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  1. As an older Gamer who has played everything from Paid to Private servers, I see change all the time, I see free to cash shop, or donation shops on free private servers.
    Things cost money, on a daily basis we all experience it, from that morning coffee to lunch. We buy gas for our cars, which was built in a factory and sold by a sales man.
    The game was paid for and yes they made some nice coin, but that 1x payment will not last forever. I paid my rent 4 days ago and have to pay it again in 27 days. Life cost money.
    The game is hosted and designed by people, people who get paid to work there, in a building where they pay rent, as well travel fees to usa from overseas.
    Since joining I have heard so many rants of things for change or change without asking.
    I also see 1000's of -10 posts ranting they paid 100 1000 or more into the game who cares, I paid to win i have 3 t3 pets. and costumes, shit changes people.
    Many new accounts who say 100 Days wasted I quit blah blah blah, ok?
    you are not the only person online more will come.
    People will scream, and rage, tell me my head is in my ass or carebears or freepers or pvpers who cares.
    we all know we will go home after work or school grumble and find a way to make this work in our favor and how to move on.
    I love the game and well will continue. 
    If you leave, sad as it was alot of work you entered. I hope you find a game as cool as this one.
    well be well and remember to breathe life is too short to rage that much.
    if this message makes any sense ok if not well  I don't care. 

  2. This is not funny,This is not content anyone wants to see in Game.

    I suggest making this a perma-Ban offense .
  3. Our channels global chat is being taken over by racist hate preachers. I wasted all my energy on requesting chat bans, but they are stil active. Is there really nothing we can do agaisnt spreading racist hate in this game? I also don't understand why those gold farmer chat spam bots stay active for hours. Are there no GMs in this game that can shut them down?
    Oh and now we also got a clan named ISIS recruiting with "Alluahu Akbar friends! Do you want to kill some infidels?.." 
    I disabled the chat completely, seems that's the only fix available atm.
  4. It would be great to see GM/CM leadership and players lead an effort to end the toxicity that go on within the game. While it is understood that the Korean national law ties social security numbers to gamer's online usage, that is not with the rest of the world. Allowing anonymous bigotry, racism, injustice and obscene language overrun our games should not be the norm. Can the BDO Online community, make a pledge to somehow eliminate the discontent we are forced to endure every moment we log on? While blocking a person is a great option, it is an illusion. The issue is not being dealt with and another player will have to deal with an identical crisis. Eventually toxicity will take its toll and destroy the game as many others are. Please make a pledge to end online toxicity within BDO and point out these acts. Eventually these people will get the hint that they are not funny nor to be taken serious. Once the rest of the community alienates them, they will have no choice to adjust or simply leave. This really needs to be a large effort if it is to succeed. Make a joke of it if you will but people do suffer from online verbal abuse and hate. It is simply wrong to allow it to continue. Some will agree and others not. But do not claim that "nothing" can be done. Nothing, will be done without making an attempt, I firmly believe that. Good day and happy gaming friends! I hope a GM/CM can respond and agree to this thread.

  5. By default, everybody is put in the International channel, which is a really bad thing.
    The community on the EU servers is constantly arguing about whether its language should be English only.
    That is why the International channel is full of racist, hateful comments which ruins the experience even for those who are not bothered by foreign messages.
    There may be other channels, but most people don’t know about them, so these are totally deserted and unusable.
    In my opinion the solution for this would be to NOT have the International channel as default.
    Instead, the default channel should be decided by our client’s language settings (with the possibility to hop between channels).
    This way nobody would feel bad about speaking their own language since it wouldn’t be considered rude, like it currently is.
    TL;DR - The default language channel should be decided by the client's language settings instead of putting everybody in the International channel.
    I’m open to any suggestions.
    Let’s stop the hate in our community! 

    Please tell me if you agree or disagree below!