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  1. There is likely another topic out there in the suggestions section but this should really be emphasized.
    1. Horses take way too long to level up. It would take me 5-7 days of looping overnight to train one tier 7 up to 30... (taking into consideration pk and losing connection etc)
    2. Horse Skill RNG. While leveling the two horses they naturally learn worthless skills like caution, fore chop, hind kick. In my case two seater has yet to be seen. Might as well throw in there that getting a tier 8 Courser will never happen naturally. Most people have to cash heavily for even a shot at the awakening. 
    3. Breeding Rates. After about a week and a half of getting two horses to 30 (which could have been spent fishing) just to be rewarded with two tier 6s. It seems like an 80% chance to get two tier 6s - from my personal experience  ( Currently Professional 6 ) and many others out there on the mega horse breeding thread.
    4. Horse Breeding Market. There is not enough incentive for anyone to post a tier 6 and above horse to breed. The amount of silver isn't worth it for the one posting. 
    5. Horse Market. To begin with, horses are undervalued especially considering the time it takes to level, breed, skill change coupons used and their sheer high demand (and low supply). Having the value pack does not alleviate the horse market tax either. In the end it isn't worth it for the seller. Tier 8s and some Tier 7s could be sold for pearls but the seller is still taking the risk of getting scammed. (Regardless, this shouldn't have to be used as incentive for players to sell horses).
    6. Profession Level. The Training profession level doesn't do jack squat. "Leveling horse skills faster" is barely noticeable and overall useless as far as breeding goes. We wish it would instead help us level our horses faster or a higher chance to learn rarer skills. 
    As it is, Horse Breeding is a huge time/money sink with horrible payoff. It's awful to say because to many, including myself, it's a very fun non-combat part of the game. However, these obstacles make it quite frustrating and discouraging for many of us breeders out there to continue horse breeding/selling. We are milked for breeding resets, death count resets, skill change coupons, etc.
    At the end of it all, days of our hard work is easily bought with a couple hours of grinding. 
  2. Hello all
    Recently I bought a level 30 t8 off the market randomly, she has nice skills, but if I would be greedy, I wish to replace her caution skill, and say, to obtain either sprint or 2 seater.
    Is it possible with mount skill training coupons since she is already level 30? Since I have not breed high level horses nor did I use mount pearl items before I did not know.
  3. I'm furious... I misclicked and added the wrong horse to the breeding market.  Guess what, it doesn't matter if I remove that horse I have to wait 6 hours to play again.  6 hours at ALL stable locations. I moved all my horses to a new stable and found that it didn't matter.  This issue is stupid and infuriating! It diminishes horse breeding and makes me wish i just sniped the market for a T6 or T7 horse! I can't wait for 9am tomorrow. I hate this crap! I trained these horses for at least 30 days and I now have to wait for this stupid requirement.  I 100% disagree with this implementation. Please change!
  4. Help...I made my horse breed with the wrong male. Is there any way to cancel it this?!
    And note, I did choose "show only me" when I registered...I just registered the wrong horse. X_X I don't see a cancel button anywhere!
  5. Game often freezes when talking to the northern calpheon stablemaster.  If this happens when you attempt to register a tamed horse, you lose the horse. 
  6. Hello everyone!
    Maybe it's not in my place to already talk about making a certain life skill more appealing since I just started to play BDO for about two months now, but I realized that certain life skills don't feel as rewarding as others do, although you spend so much time and effort in them - the training skill in particular.
    While you get awesome procs while cooking and brewing potions, which you can perfectly level up spending not too much effort in it, since your workers are on the field, collecting all the materials you need or you just sometimes switch to the marketplace to buy a stack of whatever material you are lacking at that moment. So you can spend a lot of time actually playing the game (farming/leveling), while the training skill needs so so so much more dedication and is so much more time consuming than everything else. 
    The ultimate outcome I speak of, is of course, breeding. As a breeder you spend hours and hours of simply doing nothing in the game because you need to level up your horses to get to a certain level to breed them. In this time you can't do anything else. And if you finally finished leveling your horses to a certain point where you should get a better horse, the RNG can be so brutal. I'm always sad to see peeps who leveled so many horses so diligently get nothing of it in the end.
    I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't adapt the rng/percentage of horse breeding (what would be nice though too haha) but that you have the possibility to get a proc while breeding too - like twinsies! Or a little window pops out, giving you 2-3 possible outcomes and you could chose from that. 
    Why am I suggesting something like this? Because the training skill gives your horse a higher possibility to learn a skill BUT who would have thunk - that's rng too! It's not that the horse would have a higher chance of learning a better skill orso. And that was it. Your taming chance in the field isn't higher or that you need less time to level up your horse etc etc. 
    So, yeah ... all in all it would be awesome if the training profession would be more rewarding in the end  
  7. Hi 
    so most of my breeding attempt was relestic until yesterday, i was trying to breed 2 horses lvl 26 and all same type:
    Male: T4 H ( R:0, B: 1, W: 4) Level 26
    Female:  T4 H ( R:0, B: 1, W: 4) Level 26
    Total color: Red: 0, Black:2, White: 8
    the result of my breeding and exchange as the following: 
    Breeding No#1:  T5 C ( R: 4, B:1, W: 1)Breeding No#2: T5 H ( R: 1, B: 4, W: 1)Exchange: T5 G ( R:2, B: 1, W:2)So what I understand from breeding system in the game, it take total color of your breeding mates and RNG to get foals from those combination? 
    but my question how come i get all of my horses with Red color part of it? and one  of them even 4 red color!!!? 
    that mean its all about RNG and no way to reduce the pool of that RNG by breeding pure even! 
  8. Got a rather simple question, unsure if it's been answered in the past but scrolling through the General forums causes me physical pain. I'll include two screenshots below. In one, I've got my prized T6 that I personally ride around everywhere, it's got every meaningful skill except Two-Seater (has every skill except Hind Kick, by some miracle), and I cannot drop IRL money to try and roll for Two-Seater (surprising right? PA doesn't want my money for once?). 
    However, in the second screenshot you'll see that this crappy female T6 I bought off of the market to breed with my T6 can use the Hope feature to try and re-roll Two-Seater. This is irritating because I went through 15-20 T6 horses, leveling them up and getting them prepared to find the perfect horse until T7/T8 becomes a pretty common thing. I finally got a very pretty, all black T6 horse that has every skill, so if I could roll for Two-Seater I would almost be guaranteed to get it, making this the perfect horse essentially. However, my prized horse did not learn Two-Seater, and does not have the option to. Where as the crappy horse I bought off the market hasn't learned it yet, but it has the option to try. 
    So I suppose my question is, why can't some horses roll for Two-Seater with the skill change coupons? AND, if you cannot see Two-Seater in the menu for re-rolling horse skills, does that mean that your horse will never learn Two-Seater on it's journey to level 30? Do we first have to breed a horse that can learn Two-Seater, and then pray that it does in fact learn Two-Seater.
    For anyone curious, the T6 with all skills besides Two-Seater is worth 24 million.  
    Edit: Thought it'd be worthwhile to add in, the past 2 of 3 T6 males I've gone through in the past 2 weeks didn't have the option either. The third horse in that set did learn Two-Seater but I did not check if it had the option to re-roll for Two-Seater, before it learned it.
    Screenshot #1:

    Screenshot #2:

  9. I would like to know what new Teir 6 and 7s have been released. Is it all of them or only another small amount of the colors. If you could clarify using the Horse list would let people breath easy and breed more horses.
  10. I'm a fifty-one-year-old male, so lets not do this, "He's just a kid who likes to rant."
    I was actually an apprentice Arabian Horse Breeder between the ages of 21 and 30 years of age. I'm well aware of how every aspect of real horse breeding works, especially when it comes to the lineage of the horses involved. Over that nine years, yes, I did see foals that were too short, too tall, too small, too heavy and too light for what they were being bred for. NEVER in NINE YEARS did I ever see a breeder breed two horses together and produce a "TURTLE!"
    AS nicely as I can ask this...
    What mathematical formula are you using that would account for this happening? (Keep in mind, there hasn't been an OFFICIAL STATEMENT that the Grand-Dame and Grand-Sire have percentage variables in this.)
    Breeding Pair-ups
    A = Female - Tier 6 lvl 30 - No deaths / color code: 0-0-6 (Reset)
    Next female is same another A.
    D = Male     - Tier 6 lvl 30 - No deaths / color code: 0-3-3 (Reset)
                                                        Total color codes: 0-3-9 (between male and either female)
    These four breedings PRODUCED!
    E    2-3-3
    E    2-3-3
    B    3-2-2
    D    0-3-3
    Now, my next question!
    How fair are you being to those of us who did get an education and learn that 0+0 = 0 (and not 3) and that HALF of 9 = 4.5 and not 2 or 3's?
    ASSUMING the color codes are there for a realistic reason, then the values would be low to start off with at tier one and go UPWARD as you combine numbers in the higher tiers.
    You couldn't possibly call this realistic horse breeding! It should be called, spin the wheel because you're going to spend weeks and months of serious time, effort and money playing...
    You should have learned your lesson with the ONE-BALL-WONDER that came with the C-PACK. Even the average drop-out can add and know this is absolute BS! And I absolutely will stop giving real money to people who don't play fair and make a viable and realistic challenge out of something. SO DONE!
    Gratz to those of you who got Tier 7's, because if you are under the impression that you got it by ANY OTHER METHOD than luck, you are quite mistaken.
    FYI: the last photo is of me leveling up these four horses that I'm going to sell - without breeding them. Because I'm not really breeding, I'm producing valuable horses.
    That mini-game, I completely understand!

  11. Make it so there's a confirm screen every time you are changing which skill you're Hoping for changes.!. I just blew 10$ because i did not know how this system works. This is ridiculous. I am trying to obtain sprint on my horse. I used 3 skill change tokens trying to get it, then a free one from the system. I did not know by simply clicking on hope it changes the skill you're hoping for, I figured these were stacks that add up. I thought they applied to all of my skills since everytime i clicked it a skill they all showed a hope of 3. On the 4th token I obtained the ability "Hind Kick" which was the 1st ability I changed, which I understand can happen, but the horrible thing is that it wasted all of my hope stacks! Make this system better, make this easier to understand. I'm beyond pist that this happened. Why the hell would anyone hope for "Hind Kick", add a confirm screen so that we as users understand how this system works.
  12. So i leveled up alot of various horses, from level 2 captured, and brought a few up to tier 6. Finally got a T6 female and leveled up male to 30, and female to 20. This is very time consuming as most people know. So, what was my result with 2 T6 females and 1 T^ male. I used 2 female resets and 1 male reset. 
    I got 1 T6 male, 1 T6 Female and 2 T5 females. 
    So, i can understand the t6 stayting t6, just really bad luck i guess (i have 5 but never seemed to be lucky with anything in game anyway) But for a level 30 and 20 to go backwards to T5 is weak at the very least. So, now ill start all over again with leveling, but not to 30 or 20, 10 will be enough as it seems to be either completely broken or just not a factor. 
    It would be nice to see if you put an effort in leveling that you got a better and better horse, not loose a tier when breeding..
  13. So i leveled up alot of various horses, from level 2 captured, and brought a few up to tier 6. Finally got a T6 female and leveled up male to 30, and female to 20. This is very time consuming as most people know. So, what was my result with 2 T6 females and 1 T^ male. I used 2 female resets and 1 male reset. 
    I got 1 T6 male, 1 T6 Female and 2 T5 females. 
    So, i can understand the t6 stayting t6, just really bad luck i guess (i have 5 but never seemed to be lucky with anything in game anyway) But for a level 30 and 20 to go backwards to T5 is weak at the very least. So, now ill start all over again with leveling, but not to 30 or 20, 10 will be enough as it seems to be either completely broken or just not a factor. 
    It would be nice to see if you put an effort in leveling that you got a better and better horse, not loose a tier when breeding..
  14. I am a extremely avid horse breeder in Black Desert, while breeding the idea dawned on me to add a tag on horses that are bred, similar to branding cattle. This tag would let the new owner of said horse know who the horse was from. I feel that this would add a whole new level of depth to horse breeding; for instance if you breed consistently nice looking horses with good skills your name would eventually be synonymous with someone who is a good breeder. The tag could go further indepth and let the breeder of horses choose a logo that could be seen on the horse, this of course could be toggled on and off by the owner of the horse. I feel if this was implemented it would give horse breeders something to aspire to, in the future one could see a horse riding by and recognize the symbol of the breeder and realize that it was your horse. 
    Let me know what you think of my idea. 
  15. Post on Horse Breeding Bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Aeiu, posted
    Hey guys,
    So I recently started breeding horses and for some reason one of my males who have completed mating is stuck with the "Completed" statement on it. Because of that I can't seem to preform any other action on it at all regarding, exchanging, recovery or even taking it out. Its just stuck there in my stable blocking up space. Anyone else found a solution for this or even the same problem? I've tried restarting and everything. Thanks!
  16. i really would like to be able to see how many horses are in a stable from the map screen like you can click the city and see your warehouse just some thing to show the amount of horse in the stable.
    so many times have a captures a horse, happy with my new mighty steed off i go running back to a stable normally the closest one only to find when i get there no room to register it. so i have to go running off to another stable on the other side of the map to be able to fit it in to find its a t1 and i have to delete it cuz it not useful 
    i am only looking for some thing like click the horse symbol on the map and it show like 4/8 or some thing to that effect 
    or better still being able to delete horses from every stable not just the big cities would be great seeing as i catch so many tier ones that are pointless to me as i am trying to breed higher and its a waste of 6 hours to breed any T1's 
    being able to reorder sort your stable like in to tier ranks or levels even maybe sort buy male/female instead of having to scroll 
  17. Horse breeding is a really fun mechanic in Black Desert. It requires a lot of time and effort to get to those higher tiers, but the payout is usually worth it and feels very rewarding. It's a feature I really like. One of the cooler ideas related to horse breeding is the breeding market. Basically, if you have just one good horse that's missing a partner to breed with, you can put up your horse at the breeding market, giving another player the opportunity to breed their horse with yours. Indeed a great idea, at least in theory.
    The execution of this idea, on the other hand, is not so great. Go to a stable keeper right now and open the breeding market window. What will you see? With a 99% chance, all you will see will be... literally nothing at all. This already hints at the fact that there is something fishy going on with the horse breeding market. Like, why is no player putting up their horses for breeding? You're lucky if you see just a single horse available for breeding, and whenever that happens, it's usually taken within seconds. So why is that? Why is no player using this theoretically great feature? There are hundreds of horses in the regular horse market, even some on higher levels and tiers, so clearly players own a lot of potential breeding horses. So why are none of them in the horse breeding market, when that's obviously the faster method of obtaining a foal (since you have to train just one horse instead of two)?
    Well, as it turns out, the pay-off for putting your horse into the breeding market just isn't worth it at all. Not even a tiny bit. Here is the thing: when you put up your horse in the breeding market and some other player chooses that horse for breeding, only THEY will receive any foals from this interaction. The offering player will only receive some silver. This alone is already disappointing. When you're putting so much time and effort into breeding and training horses, you're obviously doing it with obtaining a higher tier horse in mind. That's your goal. I don't think any player would use horse breeding as their primary form of income, since there are just way quicker and more immediate forms of income that are also more fun. Heck, I think even farming, which is mostly a passive activity, earns you a lot more money than the horse breeding market, which actually requires you to actively train your horses and do nothing else in the meantime.
    This directly leads me to the second disappointment related to the horse breeding market, which is the income itself. It's just way, way too low for someone to even consider it being worth it. Like, how low is it? Well, if "too low" isn't a good enough answer for you, let me give you a personal example. I just recently started really getting into horse breeding. Some of the first horses I tamed were a tier 1 female and a tier 2 male, so I decided to start with those. I trained the female until it reached level 30 and the male until it reached level 23. This, according to a calculator I found, was enough to get foals ranging from tier 3 to tier 5, and indeed, the first foal I got was a tier 4 male. Now after this, the breeding count of my female horse was used up, and not willing to use a horse flute on her, the only thing left I could do with her was to exhange her for another foal, which was what I planned to do. My male still had a breeding count of 1 left, though, which I obviously didn't want to go to waste. So what did I do? Not owning another female horse to breed with, I decided to offer the male in the horse breeding market. To my surprise, the offer was taken within seconds. So how much silver did I end up getting from my tier 2 level 23 male horse? Only like 20,000 silver (I think even less than that, in fact). 20k from around 10 to 15 hours of training effort. Just think about how much silver I could have made doing literally anything else in the game for that long. In fishing, for example, just a single rare fish can already be worth that much money. Fishing for this long will easily earn you at least a few 100k silver. The same goes for many other forms of income.
    So to sum everything up, as it currently stands, offering horses in the horse breeding market just isn't worth it at all, You're exhausting your horse's breeding count, you're not getting a foal from it, and the amount of silver you get just really isn't worth it. This really discourages players from even offering horses for breeding in the first place.
    So what needs to change in order to make the breeding market worth it?
    Well, most importantly, both, the offering player, and the player taking the offer, should obtain a foal. I know that this would essentially mean double the foals for half the effort, but this could easily be offset by (expontentially) higher prices on market breeding (which both players would have to pay instead of just one). It would also greatly raise the amount of player interactions related to breeding, which, after all, is the point of an MMO.
    Secondly, if this feature was indeed introduced, a few adjustments would be required on how horses are offered on the market. Instead of only letting a player choose in which breeding market to register a horse, they could also setup minimum requirements (minimum tier and minimum level), restricting what kinds of horses other players could use to breed with that specific horse. For example: if you offered a tier 6 level 30 horse on the breeding market, you obviously wouldn't want a tier 1 level 1 horse to breed with it, since the resulting foal would be of a way lower tier than what you were offerin in the market. A mechanic like this would prevent that from happening. These restrictions could also come with a price. Like, the higher the tier and level restrictions a player would choose, the more silver they would have to pay in order to offer their horse on the market. This would prevent most unreasonable offers on the breeding market right away.
    Thanks for reading this far and I hope you like some of the suggestions I made.
  18. Post on (Poll)Horse Tiers in General

    By Madruck, posted
    With me only 2 days away from getting my Tier 6 horse I wanted to see how far other people are in their horse training and breeding......
  19. So 2 weeks ago some might remember a few channels being weird on Orwen server. During this channel hiccup one of my foals got deleted, several horses de-leveled and were spit out of the stables after I changed channels (indicating to me that there was a syncing problem going on). Since then I have not been able to receive any foal I have attempted to breed. Instead I am met with an error message that reads "internal error occured while loading information". I was one of the top trainers on my server / channel but have since fallen way behind since I can't breed the top tier horses I currently have, so I can't sell horses and there by can't make new stable room for new horses. I filed a ticket two weeks ago, no official response. I did manage to get ahold of GM Huego who told me my issue would have to be escalated to pearl abyss. But still no official ticket response and no indication of when this might be fixed or at the very least get worked on.
    I've tried being on different characters, different channels, I've tried clearing out every horse from the stable except the 2 parents, nothing works. Does anyone else have this bug happening to them? If I am the only one and this is an isolated occurance the chances of it actually getting fixed are probably slim to none. Help me community-wan-kenobi, your my only hope :O. I could really use people at least bumping this issue up to get more visibility on it in hopes a DEV will see it.

  20. This is a thread dedicated too providing a place for people too share there helpful black desert videos with the public.
    For Example:
    Subscribe too EverSoSailor at : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEqnbGebFZzVzvKkwwKWvrA
    You are more then welcome too upload any helpful video about black desert too this thread, this thread is here for people that want too see the newest uploads and for people looking for support with guides, tutorials, pvp, pve and pretty much anything else black desert.
  21. I think it would be a small but great addition if you could add a way to find out:
    Suggestion 1. Name of the player who bought your horse from the market.
    Suggestion 2. Name of the player who you're buying a horse from.
    Suggestion 3. Name of the player who applied to breed with a horse you placed on the breeding market.
    Suggestion 4. Let us find out the breed BEFORE naming our horse please!
    Suggestion 5. Let us see the name of the hore BEFORE we buy it.
    I could already think of a few ways to go about doing it.. 
    For suggestion #1, you could just add the name of the player who bought your horse into the message you get from Mail (B) message  that received after selling your horse. The original message is:
    [ Horsename ] has been sold at the Horse Market.
    And it can be changed to:
    [ Horsename ] has been bought at the Horse Market by [ Player_Name ]
    For suggestion #2, you could just add the Family Name of the player into the Horse Market listing. You have Death count, Breedable count, Price, Gender, Tier, Stats, and Skills. Throw in the Family Name of the player in the mix. (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE)
    For suggestion #3, you could just add the name of the player into the message you get from  Mail (B) you breed your horse. The original message is: 
    [ Horsename ]'s breeding has started at the Breeding Market.
    And can be changed to:
    [ Horsename ]'s breeding has started at the Breeding Market with [ Player_Name ]'s horse.
    These suggestions will make us horse breeders less anonymous to each other and even help us learn from each other.

  22. I know there is some controversy regarding the auto-loop, I just wanted to post a positive viewpoint! I spent hours last weekend leveling my horses manually. Running back and forth from Mediah to Trent is a pretty long path so I could still walk away from my computer and do other things.  The downside was I got pk'd a few times while I was away from my computer.  With the auto-pathing, I can just path in a safe zone and not worry about it!  I am so happy! Thank you Daum! Quality of life improvement is much appreciated!

    PSA - How to Auto-Loop

    Alt+Right Click to make your path
    Hold Alt and hover over your character on the map
    Route turns green
    Right Click to confirm
    Start running
    A check box for auto carrot will appear
  23. Horse breeding is extremely pay to win at the moment, and is basically a way of buying silver with IRL money, now let me tell you why. 
    You level two horse to a level where you can expect an outcome you desire - you get one better horse out of that. However, if you decide to give Daum 6,40€ for a female breeding reset, you get 2. This basically doubles the results you get for the same amount of work. How this is not considered pay to win by the community I have no idea. 
    The next issue is that because high tier horses are very desirable at the moment, selling them can make you a lot of money ( although not enough currently), especially if they have nice skills. Therefore you can make multiple millions by paying 6,40€ and 2,50€ for skill resets a few times until you get your desired skills. This is a pretty surefire way of aquiring a decent amount of silver with real money.
    The solution to the problems with horse breeding in its current state, would be to offer breeding resets and skill changes in the loyalty shop, as well as in the cash shop. That way lazy people can still pay for convenience but no one is forced to pay in order to get the same results as others (which is how it should be in a non p2w model).
  24. I am probably being really stupid, but I bought a female horse breed reset item today, and I found it in my inventory under the Pearl section, but when I went to use it I couldn't do anything.  The game kept saying There Is No Item.  I right-clicked on it and it asked me if I wanted to open it, and I said yes, then it just disappeared and I still cannot apply it to my female horse.  Does anyone know what I've done or where this item is, or how I was meant to be doing things? Thanks in advance for your help.
    The Maniacs Guild
    Only on the NA server!!!
    The Maniacs is a collaboration of Youtubers set on the 
    common goal to be dapper, helpful, and most importantly 
    to have tons of fun on this epic new MMO!!!

    Benefits of joining our guild include:
    Support in your growth and leveling in all skills.Guides to the complex crafting and resource gathering hidden in throughout BDO.A in-depth database of information on how to acquire massive amounts of wealth.The chance to brag and watch yourself on youtube.
    What is required from you:
    To maintain a dapper and honest attitude with other guild members.No fraternization or flirting with other guild members. Save it for the bars and clubs!!!Please ask any questions you have about the game. This is the best way we will all learn about this awesome game!
    How to join:
    Leave a comment below with the follow information:
    What is your in game Family name.Do you have a microphone? (Yes or No. We communicate via Team Speak)What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? (Snobs are welcomed)Do you have any experience with other MMO's (i.e. 4 years in SWTOR, 2 years in WoW, ect..)What is your favorite color? (Yes, seriously this is a vitally important question!)What country do live in irl? (Because we have guild members from all over the world.)Do you enjoy PvE over PvP? (Because PvP is *not* our main focus!) 
    Cheers and we look forward to playing with you!!!
    (Check your inbox after posting your resume)