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  1. Blacklist is a home for PvPers. We're ambitious, we thrive in competition and we aim to be at the top.
    Lead by Flow, Blacklist is looking to be a strong competitor in Black Desert despite being a new face to the scene.
    Originating in Tera, Blacklist was a top PvP guild on the Mount Tyrannas server during the active era. Tera had a variety of PvP gamemodes and we assured to hold dominance in all of them whether it was large scale GvG or Champion Skyring (3v3).
    We carried that same competitive excellence and PvP skill into Blade & Soul, a game where Solo Arena PVP was the main scene.
    We adapted despite the differences of Tera's and Blade & Soul's PvP format, and revealed our capabilities by being the guild with the most players to hold a Top 5 spot amongst the individual Class Rankings.
    Regardless of the format or game, Blacklist has a history of being the best.
    Our main focus is Endgame PvP though Blacklist welcomes players who are PvX. With Black Desert being a gear based PvP game, we will do whatever it takes to acquire or enhance our equipment whether its grinding or lifeskilling.

    For Blacklist, our goal as a guild is very simple. We're looking to enter every form of PvP on BDO. This includes GvG, Red Battlefield & Nodewar/Siege.
    We are looking to excel at our classes through PvP Practice while simultaneously improving our gear.
    As we have history being an Arena-based guild we are looking to hit up Arena Content once that releases on NA.
    Though these are mere stepping stones, eventually we would like to be a consistent node war guild and host our very own PvP Tournaments like in the past.

    Blacklist isn't just looking for players who are "geared'. We are looking for people with a winning mindset. We don't expect people to be the best right off the bat either. What's more important is that you have the determination to improve, evolve, and excel. We are looking for new players who are just as ambitious and driven as we are, while taking part in our fun and trolly community.
    Level 58 + // 400+ GS Active Discord Activity Required (Mic Preferred) Preferred Classes:  All are welcome Whisper Flowroro#1851 or any other Blacklist members on https://discord.gg/blacklist for more details  

  2. The double-ping camera/character direction bug still exists. 
    I believe it was supposed to be resolved by this patch:
    For those who aren't clear: If while using an ability while a guildy double pings anywhere on the map, you can't change character direction with your camera unless you W A S D first. I believe it's bugging an autopath while using an ability, that sets you in a straight line, that you have to W A S D to get off the "autopath".  
    This is absolute AIDS for many classes that rely on chaining dashes into mobile damage abilities into frontal blocks that have to be turned or you get dunked.  This is a huge issue in nodewars and gvg large scale where location pinging is very necessary for group coordination. Will edit in some videos to further illustrate. 

    Oyez oyez braves gens ! La Guilde Kamelott ouvre ses portes, la cité n'en est encore qu'à ses balbutiements, les mains sont à l'ouvrage pour faire de cette aventure une épopée dont le nom résonnera de Calpheon à Valencia, jusque dans les contrées inconnues de Kamasylve. Alors si le cœur vous en dit n'hésitez pas à rejoindre notre groupe fraîchement créé et encore en développement pour apporter votre pierre à l'édifice. 
    Nos ambitions sont aussi diverses qu'inifinies, chacun y trouvera sa place, PvE, PvP, GvG, Conquête de territoire, que vous soyez nouvellement arrivé dans ce monde ou si votre visage a pleuré plus de larmes qu'il ne s'est écoulée d'eau dans les rivières, soyez le bienvenu. Il est à prévoir que Kamelott ne restera pas qu'un simple nom, pas une ligne de code perdue dans un océan numérique, non, Kamelott ce sera bien plus que cela avec le temps et la sueur, nous avons la volonté de redonner à cette cité ces lettres de noblesses ( malheureusement le deuxième " a " lui par contre, on pourra difficilement le retrouver  ). 
    Je sais que la tenue d'un projet est parfois long et fastidieux, les paroles ne seront jamais que la pâle copie d'actes qui parfois n'arrivent jamais, mais n'ayez crainte ! Ensemble nous formerons un groupe déterminé à tout surpasser, c'est dans l'entraide, la coopération, la stratégie et la réflexion que nous puiserons nos plus grandes forces, nous avons certes des ambitions mais cela ne se fera jamais seul, aussi il est nécessaire de constituer un groupe solide avec lequel nous pourrons évoluer.

    Nous avons à disposition un Discord, toujours en cours de création, donc si vous souhaitez rejoindre une Guilde qui fait ses premiers pas, et l'aider pour plus tard être fier du chemin parcouru, c'est le moment, certes, nous ne sommes que 2 ( à l'heure où j'écris ces mots, soit 17h12 le 03 Avril de l'an 2017. ) mais nous sommes motivés et avides d'histoires, non pas à écouter, mais celles que nous auront à raconter. Il n'est pas l'heure de tourner la page, non il faut bien plus que cela, il est temps d'écrire un nouveau livre.
    Alors si vous pensez que notre nombre encore faible de membres est une raison pour ne pas venir, n'ayez crainte, il ne fait aucun doute que c'est une interrogation que vous êtes plusieurs à vous poser, et si, vous preniez tous la même décision ? Ne serions-nous pas de facto beaucoup plus nombreux ?  
    " Dans la guerre, le nombre seul ne procure aucun avantage. N'avancez pas en vous reposant exclusivement sur la puissance militaire. " Sun Tzu, l'Art de la Guerre.
    Moyens de contacts:
    DM sur BDO -> Ryo_Ken
    Discord ->https://discord.gg/Tx4NRyt

    Mail: knansenpai@gmail.com 

    We are Swagger.
    Our activity is Huge.
    Our grind is big.
    Our Swagger is legendary.
    And our loot is almost just as legendary.
    We will never be a big guild of lemmings, we will always strive to keep Swagger Lean and Mean. 
    We curse the black spirit out and laugh at the storyline together.
    If This sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading.
    As a guild we offer
    5 Daily Guild Quests
    1 Daily Guild Boss(They drop livertos and other nice things)
    Friendly Advice in PvP and PvE
    +5 Accuracy +3 AP Guild Perk +1 Fishing +1 Gathering And we're working on our guild galley at the moment.
    PvP and Lifeskilling Training.
    What we don't offer but still happens. 
    Group farming .
    Group leveling.
    Power leveling.
    Friends and Frenemies.
    Now that you know what we Do and Don't offer, Let's talk about you. 
    We're currently looking for maturity.
    Level 50 or higher is a plus but not mandatory.
    Being active within the guild.
    Discord However is mandatory.
    And the occasional twisted sense of humor is appreciated.
    Now if this has peeked you curiosity. 
    Get in contact with us.
    Send a Message to me here.
    Private Message me on the Forums.
    Message MoarAxes, Stella_Black, Cheshire_Tiger, or Remerix in game.
    Or Connect to our Discord and message the Guildmaster or Admins in there.
    Swagger, You know what it is. 
    Strut your stuff and join Now.

  5. Post on J O I N B A K A in US Guild

    By LoganTHM, posted
    Join BAKA | Banned Leadership | Rules against Bullying | Strong Christian Morals | ELITE PvE | Bullied by all the major meanie guilds | Girl Stream Subbing | Dank memes | #1 All Girl Anime Fishing Guild | PvMeanies  | Dedicated Core Membership | Samurai Showdown Node Wars | #1 Elite Anime Banter Guild | Survived 5 Dramapocalypses | Undefeated World GvG Champions| Cyber Terrorism | GIRLS GET IN FREE REPEAT ALL GIRLS GET IN FREE | TRUMP 2016 | Autism | A LITTLE Drama | lv 58+ 400 combined/Anyone stupid enough to join | PLS
    <Baka> is recruiting new and veteran players interested in GvG and nodewars.
    You have probably already heard about the legendary exploits of the mighty BAKA so now here is your chance to create your own content in the game without some normie GM telling you to show up to group movement practice 3 nights a week. 
    We have all guild perks, CommandtoGather for crates, Guild Ships for boat pvp and weekly guild events. If you want to be part of a timeless tradition of anime and friendship JOIN TODAY!

  6. Hey guys, as you can tell by the title of this thread I am here to currently touch base with the PvP system of the game. Aside from GvG and sieges there is no real open world PvP. Before you guys start commenting something stupid like "omg yes there is you can kill people anywhere" here me out:
    This is the current system in place for OwPvP:
    Player A is heavily geared with full TRI boss armor and accessories. Player B is a new player just reaching level 57 with average gear like DUO Grunil with maybe some PRI accessories.
    Scenario 1: Player B is farming (doesn't matter where), Player A wants to farm where Player B is farming. So Player A decides he is going to kill Player B. Player B gets killed, Player A looses Karma. End of story. (Anything that happens afterwards DOES NOT MATTER in this situation)
    Scenario 2: Player A is farming (doesn't matter where), and this time Player B wants Player A's spot. Player B knows that he can't kill Player A so he decides to just go to the spot and start killing his mobs and screw up his rotation. Player A doesn't like this so he kills Player B. Player B comes back and continues. 
    Now clearly this system is absolutely -----ED for BOTH situations. In scenario A for example Player A looses nothing but Karma for killing Player B. Now before you get your panties in a bundle and yell at me with: "OMG KARMA IS A BIG DAEL YYOU CAN LOSE CRYSTALSLS" listen because this is the current Karma system consequences:
    Karma: Once you hit negative Karma you can start to loose XP. This is THE BIGGEST thing you can loose to karma. Some may argue that crystals are also big, but you can use different set of gear with cheap crystals to PvP to easily bypass this. But if you loose XP, guess what that means: MORE GRINDING. Basically adding more grinding to the game then their already is.
    This system is absolute GARBAGE. I'm surprised this hasn't been ironed out already because this is literal trash. Now instead of me just saying the system is bad and calling it a day I'm going to propose a better system to make the game into its full end game potential.
    MY Suggestion:
    REMOVE the Karma system all together and replace it with an "Alignment" system OR something of the sort. Here is how the Alignment system would work:
    There can be many alignments but for this example I am going to use the 3 MOST BASIC alignments possible:
    Innocent (green)
    Criminal (yellow)
    Murderer (red)
    Now here is how the system works:
    Player A is a INNOCENT player (green) and Player B is ALSO an INNOCENT player (green). Now no matter the conflict lets just say Player B doesn't like Player A and wants to kill him. Player A HITS Player B, Player A now becomes a CRIMINAL (yellow) player. Lets say Player B decides to fight back, if he hits Player A back HE ALSO TURNS INTO A CRIMINAL PLAYER (yellow). DON'T yell at me just yet and hear this full system out and how it plays out in the end. Lets say in the second scenario Player B decides not to fight Player A back, and Player A kills Player B. Player A now becomes a MURDERER. You will ONLY become a Murderer if you KILL a GREEN player. KILLING a YELLOW player DOES NOT make you a murderer. 
    Now that the states of the alignments and how you transition between them has been explained I will now explain the consequences and how you avoid them.
    The only way to get out of an alignment is TIME. There will be no more ~70 karma per mob kill bullshit. If you turn yellow, you stay yellow for X amount of time. Each other hit you do after becoming yellow RESETS the time and DOES NOT add more time. Same thing goes for Murderer HOWEVER, if you are a red player and kill another green player it ADDS more time instead of resetting your time. 
    Okay now for the consequences:
    Innocent (green) - The consequences for dying as a green player are the following: You drop ALL silver you are carrying. YOU LOOSE NO EXP. YOU LOOSE NO CRYSTALS. However you also loose 5 MAX durability on ALL your gear you are wearing. This feature can be changed and ironed out as I understand how it may be a little bit harsh but I personally thing this would work perfectly. Now, how does this make things better you may ask. Well, the following is what this changes:
    A. A player can no longer just keep coming back and griefing you as a green player because there are consequences to dying even as a green player. 
    B. A player can no longer just die over and over again and keep coming back with 0 consequences. (this is complete bs).
    Now many of you will say wow this just makes it so really geared people can just kill you and kill you until they ruin your life. This is where the other alignments play in:
    Criminal (yellow) - This is where things will get interesting. As a Yellow player it basically means that you HAVE PARTICIPATED in PvP recently. The consequences for DYING as a yellow player are as follows:
    5 MAX Durability loss on ALL gear you are wearing (same as green), 25% chance to DROP ONE (ONLY ONE) of the pieces of gear you are CURRENTLY WEARING. Yes, yes this may seem harsh but in the grand scheme of things I personally believe this will be a good change to the current carebear Pk system WITHOUT ruining the experience for non pvp players. You will also drop all silver you are carrying. 
    And finally we have Red players (murderer):
    Dying as a murderer results in the following consequences:
    5 MAX durability loss on ALL gear you are wearing. 
    50% chance to drop ALL gear you are wearing. Now slow your roll and don't get upset just yet. This isn't a 50% roll and then you drop everything. Its a 50% roll on everything you are wearing. That means a seperate roll for each gear, each accessory and each weapon you are wearing. 
    Now what does this system offer and fix in relation to the current system? This implements a system of HIGH RISK - HIGH REWARD PvP AND AND AND AND... it makes it so if you don't want to PvP.. you won't be punished for it. How so?
    Lets replay the scenarios from above:
    Player A (green) attacks Player B (green). Player A now turns Yellow. Now Player B has the following options: 
    Option A: Fight back. If Player B decides to fight back then both players now become yellow. Now this fight has engaged meaning both players are aware of the consequences of death. This engages a high risk - high reward fight where either player has a chance to loose gear and gain gear also.
    Option B: Run away. If Player B simply does not want to loose their wallet money and durability he/she can just run away. Simple. 
    Option C: Let him kill you. What this does is turn the player that killed you into a murderer so you can go back and kill him for a high chance at his gear or even call your guildies to come kill him etc etc.
    Now what this system also does is make it so there is consequence to dying to a player even if you are green HOWEVER it gives them a MUCH greater consequence.
    I believe this system needs some changes and fixes HOWEVER if executed correctly it can satisfy both sides of the OwPVP argument and MAYBE make everyone happy.
    If you are planning on commenting on this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave suggestions as to how we can improve upon this idea and bring it to DAUM's attention. DO NOT leave dumb things like this: "OMG BAD SYSTEM KYS KID" but maybe some constructive criticism as to how this system can be improved and WHY its good or bad.
  7. Who are we and what do we have to offer?
    We are experienced and have knowledgeable members Any question about the game you could ever think of - we have the answer.
    Min/max your food-buffs, elixirs, crystals, enchanting, life skills, grinding, skill combo, skill-addons, gear choice, how to use a cannon, how to use a boat, how to use a cannon and a boat at the same time(10/10 node war strat), anything! everything! anytime! We will help you and if we do not know, we will make an effort to find out!
    Theorycrafting - Ties into the above point - what we do not know, we make an effort to find out. We have dedicated members to play target dummies with you.
    PVP  While our requirement is 350, we assure you will find somebody to learn from and grow along with within our ranks, we simply believe gearscore can be changed, people can not.
    As our ranks grow we will move into node wars and progressively more organised play. We may not be a tier 1 guild, but the knowledge, experience and dedication is in the right place to make it happen.
    GvX 150 kills a day, keeps the karma away
    Guild events We try to do special events as a guild from time to time, if it is arena tournaments, triathlon races, guild quiz, sailing, hunting, quiz-arena-hide’n’seek-T1horserace-triathlon’s or what have you, Get creative!
    And all of the above and below; who we are, our requirements, our rules and what we have to offer, It all ties into our greatest pride:
    Our community
    We are a close community with no borders, here your darkest humour and the least politically correct of your statements are both welcome
    and outdone. We banter and laugh with(at) each other, we disagree and make up, talk long into the night as we share our experiences and
    obtained wisdom, be it from age or from tough or idyllic patches in life. We care about our community, the people in it and it’s integrity. The
    people here go out of their way for each other and will receive you with open arms.
    We bind ourselves to a very reasonable ruleset that ensures everybody being treated the same and that nobody gets special treatment. We
    prioritize preserving a mature, fair and fun competitive experience.
    With honor and justice in mind, we build a community for our members to grow and prosper both socially and in the game.
    Always be kind and courteous.
    Be the principle you judge others by.
    We are DarX. We welcome you.
    -lv57,350+ ap/dp Any lower and you would be of no use - we’re not that casual.
    -Discord This is our bread and butter - our rice
    -English DO YOU SPEAK IT?
    -14d trial We would like to know you before you become an official member
    Rules summary:
    -Karmagriefing We would like to see this behaviour eradicated.
    -Strike-system Every time you break a rule, you get a strike. 3 Strikes you’re out. More details in the official rules.
    -Alliance/Merge DarX is here to stay, we will protect our community and it’s integrity.
    -Guild quests/ Activity/ Attendance There is no set requirement for participation, completion or attendance. But we will kick freeloaders.
    -Vacations/Absence When you go away; tell an officer when and how long you are away, otherwise 7d inactive = kick.
    -The ruleset It is the member’s duty to make the rules known to themselves after joining.
    DarX is looking for you! Are you interested?
  8. So after searching teh interwebz I've found that most guides for Zerkers are simply out of date and the ones that aren't don't honestly have many people contributing them.
    After dabbing in some minor nodewars and small scale pvp (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1 etc etc..) I've personally found that being a hybrid doesn't seem to be viable seeing as warriors and valks will straight up out tank you and musa's, sorcs, witches and wizards straight up out damage you. So it seems to me that surely it would be more viable to go straight DP with an AP of around 150+
    If going for a more DP gear setup what gear would you guys suggest? Grunil/Taritas seem to be the most popular suggestion so far and I agree that this benefits you giving you the higher DP in exchange for losing the +2 AP from the full grunil set. But would going full taritas be viable or a complete was of time?
    Furthermore there seems to be no real advice on what accessories to get for a DP setup, I'd have though shrine guardian tokens to be a solid choice along with token of friendship earrings to match but what are these the best choices? Also what belt and necklace would be viable with these? Or is the Mark of shadow/witch earring still the only choice?
    If/when this reaches a somewhat agreeable state on what gear would be best for a DP build or if a DP build is simply not viable at this point/ever I'll update this post to include all relevant info/gear.
    Looking forward from hearing from fellow zerkers more experience than I.

  9. Die Gilde Crank bestehen seit April 2016 und haben sich seitdem als Gemeinschaft eine gute Position innerhalb der Community erarbeitet.
    Es wird viel Wert auf familiäres Miteinander gelegt. Um so einen Haufen zusammenhalten zu können ist eine klare Struktur in der Gildenleitung und der Respekt vor Entscheidungen dieser wichtig.
    Selbstverständlich wird immer geholfen, wenn es schwierige Questen oder Bosse zu meistern gilt oder jemand an einer bestimmten Aufgabe scheitert. Sowohl im Gildenchat als auch auf dem Discord-Server werden regelmäßig Gruppen gesucht und zusammengestellt, Fragen gestellt und beantwortet und allgemein erheiternde Gespräche geführt!
    Wenn die Gilde in die Schlacht zieht, ist das Ziel ganz klar der SIEG, damit die Gilde sich auch weiterhin in der Welt behaupten kann.

    Was kann Crank euch bieten?
    - Einen eigenen Discordserver.
    - PvP, GvG und Nodewars.
    - Eine gut organisierte Führung.
    - Hilfe und Zusammenhalt.
    - Langjährige MMORPG Erfahrung.
    Was wir suchen?
    - Leute ab 18 bei denen die geistige Reife vorhanden ist. (Ausnahmen beim Alter möglich.)
    - Ein Crankes Miteinander.
    - Kritikfähigkeit und Belastbarkeit.
    - Personen die aktiv am Gilden- und Discordgeschehen teilnehmen.
    - Zuverlässige und motivierte Spieler.

    Interesse geweckt?
    Dann zögere nicht und kontaktier uns!
    Bewerbungsoffizier : Namispatz
    Leader Ingame unter : Herdones / Newherdones

    Level: 57
    Gearscore: 360 (Ak+VK) oder (Aw+VK)
    Bereitschaft zum PvP
  10. Welcome to Lucidia!
    NA | Casual/Semi-Hardcore | PvX
    Lucidia is a new guild founded by two mmo veterans who have traveled across many mmos. We are a judgement free zone and we are here to welcome everyone!
    Lucidia is a PvX guild that will lean towards PvP.
    Communication is key so here is a link to our discord!
    Try to be as active as you can. Activity is what will keep this guild alive!Please be mature and respectful to othersABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA!If you are going to be away for a period of time, please let a Leader or Officer know. If you are inactive for 35 days without prior warning (or warning while gone) then you will be kicked.Relax and Have Fun! Lets build this guild together!
    The Sovereign is looking for active, friendly, and loyal players to fill our PvP member base. The Sovereign is a PvP guild, however we're not strict, very laid back and welcoming to both new and returning players. If you're looking for a group of people to call your family, we may be the guild for you! If you're interested, please either catch us in game or message me on discord!
    WHAT TO EXPECT? Weekly node wars, GvG, guild boss scrolls, guild missions, weekly grinding sessions, PvP training, randomness in discord, and expect a warm welcome from our members.
    OUR GOALS? Currently our goals IS to gear and succeed at node wars. Do not expect us to win every node war, we will fight to very end. However we do win some and we do loose some. Progression is also a main focus within our guild as well as PvP.
    OUR LEADERSHIP Guild Master: :LadySynestra Officers:Ramsay_Bolton, NightsFallens, Sensei_Stark,Plenar, Jun_Snow 
    REQUIREMENTS 400 combined GS & level 57 DISCORD IS REQUIRED(Do not have to be in voice, text is just as good.)
    If you're interested in joining us, please either contact myself on discord Synestra#1907 or message any of the officers listed above with any questions you may have.

  12. The Massive Potential of Margoria
    The Margoria update increased the physical game size by about 1/3. Naval warfare was introduced. A new continent is available (even if only the small port). Underwater exploration was added. There is a lot here. But somehow, it feels so empty. What I am trying to say here is that this feels like only part 1 of a much larger update. Margoria has HUGE potential. My suggestions below are about increasing what can be done in the massive ocean.
    So far we have:
    GvG naval combat.Personal Sail Boats for travel and trade (with minor combat abilities)Sea Monsters to kill (which pretty much takes a guild Galley to kill, aside from the weakest one). They drop items sell-able for guild funds and mats and to craft ship parts.Underwater gathering (which is very difficult being productive without the shark suit)Cross ocean trade (with max of +150%, same as desert trade bonus, I believe)Pirates to fight (do they even drop anything, or are they just an annoyance?)And that's about it. For a single expansion, this is a decent amount.
    The question is, how can we make this better?
    Node Wars could be held in Margoria with a slight change in how it works (due to there being no land).
    The Magoria node war should be held on Velia 1 at the same time as Conquests. It is not a territory, but does give guild funds equivalent to a T-3 node.Once a victor has been decided, the guild symbol will be visible at Port Ratt.The node war area would be circular in the center of Margoria, about 1/5th the size of the ocean. The map would be visible for the duration of the war. All hostile monsters and ships will despawn.[Guild] Buoy - Purchase-able from guild harbor master for the same cost as a T-3 fort. Marks a guild's territory in the ocean, similar to how building a fort prevents other forts from being built nearby. It is built with the same materials as a normal fort, except the rough stone is swapped out with cedar plywood (common planking for old fashioned boats). Unlike normal node wars, this is not the structure that needs to be destroyed. It is more of a base point for respawn. The buoy acts as a harbor to bring back destroyed ships and buy items. Discovered Buoys will show on the map, just like forts. The Buoy also comes with 4 cannons facing the cardinal directions for what little offense/defense they may provide.[Guild] Guild Flag - purchasable from guild harbor master shop for 1mill guild funds.  The owner of a ship uses this to designate a guild galley as the 'Flag' ship. Only 1 flag ship is allowed at any time. This is the target of the node war. If no flag has been bought, your guild automatically loses the war.During the node war, the flag ship has 4x the hp of normal galley, but takes a 10% speed reduction and cannot be repaired using the usual items. The flag ship must also always be within a distance of 500 from the Buoy. Go beyond that, and the speed reduction increases gradually to a mazimum on 90% decrease until it returns within the perimeter. The Guild Flag must be installed on the ship before the start of the war (no time is taken to do this), and the ship will automatically be transported to the Buoy at the start of the war, including all guild members riding the boat. The flag ship will not show the flag until the node war starts. While other ships can leave the node war area, the flag ship cannot. Once you lose your flag ship, you are out of the war.If players die, they are able to respawn at the Buoy at full hp. Respawn timers are still in effect.If a player's ship has been destroyed, all surviving guild members on the ship at the moment of destruction will receive the option to be transpoted to the Buoy.Offensive items that can be bought from the guild harbor master for the node war:[Guild] Shrapnel Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to other ships, but massive damage to players.[Guild] Chain (Bola) Cannonball - only usable by a Flag Ship. Deals little damage to players but massive damage to ships.[Guild] Sea Mine - explosive barrels that can be placed in the water to damage enemy ships that hit them. Members on the boats may right click to drop them from the boat.During the node war only and only in the node war area, all participating ships (both Galleys and Sailboats) do not need cannon balls to fire, aside from special cannonballsI feel node wars on the high sees would be an amazingly fun experience. Imagine 4-6 guilds, each with 1 - 3 Galleys and a dozen sailboats waging full on naval warfare!
    Life Skills
    Right now, all we got was an increase of gathering items, but the sea is full of so much more. Lets improve a few other life skills with the potential the sea has to offer.
    Net FishingNet fishing is both a single player and party fishing method for Artisan 1 fishers and above.Nets can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island using flax thread, rope, and black stone powder. It would take a lot of mats, but nets are repairable.It is only available in deep sea (where the map disappears).Nets are attachable to fishing boats and sail boats only. Once attached, a player can drop the net by selecting it on the boat. The pilot must then move the boat around until the net is full (the boat will slow to a crawl when full). In the meanwhile, everyone can fish as normal or do whatever. Once full, the players then work together to pull in the net. The more players in the party, the faster the retrieval.Each net haul brings in anywhere from 5 to 15 fish of varying rarity and the net's durability will decrease. Each member of the party can individually loot the full fish net.The number of fish obtained is balanced out by how long it takes to fill the net, but active net fishing with a full group far faster than normal fishing and comparable to hotspot fishing when net-fishing solo.A net can be prematurely hauled in at the cost of a major reduction in fish caught.If a sea monster attacks when the net is out, the net will lose durability, but it can be repaired 1 durability by having 10 flax thread in your inventory and going over to it to select repair.Underwater SpearfishingFor Master 1 fishers and above.Only available in the deep ocean (where the mini-map disappears)Fishing Spears are different than the thrown harpoons in that you only have one, the mini-game is different, and it is repairable.Fishing spears can be crafted in tool workshops in either Velia, Port Epheria, or Iliya Island suing flax thread, steel, and pine timber.Spear fishing works like horse taming in reverse. You swim up to the fish and stab it, causing the fish to flail and swim away. You then have the same horse struggle mini-game but constant as you try to pull in the impaled fish. The difference is that when the fish is about to flail, you need to let it have control (let the gauge drop) or the tension will rip the harpoon out and you will lose the fish. Once you completely pull in the fish, you get it. If you lose the fish and it swims away, you can chase after it again if you still have the breath to do so.If you run out of breath, you lose the fish, so preparation with potions, gems, and even the cash shop suit would be helpful.Target-able fish will need to be added to the ocean, such as tuna, swordfish, orca, sperm whale, sunfish, giant squid, and other yellow grade fish. Only yellow fish are caught by spearfishing, but they would be difficult to find in the ocean. The rarer the fish, the harder it would be to find one, and the harder the mini-game to catch it.Dolphin Taming (1 - use only)For Skilled 1 training and above.Be able to tame a dolphin to take you from the ocean to either Port Ratt or Lema Island, whichever side of Margoria you last entered from.This is an emergency measure to save people from being stranded in the ocean.To tame a dolphin, all you need is chum and a rope. Chum can be made by grinding any fish. Right click it anywhere in the ocean and a dolphin will appear. Lasso the dolphin like with horse taming (further using chum like sugar for horses) then "mount" the dolphin by grabbing is dorsal fin. An option will then come up asking if you would like to travel back to land. Selecting yes will bring you to Port Ratt or Lema Island as stated above. Selecting no releases the dolphin. 
    While GvG is fun and fighting sea monsters with your guild mates is fun, there needs to be something more for the solo player or non-guild associated party. Here are my ideas:
    More "weaker" monsters that can be fought with a single sail boat. From what I hear, only the red whale looking sea monster is feasible killing without the guild galley.PiracyHave NPC trade ships moving across the ocean, similar to the caravans across the desert. Players can take a karma hit attacking these for loot.Drops can include general crafting materials such as logs, rough stones, black stone powder, as well as more valuable items like gold bars, weapons, black stones, and trade items.The better the cargo, the more smaller support ships will be there, so players can gauge reward vs difficulty.5k karma is lost per support ship destroyed and 25k karma is lost per trade ship destroyed.Anti-PiracyThe same trade ships above will at times be under attack by the NPC pirates.Destroying the pirates will result in a small reward from the trade ship.The larger the group of pirates attacking, the larger the reward, so players can gauge the reward vs difficulty.Saving trade ships gives a large karma boost: 2K karma for small pirate boat, and 15k karma recovery for large pirate ship.The reward for saving the cargo ships is significantly less than the loot from destroying them, but karma is recovered in return. 
    Kraken World Boss (We can give it a BDO lore name later)
    The ocean is huge, so why not have a world boss that spawns in the ocean?
    The Kraken would spawn in the north-eastern side of Margoria.The spawn interval for the Kraken would be 36 hours with an 8 hour window.Players will receive a 1 hour warning before the Kraken spawns.Both guild Galley and personal sailboat cannons would be able to fight it as well as attacks from players on boats that are not using cannons.How to fight it:At first, only the 8 minor tentacles will be visible and attackable above water. (if you dive, you can see the entire Kraken)Killing all the tentacles will bring the head up and the two main feeding tenaclesOnly the head needs to be attacked to kill the kraken, but killing the feeding tentacles will rid it of some of it's abilities.Attacking the single large eye will be considered a critical hit.Killing the feeding tentacles creates floating masses for players to stand on to attack the headKraken attacks:In the first stage, the 8 minor tentacles will swat at nearby ships and players. Each also has a ranged attack firing high-pressure water. The damage is minimal, but can knock players off of their boats if they are not pilotingIn the second stage, the two feeding tentacles and the head each act on their own.The feeding tentacles deal more damage with swatting and the high-pressure water. They also get a new attack where they will go underwater and rise back up quickly. It is difficult to see where they will rise unless you have a spotter under water to see where.The head has two attacks:An eye beam that charges and fires in a cone in front of it. This attack deal little damage to boats, but massive damage to players. Dive under water or move out of the way to avoid it.Slamming its mantle down on the water. This attack does massive damage to ships caught under it. It will rear its head back before slamming it down, so there is some time to get away.Loot: (based on party, not individuals, so that the ship pilots can still get loot if other members in their party are attacking)1G to 100G gold barsBlack stonesCrystal ShardsGiant SquidLiverto Weapon BoxMagic Crystal of Infinity - Underwater BreathingAncient Magic Crystal - Air (+30 seconds underwater breathing)Other high grade magic crystalsKraken's Aura (collect 100 to trade at Port Ratt for the item below)Kraken's Eye Alchemy Stone (Boss Class Item)Unlike normal alchemy stones, failure at higher levels will not have a chance at destroying it but instead will drop it by 2 grades.EXP from corals. Low: Coral Piece, Med: red, blue, green, white, gold corals, High: Twilight, Prarie, Breezy, Daybreak, Sun coralsImperfect: +100 Stamina, +25HP, +25 MP/WP/SP, +5% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +5 seconds, Carry Weight +50, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Rough: +125 Stamina, +50 HP, +50 MP/WP/SP, +6% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +10 seconds, Carry Weight +75, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Polished: +150 Stamina, +75 HP, +75 MP/WP/SP, +7% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +15 seconds, Carry Weight +100, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sturdy: +175 Stamina, +100 HP, +100 MP/WP/SP, +8% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +20 seconds, Carry Weight +125, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Sharp: +200 Stamina, +125 HP, +125 MP/WP/SP, +10% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +25 seconds, Carry Weight +150, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Resplendent: +250 Stamina, +150 HP, +150 MP/WP/SP, +12% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +30 seconds, Carry Weight +200, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Splended: +300 Stamina, +200 HP, +200 MP/WP/SP, +15% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +45 seconds, Carry Weight +300, Duration/Cooldown 10min.Shining: +400 Stamina, +300 HP, +300 MP/WP/SP, +20% Swim Speed, Underwater Breathing +60 seconds, Carry Weight +400, Duration/Cooldown 10min.
  13. Einen schönen guten Abend an alle interessierten Gilden da draußen! 
    Wir sind:

    - Gruppenstärke von 14 aktiven Leuten m/w
    - Bunt gemischte Klassen (Krieger, Witch/Wizard, Bersi.....)
    - Altersdurchschnitt ca. 28J.
    - Equipstand um 400 AP/DP kombiniert -  (vereinzelt deutlich über 400 AP/DP)
    - Ausreichend Erfahrung in Nodewars bei allen vorhanden
    - Voice Chat aktiv
    - Stubenrein
    - Lernbereitschaft vorhanden und für Tipps und Tricks immer offen
    Wir suchen:
    - vorzugsweise deutschsprachige aktive Gilden, ohne Kindergärten und Dramen.
    - Voice Chat aktiv (Discord/TS3 etc.)
    - gefestigte Gildensturktur
    - Teilnahme an Nodewars/Siegewars
    - keine hardcore Progress Gilden
    - keine 24/7 online Pflichten, oder dauerhaftes Abarbeiten von Gildemissionen
    So lasset die Spiele beginnen, wir hören oder lesen uns.


  14. MyLittlePwny est une guilde qui à été reprise récemment par la belle Alsedia(Clarquen)
    Nous nous définissions comme une guilde sociale, fun, sans prise de tête, mais quand même sérieuse qui vise le long terme, nous recherchons de nouveaux Pwny pour se joindre a notre grande famille ^^
    Discord est obligatoire ( au moins à l'écrit ) pour suivre le déroulement journalier de la guilde ( organisation d'events de guilde )Nous participons aux War Node Les Boss de guilde sont décimés les Samedis vers 17h-18hLe chef de guilde organise une réunion de guilde sur Discord au moins une fois par moisDes events supplémentaires sont proposés ( Pex en groupe, Arènes, GVG, Pk Sauvage, Rp etc)Nos Pwny sont tous majeurs et vaccinésNos critères de recrutement :
    Être au moins niveau 56Minimum 380 AP/PDÊtre actif in-gameVenir sur Discord régulièrement (même sans micro)Vouloir s'intégrer à la guilde ( n'ayez pas peur de parler in game et sur discord de tout et n'importe quoi)Être funLe respect entre membres est primordialSi vos amis veulent vous rejoindre une fois dans la guilde, nous les accepterons avec plaisir =) 
    Notre channel principal est Mediah 4 et Calpheon 1 pour les war Nodes.
    Nous avons aussi une page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mylittlepwnybdo
    Ainsi qu'un site web : http://mlpwnybdo.webnode.be/
    Si tu es intéressé et que tu souhaites te joindre à nous, tu peux contacter Aseldia(Clarquen), Overdoze(Keelah),Traitre (AlphaKiss), Shiia(Yom) in game, nous contacter sur la page Facebook ou répondre à ce post.
    A bientôt ~*

  15. We are looking for PvPers who will not shy away from a fight. Node wars GvG Open world PvP and the obligatory PKing. 55+ and 400gs (negotiable) 
    Now accepting merges into us!!!!
    We do node wars twice a week.
    Discord is a must even if you do not talk. We post our info there.
    We are a tight community and some of us have played games together for years. 
    Please comment or shout out in server chat and one of my officers will get back to you.
    The candy is free but the ride is not.
  16. Alright, so I'm not new persay, but I'm not experienced. My buddy and I are playing this game together and having a blast. He went with wizard. I myself haven't decided what i want to play. I am stuck between a few classes deciding which will work best for us.
    First is warrior. In most games i play, i end up playing a warrior type class. With this game, im nervous from everything i hear about the class, mostly being that its boring. My warrior is currently lvl 32, and its kind of a drag leveling. I don't hate it, but its not awe-inspiring and I don't feel like a beast lol wondering if the class becomes more fun later on.
    Second up is musa. Musa seems like a really cool class, and the spear awakening really captures my attention. Out of the 4 classes, this class seems like its just back and forth spin slashing later in the game. Seems like a dull style of play, even tho the class itself looks awesome.
    Third is tamer. Tamer has its unique style of bouncing around and what not for combat which seems really amusing. I hear this class is pretty weak though, which is discouraging.
    Lastly, we have ranger. Ranger being the be all, end all, best class in the game. That in and of itself turns me off. Not tryna be a fronting jockstrap who chugs mana pots for a living. Im normally always gravitating toward archer classes, and i'm not sure how well this class will do with wizard.
    So my point here is what goes well with wizard for the majority of combat aspects of the game. Whether it be pvping in gvgs and node wars, or pve farming.
    out of warrior, ranger, musa, and tamer, what meshes best with wizard in combat aspects of the game like farming and pvp.
  17. <Nerf> is a small guild with a  core of 58+ 460GS+ players.  We've had a  great time going up against bigger guilds and coming out with positive war scores.  But we need to expand.  
    <Nerf> actively participates in Node Wars.  Since the merge, we have been able to take our T1 nodes against greater numbers.  We've had alot of fun but our new goal is to consistently take T2 nodes.  We need numbers for that.  So we come here seeking out active members with positive attitudes.  
    We are looking for any class--but are in need of Witch/Wizard/Berserkers.
    We do not have a hard gear score requirement.  But we would like you to be PvP and Node War ready.  So that might look like 57+ 380-400+ GS depending on whether you are a shield class or not.  But we will consider your GS on a case by case basis (so do not hesitate to inquire).
    What we ask of our members:
    Node War participation--this is the most important thing.  Guild missions!--yes we know they suck.  But we need to grind out more spots for our guild in addition to other guild skills.Good attitude.  We can get trolly or BMy.  But we won't tolerate actual  toxicity and racism.  Discord!  We hang out and talk.  It is required for Node Wars!  Mic is appreciated but not required.Progression.  We want to see you getting gains!  Grind, enhance gear!  Life skill!  And we can try our best to help. 
    If we sound like a guild you'd like to join you can contact us in any number of ways.  You can whisper Dreamphone or CapnBeefy in game.  You can leave a message on our guestbook in game.  Or you can respond here!  

    Erst kam Ragnarok, und jetzt kommt "Die neue Welt"!
    Und ganz frisch bringen wir auch noch 2 neue Galeeren mit in die Schlacht!!

    Tretet heute der Flotte bei und schließt euch uns in Schlachten zu Land und zur See an!
    Ragnarok ist die Gilde der Barbecue Camp Multigaming Community. Ein Zusammenschluss von Gamern, Gamer wie Ihr,
    die sich Ende 2012 dazu entschlossen hatten eine Gaming-Community aufzubauen. Seit damals ist einiges geschehen.
    Wir sind gewachsen, leiten einen gut besuchten Teamspeak auf dem eine angenehme Atmosphäre vorherrscht
    sowie gut laufende Gameserver die ihresgleichen suchen. Egal ob After-work-casual bishin zum Profigamer, jeder findet einen Platz bei uns.
    Auch wenn bei uns die geistige Reife mehr aussagt, als die Zahl auf einem Ausweis, liegt unser Altersdurchschnitt immer bei 25 ± 1.

    Zusammenspiel gestützt durch eine große Community (seit 2012)Eine gute OrganisationDie üblichen Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten (TS³, Forum, Website, Facebook, usw.)Mehrjährige Erfahrung in diversen Massiv Multiplayer Online TitelnPlayer vs PlayerGuild vs GuildEin offenes Ohr für alle Fragen 

    Territorien und Burgen weiter einzunehmenErfolgreiche Schlachten zu schlagenKommende Spielinhalte frühzeitig zu meisternSowie den vollen Umfang des Spieles zu bietenDen Spaß am Spiel aufrecht zu erhalten 

    Jeden der folgende Eigenschaften mitbringt
    Spaß am Spiel
    Ehrgeiz andere Spieler zu übertreffen
    Bewerben kannst du dich hier im Thread, über das offizielle Forum
    der BBQ-Camp Multigaming Community oder eine Private Message an mich.
    Nach all den Jahren MMO-Erfahrung und der vielen scheinbar kaputten Headsets, welche stets als Ausrede der Kommunikation herhalten mussten,
    bitte ich um Verständnis, dass eine Zusage für unsere Gilde ausschließlich im TeamSpeak erfolgt.
    Es hat sich bewährt, insbesondere im Hinblick auf Sieges,
    dieses Kommunikationsmedium zu nutzen.

    Was macht ihr im PvE?
    Den Content nehmen wir natürlich in vollem Umfang mit.
    Das bedeutet natürlich gemeinsames grinden, Bosse, Dungeons und instanzierte Spielinhalte.
    Irgendwie muss man ja die Zeit zwischen den Node/Siegewars überbrücken.
    Was sind eure Schwerpunkte im PvP?
    Das große Ziel ist es gemeinsam in Nodewars und Sieges (GvG) erfolgreich zu bestehen.
    Natürlich gehört dazu auch das verbessern der Kampffähigkeiten im kleineren Rahmen,
    so wird sich immer wer finden der gemeinsam in der Arena hilft an dem eigenem Kampfstil zu feilen,
    aber auch andere PvP Inhalte werden ausgereizt.
    Wie steht ihr zu Playerkill?
    Seit Tag 1 wissen wir das Spot-Verteidigungen normal und notwendig sind.
    Dementsprechend kann jeder seinen Spot nach eigenem ermessen verteidigen
    was nicht heißt das wir mit Absicht und um jeden Preis andere von ihren
    Spots verdrängen müssen.
    Selbstverständlich ist auch das Karmabomben bei uns nicht gerne gesehen, entweder kann man seinen Spot behaupten oder nicht.
    Kriegserklärungen aus Karmagründen werden nach einer kurzen Meldung bei einem unserer Offiziere geschehen.
    Wird Black Desert Online bei einer Multigaming Community vernachlässigt?
    Nein. Zwar ist das Barbecue Camp eine Multigaming Community, aber die Spiele sind als eigenständige Vorhaben
    mit unterschiedlicher Leitung anzusehen. Unsere Spieler konzentrieren sich also in der Regel nur auf ein Spiel,
    wobei es nicht verboten ist, die Vorteile einer Multigaming Community zu nutzen und zusammen mit anderen
    Spielern in andere Spiele hineinzuschnuppern oder ab und an mal eine Abwechslung hier zu genießen.
    DeathPhoenix Stomi
    Leader / Recruiting Officer

    Server: EU ~ Web: Website ~ ts³: Link
  19. SkyStrike is now open for Recruitment
    Server: Edan
    GM: Nope [StarrStryke]
    Guild Rank #26 and growing again!
    Completely new leadership and focus - Rebuilding from the bottom up with a strong core group of members.  Recruitment now open for 20 more members to allow us to stay small and strong.  Staying out of the politics of larger scale PvP/siege.  We want to make sure that our time is well spent in game.  So we are now focusing on T2/T3 nodes that brings great fights and competition. 
    Building for competetive small Scale PvP and Node Wars
    Staying small to build lasting relationships within guild and building off each others successes
    Hosting node wars 2 to 3 times a week and wont shy away from a fight
    All important guild skills with a focus on PvP (160 guild points)
    Scroll groups weekly and Grind groups daily
    We dont have an elitist attitude - so if thats you no need to apply
    lvl 57+ 420+ in order to apply - some exceptions may be made, but we expect you to be on par with us as far as gear goes
    All classes currently welcome
    Accepting mergers from smaller guilds if we feel you are the right fit
    Come and join a community of long lasting players that have been together since the start!
    Discord and mic required for PvP/nodes 
    SkyStrike Recruitment Discord - feel free to enter and leave a message in the lobby if no offers are available and we'll get back to you ASAP
    Leave a message here or shoot me a PM to further discuss this opportunity

    Or if you wish to speak direct in game you can whisper any of the following officers:
    StarrStryke - Threenil
  20. Tournament goal
    To provide the server with a (fair) competition away from the game of attendance in a time where our server still healing from previous quitting waves.

    Every participating guild will be acquired to provide a list of 15 (pre determined classes by the tournament judges) in that specific month.
    Tournament matches  will take place every (week day will be specified soon) in a time & place agreed between both guilds in that bracket.
    Tournament will run during the whole month and every last week will determine the (top) guild in Jordine for the next month, so tournament takes place in October to determine the top gvg guild for November and so on.
    Both guilds will do a war reset (retract) before their matches then start a fresh war from both sides and their matches will start when a present judge say so.
    The guild that reaches the pre determined (by judges) kill score wins the round & there will be 5 rounds for every match (3 best of 5), between each round there be 10 mins given to fill up on pots, elixirs, repair etc (no more than 10 mins), each round ends for a player when dies (don't res until one of the teams all down and the judge make the call)
    Any violation to the kill score by players from outside the representing team towards kill score will lead to instant loss (screenshots with time stamps are required to prove it and submit to the judges). Both participating guilds must advice the rest of the guild not to target the opponent guild elsewhere to avoid unnecessary calculations.
    More rules to be added as seen fit with time by the judges.
    Gameplay rules
    No Ghille suit allowed (both types).
    No revealing clothes to avoid distracting others.
    How many of each class will be specified (by judges soon).
    A group of neutral players will be selected to help out in running this monthly tournament, to be determined and announced soon.
    Bragging rights (#1 Top GvG guild for a month)
    Pre determined war ( to cover any costs for players time & silver spent) 50-100 mills.
    Upon signing up (guild leader) must create a challonge account (if don’t have) to list his/her team for that month tourney (in game char name).
    Every single member of each team must sign up for a challonge account with same exact name in game (main char participating name not family name).
    Note there is a check in system 15 mins prior to each team prior to their match.

    Looking to have 4 judges to run this tournament so if interested and have the time plus experience in pvp then pm me your in game name, lvl and guild.
    Anyone talented to provide us with a tournament banner if it is even using paint are welcome if funny
    Any suggestions please go ahead, it is my first tournament in this game, i have hosted a lot before in different game.
    Will try to cover (stream) every match as possible and everyone welcome to do so too.
  21. Post on <Necromancy> -EDAN- in US Guild

    By Moxxy, posted
    <Necromancy> is a newly formed guild looking for fun and interesting people to join our community. We focus on PvP, GvG, Node Wars, Territory Wars, Guild Quests, and a relaxed atmosphere. Any players Lvl 54+ are welcome. Add "Moxxy"  (family name) in game, msg me on forums, or comment to get started. 
  22. Basically title. I'm in a guild that never declared war. A new guild came up to us one day at hexe and decided to try and PK. After failing to kill us they declared war on us and continued harassing for the day.
    Just today another guild declared war on us to take a grind spot at Sausans.
  23. Since for the past TWO days we've had two guilds do nothing but talk, and respond with no action.
    I am calling out both Gravity & Man Up to organize, video/stream, a fair 1 on 1.
    The terms can be decided by the guild masters and officers of each guild.
    IDGAF if its 1v1, 2v2, 40v40.
    Whatever you got to do lets make it happen, and may all bragging rights go to the winning guild.
    I'm ready for someones E-esteem to get dropped 50 points.
    If both guilds dodge this then we know that you both are afraid of each other
    @trepX @ScapeGoatie @Lacari @huntler
  24. Bonjour à toutes et à tous

    Suite à un changement de GM, et une demande à la modération, voici un nouveau topic de présentation.


    Qui sommes-nous ?

    NandaParbat Existe depuis les débuts de BDO en europe sur le serveur Jordine. 
    Nous sommes une guilde orientée PVP / GVG / Nodes Wars, qui met l'accent sur la convivialité et la bonne entente au sein de la guilde.
    Nous comptons 80 membres actifs compris entre le lvl 56 et 59 et participons activement aux guerres de nodes.

    Que Recherchons nous ?

    Nous sommes à la recherche de Witch/Wizard/Berserker désireux de s'investir dans la guilde, aussi bien humainement que matériellement.
    Des personnes respectueuses et autonomes qui sauront devenir des atouts.
    De préférence des personnes majeures (18+) pour ne pas se sentir exclu à cause de la moyenne d'âge de nos membres (25-30 ans)
    Nous demandons d'être lvl 56 avec un full PRI au minimum, autant pour nous que pour vous, afin d'être efficaces en guerres de nodes. 
    Nous disposons d'un vocal TS, ou une présence à chaque connexion est requise afin d'être joignables en toutes circonstances et pour faciliter l'intégration des nouveaux membres.
    Notre organisation se base sur notre forum à l'aide d'un calendrier d'évènements ou il est demandé aux membres de valider ou non leur présence aux events.
    Quels sont nos objectifs ?
    Désireux d'avancer toujours plus en terme de compétitivité, nous participons désormais activement aux guerres de territoires.
    Pour cela notre priorité est de renforcer nos rangs avec du sang neuf prêt à en découdre.
    Notre objectif principal est de pouvoir rivaliser avec le plus grand nombre afin de s'amuser au maximum.
    Qui devez-vous contacter ?
    GM: Valkeryo Vaenil
    Officiers: Anstruther Zionna / Eikko Rukkatsu / Laeloo Miyoo / Keorito Jefferson / Aureur Aurreur / Drazhar Volkain
    Le recrutement se fait via un entretient sur TS avec un ou plusieurs officiers
    Le forum dispose d'un formulaire de candidature, mais nous préférons les MP IG afin d'établir un premier contact.
    Bon jeu a tous !