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    Already in a guild? Sick of their rules and regulations tiring you down? Betray them today and join us tomorrow!

    About the Guild
    We are a newly upcoming Guild, during the first few weeks we have already made an non-aggression pact and an alliance with two of the biggest guilds on the server, RiOT and MountainTraining.
    Treachery is a PvEvP type of guild, the type where if you are grinding mobs and some player comes in, kill them! we are <Treachery> after all, we stand our ground.
    mixed with different types of players - casual, hardcore and casual-hardcore. We are mostly all from close countries namely being in Scandinavia, United Kingdom, and any others that are near those two.
    As a guild, we try to help each other out by doing quests and or grinding together to get stronger. 
    We are a family, we stick together and back each other up. If one dies, we all die. Not really, we laugh at the one that died.
    Join us! the more members we have, the more guild quests we can do, and the more funds the guild will get to support it's members and complete our aims.
    Our Aims
    To get stronger as an individualTo get stronger together as a GuildTo participate in Node warsTo buy a guild houseELEPHANTS! Cause why not? 
    Guild Master
    Aged 16 and overCasual or Hardcore PlayerUse DiscordBe Active on the gameNew player, Returning player, or Current Player that's looking to spice up their game 
    The guild uses Discord as our primary means of communication, however, you are not required to speak if you do not want to or for whatever reason, We are not forcing you. But you are required to join the Treachery server as there might be important information on there that you might need to know for any future events.

    How to Apply
    Must be on the same channel as an OfficerWhisper any Officer in-game, Your class and level, AP/AWAK/DP (Awakening if Applicable)Willing to join Discord
    You can get in touch with any Officer or the Guild Master by whispering their family name above.
    If they are online of course.
  2. GearCarry is a very new guild leaning towards the combat side of the game. I am a very competitive player who doesn't give up on a fight even though I get very out-geared majority of the time, hence why I picked the guild name. I will try to get to a large portion of the guild content as much as I can, but I am a fairly new player myself so I am very much still on the grind. Below, I am going to list some guild content subjects and what level of priority they have to GearCarry at the moment.
    Guild Quests - High priority since we are just starting out. These will allow you to increase your daily pay while also giving the guild more skill points and funds. (Majority will take place in Valencia since they pay well).
    Declaring War - Medium Priority. I have no issue declaring war on another guild if they are trying to take over your grind spot or alternatively you want theirs. As long as you feel that someone just will not go away, war will commence.
    Node Wars - N/A. I still have a lot to learn about node wars and we are still very small, so for the time being, there will not be any node wars.
    Guild Skills - Focusing all skill points into the combat side of the spectrum for now.
    Requirements - As of now there are no requirements to join other than being an active player and being interested in guild activities. As was stated earlier though, most of the guild quests will be in Valencia so if you aren't at least awakened with some descent gear you will have a hard time progressing.
    That's about it for this post, I just wanted to add in that this will be a very M rated guild so if you have a light stomach for that sort of thing, I do apologize.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I'm a returning player, and while I don't play BDO all the time, the last time I played was when the Maewha and Kunoichi updates where around. And since the Dark Knight is around I figured now is a good time to be around again and see what has changed.
    So I'd like to join an older player guild within the Pacific time zone willing to take players like me. I currently main Kunoichi. I don't label myself a hardcore nor a casual gamer. So I'd like to place myself in a guild that doesn't really care for those types of things and doesn't mind how long I play BDO or how long I take a break from it as long as they know I'll be back over time.

  4. Europe - Semi-Hardcore - PvX - Balenos 4
    Recruitment Status: ON
    <BloodFeast> is an International PvX Focused Community that is focused on giving the members the best experience of the game! We aim to be one of the most well-known guild in the EU server and in the future expand our name to other games. We like to play the game the way we see fit, giving the members the tools to progress through the game and help in any way we can.
    We value every member we have, we like to listen and discuss ideas and suggestions from our members. Every new idea is one more step to become a better and more united guild.
    We use Discord as our main communication tool. We use it to chill and send random stuff to eachothers, give notices, shouts about objectives and events, and obviously to voice chat. Being online on Discord whenever you are online in the game is mandatory. Using voice chat is optional but we would like to listen and have fun together and laugh about random topics.
    Recruitment & Requirements
    We are looking for active, friendly, helpful members that want to make a difference in the guild, being unique in your own way. Players willing to participate in our Guild Events and Guild Related Content (node wars, fishing raids, Sea Hunts etc...), willing to improve in order to get stronger... Knowledge is Power.
    We have some restrictions regardless on Gear and Level. We are looking for Lv 56+ with at least 250+ Gear Score (exceptions can be made if you are willing to reach the minimum within the limited time.
    For the best experience, we run a 7 day Trial for those interested. This will test some aspects (PvP, Game Knowledge) and it will make you feel more confortable when you reach the Trial Objectives.

    In order contact us you can choose between 3 options.
    1. Reply to this Thread and wait for us to answer back in-game.
    For this you will have to tell us your main Character Name and your Family Name
    2. Whisper any Officer or Guild Master in-game (names at the end of the Thread).
    3. Join our Discord Server to contact us.

    We are looking forwards to meet you!

    Best Regads
    <BloodFeast> Guild

    Guild Master: WarCrew_PT
    Officers: Demonlightt, Thellendriel
    Quartermaster: Lilith_Nyx

    Discord PermaInvite: https://discord.gg/62enBBP

    We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +3 AP Guild Perk +1 Fishing +1 Gathering And we're working on our guild galley at the moment.
    PvP and Lifeskilling Training.
    What we don't offer but still happens. 
    Group farming .
    Group leveling.
    Power leveling.
    Friends and Frenemies.
    Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. 
    We're currently looking for maturity.
    Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.
    Being active within the guild.
    Discord However is mandatory.
    And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated.
    Now if this has peeked you curiosity. 
    Get in contact with us.
    Send a Message to me here.
    Private Message me on the Forums.
    Message MoarAxes, Stella_Black, Cheshire_Tiger, or Remerix in game.
    Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.
    Swagger, You know what it is. 
    Strut your stuff and join Now.

  6. Ravenholm
    We are a semi-casual but PvP focused guild. We focus on playing the game together and having fun. We do group grinds and have boss scroll nights, and weekly PvP practice on Saturdays, as well as a smaller life-skills focused part of the guild. We have a fully maxed combat tree and have started working on the life-skills tree.
    Guild Skills: Accuracy+5, AP+5, HP+100, Damage Reduction+5, Fishing +2
    {Primarily looking for players with 400+ GS for our PvP group (Awakened/DP)}
    All classes and experience levels are welcome here.We are looking to start participating in node wars in the near future.We do have a guild discord, and it is required for joining and keeping up with guild activities. A headset is also required (mic is not) for GvG/Node Wars.Members are expected to be at node wars at least once a week for big paychecks.Rules/requirements:
    Respect and support fellow members18 yrs+ No exploiting/cheatingDiscord/Headset (required/mic is not required)Priority to players with 350-400+ GS (Awakened/DP)Keep making gainsLove PvPParticipate in guild activities 
    Leave a comment here in this threadPM me via the forumsWhisper Momochou or Tamison in-game  

  7. Post on LF Guild in US Guild

    By Mulldawg, posted
    Good Evening, 
    I am a returning player(level 40 witch), and I am looking for a guild on uno. I do not have to much experience in this game all together, but I am looking for a group of people to play with. 
    Thank you
  8. <IIIusionists> ~ oceanic guild is recruiting! Looking for friendly players and groups with an interest in pvpve. Message "Cyrii", "Moo3" or "Prayman" for more information and invites

  9. Hi! Everyone,
    I am the guild leader of <Dunamis>. I have been playing BDO since the end of July, 2016. My primary character ingame is a Valkyrie. Our guild <Dunamis> is recruiting players of any level to join us on server Uno. If you are looking for a guild to call home and looking for friends to share the joy of playing BDO, we welcome you to join us!
    Guild Activity & Goal
    We have guild quest and dueling practice regularly. The goal for our guild now is to raise our guild fund and earn as many guild points as possible. We are also here to encourage each other to grow stronger in this game in case of leveling and gear score. Our ultimate goal is to enjoy all aspects that BDO offers for guilds together, including guild boss and node war. Many of our members love the life skills in BDO. One of our guild officers has been on the cook ranking board for quite a few times. We are also in the process of preparing to participate node war now.
    Requirement for Joining
    There is no age restriction to join us. The age range in our guild is from 18 to 35. The only thing we require is that all members communicate with each other in a mature and respectful way. Joking with each other can be fun as long as the person you joke with don't get upset. Using bad words occasionally when things like receiving no loot after boss fight or failing enhancement happen is ok; but please do not use dirty word in every sentence you say especially when you join us on Discord. We do not require players to be in certain level with certain gear score to join us. The current character level range in our guild is from level 40+ to level 59. We are here to help each other to grow stronger. But please understand that guild quests that require us to kill mobs are generally for level 50+ and you should have at least 200+ ap/dp combine to avoid being killed by mobs too frequently during those quests. We strongly encourage you to upgrade your gear after you join us. We know that fail stacking and enhancement is a painful process with tears. But that is why we are here to share the joy and sadness with you.  We only have more requirement if you are interested in becoming a guild officer. For those who are interested in being an officer of our guild, we require the person to have a level 55+ character with a gear score of 300+ and must be able to use a PC mic to communicate with other officers on teamspeak during guild activities. We also require the person who wants to be our guild officer to have joined our guild for at least 21 days before he/she inform the current officers that he/she is interested in being our guild officer. We prefer our guild officer to be 21+ in age; but this can be arranged based on our communication with the potential guild officer candidate.
    Discord usage
    We use Discord for smooth communication but it is not mandatory. You can just use ingame guild chat to communicate with your guild mates once you join us. please also understand that even if our characters are in game, we may be away from keyboard or busy in doing in game activity. If you have anything important that you want to let us know, Discord really is the best method. in addition, if you are interested in becoming an officer of our guild, you must have a PC mic to use Discord to talk with all the officers of <Dunamis>.
    How to join us
    Please comment on this post or send a personal forum message to me to schedule a time to meet our guild officers in game. Here is an example:
    Player's ingame family/character name
    Time to meet (including time zone, better be New York time)
    Location including channal, and town (for example: Serendia U1, Velia near Lorenzo the stable manager. Meeting location must be in safe zone)
    Alternatively, instead of scheduling through this forum post, you can also leave your joining information on our guild guest book in game. I also send recruiting message through server chat ingame every now and then. So if you see a recruiting message from <Dunamis> guild, please whisper me if you are interested in joining us. And please remember that there is a 24 hours cool down before you can join another guild after leaving your past guild. So please schedule our meeting time after this cool down.
    Thank you for reading this post! We are always looking for new friends to join us! We are looking forward to enjoying BDO with you!
    ZheTao (ingame primary character: Algerina, class Valkyrie)
    Oct. 12, 2016
  10. Hi There Exia7Swords (Faimily name Saigo) here,
    I have been soloing this game for a while  since pretty much release and Ive come to the decision Id like to get closer to the community. My Girlfriend and I play but we always like meeting new people and making bonds. I dont have a flashy website and our clan thus far is just mainly us two but Im looking for people to join us. Tired of being by yourself in the game(like I was)? Want to engage with more people but honestly dont know where to start? Just starting the game  and wanna start hanging with a  group that has consistency? We would love to have you . If your looking for a guild to call home , it may be small but we welcome you with open arms. You dont have to know all the  terms and tricks to the game or be good or whatever. We will learn the game together and hopefully the clan will grow. As far as role playing goes Ive always been interested in it but the people I come in contact with  dare already part of guilds or just partying for the time being lol. Discord will be made once we have multiple replies on this forum. Our goal is to build a clan/guild together with pve ,bonding with good people out there who just want to enjoy the world that BDO has to offer. Yes we do plan on doing pvp but once we all build together as a team and everyone feels comfortable with either their stats or the people around them. Plz either reply here or add me in game. The end is what you make it, so give us the honor of creating it with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you all soon,
    Exia7Swords(in game name and main character :Saigo Mutsue)

  11. Hello, we are looking for new less experienced players to join our ranks.
    We plan on first teaching players crafting,node managment, and other basic information.
    Focused on PVE but is looking to expand to pvp as our numbers and strength grows.
    You can message me via the forum or join our teamspeak:
    If you are interested in joining.

  12. Asylum PvX International Alustin
    About Us
    Asylum are a Semi-Hardcore release formed guild we started in Feburary 2016, We are Semi/Casual due to many of us having Real life Jobs, Most of us joined on EU Release, Some of us are from Korea/Russia with slightly more experience than others. We are a strong growing community with a great Core group who are always up for helping eachother and new members aswell as having some fun banter on Discord/Teamspeak out VoiP.
    Level 50+ or willing to Grind and catch up
    Able to understand English on Voice Comms
    Active and Friendly
    Do you very best to attend x5 Missions Daily
    Liddel (Anathea)
  13. <Nivinium> is a new guild looking for casual players.  We are formed by a husband and wife team and are looking for laid back players who want a family friendly environment.  Leading professional lives, we use BDO as a means to escape from reality and to enjoy social company as well.  There are no level requirements nor is voice-chat required (woot)!  All that we ask is for you to take a look at our website and if you like our style or you get the warm and fuzzies whisper Guild Master Evinon, or myself, Guild Mistress Alianorra, in game.   You can also apply straight from our website at the "Apply Here" tab at the top of the page (will need to 'sign up' when prompted).  If your personality meshes with the direction in which the guild is going, we would love to extend an invitation!  Our goal is quality people and low turnover.  
    *Guild scrolls and other social activities will be planned once all ranks are filled.*
    Thanks for checking us out!  *drops mic*
  14. Who We Are
    Cream is a guild that was created for people who want to be hard core but cannot due to having a life. That being said, we do expect you to be somewhat hard core in terms of progressing in the game. Such as gearing up, leveling up, and getting life skills up. While these are our standards we do give you time to progress. We’re also a bunch of goofballs so don’t worry, we don’t take everything seriously. But we do if we need to.
    What We Do
    We spend most of our time grinding. We do guild missions daily. We also help our lower level members reach level 50 so that they may participate with guild missions and join our never ending grinding parties. We enjoy talking on Discord, sharing information and knowledge with each other.
    Who We Want
    We want people who can socialize with us on Discord, participate with guild missions and grow together with us both ingame and as a community. People who can fool around ingame but can progress without falling too far behind.
    Cream is a fun, easy going guild looking for members that are level 45+ and have endgame in mind, such as pvp/node wars etc. People who play at least three hours a night, in the evening through late night hours, preferred. (USA PST-EST) We also offer help to reach level 50 so that one may participate in guild missions, and grinding parties. (Must be 18+)
    While we are still a small guild, our numbers are steadily growing. Our Discord is open to anyone wanting to join our gaming community
    If you have any questions you may message me in discord or whisper me or one of my officers ingame.
    People you can whisper:
    Poofy (GM)
  15. <Ningu>
    <Ningu> is a brand new fishing guild, aiming to catch all the Ningus in the sea.
    Occasionally we kill some noob by 5v1ing him, which we learned from Hojo. 
    What we are looking for: We are looking for active players, to do any type of content, PVX,Grinding sessions, Boss Scrolls, Guild Bosses, Guild Missions, etc. We are also looking to fight on Node Wars when the time comes. And offcourse the 5v1 we talked about earlier. If they start calling backup we just run/change channels. 
    We also want people with high fishing skill in order to catch all the Ningus.
    Requirements: Level 55 and 280 AP/DP combined.
    Home Channel: MJ-1 is our home channel and we'll be THRILLED if you visit us while we're afk-fishing.
    Contact me: Family/Character Name - Arkable/Zourk, or on Discord Zourk#0159
    We will be waiting for your application!!
    Our last GvG fight video 

  16. About Us:
    Excessum is International Multi-Gaming Community. Our player base consists out of hardcore veterans that played with us since 2002 and new members that we recruited since then. Since then we gained countless achievements in pretty much every major mmorpg since. That gives us a varied group with massive experience in mmorpg gaming. Most of us are friends and like minded individuals, that value good fun and enjoys challenges together.
    Recruitment Status:
    Currently recruiting new members located in all regions to build upon our core of members from those area's for our 24/7 presence in Black Desert Online.
    Recruits we are looking for should participate in guild groups, Guild vs Guild or any other organized activities and be available on Discord if needed, aim to be best at what they do. Voice communication is fundamental for successful guild and community, that's why its mandatory for official guild groups for our members.Mature PvP Mindset is Required.
     Guild Address: http://www.excessum-gaming.com
     Guild Name: Excessum Server: Jordine Channel: Serendia J1 Guild Leader: Frexie FrexarianGuild Officers: Shiju, Akashiri, Cerynthia, Aileath, Sabiana, Khaox, Stoneay, Khebeln, RootzNon Aggression Pact: Impact, Restart, Razors, Varshen, ChaosVanguardGuild Main Focus: - PvP: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Sieges & GvG. Gankage Groups. PK. PvP Events. Arena Training.- PvE: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Grind Groups, Bosses, Crafting, Fishing, Guild QuestsGuild Requirements: - Apply at www.excessum-gaming.com/recruitment - Minimum of 55+ Level 5 Stat Accesories- High Daily Activity - Organized, Relaxed & Drama Free Attitude - 3d+ w/o proper note at #absence-notification = Your spot becomes open for new members      Excessum Community Social Media Sites
    WebsiteForumsFacebook Public GroupYouTube ChannelTwitch ChannelSteam GroupCommunity Gallery 
    Welcome and thank you for considering to join Excessum! We are a quality guild and require high standards from all of our members. Therefore we have a strict recruiting policy in order to create a first barrier our new potential members will have to overcome. Before applying, please read this post carefully, because it might just be the difference between getting accepted or getting rejected.
    - You behave in a mature and respectful manner. Not just to your guild members, but also to non-guild members.
    - You are pro-active, eager to participate on the forums and in voice chat and eager to discuss game mechanics.
    - You are a team player, placing the needs and goals of the guild before your own.
    - You do not easily get frustrated. We do not want our guild members to start crying if they get ganked 10 times in a row or if we wipe 10 times in a row on a raid boss.
    - You are reliable. Coming half an hour late for a raid, because your mother planned dinner at the time we planned to start the raid is not a good reason.
    - You have at least some interest in both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game.
    If you just read these traits and feel there is 1 or more with which you cannot identify yourself, please reconsider applying to this guild. It might save us both a lot of time.

    1. Discord-Voip - A working microphone is recommended & a copy of Discord is mandatory to be installed & ready to use by all members higher than Trial & Social member. Only exception to that are hearing-speech impaired members. While participating in any official guild party or raid the ability to communicate is mandatory. Its highly encouraged to use discord outside off the official groups & raids. Our community is voice oriented one so be aware of that.
    2. Recruitment - New members are in a trial period, during this period officers will decide if the recruit is of Excessum standards. This only applies if its in game recruitment. Pre launch recruitment trial can last as long as its necessary until we will know you.
    3. Disruptive Behavior - An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, racism, arguing within the guild, etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive", meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness.
    4. Quality Players - Our community have standards of quality play that we intend to maintain. If any guild member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills and will to learn, they may be voted on by the Officers for removal from the guild. The important phrase here is "extremely lacking."
    5. No Cliques - We will not allow special cliques to form within the guild. Everyone in the guild should get to know all of the other guild members, and be equally helpful to all of them. For balanced grouping purposes, the Officers may have to adjust party or raids so that all guild members get a fair group when they play.
    6. No Idiotic Public Posts - If you want to act like a fool, we have private boards or discord for you to do that. Don't post on public forums & chats about the guild, how bad *** you are, or how we were foolish enough to add or kick you.
    7. Respect Your Guild Members -
    You are required to treat other members of the guild with respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behavior is. Feel free to interact with anyone outside of the guild however you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild rules.
    8. Forums & Website - All members are required to visit website regularly and be acquainted with all the necessary information that is placed in in the Guild sections of the games they are playing.
    9. In-Game botting - Members involved in use of any bot programs will be removed from the guild. If we find any evidence that you are involved, there will be no mercy!
    10. Absence - If you are going away for a long period of time and you don't want to removed from the in game guild after two weeks of being inactive, you need to inform us about that in the absence forum using template provided there. Browser games are exception, look for details in their forum sections.

    There are certain attributes that Excessum members must have, these are the following
    Skill: Members are expected to actively improve their skill and experience, this includes knowledge of every factor of your chosen class, knowledge of the surroundings, tactical awareness and your reaction time.
    Determination: Members are expected to have the stamina to reach the goals set by the guild if they are participating in any group activities. Whenever a member's army get wiped out, they are expected to get back up ready to fight, ready to win!
    Dedication: Our goal is to achieve top end game results and and promote dynamic community interactions. To participate within the ranks of the guild there is the expectation that you have dedication to the cause. Activity on the forums / voice / text chat comes and in game are all expected.
    Attitude: Members are expected to posses certain attitude traits. These include such things as the ability to take criticism, ability to work as part of a team and take initiative in community related activities.
    Maturity: Good communities are founded on maturity, tolerance and reasonable respect. By this we mean that you possess the ability to judge and apply your actions correctly depending on the situation and avoid conflicts and drama. You possess balanced and tolerant personality.
  17. Affliction is a thriving PvX guild with 35+ very active members. We are recruiting PvP enthusiasts and others for node wars and No matter what your interests, there are groups within Affliction that will welcome you! We have avid traders and craftsmen, altaholics and bloodthirsty pvp’ers. We have folks who love to grind and those who prefer hanging out fishing and drinking beer. We are part of the Digital Affliction gaming community and have a core group of players who bring decades of MMO experience to BDO. We are a welcoming, helpful community that supports all facets of the game. We are currently expanding our ranks to build toward competitive PVP, Node Wars and Sieges.
    Requirements: Be mature, have a sense of humor, don’t be an asshole! We don’t have an age requirement but most of our members are age 28+
    VOIP: Discord
    Typical Playtimes: We have members active in all NA/OCE time zones.
    Activity: We run multiple guild missions, gathering, trading, fishing and leveling groups, boss scrolls & more throughout the day. We reward significant participation but understand some members have limited playtime.
    Apply: Apply at our website https://digitalafflictiongaming.com and hop in Discord or message on of the following people in game:
    GM - Kerosin
    Officer - Kynkii_Toy (Recruitment & Events officer)
    Officer - Keidii (Recruitment & member management officer)
    Officer - Dallas_Korbin (General prime-time officer)
    Officer - Shinoshi (General graveyard officer)

  18. We are PRYD
    By Loyalty, we mean make an effort to further increase the teamplay of the guild, and stick around. By Freedom we mean, Feel free to make your own choices, and know that your voice will be heard. Just keep in mind that unnessesary PvP and Outlawing should be avoided. Now the important one here is Mastery. We practice to master our class. Both alone and in groups. Every once and a while we head to an arena and have sparring matches, to learn more about our own class, and others, how we need to play against different classes and how to adapt. It is not a requirement to be a master, but to be willing to allways better yourself, by yourself and with the guild. We strive to become great, together.

    We are currently at 7 members. 5 Core players.Server: Jordine, main channel Calpheon J1.Prime time is between 17.00 and 23.00 on weekdays, and all weekend.Time Zone: European (GMT +1/+2)Focus: PvXSmall guildBig dreamsHours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!Ages: Preferably +20.Web Site: http://prydguild.businesscatalyst.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prydguild/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKR2TkpexlPX7BMAj-TmGgVoicechat: Discord (https://discordapp.com/)
    Make a name for ourselves as a force to be reckoned with.Take part in small and large scale PVP.Enhance the gaming experience of Black Desert as a community.Have fun, share knowlege, play the game.
    Boss scroll sundays!Leveling for 55.Guild wars.Backing up guildies in need.The never ending GRIND.
    We Accept
    Friendly and helpfull playersPlayers who wants to improve and master their classPlayers that attempt to collect their daily boss scroll for Sunday Boss Scrolls!Highly Desirable
    PvP oriented playersPlayers that play in our prime timeMotivated and well organized playersScandinavian (not required)Not Acceptable
    Toxic playersWhining and no respect for guild valuesOnly solo players out to exploit the rest of the guild 
    If you are interested in joining, contact me on prydguild@gmail.com, add me on Discord Erlang#8291 or whisper us ingame.

    Erlang (warrior)
    Knifemonkey (berserker)
    Peppe (ranger)
    Jorgande (witch)
    Kazuuma (musa)
    FireFoxx (sorcerer)

  19. In preparation for node wars Black is looking for active PvP'ers who enjoy competitive/organized team play. Level 55 with a gear score of at least 270 preferred; some exceptions may be made. 
    High priority classes: Berserkers, Witch/Wizard.
    We are not recruiting Maehwa/Musa or Sorceress at this time. 
    Contact me via PM on these forums.

  20. Hello everyone,
    My IGN is Kildohr (Family Name Kild). I'm the leader of the guild <Guardian> on the Orwen server. I have been an MMORPG player since the first Everquest expansion when I was still in elementary school. I have led many guilds in many different games and our officers have similar experience. We are NOT immature or mean people. We are the friendliest group of people you will meet, honestly. If you join us, you  will never get -----ed at, period. We do troll each other, but all in good fun...  
    Our guild has been here since the first couple days of launch and we are about 45 ACTIVE members strong, and growing with experienced and mature gamers. Many of us have years (10+) of MMO experience and are thrilled to explore what BDO has to offer. To me personally, it's the best game I've played in 15 years. 
    We are a guild that is focused on helping each other progress and get the most out of the game. We group up EVERY day for activities such as grinding in Mediah (Sausans/Elrics/Mediah 2 Dungeons and Pirate Island occasionally), Daily & Weekly Scrolls/World Bosses, 5x5 Relics/Books, Guild Missions, Guild Bosses every Saturday evening, and small-scale PvP/Arena PvP.
    Our current goal is to get stronger and recruit more members like us, to get better at PvP, and eventually to compete with other guilds for nodes. But, most of all our goal is to have fun with each other.
    Some of our features/rules include:
    Level 45+ is strongly recommended but we will make exceptions if you are very active and strive to level up.PLEASE be active if you plan on joining us! Ten days inactivity without notification will result in a guild kick until you return.+4 AP / +4 Accuracy / +80 Max HP / +1 Damage Reduction / +1 Gathering (MANY more bonuses to come soon - 76 total guild pts and growing rapidly).Knowledgeable guildmates that can help and provide insight in many areas of the game.Discord Server (voice-chat not required but you must be able to at least listen. our Discord is a very active place as well).Rewards for participation (higher daily salary).Ten days inactivity without notification will result in a guild kick until you return.VERY fun group of guys/gals. We joke, we troll each other to an extent, and we just have fun. Wide variety of ages, 18-40+ (mature attitude req.)Our main group of members play pretty much EVERY day and night to an extent and we would hope that you would like to do the same
    since grouping with guildmates makes the game that much better!If you're interested in joining or you have any questions feel free to message us here or in game on Valencia O1 (our main channel, but we sometimes swap). 
    Our normal playing times are every day around 6pm and sometimes go as late as 4am Eastern (We have members from many time zones). Some of us play for most of the day, however. Below is a list of names you can try to contact in game. (Though some of us might be AFK fishing!)
    OFFICERS Able to Invite You! Message the TOP PEOPLE FIRST, PLEASE do not use the chat in the Friend window because we may not see it!
    (Family Name) - Character Names(Kild) - Kildohr  (Guild Leader)(Eaglewood) - Braya(Connelly) - Cenmi(Rileyy) - Danisaur(Coin) - Aparou / Apara / Kugime(Gooshy) - Gooshy / GooshThank you guys very much for taking the time to read! Looking forward to having you!
  21. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I am the guild leader of the Jesters guild, we are an easy going, laid back group that enjoys all aspects of Black Desert Online, we are looking for dedicated people that are interested in helping each other out in the guild in whatever area it is that you enjoy. We do our best to help with guild missions, information, leveling, questing, scrolls, etc. 
    Our main members are Content creators both with Youtube and Twitch that focus on guides, and let's plays. So we are always doing our best to learn everything we can about the game to be the best we can.
    If you are interested, or have more questions we are happy to talk with you. Contact Chris (Silly Bones) in game, Family name: SillyBones
    Thank you all, and good luck!

  22. Blueshift is an English speaking guild looking for PvX members to craft & kill their way through black desert!
    We want to expand our ranks with active members who want to have fun and experience group based content.
    While we are currently doing 50+ content all levels are welcome, so please feel free to join us, ask questions, gear up and get ready for war! 
    Inbox me if you'd like to know more.
  23. Hi! My guild, Liminality ,is looking for members. Were on the Orwen server, and primarily play on the Serendia 01 channel. Were a small, somewhat casual, group of players looking to have fun and just enjoy the game. We typically do guild missions around 10:30 pm pst on Sundays( a rather friendly time for both pst players and Aussies, believe it is around 6:30 pm for them). We may do more more on more days as guild size increases if people like. We have no level requirement and new players/less experienced players are welcome. All are welcome We also have a teamspeak. We do not require members to participate in guild missions, but we will adjust contract pay/daily pay based on participation in them and overall activity. We are mainly active during the evening and continue playing late into the night. If interested feel free to send me a message on here, e-mail me at taylorakt1993@gmail.com, or whisper Ember_Luna in game. My family name is Blaer.
  24. Tribunal is now recruiting! 
    About ourselves. 

    Tribunal is a PVP/PVE orientated guild comprised of Russian speaking english players and European users ranging from many different ethnic groups. 
    Our main focus is PVP and we are gearing up for Node wars and competitive PVP against other guilds. Many
    of the players in Tribunal are from other versions of Black Desert such as KR, JP and RU and we have a lot
    of knowledge to share. We are based in Jordine Balenos j1
    Tribunal fights any guild not matter their size or their dominance. Winning is all we know. 
    What are our goals? 

    Our goal is simple we fight and we fight to win. Be it in grinding, GvG or the up coming node wars. 

    Why us? 
    - Our players have been playing Black desert across multiple versions for an extended period of time.
    We have the PVP experience and we know how to fight 
    - If you're being PK'ed or attacked we will help out. 

    What do we want from you. 
    We understand that real life may not allow you to meet all of these however we will take consideration 
    into account and make exceptions. We like to keep our games seperate from our real lives. 
    We are also recruiting people that are at least 52 or above with a minimum gear score around 100/120. Warriors, Valkyrie's and Giants will get a higher priority and we will boost you as fast as possible. For more information about this contact the following people below. 
    Things to note: 
    - We would like you to be as active as possible. 
    - Prioritise guild quests 
    - Be on teamspeak 
    And finally be a valuable asset to the guild. You can prove your worth by helping with guild quests and being a major contender in GvG. 
    For more information contact Joder (English/Russian) Pendalf (English/Russian) Genkiz (English) Yuki (English) 
  25. A quick over view of Aqua, aka: TLDR
    We are a bunch who just love to have fun and joke around. Our discord chat is lively, and during events, is full of members who want to enjoy themselves in black desert. Many of us only just started playing black desert during the NA release, but we have experience in other MMOs such as GW2, TERA, WOW, Wild star, and others. We are a semi-completive guild; and while we won’t force your nose against the grind stone to be the best, we won’t stand for folks picking their butt and whining for free potions.
    As far as our history is concerned: we are a completely new guild that has been created for the sole purpose of kicking ass in black desert.  Many of our members are located in the EST time region, but we do have other members who are scattered about the states. we primary schedule around  5pm-11pm EST when we are at our most active. Read on for more detail.
    Wow, your guild is amazing. Am I for you??
    We’ll first, ask yourself, “Do I want to have lots of fun?” If the answer is yes than keep reading. If the answer is no….. Go umm?? Watch paint dry?? We don’t expect you to be number 1 in growth or a profession, nor do we expect you to come to ever single guild mission, but we do want you to be an active member who is willing to participate in many of our guild mission. We also hope that you’re interested in honing your PvP skill with us in the arena and during GvG. We want someone who can get on discord and at the very least listen to instructions. Actually talking in discord yourself is not however required, but is highly recommended. We know you can be shy ^.~ .
    So I can do pretty much whatever I want??
    No we are Aqua, and we have standards.  We will not be party to any cheating or exploitation of the game in any way. We have a Zero tolerance policy on this particular issue.
    We want to have fun and joke around, and sometimes it can get a bit mean. If someone ask you to tone it down. Be respectful and do so, or else you will be warned. Multiple warning  will result in expulsion from the guild.
    Prolonged inactivity that is not explained in the forums will result in being kicked from the guild. As of right now, the time period is one week of inactivity.
    We require Discord voice chat for GvG. This is a necessary tool to be effective on the battle field. We do not expect or require all of our member to talk in discord, but we do want you to be able to listen to shot callers and follow simple instructions. I mean, how else are we supposed to rekt faces?
    Our rules for engaging other players. If your grind for EXP/MONEY, leave other folks to their packs. If someone takes one of your mobs kill them, and don’t look back. If you get ganked call for help, and we’ll gank them back.
    Lastly, try to continue to gear your preferred character. We don’t expect you to be the best geared character in the game, but we want to know that you aren’t falling behind the bulk of our opponents in black desert. As long as you’re willing to progress we are happy to have you.
    When do I show up??
    We are mostly based off EST guild events such as guild bosses are slated for 10pm EST, and most of us start grouping, grinding, and doing dailies together at ~8est. If these times don’t work for you it might be difficult for you to be productive or noticed.
    As far as attending our guild events we have been quite relaxed, but we are slowing starting to make at least 1 or 2 guild subjugation missions and bosses mandatory a week. If you can’t participate it would be silly of us to keep you over a member who is willing to work with us to get ahead.
    WOW!! You guys sound fantastic! How do I join??
    Go on out website and apply!! http://aquabdo.shivtr.com/ is where you can apply. After you apply and get accepted feel free to post on here and bump the thread. Also Message Mmimzy, or Sycamore in game for a personal interview.