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  1. Starting out, ap/1 fish/1 so far, looking for VERY low key players. NO time/gear requirements. We do require you be 21+ in age, have a thick skin, don't whine, complain, one-up, brag, or be a jerk in general. We do require that you be decent to one another, try and have fun, and RELAX. It's a game, not serious business. We prefer good people to good players. Life skills, new players, ect most welcome. Please whisper Ahnahj in game. I play EST times. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know how to leave a guild in game and what are some helpful guilds who are mature
  3. I suggest that you unlock characters under the same account (family) from all being FORCED to be in the same guild.  
    Sometimes a player wants the expertise that comes from a PVE guild for their PVE character, sometimes a player wants the unity of a PVP guild for node wars etc.  ONE SINGLE GUILD cannot be all things to all people even if they say "we're PVX."
    Usually the scenario goes: player creates new character on their account. Player then PMs an officer: "hey, this is my alt - can you send an invite." If the player wants the newly created character to be in that guild.  Otherwise a PM is sent to another guild for an invitation.  That is how it has been for ages, so I am perplexed on the reasoning of your system other than it is monetarily driven? 
    Furthermore, you have the guild chat setup on a character name basis, which suits this suggestion. Otherwise, how is someone supposed the know the other 6+ characters that each family has and then multiply that by a guild that is 75+ people or larger and you're supposed to remember 450+ names and who they go with?  It's nonsense.
    So, why do you force every single character that a person rolls to ALL be in the same guild.  Hell, sometimes a player doesn't even want to be in a guild and should have the liberty to have a character(s) that aren't in one. 
  4. Post on PvE Content in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    Things i would like to see come to BDO...
    Groupingthis is a MMO right?Dungeon farmingBoss scrolls are fun and all, but i'm honestly tired of useless junk with no real progression.CraftingManos, for example, will always cost you silver to BUY the manos pieces from the NPC why can't we craft or obtain these through other things such as world bosses?Crafting could open such a new and better system overallClass Rolesthe fact that there isn't really any class roles and everyone stacks AP is really dishearting. So linear that even a child could build something better. No uniqueness at all.Enhancementremove the punish for trying to progress. almost a year into the game and i'm honestly tired of losing my progress that i've made due to some RNG crap.add ways to help enhancement - crafting/bosses/guilds/dungeons...Geargiving away free shit is fine and all, but that really ruins the game and a reason to play. Handing out free boss gear and top grade things just proves that the content in game isn't correct and you are too lazy to fix it. Hidden Stats / DamageWhy do we not have a damage log? All the hidden stats...why? Give us information; stop hoarding it. 
    Overall, these are just somethings that bug me about BDO. The final thing i wanted to say is that BDO doesn't provide any sense of accomplishments.  I for one don't feel happy when I successfullly TRI TET etc while others with more failstacks and more attempts fail over and over and over. It ruin's the game and deters people from even playing.
    I hope things will change, but it's looking worse imo. 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Serenity @CM_Yukimura @GM_Axion @GM MWallace @PM_Jouska @PM_Belsazar 
  5. Hola, estoy buscando una guild que se hablahispana, soy nuevo pero el juego me fascino, me gustaría mucho entrar a una guild, no importa si es nueva o ya con muchos miembros, que tengan algo de paciencia, pues el juego es algo enredado, dejo mis datos.
    Hey, Im looking for an hablahispana guild, im pretty much new but Im really getting into it. dont really care if it is new or its been there for quite a while, just need you to have some patience with new player, you know, the game is kinda messy, so its really hard to undestand it. this are my data.
    Family name: DeusUmbrae
    char name: Achnorogy (tamer), DeusNoctis(sorcerress)

  6. It's nearly 2 Months now after the merge and yet its lesser competitive then before. Every Day so much guild recruit spam: small scale, semi-hardcore, semi-progress, and even progress and yet so much nodes are free or claimed with no competition. This is so much money and actual PvP-Experience that is lost its sad. We even have a Weekly Podcast after Sieges hosted by our beloved @Swiper Swipers Twitch .
    But why is the attendance so low? I see tons of players running around even lvl 60+ People Guildless / in unknown Guilds. And how can we encourage more People to do actual PvP?
    Let's get Wasted!
  7. Updated from: THIS INDEX (since it clearly is no longer being updated)
    Explanation of focus categories:
    Balanced PvP/PvE* - Guilds that welcome players with a non-competitive mindset of engaging in all aspects of BDO (a more casual/relaxed environment)Competitive PvP* - Guilds that welcome players with a focus on sieges, node wars, Guild vs Guild as their end-game with a hardcore/semi-hardcore mindsetPvE Progression* - Guilds that welcome players with no desire to participate in Player vs Player aspects on a competitive levelEconomy & Crafting - Guilds that welcome players with goals of mastering and progressing as crafters and traders in the game.Roleplay - Guilds that welcome role-players\Please post below or message me to add to this index.
    Focus: Economy and CraftingVoIP: TSWebsite: N/ARecruitment thread:  Whisper IG:  Lurker, CrimsonDecay, or SnatchYoWitch TheMysticalOrder
    Focus: Casual RoleplayVoIP: DiscordWebsite: WIPRecruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/123359-the-mystical-order-casual-rpcasualno-pvpmature/WarriorNation
    Focus: PVX VoIP: DiscordWebsite: warriornation.netRecruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/124231-warriornation-pvx-taking-over-the-world-no-reqs/Xen of Onslaugh
    Focus: Competitive PVPVoIP: TSWebsite: https://www.xoohq.com/Recruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/115389-xoo-xen-of-onslaught-recruiting-for-bdo-and-beyond-15-year-community-based-guild/&page=2 
  8. This is the first Offical Ranking of Guilds of the New World.
    Going off of recent events, Guild Wars (GvG) and Node Wars.
    S+: ManUp 
    S: Barcode,Iconic (Due to them getting dumpstered by Manup they have fallen to S but, due to the GvG vs Gravity which they clearly beat Gravity 1v1 they rank S)
    A+: Gravity, FML
    A: Critical, Chonation, Oasis, Support
    B+: BlackRose, Kyoukai, Vision, WolfsofWar, AfterShock
    B: (N/A)
    More updates coming later
  9. Black Desert Online Guild Championship
    This topic has been moved to the new BDO Forums: https://beta-forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/bdo-eu-events.163/#post-998
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Oli @CM_Praballo @CM_Tits @CM_Tytyes @CM_Tytys @Azta
  10. Downloading as we speak, does anyone have suggestions or tips to prepare myself?
  11. Hey Peoples,
    I'm looking for people who are new to the game, and are willing to grow together as a group/team and eventually get a guild going. I thought about finding someone established after I get all my affairs in order but, I haven't explored much of the world yet and I figured why not do it with like minded people who are looking to contribute to the economy, make make bank through strategic tactics and have some fun! Most bosses and such is better when you're grinding with 5 others because you're able to maximize drops so I figured why not start a post and see if there are any new people to BDO that're interested. I currently have a LV 17 Musa and LV 28 Witch and I'm thinking about creating a new character for a main so if you're interested send me an email (caomei.2315@gmail.com) and we can get together online and probably use my channel on Discord or Skype.
  12. Black Desert Online Guild Championship
    Tournament Live Information here 
    The Game of Guilds. Each guild send it's most powerfull member to represent the guild. There can only be 1 winner is this double elimination tournament!

    Contact Aeregon#4422 on Discord for entries.

    See Tournament Live Information.

    See Tournament Live Information.

    -Participants will have to register for each tournament. Guilds will not automaticly be added to follow up tournaments.
    -We are still looking for people who want to sponsor or donate some prices (e.g. Guest passes, Consumables ect)
    Future changes:
    See Tournament Live Information.

    **Rules may be added/removed at any point. Suggestion for rule-changes can be send to Aeregon#4422 and will be put in a strawpoll.
  13. Post on Team Play/Guild "Bonding" in General

    By MobyX, posted
    Hello all, I don't know if this topic has been raised before, but I would like the GMs/CMs to know how some of us feel.
    i would like to start and say that I have been playing since March. This is my favorite game, and possibly the best game I have ever played. Been playing for months, and this game just keeps getting better for me.
    The only thing in my opinion that this game is missing is group or team play. Pretty much solo play is favored in each and every way in everything, you make more money solo, you get more exp solo, you pretty much get better gains playing solo. As a member in a guild, and as a person who loves to get in groups, I feel like this game is just catered to solo play mostly. I just wish there was something exclusively that can be done in a party or something for guild members to do together (I know we have guild bosses, really 5 minutes of your time).
    I know this can't be realized in 1 patch or anytime this year, but maybe it is something to be considered for future content if possible. 
    Thank you
  14. Top100 guilds by score, after server merge. (103 guild, because 7 guilds has 150 points)
       Alustin Guilds = 30
       Croxus Guilds = 28
       Jordine Guilds = 44
  15. This is an introduction / recruitment thread for a Spanish speaking guild - The rest of the post will be in spanish
    El clan/gremio/guild Exodo hace su entrada a las tierras del Black Desert.
    Somos un grupo organizado que trae mucha experiencia en MMORPGs. Tenemos un core de 6 players que vienen jugando este tipo de juegos hace mas de 10 años. Nuestro objetivo es algun dia ser competitivos pero sin apuro. Nuestra mayor experiencia se dio en el Lineage 2 donde hemos creado varios clanes y alianzas que llegaron al tope de la competitvidad de los servers respectivos.
    Contamos con nuestro propio servidor de Teamspeak 3 y nuestra website propia: www.exodoclan.com
    En un principio entramos en varios clanes hispanos que encontramos en el server, pero en todos los que estuvimos no encontramos Guilds que nos parezca se organizaran bien.
    Estamos reclutando jugadores de cualquier nivel y equipo. Estamos activamente ayudando a todo aquel que queira comenzar ya sea con powerlvling y consejo. El unico requisito es el uso de Teamspeak 3 para poder comunicarnos e irnos conociendo.
    En este momento, no somos un Guild atractivo para jugadores con experiencia y no tenemos mucho que ofrecerles, pero si les interesa participar de nuestro proyecto son mas que bienvenidos.
    Debido a la falta de foros en espanol tambien estamos poniendo nuestro foro a la dispocicion de la comunidad. Si tienen preguntas o problemas con el idioma, son mas que bienvenidos.
  16. <DarkRonin> Seeking New,Old,Returning players to help build DarkRonin. PVP OR PVE WE NEED YOU!!!!!
  17. We are new guild with the name TheGuardianss and anybody who want is Welcome.
    For contact: AngeIOfDeath (where " l " is uppercase " i ")

    We are in Alustin/Serendia A2
  18. "Twas the Night Before Red Nose (or, A Visit from Veritas)"

    ‘Twas the night before Red Nose, when all through the forums
    Not a @Slurzy was memeing, keeping reasonable decorum.
    Luck Boots of Fortuna were hung on the chimney with care,
    In the hopes that Boss Armor boxes soon would be there.
    The <Rage>ies were nestled, all snug with papa @scottyz
    While desires of Muskan Boots, coursed through their warm bodies.
    And @wedgehoe in his Grunil, and @NotKallock in his Giath’s
    Dreamt of sweet Hebetates that Kakao might supplyeth
    When way off in Serendia, there arose such a such a clatter,
    I sprang from my P2W bed to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window, I flew like a flash
    Quick slot to teleport, held shift down to dash.
    Excited and elated, what to my flickering monitor should show
    But an RNG* box that was beginning to glow
    Yet before it was open, before my right clicks,
    Did there appear such an iconic gaggle of [a guild that used to be called Veritas, but is no longer called Veritas, because they are no longer affiliated with Legacy Gaming.]
    More rapid than T8s, their declarations came,
    And they whistled and shouted and called out by name:
    “Dec <Foe>! Dec <Rage>!  Dec <Dibs> and <White_Lotus>!
    Dec <LotD>!  Dec <Relevant> in hopes that they notice!
    Kill <Bridge_Burners>, <Infernal>, and <Trucidation>!
    Hunt them and gank them, throughout the nation.
    At Dim Tree! At Mudster!  At Kzarka and Kutum!
    We’ll show them our e-peens, then quickly uproot ‘em.”
    @fobm4ster sprang to his elephant, and to his team gave a whistle
    Away the zerg flew like the down of a thistle.
    But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he galumphed out of sight,
    “Happy Red Nose to all!  Gear up and get ready to fight!”
    *RNG = Red Nose Gear
  19. Tournament goal
    To provide the server with a (fair) competition away from the game of attendance in a time where our server still healing from previous quitting waves.

    Every participating guild will be acquired to provide a list of 15 (pre determined classes by the tournament judges) in that specific month.
    Tournament matches  will take place every (week day will be specified soon) in a time & place agreed between both guilds in that bracket.
    Tournament will run during the whole month and every last week will determine the (top) guild in Jordine for the next month, so tournament takes place in October to determine the top gvg guild for November and so on.
    Both guilds will do a war reset (retract) before their matches then start a fresh war from both sides and their matches will start when a present judge say so.
    The guild that reaches the pre determined (by judges) kill score wins the round & there will be 5 rounds for every match (3 best of 5), between each round there be 10 mins given to fill up on pots, elixirs, repair etc (no more than 10 mins), each round ends for a player when dies (don't res until one of the teams all down and the judge make the call)
    Any violation to the kill score by players from outside the representing team towards kill score will lead to instant loss (screenshots with time stamps are required to prove it and submit to the judges). Both participating guilds must advice the rest of the guild not to target the opponent guild elsewhere to avoid unnecessary calculations.
    More rules to be added as seen fit with time by the judges.
    Gameplay rules
    No Ghille suit allowed (both types).
    No revealing clothes to avoid distracting others.
    How many of each class will be specified (by judges soon).
    A group of neutral players will be selected to help out in running this monthly tournament, to be determined and announced soon.
    Bragging rights (#1 Top GvG guild for a month)
    Pre determined war ( to cover any costs for players time & silver spent) 50-100 mills.
    Upon signing up (guild leader) must create a challonge account (if don’t have) to list his/her team for that month tourney (in game char name).
    Every single member of each team must sign up for a challonge account with same exact name in game (main char participating name not family name).
    Note there is a check in system 15 mins prior to each team prior to their match.

    Looking to have 4 judges to run this tournament so if interested and have the time plus experience in pvp then pm me your in game name, lvl and guild.
    Anyone talented to provide us with a tournament banner if it is even using paint are welcome if funny
    Any suggestions please go ahead, it is my first tournament in this game, i have hosted a lot before in different game.
    Will try to cover (stream) every match as possible and everyone welcome to do so too.
  20. With the announcement in mind, I wonder how drastic the game will change in the next two months.
    I know the economy will be catastrophic for awhile, since everyone and their mom with a wallet will be able to buy those rare ogre rings (instead of a small few)
    But I'm thinking long term. I assume they are ramping up the F2P announcement which would offset the people who quit the game in disgust and most guilds will go through some serious reconstruction. New guilds will come out of the smoke with some gear and a new will to be on top. Node wars will be way more unbalanced now.
    Grind spots will be more contested because of
    1.Influx of f2p players
    2.You can now buy value packs with ingame money
    3. More GvG for grind spots for players that can't afford to P2W
    Thoughts? I'm just spitballing here, curious to see how things will play out.

  21. Region: NA
    Server:  EDAN
    Nodes: 2
    We are a hardcore PvP guild dedicated to node wars and being a competitive force. We strive to have quality players over quantity. We have a strong push to help our fellow guild mates get the gear they need and assist with PvP tactics. We are not a zerg guild and you'll never see us push numbers against someone else. You will never see us trash talking in game. We would rather our skill and the scoreboard do the talking. We are currently in the top 60 Guilds and have over 60 active members.
    GUILD MASTER: Character Name (Family Name)
    Orphen (Reaver)
    OFFICERS: Character Name (Family Name)
    Lusus (Asanes)
    Smouldering (Succellus)
    RatsNrop (Guams)
    Cynath (Piorun)
    Mythdrine (DaMagic)
    NightStalker (Tribal)
    Yomaz (Yomaz)
    - Active presence in discord (mic not required) as this serves as a central location for current information concerning the guild.
    - Don't talk $#!t to other guilds
    - Do Guild Quests when possible. We do guild bonuses every 2 weeks; the higher your activity the higher the payout.
    - Be at our Node Wars. We're a PvP guild, does anything else needs to be said?
    - AT LEAST two node wars a week (Typically done on Sundays and Tuesdays)
    - Professional and respectful towards other guilds
    - As many guild missions as Smouldering feels like doing (Someone help this guy, he has a serious addiction)
    - A Discord environment that is anything but professional. Expect some jokes to come your way, have some thick skin!
    - Community that is 18+
    - Organized PvP skirmishes.
    - Knowledgable group of people that can answer any question you may have.
    - Guild buffs that are ALL PvP and siege related.
    - Ages 18+
    - Our preferred classes are Witch/Wiz/Tamer/Ranger/Zerker, if you are not one of these classes, we may make an exception based off activity and gear score.
    - Thick skinned. We love to shit talk each other and have a good time
    - Have fun and enjoy yourself!
    Interested in joining us? PM me (Lusus) in-game or reply to this thread with the following:
    - Character name (Family name)
    - Current Level
    - Class
    - Normal Playtimes (with Timezone)
    - Gear score (Combined AP and DP)
    Link to our discord: https://discord.gg/0vgCOO8oVXYSpm4C
  22. Post on [NA] EDAN: <MAGIKARP> in US Guild

    By Party, posted
    <Magikarp> is looking for independent karps who wants to have a good time.We are good karps who love to splash at the scene in pvp and erp, but mostly pvp. We like to erp in our pvp.
    We are looking to recruit active members. 
    We want to grow as a guild and as players. We will be actively going after nodes
    and doing world PVP.
    We are accepting new and old players.
    If this looks like something for you Please Whisper in game to: Changed, Adachi_Hana, Bladerr, Naisho, Kryvo, Roitale.

  23. Our small guild of 40 some odd players has had a really hard time finding recruits since Valencia patch launched. Since then we've noticed far more quit, sell their accounts or just vanish compared to the number of people who were always asking to join. 
    I spoke with 4 other friends in guilds of which were Hostile, Gravity, ManUp, Havoc who have all told me its the same thing happening with them and if it wasn't for guilds that collapsed and merged into theirs they would be screwed. It's like gathering and digging killed this game plus Daum's broken promise that PRI DUO TRI+ wouldn't scale the same in NA as it does KR. I don't know what the exact reasons are but all I know is that it doesn't seem like there are new players coming and existing players are just shuffling around between guilds.
    Anyone else willing to share their experience with finding new recruits? ...BTW I mean recruits that are level 56 and higher with advanced gear capable of sieging. Its pretty dead out there.
  24. So I would like to post this up as a thread to post ideas and have a running list of all the things that need to be fixed or changed for the guild system in this game in order bring it up to spec with other games.  If you have more ideas than what I've posted or think that a different idea than I have posted would work better then please post below, and I'll update this list.  Hopefully this will help the developers to determine what people are looking for when it comes to guild issues that we would like to have fixed.
    1)  Upper Management  
    Guilds either need the concept of the Vice Leader to be implemented or the ability to customize the functions of the officer rank.  If leaders can customize what officers can do then if they are going on vacations or a leave of absence then they could turn on the ability for officers to renew their own contracts, place forts for node wars and collect money from the controlled nodes.
    The Vice Leader option might be a better idea.  They should 100% of all the ability of the leader minus the ability to transfer guild leadership.  They should be able to renew their own contracts as well as anyone under them.  I have been in a couple guilds already where the leader has had to leave for a week or more at a time and that means no node wars, no money collection and no officer contract renewals.  One such cash was from a medical emergency and wasn't something that could be planned for ahead of time.
    2)  Guild History Fix
    It would be nice to be able to have a list of when people were killed in the guild by other players as well as when you have members that either leave the guild or are kicked from the guild.  It's also nice to be able to see when new people have been recruited to the guild.
    3)  AFK markers
    If people are using auto pathing or have been sitting afk doing nothing for more than 30 minutes then they should get an AFK tag in the guild only.  So if I press "G" to open the guild tool then I know who is currently active and who is currently not at their keyboards.  This would make planning events like guild missions easier to do if you have an accurate idea of how many people are online and actively playing.  It would also be nice if there was a command to just toggle your afk status, but not something that disables the auto afk flag from happening.
    4)  Better Guild Mission Management
    This is an annoying issue that shouldn't be here.  Currently guild missions are based on the number of max slots you have in your guild and not the current number of guild members.  Not only is that annoying but if you have an extra large size guild there is at best 1 extra large mission up at a time.  If your guild is in fact extra large then anything smaller than an extra large mission is basically worthless.
    There needs to be a tab for each of the difficulties that are fully populated or at the very least make sure there is at least always 1 of each difficulty mission available since there is currently no way to refresh the current guild missions.  Having a tab that lets you choose the difficulty you want with 2-4 missions on each tab would be nice.  That way you can pick which of the current territories you want to do quests from.  Extra Large guilds with great gear will want to probably always do Valencia missions because they give the best exp and money.
    Also please consider removing the 10 minute timer between guild missions.  I know our guild frequently lines up to do all the missions right in a row.  In order to do all 5 missions we have an artificial 40 minute timer added on to the time it takes to do all the missions.  Guilds who have people logged in all day and can just keep missions going all the time have a bigger advantage over smaller guilds or guilds who all play from the same time zone and only have a limited time to do missions.
    5)  Channel List
    Currently you can see what channel each member of your guild is in if you mouse over their contract icon.  It would be nice if this was something that was visible from the base guild window so I can see what channel all of the members are in at any given time.
    6)  Guild Recruitment
    Currently if someone is unguilded they show up in a list under recruit guild member tab.  In stead of having this there should be a Looking for guild chat channel that you are automatically placed in if you are guildless.  You should have the option to filter the channel out if you don't want to join a guild.  The only people allowed to speak in this channel should be Officers or Leaders of a guild and there should be a 15 minute timer on posting in the channel so people can't just spam it like crazy.  This channel should also be server wide.  I should not have to spend my loyalty points to be able to advertise my guild to the whole server.
    The time limit will stop people from using the chat for stuff other than recruiting on a regular basis.  Since people who are "IN" a guild won't be able to use the channel unless they are an officer or leader then there should be no reason that anyone would use it to communicate with people via this channel.  This would make it a lot easier to find new members for your guild.
    7)  Message of the Day
    The current message of the day is entirely too short.  It needs to be at least twice the length it currently is.  It would also be nice if it would display upon people logging into the game to bring notice to whatever is posted there.
    8)  Guild Leader Transfer Fee
    Remove or drastically lower the cost of transferring the guild to someone else.  The cost to assume control of a dead guild seems... Okay... but if there is an active guild and the guild leader needs to step down or leave the game then taking 50% of the guild bank to transfer leadership is really annoying.  There's no need to cost that kind of money just to transfer ownership of a guild.
    9)  Officer Chat
    Private chat just for the officers in a guild.  Being able to speak to the other officers in the guild without having to use an outside source would be really nice!
    10)  Guild list view options
    Having the ability to turn off viewing of offline players in the guild roster would be nice.  Just a little check box that disables names from being listed if they currently aren't online.
  25. Hello, everyone. One of my close friends persuaded me to buy Black Desert Online. I told him I would buy it, he is a very experienced player with almost 800+ hours clocked in. He stopped playing due to frequent crashes on his potato.  As for me I'm a newbie to MMO's in general and too Black Desert. I have no idea what I'm doing. All I've been doing is gaining experience and CP and some energy and inventory slots. My main class that I play as is a Valkyrie at level 30, I can't remember how much AP/DP I have. All I know is that I need help, BDO is overwhelming definitely. I have no idea what skills to buy and how to get steady silver.
    Here is my question. I'm looking for a guild that's open to new players and can help them become better players and understand the game a bit more than they do. I have discord and a mic. I honestly need some people to hang out with. Game is boring solo.