friend a code and he lvl to 30 og higher can i still get the polar bear from the gift package if i buy the game to him? i bought the game 12/28/15 
    the package say this so i was just wondering if it was possible to still get the polar bear if i give him a code first
    ''Please note that to be eligible for reward, your friend's character must reach Level 30.''

    ''The only restriction will be that you will need to own the game yourself and have purchased it before the 1st of October 2016.''
  19. Hello bdo comunity, my friend and I would like to test this game before buying it to see if its worth spending money on it. Could you please send me two guest passes through my private message for us to play please? We would be VERY gratefull! Thanks!
  20. Hello everybody!
    Could someone give me a guest pass please? I want to try the game before buying it to see if I really like it! It is most likely that I buy the game tho because of how cool and detailed it seems
    Thank you!
  21. Hello New Potential Adventurers,
    Want to know what Black Desert is really all about? Want to see and experience it for yourself and not have to stick to the Youtube videos?
    Look no further for Lystra has the cure for you - Bunch of free 7 Days passes !
    Go ahead, you know you want to. And while you're at it, be sure to reach that sweet lvl 40 and buy the game :D.
    5 more to come as soon as these are all used.
    Have a Good Time !
  22. Hello everyone, I would like to receive a guest pass in order to receive the game before playing it please . I'dd like to try the game out in order to have an avant gout of the game and see if I really like the concept (Because so far the only reviews I've seen are made by youtube gamers who mainly point out the flaws and it's not helping).
    I also can't buy the game on my own at the moment because in my country I am still to young to pay online unless I have a paypall (Altough I'm old enough to play the game, I'm 18.). 
  23. Feel free to use these and go lvl.

  24. So I was given a 7 day guest pass code for this game a while ago by a friend, and after having to try downloading this game multiple times and waiting a total of around 4-5 hours for it to fully download and patch, I start up the game and can only play for an hour or so. I don't have any  more time to play the game until the next week, and when I try to get on the game again, I click the play button on the launcher and it says "you do not have access to the game." 

    Did I run out of time with my 7 day guest pass? Because I logged onto my BDO account afterward and it still said I had a 7 day guest pass. I even tried redeeming a second code my friend gave me to get a second pass in case that was the issue, but when I tried to enter the code it just said "error" and wouldn't take it.

    What is going on? This is incredibly frustrating. 
  25. ENJOY <3 Hope you have fun