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  1. First of all hi and welcome to my small guide. A few weeks ago I decided to start playing a bit on the japanese servers to test out awakening. I've been looking around for an awakening guide but I haven't found one yet, so I decided to make my own. I will add a little disclaimer here: First of all, I am not very experienced with the awakening, but I had enough time to figure out which skills are viable. Second of all, this will be recommendations, if you got anything to say, feel free to leave suggestions, but do not try to argue with me. If so you will be ignored. We got that out of the way, so let's start with the guide.
    I am going to start with the very basics.
    As soon as you hit lvl 56 you will receive a quest from your black spirit for a new questline.
    [Warrior] New Weapon
    [Warrior] Goyen Mercenaries, the Forgotten History
    [Warrior] A Mysterious Knight
    [Warrior] Mercenary's Skill
    These are all the quests you have to complete to receive your first Greatsword. The quest will also show you some basics of your greatsword.
    Congrats! You now have a greatsword and your ready to roll... well almost.
    You should be able to see another stat besides your AP and DP when you open your inventory. This will probably be called Awakening AP or something like that.
    These Awakening AP basically work the same way like your basic AP. So try to get your Awakening AP up, otherwise your greatsword will be kind of useless.
    One thing you have to keep in mind is that the Great Sword you will get is blue. And you will need memory fragments to repair this greatsword.
    In total, there are 3 different great swords:

    Mercenary's Great Sword which has 11-20 AP when not upgraded. It will get 5 AP per enhance. It can be bought from Tulem in Altinova for 120.000 Silver. This greatsword is good for PvE but the weakest of the three available greatswords. If you don't have alot of money you can first of all upgrade this, before switching to a better Greatsword.Great Sword Test which has 16-25 AP when not upgraded. It will get 5 AP per enhance. This greatsword is similar to a Liverto, it can be bought for multiple Millions from the Market, which I would not suggest. I suggest you use memory fragments to repair this weapon. This weapon is really good in PvP. It only might be as good as the Mercenary's Great Sword while grinding non-human mobs (But this is more like a guess than a fact). If you got the money I would suggest you upgrading this weapon, before switching to the next greatsword.Dandelion Great Sword which has 18-27 AP when not upgraded. The scaling on this weapon is kind of weird, but on +15 it will have 10 more AP than the Great Sword Test. The hidden AP this weapon is getting per enhancement is really good and this is by far the best choice. I recommend to repair this weapon with Memory Fragments too. This weapon will drop from the new World Boss "Karanda" which is by far the most lethal Boss in the game. So watch out for his AoE! 
    So you now know everything about the different greatswords. Let's take a look at the skills.
    Awakening: Goyen's Greatsword: This is the skill you will use to change to your greatsword. This skill is being used by pressing c. There is not much to say about it besides that you have front guard while using this skill.
    Great Sword Defense: This is your block which works similar to the block we are used to besides that we can't move while blocking. Additionally, the block will give us 20 DP and 26 AP for 10s.
     Burning Moxie: This skill is used by pressing Shift+SpaceBar. This skill will recover 200 WP and will raise our DP by 20 for 10s. It has a cd of 10s
     Executioner: This skill is our buff which will grant us 30% Attack Speed, 40% Movement Speed and 40% Resistance (every resistance) for 30s. It has a cd of 3m.
     Great Sword Training: This is our auto-attack. It will grant us a buff depending on which mouse button you pressed. When using the left mouse button we will get 10 AP on the second swing, and 10% crit chance when using the right mouse button. For every upgrade of this skill we will get 2 AP/2%, so leveling this skill is not bad, but there are more important skills.
     Solar Flare: This is our 100% Rage skill and deals a good amount of damage. We dash forward 1-2 m slamming our greatsword in the enemy. It can be used by pressing W+LMB, so you may use the rage by accident until you are getting used to it. This skill has a cd of 5s and 100% crit rate.
      Head Chase: This skill works just like Blader/Plums dash but we're able to use this skill sideways. Note that you can't dash through enemies if your dashing forward. When this skill is on cooldown, it will not be an iFrame. It has a cd of 2s.
     Merciless: This skill deals alot of damage and applies Floating and/or Bounce to your enemy. It is being used by pressing and holding S+RMB. It has a 100% critrate and gives us another 20 DP. It also has a cd of 8s.
     Balance Strike: This skill is comparable to a bodycheck, but I mainly use it for movement. This skill doesn't deal alot of damage and applies stiffness to your enemy on hit. It is being used by pressing W+RMB and it has a cd of 5s.
     Grave Digging: This skill deals a massive amount of damage while applying a debuff to your enemy. (-30% Movement, Attack and Casting Speed) It can be used by pressing Shift+LMB. We have superarmor while using this skill and it is a knockdown. It has a critrate of 100% and a cd of 10s.
     Pulverize: This skill is a lifesteal. It will heal 50HP per hit while hitting 6 times. Try to hit as many enemies as possible. It's being used by pressing S+LMB and it deals an ok-ish amount of damage and it has a cd of 10s
     Flow: Armor Break: This skill is amazing to recover WP while dealing alot of damage. It can be used by pressing space while blocking or pressing for example LMB+Space. This skill heals 150WP on hit while appling stiffness. You also have Front Guard while using it. It also reduces the enemy dp by 30 for 10s. This skill has a cd of 5s, but it can be used during cooldown. If used during cooldown, it will deal less damage and it won't apply stiffness.
     Flow: Ankle Break: This skill is similar to Blader's "Sweep Kick". You will spin around while kicking your enemy. It is being used by pressing S+F and it applies Bounce. You can sweep multiple times by holding S+F. The skill will reduce your enemies Movement Speed by 30%.
     Flow: Slashing the Dead: This skill is being used by pressing Shift+RMB or pressing RMB while in mid-air. This skill deals alot of damage while launching you forward. It will apply a knockdown if you hit your enemy and you have super armor while using this skill. It has a cd of 8s.
    These are all the skills that are available when you hit lvl 56. I will add the other skills as soon as I have had enough time to try them out.
    This is the part where everyone can do it his way, but I suggest getting to ~130 AP and not more. It may seem very low, but it is not. You will actually be able to kill most of your enemies (besides tanks) with 2-3 combos. I suggest you going all full DP Accessories besides the Necklace and the Belt.
    2x DUO: Ring of Cadry Guardian or DUO: Shrine Guardian Token
    1x DUO: Manos Ruby Earring
    1x DUO: Token of Friendship or Blue Whale Molar Earring
    1x PRI: Ancient Guardian Seal
    1x PRI: Ancient Weapon Core
    3x Taritas (Helmet, Armor, Gloves)
    1x Zereth (Shoes)
    Liverto, Kzarka or Yuria
    Kite Shield/ Nouver Shield/ Vangertz Shield if you want
    As you can see this is basically going completely on DP because DP is the way to go with warriors. As soon as you go above 130 AP you will slowly lose suvivability without adding enough damage to compensate your loss of DP. If you want, you can go on full AP or a mix between both but I highly recommend you going for 130 AP and not more unless you get a Nouver. Then you can aim for 140-150 AP.
    There is one thing you have to keep in mind: We can increase our AP by 36-52 by basically doing nothing.
    Before any attack we will block with Q. To get +26 AP. (Don't forget to wait ~1s for the buff to apply) And our autoattack gives us additional 10-26 AP on the second swing. But when we attack while blocking, we will automatically swing to the right instead of the left, which will give us the buff. And then we also have our Armor Break, which will reduce the enemies dp by 30. So what you always want to do is press Q - LMB - Space. you have to press LMB first and then Space with a tiny delay, otherwise the buff will not be applied. What you can also do is press Q - Shift + LMB. This will instantly use grave digging while increasing our AP. You have to keep this in mind, because this is one of the main reasons why we don't need more than 130 AP.
    The Rest is up to you, but I am going to list a Combo that I tend to use:

    So basically Q - LMB - Space - Shift+LMB - Shift+RMB - W+S - S+RMB
    But this combo is more for PvE than PvP. If you want to combo for PvP we have to get to the next Section.
    Weapon Switching:
    So this is what shows if your a good or a "bad" Warrior.
    Weapon switching is one of the things you have to master in order to maximize your damage output. If you switch your weapon by just pressing c the animation will be way to slow to be used in PvP, so what you can do is, you can use any attack, besides charging Thrust before pressing c. This will lead to a different animation. The fastest way to switch from your greatsword to your sword and shield is by quickly pressing q and c. If you do it right, you should switch to your sword and shield within milliseconds keeping you in a guard stance. You will have to test around with it alot. One thing you can do to quickly use a ranged stun is blocking with your Greatsword, pressing c and quickly using your spear.
    So basically Q (wait a bit) - C - Piercing Spear. This way you can initiate without your enemy even really knowing what's going on.
    Try to switch to your sword and shield mid-combo to grab your enemy to reset the cc. It may take alot of practice to master this, but you will eventually get there.
    We will get a dash with our awakening, but it's not as fast as the Blader's Chase. So we still have to rely on our charging thrust and forward slash cancels. But we can use our dash while we are recovering our stamina. What we can do is we can hold W+RMB while having our greatsword out to use Balance Strike. We then have to quickly tap c while still holding W+RMB. What will then happen is us switching to our sword and shield and we will automatically be using our shield dash. We then can go with our normal rotation. As soon as our stamina hits 0 we want to use shield charge and then we want to press c. Then we will use our head chase to move until our stamina is recovered and we will start from the beginning. So basially:
     and so on...
    If you want I can make a video tutorial to the stuff that you didn't understand.
    This is basically the end of my guide ^^. I'm really sorry for the bad writing but I'm not a native english speaker and it's already 06:00 A.M. I just hope that I was able to help you with this guide. If you got any questions/ suggestions then just leave them in the comments  Oh and as I said I'm not an expert and if I got smth wrong, tell me. I will update the guide.
  2. Just wondering to those of you that have been catching these golden fish, have you had Throw away useless items checked and still caught them? Or are you fishing with it unchecked and catching them, thanks in advance 
  3. Is there anyone here who plays Kunoichi in KR and could give a few tips on Kunoichi combos, like for certain situations such as pvp and pve? I know it all depends on my playstyle but I'd like to prepare myself as much as possible and try out other people's combos! I'd just like advice on combos, when to use what skills / what certain skills are good for, etc.
    Thanks in advance!
    (also I know this exists but it was never finished: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/87519-wip-kunoichi-class-guide/#comment-1141642)
    Edit: Somehow stumbled upon this when not even Goggling Kunoicni, I'll try these combos!
  4. Valar Morghulis!

    Like Elephants? Nodewars? Food on your table?

    The guild needs money.... one way is to use the shiny new guildhouse for crafting items and let some poor fool carry them to the selling place
    This guide is based on a guildhouse in Heidel. GH in other regions will have different materials for processing.
    A) Only the guildmaster and officers can start the final crafting projects

    B) You need to spend guild points to get the crafting running. More will be needed later probably for more storage and more options.
    10 guild points: activate imperial trade station for up to 2 packs a day each at a selling price of 4.2million
    5 guild points: activate local specialties station for 10 packs a day with 2.8million on the market.

    Known mats so far for Serendia package:
    - 2 pine plywood & 1 trace of savagery
    - 2 lead ingot & 2 blackstone powder
    - 10 fleece & 1 trace of hunting

    Each of these recipes will produce a [Guild] item to store in guild house inventory. I suggest you aim at going for a storage of about 300 items each in a combined effort. That way you have a reserve to last 3 full days of making packages.

    C) Everybody with an interest in crafting and some mats can contribute. This will give guild activity points when processing.

    When you enter the guild house, the lower right button in the processing tab (L) becomes active. The exact material requirement for the single tasks is presented in the recipe section to the right.
    This processing doesn't cost energy and it doesn't require skill levels, e.g. to do the [Guild]Sturdy Pine Plywood no processing level of professional 10 is required as is with regular crafting.

    Here is the important bit about processing your materials for use in assembling the trade packages. Each processing gives 20 guild activity

    Materials and half-done products can be placed in the guild house inventory. You need to go in and (F1) at the door

    D) Traders can provide some needed materials as well. Trade Rank Skilled 5 will be needed to make a complete weekly run for a quest in Heidel.
    The quest starts in the Golden Toad inn in Heidel near the storage.
    These mats will be needed for the blue grade trading packages, the ones activated by the 10point guild skill.

    This takes 5 trips for 4 trade items each from Olvia, Velia, Heidel, Glish and Central Guard Camp.
    Central Guard Camp is the only node that needs to be activated to purchase the goods.

    One go with a noble wagon:
    Pick up Glish->Central->Heidel->Velia->Olvia then deliver 3 times in Calpheon and 2 times in Mediah

    With a merchant wagon:
    Pick up Heidel->Velia->Olvia then deliver in Calpheon.
    After that pick up in Glish->Central and deliver in Mediah.

    E) When processed materials are in the guild house, lets start making the package.

    This works pretty much like building a node fort. You send your workers, in this case you let them process the mats that are present already...

    Next is the actual menu

    Use tactics to distribute your workers. I suggest keeping a 2 hour timeframe in mind (so 1 worker tasked with wrapper paper 4 times at 30minutes each task e.g.) and ask others to send their workers as well.

    F) Deliver the package. Imperial trading NPCs will buy the packages. The easiest one is right in Heidel, but you might want a bit of distance bonus.
    The package behaves like any other trade good except it can't be put on horses or carts. So someone needs to carry it to the destination, barter and sell there. Destination must be nodelinked ofc.
    Note that packages each have a point of origin. This may be the city your guild house is in or not. If not, good, because you get the distance bonus by selling just around the corner. If so then choose a route which gives good distance.

    There are no special pvp rules when carrying guild item, so the carrier can't be attacked by anyone like it is with black market goods. But for large shipments during guild wars you might want to consider an escort.

    If you do this focused your guild can make about 25-30 mil a day with, granted, some effort but still, this amounts to a good node or about 15 guild missions worth of money!
    Please give some feedback, especially to correct errors or fill in blanks. Be gentle.  Enjoy and godspeed and may Mercury smile upon your endeavours.

    Signing out.

  5. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16KEr7N5nIml_K_XnfrzATcHqqSrh9mpsBN_vhnYE-YM/edit?usp=sharing
     My hunting guide for new players sorry for the shitty mic quality hope this helps new players and such I decided to make a little more detailed guide into hunting then some people did. I will asnwer questions or anything here and update and in the future make a better hunting guide when I have the time to.
  7. VOILA, je tente l'aventure de la chasse à la baleine en mode SOLO. Vous y découvrirez si j'ai réussi et si oui, quels étaient les loots.
    PS: Merci de ne pas critiquer sans raison la vidéo. je suis ouvert à toute critique CONSTRUCTIVE. MERCI.
  8. For anyone who's stuck on this portion of the Black Spirit story line quests, here's a short video running you through a rather confusing portion of the quest. It was confusing to me at least. 
  9. Since there seems to be some confusion to Blue Whale Hunting mechanics, I decided to make a quick guide on the subject.  Note, that this is a WIP, and I'll add information as I come across it.
    Player Preparation, Equipment Prep, and Stat Prioritization for Whale Hunting
    First, a basic list of what you'll need before rushing out into the hunt:
    Hunting Musket: Best quality possible, bring 2 to 3 for small groups
    Hunting Clothes (+EXP): Harvesting Only! You'll need other stats for the kill
    Sute Tea: For more EXP while Harvesting.
    Butcher Knife: For Harvesting (Lucky Shining Steel one if possible)
    Stats to prioritize during the hunt: Attack Speed, Luck, Critical Hit, Accuracy, Vision, Movement Speed(Boat Drivers take last two as a top priority).
    Additional Buffs to Consider: Serendia Special and Elixir of Wind, or anything that fills the missing gaps from above
    Optional, but useful: Pearl Shop Fishing Clothes; 6 or more empty inventory spaces
    Equipment/Player Stats, Based on Role
    Boat: Use common sense.  Ensure that the fishing boat is equipped with all of the accessories; enhance the prow as much as possible.  Try to prioritize Movement Speed; anything that may grant better turning/control works as well, and helps immensely when a whale turns.  With maxed out movement speed (+20%) on the driver, keeping up shouldn't be an issue.
    Drivers: Have at least 2 people in your party with +Movement speed maxed out and a bonus to Vision (+20% movement speed while driving and +Vision seems to help when not glitched out).  This is to ensure that your Captain has a chance to hit the whale for kill credits as well!  Luck might be applied to the loot table as you kill the whale, so I would recommend having it maxed out in all cases.
    Whale Hunters: Use the list above to max out stats for your character.  Attack speed and accuracy will affect your Hit Chances; still attempting to confirm Luck as a stat in this regard as well.  Critical Hits will inflict a decent amount of bonus damage.  Luck might be applied to the loot table as you kill the whale, so I would recommend having it maxed out in all cases.

    Things to Note During the Hunt
    All: Make sure that you have used the restroom and prepped snacks/drinks as needed while hoofing it to the boat.  All runs will likely be long ones (1 to 3+ hours) during the early development of hunting levels/gear.
    Pursuing the Whale/Positioning: The easiest target on the whale will initially be its tail.  As you approach, spread out on the Bow of the ship, and try to start the initial slowdown by firing on the tail!  As you get more boats/fishers involved, try to have 1 or 2 boats flank the sides, and have your shooters spread out on the side of the ship, each taking their respective target on the whale (i.e. the head, body, tail bone, and tail fin).  The idea is to keep hitting all hard-points possible, causing the Whale's movements and retaliations to a be reduced to a minimum.
    IMPORTANT! Collision Mechanics: All Pets should be Checked In! We were able to verify that Pets, other Players, and sections of the Fishing Boat will completely block shots on the Whale.  To avoid this, spread out the 3-4 players on the firing-side of the boat, and watch for explosion animations on the rigging.  Also be sure that you have a direct line of site to your targeted section; otherwise, you will likely miss!
    Note: A few of us had a chance to observe this during 2 Whale Hunts where the whale was stuck between 2 islands.  Once all of the groups spread out on their boats and avoided rigging, the whale went down almost 3x as fast.
    Desyncing: De-sync issues will happen, even on Korean servers, so just be prepared to adapt to them.  In short, keep up with the whale, and try not to over-react to the whale teleporting forward/back every now and then.
    There are also cases where the boat will start to slightly sink when a whale retaliates against (eats) a nearby player.  In short, just stay where you are; you are likely not going to be dislodged if your driver has kept a safe distance from the tail and sides of the whale.
    In short, mow the whale down across all targeting points.  It will take a while, but it will eventually go down!
    Additional Note: NPCs that give Hunting Skill Quests, some give daily/weekly quests as well (May require Hunting Rifle or Matchlock rental/equipped to start)
    Crio: Velia
    Daphne DelLucci: East Balenos: Also starts the chain quest for the Kaia Lake chain unlocks.
    Villager: Cow farm West of Heidel
    Merio: North Kaia Ferry, East Section.
    Chuck Laurie: Mountains south of Olvia: Must start chain quest with Daphne DelLucci.
    Leo Laurie: South island in Northern Kaia Lake
  10. Yo on arrête pas de me le demander donc le voici:
    UpgradeTo lvlcap failmax %base %% / fail81352.50%20.00%2.5%91445.50%17.5%2.00%101537.50%15.00%1.5%111632.50%12.5%1.25%121823.50%10.00%0.75%132020.00%7.5%0.63%142517.50%5.00%0.50%152515.00%2.5%0.50%PRI2552.50%15.00%1.50%DUO3533.80%7.50%0.75%TRI4427.00%5.00%0.50%TET9025.00%2.50%0.25%PEN12420.10%1.50%0.15%Et les sources: http://chimolog.blogspot.fr/2015/11/black-desert-stack.html 
    Première colonne le level que vous voulez atteindre
    Deuxième colonne le nombre de fail nécessaire pour avoir le plus haut taux de succès
    Troisième colonne le % de chance de passer avec 0 fail
    Et enfin le % de réussite gagné par fail.
    Que RNGésus soit avec vous.
  11. Hey guys. So I recently started playing this game and I'm highly addicted. One thing I noticed from reading in the forums is that : you cannot change your "pvp skills build" ! And I only have a chance to do that at level 48 or something.
    This makes me wonder is there any UPDATED/valid pvp build that I can rely on without messing up? I looked up a few guides but they are from 2015 and the few I found from early 2016 are basically soo different from eachother
    Can someone help me :)? thank you in advance guys <3
    example : http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/10/11/tamer-class-guide/  This pvp build is somewhat different from other ones I saw. I don't know if this one is the perfect one or not.
    another example : http://black-desert.com/forums/blog/index.php/Entry/27-Tamer-BM-Skill-Build-2016/ ..  I don't know what to choose.. if someone can link me a perfect build or something similar that would be great<3
  12. Servus Freunde der Sonne ,
    ich möchte mich und meinen Youtube Kanal gerne mal kurz vorstellen
    Mein Name ist Felix und betreibe seit etwas über einem Jahr einen YouTube Kanal .
    Der ein oder andere Abonennt ist im laufe der Zeit geblieben und freut mich über neue Videos von mir. Auch auf Twitch habe ich einen Account wo ich auch hin und wieder mal den Livestream anwerfe.
    In Black Desert spiele ich aktiv eine Waldläuferin und ich habe das Ziel einer der besten Ranger auf meinem Server Croxus zu werden . Gemeint ist damit ein spitzen Gear zu erarbeiten und auch im PvP die nötige Erfahrung zu bekommen.
    Ich halte einiges von meiner " Ranger Road " auf Video fest und lade dies dann auf Youtube hoch.
    Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal vorbei schaut , sollte es euch Interessieren.
    Unterstützen könnt ihr mich wenn ihr die Videos liked
    LINKS :
    VIDEOS :
    - #001 Ranger Road
    - #002 Der Anfang
    - #003 Nodewars Inc.
    - #004 Valencia Gear
    - #005 5 MILLIONEN Silber pro Item
    - #006 Reich durch Garten
    - #007 Upgrade Bhegs Gloves to TRI
    - #008 Server gehen DOWN ?!?
    - #009 TREE Armor & GIATH´s Helm bekommen
    - #010 Upgrade Giaths Helm to DUO
    - #SPECIAL Ogerring upgrade
    - #SPECIAL How to get KZARKA BOX from GM Box
  13. Post on What should i choose? in Valkyrie

    By DeCiBeL, posted
    So i just finished my build with Maewha and i m going to retrain my Valky.
    In wich directions should i go, mainly when i play Valkyrie it is PvE with atleast 2 players so i can be the tank. i m also going through hell again to pump up a Kzarka Longsword to +15, beside that i have my hands on some good DP gear as also AP gear (some i shall share with Maewha)
    Beside i gona use 4 attack speed, 5 Crit, 5 Casting on her (+1 Crit & Attack speed on Primary + 2 Casting on Primary and 2x 2 Crit = 4 Crit on my Gloves and Shoes + Helmet full Knock Resit = 95% Knock resist) is this good or are their other decent ways to get more resistence on valkyrie because stun is still low like this.
    Thx for the info so far
    and Happy Hunting
    AP = with bonus stats from Grunil and Crystal stones
    Accuracy = estimated, like every enchant on Kzarka and Ultimate Vangertz Shield gives +1 Accuracy
    Quick example: Kzarka Longsword +15 = 82 AP +15 Accuracy and +3 Attack and Casting Speed, Ultimate Vangertz Shield = 11 AP 19 DP +22 Accuracy and Steel Taritas Armor and Shoes +15, Grunil Helmet and Gloves +15, Outlaws Rings +3, Witch's Earrings +3, Ancient Necklace and Belt set +1
  14. Click HERE for the guide!
    Newer Forum Thread
  15. Post on Ninja Gear Discussion? in Guides

    By Nayriko, posted
    So lets discuss the best gear build for ninja shall we? Pros and cons of each combination. I'm assuming the 3 most popular gear Builds will be full grunil, half grunil/half Taritas, and half grunil/half Rocaba. Any objections? Anything anyone wants to add as possible and viable gear sets? What's your choice and why?
  16. Post on Beginners Guide in Guides

    By Swarles, posted
    Hi guys,
    I created a little beginners guide for Black Desert as a wondermag:
    I tried to gather all information, that would have helped me when I first started out with Black Desert. (I just jumped into the game, with 0 knowledge about anything)
    As I am far from being a pro player myself (only playing the weekends), please let me know if you find any wrong information in the magazine, so I can correct it.
    Also let me know if you think that I left out any essential information, that would be important for new players. So that I can maybe add some extra articles to the guide.
    If you like the guide, please feel free to share it with others, like it, etc. 
  17. Small Guide on how to make Herbal Gunpowder
  18. Hallo zusammen!
    Ich habe vor einer Weile nach einer übersichtlichen Auflistung aller verfügbaren Möbel und woher man sie bekommt gesucht. Leider habe ich auf deutsch garnichts, und auf englisch nur unvollständige Listen gefunden die mich nicht zufriedengestellt haben.
    Gesagt getan - habe ich mich vier Tage auf die Pobacken gesetzt und selbst eine geschrieben.
    Et voilà: Hier im www.bd-rp.de Forenwiki ist meine stets aktuell gehaltene und korrigierte Zusammenstellung zu finden.
    Eine Bitte in eigener Sache die mir aktuell sehr am Herzen liegt: 
    Ich habe diese Übersicht gerne gemacht, dennoch hat sie mich viel Zeit, Mühe und Nerven gekostet. Ich stelle sie gerne jedem zur Verfügung der sie brauchen kann. Sofern diese Auflistung in andere Foren oder Plattformen übertragen wird, bitte ich um eine kurze Nachricht oder wenigstens einen Link zum Original samt Autorennamen. 
    Es wäre schade, wenn mir wegen sowas die Lust am Guide-schreiben flöten geht
    Ich hoffe die Auflistung ist euch nützlich!
    Das Mü 
  19. WELL you know how in this guide i said spamming on reblath doesnt work for me, and this whole method being formed because the "spam method" did not work for me.  well guess what folks it works for me now, i really think its due to enhance from drops reducing the value of green gear making turn over success rate of this method to high to use, so i guess in theory you could replace the words "green gear" with "reblath gear".  this reblath method is now based on the items being so undervalued that the failstack chance is actually increased. cough cough mchands 170 stack fails pri attempt on a green accessory. this has been a theory of mine from close to the beginning
    Edit 09/1/2018
    if you like conspiracy read this hahaha if not skip down a bit.
    i did not fix grammer or proof read, because this is already basically a waste of time, i could delete the post but i want the record to show in histroy exactly what went down here .
    i apolagize for my conspiracy theories, but they are infact truth, and nothing they can do will hide the numbers. you can show me a 2 disquised as an 8 but if the 2 acts like an 8 for long enough the this new disquised two will just turn itno 2=(2x4). making it a two but having the values of an 8. almost like mustle memory for the perception of  value.
    ok its official they broke this method by adding enhanced armor and weapons to drop/loot table.  what it did was devalue the internal number of an enhanced item, creating a higher turnover rate, these items are now considered common. when before they were only obtainable by throuhg the gate of blackstones. took me a few enhance sessions to pin pount exatly what was going on  but yep this is what happened RIP what i love most about this game.
    after a little frustration of time after time, just proccing +13,14,15 under stacked basically, compared to my old chart i say to my self "lets do it how people use to do it the way i was never able to do it because i would always proc my armor sub 10 stacks"(this was the mainstream way people did it before losing tons and tons of blackstones int eh process), so i made 1st stack from accessory, 2nd stack from a pri accessory, then i spammed up to 12 stacks on a +13reblath, then tapped twice on a +14reblath, and voila i have 15 stack, i dont think the devs know how numbers work, there will allways be a back door to success, though what they will do is change that backdoor in as many patches as they can with out changing the ingame numbers, they will just add new items/features that will have some sort of impact on existing system.  so i guess gg bad dev's hahaha.  also another reason they had to make this change was people were sinking to much time/gold into 15-30 stacks being they were using hards and sharps.  so what happened is this was a mainstream way to get stacks, so what they wanted to do was make it so these main stream stackers had a fair, basically bringing the value down to their level instead of keeping it as is. (though of course non of this truly matters in a game sense, because we know when we lose 150% gold value of an item we have a close to 100% chance to get it. so like you could basically delete gold bars from your account to force rng in your favor, this has been one of my thoughts all along, the addition of cronstones back in the day was evidence to support this theory.  they try to disguise all these mechanics by layers and layers information and mechanics that make it very hard to pin point. i see you game makers cant fool me.
    Edit 08/26/2018.
    deleted a rant, this method is fine, but outdated, i made a rant, but i want ot update again, and say that get the base gear you want, then makes silver with that progression, to buy upgrades off market place. risking your time just isnt worth it with blowing up your accessories, i mean unless thats what you are into good luck, and hopefully you dont get as aggravated as i did yesterday.
    this method was never perfect, i did lack some feedback and they changed the forums so all replies were halted.  I was having trouble around 6-9, this is easily fixed by using a +12 weapon to gain 3 failstacks on these points +6, +7, +8, revert to +13armor for +9 +10. (this is also a well needed addition to the method, being as we did not have a good way to really get are weapons up to those higher lvls, mainly because we were saving money using armor stones, being as the goal is fail-stack, we need to invest pay just a tiny bit more to decrease are chances of success, we cant be to stingy about saving money or it will just hurt our failstack progression. trying to keep this update short good luck. 08/26/2018
    Guide starts here but is outdated.---------------------------------
    This was formed so i didn't burn a 10-15 stack on say a +5-+6 piece of armor(also so i don't push a +13-to-+14 with 0-10 stacks etc and have it procc.  this to me is a waste of a perfectly good high stacker, though with "Outlaw degrade method" end of this page and beginning of 2nd page should help with keeping our gear at high stacks).  i Also only use Weapons past a certain point due to the fact that i always seem to proc +14/+15 when i get close to 20 fail stacks enhancing armor. this method also takes into account hitting multiples of 5's and 10's (or even not hitting multiples as shown i always stop at +34).  These are very strict guidelines, stray from them at your own risk, i do encourage innovation, and really would like to hear back from you guys once you get rolling with this method.
    keep in mind the gear in videos is what i will be using for maewha and valk, so no waste in the end. 
    Now lets set up some guide lines.
    The first number is what the fail stack is currently on, so accessory start at +0, use correct item when this stack is displayed.  You can pretty much do what ever you want step 1 through 5 this is some what out dated, all my gear is 10/11+. I still all ways use the green accessory for first stack. Check */XB for Reblath Info.
    I need to revise some of the tiers below, Kzarka video down below has more of a refined approach although i have not directly tried to translate those numbers yet, just waiting on a little more feed back.
    +0(Use Basic Green accesory).....+1-+2(use Basic Green armor lvl +5-+8)......+3-+4(Use basic Green armor lvl +6-+10) ive been using grunil......+5-+8(Use Basic Green armor lvl +9-+11)......new system +6,+7,+8 (use basic green weapon +12) [old system was, +6-+8-+10(basic green armor +12-+13) seemed to have some issues with succeeding to much, un able to sustain items around this point.] this section was in bold because it was to unstable, hopefully with weapon it should stabalize. sorry i did nto catch this sooner, i was too focused on armor stones, and saving weapon stones.+10-+14(+14 armor) "+13 is Quesitonable"+15-+24(Use Basic Green Weapon +13, no less).. i suggest you don't use +14 weapon, unless using Outlaw Strategy. you will need that +14 for +25-+34. its up to you though.+25-+33(use +14 weapon)....(note any freshly turned item will always be better*/XB)I procced +15 weapon going from 34-35 stacks, this is what created the stop at +34 rule, do not go for +35. edit(just pushed another 25-34 stack with a fresh +14 weapon this was not the one in video, as you can see by screen shot after video i now have multiple 34 stacks) (should be able to use Reblath some one suggests +13armor= 0-10, and +14armor is 10-15.)
    */XB Note a freshly turned over item should in theory always work better, than one that you have received stacks from, second video shows me turning over krea horn bow +13-+14, (this is after using it to successfully get 50 stacks " not all on the same stack but still multiple stacks only using it to push from +15-to-+25" id say i just about got the maximum use out of +13), once you build enough fail-stacks on an item regardless of the stack size it will turn over, its more of a stack count on that specific item,  try and keep track of your new turned and older items might help you avoid turning over when you really don't want to. this is very important, I have since turned over quite a few of these items that i felt like i had milked for all there worth.  I will probably start keeping track of how many stacks i have built on what item during each tier,  to avoid turning over like in video, this is hard to judge as well and will take me quite a long time to really get more information on this.  The information that i convert to guide will still only be my experience unless some of you want to test it for yourself and help pitch in to this method, would be much appreciated.
    Next is a work in progress....well not a work in progress because i have not started yet.  there are a few reply's below about blue items, refer to them for more info.
    The expansion to greater stacks in the future for me will be testing Livertos(possible horse gear, suggested below) at +34 to (lets say +44/49stacks) this will be extremely expensive but might be the mechanic to increase your chances at TRI/TET. 
    Its all rng in the end when you go to crunch those items, thank god for cron-stones now, to bad i didnt wait,  there is a pick down below i have a 38 stacks, that thing consumed 2weapon cores when i tried to PRI at +34,  then it proceeded to fail 3 attempts at a duo red coral all pre patch next attempt will be protected for sure. 
    Would like to know how you all do, i will continue to update/organize/refine this as We keep building.
    Copy Video up here easier to find, i still highly recommend reading some of the feed back, and the thought processes that have brought original post to a more refined method. The post down below where i originally posted this video has insight into how a failed horribly to prepare so sorry vid is so long.

    Most recent Addition. 7/3/2017
    Hello Everyone. Figured i Have not updated the method above, but a video shows that i have refined it a bit, and kind of just go off the spur of the moment enhance, i could follow the guide-lines, but in the end its a game and i want to have fun and not bust my brain to much . Well maybe i will update the numbers above soon. The video explains a lot and allows those to see this method in action.  i do not have much experience with Duo TRI etc.  but i do my best with what i got.  just need to do it more to find out the patterns. oh and i almost forgot, this Durable option is so good i discovered it when i was enhancing making the video.  i am looking forward to enhancing greens instead of reblath well maybe just reblath until like +10 or +15, and use green past that point, my main issues with armor was i would always succeed sub 20 or on the 20th stack(why i was using weapons past +15), so maybe just maybe i can use +14 armor to go to 20/25 i don't know i will take notes next time i go to fail-stack.
    i will think about narration in the future as well to explain a few new theories i have been working on. anyway here it is hope you guys like it. copied description of video underneath.
    YouTube Video Description
    Sorry guys for no sound I suggest you put on some music. I Also apologize for not recording TRI which i ONE-TAPPED with a 48 stack the next day, i wasn't about to start the process over and i really wanted the upgrade. So here is how it went in this experience. Been trying to get hands on Kzarka for awhile been saving up memory frags since i started playing the game, sharps/hards from life skill farming, and just the general black-stones from everything i do, events, scrolls, rewards, mobs drops etc.
    For a week i had pre-order on zarka, if i did not win the pre-oreder i would wait for the post and i would have to take pre-order down and then try and buy being i did not have enough money.  my goal was to farm enough cash so i could have a pre-order out and be able to bid at same time. i just got to 200m,  and was in process of getting gold in the right spots when Kzarka popped on Market place after not winning via pre-order, i canceled it, had the 95m+ in bank and guess what i won was super happy.  I took it from +0  all the way to DUO that night this took me about an hour or so with the materials i already had.  I considered this successful, so i went to bed. next day i decided that if the Kzarka Down graded, i could be in for a money sink, so i mayde the decision to use the 48 stack, which i have no regrets about. (again sorry i did not record it) wish quality was better its all i got though i ended up having to change from flv to wmv. i guess its not to bad once it buffers correctly.
    Here are all the materials i used.
    Kzarka Staff = 100m
    Random Accessory Belt = 8M (probably less)
    65 Weapon Stones = 19.5M
    219 Armor Stones =  54.75M
    144 Memory Fragments = 108M
    8-10 Sharps =35M
    +32  Stack
    +48  Stack
    all of which i already owned except for a few sharps.
    newest edit 7/5/17 : keep in mind all those armor stones will be extracted from reblath when they hit +15. so i will be refunded some of the money i put in.  was thinking about setting up armor workshop, or weapon workshop, but i am fine using reblath for now, seems time/space efficient for me at the moment.
  20. Hello
    Tout d'abord je tiens à préciser que ce guide n'as pas été créé par moi-même mais juste traduit (Certes j'y ai corrigée quelques truc, et ajouté des idées à moi, mais c'est précisé)
    L'original a été créé par Exort (Midnite ~ Inferno), forumer de la communauté international, et Maehwa de niveau 55. Le guide original est trouvable ici : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/83093-maewha-class-guide-amateur/
    Pour ma part je suis une petite Maehwa de niveau 53, et ce guide m'ayant bien aidée, j'ai décidé de la partager sur le forum Francophone !
    Le rôle de la Maehwa :
    La Maehwa est une classe d'assassin, qui possède un bon nombre de CC*, passant par les Repoussements, et les Flottements.
    En tant qu'assassin, la plupart du temps vous vous sacrifierez pour le bien de votre équipe, l'attaque est la meilleur des défense. Commencez avec un CC à distance pour pouvoir vous approcher de votre adversaire, et enchainer avec votre palette de compétences avec l'aide de votre équipe et vous serez ensuite capable de tuer tout adversaires.
    Il faut principalement cibler les Magicien(ne)(s) et les Rôdeuse(s) qui, la plupart du temps, seront en backline* de la bataille, attaquez les en abusant de Poursuite et essayez de les isoler pour pouvoir mieux les attaquer sans être dérangé par l'équipe ennemie, le but est de lui faire énormément de dégâts et très rapidement.
    Pour le PvP, en général, il vous faudra ne laisser aucun répit à votre adversaire en l'enchainant de CC pour qu'il ne puisse ni fuir, ni répondre.
    L'équipement de la Maehwa :
    L'objectif est d'atteindre 5 CRITIQUE et 5 VITESSE D'ATTAQUE avec les cristaux.
    Grunil :
    Armure + Chaussures : +150 PV
    Casque + Gants : +5 PA
    Bonus d'ensemble : +2 PA
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20 (x2)
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 2x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5% (x2)
    Ce set d'équipement est recommandé, la classe de Maehwa est très fragile de base, il est important d'avoir un minimum de PV pour ne pas non plus mourir de tout et n’importe quoi.
    L'avantage du set de Grunil c'est également son nombre d'emplacement de cristaux, qui permet de modulé son équipement selon les situations.
    Moitié Grunil/Taritas :
    Casque + Gants (Grunil) : +5 PA
    Armure de Taritas : +20 PV, +20 PM/PF/PS
    Bonus de 2 pièces d'ensembles (Taritas) : +100 PM/PF/PS
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 1x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 1x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5%
    Ce set peut être envisagé également. La PF en plus apporté par l'équipement de Taritas fonctionne bien avec Décapitation, qui, au niveau 53, ajoute +10% en dégâts la valeur de notre maximum de PF. Ça permet également d'enchainer plus de Poursuite, qui est l'arme principal des Maehwa. Ce set est viable du moment que votre Santé n'est pas au niveau 30.
    Armure de Boss :
    Bonus d'ensemble : Endurance +200, Vitesse d'attaque et de lancement +1.
    Casque : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Harphia) - +50 PV, Récupération de PV +5 (x2)
    Amure : 2x Cristal magique ancien (Cobelinus) - +100 PV, Limite de poids +20 (x2)
    Gants : 2x Cristal magique d'infinité (Assaut) - +2 Vitesse d'attaque (x2)
    Chaussures : 2x Cristal de champ de bataille rouge (Adamantine) - Résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +25% et résistance à l'évanouissement/la rigidité/le gel +5% (x2)
    Ce set est considéré comme le meilleur. Mais comme pour le Taritas, le bonus de PF devient moins important avec une Santé au niveau 30. Cependant il donne plus de précision que les autres équipements, ce qui permet de se débarrasser de l'arme secondaire précision et ainsi avoir une augmentation de PA. Qui plus est, ce set possède autant d'emplacement de cristaux que le Grunil.
    L'ensemble donne également plus de Défense (DP) que l'ensemble Grunil, mais à faible quantité. Vue le prix, il est quand même conseiller de viser le Grunil ou Grunil/Taritas en premier abord.
    L'Armement de la Maehwa :
    Arme principale :
    Lame de Yuria  :  16 - 21 PA de base. 68 - 77 PA, vitesse d'attaque +1, chances de coup critique +1, en +15 Ultime. x1 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1
    Cette arme est la plus répandue et à juste titre. Elle est très bonne pour le PvE* mais également pour le PvP* grâce au bonus "dégâts supplémentaires aux humains +5". Elle est également très populaire car elle est assez facilement obtenable à petit prix (Magasin d'amitié de Ronatz, à Calpheon).
    Lame de Liverto :  18 - 22 PA de base. 78 - 82 (en +15), chances de coup critique +3. x2 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1 (x2)
    Avec la Liverto il est facile d'atteindre 5 de critique et 5 de vitesse d'attaque. Qui plus est, cette arme confère plus d'attaque et de précision qu'une Yuria Ultime +15. Elle n'est pas extrêmement cher, mais il faudra quand même campé devant l'HV avant d'en voir une passer, sinon il faut faire les World Boss.
    Une des meilleures armes pour le stuff final de son personnage.
    Lame de Kzarka : 18 - 22 PA de base. 78 - 82 (en +15), vitesse d'attaque +3. x2 Cristal magique ancien (Carmae) - Taux de coup critiques +1 et vitesse d'attaque +1 (x2)
    Pareil que pour la Liverto, avec cette arme il est facile d'atteindre les 5 de critiques et 5 de vitesse d'attaque. L'arme a la même puissance d'attaque que la Liverto mais surement plus de précision (aucune confirmation).
    C'est LA meilleure option, mais compte tenue de son prix et de sa rareté (3 vendu sur mon serveur à l'heure ou j'écris). Il faudra se contenté d'une Liverto pendant un moment.
    Arme secondaire :
    Arc de guerrier en corne noire :  3 - 3 PA, +5 précision. x1 Cristal d'esprit occulte - PV +100, PA +5
    Cette arme la ne gagnera pas de PA en augmentant son niveau, mais elle gagnera en précision. C'est le meilleur choix possible quand vous n'avez pas assez de précision sur vos autres pièces. Quel utilité d'avoir beaucoup de PA si au final, vous ne touché jamais votre cible.
    Arc en corne blanche :  6 - 6 PA. 21 - 21 (en +15). x1 Cristal d'esprit occulte - PV +100, PA +5
    Contrairement a l'arme cité au dessus, cette arme gagnera en PA avec les enchantement, mais énormément moins de précision. A prendre uniquement lorsque votre précision est déjà considérablement haute. (Avec les Gants de Bheg +15 entre autre)
    Les Accessoires de la Maehwa :
    Bares :
    Boucles d'oreilles (2 - 2 PA) x2
    Anneaux (2 - 2 PA) x2
    Collier (4 - 4 PA)
    Ceinture (2 - 2 PA)
    C'est le plus accessible, et le plus efficace trouvable à ce prix. Mais ils doivent être temporaire le temps d'avoir de meilleur accessoires. Ils sont particulièrement facile à obtenir au Lac Kaia.
    Si vous avez un ami avec qui échanger vos récompense de niveau il peut être intéressant de remplacer les anneaux de Bares par les anneaux de bienfaisance, pour gagner un peu en précision.
    Full PA :
    Boucles d'oreilles de la magicienne (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Marques des ombres (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Anneau d'ogre (10 - 10 PA)
    Ceinture d'esprit des arbres (5 - 5 PA)
    C'est ce qui offre le plus de PA. Les dommages des Maehwa sont bon mais, nous perdons énormement de PA en utilisant l'arc de guerrier en corne noire, alors il faut se ratt-----r la ou on peu ! C'est relativement assez cher, commencer d'abord par les accessoires de Bares
    Suggestion d'Exort :
    Boucles d'oreilles de la magicienne (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Marques des ombres (5 - 5 PA) x2
    Collier en rubis corrompu (5 - 5 PA & résistance aux prises +30%) OU Collier de topaze de régénération (5 - 5 PA & résistance aux trébuchement/fauchage +30%)
    Ceinture d'esprit des arbres (5 - 5 PA)
    Ma suggestion à moi serait de partir sur des bijoux similaire aux Full PA, en remplaçant une boucle d'oreille de magicienne par une boucle d'oreille de Mesto (4 - 4 PA, précision +1) pour, encore une fois, gagner de la précision la ou on peux, sachant que ces boucles la n'ont que 1 de PA de moins, et gagne en précision à chaque enchantement. Il peut aussi être envisageable d'en avoir 2. Elles coutent moins cher que les boucle d'oreille de magicienne.
    La priorité des compétences :
    Dans cette partie on va listé les compétences prioritaire de la Maehwa.
    http://www.blackdeserttome.com/calculator/bladerf/19843# C'est le build qu'Exort recommande. et il nécessite d'être niveau 55. Il est axé PvP.
    Chaos : Lune Rouge C'est LA compétence de la Maehwa, celle qui ferra le plus de dommage en PvP/PvE tout en bloquant les attaques ennemies de face. Mais attention, les Berserker et autres peuvent quand même vous att-----r pendant cette compétences... Il faut la monter en priorité
    Maehwa : Décapitation Notre meilleur alternative a Lune Rouge lorsqu'il n'est pas disponible, et en plus, il étourdit les ennemis.
    Morsure du Dragon (+ Griffe du Dragon, Taillade Lunaire) cette compétence inflige un effet de contrôle à l'impact. Le combo entier (il suffit de maintenir le clique gauche après la morsure) fait énormément de dégâts.
    Appel du tigre fantôme Cette compétence est celle qui ferra le plus de dommage dans une période de temps assez courte, elle inflige un étourdissement. Cependant il est indispensable de la faire avec Trancheur ou Poursuite, sinon l'animation est bien trop longue.
    Représailles Pas besoin d'investir de points de celui-là, il est obtenu via les quêtes. Cependant il est très important d'apprendre à le maitriser car son effet de trébuchement vous sauvera la vie (20 secondes de rechargement) Il est aussi important d'apprendre a maitriser la posture de représailles, qui elle, n'a pas de temps de recharge et bloque les attaques frontales.
    Force de l'épée Pareil qu'au dessus, pas de points à investir, juste des quêtes, +5% de chance de coup critique passif, gratuitement.
    Empalement fulgurant C'est une bonne compétences utilitaire car elle ne ferra pas de gros dégâts, mais vous procurera un bonus de chance de critique de 30+ pendant 10 secondes, essayez de maintenir actif le bonus. Attention à ne pas l"utiliser pendant son temps de recharge, sinon, en plus de ne pas recevoir le bonus de critiques, le temps de recharge repartira du début, repoussant ainsi votre prochain bonus de critique.
    Poignardement insidieux A utiliser après empalement fulgurant en appuyant sur S. Cette compétences est bien en PvP car elle permet d'étourdir l'ennemi, en plus d'avoir des dégâts plus que correct.
    Taillade vengeresse A utiliser après empalement fulgurant en appuyant sur espace une seconde fois. Cette compétences sera bonne surtout en PvE, au niveau ultime, elle offre une régénération de point de vie monstrueuse, elle peux littéralement vous remettre la totalité de vos PV sur un pack de monstres.
    Taillade rétrograde Utile en PvP grâce à son effet de ralentissement 50% pendant 10 secondes, qui peut vous permettre de fuir ou d'empêcher votre cible de fuir.
    Volonté de Maehwa notre principale moteur à PF, 150 toutes les 15 secondes. Suffisant en PvE, mais en PvP je vous recommande d'utiliser des Infusion concentré en plus.
    Poursuite La force de la Maehwa réside dans sa mobilité. Poursuite est censé offrir une invulnérabilité à la Maehwa, mais souffre de quelques bug pour le moment. Il existe également des moyen de rendre le dash plus rapide que la normal. Il est important de savoir que Poursuite arrière ignore les collision.
    Découpe Tourbillon Notre attaque de côté. Sympa contre des boss grasse à l'effet d'affaiblissement de la 3ème attaque. Vous n'utiliserez plus du tout votre attaque de base grâce à celui-ci qui offre dégâts, mobilité, et regain de PF.
    Séparateur Il peut être utilisé pour se soigner, personnellement je préfère me soigner avec Taillade vengeresse, je n'ai pas appris ce sort.
    Trancheur Le niveau 1 suffit pendant un long moment, utile pour faire un Appel du tigre fantôme instantanément. Intéressant à monter, mais pas en priorité.
    Entaille cyclonique Cette compétence ne coûte pas très cher et possède d'assez bon dégâts, intéressant pour initier le combat grâce à son effet de soulèvement.
    Flèche véloce chargé Le niveau 1 suffit, cette compétence à l'arc servira surtout à engager un combat à distance en étourdissant l'adversaire.
    Arts martiaux de précision Pas trop cher, bonus passif plutôt sympathique, à prendre.
    Entrainement à l'épée Super intéressant à monter après avoir monter les plus importante compétences. (Généralement au niveau 55)
    Entrainement tactique Pareil qu'au dessus, mais moins prioritaire.
    Lame du Tigre Cette compétences donne une grosse sensation de puissance, mais n'est pas si forte que ça en PvP, voir inutile. Elle reste intéressante en PvE de par tout ses effets de vitesse et de regain de PV. Mais il est peut-être plus sage de la laisser dans un placard en attendant d'avoir tellement de points à ne plus savoir quoi en faire.
    Eveil de compétences :
    Chaos : Lune Rouge - 5 PA
    Maehwa : Décapitation - 5 PA
    Trancheur - 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Découpe Tourbillon - 5 PA / 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Empalement fulgurant - 10% Vitesse d'attaque
    Représailles - -10% Vitesse d'attaque (ou mouvement) à l'adversaire
    Appel du tigre fantôme - 5 PA
    Flèche véloce chargé - -10% Vitesse d'attaque (ou mouvement) à l'adversaire
    Conseil pour PvP :
    Flèche Véloce chargée > Poursuite avant, avec Appel du tigre fantôme instantané > Morsure du Dragon > Griffe du Dragon > Empalement Fulgurant > Poignardement insidieux > Taillade rétrograde > Décapitation > Lune Rouge > Ascension céleste (l'amélioration niveau 55 de Lune Rouge)
    C'est le combo que j'utilise le plus en PvP, les dégâts sont important et le stunlock marche à merveille.
    Flèche Véloce chargée > Poursuite avant, avec Appel du tigre fantôme instantané > Empalement Fulgurant > Décapitation > Morsure du Dragon > Griffe du Dragon > Empalement Fulgurant > Poignardement insidieux > Lune Rouge > Ascension céleste
    Un autre enchainements intéressant
    *Légende (pour les plus débutants en MMO/Anglophobe) :
    CC = Crowd Control, Contrôle de foule
    Backline = Ligne arrière (l'inverse d'être au front quoi)
    PvE = Players Versus Environment (Taper des monstres en gros)
    PvP = Players versus Players (Joueur contre joueur)
    Stunlock = Le fait d'enchainer les effets de contrôle qui empêche la cible de faire quoique ce soit.
    Voila, comme je l'ai dis j'ai modifié quelques trucs à ma sauce, et corrigé les erreurs ou ce qui n'était plus à jour, mais très légèrement, ça reste qu'une traduction, je ne m’approprie pas du tout le guide ^^
    Je vous laisser poster vos retours sur ce topic ou sur l'original, dites nous ce que vous en pensé !
    Je tâcherais de maintenir le guide à jour à chaque modification du poste original, et en cas de changements sur un patch.
    Désolée pour les fautes !
    ~ Alex
  21. Hello , ive'd been wandering 2 days in calpheon and google to make this  : http://bddatabase.net/us/item/11814/
    Can someone post a full guide ? Like from where to start ? Cause when i go to basquete he gives me other quests . 
    I just wanted a full guide from 0 .
    Im 52 btw .
  22. Hey everyone,
    I personally can't stand RNG, so I decided to make a spreadsheet/calculator for myself when force enchanting to help out, just to see everything on paper.
    You are able to type in the cost of gear from the marketplace, the price of the gear from a vendor, price of stones and even the value of stones you are using if you sold them on the maketplace (including the 35% tax). Be sure to note there is an Armor and Weapon sheet, as they differ slightly.
    I believe everything is right, but if you guys see something wrong just let me know. Someone might need to double check durability loss. I couldnt figure out a way for everyone to be able to edit their own in google docs (sorry I am very inexperienced in it) so i believe you will need to download it from docs and save it as a excel spreadsheet.
    Here is the link, hope you enjoy!
    Google Doc Force Enchanting Spreadsheet
  23. Bonjour all ( ou re hein ^^ ),
    Voila, je me suis décidé à allez dans la direction du WAR  ! ( je suis nouveau sur BDO )
    Et j'aimerais avoir vos retours d’expérience sur la phase de leveling en premier lieu et la suite ( GvG, PK ... )
    Est-ce que vous avez des guides à me proposer ( je ne sais pas si celui sur BDFoundry est viable ? => http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/10/25/warrior-class-guide/ )
    Quel stuff prendre pour la phase de leveling ? gemme à mettre ? ( j'ai 2 - 3 millions en banque pour tout )
    Quel compromis faire ?
    Quel sorts monter ?
    Qu'est-ce que je dois privilégier par rapport à autre chose ?
    Cheval obligé ?
    Au niveau du GvG est-ce que ça sert à quelque chose, je ne serais pas useless?
    Si on farm et qu'on se fait gank est-ce qu'on peut s'en sortir ou est-ce qu'on va se faire rouler dessus ?
    Au niveau du PVE, la phase de leveling ira tranquillement ?
    Voila voila,
    En gros, ce que vous pensez et si vous pouvez m'aider ^^
    Merci en tout cas et bon jeu  ! 
  24. To increase the maximum energy in BDO you need to obtain different knowledges all over the world. I made a blog as a guide for Academics knowledge that will give 25 energy in total. Planning to update all the categories one by one, in the same order as they appear in the game's knowledge tree.
    Academics Knowledge Guide