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  1. Am I just super unlucky or does it usually take this many tries to get the skill you want? I know it is my own money but I shelled out 50 dollars just to get 20 fails...?

  2. My T8 horse got a gold medal. I read on it. It says that I can make it into a dream horse? How does that work?
  3. I think I'm not the only one who thinks that leg hair on horses in this game looks just terrible.
    Shire-like horses are really lovely, also nearly ALL high tier horses have these leg hair.  The mane and tail looks just awesome and because of that these legs are even more awful and look just ... unmached.
    Is there anything you can do to make it look better?

  4. Hello everyone~
    I'm Chiara, or Kenjii_Asgard of the Eliraz family in-game. I'm looking for a guild of like-minded individuals with whom to share experience (especially on horse breeding) and light-hearted chatting. I'm pretty reserved and as of now I could very well do without the chatlog for how little I even look at it, so the thought of having a group to discuss with as I travel around the world of BDO sounds pretty nice.
    Though I'm lv46 on my Musa main, I've never really focused on combat content, save quests here and there. Most of my EXP came through life-skills, and a lot of repetitive quests related to them. I'm also a roleplayer, but not in this game really. Still I love story-writing and roleplaying discussions too. I can be pretty open and opinionated when I warm up to people.
    IRL I'm a former horse trainer (and you can see what lured me to this game then), retired for health issues. I love BDO because it lets me, to some extent, further my passion for horses despite the inconveniences. I often change sleeping patterns too, so you can find me on NA-friendly or EU-friendly hours without any distinction. I don't really use voice chat, because while my written English might be decent, my spoken one is really lacking. I'm a self-taught so please bare with me for any error I may make while typing too.
    I tend to play on Balenos 2 the most, but I'm willing to change channels for an invite without any issue. Please let me know if you have something that sounds like what I'm looking for
  5. Horses can only gain exp by running. 

    It would be nice to implement this also, so, mounted combat and leveling horse skills is more viable, at least for pve

    1. Horse get exp when player kills creeps with horse.
    2. Horse get exp when player is training horse skills.

    Thanks for reading. Short and sweet.
  6. A lot recently I have been having problem with auto pathing and at some point my character will in the middle of a the road and my wagon will be quite far from the character. I assume that it would be my wifi, but my it isnt as I play this game without hitting a loading screen. I tried seeing the effect of this and when I autopath multiple times and the the results are4 at least in a 10 minutes I would hit  a loading sceeen. 
  7. Hallo Zusammen!
    Da wir vermutlich relativ bald, eines der T9 Pferde bekommen, dachte ich mir, dass ich einen post aus dem englischen Forum mal ins deutsche übersetze.  Viel Spaß damit!
    T9 Pferde
    Allgemein zu T9 Pferden:
    Vor einer längeren Zeit, wurden T9 Pferde für BDO angekündigt. Das Pegasus ist nun schon sein ein paar Monaten auf Korea. Das Höllenpferd und das "Einhorn" werden zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt folgen.
    Jedes der Pferde hat spezielle Skills:

    Kann gleiten und bekommt keinen Schaden bei der Landung.


    Kämpferisch stark und hinterlässt eine Feuerspur, welche Feinde explodieren lässt.

    Bufft Verbündete und hat eine Sturm Attacke, welche die Rüstung von Feinden durchdringt.
    Neues Courser und Pegasus Awakening System
    Ein neues Pferdesystem ist nun seit geraumer Zeit in Korea implementiert, welches die Pferde in Normal und Courser klassifiziert. Je nachdem welche Skills die Pferde haben, werden sie in die entsprechende Kategorie eingeordnet und bekommen ein Symbol neben dem Pferdebild.
    Die benötigten Skills für ein Pferd um den Status Courser zu erhalten, steigen mit dem Tier Level. 
    Courser Pferde haben ein goldenes Symbol und Normale Pferde ein silbernes Symbol.

    Was für Vorteile gibt es für Courser Pferde:
    Erhöhte VerkaufspreiseWenn man zwei "Courser" Pferde züchtet, bekommt das Fohlen 2 SkillsWenn man ein "Courser" und ein "Normales" Pferd züchtet, bekommt das Fohlen entweder einen oder zwei Skills.Der Status "Courser" ändert NICHT die Geschwindigkeit, Beschleunigung, Wendung oder das Abbremsen des Pferdes!Benötigte Skills für den Courser Status:

    Ein Level 30 T8 Courser kann (=RNG :P) ein Pegasus werden, indem man folgende Schritte erledigt:
    Das Pferd muss im Stall in der "Stonetail" Pferderanch stehen (dort wo man auch die Pferderennen Symbole eintauschtDas Pferd sollte keine Rüstung mehr tragen und keine Gegenstände im Inventar haben.Die neu wählbare Option "Pferdetraining" steht zur Verfügung
    Es öffnet sich ein neues Fenster für das Training des Pferdes
    Es gibt drei verschiedene Trainings Arten: Physikalisches Training, Anmutstraining und das Technische Training
    Es werden verschiedene gesammelte Items verwendet, welche die Prozente der verschiedenen Trainings erhöhtEin Material erhöht das Training um 1 %. Man kann maximal 100 % in jedem Training haben.Die drei Training Bereiche müssen zusammen 200 % ergeben, bevor man fortfahren kann (man muss nicht alle drei maximieren. Es kann sogar ein Bereich ganz ausgelassen werden um die 200 % zusammen zu bekommen).Pro Bereich kann jeweils ein Item bei einer täglichen Quest bei der Stonetail Ranch erlangt werden.Hierbei muss man ein Pferd fangen. Es reicht wenn man auf das gefangene Pferd drauf sitzt. Man muss es nicht bei einem Stall registrieren. Alle Items können im Auktionshaus gekauft werden oder durch verschiedene Methoden, welche in der unteren Grafik aufgezeigt werden, erlangt werden.Das letzte Item, welches aus den vorherigen Items entsteht, wird für die Erweckung des Pegasus benötigt

    Wenn all diese Schritte durchgeführt wurden, kann der Versuch für ein T9 Pegasus starten
    Wenn das Erwachen schief geht, werden die 200 % wieder auf 0 % reduziert und man muss von vorne mit dem Training beginnen. (Nur das Training der Erweckung ist betroffen, nicht das Level des Pferdes und die Skills) Man hat die Option 100 Cron Stones zu verwenden. Wenn man failt, werden die 200 % nur auf 100 % reduziert, anstatt auf 0 %.Wenn man viel Glück hat, bekommt man das Pegasus
    Das Pegasus
    Wenn das Erwachen geklappt hat, wird das T8 durch das Pegasus ersetzt und trägt den gleichen Namen wie das T8er.
    Das Pegasus startet mit Level 1 und mit neuen Basis Skills.Das Pegasus hat keine Züchtungsversuche und man kann auch nicht mehr mit ihm züchtenDas Pegasus kann verschieden Skills lernen, die andere Pferde nicht lernen können.Diese Skills können sein:

    Wings of the Wind, Wings of Freedom sind spezifische Skills nur für das Pegasus. Die anderen Skills können auch von anderen T9 Pferden, wie das Höllenpferd und Einhorn, erlernt werden (noch nicht in der koreanischen Version).Das Pegasus startet mit Level 1 mit 3 Skills: Double Leap und Wings of the Wind sind garantierte Skills. Der dritte kann variieren.Wings of freedom und die anderen regulären Skills können auch erlernt werdenPegasus in Aktion:
    Wichtig: Die Details in dieser Zusammenfassung sind aus der koreanischen Version des Spiels. Die Namen der Items, Skills, Menüse etc. und andere Details können variieren und auf unsere Version angepasst werden.
    Ich habe den Artikel aus dem englischen Forum frei übersetzt. Ein paar englische Begriffe haben ich nach meinem Gewissen übersetzt und ein paar Begriffe habe ich direkt aus dem englischen post übernommen.
  8. I've been on and off training horses for the past couple days and every time they level, I check to see if they've learnt anything. I've had my horses in total level about 15-20 times and not one skill learned. My guild master also noted that they also noticed their horses learning no skills. Normally I'd say it's just my shitty RNG, but not even my RNG is that bad.

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  10. Post on Kelpies/Water Horses in Suggestions

    By Fygh, posted
    Fun idea: Make a rare wild horse that looks like a T8 spawn around water. Make this horse catchable. Make some very small percentage of these real T8 horses, and the rest mobs that upon mounting will prevent dismounting and sprint into the water whereupon the horse turns into a monster, auto-dismounts and attacks the player character. If killed in monster form, they drop something nice but not spectacular (elite type loot, perhaps an item used to make a T9). This would also allow more combat focused players an opportunity to catch one of these horses, with a similar or greater rarity and difficulty.

  11. Fantastic Horses and Where to Find Them
    Okay, so I'm not going to tell you where to find these horses. It should really be self-explanatory. However, I will post a project that some in the racing discord have been working on (begun by the lovely UltraRed). These are in game images of each horse tier. In order to get said image, you must have the horse 'equipped' (for lack of better word. That just means you pull that horse out of your stable). Select J to go into the dye preview, and tab over to the horse tab. Voila. You learned how to get a neutral snapshot of your horse.
    Also, I would like to give special thanks to Bouwplan for creating the reference that all NA/EU horse breeders use to identify their horses. Without Bouwplan, we would be calling our horses something like "Tier 6 Red Splotchy" or "Tier 5 Pink Fart". Please visit this link to see the original image. When changes in game are made to the horses, Bouwplan updates this post. http://imgur.com/a/DaeiQ
     Now, without further ado, the horses.
    Tier 1 - Images courtesy of UltraRed
    Tier 2 - Images courtesy of UltraRed
    Tier 3 - Images courtesy of UltraRed and Talshani (T3B)
    Tier 4 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Lightingale (T4B), Rhapsody (T4D), DarkSanda (T4F, M), and Solest (T4G, Q)
    Tier 5 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Lightingale (T5A, D, J), Rhapsody (T5N), DarkSanda (TG), Bonita (T5K), Rey (T5I), and Jala (T5B)
    Tier 6 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Jezirea (T6A, E, G, P, T, U), Lightingale (T6C, D, K), Rhapsody (T6I, L, M, N, S), Bonita (T6R)
    Tier 7 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Jezirea (T7E, G), Bonita (T7F), and Lightingale (T7I)
    Tier 8 - Images courtesy of UltraRed (T8A), Bonita (T8B, C), Rhapsody (T8D), and Lightingale (T8E)
    I've also posted this in guides, but I doubt many will see it there.
  12. Fantastic Horses and Where to Find Them
    Okay, I'm not going to tell you where to find these horses. It should really be self-explanatory. However, I will post a project that some in the racing discord have been working on (begun by the lovely UltraRed). These are in game images of each horse tier. In order to get said image, you must have the horse 'equipped' (for lack of better word. That just means you pull that horse out of your stable). Select J to go into the dye preview, and tab over to the horse tab. Voila. You learned how to get a neutral snapshot of your horse.
    Also, I would like to give special thanks to Bouwplan for creating the reference that all NA/EU horse breeders use to identify their horses. Without Bouwplan, we would be calling our horses something like "Tier 6 Red Splotchy" or "Tier 5 Pink Fart". Please visit this link to see the original image. When changes in game are made to the horses, Bouwplan updates this post. http://imgur.com/a/DaeiQ
     Now, without further ado, the horses.
    Tier 1 - Images courtesy of UltraRed
    Tier 2 - Images courtesy of UltraRed
    Tier 3 - Images courtesy of UltraRed and Talshani (T3B)
    Tier 4 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Lightingale (T4B), Rhapsody (T4D), DarkSanda (T4F, M), and Solest (T4G, Q)
    Tier 5 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Lightingale (T5A, D, J), Rhapsody (T5N), DarkSanda (TG), Bonita (T5K), Rey (T5I), and Jala (T5B)
    Tier 6 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Jezirea (T6A, E, G, P, T, U), Lightingale (T6C, D, K), Rhapsody (T6I, L, M, N, S), Bonita (T6R)
    Tier 7 - Images courtesy of UltraRed, Jezirea (T7E, G), Bonita (T7F), and Lightingale (T7I)
    Tier 8 - Images courtesy of UltraRed (T8A), Bonita (T8B, C), Rhapsody (T8D), and Lightingale (T8E)
  13. Because the official pinned horse topic post in the General section is reaching over 1000 posts, could we please get a Horse or Mount forum added? We need to be able to branch out and post different topics so that we can find different discussions easily. Please give us a Horse/Mount thread. The Korean side of BDO has a mount section. It's only fair if we do too.
    I have made contact through Facebook, and it looks like new forums are currently being developed. However, I did get the standard reply of "submit your idea to suggestions". 

  14. Post on Horse Knowledge in Suggestions

    By Solest, posted
    The training aspect of the game has always been considered to be rather spars. A lot of trainers enjoy breeding rare coats from the lower tier horses but the only horses that sell in our current market are the highest tiers. There is no market for lower tier horses.
    I would like to suggest adding in horse knowledge to the game. Whenever you catch a new fish, or craft a new recipe you gain knowledge, but when you get a new horse you dont get any associated knowledge. Adding horse knowledge based on tier and coat would add an extra layer to training. It would give trainers the ability to gain knowledge like the other life skills, would introduce a market for lower tier horses, and provide a new layer of training for players to explore (ie. trying to collect all the coats). It would also be interesting if collecting all coat colors from a tier would result in a task reward (maybe a cosmetic item specific to coat collecting?).
  15. One of my favorite things about this game is horse breeding and training, but as a lifeskill, it has been largely ignored by the developers thus far. Here are a few things that would make this a more exciting lifeskill to develop:
    1) Advancement Quests (this is literally the only lifeskill that doesn't have them implemented)
    2) Odds to learn a greater number of horse skills increases with training level. Perhaps it is only a chance at 1 additional skill at professional, and 2 at artisan, but this alone would be a wonderful reward for leveling Training.
    3) Training horse skills nets Training XP
    4) Also would be great if value pack applied to horse market sales (prices already feel low compared to the effort to produce a good horse)
  16. I have trained 3 t6 and about 10 t5's (only a few t4 or 3's) and not a single one has ever gained a skill from lv 20 to 30, and I'm wondering if thats just my horribly bad luck, or is this normal (No coupons used, just simply leveling horses, both afk overnight and active use)
  17. Alright I'm srsly done with horse breeding. This is LITTERLY the second time my horse died because of a black desert bug which I gotta pay for.
    The support always respond on these cases with the same reply:
    "We do not care about our bugs if you want your horse to be breed just use a ***** death reset"
    Alright so how did my horses die because of bugs? 
    1. I was traveling on my horse (without a trading item) and the thiefs where enraged by someone??! my internet wasn't that good at the time so I get 3-4 loadingscreens because of the thiefs and after I got back in the game my horse had died and the thiefs where atking me. luckily I was a witch so I used some recovery spells to get full hp killed the thiefs out of madness and send a mad reply about this case where they replied that they do not care.
    2. I was using the auto route near velia and my horse fell of a cliff because auto route sux. My horse DID not die and was send in the water it still had 50% hp left so I thought O well I always have my sweet escape button when these problems occure. So I clicked the escape button where I got teleported back on the cliff. The horse did not respawned with me, the horse flute is still active so I tried to call him but he was to far because of heigth different, I nearly fell again because of this. Then suddenly my horse was humping the ground below the sea and it got damaged then it jumped really high and got back into the sea death. This bug really annoys me and I'm really furious atm that my frking t7 horse with 2 breeds 0 deaths now has 1 death, I lvled it all week to get it to lvl 30 and now this happend. 
    Black desert fix your god damn bugs! and repay us if we send a ticket with these kind of problems... I'l just switch my profession this aint rewarding at all. 
  18. Training and horse breeding has so little to do, socially speaking, in the game. Yes, top tier horses with the trifecta are very valuable and people will spend millions on those horses. However, I would like to see a more social aspect placed on breeding horses and training level in general. For one, I'd like to know if NA/EU will ever get tier 5 in the wild, but I'm getting side tracked.
    I would like to make it possible for horse breeders in a guild to submit a horse to the guild stable (to be approved or denied by the Guild Master or Officers so that trolls aren't submitting tier 1 horses). The horse would have to be out of breeding count or will have breeding deactivated. It can not be withdrawn from the guild stable only to be sold. However, ideally, the horse would be accessible to all guild members (or the first one to grab it.) I'm thinking that you can't stable the horse in your stable, and that if you want to use a different mount (like your camel), then you would have to put the 'rented' horse back in the guild stable.
    Perhaps it's not realistic - I'm not a game designer. I just would like to do more with my horse breeding than just putting horses on market. I want to be able to gift horses to friends, and since that isn't going to happen, I would like SOMETHING in place where I can contribute without costing people money (and without crashing markets or selling silver or whatever excuse people use to keep from gifting horses.)
  19. This is totally extra, but I'd really like to be able to tame any large beast in the world, such as ox, huge deer, or maybe even huge wolves (:D). Even when camels and elephants are introduced, it seems a little restrictive and linear to only have and see these types of rides in the world. Especially in large towns where EVERYONE has basically the same ride. It'd be much more fun, both in the wild and in cities, to see a medley of animals. There could even be world-events were rare rides would generate and there'd only be a handful of "legendary" beasts to tame. Could add an extra element of prestige to the game that is not a pay-to-win situation (looking at you, costumes).
    Just a thought!
  20. Hello! So, I just started playing this game last week, and I am extremely interested in horse training/breeding. I see that there is/was a Venia Riding Outfit in the Pearl Shop, however I cannot find it. The people I have asked in game have no clue about the outfit and how to get it. I tried googling it, but there doesn't seem to be any information on whether it was a limited time event (which sucks for the new players who haven't heard of BDO until recently) or not. Is it even in the US server yet? 
    Does anyone know more about the Venia Riding outfit and can tell me if/when I could purchase it from the Pearl Shop?
  21. I have quit a month after this post:

    And now my friends are calling me back, the only thing I really liked is Breeding horses, but is too frustrating, and now I want to know, how "fair" is the Breeding system since my last post(6 month)?
  22. GM's, Daum, Pearl Abyss, Kakao: When will there be some information on the release of Tier 4 and Tier 5 horses in the wild? All the prerequisites have been met that occurred on KR with the release of these horses in the wild. Why no word on them for NA servers? If you are not planning to do this, then please say something with a word or two on why you decided on this inconsistency.
  23. Not quite sure where to put this but a bit back ago I could level 6's horses lvl 1-28 on one wagon, with durability to spare.. However now, from 15-28 Its taken more durability from the wagon.. 20% on first and I'd say 70% on my new wagon and they're still not leveled where they should be.  I cant pinpoint exactly but I know something has changed. Has horse leveling been lowered xp wise on wagons? has wagon durability been changed? I'm not the only one it seems who has noticed this. Any info from you guys would be helpful. I've only recently started back up so Im not sure if this is old news either ^.^
    Also note I am using my trainers pearl costume, and craftable trainers clothes.
  24. I think that they should remove the tax on the horse market or at least lower it a bit. A 35% tax is a bit steep. It's not really fair to the trainers either. Personally, I spent weeks training up horses from a tier 2 level to eventually get a tier 6 worth 30 mil. Imagine my disappointment when I put it on the market and only get 19 mil in return. They just recently increased the sale price for tier 6 and up, but it really doesn't help that much if i'm losing 35% of my horses value.
  25. First off, I love Black Desert, but there are a few things about the game that I do not care for at all. 
    1. Mount stamina, and mount costume repair.
    I fail to see the need to repair a mount costume that I bought with real money.
    It it were stirrups, a saddle, then yes, I would get that; especially if your mount took actual damage from an enemy.
    Feeding your mount is just obnoxious. The fact that your mount's stamina does not regenerate after a short while (saying stamina was only used in a hard run), is just awful. yes, carrots are cheap, but I'd much rather be able to focus on questing alone rather than if I have the carrots needed to make it back home. 
    2. Pet Food.
    I bought my hawk/falcon/whatever with real currency, and see no point now as to buying one if I have to continuously feed it just so it will perform it's basic functions. Please fix this, and take away the pet feeding aspect of the game. 
    That is all I really find annoying in the game other than how fast enemies respond after killing them. makes looting difficult at time especially if you got lucky and killed a higher level enemy(s).