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  1. Hey all,
    After leveling 5 characters to awakened and playing warrior as main for a month, I've finally settled into wizard as my main. Level 58 with 177/183/223 gear. 
    I've been playing about 6 weeks. I've mostly just done total PvE grinding and lifeskilling for money and leveling up characters to figure out what I want to main. 
    I really have no idea how to PvP with my class and it is kinda frustrating. I've looked for good starter wizard PvP tutorials/guides but all I can find are "show off" videos that don't explain anything (and usually just have some loud butt-rock soundtrack going) where someone is blowing people up. I have no idea what they are actually doing, if they are actually skilled or if they are just nuking scrubs with way worse gear.
    The only actual guides or videos with explainations are like 1+ year old and pre-awakened.
    Does anyone know of any good guides/videos/video-series/etc. that talk about PvP as a wizard post-awakening?
    I know it will take practice and experimentation in game, which is totally cool - I get that. But I like to do research/study in advance so I have a place to start.
  2. hello BDO community! I am coming back after a few month hiatus. Now a year into the game and the super competitive grinders have left for the most part...
    What is everyone's gear score? (This means adding the AP/DP numbers together on your inventory screen. Do not add the awakened weapon. That is a seperate gear score)
    This is just to help me understand what the average player power level is in the game.
  3. Post on night EXP ? in Guides

    By AgnwstosX, posted
    how many EXP are you taking during the night ?   
  4. Fishing Fortune : Fishing Up 2-3 Relic Shards per hour and how it works [Black Desert Online] 
  5. Post on Ninja Guides and Info in Guides

    By Nayriko, posted
    Anyone know of any good guides? if so, post them here! also, lets talk about gear. What kind of gear are all you future ninja mains getting prepped for when Ninja is released? Grunil? Tortoros? Maybe Argerian?
    Weapons.. Yuria is greeat.. anyone dare to lvl up Liverto? What's everyone's thoughts?
  6. Collection of useful links.
    Fishing hotspots, up-to-date. 
    http://bdohotspot.tumblr.com/ (With pictures for location)
    http://maomaoprince.com/ (Map)
    Community/forum for more fishing tips!
    Equipment calculator (Could be slightly off) Kudo's to Svenn!
    Crystal database
    Horse calculator (Breeding tier chances)
    Cooking guide
    Character templates
    List of titles 
    Amity mini-game help tool 
    Easy 28 Energy
    I have only collected these links, I haven't made any of these guides, just thought it would be easier for some to find these links if they were all in one topic. 
  7. So been playing this for several days now and enjoying it immensely but boy is it complicated.  If this was a single player game I am to the point now where I would start over and redo things I messed up on the first time. Several questions that I thought I would ask the wonderful people here.  Watched the in game guides but they didn't seem to answer these questions
    1. The node, trading, and worker system confuses me immensely.  Done the quests and picked up my first worker and using him.  Tried to recover him today and move him to another location but it told me I didn't have enough food.  Um what?  I only have one so I don't need lodgings if I understand how things work correctly.  What food do I need?  I assume this is something I can cook?
    2. The node system is super confusing.  Trying to connect every node between oliva and valia but now since I have the imp cave connecting in two different directions it told me I couldn't invest in the copper ore nodes around it.  Hmm?  So you don't invest in each node...?  How do you decide on which ones to invest in?  What controls the trading economy and how do you decide which routes make the most money?
    3. That leads into the next question - can workers do trading if you give them there own horse/donkey/cart?  Done some of the trading quests and wow - boring and not all that lucrative (though I just have a donkey) can this be automated like mining and producing of resources?
    4. I love the idea of the conversation system and it is fun to mess around with - but it is not explained well.  It seems some connections lead to extra dots that travel around and give bonuses but I don't know how to predict when that will happen.  Because of these choosing the highest interest character is not always best (assuming you don't have the fail to spark interest quest)
    5. Sometimes the system seems to not work as intended.  I reach the required amity level but I don't get the quest or the info.  For example I got myself up to 150 amity with the female stable lady in oliva but I didn't get the quest from her.  Am I missing something?
    6. Cooking is interesting but recipes seem fiddly.  It makes sense that fried fish is fish deep frying oil and some sort of flour.  But the amounts I would not have guessed.  Is it possible to experiment with cooking and find recipes?  Looking them up seems kind of like cheating.
    7. Map seems to have things about node wars and conquest buildings - I assume this is a guild thing but I can't find anything about it.  Help?
    Thanks!  Oh also keep the energy system - anything that makes people choose what to do and not be able to do everything and have a reason to leave for real life (aka job, family) is a good thing.  I expect there will be some backlash though as there was in the final fantasy mmo.      
  8. Introduction
    My name is MaoMaoPrince I am an Artisan 4 Fisher.
    My twitch stream is twitch.tv/maomaoprince
    Thanks to the community spreading the word most people are aware of what a fishing hotspot is and how to fish them dry!
    Since Konggal and his wonderful team released their map (https://redd.it/4bgc7b) I’ve had a large amount of people complaining about giving away hotspots because they become exhausted quicker.  I tried to ignore these comments but I realised I need to set an example.  

    The aim of this guide is to help the fishing community set a list of standards for finding hotspots, this will hopefully help everyone to find hotspots and contribute to the map.
    I’m going to be using some lingo throughout the guide, please refer to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eJoU7UdciC80UgtpvpxYKMQuvGpZzHP57uWLzcYf22o for any questions.
    Shout out to the guilds; Overlord, Sunflowers, LeTz_FeTz and Avalon for helping me with this guide.  
    I have over 10 hours of footage of me hotspot hunting.  I’m looking for a volunteer video editor for a project that isn’t 10 hours long.  Please pm me on reddit for details
    Searching For A Hotspot
    With the given information the most efficient way to find a hotspot is to sail 30 in game units and cast your rod in all 4 directions (front of boat, back of boat, left right).
    Only move/change float position when you pick up Junk.  

    It takes a lot of patience and time.  
    Fast Method
    If you prefer to cover more ground quickly you try a simpler which only casts out two directions (front and back) and fishes until you pick up junk.

    Advanced Fishing
    If you want to get super super fast you can start tracking uncommon hotspot tables.  In my experience i have never found an octopus hot spot so sometimes i move when i find one.  
    Multiple Person Hotspot Hunting
    This is where things get fun!  There are many different combinations to try but these have been our most successful.  When hotspot hunting with friends make sure to tell each other when you get junk, if your friend is still fishing join him in the same spot to deplete it faster.  Once all four sides have been fished move on.  

    Optimal Method (6 man)


    Strike fear into Poseidon with our hardcore fishing setup

    Tracking Distance
    Always have a marker set up when hot spot hunting.

    I prefer to put a hot spot in a random location ahead of me.  When sailing you can see how many in game units you have moved by looking at the number no the marker arrows.  


    A huge thanks to the community for chipping in!
  9. When you look across the internet with any mmo's title you come across a wealth of information created and written by players, whether it be guides, journals, blogs, or character stories. My suggestion is to take all of that and allow players to craft it in game as a book that they can enter into something like a central library or some sort of central knowledge database.
    I understand server space would limit the number of physical object in game so instead of making it something physical you could make it more of a log type thing, a player journal that could work similar to a notepad that they could write in for themselves with an option to share it with the rest of the world in a central database. Other players could then visit the central location in game and access the database there spending in game coins and energy to purchase or browse the books. So all of the guides, all of the blogs, journals and cookbooks and general knowledge that can be found all over the internet, things that that players have taken the time to write, could come into the game and be in one place as well as bring a new level of immersion to the people who want to access that information while making it easier to do so. Not only that but if was sellable by the people who have written it for in game coin then you have not only given them a platform to acknowledge the hours of work they put in for your game but you have also rewarded them for that work.
    All in all I think my suggestion would give the immersive elements of black desert online even more layers of depth and would expand on one of the games key elements (the knowledge system and the idea of continued learning) while allowing people to become more apart of the community through helping each other and sharing with each other. It would also be a great way to reward the player guide makers, the writers, the cook book creators who have been anonymously helping your players since launch. I understand however, that my suggestion could require a lot of work and coding to implement so I would expect to be patient, though it is my hope that it would be considered for a far in the future patch as a totally unique feature to the immersive world of Black Desert Online.
  10. Bonjour à toutes et a tous !
    Voici le lien vers une partie de ma chaîne You-tube, il y a quelques quêtes parfois peu expliquées dans le jeu en espérant vous voir sur Jordine  !
    Bonne soirée et bon jeu à tous !
    PS:Les vidéos ont des sous-titres en français pour les non anglophones .
  11. Here are a few of my black desert videos, im not going to read any comments on hear as i cba to deal with hate speach.
    Here is my stream also if you are interested -
  12. Aqui os dejo mi canal de youtube donde hay  pekeñas guias y consejos gracias.
  13. Post on Dyes not working? in General

    By Zulo, posted
    Got a bunch of dyes from Conq pack and from shop, but when i go into the "dye" screen and click on "dyes that i own" nothing comes up under any of the different kinds for both my character and my horse.
    Idk if there is like a certain NPC i need to talk to or what's going on, or how to do dyes.
    if someone could just point me to where i could find more info on this that'd be super coolio. Or just link me to a guide or something that would also be much appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this, and i hope everyone is enjoying the launch as much as I am (never played on KR)
  14. hey guys, just a video and written guides for berserker and ranger ! hope you like. very minimalist but with good info. theres a lot of stuff to process with BDO. i wanted to lighten some of that weight for the guys just wanting to rush. ENJOY ! 
    Berserker: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11bSjgk-ZICddTIDbOLCx1yojmEMw3GoSdxDKDEmjzcs
    Ranger: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14pj3rmrs3X0RgJiSadlgoyznEfvi1WMhrJ2Bb1v3kEc
  15. Um Neueinsteigern,Cracks und Gelegenheitsspielern  den Einstieg zu Erleichtern und ihnen die grundlegenden Informationen etwas näher zu bringen,hier eine recht informative Website:
    Dort findet man auf viele Themen bezogene Tipps&Guides.
    Somit kann man sich die Wartezeit doch noch sinnvoll versüßen und sich schon mal Kenntnisse über das Spiel aneignen.
  16. FoE has put together several video guides for BDO and we want to share them with the community. If there are other topics you guys would like guides for, let us know. You can catch the recording of the live Q&A we did on twitch.tv/kipmonty
    Tips & Tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdZwoJyjuEQ
    More tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmH8OkewQf8
    Boss Summon Scrolls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6yeVm-SNmo
    Node system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0NVqfHQoao
    Mounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE9IJ6kAYxw
    Crafting Beer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrncZYdPnKk
    Conversations and knowledge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlTwxploR-Q
    Gear upgrading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXrPApdCdu4
    Farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN1NmqTvf1c
    And our guild recruitment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OQb4GZ_6Uo
  17. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JnFambQifvui7-V68QMsfuXuhAuu4C0NsVJCxJIv84E/preview
    "This was unfortunately meant to be an internal document within our guild (with permission from Foundry and others) but since it leaked from a spy and so many people liked it, we're just going to keep it public. Many chapters in here are written in-house (chp 1, 3 etc) and most spreadsheets in there are our own. There are also many guides from BdFoundry and other locations like here on reddit we put all in one location. The general concept is to have a single link, one which you can give anyone, and they can access almost anything that was posted online publicly about BD.
    We did a lot of work looking over inven/translating and burning time in-game to put together and double-check things. Originally it was a beginner's guide (tier 1 of 3) for our guys, but since this is mostly common knowledge, we figured it wouldn't harm us. Hopefully everyone can enjoy BD a bit more. Thanks all."
    Credit: Freelancer - Original Thread
    Update: Black Desert Bible v1.6 - Apparently over 55% (previously 75%) of the Bible's content was taken straight from BDFoundry without their permission of making it public via other sources than BDFoundry's website.
    Here is a list of guides made by BDFoundry that include all of the guides from them in the Bible, in addition to several other helpful guides.
    I'll still leave the download link up since about half of the content isn't available on BDFoundry and the Bible is already public on other docs.
    Mega Link
    Here you go, because ----- trying to restrict people to using a laggy ass google doc for something that is already public.
    Google Drive Link
    Edit: Per the publisher's request, do not use the donation links in the PDF.
  18. Hey All,
    There is a lot of info out there regarding BDO, but as is par for the Internet the quality and relevance vary dramatically.
    I am looking to educate myself prior to launch about all aspects of the game. 
    So if there is a video or guide pertinent to the NA release that you find of special value, would you mind linking to it?

    Thank you very much.

    I've found this gentleman on Youtube, 'Pvt. Wiggles', valuable: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYdoiAO7ax1p0ZbHovrY4Tg

    Cash Shop Image:


    Character Templates (courtesy @Yirosu ):
    General Info:
    blackdesertfoundry.com (courtesy @ITPalg )

    Youtube Channels:

    Pvt. Wiggles: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYdoiAO7ax1p0ZbHovrY4Tg

    Hakurai (courtesy @Cmatex )https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHb8_QfMPrs_zKfVooSzJNw
    Endeavour Gaming Community sharing our collection of guides and videos on all things Black Desert Online.
    The Main Black Desert Page is
    And our collection of guides is on
    We look forward to seeing everyone in game!

  20. Here is Black Desert Blog's Guide to Knowledge and energy: http://www.blackdesertblog.com/2016/02/guide-to-knowledge-and-energy.html
    Slightly later than I would of liked but here nonetheless. Enjoy!
  21. Post on Guide to Fishing in Guides

    By Blackdesertblog, posted
    Today's Guide is focused on Fishing in Black Desert Online, which can be found here: http://www.blackdesertblog.com/2016/02/guide-to-fishing.html
    We hope you enjoy it!
  22. We at Black Desert Blog have just published our guide to Contribution here: http://www.blackdesertblog.com/2016/02/contribution-guide.html
    We are going to be putting up a guide from now to Thursday to get people prepped for CBT2 so stay tuned!
  23. Post on BDO Need to Know Guide in Guides

    By Adron, posted
    Here's my finished need to know tips and tricks for BDO.  We've been playing for a couple months now in Korea - and these answers the questions we continually get asked.

    Hopefully this helps you get started on the right path!

  24. Post on GUILD INFO in Guides

    By Solace, posted
    Just a quick question in our version whats the minimum lvl to create a guild?
  25. I have put together a playlist of many of the best English language Youtube Guides for various parts of Black Desert.
    People posting on this thread should post their own guide as well as any new guides that pop up over time.