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  1. Just like the title, 
    i am asking if any helpful knowledgeable player, can create a very simple step-by-step guide to create Calpheon Crates Timbers.
    Please avoid burning any stage, and make easy to follow for beginners in the game. 
    This is my base questions, you can ignore them and just make a guide on your own way tho. 
    - What nodes to go for ? 
    - How many workers the entire process require ?
    - Where is the best town to buy their lodging ?
    - What types of workers is best ? Tiers ? Skills ? Workspeed ?
    - Where is the best town to buy crates work shops ? 
    - If a Crate was made in Calpheon by a worker from Trent, does it count in the trade distance bonus as an original Crate from Trent or Calpheon ?
    - What clothes need to be bought or enchanted to reduce processing/gathering time ?
    - Any extra tips to shorten the entire process or generate more profits ?
    Thank you in advance. 
    Welcome to Black Desert Online Forums
    Given that we will soon celebrate the anniversary of the game it mean you have more than a year worth of forums to read if you want to catch-up. So in the effort of making life easier for you let me summarize what you will see in here.
    You will encounter on these forums (and inside the game) 3 types of players
    The True Hardcore:
    These people have dedicated their life’s to the game playing hours you would not even be able to comprehend, setting alarms in middle of the night to run through in game activities. They love the game, respect the community and are usually very helpful, posting advice, or Videos, streaming live almost 24h7.
    The Hardcore “Want to be”:
    Try Hard people who dedicate all of their free time to the game but who unfortunately cannot spend as much time as the True Hardcore population. This creates a bit of tension between themselves as no matter how hard they try and how much effort they put in there is just no way they will ever catch up.
    The Casuals
    Casual players in BDO can play from a range of 2h day to 10h a day, I consider them casual, as the game does not take over their life, they will priorities IRL. They love the game and can also be addicted but it is not their goal to compete with the  above 2 type of players. They will create Guild wars with other guilds on the level and as time goes by slowly they will eventually be able to compete with other more dedicated player.
    Summary of what you will find on the Forum so far:
    P2W discussion Failed, Majority agrees that this is NOT a P2W game ! 
    Someone just got PK and just posted a pissed off thread for absolute no other purpose, but, Frustrations.You will get PKed, but in any circumstance is does NOT constitute a reason to post on here.  
    All the guides for all the classes, for all the gear are in the relevant class sections, use the search function. Sometime CM will even have it Pinned on Top. 
    Lifeskillers are left out of most of the updates and Kakao does not care for themAll updates on Lifeskills are NerfsBeing able to make Billions in Trading is a well-kept secretCareful where you fish AFK as people will find ways to Kill you ! Horse breeders are going extinctEveryone thinks it is a pity but nobody does anything about it. 
    Warriors complain that they cannot one shot all other classes, everyone else complains they cannot one shot warriors (superarmor)Ranger/Goats complains they are too slow and that they do no damage, everyone else complain they are too fast and have way too much damage. Berserkers do not really complain and help each other a lot but they all agree they look ugly, Everyone else complains about their grabs and insane HPSorceress are way too pretty to be this deadly but they all know it ! Usually complain they can’t “onespin” everyone. Everyone else is mesmerized by their beauty and dies (complaining) quietlyValkyries are all complaining of lack of damage, everyone else are baffled when they get killed by them Oh and Underboobs !Wizards complain they have to wait until the end of the cast before one-shooting everyone. Everyone else is complaining about their damage.Witches have boobs so they complain a bit less but otherwise, same comments as for wizards.Tamers are too cute to be on battlefield so they have their giant pets to do the dirty work. They complain they are bad in PVP, everyone else classifies them in top 5 PvP classes.Musa complains they are too slow and do no damage, Everyone else is annoyed on how fast they are and how much DPS they can dish out before going away.Maehwa were complaining about being slow but now they are slight faster they complain about damage, Everyone else complain that Maehwa has now the best damage burst for melee.Ninjas complain about being weakest class with broken stealth, everyone else complains they are almost impossible to 1v1 and they have stealthKunoichi are not really complaining at the moment and they are just playing hula-hoop with the bodies of their victims while everyone else complain about them. 
    Evasion or Accuracy Build ?Nobody knows !!! do what you feel right ! you are a tank, build Accuracy, you are squishy, build evasion. 
    Karma-bombing is a thing !Yes is flawed !No it is not flawed !Nobody seem to agree 
    The “unspoken” rule that the one who kill you gets to keep your spot WAS a thing.Nobody seems to abide that anymore. Hence above Karma-bomb discussions.People engage communication and play in groups more and more, vast majority on encounter are fun  
    Everyone agrees that Trolls and antisocial character have access to the game, you will meet them, just ignore and move-on ! 
    Main advice that always comes back; "Don’t be an ass and the player community will welcome you." 
    Is it worth playing BDO?
    Most definitely Yes.
    Despite many cynical comments on the forums, Kakao and Pearl abyss are doing a fantastic job at releasing content on a WEEKLY basis. This is in my opinion an incredible feature of the game that keeps it alive and in a state of constant improvement. (ok sometime things go bit wrong but New content EVERY week, so come on)
    How much time should I spend playing to be competitive?
    If you count 24h in a day I would suggest you to play about 24h in a day. But even then, given you will start 1 year later that those who already do this, you have little to no chance to catch them up. So Play the amount which you want ! you can have fun playing 2h a day like 18h a day. The game is not a race ! there is no prize at the end as there is no end. Play at your pace, Have fun.
    What is the best class to play?
    See above summary for classes, My advice, play the class that suits your game-play. If you keep looking for OP one well it might change every week so GL.
    Is it ok for New Players to get huge Benefits compared to those who started March 2016 ?
    Yes, because without them there is no way you can catch up in case you decide that you want to join the Hardcore player Group. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    So once again ! WELCOME to Black Desert Online.
    and remember do NOT under ANY Circumstance Craft ANY Grunil Armor !!!
  3. Post on Choosing my final class. in PVE

    By Zelveris, posted
    Alright, so I've been playing bdo for some time now and I've gotten 3 characters to lvl 56. My Wizard, Maehwa and Tamer. I chose to main my Maehwa because it was fun at the time. Sadley though after I got the awakened weapon it kind of became stale and not fluid with the combat. So I'm looking to get a different class to 56 and awaken it. I want something more fluid that can jump in and out of combat. I've been heavily considering my Tamer, Berzerker and my Wizard. Any suggestions? Am I doing it wrong? 
  4. Post on Night Vendor Help in General

    By Nox Demon, posted
    So, I'd like to know how to get to the Night Vendor, also some tips if people have em'. I left the game months ago so I don't know much about the Night Vendor, just that he gives good stuff for energy, which I always have maxed.
  5. Maybe I'm just very bad at searching (to be honest I know I am, ssh) but I wonder if there's any good and still up to date tamer guide out there?
    I'm more looking for PvE guides and definitely one that tells me which skills to invest into. 

  6. Skills of dark knight class, all credit goes to 다뀨엘프 of inven korean member(rough translations bare with me)
    These do not include the dark knight awakening skills

     Scar Sunder

     Revealed Dagger - Weapons of the spleen (10% attack speed increase)

    Soaring gloom

    Blitz (moving invincilbity)

    Tilted balance (striking offset)

    Pervading gloom (recovery, MP 20,10,10 seconds armor reduction)
    Press space bar during skill
    It becomes the front guard state, but it takes less than one second, and the guard is hard to expect

    Scratch madness - flow : scratch insanity (marker generator)
    Damage is fine and cooldown is short, so its a favorite skill that you often use
    If you learn flow you will get 4 hits(up to 3 if you don't get flow)

    Extermination (100% critical strike, marker generated)

    Enforcement - Flows:execution (marker generated)
    If motion is clear and flow is learned the damage is also fine

    Silvia Camara
    Damage is excellent with a guard in use or forward guard

    Wheel of Fate (Super Armor)

    Raven ashes (100% critical)

    Land of the fall (some sort of recovery? 20)
    Strike around the character continuously
    Damage time is 30 seconds

    Theres a skill to activate the market when hitting the above skill,
    you can explode the mark with other skills(?) arrogant force/kamal silvia cham/fallen earth?(don't know these skills)
    It's wide so you can pull aggro similar to warrior

    Definitely good to use for damage(?)

    Black spirit 100% skill
    Range is very bad
    There is no guard or super armor in use

    Seems like a sort of evasion/dash

    If you block it like a warrior block, you get a defense buff right away.
    That's all I assume I haven't went on KR BDO myself to try out DK but I will sometime today.
  7. I'm not a professional content creator, and this is my first video, so I'm open to suggestions!  
  8. Hi, I'm a lvl 56 sorc with aweful gear and I want to improve, but I don't know where to start. 
    I'd highly appreciate it if you can give me some advice on what I should focus on and what I should do asap, like investing in some important gear pieces.
     Below are the screenshots of my current gear and silver.

  9. Hello everyone, I just recently came back and found these gold armors with III or infront of them in the market. I don't think this feature was in the game when I left earlier on. Can somebody explain them to me? I left when I started working on my grunil armor, should I continue to make my grunil, I saw this new evasion armor that sparked my interest but I'm not sure if the evasion would actually be worth it. I have read up for the last hour to see some of the new features but if you guys to help a new returning player with some tips; please by all means do so. =] 
    Helms Höhle Grinding Guide     
    Ich möchte euch hier erläutern, wie ich rund 15-30 Mio Silber die Stunde mache, indem ich die Helm Golems Farme.
     Westlich vom Elric Schrein ist die Node Helms Höhle und auch der Eingang in diese.
    Muss ich die Node ausbauen?
    Ihr müsst dies nicht. Jedoch baue ich meine Grindin Nodes aufgrund von erhöhtem Trashloot immer aus.
    Meine Node ist derzeit auf Level 9
    Gear Anforderung:
    Ein Ap Wert von 160+ sollte reichen um die 14 vorhandenen Helm Golems in der Channel Cooldown Zeit von 15minuten zu töten
    Buff Food:
    Buff Food wird nicht benötigt, dennoch kann es euch je nach AP/DP helfen, wenn ihr Serendia, Mediah, Valencia und/oder Calpheon Spezial zu euch nehmt.
    Wo sind die Golems?
    Die genauen Spawn Punkte und die in meinen Augen beste Route werde ich euch am Wochenende nachliefern.
    Vorerst kann ich euch dieses Video aus Youtube bereit stellen:
    Dies ist nicht ganz meine Route aber vorerst sollte dies ausreichen
    Wie viel Silber mache ich die Stunde?
    Dies variiert recht Stark, aber 15 Millionen solltet ihr mindestens innerhalb 1 Stunde bekommen.
    Dies ist eine Durchschnittliche Ausbeute von mir:
    3X Scarla Necklace = 6,6 Mio
    16 Schwarzsteine = 3,2 mio
    12 Verbotene Bücher = 9,6 mio
    Trashloot = 2 mio
    Rüstungsteile = 1,5 mio
    Gesamt: 22,9 mio
    Wie funktioniert das Ganze?
    Ziel ist es die Elite Mobs Namens Helm Golem zu töten. Es gibt im besten Fall je Channel 14 Stück. Diese Mobs haben eine ehöhte Dropchance auf Schwarzsteine, Verbotene Bücher und Scarla Halsketten. Während wir die Golems töten, töten wir selbstverständlich auch die Helms die in der Höhle umherirren welche eine Dropchance auf den Ancient Guardian Seal haben (9Mio im AH).
    Nachdem wir dir 14 Golems getötet haben  stehen wir wieder außerhalb am Höhleneingang. Nun werfen wir den Trashloot / Sammleritems in unser Pferd und wechseln den Channel und das fröhliche Golem Kloppen beginnt von vorn.
    Der "Guide" wird stetig verbessert, vorallem jetzt am Wochenende.
    Bei Fragen oder Verbesserungsvorschlägen einfach ein Kommentar hinterlassen.
    Ich bitte Spam zu unterlassen
  11.     Not surprisingly the chakram is primarily designed for dancing. Using it as a weapon follows the exact same pattern: you have to dance around your opponent.
    We have three kind of attacks: the pure contact, the distance ones and the gap closers.
    pure contact :
    -half moon slash : nice mana regeneration when off cooldown + spamable
    -lethal spin spree : great damage and HP regen, long CD
    -sah spree of sonan : not used, but can be a gap filler with HP regen when your opponent is under CC + spamable
    -sah chakram training : useless, but engaging with jump->sah chakram training while in air give floating to unaware target + spamable
    -flow : chakram rise : buff DP + mana regen
    -flow : wrath : locks you in place unprotected and slow, long CD
    -flow : indignation : frontal guard and knockdown but no damage, long CD
    -halo : efficient only if you have enough accuracy + frontal block
    distance :
    -lunatic discus : good damage + frontal block, long CD
    -chain crash : nice damage + super armor, long CD
    -delight blast : very good damage + nice range + can work with "fire and forget", which is using the skill and engaging other target before the skill hits
    gap closer :
    -dance macabre : great damage + long range + iframe, long CD
    -lunar dash : forward block + mana regen + spamable
    -ghost step : nearly spamable and spammed. most of our mobility comes from this skill.
        Now, the fun part. When you are dancing, you have to use the all given space, vary your moves and be fluid. We reflect this by a pattern in our attacks that never changes : distance -> gap closer -> contact -> disengage . Furthermore, we are a kinda bursty class, with quite long CD. That means that we use primarily our skills with the longer CD first, then the others, then the fillers / spamable ones. If used correctly, we can be nearly forever fighting without pause. Moreover, when a long CD skill goes off-CD, don't hesitate to use it ASAP. The last part, disengaging, done with ghost step, is our time to get back to a better spot to hit.  
    We can do some variations on the patten given. Here are the most common ones :
    -harass : distance -> wait -> distance : used to test an opponent without taking any risk
    -semi all contact : gap closer -> contact -> distance -> disengage : very common.
    -all contact : gap closer -> contact -> distance while in contact / others combinations of this. : basically a spam without disengaging. Powerful in 1v1 when your opponent is under CC
    -rollface: rftgybhuygrftdehynujiknhbgfed : when you have no clue of what to do
  12. Post on Auto-fishing guide in Guides

    By Saarith, posted
    Been wanting to do some BDO guides so I made a fishing guide specialized for auto-fishing as I felt some of the previous guides were a bit outdated.
    If you take a look can you tell me if I am missing something.
    - Saartih
  13. Hey guys, Nijm/Njim here.
    I wanted to check in as we're approaching the 2nd year anniversary of the Calpheon Timber Crate guide! https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/3jvfgd/make_millions_with_afk_npc_trading/ 
    1) How's it going?
    2) Was the guide useful?
    3) How many people use this method?
    4) Do you hate me or love me?
    Post your thoughts!
  14. Post on Valk Guide in Valkyrie

    By AnimalWalker, posted
    Everyone plays Valkyrie different. I am lv 57 so this works for me. Lower lv and higher lv this all can and will chance.
    This is my talent build. http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/24563
    Celestial Spear is the most important skill to have. I stance switch a lot right now. I have both a kzarka and ultimate piece of purification lancia at plus 18. and I still do more damage in long sword mode. I learned to use Celestial Spear as my pillar for going between modes. I try to be about 7-8 sec in long sword and 7-8 in lance mode. this seems to be the best dps for me. 
    This is bascially my pve rotation.
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) >Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) . Will one shot almost anything. Best combo we have.
    Rigtheous Charge (W+F) > Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Sharp Light (Shift+LMB) > Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) *Note that Sharp Light (Shift+LMB)  needs to be off cd for this to work.
    If Celestial Spear (S+E)  is still on cd, just spam 3 Sword Of Judgment as a filler or If you have Shield throw (S+Q)  use as filler.
    If not, Celestial Spear (S+E) then Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  Or Promptness (Space)  if Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  is on cd.
    Wave of Light (S+F)  then Purificatione (Shift+LMB) or Hastiludium(W+F)  or Sanctitas de Enslar (F)  to skill cancel because Wave of Light (S+F) will just have you a sitting duck for 3 sec.
    Once Sanctitas de Enslar (F) , Hastiludium(W+F) , Wave of Light (S+F)  is on cd.
    Blitz Stab (W+RMB)
    Then I spam Sacrum Ferit (RMB) four times as filler. I do four because I have .
    By time Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) is off cd, repeat, however, use Celestial Spear (S+E) as a hotbar button so you can switch to long sword mode faster.
    Your 2 best combos are
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate) >Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Celestial Spear (S+E) then Sanctitas de Enslar (F) 
    I can one shot almost anything with one of theses combos.
    I used to use Shield throw (S+Q) but i just have no many spells to manager now. It is still a good spell to have, but it is still low priority to other big hitting spells.
    I know use Purificatione (Shift+LMB) only to skill cancel Wave of Light (S+F)  or try to heal a party member, the damage is shit on it. 
     Castigatio and  Verdict: Lancia Lustitiae just suck on damage for me right now. When I am 58-60 things could change.
    I don't know if other valkyries have to stance change as much as me. but my goal is to kill faster and this is how I kill the fastest. Note This is all for pve mob grinding. Pvp is a different ball park.
    A lot of guides say
    Shield throw (S+Q) > Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) is a great combo, but I know for a fact that it is not working the way most people think. You are able to cast Celestial Spear (S+E) right after Shield throw (S+Q) with no delay, but doing this, you cancel the Shield throw (S+Q) all together, it will do no damage and not stun. But put the spell on cd. Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) is the same damage as Shield throw (S+Q) > Celestial Spear (S+E) > Shield throw (S+Q) .
    Lucky, the skill cancel for Wave of Light (S+F)  works the way people think skill cancelling works.
    Another trick a lot of valk dont know is when you use Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB) final attack ultimate you get 2 hits with it so you have to hold S+RMB or just RMB for a half sec longer and with these two attacks, you can use one on a mob in front of you and if it dies and there is a mob behind you, you can quickly 180 and hit the other guy with the 2nd hit.
    Celestial Spear (S+E) (Ultimate)
    Sword Of Judgment (S+RMB)
    Rigtheous Charge (W+F)
    Sanctitas de Enslar (F) 
    For 57, I say these are the best skills for the skill addons.
    At 58 I will do my next skillon with Hastiludium(W+F) 
  15. Hey fellow Ninjas! I made a basic guide to the Ninja awakening, and hope you guys enjoy it or find it useful. Please feel free to comment on things I left out or you think are good tips and tricks as well. Stay gruntled and happy New Year!
  16. Hi, everyone! I have been looking though so guides that other people make about farming, and I was wandering about how much % needed to get the best result on Harvesting and Plant Breeding. So I started a new spread sheet that will include all my crops on the farm, %, type, and result. I am pretty bad at doing spread sheets, so I would love your help. I will try my best to update it as much as possible, and maybe it will help others with farming! 
    Please help me out with your responses and ideas about what I should add in the sheet. I would really appreciate it! Thanks  
    You can also find me in the game (BadPotato) Mmaarryy
  17. Hey guys,
    im new to the zerker world, and i just switched from my ninja. (Cause im tired of being squishy af) and i wanted to know what are some good builds or guides for berserkers to start with before i start focusing on boss gear.
  18. I want to set up a party of two members like,... I want the items that we collect, to move to the marketplace instead of our inventory. How to do this? It's a party in Sausan.
    Thank you.
    Hi Tamer followers. The merge is real now. And in the past weeks I had the rare experience to fight many players from other EU servers.
    I was streaming many of my fights on my twitch chanal: https://www.twitch.tv/rximmortal , so if you are interested in some intense fights, you can always join me there.
    I am convinced, that there are many things I can teach a lot of tamers out there. But to do that I need to be sure that the other players wants to be teached, otherwise it is pointless.
    So I am making a poll and depending of its results I will make a video guide, with everything you need to know about PvP ( Arena / Open world ) , PvP ( Siege / Node wars ).
    Here is the guide as promised.
    Soon I will add text guide in help to the video guide ( and my bad English ). Where I will explain everything again for more clarity and add minute(links) to the video.
    Some info about me:
    59lvl Tamer, EU , (Previous server Alustin)
    Guild: Sovereign
    I am dedicated player to PvP ( Mainly Arena / Duels ) , PvE is secondary for me in this game.
  20. (last update at March 1 2017)
    hello guys,
    This was requested several times in private messages  so i did a Alexmac Enhancement guide 
    If you want a proper TET enchant system it requires some preparation. You can yolo but you can expect big rips and griding around in PRI 10 dura gear al lthe time lol. Remember this is my method, there are plenty of ways to do this but i had good results with it.
    - lvl 10 or less char with negative karma to downgrade +15 gear to +14 (kill wild horses for negative karma)
    - as many character slots as you can afford (so you can do failstacks on all)
    - min 3 pieces Reblath +14 gear (Velia Blacksmith)
    - 2 green weapons like steel dagger or whatever you like also +14 (use something that have good quantity at the market so you can repair easily)
    - 2 grunil pieces +14 
    - full set grunil PRI +  (i use grunil because its good for all alts and if they go TET it actually sells)
    (the extra +14 pieces is so you dont need to downgrade gear all the time)
    Once you get all this, before any TET  Enhancement session get:
    - 1000 armor blackstones
    - 500 weapon blackstones
    - 300 or more memory frags (depending if you can use artisans memory or not you might need more) - EDIT: DO NOT BUT Memory frags directly from the market, its easier but youre wasting money. You can do books, ancients or relics in 5 man group or if you dont want to waste time  you can  solo Books or ancient scrolls (dont solo relics). 
    max prices to buy the scrolls if you dont want to grind them (more than this its almost better to buy memories directly from market):Relics - max 850Books - max 950Ancients - max 1300- 100 concentrated armor stones
    - 50 concentrated weapon stones
    Its alot but this will Push TETs and recover from fails easily.
    Fail Stack method (aproximate):
    0 to 10 fs - use a reblath
    0 to 15 fs - use second reblath
    15 to 20 fs - use a green weapon or armor piece
    20 to 26 fs - attempt PRI to DUO grunils  (or any other gear) (2 attempt´s)
    26 to 32 fs - attempt PRI to DUO boss gear or boss weapon  (2 attempt´s)
    32 fs to 45 fs - attempt DUO to TRI boss or boss weapon gear
    45 fs to 55 fs -attempt TRI to TET Grunil gear ( if you get TET sell it and make another one)
    55 fs to 100 fs - attempt only TRI to TET boss or weapon gear 
    100+ fs save for PEN clicks or TET + accessories
    EDIT: i bought a red nose and a cheap Bhegs as extra piece to fail stack to get TRI fs, but you can risk green gear. Problem is it goes TRI and TET easily so at the end you spend a lot of money fail stacking anyway . But you guys can keep the Grunil rotation , if it goes DUO you use it to get more fs the next round, if it goes TRI you use for the TET clicks
    TIP for sucess:
    I believe that when you fail some enchants it increases the odds on the next ones. So when i want to enchant a TRI to TET boss gear or weapon i usually have all boss set at TRI and extra TRI grunils or other pieces.
    I get to the 45 fs and start attempting the grunils, then the boss gear one by one. Usually gets me a TET around 60 fs, its rng.
    Accessories enchanting is completely different from the boss gear and weapons.
    Fails stacks for acc:
    17 fs  PRI on blue acc
    20 fs PRI on rare acc
    28 fs DUO on blue acc
    35 fs DUO rare acc
    35 fs TRI on blue acc
    45 fs on TRI rare acc
    45 fs on TET blue acc
    60 fs on TET rare acc
    70 fs on PEN blue acc
    100 fs on PEN rare acc
    Crones stones: i use them when acc price is super low due to events or normal item price. Example, Red coral earrings went down to 1.5 mil, i used Crones for TRI and TET clicks on them.
    Acessories : how to get a TRI / TET?
    Acessories are painfull af as you all know. So heres some tips to minimize the pain:
    Pay attention to events, events like Laurens and the incoming Lavienta event bring the top accessories to half price. In BDO you will always have this events. Buy the accessories once you have oneIn cheap accessories, like Corals, Shultz belts, Bares necklaces and some other you can use crone stones to do the TRI and TET enchants. Do 3 or 4 of each then attempt enchants with crones until you get the TET or TRI. Some will downgrade, just go all in, you will get one (using the fs on the presented fs table).Never risk your main gear, do upgrades on a second piece. Corals, witches, Mark of shadows, Bares necks and other cheaper accessories are great to serve as backup for the big enchants without sacrificing to much AP.0 to +15 Enchant guide
    Enchanting  boss gear to +15 sometimes is more expensive than enchanting from +15 to TRI. This is why you cant just go yolo on the item and destroy its durability. This is my method to take it to +15 with less possible costs:
     Boss gear to +7 (+8 on weapons) - yolo, just click enchant, 0 fail stacks
    to +9 - start at 8 fs
    to +10 - start at 11 fs
    to +11 - start at 15 fs
    to +12 - start at 15 fs
    to +13 - start at 20 fs
    to +14 - start at 20 fs
    to +15 - start at 25 fs (use it to get TRI fs for other gear also, stop at 32 fs)
    It seems to many fs but as you guys already know it fails a lot.
    IMPORTANT:  dont go crazy clicking the gear, if you get a +10 gear to 15 fail stacks, STOP and save those for +11. Change character and do again from recommended fs. Check always if you reach the next needed fs, this way you use the fs properly. DO NOT CLICK a +11 on 30 fs
    Before you guys start trash talking, i only did this document because some ppl asked me to, its meant to help and its a method like 100 others. Works for me, gl!
    I play in the EU server, lvl 60 Wizard , Oldskool guild.
    My current gear is:

    Update on gear: 2017 (atm going for PENS so rip some TETs lol, but getting them back now)
  21. Post on Sorc 102 in Sorceress

    By Erebus Hikari, posted
    People were asking for an air combo break down, so here it is. I also put in a few more combos/cancels.
  22. Hello!

    I'm here to start a PvP strategies and combos discussion, to help players like me o_o Who wants enlightenment to what to do when a flagged psychopath tries to kill me .____.''

    Pls help '-'...

    OBS: There's some good guides pre-awakening... but u know.. Our awaken weapon is better e_é
  23. 400views nobody cares, i wanted to improve it but thinking of it id rather just not do that. Gl ppl.
  24. Guten Tag Leser und Guten Tag Leserinnen Meteorlogikus wieder hier (:
    In diesem kleinem Guide möchte ich euch eine weitere Silbereinnahmequelle beschreiben.
    ITEM: Goldene Angelrute (Werkstatt Lvl.3)
    Häuser: 1.Stock, Nr.7-4 (Heidel)
    Nr.5-3 (Heidel)
    Nr.8-4 (Heidel)
    EG,Nr.1-4 (Calpheon-Werkstättenbezirk)
    EG,Nr.3-5 (Calpheon-Kapelle)
    1x Eschenholz
    Posten: Goblinhöhle (Südöstlich von Velia),
    Balenos Wald (Südöstlich von Velia),
    Wolfshügel (Südöstlich von Olvia),
    Ehwazhügel (Nordöstlich von Velia)
    2x Stahl
    Stahl wird hergestellt indem man 5 geschmolzene Eisensplitter (Eisenerz erhitzen) und 5 mal Kohle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) erhitzt
    Posten für Eisenerz: Verlassene Eisenmine (Südwestlich von Altinova),
    Pilgerheiligtum (Nordöstlich von Sandkornbasar),
    Halbmondgebirge (Südöstlich von Sandkornbasar),
    Posten für Kohle: Keplansteinbruch (nördlich von Keplan),
    Omar-Lavahöhle (Nordwestlich von Altinova)
    2x Goldbarren
    Dieses Item ist wohl das aufwendigste in der ganzen Liste, jedoch gibt es einige Spots und Methoden um diese Goldbarren gut zu bekommen!
    Ihr kauft euch beim Materialienhändler des Vertrauens "Leere Flaschen".
    Dann sammelt ihr Wasser mit den Flaschen. Diese Flaschen werden dann durch "Sieben" zu gesäubertem Wasser. Als Nebenprodukt kann hier Schwemmgold gewonnen werden. Dieses Schwemmgold wird dann durch Erhitzen zu Goldsplittern und diese ebenfalls durch Erhitzen zu Goldbarren. Umso mehr Charaktere, mit vielen Energieoptionen, desto mehr Flaschen --> mehr Goldbarren. Ich bevorzuge ebenfalls eine Silberbestickte Handwerkerkleidung.
    Die zweite Methode ist es Golderz direkt zu farmen. Hier gibt es einen sehr angenehmen Spot um Golderz, Grobe Steine und andere diverse Erze zu farmen. Beim Posten Pilgerheiligtum in der Wüste, nordöstlich vom Sandkornbasar. Hier kann man, wenn man ein wenig Routine gewonnen hat, seine ganzen Energiepunkte auf den Kopf hauen und nebenbei andere Rohstoffe von Wert bekommen. Da dieser Spot in der Wüste ist, wird Gesäubertes Wasser (Tag) und/oder Sternanistee (Nacht) gebraucht. Spielern mit wenig LT empfehle ich hier einen kleinen Elefanten oder ein Kamel als Lasttier.
    5x Schwarzsteinpulver
    Das Schwarzsteinpulver kann hergestellt werden, indem man Magiekristalle mit dem Verarbeitungstool (L) mahlt.
    Magiekristalle können erfarmt, oder im Auktionshaus gekauft werden
    Schwarzsteinpulver kann ebenfalls in der Raffinerie durch Grobe steine hergestellt werden. Hierbei ist die 2.Methode für die Goldbarren von Vorteil.
    Der Gewinn beläuft sich momentan, mit Vorteilspaket, bei etwa 400.000 Silber.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  25. Most people know about it … people got 3x the amount of awards in boss gear boxex, loyalty … etc. by creating characters on all 3 servers.  
    So should we all create characters on all servers to take advantage of the upcoming server merge? Even if its just for Loyality points for 2 weeks.
    Whats the advice for players who only play on one server?