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  1. Post on Witch Hair bug in In-Game Bugs

    By LunaLiddell, posted
    witch hair has no physics and cant even edit the shape in the beauty shop.
  2. First screenshot is my Ninja's hair when not performing an action. Second is my Ninja's hair when using an emote.
    He also grows hair when I use combat skills.
    I don't know if this has been posted yet, sorry if it has.

  3. Hello,
    First of all - these are just a few possible hair- and eye-colors, but the most common- / hard-to-make.
    Without getting a tinge of other colors or looking rubbish in the game itself, it was hard to find something fitting, but here they are:
    dark-brown hair & brown eyes tutorial
    hazel hair & golden-shimmer eyes tutorial
    mid-brown hair tutorial
    light-blonde hair tutorial
    natural blonde & green eyes tutorial
    dishwater blonde & deep-brown eyes tutorial
    [bonus-special] violet hair & brilliant eyes tutorial
    Please note, that this is a guide for colors only. No template is required. The used characters are randomly edited or on basic-settings. I think the colors can be used by almost every class, tho i used ranger, valkyrie and warrior here.
    Inspired by this webside, where you can find more cool color-ideas: nailingtons
  4. So, I feel like each class should not have class specific hair styles. If a valk wants a sorc hair style, why can it not be done? I think it is mostly that way with the Warrior and Ninja. It's just a simple suggestion that would probably be harder to implement then I'd assume. But, if one doesn't ask, one doesn't receive.
    Here is an example of why I feel this is important: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/133812-character-creation-request-talented-character-creators-needed/
    To me, hair is possibly the MOST important visual aspect of a character. It can change a beauty into a monstrosity and visa versa.
  5. In the character creator, I fix my DK's hair up all nice, then when I save the template and exit, I notice one side of her hair completely resets after numerous times of changing it again. Is there a fix to this? It's really frustrating! 
    EDIT: It's happening with all my classes.
  6. As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
  7. As the title suggested, male characters need more freedom on how we want to make are hair look like instead of just length. Females have the freedom to control their hair to an extent, why can't males too? 
  8. Just a simple suggestion, if it would be possible to just take all the existing hairstyles for all classes and make them compatible with all character models, including cross-gender. I'm sure everyone would love it, and it would be less time consuming than to make new hairstyles individually for each class (ain't nobody got time for that!). Have a nice hair daay~ <3
  9. After December 14, 2016 patch I logged in to see my Sorceress had a square mark on her face. After going into beauty tab I discovered this was a visual bug caused by the 7th hairstyle.

    It is very ugly and I hope it is fixed soon
  10. Post on Hair looking awful in In-Game Bugs

    By bummer6, posted
    So I've been seeing this since the launch of the game, but no-one else seems to even acknowledge that this bug exists. For those of you who know some terms used in 3D modelling, it looks like the normals on the hair mesh are flipped... For those of you less familiar with that kind of language, it looks like the hair is transparent. This seems to be especially apparent on males, and especially on the Wizard. Lighter hair colors look the worst.
    I'm attaching a picture which shows what I mean. You can clearly see the shape of the character's head underneath the hair, almost as if the shading on the head is being rendered ABOVE the hair, which obviously shouldn't happen. Again, this bug has been around since the launch of the game, and I am sick and tired of this issue not being acknowledged. It looks like absolute ass.

  11. When equipping a costume helmet that alters your character's hairstyle - like the Karin headband, Karlstein Hood, etc. - while wearing the new Thermian clothes, the character's hair is turned white, see Image below. I noticed this bug on my sorceress, not sure if it also appears for other classes.

  12. I feel restricted by the range of female hair, I would love to see more options to change up individual hair styles and more casual styles. Some of the styles are too out there and others just not appealing. Feel like the choice is very limited.
  13. Post on Boring hair... in General

    By JazzyDoll, posted
    Does anyone else feel as though the array of female hair choices is not so vast and could use some new additions? I feel restricted by the same ol hair
  14. It would be great to implement a hairdresser into BD world instead of keeping it in Beauty Shop, the same thing with a tattoo maker and tattoos.
    My suggestion:
    1. more hairstyles to buy with silver from a hairdresser, and make them more connected to classes instead few hairstyles for all
    2. more high quality tattoos to buy with silver from a tattoo maker. current tattoos are ugly and not connected in style to classes
  15. The only important patch notes listed yesterday are as follows:

    We need more of this Kakao - make it happen and ty!
    Post your pics of long hair don't care below

  16. Post on Afro's for all in Suggestions

    By hatakira, posted
    I would like to request that all/most classes can have an option for an Afro other than just berzerker. Let me know your opinion or if you agree!
  17. Hello BDO players and BDO team! 
    Let's be honest everyone, we ALL love customization options, we ALL love creation and being able to make and mold our characters into our very own. It's like moving into a new shell of what is us, just in a virtual world. Obviously, we all know that BDO is known for it's massive character creation options, sliders, menus, the possibilities are large! But I feel like the character creation screen is lacking ALOT for what it really should be!! We only have a few select styles to work with and modify, which are all really great, but I can't be the only one who feels there should be so much more!! I am also aware that when an MMO is still new all the pretty ideas aren't out on the table, and there's so much more to focus on for the staff, but I can't help but crave and want for more pretty things! Anyone agree? ^_^;; Personally I'd LOVE to see extremely long hair, pigtails, more color pallet for hair, and we ALL know if we had more outfits in the pearl shop with lots of pretty pieces and things, people spend money on fashion, I do ;D LOL. 
    I was thinking of even drawing out and posting my ideas for outfits and hair on this thread. If anyone has anything they want to show and throw in for motivation in hopes the makers will see it, post it right here! I'd love to see it too!!  
    Thanks for your time!  
    -Risa <3
  18. Post on In game Males. in Suggestions

    By RavMedic1984, posted
    I'd like to share few of my observations about Male chatacters in game, especially playable. First thing is bit odd body shape. I don't know why it looks like a (bad also) copy of Aion's male body model with that strange sunken belly/abdominal part of body. Even fit males has no sunken belly areas...we have here pretty muscled boys so what about abdominal muscles? Another thing is bums...I know Asian males has a bit flat bums by race-anatomy type, but in whole world avilable game we should have possibility to make regular more round bum to our guys too. Males you like it or not has a bulge in their crotches, it's normal and natural. So if we have beautiful Ladies with their feminine bodies...we'd like to have boys like this too. It's RPG game...let us Play a roles with friends like some "Life" things too.  Another thing -male hair styles...no "normal" casual hair actually. All styles are like taken from an Anime or other cartoons. I'ts good but I (and some others too I bet) would like to create more realistic man without hair lifted up to the sky. Much scarce hair shape moddeling options than ladies ones. And last thing...running animations. Did you ever play Lineage 2? remember these long, springy and elegant run steps? Why we have tiny, funny looking steps with body twisting from side to side. Mighty warrior looks like running Geysha in her wooden sandals. I love the game that's why I'm writting that. To give some points that could make game even better  so please don't read it as an attack, but friendly advices  
    Cheers to the all ppl involved into creation of that great great game! 
  19. So I have this template that has outstandingly well done hair, I'd really like to use this hair on Kunoichi. The hairstyle itself is available for both, it's the customization aspect that I'm having severe trouble with. I have both templates available to send for someone willing to give it a shot. I've been attempting it all day honestly and am at the point of giving up on it. If completed, whoever helps me with this can do whatever they want with the finished template, including giving it out here for free or uploading it into Black Desert Beauty Album, I will not be uploading it because I failed at finishing it.
  20. Hi everyone! I decided to make this small tutorial on how to make a few natural hair colors. The hair coloring of BDO can be very tricky at times, so I figured this would at least be helpful for some people! If you'd like to see more hair colors, comment them down below and I'll do my best to make a small tutorial for them! Please don't be shy about asking me to make a tutorial for any new hair colors, they don't have to be natural, either! I plan to update this when I have more spare time, and maybe even include small video tutorials if requested!
    Note: 'Shine' looks fine on the hair colors, I just prefer to not use it!
    For the darker natural colors, I highly suggest using a black base as to avoid the dreaded 'see through' hair and awkward neon glowing hair until a fix is added to the game!
    Dark Brown:



  21. When will the time come that this girl no longer has to look for the perfect spot with the right lighting and shadow to look like she did when I created her?
    As created:

    As found in a near perfect spot with the right lighting and shadows:

    I won't insult her by adding how she looks outside of ideal situations and keep it with the basic question asked before, but as far as I know never answered (please correct me if I am wrong):
    Is there any chance that the hair coloring regarding shadows and light in the game compared to what we created will be fixed soon?
    P.s. Please give us the option to dye our basic underwear so I can make hers slightly less white!
  22. I'm sure a number of you have noticed by now but there are several interesting and unique bugs with Maehwa~!

    Bug 01 - "White washing" - Fix Thanks to Cake
    It seems that some of the "default" character settings accidentally transfer over into the game

    Bug 02 - "Why walk when you can run"
    Maehwa's seem to have 1 speed, run! The walk toggle doesn't work

    Bug 03 - Missing character creation options (Thanks to Yuuki_Konno)

    There might be a few more, so lets spam them all into 1 thread =D
  23. So, not sure if anyone else has noticed or had this problem, but my characters hair color seems to change in different lightings, for instance in creation his hair is brown, once in game it's blonde and when in the wild it's pink then in underground portions it turns bright white. Any idea what could be causing this?
  24. Since the release a thing that bugged me was the lighting of the hair and different aspects of the game that depending of the in-game time of the day would look like a neon glowing, and not as the character creator shows.
    Today i noticed that it's the UI that's messing everything. Without the UI everything looks perfect, as soon as i enable the UI both my costume, my hair, the other people's hair and horse's hair (between other things) become shiney as a neon.
    Why? Can i disable this maybe on the config files? Is this as intended, and if so, could we get an option for disabling this? 
    Here you can notice how the UI changes the looking of my hair, my costume and other people horse hair. Will upload more as i find more examples during the day. (SSAO off)
    UI on, notice the dress and the hairs glowing as a neonUI off, look at how my dress now looks semi transparent, as the cash shop and character creator shows. Also my hair now looks as i created it.Here i even tried to get the same angle on both to discard variables (SSAO off)
    UI on, look at the hair of the girl on the horse.UI off, hair of the girl on the horse looks normalI just remembered i had the SSAO off, so checked if that could be the issue, and it is not.
    UI on, check horses and players hair and costumes. Shadows too. (SSAO on)UI off, check the same thing as the previous one (SSAO on) 
    Attached my game options to the post. PC setup is a Strix GTX 970, i7 4790k, Z-97 Pro, 16gb ddr3 and Win10 x64. If any other info is needed please ask, because it's a complain i've seen a lot on the internet and would like to help to solve it.
  25. It's already in the editor so please make the "lift hair" option visible in game. That would be great...