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  1. Nexus Gaming

    Willkommen bei Nexus Gaming
    Wir sind eine Gilde im Aufbau und suchen aktive Spieler!
    Was du mitbringen solltest:
    -min.16 Jahre alt mit geistiger Reife
    -TS3 (Pflicht)
    -Spaß und Freude am Spiel!
    Was wir bieten:
    -Einen TS Server
    -Eine nette organisierte Gilde
    -Nette und potente Offiziere
    -Einen angenehmen Umgang

    Wir sind relativ neu und sind im Aufbau aber wir bemühen uns sehr die Gilde schnell, effektiv und gut zu gestalten!
    Unsere Homepage findest du unter: https://www.nexusgaming.de/
    Falls du Interesse hast dann schreibe uns doch eine PN InGame an:
    Offizier Namikokana (Elbor) 
    Leader Skypi (Angorana)
    Oder schreibe unter diesem Post ein Kommentar mit deinem InGame Name und einem kurzem Text und ich versuche mit dir in kürzester Zeit Kontakt aufzunehmen!
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen euer Nexus Gaming Team!
  2. My friends and I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and are looking to join a chill  PvX guild that will allow us to play only a couple of days during the week (specifically Friday - Sunday). I would say we want to improve our skills  and have lots of things to learn but in reality we just want to roll out in a goon squad :^) We use discord to communicate 
    Our family names are :
    TheGoonie (Maehwa 250 GS)
    RavenShadows (Dark Knight/ Ninja 250 GS)
    MartinDo (Zerker I have no idea prob slacking)
  3. Wir, die Gilde Spotted, suchen nach neuen Membern. Wir sind eine Gilde bestehend aus ein paar Freunden, die es leid waren in Gilden zu verharren die Member unfair behandeln oder keinerlei Interesse am Gildengeschehen hatten.
    Unser Fokus liegt auf einem gutem Miteinander und viel Zusammenarbeit. Sarkasmus und Ironie sind jedoch Voraussetzung.
    Unser Ziel als Gilde ist es ein Node einzunehmen. Wir sind keine Profis und spielen um Spaß zu haben. PvP wird geübt und auch oft im Duell mit Membern verbessert.
    Wir setzen keine Voraussetzung was das Spielen an sich angeht. PvX, PvP, PvE oder einfach nur Lifeskills...das ist euch überlassen.

    Wir stellen die Skills zur Verfügung und es wird dann gemeinschaftlich entschieden welche Skills als nächstes kommen.

    Falls das euer Interesse geweckt hat.
    Bin meist mit meinem Main online: Yuganuto. Familienname BandOfTheDragon
    Sonst könnt ihr mich adden oder auf die Gildenseite schreiben.

    Good Loot and Have Fun.

    Who we are
    Blacklist is a home for PvPers. We're ambitious, we thrive in competition and we aim to be at the top.
    Lead by Flow, Blacklist is looking to be a strong competitor in Black Desert despite being a new face to the scene.
    Originating in Tera, Blacklist was a top PvP guild on the Mount Tyrannas server during the active era. Tera had a variety of PvP gamemodes and we assured to hold dominance in all of them whether it was large scale GvG or Champion Skyring (3v3).
    We carried that same competitive excellence and PvP skill into Blade & Soul, a game where Solo Arena PVP was the main scene.
    We adapted despite the differences of Tera's and Blade & Soul's PvP format, and revealed our capabilities by being the guild with the most players to hold a Top 5 spot amongst the individual Class Rankings.
    Regardless of the format or game, Blacklist has a history of being the best.
    Our main focus is Endgame PvP though Blacklist welcomes players who are PvX. With Black Desert being a gear based PvP game, we will do whatever it takes to acquire or enhance our equipment whether its grinding or lifeskilling.
    Our Goals
    For Blacklist, our goal as a guild is very simple. We're looking to enter every form of PvP on BDO. This includes GvG, Red Battlefield & Nodewar/Siege.
    We are looking to excel at our classes through PvP Practice while simultaneously improving our gear.
    As we have history being an Arena-based guild we are looking to hit up Arena Content once that releases on NA.
    Though these are mere stepping stones, eventually we would like to be a consistent node war guild and host our very own PvP Tournaments like in the past.
    Recruitment and Requirements
    Blacklist isn't just looking for players who are "geared'. We are looking for people with a winning mindset. We don't expect people to be the best right off the bat either. What's more important is that you have the determination to improve, evolve, and excel. We are looking for new players who are just as ambitious and driven as we are, while taking part in our fun and trolly community.
    Level 58 + // 400+ GS Active Discord Activity Required (Mic Preferred) Preferred Classes:  All are welcome Whisper Flowroro#1851 or any other Blacklist members on https://discord.gg/blacklist for more details  
    Past Achievements/History
  5. Thank you for your interest in joining Arcane_Synergy on Black Desert Online.
    Arcane_Synergy is currently located on Olvia 1 (as it is a brand new guild composed of new players). We eventually intend to move to a different server and have a focus on pvx content (which the move to a different server will be done on a future date and the post updated then). As a new guild, we are looking to recruit social, mature players with a goal to see this guild suceed.
    By joining us you'll join a multi gaming community that expands across multiple games (our sister guilds Not Forgotten in Guild Wars 2, Aequitas Vox in Star Wars: The Old Republic and much more) and has a rich history along the way. We believe that making friendships in our community is integral to our continued success in gaming.
    If you're a new player that would like to join us along the way or a veteran player that would like to help out and offer assistance along the way, we would be happy to chat and see if you are a good fit for us.
    Contact Information
    PM me on the forums Or send me a mail in game (i check often)
    Family Name: Falksheime
    Characters Name: Kamilyyn
  6. <VAULT> is currently recruiting active players!
    * Discord is required.
    * Must be active player, 10k guild activity points in 2 weeks is required.
    * Lvl 56 + levels are welcome.

    - Guild Offers -
    * Guild skills (no buff hunters will be invited)
    * Nodewars.
    * Guild Bosses.
    * Guild missions.
    * Non toxic environment for progress.
    Interested? Just PM me here or the leader/officers ingame:
    CADMUS, Alintae, Kitsuma_Chan, Tinalie
  7. Hi There,
    Not a new player to BDO but I've been trying to find a good guild for weeks. If there are any guild recruiting please let me know
    I'd be happy to join. I'm interested in PVE, Boss Scrolls, Lvling, World Bosses etc.
    My Family name is trams87
  8. <Everly> Is a newly founded EU guild which is looking for members to grow with. I'm a lvl 59 valk which pretty much likes to explore every part of the game. Lately I've been doing lots of PvP, sieges and stuff- but now I've decided to take things a bit more easy, and therefore try and make a guild of my own. Just grinding, and enjoying other treats the game got to offer (Lifeskiller *cough*). Basically anyone who wants, is welcome to join my guild. No lvl or gear requirements at all. In the future it would be fun to try out NodeWars with the guild for fun- but to do that I need your help :3 <3       ddd

    Sounds interesting? (I'm really bad at writing stuff like this) Whisper me in game;
  9. [NA] <Eviscerate> Now has open recruiting! We are a newer guild putting our efforts into helping our members become gods. We focus a lot on PvP but have many who excel at other aspects of the game. We believe that knowledge is power and support our community through the gathering of knowledge to improve your play. For those who wish to join us an aura of fun loving self improvement is required. We actively grind, duel, and occasionally life skill in the attempt to be the best non try hard guild BDO has to offer. All of that being said, there are no iLvl requirements for joining, there are no level requirements, and we will never force you to play the game in a way that isn't fun for you. We do however, require one thing, and that is that you put forth your best in an effort to become better as a player. We have weekly Node Wars that you aren't required to come to but it is encouraged, we are a newer guild currently at 40 members. We do daily guild missions and grind parties we have a lot of knowledge on the game but could use more so come and lets become better together.You wont regret it!
    Useful Information:
    We currently own 1 tier-1 node.
    Requirements: Aim to become better, the will to become more knowledgeable and progress yourself and have guild activity!
    Goal: We aim to better ourselves and hold 2 nodes a week, and compete in high-end PvP, we hope to help players grow and achieve good gear, a high level, and class knowledge.
    Most active time for players in the guild: 5pm-12am EST, we have normally always have people on but that is the most active time to find people.
    PvX: focus on PvP slightly more but we grind a lot and do life skilling.
    Communication: Discord is the main use of communication for the guild, a lot of information posted there and good laughs.
    Officers you can whisper: Kagemand, Jimmychoo, Ninja_Gyn - Add us in-game and send a whisper.
    Contact me in-game for information or the other officers.
  10. Wir, die Shadow_Hunter, wollen nach oben.
    Mitstreiter werden gesucht! Level, Gear und Erfahrung spielen bei uns keine Rolle.
    Was wir bieten? Wir bieten nette, aufgeweckte und hilfsbereite Member, die gerne ihre Hilfe anbieten und mit denen man viel Spaß am Spiel haben wird. Bei uns sind sowohl Anfänger als auch erfahrene Spieler, Grinder und Lifeskiller, PvP und PvE Spieler vertreten. 
    Discord ist bei uns vorhanden, ist aber keine Pflicht, jedoch empfehlen wir ihn zumindest zum Informationsaustausch zu nutzen. Außerdem würden wir uns auch über die ein oder andere neue Stimme freuen. Noch können wir leider nicht an Postenkriegen teilnehmen, würden uns aber für die Zukunft wünschen im PvP aktiver werden zu können, weshalb wir uns auch gerne Zeit für PvP-Training nehmen. Zusätzlich bieten wir täglich gemeinsame Gildenquests.
     Was wir suchen? Wir suchen interessierte Member ab 18 Jahren, die gerne ihren Spaß am Spiel mit uns teilen würden und bereit sind mit uns gemeinsam stärker zu werden, um höhere Ziele zu erreichen.________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Bei Intersse Pn hier oder Ingame an die Offiziere:
    Nachnamen: Hisara und Kyotsuki
    oder an den Leader:
    Nachname: Ludes
  11. [Guild] Steel Candidum Shell[Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike[Guild] Black Rust Tongue[Guild] Nineshark’s Fin[Guild] Ocean Stalker WhiskerWhen Margoria and guild galleys came out, I only ever remember guilds being able to loot Nineshark's Fins. Are these other rares in the game now and do they have similar drop ratios? Thanks in advance!
  12. The Fun_Police is now hiring! Catch blackmarket smugglers! Sink illegal whalers! Don't like PvP? Then protect and serve by gathering resources for the poor or killing those pesky ogres and giants! We offer competitive pay, 401k, benefits and hazard pay! Join today!
    We are a PvX guild. Some of us enjoy PvP, some PvE. Whatever your flavor, all are welcome and can contribute. We do intend to eventually do node wars but for now we're just a wee bit small. We also have a discord that is optional for guildies to hang out in. Node war participants will be required to utilize discord however. Have a great day!

  13. Hello everyone,
    I'm Musawu and I just recently formed a new guild. This is literally a newly formed guild with only 2 members so far. If you are looking for that experience of climbing from the bottom up. Message me in game [Family name: Vendicare] for invite on Valencia 4. Any player is welcomed. Thanks.
  14. Looking for guild that would be interested in having alliances built also practice doing guild vs guild war anyone that would be interested in doing so please message me in game - Lloydd
  15. Join Prey!

    "Skills and Memes"
    Hello there and welcome to Prey’s recruitment thread!  I’d love to bore you with the crappy page, write up about how we’re a “Hardcore” PvP guild and how we have talented  and geared veterans from well known guilds ready to fight at any time! BUT I’d rather start by asking you this. Do you have a passion or love for PvP you can’t escape? Itching to make a name for yourself?

    Are you tired of the lag fest that are big scale sieges? Are you dissatisfied with the weak unmotivated membership around you sapping your energy, do you seek something a little more reliable? Do you want a closer knit group who wants to have fun in this game and delve into it’s dynamic  combat experience? Well Prey might just be for you then.

    Why Join Prey? 
    We get paid doe?!
  16. Join Prey!

    "Skills and Memes"
    Hello there and welcome to Prey’s recruitment thread!  I’d love to bore you with the crappy page, write up about how we’re a “Hardcore” PvP guild and how we have talented  and geared veterans from well known guilds ready to fight at any time! BUT I’d rather start by asking you this. Do you have a passion or love for PvP you can’t escape? Itching to make a name for yourself?

    Are you tired of the lag fest that are big scale sieges? Are you dissatisfied with the weak unmotivated membership around you sapping your energy, do you seek something a little more reliable? Do you want a closer knit group who wants to have fun in this game and delve into it’s dynamic  combat experience? Well Prey might just be for you then.

    Why Join Prey? 
    We get paid doe?!
    PM Azn, SnatchYoWitch or Dheltah
  17. Is it possible to increase the guild quest limit from 5 to 10? its pretty easy to burn through 5 quests a day so having it set to 10 would be great.
  18. Hola mis amigos
    I recently put in a support ticket questioning if certain aspects of the guild storage were working as intended and I was essentially directed here.
    Currently the guild storage is accessible by anyone. Although node war items and the like are only accessible by quartermaster+, items such as sea monster loot and other guild crafts can be taken by anyone in the guild. Even though a large portion of items are useless outside of guild use, this doesn't stop either potential griefing or more importantly people taking the items that can be used by them.
    Now I can see where some guilds, particularly smaller groups of just friends who all don't mind each other taking anything, would benefit from any member being able to use the feature for these items and the distribution would be easier for them in that sense. However for guilds who want to be more selective, for example those trying to only give as many guild items out to those who put as much in (eg. distributing Hekarus Process to those who need it based upon how much other stuff they've given), it is a very painful process that basically makes guild storage and the quartermaster role irrelevant. 
    Myself and a couple other Guild Masters that I am aware of are literally having to use an alt as a second guild storage for these type of guild items, and I feel that really goes against the point of not only having the storage but also for upgrading for those extra storage spots. In a sense why should the ability to split apart the access for more PvP based mode items be more structured than items for other areas of the game (not that I am more PvAnything inclined, just feel a similar system would work better).
    In my opinion it would be more ideal to have the storage completely accessible by only quartermaster+ to give more purpose to the role itself outside of Node Wars and not force players to use alts as guild storage. This is a change I would like to see within the current system
    Availability to tweak with the permissions of roles to make guilds easier to manage in general would also be ideal, but I understand that content to make guild interface better is already in planning/development and so I don't want to turn this into a massive moan on stuff that you have coming for the wider picture. This is simply a suggestion/discussion for a possible quick fix that would provide a bit of ease n comfort for guilds exploring different ways to manage provisions and incentives.
    If I am wrong and it's a harder task to adjust such things or there is a set reason for it being this way, then by all means I am open to that - I am simply a pleb seeking answers and discussion.

  19. About us:
    Ruthless was founded June 30, 2010 as a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. In 2012 it was decided to reform Ruthless into a multi-game community for Swedish players.
    Today Ruthless Gaming Community consist of around 1 000 members that play many different games. Other than playing games together we have several contests, lotterys and IRL events within the community.
    Ruthless BDO:
    We are a Swedish guild that are transforming into a more Node war and PvP oriented state of mind. Our core members have played since head start with a vast knowledge of game mechanics and experience on how to get that silver rolling for gear upgrades. We do Node Wars, RBF, GvG and open world PvP. 
    We are now looking for PvP minded, Swedish players who want to join us in our journey in the Node Wars and Siege Wars scene.
    We have daily summons to Valencia City/Margoria for crate turn-ins.
    Guild buffs:
    We have all appropriate guild buffs for PvP along with several life skill buffs for easier way of life.
    Guild Rules:
    Attendance in Node Wars (Thur and Sun)
    No karma griefing
    PvP oriented
    Level 57+

    Mentor system:
    We also have a mentor system for friends/family of guildmembers that are either new to the game or returning players but share the guilds mindset. With the mentor system, an existing member can take a new recruit "under his/her wings" and vouche that the recruit will be able to reach guild requirements within 14 days.
    For more information, please contact the below in-game, in Discord or on our forum

    IGN: Dakeu, Discord: Ljungen#9806, forum: Ljungen
    IGN: Maesterchaefen, Discord: GuDeeN (Maesterchaefen)#6452
    IGN: Gunte, Discord: Gunte#9572

  20. I along with many players want a better person to person trade system. I have a few thoughts i would like to share with you and get your options. With my Trade system players will be able to trade all gear and items. Weapons, armor, rings, food, fishing rods anything and everything! Now i know that hardest part of player to player trades is how do we make this a fair system. I have a pretty good answer to this (if you ask me  )
    We will use the Market Min Max system in trades. For example Player 1 uses World chat to say he is selling a Pri Ring of The Crescent Guardian. (Current market value NA Min:103,671,432 Max:126,709,528) Player 2 Says he will pay Max for the item. The two players set up a meeting place, and meet up in game. They open the trade window. Player 1 adds the Ring to the trade window. Players 2  trade button at the bottom becomes gray and unable to be clicked. Player 2 adds 1 1000g bar and 3 100g bars =130M. The Min price was met and the grayed trade button is now clickable for the trade to be completed! Both players are happy (no market RNG no pre-order buyouts!) Now i know the trend atm is offing pearls to make players want to trade items.
    So lets make pearls have a bigger role in BDO! Pearls will now have the ability to be traded!  Instead of (or with) silver and Gold bars! For Example 1000k pearls will be worth 100M (silver) player 1 wants to sell and Dandi Box. player 2 offers 3k pearls. They meet and trade. The pearls value is greater then the min price of a +0 dandi for his class. The trade is successful and both player and happy and no player was worried about getting scammed. Now BEFORE YOU ATTACK ME! Lets talk pearls and why. Many players and asking for pearls before a item is listed on the Market Place. I do not see that changing with the Silver Gold system i mentioned. Allowing players to trade pearls in place or with currency makes the players who want cash shop items for personal use happy and players who have spear pearls able to use them. WAIT HOLD YOUR FLAME P2W CRAP. Yes this makes and issue very apparent. People could pay 200-300$ and get full Tet gear. We could make pearls hold a value = to EST price per real currency I.G 2900 pearl outfit= 29$ therefor 100 pears =1$ (1000=10$) meaning 1K pearls = 10M and the rest be covered in gold bars or silver. Making player 2 come up with a majority of the cost to buy the item. OR pearls hold no value but can be trade in player to player. (I'm fine with any of these options)
    OR we could rid BDO of gifting entirely and make it so items can only be traded for silver and gold. Pearls can not effect value or trade. This would also open Market place pre-orders to not be so high on value items. Give me your thoughts and ideas lets come up with a system that is fair and makes players happy know that can 100% get that item they have been looking for and not with Bidding Pre-Order RNG.
  21.  Code is currently RECRUITING active lvl 50+ players! We are a small guild trying to reform and add more numbers to our ranks, we are willing to teach and grow with our players so we can become a possible node war contender. Pretty much accepting anyone. Discord required, mic optional.
    If you are interested or have any questions whisper Hikosi (Myumin) or Comics (Phooh).
  22. PhantomDeath is a Guild without requirments and is for low and high new and old players.
    When you just want to do your thing it is ok but if you want to do Guild Quest and Node Wars 
    it is ok too At the moment whe want to make our gathering and fishing Guild skills better (free Boni for all player in the Guild)
  23. Introduction
    Lysis is a European guild that will be settling down on the calpheon 2 channel. We are currently searching for more members to further enhance our numbers that have been steadily growing in the past couple of weeks. Currently, we are standing at 25 members.
    Even tho our primary focus is on PvP, our members do enjoy all aspects of the game and it would be absurd of us to request of them otherwise. We’ve always taken pride in the notion that we can combine what is best for the guild, with the wishes of our members. As such we feel that regardless of which part of the game most entices you, that you could find a suitable place among us.
    On Diplomacy and Ganking
    In regards to World PvP, Ganking and otherwise engaging in the noble act of procuring the wealth or tears of other players unaffiliated with the guild:
    Our members can freely engage in such activities.
    In regards to Diplomatic relations with other guilds, Clans or individual players:
    If you believe you have something of worth, contact us.
    It is our firm belief that a guild needs a common purpose, a guild whose members does not share a unified goal is hardly worthy of the epithet. It is therefore not only necessary but vital, that such a goal exists.
    While the guild must share a common goal, we also have the perfect understanding of the fact that not all our members will have the same individual aim with the game and we strive to create an environment where these individual goals conflict as little as possible with that of the guild.
    First and foremost we are a combative guild, our primary goal will always be to acquire and occupy a region.
    To achieve this we require members that take an interest in PvP, but also members who primarily wish to focus on the other aspects of the game.
    Guilds in Black Desert Online work under the premise that the members contribute to the guild to further advance it, in return, the members are paid a sum of silver each day.
    This sum is rather minuscule,  but can be greatly enhanced by taking an active part in the development of the guild. The amount can be greatly enhanced by taking an active part in the development of the guild.
    From our members we would expect the following:
    Active participation in guild missionsActive participation in guild eventsActive participation towards the acquisition of a regionUsage of DISCORDCooperative mindsetWe do not expect our members to be readily available at all times, but we do expect members to pull their weight.
    ActivityMembers who go offline for extended amounts of time or fail to meet the expectations of Lysis will be replaced. Should someone need to be gone for an extended period, exceptions can be made.
    BehaviourWe expect our members to maintain at least some level of maturity.
    We do have a fairly high ceiling in Lysis. Explicit language to be expected.
    We understand that drama may occur and it is our firm belief that when it does happen, it can be dealt with in a mature and reasonable manner.
    If you have any questions or are interested in joining then head over to the comment section of this post. 
    For more information from first hand contact one of the officers or the guild leader.
    Officers: Assassino (The_arrow), Stobartus (Stobber), UniqueTM (Adashinobenio)
    Guild leader: Crestwood (Matelyn)
    Lysis Gaming
  24. PhantomDeath is a Guild With no requirments and no kick perfekt for Guys who Don't want to Make node wars etc

  25. Hello everyone,
    We are looking for members! Most of us like to take our time and enjoy all aspects of the game. We don't mind helping each other out and enjoy chatting about the most random stuff. Of couse we do guild missions now and then, everyone is free to jump in on those or not. 
    So if you're looking for a guild to have a bunch of crazy  nice persons to chat with and ask questions ranging from gathering logs, to horse breeding, to becoming a stronk player it's all fine, Stronk got it all covered.
    Cya around and if you want to know more let me know!