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  1. Prior to Magoria expansion +5 fishing would lower your catch time on hotspots to 45 secs now its 60 secs no matter what. It has no effect at all now i would like a GM answer my question on why this changed,or was it just an oversite. Thanks all fish on <><
  2. Hey all,
           So a buddy and i were out looking for hotspots and he found 6 of them but when ever we pulled up to it there would be nothing there for me so do hotspots show up at a specific  fishing level  or is  it just client based?
  3. I dont mind the new fishing system, It actually gives more activity into fishing, not just, stand there and wait all day. It makes it a little more fun and immersive really, but I do have one problem....there just ISNT enough spots! I would LOOOVE to see more fish/seagull spots and have them more frequently spawn. I mean, when you catch a fish, it has a timer and the percent rate for how much you can sell it for goes down......by the time I filled a 35 slot inventory, most of my fish were bellow 85%......now I like this new moving hotspot thing, but here just needs to be more spots, and more at a  time, spawning more frequently. Not meaning like hundreds filling the sea, but what you have now is just....really not enough, its rather pointless going out fishing now.....takes hours to find 1 or 2 spots.
    PLEASE take notice of this suggestion, you might find that you wont get so many people complaining about fishing now being useless....
    By the way, I just want to add, I hope you dont think im another whining idiot.
    I LOOOOVE this game, its full of stuff to do! I'm very impressed, and alot of thise people whine about I think are just fine the way they are. The only problems I do have is.....Well the Pearl shop items are actualyl a bit to expensive, though if you could make the outfits transferable between characters, that would be just but asking 30 bucks, coz you coudl use the 1 outfit on all your chars, I think either lowering the prices or making the transfereable would make EVERYONE very happy.
    Secondly, my issue above, dont get me wrong, I do really liek the new fishing system, mkes it more interactive, and your not a dead floppy rag doll just sititng there all day, you actually have to activly go out and fish like real life, its veyr fun, though ther edoes need to be more spots.
    Thirdly, PLEASE give more hairstyles and clothes  Im a girl I love to be pretty, but could you please balance out the sexy shop items with some immersive medieval dresses? For us nerdy RPers  <3 you please take notice of these, I know korea loves the sexy outfits, and they do look good, but some normal medieval clothes would make everyone over here very happy
    Also just one other thing, http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/76850-rp-related-suggestions/ this is a link to my other suggestions, with more player interactions....this is a really big thing id love to see. Please respond, I'd love to hear from a GM to know your out there and you do care about us  
  4. Post on fishing hotspots in General

    By Kenwulf, posted
    Could someone tell me how to find fishing hotspots on open sea with the current system? I spent 2 hours looking for one already.... And couldn't find anything. I know how they look like, but there is nothing like out there.... I have fishing skilled 5, but according to the forums, it should be enough to see at least a few...
    So where are they? What's the view distance on them?
  5. Why don't we have these yet? I think this would solve EVERYBODY'S problem with the new fishing system. The main problem being finding the damn hotspots to begin with. The way I see it you can either implement this as an item you equip yourself, which lets you look a LOT farther than normal, depending on the quality of the spyglass, OR make it a type of equipment you attach to your boat like a mounted telescope. If you're worried about this making finding the new spots too easy or something.. add an energy requirement to use the spyglass. maybe 1 energy every couple seconds you are looking through it.
    I think this is the item all the fishermen/women need in their lives to make fishing fun again.
  6. Bonjour tout le monde, 
    Je partage ici une map interactive en français (à jour de Valencia II). Toute aide est la bienvenue, que ce soit pour partager des positions ou pour suggérer des ajouts et/ou modifications. Pour ce faire vous pouvez utiliser notre forum ou répondre ici. Toutes les informations données seront vérifiées avant d'être ajoutées.
  7. Hey guys, 
    I share here an interactive map (Valencia II). Everybody are welcome to help, to share locations or to suggest anything ! You can use this forum to help us. All information given will be checked before being added.
  8. So i've heard about issues where people d/c when leaving the Velia hotspot. I never experienced this issue because I never used that spot. However today I was taking the ferry to Iliya for the first time in about a week and noticed there was a hotspot(dozens of boats) in the path of the ferry.  While passing through the clusterfish(hotspot) I got d/c. When I logged in, I noticed another one of the passengers was also in the water, without a ferry swimming frantically to survive.
    This was unexpected, never happened to me before. I wasn't using my fishing character that has the p2swim fishing suit. Nor did I have any potions....so I almost died getting to nearest rock. The screen was flashing red and I was 10 hp from death. The other swimmer survived as well. We both said immediately upon reaching the rock "well that sucked".
    I did another trip later with my fishing character and her p2fin suit. Same disconnect as passing through the hotspot. This time I tried not looking at the ships, but that didn't help. (rumor was if you don't look at the clusterfish, you wont' d/c, so wrong)
    This time I made it to the rock much more safely, no risk to my survival.
    TLDR: The clusterfish can kill you if you are unprepared. Bring lots of potions or make sure to equip the p2live fish suit if you have one. I hope they fix the d/c at hotspots, but I not sure they give a daum.(at least I haven't seen a formal response on this. Very possible I missed it. Any links to official response on the matter would be appreciated)
    Do any of you have any tips on how not to get d/c when passing through the clusterfish?  
  9. Post on Fish Finding? in Suggestions

    By Ryuksen Defla, posted
    Some sort of a short range fish finder only attachable to fishing boats or the Fishing yacht I suggested? even if it shows like it does when youre fishing/have the fishing rod out where it abundant/average status. So that you dont have to have a buddy with you with a fishing pole out and stopping every boat length to test the waters. If this isnt a possibility how about some sort of a visual on the water or seaguls swarming in the area to somehow show that a hot spot is nearby. I hope the devs or some of you fellow fishermen/women agree with me! Thanks and happy Catching!
  10. Do you still get the benefit of a fishing hotspot even without contributing to it's node?
    Also, how often do hotspots change?
  11. And I did get a whole lot of yellows, but the trader paid me about 30%. I was connected to the spot, so that wasn't the problem. He is just not paying full price for a gazillion of all the same fish every day and night.
    I am back to my own island in the sun. I don't care that most are greens and white. It is quiet and without 10 people parking their boats on top of my little raft. Last night the spot was so full that my toon stopped fishing, and I wasted a whole night just standing there. I know you get a whole lot of exp for all these yellows, but do you late bloomers really think to catch up with the fishing masters, who also are afk fishing at that hotspot?
    No, I am fine. Good luck to you all at your hotspot. Seems like you all forgot what fun is in a game.

  12. Super.  Hot.  Super.  Hot.  Super.  Hot...
    Side note:  why are the boats stacked on each other?


  13. " Un pour tous, et tous pour un "
    Quoi de mieux que de s'entre aider ? C'est dans cette démarche qu'un joueur du nom de Konggal a mis en place une carte interactive avec les différents lieux de pêches intéressant découvert jusqu'à présent. 
    Voici le lien reddit qui regroupe la carte, et la démarche pour y participer : https://redd.it/4bgc7b
  14. The game always crashes when you swim from the Velia hotspot to the shore. Looks like it happens when the game either loads the things on the shore, or the bunch of boats on the hotspot dissapear.
    It happens always, and been happening for weeks already. Most of the times my game has to crash multiple times until i reach the shore. I just come from my game crashing 4 times before reaching land. Happened to me in my laptop and in my desktop. 
    Here's the post of Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4cce1g/disconnecting_everytime_i_swim_to_shore_near/
    And here's the video of one good guy that took the time to record it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bRUBYM8gQU
    Please fix it soon it's so annoying.
  15. Please move the static fishing "hotspots". Specifically, the one near Velia. I know a lot of people will hate me for suggesting this, but it's breaking the economy. You nerfed fish prices, but you can just sit at the Velia fishing spot and make 500-700k an hour doing nothing.
    To begin with, these hotspots were suppose to move every maintenance weren't they?
  16. Map Location: http://imgur.com/FXGnWWD MiniMap: http://imgur.com/zeFWCil Have fun =D Same fish as in the old velia spot. (TileFish, Moray, Swordfish, Eels. Same catchrate aswell just about ^^) You need to get the luivano Island node. You don't need a boat to fish here you can swim from the shore to all the people on their boats and fish off them(Only gaurenteed on Orwen Velia 01 Not sure about other servers, but you do need a boat to get the node for luivano island =)