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  1. Ok, I am a very patient person but seriously. Just fix the code.
    This has been said by a number of people a number of times, so I am here to reiterate:
    You need to be Pro5
    You need a fishing boat
    You can't go AFK
    It takes longer
    You can't get a "Perfect" and just land a fish
    You can't catch Relic Shards
    You can't trade the Gold Tier Harpoon fish to imperial Traders
    All of the above things mentioned suggests GREATER REWARDS
    Check your code. The % of quality fish that we catch is WAY TOO LOW. And not like .5% off, but we should be catching about 35% Gold Tier harpoon fish when we do it.
    So simple. THIS IS SO SIMPLE.
    The current system is like people enhancing their Boss Gear to MAKE IT WORSE.
    "Yes Finally TET everything! Whoa that's weird, I'm doing less damage and getting less drops from mobs..."  <- THIS IS HARPOONING
  2. Kinda sad there is no Relic drops if you are harpooning.
    Speaking of Relics, improve the relic system. Whether it be making Awakened Relic Scrolls, being able to use multiple scrolls at once or something. Hell, if Black Spirit is the issue (as he gives the reward) just have the reward mailed to the player from the Black Spirit. Heck, you can do that with all scrolls untying the Black Spirit from scrolls.
    Seriously, have you seen how bored my Berserker is waiting for scrolls?

  3. Like for real , I've  been harpooning in vabadin sea , jurr sea , magoria sea zones and most of the times i get Cuttlefish...I barely get 1 yellow per 10mins? ( Master 1 fisher ) Like cmon...what is going on with this useless feature...Buggy animations , buggy mechanics , 10decades of minigame and yet 90% trash loot from it..
    Kill me please
  4. Title...
  5. I haven't seen anything regarding harpooning in the patch notes.
    Yet , can someone confirm this please? 
    Thank you in advance
  6. Harpooning is STILL broken...........Why?
  7. Totems: 
    The Old Totems of the Sea needs to be adjusted, in some way.
    You really need to adjust either the amount of fish we need to catch to get a shot at leveling the Totem
    OR adjust the fail rate
    OR adjust the rewards for leveling it
    OR give us a way to catch more of the fish faster(Example: Artisan Harpoons, using energy like we do for fishing rods)
    You can't AFK Harpoon, so there is no way to catch a large number of your target fish if unless you are there. To even take a shot at upgrading your Totem(at first) you need to catch 160 of your target fish, which takes forever. However, THE FAIL RATE IS WAY TOO HIGH. So you fail a lot and end up needing to catch a bare minimum of 80 more of your target fish. I'm currently around 500 Rays in to trying to upgrade to just the first tier of my Totem.
    BUT THAT'S NOT THE WORSE PART. My friend actually made it and has a Green Totem, but now each target fish gives .25% instead of .5%.  Let's just say that you can upgrade at 80% again(which you probably can not). That is a minimum of 320 Target fish to have a very small chance to upgrade to the next tier, with a chance of serious Failure resulting in DELEVELING of your Totem.
    THAT IS INSANE. And wrong. We would need to devote every moment of our play time in this game trying to catch one green fish for a year(maybe more) to add 18% mobility to our ship?!!!!  C'mon.
    Compare it to Horses which people can travel at warp speeds all over the map...
  8. Heres my 2 cents about what is missing and could be better about fishing
    Not only for Daum, also other fishermens. I would like to hear your oppinion to.
    Fishing Quests:
    1 - You should send a creator through all the fishing quests to find all the mislabeled items. its alot and a huge problem.
    2 - Quest rewards. Why don't fishing quests give anything other than contribution points at most (and very little of them, 4 hours for 50 contribution points is way to little) Why no fishing xp or something else rewarding, like why not a kind of token you can turn in batches for for instance triple rods, harpoons etc. as currency (not just lowend bait which you outgrow fast). The quest im referring to is "Uh.. Umm... I-I-I'm Sorry". Took me close to 4 hours just as an example.

    1 - The fishing boat needs a longer lifespan than rowboats, this is just simply put stupid as it is.
    2 - More skins. You might have had bad selling results of these, but this is also cause you cant dye it. Why would you buy it then other than the low 1% movement.
    3 - Paintable/Dye skins really needs to be implented.

    1 - Why not make a general totem that gives 0.20% xp per fished fish nomatter type.. Being forced to fish lowlevel fish forever is a punishment.
    1 - Make totems work as set parts for the other pieces as the craftable prows.

    1 - Make fishes caught at the same place and same type stack.. When you grind mobs the trade items stack, why not fishing?
    2 - When drying blue fish, why not make the dried fish blue so it can be used as 1 fish in cooking instead of needing 2 dried fishes or give better returns in cooking.

    1 - Cant say much about this as i still havent been able to harpoon cause of the no loot box popup.
    1 - Whaling is kinda great as it is, but i still think everyone in the party should be able to skin for XP on the small whales.
    2 - Please add a Silver Hunting Suit for crafting. things it could add to is Hunting XP+ / Hunting Damage
    3 - Whale Boss (Maybe killer whale) let us fishers get a water boss for more mats by doing daylies for summon scroll. Let the whale attack boats and players. Loot shouldn be different from blue whales but should give more.

    1 - Fishing could use more usefull "trash" other than silverkeys and relics. why not chests from sunken ships with for instance random materials or such. or an occasionel blackstone.

    1 - THe return rate for workers fishing is way to low 8 of 10 is fish bones.

    This is my suggestions and critisism. Also im sorry about my bad english.
    I hope you daum in the future can supply us life fishers with more and better content.
    I use 80% of my gametime on the sea. Just the last 3 days ive been on the sea hunting and fishing 100%, and then camping out on an island at night. Also 40 of my 51 levels (approx) is all life XP gains.

    Any critics to my suggestions is ok, also additions.