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  1. Thought I would post some of my screenshots here, seen as I don't have anywhere else to post them, Tried to make an instagram account but they only have it on mobiles, and I would rather not try tumblr so thought I would make a post here to share some of my screenshots I have taken over the past few weeks.
    If anyone has any ideas where I could post some stuff and have some kind of a count of how many like followers of this kinda stuff there is, please let me know, I was thinking twitter, but I'm not sure, I may try instagram again but yeah I don't really have a phone for it.

  2. A rank one house is when your decoration points have the most in your server, having a rank one gives you the ability of, 1 being able to invest in banks and 2 it lets you pick up crates with a lot of contents and a lot of values. this however is something that is not limited nor can be obtained by people that have spent money in the game. I speak in behave of people that can't even pay 10$ in the game that this feature in the game is indeed pay to win, i would like kakao games to make something about this, it shouldn't be taking the feature out of the game but rather make it more open for other people as well to get it, like top 100 or top 1000 houses. it is unacceptable that even spending up to 150$ doesn't even get you in the top 100... kakao games fix.
  3. Post on Sharing house in Suggestions

    By Liathy, posted
    It's just a suggestion for in-game. Have you ever thought of include a sharing house for couples? As you might know, couples join this game and I would like to share house with my boyfriend. Valentine's Day is coming and it wouldn't be a bad idea to include this to the game
    Hope there's people who is also agree. I would really appreciate that. Thank you.
  4. What is this?
    I've been googling for a bit to find information on the coolest/prettiest/weirdest houses in Valencia but sadly I couldn't find any.
    So I, being the masochist that I am, decided it was time to make one.
    This is NOT a complete list of all the houses in Valencia City at all. I've only included houses with either 2 storeys or those that have something special.
    Valencia City
    3-5,   16-1,   17-2,   19-1
    2 storeys, "private"(in the open world, but only leads to this 1 house) entry staircase, closed balcony with lattices on 2nd floor

    First Floor:

    Second Floor:


    View from 3-5:

    View from 16-1:

    View from 17-2:

    View from 19-1:

    6-1 lv2 room 3,   6-2 lv2,   20-1 lv2,   20-1 lv3
    1 storey, first room is very open on 1 side and overlooks the central courtyard, second room has a domed roof
    The 6-houses' central courtyard looks residential, has a small fountain.
    The 20-houses' central courtyard has a lot of people interested in stargazing as well as a little library in the side of the courtyard.
    First Room:

    Second Room:

    11-3,    15-4,    16-3 lv2
    2 storeys, smaller than 3-5, 16-1, 17-2 and 19-1, no balcony. 16-3 lv2 has significantly more windows on the second floor, while 11-3 and 15-4 can be a bit dark.
    Entry to 11-3:

    Entry to 15-4:

    Entry to 16-3 lv2:

    First Floor 16-3 lv2:

    Second Floor 16-3 lv2:      (that door in the corner is closed and doesn't open, 11-3 and 15-4 are darker upstairs)

    2-4 lv2
    2 storeys, tiny balcony on 1st floor, large open balcony on 2nd floor

    First Floor:

    Tiny Balcony:

    Second Floor:

    Big Balcony:

    1 big room with a small balcony.



    5-2 lv2
    A single room but with an entire wall as an open wooden lattice.


    Ancado Inner Harbor
    2 storeys, door on 2nd floor is locked.

    First Floor:

    Second Floor:

    2 storeys, similar to 1-1 but has a balcony with an amazing view

    Balcony:    (has double doors)

    This house has only 1 room, but it has a height difference in the room and it's located inside what seems to be a bar. (great for some RolePlay perhaps? :D)


    If you know any more cool/pretty/weird houses in Valencia, let me know and I'll add them to this list with credit
    I'm working on making lists for the houses in other places as well and I hope to eventually have lists for ALL the cities, towns and remote hamlets.
    If you want to help me with this by pointing me in the right direction I would be ever so grateful and will of course give credit on the final lists!
    PS: If you own any of these houses and have them all decorated and pretty I'd LOVE to see them! <3
  5. Why do my workers constantly stop working on the Raft I'm building? They have more than enough stamina and my bank has lots of empty slots. 

    Also, when I buy a new house, set it to be lodging, it says it will take 5M and then when I purchase it, it pops up to over 3H. 

    Anyone able to give some insigt? Couldn't find anything via google. 
    They start working again if I relog. So now I'm down to relogging every 30 min.
  6. Why do my workers constantly stop working on the Raft I'm building? They have more than enough stamina and my bank has lots of empty slots. 

    Also, when I buy a new house, set it to be lodging, it says it will take 5M and then when I purchase it, it pops up to over 3H. 

    Anyone able to give some insigt? Couldn't find anything via google. 
    They also start working again at certain points, Wait an hour or two with them afking, and then suddenly they start working. I havent been able to figure out why/when they start up again. 
    They start working again if I relog. So now I'm down to relogging every 30 min. 
  7. Post on Crafting at nodes in Guides

    By Suliari, posted
    I'm having issue with nodes such as farm connected to velia . I want to buy a house in one of these farms and change it to crop crafting and have a worker craft the packages there. But every time or anything i do , it doesn't see the resources when it's in storage, I even bought a storage in the little node itself and still didn't register. Am i missing something ?
  8. Hello, everyone! I am here to give a quick suggestion, as I have searched the forums and come up with nothing. The closest I have gotten to this idea is someone suggesting to be able to harvest plants in their home, which I also think is cool!

    Anyway, it would be really nice if someday we could have furniture in the game along the lines of vanity flowers and plants for your house. Since starting BDO, I've fallen in love with designing the inside of my houses, and it's shocking to me that we have vases but no flowers/plants. If you have a nice balcony in a part of your home, it would look amazing to have some of these beauties hanging around on it. Got an empty part in your house that you don't know what to do with? Just put a little table with a plant on it in the spot.

    I'd really like to hear your ideas if you have any, and also the support for this idea! Thanks!
  9. Made a guide originally for guildies interested in the game but have never played it to discuss the intricacies of nodes and workers.
    This is not really intended for someone who already understands the system, but more for someone who didn't try it out and does not want to spend the time figuring it out themselves.
    *edit: sorry - wrong location
  10. So how to make this game multiplayer? That is how:
    First, the trade. Now it is exclusively singleplayer, and that makes a large part of the game solo. To change this the developer could remove the auction house. Then could limit the amount of goods every NPC can buy per day. All the goods shall be player related – so to give some bonuses or buffs. Now there are many goods that are practically useless.
    The penalty for the unlinked nodes will stay, but it will affect the player’s shops. The change of prices from the players still will be in some limited range, but the middle price will be different from node to node depend on the demand and the supply of goods. The players will travel and talk to each other to get the information for the markets. The localization of the resources will stay.
    The bargain game will become automated deal. So if a buyer wants to bargain he plays against the NPC, or the offline player’s shop. But if the owner of the shop is online and he is in the town area, the game may become player to player if both agree, in 5 instead 3 rounds. The deal will be automated, so the buyer must have 50% more silver than the current price to start the game, and he can win up to 50% discount or to pay up to 50% more, it depends on the game’s result.
    It will be possible for every player to buy a shop with contribution points – one shop per node. The shops will start with two slots, and will have up to 9 slots. Every new slot will cost more contribution points.
    So when some player goes in the town area, he can check the houses. Every one of them will have shops menu, where the player can see what shops sell and the prices of the goods.
    But the trade is pointless if everyone can make everything. So the crafting system could be changed too. Every player shall choose only one profession. The specialization will make people to play with each other. If someone wants to change the profession, that will be possible with a certain certificate.
    The housing system could be changed too. It will not be possible players to use solo manufactures. The mass production will be possible only for guilds. And only the guilds will hire more than one NPC workers. So if a guild wants to produce some kind of goods – only one kind per guild – it shall buy a manufacture with contribution points. Half of the contribution points of the members will be managed by the guild. If someone leaves the guild he will get all of his contribution points back.
    Still the players will buy houses and storehouses in the towns. In addition more houses shall be used in open world as guild halls.
    Now back to the nodes. Control over a node will give additional bonuses. The guild will get silver by tax over the goods produced from the node or a road tax. Management of the taxes will make difference among the trading routes. The castle owner will get silver from the tax over every trade deal in the controlled town.
    Carrying of cargo outside of the roads will not be safe. It will be possible for everyone to loot it, of course with karma penalty but only if he PK the owner. The roads will not be safe too if the nodes are not linked.
    Even if the nodes are linked the roads will not be 100% safe. There will be random event, in which the cargo will become lootable, so the owner has to protect it to the next safe zone. That event will affect by chance of 10% the cargoes and the travelers.
    Now about the karma penalty. It could be reduced and changed to make possible the loot and fight for farming spot for mobs. The changes are simple. The karma for the first hit will be removed. The player will get only about 2-5 minutes karma after the PK, it will be random. But he will get about 30 minutes karma per PK on the next login. To clean the karma he shall kill mobs for a certain amount of experience, but will not get any experience and drop from them. Pickpocketing of players will be possible, with small karma penalty if it fails and for small sums of silver.
    To make the gameplay competitive it will not be possible to change the channel 12 hours after the login.
    In addition player to player exchange of goods or silver will be possible only between the members of a guild.
    All the mobs will be faster, with slightly bigger HP, and a little bit stronger than now. The drop of silver from the mobs will be reduced, as the trade will not print so much money, and the earnings from farming of mobs shall be comparable. The damage from all player’s skills will be reduced. And the cool down time for HP pots could be longer.
    Maybe it will be a good idea to put back the formation system, but without the annoying visual effects, and with additional bonuses related to the different classes, like shield wall, mages circle, line of archers, and etc.
    The amount of silver needed for the guild wars/sieges will be reduced, as also the guilds funds. The wars will have minimum duration, maybe a week.
    The red battleground could be removed, also the instanced arenas. Instead in every town could be made a local tournament for teams and solo players. At the end of every month all of the local winners /the first 3 in every discipline - 1vs1 for every different class, 3vs3, 5vs5/ will go in one of the towns and will distinguish the best players, which will take a title for a month, unique buff, and significant reward, as also a place on every leader board.
    The terms of the competition – every player over 50 will get 10 badges per month if he subscribes to the local tournament. Every battle will last 5 minutes, without potions and additional buffs. The opponent or the opponent team will be chosen randomly. The winner/winners will take 1 badge from the loser/losers. Players with most badges at the end of the month win the tournament. With the badges will be possible to buy a certain items from certain NPCs. There will be quests for winning of additional badges with wins in the tournament battles. For example if you win 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 battle. Or if you win 1vs1 battles vs 3 opponents from different classes, and etc.
    It will be great if the developer implements player to player quests. Some standardized quests for delivery of goods, PvP, killing of mobs, crafting of items, but instead of NPCs, players will give them.
    For example. You need to deliver a cargo from town A to town B. Now you can hire a player too, but there are no guaranties for the cargo and for his reward. So you give him a quest, by choosing the node, and the reward. At the moment he delivers the cargo, he gets the reward. And you automatically get the money. Player who takes the quest has time limit, after which you automatically get the cargo back, he cannot sell or transfer the cargo to the other character. But there shall be a risk, so the cargo can be looted, while smaller objects will be placed in inventory, and the chance of drop on dead for them will be random. Now if you say there may be a fraud, you choose the player, the cargo and the reward. Why you will need such a quest? There are reasons like GvG and insufficient time.
    Same with raid bosses. You know alive boss, so you can hire other players to kill it, and you automatically will get the loot. You choose the boss name and the reward. Once they take the quest, there will be a time penalty. If any of them kills the boss before the time penalty expires, you will get the loot, they will get the reward.
    To hire players for PvP, you choose the reward and the enemy /guild or player/. To fulfill the quest they shall kill the player, or certain number of guild members for limited time.
    In fact quests for crafting are good idea too, so you can hire other people to craft for you.
    You can put your quests announcement in the taverns or leader boards, to ask in the local chat, to hire certain players with PM.
    The idea is money to circulate into the game, instead to put them with drop from mobs/trade/funds and then to remove them with some sink, a process that always leads to hyperinflation.
    I think all these simple changes will make the game much better.