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  1. So I logged in today and was browsing through the cash shop when  I noticed ALL the Halloween costumes are gone...
    Now before when we had time limited costumes we got a warning. For example, Kibelius with wings had a big bright sticker that said "LIMITED" on it. The Halloween costumes only had a discount time period on the Halloween sets. The only thing on the individual costumes was a "NEW" sticker, suggesting they were sticking around.
    Now with out warning some of my favorite costumes are no longer available. Did anyone say they were only here for a limited time? Maybe I just missed something...
  2. The reason for this post is to give my opinion on the Halloween Candy event and how it should have been done (duh.. title). There are two things I feel are wrong with this event. First the fact that we can only trade in 3 candies once per day. The second thing is the fact we can ONLY get candy by grinding for hours at a time.
    First of all limiting 3 candies once per day is completely redundant due to the fact that we can only get 1 cookie per day as our daily reward anyway. So why add a second "once daily" limit? In fact what this does is screw over players who either can't grind as much as other, or missed a day of the event for some unknown reason. What should have been done is the candies should have been freely traded in, like any other trade it item, so long as you had 3. This way If Player A didn't get any candy even though they were out grinding for 2 or 3 hrs, then so long as they collect their cookie they will be able to "catch up" later. 
    The fact that we can only get these candies from grinding is another problem. Its also a problem that doesn't effect a lot of players, yet it does effect some who just don't like to grind. All other events so far have given event items to those of us who enjoy life skills.. Not everybody in the game enjoys grinding at all. There's no reason why any player should be forced to do something in the game, they don't enjoy, just to participate in the event. This is all on top of the fact that the candies have such a wide range of drop rates.. I personally have gone out killing all different kinds of mobs from Basilisks to Iron Mine workers for 2 - 3 hours at a time and get maybe 2 candies out of it, yet fellow guild members have like 100+ candies so far from the event.. Do the game developers want to force us to grind or something? Is there some meaning to the fact they want us out grinding instead of doing life skills stuff? 

    Also I know the second problem isn't going to be very popular among the general population of the game, because most people are out there grinding 5-10 hrs a day.. but what about for the rest of us? the ones who have 10 hr jobs and can't play 10 hrs a day? Or just the ones who don't enjoy playing the game that way.. should developers force its player base to play a certain way, when they have fun playing their own way?

  3. Bonjour,

    Nous avons été mis au courant d'un bug qui est apparu lors de la dernière maintenance et qui affecte la quête Event d'Halloween "Meilleure vente de l'atelier" permettant d'obtenir le Chapeau pointu sucré.

    Le PNJ Ficy ne propose en effet aucune quête lorsque vous lui parlez. 
    Nous avons signalé le souci et le Chapeau pointu sucré sera envoyé par mail aux joueurs qui se sont connectés entre la fin de la dernière maintenance et la fin de l'event, c'est-à-dire entre le 2 et le 9 novembre. N'oubliez pas de vérifier vos mails en jeu après la prochaine maintenance  
    Nous vous présentons nos excuses pour la gêne occasionnée et vous remercions pour votre patience et votre compréhension.
    L'Equipe BDO
    PS : Nous avons bien fait la leçon à Ficy afin que ceci ne se reproduise plus !
  4. Post on Halloween Candy? in General

    By Taezya, posted
    Is anybody else having problems finding candy.  I play off and on but today I played for quite some time.  Questing.  Killing.  The only thing I didn't do today was fish.  And I haven't gotten not one piece.  I tried killing greyed out mobs.  I tried killing mobs at my lvl and above.  I mass killed.  I attacked beetles.  They weren't even bothering me and I killed them anyway.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  I even got rid of my pet so it would stop picking up loot.  Still nothing.  Somebody said they have plenty and havent had any problems, but I find that hard to believe.  So the only thing I can think of is that I'm not doing something that has nothing to do with actually killing, questing, or harvesting?
    Any helpful responses will be very appreciated as I would like to do that part of the event at least once...lol
  5. Hello people, 
    So i've done every halloween event quest except one, the "4. Workshop Bestseller"
    I don't know why, but Heidel's workshop manager Ficy doesn't seem to have any quest for me, and i've tried already with 2 different characters. 
    Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
  6. Hey, 
    So to my knowledge, The Halloween event goes to the 9th of November, and all the other event quests work just fine. However Ficy wont give me the quest 'Workshop's Bestseller' for the [sweet cone hat]. I see people with the item, but that was all before today's patch. I got 2 other people who haven't done the quest either to come check and they don't get any dialog option for it either. Which leads me to believe its bugged. This really sucks cause I want that hat but since I cant get a quest for it.
    A fix to this, before the 9th would be quite nice!
    Thanks for the time.
  7. Hey, 
    So to my knowledge, The Halloween event goes to the 9th of November, and all the other event quests work just fine. However Ficy wont give me the quest 'Workshop's Bestseller' for the [sweet cone hat]. I see people with the item, but that was all before today's patch. I got 2 other people who haven't done the quest either to come check and they don't get any dialog option for it either. Which leads me to believe its bugged. This really sucks cause I want that hat but since I cant get a quest for it.
    A fix to this, before the 9th would be quite nice!
    Thanks for the time.
    Please remove one of this thread! Forums was telling me it was having an issue and could not post... >_>
    Please remove one of this thread! Forums was telling me it was having an issue and could not post... >_>
  8. Hello guys,
    We have partnered with Kakao Games for a sweepstake giveaway of the Halloween Item Bundle (currently priced at 45€). Enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of 30 codes - we'll announce the winners tomorrow. Best of luck!
  9. Post on [Halloween] Candy in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  10. Hey i was just wondering which costumes can use the special effects? I seem to remember someone saying that bloody suit does not include the effects? Just wanted too confirm which ones had it
  11. Hi!
    Vg247 did a giveaway for the Halloween bundle, I got one and was planning to give it to a friend that plays this, but he already have it so I'am going go give it away. If anyone want to participate click in the link and complete the entrie.
  12. I don't know what I am doing wrong but how do I arrange the cookies? They say [-] but that did not work for me. Can someone show me what I am doing wrong please.
  13. Are all halloween costumes and pets available to buy for limited time only ? In description is: You cannot buy this item after Nov. 9.th
    So is this one time deal and then we can never obtain them ? Perhaps next year ? Or will they appear later in Pearl store ?
    I would also like to know why we cannot buy Drifty Ghospy, Helter-Skelter Ceros and Cushy Mallowmerz separately ? Other three pets are available to buy separately, but these three are only in halloween pet pack.
    Sorry if it was asked before.
  14. :))) Let's get some spooky themed screenshot or maybe some mischievous tricks being played :))))

  15. Post on Event in General

    By Gregorovich, posted
    I havent looked but has anyone answered whether or not the EVENT pumpkin mask is permanent?
  16. Your already limiting the "Halloween Gift Box" by giving us daily "Halloween Cookie" so we get 1 per day.
    Why the hell are you limiting the Lara Quest to once a day? most players don't have time to play your little RNG drop chance everyday for 4 hours straight just to finish a daily quest.
    Instead of making Lara Quest once a day why not make it reset everytime you hand in 3 candy, which then  makes it more convenient for people that are unlucky and don't have a lot of time on weekdays.
  17. So I got my basket and cook.  No mater how place them I get nothing combine them.  Unclicked auto arrange.  Put cook then basket same line, going nothing, tried reverse, got nothing.   Rebootred the game, no change.
  18. Hi =)
    Bought the new awesome looking Halloween interior set and one of the items I really looked forward to (beyond the sofa, yikes!) was the carpet. Sadly, for some reason... I can't place it anywhere. I click on it but the carpet won't even show up, it's just my usual arrow floating around and clicking anywhere doesn't do anything, the house itself and all furtniture changes color (to the normal redish one) as when trying to place something, but that's it.
    My house is: House number 2 in Trent.
  19. Hi, i just realized that the in-game cash shop has the existing bundle that is also sold on the main BDO web page. Well i bought it from the Main BDO page and now awaiting its arrival to my account in Edan NA. How long will it take to arrive to my account usually?. I've already accepted the "USED" item when it was available in my account page. Thank you in advance if someone reples. : D
  20. Do the new pets have skin options like other pets do or can their skin only be changed to another Halloween pet? For example: I'd love a white 3 headed dog instead of a black one. Can I use the pet change coupon to change its coloring (like other pets) or can I only combine them to make my dog into a broom instead?
    This will determine what I buy so need good info with screenshots or color thumbnails if possible. 
    I also think this would be cool to see a yellow marshmallow or a pink murderous cat running around year round. Daumkakaouch if you did not do this, what a missed opportunity to sell coupons too.
    Also post more Ghost Brides for Witches..
  21. So i speak to Lara with the quest option there, reach the Accept and Decline part. When i click accept, i get the message "Quest has already been accepted".
    I've tried re-logging, swapping characters, forfeiting all other quests
    anyone else getting this? 
    edit: nvm read patch notes
  22. my valk has never looked better

  23. Yay Pumpkins!

    Horse Racing Info: (EDIT)
    Horses can only race with those of the same tier
    If your horse has any deaths, they are still able to participate. (We're not following the KR build when it comes to horse deaths) Thanks @GM_Salome!

  24. Hi just to start off I main tamer and I have been getting super into the game and have started to look at spending a little bit of money in the pearl shop. However, nothing really caught my eye all that much, that is until the gray fox costumes were announced. But I was very disappointed when I found out that all of the female classes except witch and tamer are able to wear. 
    I have general knowledge of 3d modeling (no where to the degree of going from 0 to a fully functional skeleton etc) but enough to know something like this might not be too hard to implement (depending on the blueprints used to make a model) as the model for the clothes are already there, they just need scaling to suit the classes. Understandably it may be a little bit of a challenge considering your character creation system is a lot more advanced and more things need to be considered when making an outfit.
    But is it a possibility we will see tamers and witches getting this costume in the near future as well? #classequality.
    If they are going to add them in the future and they have announced it already feel free to let me know and to lock/delete this thread, also sorry if this is in the wrong place.
    I would be so happy if this was implemented and money would fly so fast out of my pocket. Also side note: it suits the theme of tamer more than any other class and the pumpkin fairy skin is terrible in comparison.
  25. Post on Halloween in General

    By SheBeast, posted
    um excuse me GM's and game masters when will we get this?
    I am dying for that 2 headed pet,cat with a hat and that horse skeleton skin..