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  1. I'm trying to level up my horse while I watch Netflix by making a trail and setting my course on loop. It works for a little bit but after about 3-5 minutes my horse just stops. It's a tier 5 lvl 14 currently and it happens to all my horses and even my character off the horse when on a loop. It rarely ever makes it a full lap without stopping. I have a gtx 970 graphics card and have no problems in any other game or mmo. I usually play games and mmo's on the highest graphics like Elder Scrolls Online, and I have no lag or issues playing this game on the highest graphics. I tried even setting my graphics to the lowest possible for this game and it still stops. It doesn't lag or anything before the stop, it just slows down, stops following the trail, and stops. I have no idea what's causing this but if anyone has any ideas that could help I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance!
  2. So I had a horse up for sale on the market and then my friend said that they wanted it. So I went to cancel it from the queue on the market so I could put it back up when they were on. After canceling it, my horse disappeared. Is that supposed to happen or did I do something wrong?
  3. Post on Horse Skill in Suggestions

    By SecretArt, posted
    Surely many people find it irritating to reach lvl 30 on a high tier horse only to find out that it did not learn the desired skills and despite spending numerous pearls, the horse still does not get the right skill. 
    I suggest allowing high tier horses (7, 8, and 9) to be allowed to replace 1 skill with a random unlearned skill each time they reach 100% XP after lvl 30. It would be similar to lvl 30 workers who reach lvl 30 but instead of replacing skills at 50 and 100 %, it's just 100% for the horse.
  4. Post on I sell horses... in General

    By Happynes, posted
    I want to sell my horses, I have tier 7 female & male and tier 6 female & male. For more information send me a private message.
  5. Post on Horse market in Suggestions

    By Champlocker, posted
    Hey there,
    As of the more recent patch with the t4/t5 horses being in the wild the market is kinda floaded with them and i would like to suggest that horses above tier 4 need to be lvl 15 to be able to sell so that its more spreaded instead of just every 2 min 4 new horses on de market because every one is catching horses instead of actual training. hope too hear from you guys.
  6. Post on T9 Horse guide in Guides

    By Champlocker, posted
    T9 Guide
    Hi, this is a small guide on how to prepare for the T9 Horses coming to BDO.
    First of all, I would like to let you know I did this with limited information and no actual experience as far as getting the T9 horses, for I haven’t played the Korean version. This is just a guy making a guide because he didn’t find it on the internet yet. And if someone here knows more please comment below so people can find more information.
    All the different items and how to get them :
    Technical Training Materials: 
    Stone Tail Fodder : farming byproducts 20x (Simple Cooking) 
    Rainbow Fruit Gem: 10x Shiny gold seal (Imperial delivery)
    Elegance Training Materials: 
    Ferocious beast neidan : rare chance of looting from Khalk or Blue whales (Hunting)
    Breezy conch seaweed : rare chance of being obtained while fishing (Fishing)
    Physical Training Materials: 
    Pure forest breath : rare chance of being looted from monsters in the Kamasilve region (Grinding)
    Deep blue hoof root : rare chance of being obtained while gathering (Gathering)
    by exchanging 7x Peridot leaves.
    Peridot leaf : received from certain quests in the kamasilve region (Questing)
    Final Materials: 
    Rumbling earth fragment : exchange 2x Shiny golden seal (Imperial delivery) or 1x Horse race seal (Horse racing) or 15x Peridot leaf (Questing) 
    Swaying wind fragment : exchange 1x Shiny golden seal (Imperial delivery) or 2x Horse race seal (Horse racing) or 15x Peridot leaf (Questing) 
    Krogdalo’s origin stone : combine 25x Swaying wind fragment with 25x Rumbling earth fragment (Simple alchemy)
    I found a Post about it while doing some more research:
    I also have some of the data here:
    Each of these training areas can be increased using different materials which you must collect. A single material is equivalent to 1% increase in training. You can get a maximum of 100% in any one of the three training areas. You must get a total of 200% in training from any combination of the three areas before you can proceed. Once training has reached 200% you cannot apply any more of the training items. 
    If awakening fails, the 200% training you obtained through collected materials will be reduced back to 0% and you will need to begin awakening training again. Only awakening training % is affected, the horse’s level and skills will not change. You have the option of using 100 cron stones to reduce the training loss instead to 100%. The chance of success is currently estimated by players to be at 1%. 
    Will choosing to train different training areas affect the outcome of the awakening, or the skills and stats of the Pegasus?
    No, the current understanding is that there is no difference which training type you increase. Pick the ones you find easiest to collect items for. 
    Will the stats of my T8 affect the stats of my Pegasus?
    Unfortunately no, your Pegasus will gain stats and skills independent of what you T8 may have had. Your level 30 Pegasus may turn out to be slower or faster than you T8 was. Take a look in the Pegasus Details section of this guide for an example of the stats a level 30 Pegasus may have. 
    I Hope I have Helped you get Ready before it’s too late. I know I will be doing these steps:
    - Imperial delivery   - Gathering   - Simple cooking   - Simple alchemy   - Being lvl 60+
    Let me know if you liked this or not and how to improve for any possible new Guides.
    P.s. I have 4 T8’s without the Course requirement so being able to get one is very hard or very expensive. (total t8’s : 4)

  7. <DarkHorses> guild spring stable cleaning :
     Tonight we will be posting many horses for the public. There will be mostly fresh t6 horses. No time is set yet but there will be an announcement in world chat 1 hour before horses start being posted. So if you are looking for a horse be sure to watch out for this announcement. Most t6 lvl 1 horses are around 3 mil. So very easy to afford. Good luck on getting that new Steed!
    NA server
  8. i equipped all my wagon horses with the same type of barding and champron but not all of the horses are displaying the barding and champron.

    thanks for your attention.

  9. [Deleted every single file and reinstalled the game, didn't work] 
    Ever since the last patch I've had several bugs, several times a day. It takes relogging the game to fix this. Changing character didn't work. 
    I cannot ride my horse.I cannot speak to any NPC.I cannot call upon the Black spirit, and sometimes I can, but I'm not able to enchant. I fall through my houses.When I can enter my house, I sometimes cannot access utilities (cooking/alchemy stations)I sometimes can't use my weapon/attack, requipping does not fix this.I've never had lag, annoying bugs or anything while playing BDO (playing since CB). I had no hardware changes, nor changes in my router etc. 
    So far it's been every day since the last patch, every few hours... It's really starting to get annoying. 
    - Halifax. 
  10. The ability to hide horses that have no rider (similar to hiding other player pets) all the horses and wagons near almost every major city storage keep and stable keep just sitting there hogging resources.
    Reason being that there are so many people life training that the horses are an eye soar and unnecessary render. Removing them can help with town fps drop.


  11. I received a T5 horse, one week ago, but once I log in today, he isn't anywhere to be found, he don't even appear in the stable as injured, what should I do to recover him?
  12. I never really had a chance to fully verify this idea (though I'm going to soon), but maybe breeders will help me with some statistics for now.
    Each time when you lvl up your horse, you get a message "The chance to learn new skill has increased", and then if you learn something, it notifies you. The assumption is following: most likely there is a hidden failstack for skill learning.
    I.e. Horse A reached lvl 5 and haven't learned  a single skill. It got a 5 failstacks which increased probability of skill learning by X%. Then on lvl 6 it lvls up, gets 6th failstack, system then again rolls the dice and bam!, it learned the skill. Failstaks fall to 0.
    What is actually the most important if these theoretical failstacks purely belong to this particular Horse A, or they can be used on a Horse B too.
    Now the question is: can wagon training be more effective for skill learning? I started researching this theory after I noticed that almost each my wagon contains 2 potatoes and 2 decent horses. This actually can be explained by my assumption, since "potatoes" could donate their failstacks to other two horses.
    I understand that a lot of RNG is involved, and I personally got a T7 with 14 skills through single riding, and then T8 with 11 skills doing the same.... But I still would love to hear from people who were lvling up their T8 horses. If T8 is lvled up among lower tier "potatoes" they might get some stacks since they train slower. So the question to my breeding colleagues, have you noticed any difference when you lvl up your T8 though wagon and single-riding? Also have you tried to fail a few times on getting skills on your other horses before lvling up your T8?
    Disclaimer: I don't claim that my theory works and I understand that a lot or info must be gathered to check that. However BDO has a lot of hidden stats that we might not know about, so I'm trying to dig at least a little bit to understand the system. Also I omit costumes factor here since from my own experience can say that even if they have impact it's probably +0.5% to the chance to learn a skill.
    P.S. Would be great if devs would take a look here and enlighten us a little bit.
  13. As of yesterday my main T7 horse no longer will sprint.
    It will sprint for about 0.5 or a second then be back at normal non-sprint run speed.
    I am not overweight
    The horse is not overweight
    The saddle is 100% durability
    I have had this horse since T7's came out, this is the first time this has happened.
  14. I bought the game and it came with a tier 3 horse but I cannot seem to find where to register it at. Is there a specific area (stable) for this because all it tells me when I "right click" on it is
    "The destination is seen from afar"
    not sure where that is or where it refers to and do not see it marked on any map.
    I know this seems stupid but I just want to get my horse now that I'm leveled up enough.
    Okay figured this out, thanks for in game help Q.  Horse is registered now
  15. Post on Horse Doping in Suggestions

    By Similon, posted
    Slow horses are slow. When you either haven't had the time to get some good horses, or if you're using alts and don't like the hassle of swapping them around and remembering who you left each horse on, it gets a bit awkward and makes getting around tricky.
    It'd be nice to have some consumable item to counteract this, to either tide you over, or keep the alts mobile.
    A Horse speed buff. Some Erythropoietin Elixir or something. Not to make it as quick as a top tier horse, just so the journey on a T4-T6 doesn't drag out for ages.
    Of course, prohibit their use in Horse Races. Performance Enhancing Drugs are rightly banned in most competitive settings.
  16. I have been having issues with the horse sprint glitching out.  Stamina bar is fine. I have taken off all equip and inventory from horse then put it back on and started riding.  Works fine.  Then I get off and get back on and it stops working again.  Tried checking in and out of stable, recover, everything.   Any way to fix?
  17. My horse sprint is not working.  I am not over the weight limit or anything.  Stamina bar is full.  Please help....
  18. Hello everyone,
    Can someone explain to me how does it work ? Can we use it on horses lvl 30 ? Does it remove a skill ? Why do people always swap out fore chop ?
    I have red too that, to have a real chance to get a S skill (on T8), I should swap out a S skill. Can it work ? Is there someone who have tried this ?
    Thanks for reply.
    Have a nice game !  
  19. So I was Auto-piloting from Cephelon to Heidel on a horse (tier 5, return gift salami) and left computer in order to make coffee. I return back after a while just to discover my character swimming in river next to a bridge which leads to Orc camp. My horse on other hand was drowned at bottom of the river.
    So, my theory is that horse felt so depressed with server connections that it drove itself off the set autopath course just to jump off the bridge while yelling ''This game is pay2win  These laggs are terrible! I don't wanna live no more!'' and jumped off the bridge to drown in painful and agonizing pain.  The end.
    But in all seoriousness i do have below average connection, but having loading screens pop up every 2-10 minutes randomly to reconnect me to game is just ridicilous. It's that bad that can't set autopath course and run to destination without disconnecting every 5 minutes. Can we get better servers instead of new class please next time? These are words from contributing player.
    Rest in pepperoni my salami, your lagged death will not be forgotten, only eaten.
  20. Hi,
    there´s no way to get horse exp scrolls ingame except when reaching certain level requirements for the first time. Since the dayvendor´s loottable isn´t really worth rolling 10 energy over and over again I wondered if it was possible to add these scrolls to it. I never talked to any of the dayvendors because their items do not interest me, adding scrolls would definitely change that and make it an NPC I´d visit on a daily basis.
  21. Starting today (26 feb 2017), I've noticed multiple instances of my horse just stopping where it is and not moving, for no reason. The first couple of times, it was during an auto-loop. However, the latest time I was running from Keplan to Velia one-way, walked away from the computer, and came back stopped on the bridge by Oliviero the stableman. Horse has plenty of energy, so not sure what the latest bug is.
  22. Post on Breeding Question in General

    By LotusInugami, posted
    I currently have a Tier 1 Male and a Tier 3 Female both with no breeding attempts. I'm wondering what is a good level to train them to to have a chance at breeding a Tier 4 horse, any input is appreciated. Thank You! ^-^
  23. So i get hit while gathering and attack the guy, almost killing his horse. The guy runs away so i call him a -----. How does this warrants ME getting banned while he goes free messing with more gatherers? cmon gms do your job... I agree that saying i want to slice your horse isnt that cool but have you read ERP? This is unwarranted. maybe fix the boat issue idk instead of banning un-needingly. 
  24. Why can't we just make it a thing where you can't enter town riding a horse and you have to check it in at the stable. But you can still access the your carriage/horses items from storage. I mean this game is all about realism, but seeing a  hundred horses clipping through each other all the time isn't helping that aspect
  25. Hello all,
    Anyone knows where i can find the horse races after the server merge? I play on the EU servers.
    I heard they are only at velia 1 and 2? Or did i heard this wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Mara