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  1. So I tried looking through the forums and on other sites for answers about a couple issues I'm having with the game, but I can't seem to find anyone else posting about these particular issues so here I go. I just know someone is going to say I should look at another topic, but if you do please send me a link cause I'm seriously tired of asking the search bar the wrong questions to get what I need.
    Okay with that out of the way here is what I need help with:
    1. I keep getting quests (most often to collect something from enemies, but also learning about them) that I simply can't finish or it's exceedingly tedious to finish. Most of these are quests where the Black Spirit asks me to collect things from enemies (example: 2 Tokens from Red Orc Berzerkers) and usually to get them I just have to kill those enemies, but here's the problem, I kill and kill and kill the objective enemies but I never get the item no matter how many I kill. Some times it works after I've killed like 20 or 30, but in the case of my example I've killed 40+, forfeited the mission, started again, killed a bunch more, and still I have nothing to show for it. It's really frustrating because I just get stuck in the same areas for ages trying to complete one mission unable to move forward to new areas cause the game won't give me credit for the kills. Is there a specific way you have to kill enemies to get credit and receive the item you need? Do you have to be in a certain range of level to finish a mission? Sometimes he'll ask me to learn about an enemy and I will and I can even see their health bars go down in combat, sometimes to the point I'm just slaughtering them cause I've been there so long, but the mission won't complete.
    2. I combat I've noticed especially with my ranger but sometimes my sorceress too, that even though I've got my target locked right on to my enemy and I'm just raining down attack after attack, most of the attacks literally do no damage. And I know you have to learn about enemies to see their health. I can see their health but, for example my ranger, I could fire a 100 arrows at a big orc and maybe 2 of those arrows will actually move his health bar a little tiny bit. meanwhile her knife and kicks can deal tons of damage even though I still only have the second knife I ever received in the game. I don't get the logic with that. no matter how sharp her knife is or hard she can roundhouse, the rangers best weapon should still be her bow. short range shots with a bow should be nothing to laugh at, but my ranger might as well just be kicks and dagger for all the good her styd bow does her. Her powerful attacks do have some effect, but only ones I have to really charge and even then the damage is negligible. I use as many different moves to keep the combat from getting tedious but it isn't helping much and I keep finding myself relying on the same two or three attacks. Please, should I be concerned for my characters? Is this regular? Is there like a ratio with how likely your attacks are to deal damage, like morrowind or old school fallout or something? I know MMO's tend to be grindy but even at levels 26 and 27 I feel like my characters are completely and unnecessarily helpless at times, so any advice on this besides "git gud" would be really appreciated.
    3. Finally I've noticed with some bosses and occasionally regular enemies, that the hit detection goes out the door completely. My computer and my connection I'm sure are not the problem here, since both are fairly awesome. I recently fought the orc boss "Org" and while 70% of his attacks never came near me, almost every single one hit me and dealt a lot of damage. I know they were AOE type attacks but I was like 40 feet away from where they landed and I was still getting hit, or I'd watch attacks fly by me and land off in the distance and then half a second later I got damage. I've seen this with a couple bosses, and I get that the game is gonna be a little buggy, but the level of some of these hit detection failures are just too wild for me to believe it's normal. I've watched enemies swinging at the air a couple yards away and then I just died from watching I guess? I doubt anyone is going to give me a fix about this or the one above, but I'd just like to know if it's normal, or a bug others are experiencing or what? It really bothers me and I feel like I should report it but I don't want to just get sent another message to look around on the forums again.
    Anyways, this turned into a bit more of a rant than I intended, I was just trying to paint a decent picture so people would know what I was talking about. If anyone has any advice it would be appreciated, especially about the first one, cause seriously I can wreck these guys all day but I can't seem to progress in the mission at all which is stopping me in progressing with the game too.