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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, i'm a Game Level Designer, coder, animation maker & i have a YouTube channel. I have created many famous things for the Ps3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Ps4 & PC (I have made the first Ps4 GTA 5 Mod Menu ever etc!).
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    Now i have create a new Guild called: "United_WarGuild" & my BDO Name is ImHaxoTV. Join The Guild If You Will Are Too A Person (If you playing in the other noob Guilds are you only too a 0, so you don't exist for the World |We do not want that|). So If You Join The Guild will we make missions together & catch the elephant together so we have a guild elephant and many other things, then all can ride the BIG Guild elephant etc, In the other guilds are the owner a 0 & randome noob and he don't let other players ride the Guild Elephant etc. So ladies and gentlemen join the Guild and make the best guild ever!
    Have Fun!
  2. Thanks for having a look at this thread. Here is what is going on and why I could partly fix it:
    At first I'd like to introduce my setting:
    2 screens
    - bigger screen - 16:10 (1680x1050)
    - cheap, bad side screen - 16:9 (could do 1920x1080 but still smaller)
    - GTX 770 with 4GB
    - i5
    - 8GB RAM
    - Windows 7

    I am playing on the main screen on 1680x1050. I recognized that I had bad fps getting even worse from time to time, i could not surpass the 29 frames and in fights i sometimes even go down to 15 fps and worse. I even turned down the settings to medium or low settings and it wouldnt really help, even though its the best on low settings.
    What I tried and what helped (partly):
    I tried to use 1920x1080. What happened is, that I had full 60 fps on highest settings. Wow! Now, the UI is basically -----ed up on a 16:10 screen when using 1920x1080 on it, i have to hover the mouse about 10cm next to a button to be able to klick it and the writing is even worse and unreadable. 
    Note: Fullscreen or windowed fullscreen did not change anything.
    So I tried to put it into windowed mode, put it onto my crappy side screen and back to fullscreen. There are 2 problems now: 
    1. I hate that screen, it is basically only good for a side screen for skype and stuff, it is smaller and has some colour bugs
    2. Some of you might now that if you switch fullscreen and window, it goes back to the first screen and the fps gets worse when you change graphic settings until you restart your game. Some HZ bugg, I will try to fix that with an extra problem blocking different HZ settings for screens.

    What can I do about it? 16:10 seems to be unoptimized but I basically cant really play on a 16:9 resolution. It worked on lowlevel locations but since fighting is more intensive on high levels and fps counts a lot on pvp, it really annoys me. I am actually somehow poor and can't buy a better screen. 
    I managed to find a fix only once. Had to put it on the side screen and change to 1920x1080 and ultra settings. When i tabbed out accidently and the game opened up on the main screen it had 1680x1050 again BUT 60fps on high settings! Well anyway, when I tabbed out and in again, it was screwed...

    SO Do I really have to buy a 16:9 screen from non existing money, stop playing the game and wait for a fix, or is there a chance to make it work on a 16:10 resolution?
    (btw fix damn tamer, that nerf was waaaay to hard )
    Edit: Already wrote  a ticket about it but I assume they are damn busy having a loooot of tickets. Also couldnt find a thread about 16:10 resolution problems.
  3. Aqui os dejo mi canal de youtube donde hay  pekeñas guias y consejos gracias.
  4. Bonjour tout le monde,
    Je suppose que vous êtes tous impatient de pouvoir participer à Black Desert Online, à cette occasion, un topic pour vous tenir en courant des dernières actualités sur la version KR en vidéo
    J'espère qu'elles vous plairont.
    Voici la dernière vidéo en date :
    -- VIDEO DU JOUR --
    [23/12/2016] "Par les météores de Pégase" (ok je sors :p)
    [23/12/2016] Nouvelle région "Kamasylvia"
    [08/12/2016] Outil de création - Le Dark Knight
    [02/12/2016] Nouvelle Classe - Le Dark Knight
    [13/10/2016] Halloween Event
    [11/10/2016] Eveil du Wizard
    [18/09/2016] Interview du CM_Tytyes à la GamesCom
    Pour les personnes qui veulent voir l'ensemble des vidéos, c'est à cette adresse :
    Bon visionnage à tous et à très bientôt in Game !
    A dispo,
    Hatenak -.- Le Petit Bridé