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  1. I've been on harpoon mode for more than 2minutes in Ross Sea on my epheria sailboat but no fishes want to get harpooned. While, on my fishing boat, harpooning is no problem.
    Does this mean I cant harpoon on the sailboat because of the height? 😟
  2. 14 August 2017 - UPDATE. The fish table for the Trent pool has been reverted back to the Calpheon default and removing the Kamasylvia fish species, including the chance of the 'Message in a Bottle' item. Therefore, the only current way to obtain them is via harpooning. It is no longer possible to fish the bottle item, only via harpooning until Kamasylvia arrives.
    16 August 2017 - UPDATE. Now confirmed as a low drop chance from the current Terrmian Waterpark open waters via fishing since the 16 August 2017 Patch Notes, which added a new fish table for the event. Set to run until the 30 August 2017 so for a limited time only.
    The Bottle with a Note item was introduced a week after the Margoria expansion in the EU/NA Region with the 01 February 2017 Patch Notes which included this;
    As the notes stated, the item can be obtained while harpoon fishing. It leads onto various versions of the Gardaka’s Treasure Map which starts an associated quest depending on which version you get. The quest is to solve the enigmatic riddle included in the map tooltip text.
    However, while exploring potential Kamasylvia fish species along the border of thar region due to beww opened here sometime in March, I found a small pool which contains a Kamasylvia fish table (including the Swiri), to my surprise I fished up one of the bottle items. So I can confirm that it is possible to also fish up the Bottle with a Note item as well as via harpooning now in-game.
    The bottle functioned as expected and started the quest. Thinking it may be a bug I continued to fish and a day or so later fished up another which confirms that it is possible now in-game in our region to obtain it via fishing and not just by harpooning.
    Checking further, I have now found two other references to these being fished up in Kamasylvia from the Korean forums so it looks very much like this is a deliberate design decision to add it as a rare drop probably in any Kamasylvia water body. The reason we can catch them before the new region is opened is because the fish table overlaps a bit into existing land in Calpheon. This happens occasionally, like for Margoria before launch etc.
    The only water body I could find with another fish table other than that already posted on, accessed over the border into Kamasylvia from the Ross Sea, was this small pool found to the SW of Trent. It is in the Cyclops Land area (on the mini-map) and why I refer to it as the Cyclops pool. The location is indicated on the attached image being above the Ksarka Shrine (Calpheon).
    The pool can be accessed by moving SW out of Trent from the storage keeper, up the hill and then either side of the shrine entrance steps. Or up those steps past the shrine NPCs and jumping off and climbing the rocks to reach the pool set back a little from actual shrine entrance.
    Players should be aware that although fishing gives probably a more realistic option for obtaining a bottle item over harpoon fishing (the drop rate may vary etc.), I have yet to see even on the Korean forums any actual confirmation of one of the actual treasures being located by solving the various riddles.
    In time I expect the locations will become common knowledge and having something hard to solve is really cool in itself, currently it will require a lot of communal detective work to try and work out the locations and gain the Golden Chest reward.
    I can also confirm that only one quest can be accepted at a time and the bottles and treasure maps are bound items, so until the current quest is completed you wont be able to remove the item from inventory or it will be forfeit as the item tooltips state.
    For more detail on the Swiri found here also and fishing table generally please check out the separate thread here.

    Good luck with fishing one up (or harpooning) and join the world hunt for these treasure locations.

  3. Please update items Thick Harpoon and Thin Harpoon to be usable on an Epheria Sailboat
  4. Post on Harpoon Damage in Suggestions

    By Blighter, posted
    Add scaling to harpoon damage based on fishing level, or add some additional harpoons that can be enhanced to give increased damage like the hunting muskets.
    It's a little ridiculous that it takes as long to catch something when you first learn harpooning as it does at Guru.
  5. The Giant Squid is one of the new fish species being introduced with the upcoming Magoria 'Ocean' expansion content.
    It is possible to already fish into the Ross Sea (from existing adjacent sea areas) and therefore possible to catch the new species from this new sea area, including the Giant Squid. You catch it by harpoon fishing (the fishing equivalent is the new rare  Luvar).
    Like the existing Sperm Whale (also caught via harpooning), it is a Rare type fish  and sells for a premium to traders and currently has the highest value of any fish at 320K silver.
    Further details on this Reddit post here.
    GL if you decide to hunt for this new monster.

  6. Post on Fix Harpoons! in Suggestions

    By BastiHard, posted
    Its been what 1 an 1/2 months harpooning has been broken for. It may not be popular but an entire activity being broken for that long is a bit silly. Can we at least get an update on whats going on?
  7. After the patch today(8/24/16):
    I am a Master6 Fisherman and I can not Harpoon in any of my Favorite Spots. Durability never goes down on my Harpoon and I never spot a Fish.
    please fix. Working on the already impossible Old Totem.
    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  8. Post on Harpoon Fishing in In-Game Bugs

    By DkFox, posted
    I don't see this having been posted in the bugs forum; would be great to get a response (@CM_Jouska @GM_Dew) as to whether this is a known issue and/or if there are any suggested fixes:
    Multiple users have reported harpoon fishing working correctly, however many (myself included) have observed that they are able to start and complete the harpoon mini game, but are receiving no loot. The 'Success' message pops up, accompanied by the EXP+ combat text above the character, but no notification of the type of fish caught or loot window appear. Edit: Durability does decrease on the harpoon as well.
    Possibly related: In open sea, it is hard/impossible to find 'deep' water. I am able to get the minimap icon to display it if I jump overboard and dive slightly beneath the surface, but not otherwise. When piloting a fishing boat, the 'shallow' water icon is shown, however when leaving the helm to commence fishing the terrain icon changes to either 'mid air' or 'rough terrain'. On certain areas of the boat, it is possible to get the 'shallow' icon to display by unequipping the fishing tool (harpoon) and doing a standing jump, however this does not seem to affect the outcome of the harpoon fishing mini game.
    I'm not sure I can post and screenshots that would aid in troubleshooting, but can do it it will help.
    Server: Alustin / Channel: Mediah A1 / Area: Sea of Nox / Affiliated Node: Invernen Island.
  9. Post on Harpoon Fishing in PVE

    By Graverx, posted
    Can anyone else confirm if Harpoon fishing is completely broken?
    Was attempting to test out the new system, and noticed when completing the mini game that no fish appeared in the pop-up inventory box, despite the notification announcing I was successful.
  10. Hello,

    i like to suggest to you some ideas to improve both guild-scroll and world boss combat.
    Similar to the now deactivated formations, i suggest to add items, that buff players attacks or debuff the boss for a couple of seconds.
    These items can be consumables and/or specific "bosshunting"- equipment, such as Dragnets, Staggering Ballistas or Harpoons, that debuff the boss for a period of time.

    Why and what i want to change
    World Bosses are great content for cooperation of a large player base. They already come together and coordinate engaging bosses one at a time, making it a fun player managed sandbox event. But we all know, that Melee classes have a hard time engaging the Boss safely with Its unpredictable changing of targets and fast hits. While it is possible to evade, if you focus mainly on evading, rather than dealing damage and being lucky to not get caught by server lag while in dodge, it is neither to much fun nor is it effective, taking away motivation to engage in the first place as a melee.
    Many mid-and highgeared melee players simply avoid bosses, because both recklessly fighting and taking into account being killed repeatedly or playing safe with very little chance to deal damage is simply ineffective and therefore no option.
    With special Boss Hunting items and Equipment I want to draw more people to participate in these Boss engagements, by giving them an option to act as a supportive role, that debuffs the Boss on hit, making their actions count, even if they can't or won't deal damage. This should draw in more midgear people and freshly made endgame players, who want to dip into boss fights and learn with a bit safer approach, while still playing a crucial role in engaging and beating the boss as a group. On top of that, high Damage Dealers, who focus on fighting the boss directly get rewarded with higher chances to survive through the support of the others. Motivating both Mid- and Endgame Players for a Boss fight. 

    A group of 30 people is fighting a world boss. Some players are undergeared or maybe lowlvl melee, that can't engage as effective damage dealers. These players could engage in a supportive way by:
    either bringing some consumables like a dragnet or slingshot, that has to be shot or thrown at the boss, decreasing movement speed by 1% or 2% for 5 seconds. This debuff is stackable to a specific max amount of 20%, so that a coordinated and simultaneous dragnet-attack of 10 people will effectively debuff the boss for damage dealers and other melee fighters to approach in a safer way. 
    or by equipping themselves with a bosshunting weapon (boss-harpoon, chainshot-ballista, etc.) which they have to swap with their main weapon, like a hunting weapon or fishing rod, making them unable to attack the boss directly. These items do have a greater, more efficient or reliable debuff against the boss, such as a chance to stun/stagger or decrease attack speed of the boss for a period of time. These debuffs shouldn't be stackable, so that a more coordinated approach (players cycling one shot at a time) is needed to be gain efficient results.

    Items (consumables and equipment)
    Note, that consumables are rather mid-gear items, that can be bought for a relatively small amount and also be stacked up, if you can manage their high weight (weighing 3x a Large Potion). For example:  A Lvl 45 Berserker doesnt have the hunting profession skill or money to buy/use a boss-hunting weapon and can't do much good in engaging the boss directly. He still can manage to buy about 30 dragnets, until his weight limit is exceeded. he now can stay in a more safer ranged reach and effectively decrease the world boss's movement speed by 2% for 30seconds, given that he manages to aim and hit every single throw. Having 10 more players doing this, the boss has an optimal decreased movement speed of 10% for 30 seconds. 

    BossHunting Equipment on the other hand is high to end game equipment, which has some more effective, but high cooldown and nonstackable debuffs such as decreased attack speed, attack strength or a short stun/stagger effect, based on the kind of equipment (different weapons for different debuff types). These items can be harder to obtain and have a high purchasing price, making it more like an endgame profession to serve as a supporting BossHunter.

    Totems can be planted, just as imps and other mobs have their support totems. Why shouldn't we use our own?  Based on the Class each can buy another Support Totem, which he can plant with a very high cooldown. Also, these totems can be destroyed by the Boss, so a good spot not to far away to be effective, but also not to near to be destroyed has to be found.

    Examples for Items and Buffs
    Consumable: Dragnet (decreased movement speed) / Trap (immobile) / Slingshot (stagger)Bosshunting Equipment: Chainshot Ballista (Stun) / Harpoon Ballista (decreased AtkSpeed) / Big Hunting Rifle (decreased DP)Player Support Equipment (Purchase Based on Class) : Healing Totem (healing or Increased HP for a period of Time,purchasable by wizard), Protective totem (Increased DP for a period of time, purchasable by valkyre,warrior class) War Totem (Increased AP for 10 sec, purchasable by Berserker Class) etc.
    Bottom Line
    I hope you liked the idea, just as i liked the original approach of the formations (that are now deactivated), which where great in their basic thought, but just to hard to pull of, one reason being that they just took to long to activate, and lasted to short to be effective. There is actually more that i could add, but i think you got the overall idea already and maybe got inspired in combining the hunting profession with bosshunting or using already implemented content like copying some of the hunting animations and actions (players holding chainshot-ballista like the already implemented hunting rifle).

    the debuff types, items and %amounts obviously are just thought up freely and can be changed how you see them fit. this post is only described in detail to give you an idea of what i am missing in this (and any other multiplayer) game.

    Best wishes for your studio and thanks for reading
  11. Post on Harpoon Fishing in General

    By Habba Babba, posted
    I have been incredibly curious about harpoon fishing ever since I hit professional. So far however it hasn't seemed profitable, nor does there seem to be much information on harpooning.
    I'm not sure if there are anything like "harpoon hotspots" but if there are, you would make absurd amounts of silver due to the incredibly high base price of near all blue/yellow fish caught harpooning.
    In the screenshot below i spent somewhere between 60-90 min fishing in one spot with a couple thick harpoons.
    I did about 53ish casts, and the only thing valuable was the sperm whale, which has a base price of 175k. (the grunts/shard are from earlier fishing)
    I can't seem to find any useful info on harpoon fishing, so unless anyone has some useful information as to how harpooning functions, I think I might make the terrible time sink of moving over various spots and seeing if I can find any general patterns, or hotspots. 
    I know I have my minimap, and the bar above it out of the SC, but when on the water, there's an icon above the minimap that looks like waves, typically it's shallow water. However I've heard some guildies mention a deep sea variant of the wave icon, but have been unable to find one as of yet. If anyone comes across deep sea, it could either A. Be a harpoon hotspot, or B. Be a decent spot that might yeild more than 1 yellow an hour.
    For some reason I am determined to figure out how harpooning works, even tho so far it seems like a waste of time. There seems to be many fish to catch that sell great, and there are titles for them, which I would hope means there's a way to catch them at a decent rate...
    If anyone would like to make the time sink with me in the name of harpoon information documentation, feel free to post your findings here
  12. I was playing around with the harpoon and was wondering if anyone knew if there were specific hotspots for harpoon fishing. The little fishing I have done hasnt seemed too effective compared to fishing in hotspots. I was also wondering if anyone knew where deep sea areas were. Above your mini map, if out in the ocean, theres an icon that will most of the time, if not all of the time say "shallow water". Im wondeirng if there are "Deep water/ocean" areas that might be better to harpoon fish in.
  13. Little something I caught during Harpooning thought I'd share!