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  1. Hello,
    I gifted my brother (robertwilder18@gmail.com) this game for 10 dollars then he used the code and now his game access section in his account info still says guest pass. I simply wanted to make sure that when his
    guest pass expires he will be able to access the game and there hasn't been any issues. I thought it was a bit concerning that his game access wasn't overlapped by having full access due to 
    gift, hence the forum post. Thanks!
    p.s. Do I choose my reward for gifting when he reaches level 40 or did I miss some part where I choose when I make the initial purchase? If I did mess up, can you point me in the right
    direction as to how I can make my reward 1000 pearls? Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone, 
    Attached are a couple unused codes - however I will not be updating the list, meaning I won't be in here checking which ones were already used, just copy and paste a code and redeem it - and you'll be given some game time to try out the game before you choose to upgrade! - Have Fun!

    SQQJEGH-MA8G66J-00E6FDQ-MPRO1    Unused    
    D541GH8-0U2EMTD-COCI5KK-E789I        Unused    
    L3UDTFB-5GFSHM7-2T5HG0D-1D9TP     Unused    
    CCN85GF-QU9B8BT-DDCP8IG-SS20U      Unused    
    SG0U9P7-UJSFJ91-61HQMEC-F70MN      Unused    
    N4MKGVO-6IOKLO3-E5S9S7C-CPH9L      Unused    
    9465IN4-4CHREC3-J14AAFL-PBC1G         Unused    
    GL8QB6D-VDFGTBL-FIEUES6-4OENB      Unused    
    I4N37PR-FCTGUTI-VA4J50F-5AR4C         Unused    
    D66UFTB-HRJHD9L-NKI5M17-KOP40       Unused
    https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shop/code you can redeem your code here.
    Have fun guys
  4. Post on Free Game pass in Guides

    By Chillly, posted
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused                          
  5. Post on Guest Passes in General

    By Chillly, posted
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused  DLG45SA-BKGGKU8-PM3R4RR-M1A35Unused
  6. Post on Guest Pass For free in General

    By Chillly, posted
     Unused  P4LNHFL-I5B00HT-85FDAJQ-RGLLPUnused  E54SJ8R-HNNE57U-H911THT-JB1L3Unused  2CF15F4-DQ74M7R-3EDNA82-99SRCUnused  ES8G4UD-98SC8T3-0U2O30L-4CDGTUnused  3HSG6P7-JFLVG3E-TN51DEK-QK0SLUnused  R2V30LS-2QNB2DQ-04RIFVR-9EBEQUnused  DLG45SA-BKGGKU8-PM3R4RR-M1A35Unused  RA4609D-9S4M3RB-HM4VKEJ-122BUUnused
  7. Post on Free Guest Passes in Off-Topic

    By Cocommg, posted
    These are all my unused guest pass codes. I hope it helps for anyone that likes to try the game!!
    My nickname in game is Cocommg if you want to add me!!!
  8. Post on Free GuestPasses in Off-Topic

    By aLazyOnion, posted
    these are all my unused guest pass codes. i hope it helps for anyone that likes to try the game 
  9. Who wants an polarbear mount? Realy would like to try the game, gettting to lvl 30 is no problem. Dutch player looking for a guestpass. PLz trow me a line ziezoo@hotmail.nl
  10. Post on Free Guest Passes in Off-Topic

    By nxghostxn, posted
    I have 4 Guest passes which I do not need. First come first serve.
    Code 1 : 4F5F-F6E7-D2CF-4771-9B9B
    Code 2 : 1F45-ACDE-D7FC-49A0-BE3B
    Code 3 : 158D-E862-E009-4BD7-B6D2
    Code 4 : 8B0B-BB1B-23B2-4ED5-9252
  11. Post on Spare Guestpass? in General

    By Trustyshoes, posted

    I'm very interested in trying BDO. I'm looking to switch MMOs because WoW has become too dull to me and this game seems like it breathes all sorts of life back into MMOs.

    If anyone has a spare guest key, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Thank you in advance!
  12. Post on Guest pass in General

    By Samiboii, posted
    Have been looking at Black desert for a while now and im thinking about starting playing it, 
    But before that i would really like too try it out for a bit too see if it's the kind of MMO that i could stick with.

    So the  question is, is there anyone who has a spare guest pass which i could have?

    Best regards, Sam
  13. hallo Community!
    ich suche seit tagen verzweifelt nach einem Edlen Sameriter der mir einen seiner kostbaren Gästepässe überlässt.
    ich habe mich weitestgehend über das Spiel informiert und möchte es vorher gern testen bevor ich eine endgültige kaufentscheidung treffen mag.
    das game sieht ja schonmal hammer aus, jedoch geht probieren über studieren
    wer erbarmt sich meiner?
    lg Falke
  14. Post on EU Guest Pass in Off-Topic

    By arcep, posted
    Hey Guys/Girls,
    Is there anyone here willing to share an EU guest pass?
    Im all out of options and i dont want to beg either, but i would love to try this game.
  15. Hello Guys!
    I am new in the game, with a guest pass though. But want to buy the game. BUT
    a. Want to swap server to play with a friend , so am deleting first character. But that's gonna take atleast 1 day .. But am eager to buy the explorer package..
    On what account I will receive the horse etc. ? 
  16. Post on guest pass please in Off-Topic

    By sylbard, posted
    hello like the title say i m looking for a guest pass to try before buying
    by pm woul be the best thanks in advance
  17. Post on LF guest pass EU in Off-Topic

    By Kaptenen, posted
    If anyone has a spare guest pass I'd love to give this game a try. Thanks!
  18. Post on LF NA Guest Pass in Off-Topic

    By Kaiser64, posted
    Hey, would like to try the game out before buying so if anyone has a spare NA guest pass that would be cool.
    Broke down and just got the game
  19. A friend of mine gave me a free 7 day guest pass, but how do I redeem it?
    I don't want to spend money to purchase the game just yet, just in case I don't like it, and I guess I'm very confused at where I'm supposed to go.
    Please help! Thank you!!
  20. Post on Suche Gästepass in Off-Topic

    By Siluras, posted
    Hallo zusammen,
    ich hab mir schon zig Videos von Black Desert Online angeschaut, kann mich aber einfach nicht entscheiden ob ich es mir kaufen soll oder nicht. Ich hab schon so viele Spiele getestet (free to play, pay to play usw.) bei denen die Videos sehr gut aussahen und ich danach nur enttäuscht war. Deshalb würde ich Black Desert Online lieber zuerst einmal antesten.
    Wäre jemand so freundlich und würde mir einen Gästepass geben?
    Würde mich sehr freuen
  21. Post on [redeemed] GP in New Adventurers

    By ne0x, posted
    have a pass, not using it. (EU)
    free for all, To give more ppl a chance to actually view this topic i will post the full code in 15mins. aka 12:30 CET. And yes its a real code.
    Here you go:
  22. I really want to try the game so if someone can give me a guest pass (via PM) i would be gratefull.
  23. Hello, so i've been following this game for a long time now, and i was thrilled to find out that we were finally getting a release in Europe. But sadly as we all know bills needs to be paid so i'm probably not gonna be able to buy the game until next month, and i'm not hundred percent sure if i can run the game on my laptop even. So if some friendly soul would be so kind and grant me a questpass i would be so thrilled to finally get a taste of all the sweet action. 
    /much love!
  24. Hello! 

    I would really like to try the game out before buying, like alot of people here. I would be so thankful if I could get one. Also, if you are in need of someone to play with I wouldnt mind, I will probably end up buying the game after the 7 days is over and need to find people to play with. 

    Hopefully you can help me, thank youu!
  25. Is anyone willing to share their guest pass with me? Ive really wanted to try out the game for the longest time. Would be much appreciated!!